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THE HOT GUY AT THE CLUB (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy x reader where reader is friends with Octavia and one night the reader goes to a club and has sex with a really hot guy. The next day she goes to Octavia’s house and Octavia is thrilled because her older brother, whom you have never met, is finally back from college. You realize bellamy is the guy you hooked up with. Smut pls


The music was loud and his body was close. As you danced to the track blaring through the speakers, you felt the stranger’s fingers pressing into your hips from behind. And you loved it. 

You turned around, coming face to face with the boy who said hi at the bar a few minutes ago. He looked down at you and the smile he gave you nearly made you collapse. He was beautiful and the way he started a conversation so easily felt comfortable and natural. 
The hot sweaty bodies dancing around pushed you into his arms and the two of you danced closer under the flickering of the club lights. After getting to his house, everything was a blur of bare bodies and daring touches. 

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Lorde’s lyrics as Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

‘’Now bring my boys in. Their skin in craters like the moon.‘’ Team

‘’And this is red, orange, yellow flicker beat.’’ Yellow Flicker Beat

‘’ Dancing around big eyes as well.’’ Team

‘’But it’s so easy in this blue. Where everything is good.’’ Buzzcut Season

‘’Let ‘em talk, cause we’re dancing / In this world alone.’’ A World Alone


Immerse yourself in the locations of Leigh Bardugo’s magical worlds with this Limited Edition Bardugo Box Locations set.

From the ocean breezes of Themyscira, to the crisp, cool air of the Ice Court. Enjoy a drink at the Crow Club, but don’t gamble away all your money, before risking crossing the earthy and musky Fold. Warm, spiced chestnuts will be waiting for you in Ravka, but only if you make it through the dark.

Included in this set are five candles:

Ice Court | Vanilla, Mint

Ravka | Spices, Chestnuts, Musk

Themyscira | Ocean, Sandalwood, Citrus

The Fold | Wood, Nag Champa, Smoke

Crow Club | Whiskey, Money, Tobacco

This set is available in 2 oz and 4 oz options and will be available through the end of September 2017. Get yours HERE.

The Story That Needs To Be Told (Part 2); The Night We Met

Author´s Note: I know that I haven´t been publishing but today I want to publish at least twice :) Do you guys like this series?? Let me know :v

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Club Omelas- (JungkookxReader)

Anon asked: Could you possibly write a scene where the reader is in the club and she gets interested by Jungkook grinding n dancing away aha? Like theres a lot of sexual tension and lip biting n stuff             

Forgive me for getting a little creative with this request. I hope it doesn’t detract from the original content that you wanted, but I sincerely apologize if it does. -Spice

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The thundering music seemed to pulse through your body as you walked into the club. Lights flickering rapidly, you had to blink a few times in order to get adjusted to the unnatural lighting. You typically weren’t one for clubs, but your friend had managed to convince you that this is what you needed in order to relieve all the stress from the past week. The club was a unique one, not only in name but in the experience as well. Club Omelas it was called, and it quickly became a hub of the town nightlife as it seemed to provide an almost intoxicating experience for all who entered. The stories you had heard reminded you of the old Greek myth about the Lotus Eaters; when people entered Omelas, they seemed to lose a sense of who they were, and there were even some rumors of people disappearing from the club itself. You had figured that it was all just people who were over-hyping the place, people who were more than likely drunk or high or both when they were in the club.

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Addiction (Jiyong-5)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Six

Genre: Smut , Angst

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You were a conservative young girl. Even more in Korea than you had been back home. But that night you had had one too many shots. When they said that no one drunk like Koreans you should’ve listened. While your friends were still pretty sober and giggling back in the booth, you found yourself dancing on stage in front of a crowd. Your hands were wrapped around a brassy pole while two other girls (who were just as or more drunk than you) were dancing beside you. All eyes were on you, you weren’t trying to be cocky or conceided. But you would have to be an idiot not to feel and see people eating you up with their eyes

You’d always been one to enjoy the show, but that night you were the one giving the show. Despite having a mental debate with yourself about your morals, you actually liked stepping out of the shadows. You liked catching every eye in the room. That was until from the multitude of people you saw, Jiyong. 

Just the sight of him made shivers run up your spine. Even though you were drunk off your ass you knew better than to allow him to see you up in a stage as a temp stripper. Knowing him, if you didn’t get off the stage in zero point five seconds, he would drag you off of it by your hair. You were drunk enough to actually like the idea. 

You shimmied your way through the crowd, elbowing people who didn’t let you through. It didn’t take you long to see where Jiyong was. He was already seated in the middle of a red leather booth. Three girls on either side of him desperately trying to catch his attention. You watched him generously giving each one of them what they wanted. He’d flash them one his devilish grin and shoot them a wink. Just the way his mouth moved when he spoke was enough to make any girl squeal. 

