the flashback ; ; it was done so well

Updated theories about season 4 dates - To keep us sane.
  • Okay, so shall we do the math (again), count some days and weeks, in order to have something to hold on to, countdown to and basically keep us sane?
  • I’ve done this before (on other premises), but after Even’s birthday *painful flashbacks* everything has changed!… We desperately try to make up theories in order to stay out of a limbo and accept that we know nothing, and the lightning might as well strike on a very random day.


  • Let’s take a look at season 4. What do we know? nothing! … But we know that the school year at Nissen ends on the 22nd of June. That means the season must end on Friday the 23rd at the very latest. 
  • I actually hope that is the case, and part of the reason everything is so late. If the season ends when the summer holiday begins, then we get to witness Even’s graduation AND Isak’s birthday on the 21st. Even deserves that, and we deserve that!!
  • We don’t know how long the season will be, but my guess is 10 episodes, so let’s stick to that (keep it worst case scenario so we won’t get disappointed)
  • We also know that there will be a break in the middle of the season. season 1 & 3 had a one-week break, and season 2 had a two-week break. We don’t know if the length of the break has anything to do with the time of year, or the length of the season. But let’s stick to a 1 week break (again, we are working with the latest the season will start)
  • So, that means we have to count 11 weeks back from Friday the 23rd of June, which is Friday April 7. So, the first update will (most likely) be a day between Saturday April 1st and Monday April 3rd.
  • We can’t compare trailer calculation with the previous seasons anymore, because they came out about 3 month before the season started, so we are way overdue.
  • My take is, that we will get it about one month before the season begins. It doesn’t make much sense to release it later that that. A month before is VERY close to the premiere date.
  • My conclusion: The trailer will premiere in week 9
  • A reason everything is so late compared to the other seasons could be that season 4 wasn’t planed out for Julie as the other 3 seasons were. Maybe she didn’t make her final decisions about the main before season 3 was over or close to end, because she wanted the fans reactions - And from there she had to figure out the story line.
  • Does this sound plausible to you? please tell me… am I way off?
safe now || theo raeken

description: in which you’re stolen from him, and theo does everything in his power to save you

requested by: anonymous

warnings: mentions of trauma, kidnapping, blood, injury, violence, mentions of death and loss, angst

notes: this is the longest thing i have ever written i’m pretty sure. the original request included smut but the theme was too heavy to add it in, plus it’s long enough as it is. also, because of its length it may crash for some mobile users, and i apologize if it does lmao.

In his short lifetime, Theo had made a lot of enemies. He’d done a lot of terrible things. He’d killed, he’d antagonized, he’d deceived. Everyone that hated him had a right to do so. But in the years following his time in Beacon Hills, Theo had changed.

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There are so many super neat Undertale comics in progress right now, it’s honestly a little bit intimidating. But! One of the advantages of that is being able to draw inspiration from them. I may not be working digitally or working off of my own premise like most comics are, but it’s really neat to see other people working with the characters in their own ways…which brings me to the point of this blurb.

One of the most inspirational comics that I’ve been following as I work on the graphic novel is @xxtc-96xx’s Endertale. It’s a comic following the True Pacifist run, specifically a version where Frisk pulled some shenanigans in order to save Asriel and now they’re living out a fantastic life with their friends and new family. There’s only one problem, though… Chara’s not exactly on board with this idea. Chara wants a reset and is going to get it by whatever means necessary, since Frisk has firmly decided that they don’t want to destroy the happy future they’ve managed to get for everyone. And thus…Frisk endures a lot of torture and flashbacks and suffering courtesy of our favorite ghost friend (which is what the doodle of UTGN Frisk and Chara is a reference to).

The comic is adorable and hilarious for part of the time and for a lot of the time it’s incredibly intense and suspenseful. I’m always super excited when the next part comes in on my dash. It’s very well done and the art style and story and character work are marvelous.
It’s a huge inspiration to me as an Undertale comic artist because well, it’s just so amazing and well-received, and getting to follow a comic like that gives me hope for the future of mine. Mine will never be quite as imaginative and well-done as Endertale, but I can always try.

I look forward to seeing more of Endertale in the future. @xxtc-96xx, excellent work so far and thank you so much for being such a big inspiration to me.

