the fleas


If it’s spring, it’s flea market time in Helvetiaplatz! Pretty much in the middle of the redlight district of Zurich, every Saturday starting in March will bring together professional or amateur hagglers for another happy round of exchanging valuables. I’m not saying the stuff there comes cheap, no way, yet still the market is filled to the brim with almost everything you can imagine (except tanks or livestock) and the lookers are pouring. I must have missed the market for too long but I noticed a new category of visitors - the young hipster and/or boho looking for vintage extensions of their selves or just browsing through shabby vinyl covers. Which I did as well thank you very much.

I’m not sure what’s the best Swiss beer match but a Perla Nera from Flims brewery shall do it. A wonderful toffee caramel nose with a rather disappointing watered down taste (and looks), this imperial stout with its great start only managed to confuse me.

Spring Bucket List

Back in February, I made a Spring bucket list to help hype myself up for Spring and it’s been working because I have been so pumped about Winter being over. Like, uncharacteristically excited. 

Here’s the list!

  • have a picnic
  • wear a flower crown
  • visit the farmer’s market
  • go to the botanic garden
  • blow bubbles
  • get new plants
  • look for a four leaf clover
  • nature sketching
  • visit the flea market
  • make a spring playlist
  • get spring-themed wax melts 
  • cook a seasonal meal
  • get a new pastel wig
  • volunteer
  • see cherry blossoms
  • wear more spring colours
  • decorate room for spring

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Please wish me luck in fulfilling my Spring dreams. :’)) 

Their Treasure

For @0rchidd! I hope you like this! For the exchange run by @hqexchange. This is probably going to be the first chapter of a longer piece that will be put on AO3 under the same name.

Summary: Dragon AU! Akaashi thinks that just maybe humans aren’t all that bad. Then he hears Kuroo’s jokes and decides that, yes, humans are all that bad.

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Okay so here are some bad French nicknames/ terms of endearment because why not

Ma crotte- my dropping (or goat cheese)
Mon Mimi - my pussycat
Ma puce- my flea
Mon sucre d'orge- my barley sugar
Ma Caille- my quail
Mon Chou - my cabbage ( or Pastry)
Mon coco- my egg

This is a callout post for the TSA agent who was incredibly thoughtful and concerned about me flying across the country all alone without an adult and wanted to make sure I knew how to go through security and felt safe and comfortable and explained that, as per the signs, children under 12 can keep their shoes on, and directed me specifically to another agent to help me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed or afraid.

You were super sweet and kind, and the look on your face when I handed you my driver’s license and you realized I was 25 was priceless.

Finally!! It’s here! Song written entirely by me, this song means the entire world to me from start to finish. Everything I am and everything I want to be. This is different from anything I’ve done before and I hope you’ll give it the same chance you gave me. Thank you all.

A dog is a dog even without his leash but I knew, oh I knew.. before I got your fleas

- B.B.

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Fake screenshots with your fave Blackwatch boys.

I have an announcement.
While I might finish off a few more OW comics, I will be stopping making them in general. 

This is because I am getting more and more busy working on my own comic project.
This thing original content of mine has been a long way coming, 2 years of hard planning in fact, and all of you have helped me practicing a few things and reacting to proofs of concept.
I will still be doing single images of OW, as well as streams