But you weren’t falling for his charms today. If you had been sober you would’ve probably shot Jiyong an angry look and spun on your heel’s immediately leaving the scene. But you were far beyond sober. You were wasted and couldn’t quite analyze your actions and what they would cause. You stepped between a grinding couple parting them by their shoulders. It didn’t take long for Jiyong to see you. Apart from you, being well -you. You were wearing a rose gold sequin dress that clung on to your curves. The flickering club lights made you look like you were some type of jewel. 

Jiyong’s attention was firmly fixed on you. You didn’t even have to speak to catch his eyes. But you were such an oblivious and naive girl that you had no clue that the older man was completey enticed and bewitched by you. Whatever you wanted he would give you without hesitation. You never noticed the effect you had on him. He was already attempting to make his way out of the booth to hug you, but you interrupted. 

“Wow, Jiyong-shi.” you spoke formally for some reason. It surprised both you and Jiyong, you’d never addressed him as that. He leaned in closer as if trying to hear you better. “I was fine with one,” you held up one finger than gestured to the rest of the girls sitting beside him. “but don’t you think six is a little too much? I mean you’re kinky but- really?” 

His expression darkened, not at all amused with what you had just said.  “Excuse me?” 

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i just can't stop thinking about sam having some kind of Awakening™ after leaving the military about being genderqueer and it won't leave me alone. like sam who mismatches feminine and masculine clothes and wears makeup with a fully grown beard and kicks hydra's ass with a pair of heels (halp I'm dying ;-;)

IM SCREAMING this means so much to me like plus I also headcanon that Sam went through a similar phase in high school about bein gay and just imagine when the boyfriends find out about this…

“No, you didn’t,” Bucky said. He was seated at the couch in Sam’s living room with episode 6 of The Get Down paused on the voguing scene.

Which had led to an offhand “Hey, I have a dress almost exactly like that,” which sparked a conversation about that intense phase they’d gone through once they had their separation orders in hand.

Sam laughed and shook their head. Steve and Bucky both had these ridiculous expressions on their faces like they wanted to ask for more but didn’t know how far to push. It was sort of cute.

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a series of unlikely crossovers: 

c: That’s it! I am officially over candlelight
k: Really?  I’ve heard some people find it —
c: — Quaint? Romantic?  That kind of wore off after lighting five billion of them.

young volcanoes

dancing with a wolf all time low / ambling alp yeasayer / Berlin new politics / since u been gone tokyo police cover / boys dont cry the cure / bigger boys and stolen sweethearts arctic monkeys / dark doo wop MS MR / when i was young blink 182 / orange county swim deep  / sweet sixteen think about life / hurricane halsey / west coast the neighbourhood / skulls Bastille / shark attack group love / Harlem new politics  / champagne coast  blood orange / of the night Bastille / come back home two door cinema club / yellow flicker beat / young volcanoes fall out boy / 1901 phoenix / always where i need to be the kooks / semi-automatic twenty one pilots / the city the 1975 /

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Prompt for the 24 hour thing :) Sterek: (601): When you get shitfaced you find strippers when u get shirfaced I speak if woodland creatures, do you see the dilemma? (With Derek as the woodland creature pretty please with a cherry on top)

[24 fics in 24 hours, #9]

Stiles blinks wearily at the sunlight, the headache pounding in his head. Ugh, alcohol. Never drinking again in his life, ever. 

Scott is smiling at him, face beaming like sunshine, obviously fresh as a daisy because he didn’t succumb to Isaac’s peer pressure to play that stupid drinking game at the bar last night. Scott hands Stiles a glass of water. “You okay?” Scott asks.

“Isaac sucks,” Stiles announces. His back is all stiff from Scott’s couch, and he straightens up slowly. 

“I heard that,” Isaac calls out; for what it’s worth he doesn’t look much better, there’s glitter smeared all over his face and his hair is sticking up in all sorts of places. He’s sprawled all over the floor, upside down and legs propped up against the wall. “Scott, why aren’t you hungover?”

“It’s because Scott is the smart one,” Stiles says, groaning as his head throbs with pain. “Didn’t you notice you and I were the only ones drinking?”

“Hell yeah, getting shitfaced,” Isaac says proudly. “I don’t remember anything. Anything interesting happen, Scott?”

Scott shrugs. “You started talking to this girl who was a stripper and was super fascinated, and then somehow got dragged into hanging out with this group of strippers. I think one of them convinced you to come to her dance class next week.” 

Stiles downs the glass of water. “What’d I do?”

“Um, you disappeared for like fifteen minutes, and I was kinda worried, but then I found you outside by the fountains, and then you told me about how you fell in love with this majestic woodland creature for the rest of the night.”

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