(and if you’re here and have no idea what the heck I’m talking about gO rEAd Endertale)

My thoughts about episode 7x23

I wanted to say something about episode 7x23. To me, it felt very similar to episode 3x20, because of the concept behind both these episodes, because of their meaning, because of the way these episodes gave us a more detailed and even more powerful picture of what was going on in Steve and Danny’s lives when they first met each other.

Episode 3x20 showed us that Steve lost two of the most important people in his life in an awfully short amount of time: first Freddie, then his father. Feeling this kind of pain, he came back to Hawaii… and he chose to stay. Why? He wasn’t (only) motivated by the desire to seek revenge against who killed his father. We saw him turning down, at first, the offer that Governor Jameson made him. He could have gone after Hesse on his own, without being part of Five-0. He was willing to stay in the Navy, to leave Hawaii again… before listening to his father’s message, before meeting Danny, before finding a family with Five-0. Emotions led him back to Hawaii: the ones he felt listening to his father’s words on that recorder and the ones he felt since the first time he met Danny. Steve was a broken man, he needed to be saved and he knew, he just knew, somehow, that Danny was the person that could save him. 

And Danny. A man who was dealing with a failed marriage and a brand new life started in Hawaii just to be able to be close to his daughter, being constantly threatened by his ex-wife with the possibility that Grace could’ve been taken away from him… we saw more of that in this episode, the way Rachel taunted, tortured him, the way he had to fight for the sacrosanct right to see his daughter, the way Rachel prevented Danny from being properly focused on his job, because only her time was valuable, because she had the upper hand and she just loved to twist the knife in Danny’s wounds.

And both episodes show us Steve and Danny feeling awfully guilty… Steve, feeling responsible for Freddie’s death… he was the one who asked Freddie to be part of that mission, he was the one who couldn’t protect him… Danny, knowing that Makino risked his life calling him, while Danny was too busy dealing with Rachel’s tantrums to pick up the phone…

Steve and Danny had such an enormous weight on their shoulders, such an unbearable pain in their hearts when they met each other…  two broken toys who, since the very first moment, started and never stopped fixing each other, giving each other what they needed the most: Danny gave Steve the family he desperately needed and craved for, Steve gave Danny a home, in the largest and most important sense. They saved each other, they keep saving each other, in the most wonderful way.

Among the many, and all so beautiful and so well done, parallels and references to the pilot and 1x08 episodes, I loved one the most. 

In the flashback we see Danny yelling to Rachel that he needs to do his job to be able to make some money and buy things for his daughter, like some water park tickets so he could spend some quality time with Grace… and in the pilot we see Steve giving Danny his first gift, one of many: three nights at the Kahala Hotel … “I heard this place has a pool, you can swim with the dolphins, just take it”. After all the fights, the efforts, the anger, the pain, Steve starts showing Danny that being loved, being happy, can be the easiest thing in the world, a gratuitous, God-given gift, when the right person comes along.

Fate brought these two people together. Somebody, up there, just knew they were meant to be together. The universe conspired so they could find each other, so that Danny could open that file that brought him to Steve’s house, that brought him to Steve.

And yes, life took so much from them, but it gave them so much, as well. It gave Danny someone who tells Grace and Charlie that their father is the best man he knows, that he’s the greatest man ever. It gave Steve someone who tells him “If something happens, I need you to take care of Grace”, someone who asks him to babysit his little son… They fill each other’s life with so much love, warmth, trust, happiness. They built the most perfect family unit together.

And, even if I hope we will soon see a less emotionally constipated Danny, who he’s not afraid of what he feels for Steve (to the point of thinking about retiring so he won’t have to deal – but he fools himself! – with this beautiful emotional mess that is going on in his mind and in his heart), who he’s not afraid of showing it, I think the last scene of this episode was so, so full of love. 

Danny talks to Makino about the people he met: Chin, Grover, Jerry, Kono… he leaves Steve for last, like, you know? like when you’re eating and you leave that one thing you like the most for last, to savor it, to taste it better. 

He talks about this man, “a bit of a putz, big, gigantic pain in my ass. I used to hate him. I still hate him every once in a while… “ … and the flashback to their first meeting starts… then it stops for a moment, so Danny can tell Makino, with all his heart: “Thank you. Thank you”, and right after that we’re in that garage, to relive that moment that changed their life, that made it so much better, giving them the chance to love, be loved, be happy.

