the flawed concept of good vs. evil


The friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend

Can we just talk about how Moffat completely destroys our concept of good vs. evil here? I mean, his villains have always been complex and his heroes have always been flawed, which I love about Moffat’s writing. 

But recently he has really drawn focus to challenging our own definition of good. A Dalek that becomes good by a design flaw, Clara who becomes an absolutely terrifying version of herself after loosing Danny, Missy, who raises a whole army to reconnect with her best friend, and in between all of it there is the Doctor who has no longer a clue whether he is a good man.

Personally, I hate the idea of good and evil, because it makes for boring fiction and a horrible world view. So I have always loved the fact that Moffat can tell brilliantly thrilling stories without it.

And Magician’s Apprentice/Witch’s Familiar is the ultimate deconstruction of good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy. In saving a child’s life, did the Doctor help create the Daleks or help give them a concept of mercy? And can we really condemn Davros, the child that is raised by war, who grows up to make it his life’s mission to make his species invincible?

And why do we love Missy so much when she keeps killing people in cold blood? Is it maybe because we know that she, too does not know how to channel her emotion? Just like Clara in the Dalek shell? I mean just notice that Clara really does shoot at Missy. It is her rage, her emotion that gets out of control. She very much could have killed Missy in that instance.

Who in this episode was really good and who was evil? No one. In Moffat’s world, enemies are friends and friends are enemies. In Moffat’s world, love is a terrifying force and fear is a super power. In Moffat’s world, nurses are warriors and warriors are nurses. One man’s right is another man’s wrong. I freaking love Moffat.