the flatliners are better than you

Impatience - an Arrow Spec Fic

Author’s Note: This fic takes place after the events of the midseason finale. It includes spoilers. It includes speculation about what shall happen with Oliver and Felicity after certain things shown in the promo. Do not read if you have not seen the midseason finale. Happy 10th Day of Olicity! :D


She was growing impatient. He could tell. He knew her almost better than he knew himself.

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I’m pretty and I’m bored.
And I know that
if I call you
I’ll feel less bored
but less pretty.

I used to think you made
me feel so good.
Now I think you  
just made me feel.

Never felt butterflies,
but with you I
felt a buzzing.
Aren’t bumble bees
better than nothing?

Do I allow my heart
to hammer hard -
with this dread, doubt,
dishonesty -
or to flatline?

I’m looking at myself.
It is only
a half past ten.
Do I take off
all my makeup
or tell you I’m
thinking of you?

I am looking at you.
It’s a quarter
past eleven.
Do I take off
all my clothes or
tell you it never
even feels good?

—  Is Any Feeling a Good Feeling If It’s Being Fully Felt? //d.h.

The Flats keeping Amsterdam filthy.