And “thank you” is what I want to say, as well, after watching this episode. Even if I’m still afraid my heart will break if these two won’t get the happy ending they deserve, together. But this episode, and these seven years, proved me they’re worth the risk. And I will never stop believing they’re the love of each other’s life and being sure, 100%, that, like I already said yesterday, the most wonderful love books and love movies can’t stand a chance against what this show created with McDanno.

why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco

i haven’t written one of these posts in forever but let’s gooooo!! here are some reasons why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco (which releases today, march 7!)

  • look,,, this is easily one of my favorite reads of the year okay we’re only 3 months in but i’m calling it
  • so in this world, people literally wear their hearts on display!! they’re called heartsglass and they turn different colors depending on what mood you’re in
  • if they’re silver, it means that you can draw runes, which is code for “do magic/summon elements” tbh
  • the runes are fire, water, earth, forest, metal, wind, and dark
  • the women who can draw these runes train to become asha
  • asha are kind of like geishas, because they are trained to entertain people with dancing, singing, playing music, etc.
  • but also!! they can fight, and they can be bodyguards
  • sooo basically, asha are both highly “feminine” but also kickass
  • anyway the protagonist, tea, discovers she’s a dark asha (or bone witch, but that’s considered derogatory) when she raises her brother, fox, from the dead!!
  • luckily there’s another dark asha in the area, lady mykaela, who takes tea (and by extension, fox) under her wing
  • (also dark asha raise these things called daeva, which are basically demons, and they kill them so that they can take the bezoars from them)
  • she takes them to the willows so that tea can train to be an asha
  • on the way there, they meet the crown prince of one of the countries, prince kance, who tea develops a crush on
  • later, she meets his cousin, kalen, who is a deathseeker
  • deathseekers are the males whose heartsglass are silver; they’re forced to serve in the army and aren’t allowed to train to be asha (more on this later)
  • lowkey,,,,,there’s an implied love triangle,,,,but,,,i love both guys so
  • anyway we get to see a lot of tea’s training which is so cool and well thought out!!
  • also tea befriends a boy named likh, who has a silver heartsglass but doesn’t want to be a deathseeker
  • however, he can’t become an asha bc men can’t be feminine blah blah blah
  • they work together so that he can get the chance to train
  • sooo the whole book is a flashback, and between every chapter (the italicized parts) is the present, but told from the pov of someone who meets tea now, after she’s done something to get her exiled (like 2-3 years later)
  • it’s really interesting to see tea’s beginning and her future
  • but it’s agonizing not knowing what happens in between!!!
  • anyway time for quotes!!:
  • “if women are encouraged to fight and draw runes and strive to be a man’s equal in those regard, then why can’t a man be encouraged to sing and dance and entertain as we do?”
  • “perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”
  • or when fox discovered tea’s crush on prince kance: “how did the first date go? has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, or should we have stayed longer?”

that got way too long i’m sorry i’m just so passionate about this book okay read it!! exquisite worldbuilding!! moreover, diversity in fantasy (bc yeah, even in other worlds, not everyone is white!!) amazing characters!! antiheroine main character!! great sibling relationships!! questioning of the boundaries of femininity and masculinity!! magic-wielding, geisha-like asha!! also, 5 confirmed lgbtq+ characters within this book and the sequel!! read the bone witch by rin chupeco!!

Just wanna say

Season 7 may not even be the last season. If they are brining on a whole new story, it could still have several seasons left. Another storybook. Emma’s story is done. This could go on a few more seasons IMO.

How they will incorporate the old characters tho I haven’t figured out yet. But maybe all these characters are a part of some OTHER leads storyline, just like they were apart of this storybook. So like, everything we see of our current people (Lana, Colin, Robert) will be flashbacks, and a few current scenes. 

Im having a hard time writing what I am picturing, but do you know what I mean? Like whoever this person is, maybe it’s THEIR storybook, and these characters were a part of this book as well at one point.

Forsaken: UK Shadowhunters Con Recap

Hi all! So I went to Forsaken this weekend, if you don’t know what that is, it was a Shadowhunters con in London with Maxim Roy (Jocelyn), Jon Cor (Hodge), Kaitlyn Leeb (Camille) and Joel Labelle (Alaric).

It was so much fun, and since it was their first con/they’re not the main cast it was so small, nice and chill. They were all so down to earth, humbled and overwhelmed that we came to see/speak to them. They each had two panels (one on each day) and a full guest panel, I’ve managed to write up most of what I can remember below. Obviously there’s a lot I haven’t captured, but highlights/best moments are under the cut!

