the flicker club


Lorde’s lyrics as Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

‘’Now bring my boys in. Their skin in craters like the moon.‘’ Team

‘’And this is red, orange, yellow flicker beat.’’ Yellow Flicker Beat

‘’ Dancing around big eyes as well.’’ Team

‘’But it’s so easy in this blue. Where everything is good.’’ Buzzcut Season

‘’Let ‘em talk, cause we’re dancing / In this world alone.’’ A World Alone

Club Omelas- (JungkookxReader)

Anon asked: Could you possibly write a scene where the reader is in the club and she gets interested by Jungkook grinding n dancing away aha? Like theres a lot of sexual tension and lip biting n stuff             

Forgive me for getting a little creative with this request. I hope it doesn’t detract from the original content that you wanted, but I sincerely apologize if it does. -Spice

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The thundering music seemed to pulse through your body as you walked into the club. Lights flickering rapidly, you had to blink a few times in order to get adjusted to the unnatural lighting. You typically weren’t one for clubs, but your friend had managed to convince you that this is what you needed in order to relieve all the stress from the past week. The club was a unique one, not only in name but in the experience as well. Club Omelas it was called, and it quickly became a hub of the town nightlife as it seemed to provide an almost intoxicating experience for all who entered. The stories you had heard reminded you of the old Greek myth about the Lotus Eaters; when people entered Omelas, they seemed to lose a sense of who they were, and there were even some rumors of people disappearing from the club itself. You had figured that it was all just people who were over-hyping the place, people who were more than likely drunk or high or both when they were in the club.

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