A lot of things we discussed were personal/non-Shadowhunter related, if you just want to read the bits to do with the show, just read the bits that have been bolded.

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anonymous asked:

I've only just started following you a few days ago and I've gone through your art tag so many times. Yet, I'm still confused what the story is ?? Can you let me know at all or is that the point ??

Im sorry for the confusion!! yeah it’s sorta hard if you werent here from the beginning especially because i answer a lot of things from asks. But the way I’m revealing stuff is segmented and out of order and usually in the form of flashbacks so you sorta just piece them together in face value for rn. BUT OK a really stiff summary of the story is (and I will put this in a description sometime later):

Jin was an agent working for BigHit, a secret organization that protects and saves Mutants. He was assigned a mission to go undercover and free a group of mutants in a govt facility that was severely experimenting on them. One of the prisoners was Namjoon who he fell inlove with shortly after meeting. Jin’s mission started to head south and he quickly needed to get Namjoon out. So he escaped with him while letting the others burn in the fire. Jin had to flee from BigHit because not only did he not save any of them, but a couple of the agents also died (thus blacklisting him from the agency.)

From then on, Namjin built a new life and formed their own safe haven for Mutants called Bangtan. Before that dream could be fully lived out though, Jin wanted their first mission to be finding his long lost brother, Taehyung, who was separated from him when they were kids. They can’t do it with just them, so they started recruiting others. This is the time when Namjoon reconnects with his old best friend, Yoongi (who was the cause of his imprisonment.) Yoongi is a well-known mercenary with a lot of connections so he helped by recruiting the rest of the members to find Tae. Annnnd this is how far it’s gone rn!

The future will entail a lot of just personal events between them, showing how they eventually form their family as the seven of them. But also it’ll dive in deeper to government conspiracies and shady dealings with secret organizations, so it’ll have some action as well!

So far, I’ve just done flashbacks for all of them, which are all stand alone stories. You just gotta know that was their past and a lot of them will resurface later :-) But yeah, the actual plot hasn’t completely started yet! I just finished all their bios so I can finally do it ahhhh

Lmk if anything’s still confusing!

Recommended Reads: First quarter of 2017

Here’s a roundup of several books I’ve read and enjoyed so far in 2017.

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

External image

I stayed up till 2 am in the morning to finish We Are Okay. This is a beautiful book inside and out because it deals frankly with grief and pain as well as the illuminating joy of first love — in this case, between two girls. Books about grief aren’t my usual go-to but this one took hold of me and didn’t let go. It was so clear, like its winter setting. It spoke so eloquently about depression, dealing with loss, complicated friendship-love-relationships. It had great sentences.

The main characters are fully realized queer girls, but We Are Okay isn’t primarily about coming out, unless it’s about coming out of grief. Also I particularly loved every detail of the San Francisco/Northern California flashbacks. So well done and genuine. I loved being there again. So, in conclusion, read the book! It’s precise and grounded and real.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

External image

When Trevor Noah became the new host of The Daily Show, I watched, but initially wasn’t drawn in. I missed Jon Stewart and I didn’t really connect with Trevor right away. So I wouldn’t have picked up his memoir had it not been recommended to me by editor Cheryl Klein when we were in Phoenix at the Desert Nights, Rising Stars writers conference in February. 

She told me that the book does interesting things with memoir, interspersing his personal experiences with shorter passages delving into the history and culture of South Africa. When I started reading the book, I was hooked right away. Trevor Noah has a wonderfully engaging and funny voice, and he does a great job introducing us to his homeland.

His memoir is about growing up biracial in South Africa during and after apartheid, and it’s about his complex yet deeply loving relationship with his mother. The stories he tells are eye-opening and fascinating. It was illuminating, moving, and funny. But not in funny haha way — funny in a real, heartfelt, finding-humor-in-tragedy way. And now I am much more interested in The Daily Show, which I honestly think is finally finding its groove with its new host.

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown

External image

This is a sweet and sexy young adult romance about Joanna Gordon, a lesbian Christian teen (yes, really!) who moves from big-city Atlanta to small-town Rome, Georgia, with her evangelical radio host dad and his new wife. He asks her to lay low on her gay pride while they adjust to small-town life and the in-laws. Jo reluctantly agrees (there are reasons that become a big part of the book), and she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her promise when she (surprise!) falls for a beautiful girl in her church group.

This is first and foremost a romantic comedy. It is adorable and full of oh-no-they-didn’t, will-they-or-won’t-they shenanigans. It’s also about being Christian and queer at the same time, something that I’ve read very little about but really appreciated. Best of all (for me), Jo has a best friend, Dana, who is also an out queer girl. Their friendship is hilariously real, and it both infuriated me and made me laugh because I recognized it.

If you’re in need of a rom-com about a queer girl in a small Southern town, pick up Georgia Peaches! It’s perfect for spring.

More Briefly…

This year I’ve also enjoyed In the Labyrinth of Drakes by Marie Brennan, which is book 4 in the Memoirs of Lady Trent series, about dragon naturalist-cum-adventuress Lady Trent. These books are like Amelia Peabody set in an alternate Victorian world with dragons, and they’re basically candy to me. The fifth and final volume of Lady Trent’s memoirs, Within the Sanctuary of Wings, has just been released and I can’t wait to read it!

If you’re looking for page-turning thrillers about clones murdering each other in space (and who isn’t?), then I suggest you pick up Mur Lafferty’s Six Wakes. It’s escapist fun with lots of brain candy about clones and identity and humanness, and makes you think of 3D printers in a totally new light.

Finally, I inhaled The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly, his most recent Harry Bosch novel, over the course of a weekend. This is the nineteenth (!) Bosch novel that Connelly has written, and by now these books are well-oiled machines. They don’t necessarily surprise, but the pacing is page-turningly steady and the details are always fascinating to me. They’re also really good for travel because they’re easy to sink into and escape what’s around you.

If you’d like to see what I’m reading more often, follow me on instagram, where I often post pics in-progress. Happy reading, everyone!

American Gods: Ep 1

So, all of you know that I’m absolute trash for Neil Gaiman and American Gods. A lot of you have probably followed me for that exact reason. So I wanted to update you on what I thought of episode 1 of the new show. [Spoilers ahead!]

I loved it.

It’s so genuinely excellent so far. The introduction, with the totem pole, is inspired. The casting is great. But I suspected that already. Let’s get into the details.

Originally posted by wynonasrider

Mr. Wednesday’s introduction is great. I enjoyed the way the series began, with the introduction of Odin into this world. Ian McShane is a fantastic Mr. Wednesday, gruff and slimy and weirdly likable anyhow. I liked that they maintained just enough of the original beginning, and simply twisted it earlier with flashbacks and dreams to give it even more mystery early on.

Shadow’s is played wonderfully—his grief, his hardness to the outside world, Mr. Wednesday’s read of him, his humor. As are his coin tricks. I really loved his coin tricks. His cellmate has been accurate so far, and Audrey was done well—just enough to be horridly sort of, almost funny, while also not funny at all. I’m just loving everything about it so far.

There were a couple high points—or, perhaps, just parts I was thrilled to see—in this episode. The first, naturally, is Bilquis.

Originally posted by americangodsedits

I had no idea how they were going to make “that scene” work. But they did. It was just enough sexy and scary, just enough genuinely beautiful and absolutely horrifying. One thing I was slightly troubled over was their erasure of the fact that she was a sex worker. In this one, she’s on Tindr, and I liked the incorporation of that technology, but I’m still curious as to why they decided to make the change. 

The second is Shadow’s dreams. I might be wrong, but I feel like they went a little farther with them than in the book at this point. But I loved them. I love the buffalo with the flaming eyes. It’s one of my favorite parts of the book. “Believe.”

Now, we get to my two favorite parts, because the show took them and just flew, both through acting and through special effects. The first: Technical Boy.

Originally posted by amazonvideouk

The way they did this entire scene was inspired. The way they added a virtual reality device to get Shadow in the limo-like place. The way Technical Boy constructs himself in front of Shadow’s eyes. His buffering language. His vaping (the synthetic toad skins). The constant weirdness. I loved it. 

And the second favorite part? Mad Sweeney.

Originally posted by wynonasrider

I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Every one of his scenes, from the fight to plucking the coins out of the air, to his bloody laugh, was absolutely killer. Pablo Schreiber is such a perfect Mad Sweeney. I love it. 

I’m still nervous about the whole thing, as anyone would be about an adaptation of one of their favorite novels that they know the world will see and judge by. But I’m loving it so far!

Did you see this episode? What did you think?

kit-bit  asked:

hullo! I just wanted to pop in and say a) holy whoah your fics are absolutely STUNNING and b) (I'm really sorry if you get asked this a lot) but do you have any favorite/recommended shallura fics? I trust your judgement and I'm a hopeless piece of shallura shit ✨

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get round to this, but I am here with some fic recs for you!

So now is the time when I give props to @oldmythos for making {this fic rec list} for Shallura. It’s a google docs spreadsheet of shallura-centric fics which you can browse at your leisure.

Fics that I have read and enjoyed recently:

How to Drown in the Desert by @shiroallura {AO3}

FAKE DATING! MUTUAL PINING! EPIC CUTENESS! Plus just really well written and fun.

Where You’ll Find Me by @lancelesbian {AO3}

Allura teams up with the Black Lion to find Shiro. It’s really well done and full of feels and flashbacks to their developing relationship. A++ would recommend.

The Worst Timing by @severalsmallhedgehogs {AO3}

Shiro moves into Allura’s apartment but whenever she bumps into him she’s always a hot mess and it’s ADORABLE and also very emotional and sweet and I really love it.

Nevertheless by @ahumanintraining {AO3}

THIS WAS SUPER ANGSTY but also kinda sweet and I really liked that so yeah have at it if you enjoy pain lol.

Eau du Pheromone by ForcedSimile (i don’t know their tumblr url sorry) {AO3}

This fic just really amused me because of the way the other Paladins act and it was just really sweet and nice. Mutual pining is my jam, yo.

Anyway I might do another fic rec list at some later point but this is just a few I’ve read and enjoyed over the past few weeks, plus some multi-chapters I’ve been following. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

i've seen the argument of 'alan rickman was too old to play snape they should've casted someone younger!' going around a few times now and like, i mean i get it but.,,rickman was handpicked by jo to portray him. what's your say on it? cause i'm pretty aware that the huge age difference puts a thorn in ppls sides

honestly i think the greater injustice in terms of casting was actually for james and lily - they died at 21 but the actors who portray them in the first movie (and in flashbacks later on) definitely look middle-aged. part of the potter tragedy was that they died so young and it undermined it a lot to have older actors play them. i love gary oldman but he was very much not what i pictured for sirius and i definitely wished he and remus had been cast young as well. 

i do love alan rickman as snape, but he’s also very much not what i pictured when i read snape. i think in terms of tone and acting ability, we couldn’t have done better - and perhaps that’s why rowling ultimately decided on him! - but for me, part of snape’s tragedy (hell that whole circle’s tragedy) was that he died relatively young. he’s not even 40. and i think parts of his story might reflect differently if he looked as young as he is.

however! once again, even tho he wasn’t what i pictured, rickman was a phenomenal snape. age difference or no. 

My Thoughts 5x17

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

- Did not enjoy Oliver being tortured BUT I’m super glad it was interspersed so well with Flashbacks.

- I honestly was more uncomfortable with Oliver skinning a man then the fact that he may have enjoyed killing in the past.

- Adrian Chase knows Oliver so well, he knows Oliver would hate himself IF he actually enjoyed killing.

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

- Stephen Amell was amazing and deserves an Emmy. So sad shows like Arrow never get recognized.

- Missed Felicity so much. I really wanted to see her panic. Was hoping for a more disheveled look but she did look SUPER tiny and so horrified at what had been done to Oliver. You can tell she is aching to take care of him.

Originally posted by arrowsource

- I swear I heard Evelyn’s neck crack.

- Kovar was awesome and the Sarin gas in Russia…wow. So glad he lives.

- I heart Anatoly introducing himself to Malcolm Merlyn as a gangster and trying so hard to steer Oliver on the right path. He really did take on a father role.

- Bringing up the Count knowing it would bring up Felicity and then showing her glasses to Oliver - Adrian you must pay for your EVILNESS.

- Spoilers I accidentally saw were taken out of context which only made things worst for me.

Cannot wait for next week!!!

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Thoughts on 5x19

I had to work this morning and my internet was out most of the afternoon, so I’m just now able two weigh in on my thoughts on last night’s episode. I watched it live last night and again with my hubby in the wee hours this morning. I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said, but I will anyway because I like to ramble on things. I apologize it’s so long, I will add a read more cut so it doesn’t clog your timelines! 

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Make Me Feel Like I’m Real (6/?)

Title: Make Me Feel Like I’m Real
Pairing: T.J Hammond x OMC
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: referenced assault (nothing graphic), a couple of bad words?
Spoilers: spoilers for Political Animals (esp. the last couple of episodes)

Writer’s block hit me hard after last chapter, and I was not expecting to finish this chapter at all this month with Camp NaNo. Surprisingly, doing Camp NaNo has been instrumental in getting this chapter done; the joy of writing and creating, and I kept adding stuff to this chapter while working on the Camp NaNo-story with Loup. I hope you enjoy this chapter just as much as I do.

Tag list at the end of the chapter.

<< Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 >>

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*finds out what happened to Ymir in chapter 93 *

I feel so attacked right now.

Fuck everything. I would’ve been better had I see her die…but in a flashback? C'mon! All these fucking chapters and we only get a tiny panel? Like “yeah she dead lol ” goddamn it.

Well, I’m checked outta this fandom, I don’t care what happens to anybody else…not even Historia, cuz I know if it isn’t with Ymir, there isn’t with nobody.

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Losing you (jelena one shot)

(Selena’s POV)
After a tiring day on the studio I wanted nothing more but to go home,get in the bed and watch Netflix,I opened the door and I came face to face with Abel who was standing next to the table which had Spaghetti and candle on it
“Surprise”-He smiled
“Oh my Gosh you did this ?”-I smiled walking up to him and looking around
“Yeah do you like it ?”
“I love it”-I smiled kissing him before lookingg down at the food
“You cooked ?”
“I tried”
Spaghetti..Justin’s favorite food,my smile faded at the thought
“Is everything okay ?”
“Yeah..yeah everything’s perfect”-I faked a smile
We finished dinner 15 minutes later,we talked about everything and nothing his spaghetti wasn’t even bad
“And then…”-He was interrupted by my ringtone.I reached in my pocket and my eyes grew wild when I saw the caller ID:Pattie
“Sorry I have to get this”-I said getting up and walking away
“Hey Pattie”-I smiled even though she couldn’t see me,but my smile instantly dissapeared when I realised that she was crying
“Selena…it’s justin..he”
“What’s wrong with Justin ?”-I asked already feeling my heart in my throat
“He was…found unconcious in his house,I’m already L.A.”
“I’m comming”
I went back to the kitchen and grabbed my jacket
“what’s wrong ?”-He asked
“It’s Justin..he was found unconcious”-I answered already searching for my keys “fuck”-I mumbled when I couldn’t find it
“Hold on I’m comming with you,there’s no way I’m letting you drive like this”
Honestly in that moment I couldn’t give 2 shits if he was comming or not

15 minutes later we were at the hospital we noticed Jeremy,Pattie and Alfredo,I ran up to them,and hugged Pattie
“what happened ?”-I looked at Fredo
“I don’t know the neighbours called the police because they heard loud benginng,and they found him laying on the floor,they checked his phone and they called the last person he was talking to which is me”
“Everything will be okay”-I looked at Pattie
“Thanks for comming sweetie”
“of course”-I turned around and saw Abel awkwardly standing there
“um yeah..Fredo you already know him obviously but Pattie,Jeremy this is my boyfriend Abel”-He walked up to them and awkwardly shook their hands,to say that this was awkward was an understatement,I was introducing my boyfriend to my ex boyfriend’s parents

2 Hours later,I was sitting on the chair,silently praying that everything will be okay
“Hey do you want me to get you coffee ?”-Abel asked squatting down in front of me
“No,thanks”-I weakly smiled
“Well I’ll buy one for me.I’ll be back”-He said walking away
Just then the doctor apperead and we all went up to him

“The good news are that he’s fine”-He smiled
“thank God”-Pattie smiled
“The bad news are that we found drugs in his blood”-There was an awkward silence,Pattie looked at Jeremy,I looked at Fredo,he shrugged
“Has Mr Bieber ever took drugs ?”
“In the past”-I spoke up
“But he’s been clean for like 2 years now”-Fredo added
“Then that’s the problem,his body is not used o drugs anymore,so even that little dose he took knocked him out”
“Can we see him ?”-Jeremy
“Family only.He’s asleep,he needs to rest,the rest can see him tomorrow”

We arrived home at 3.A.M. I didn’t see Justin only Pattie and Jeremy did.I changed into my Pajamas and went to bed,Abel spent the night here,I was twisting and turning for half an hour,I couldn’t stop thinking about him,the thought of losing him terrified me more than anything else in the world.I sat up and I immediately felt Abel’s hand on my back
“What’s wrong ?”-He asked,I didn’t answer
“Don’t worry Sel he will be fine the doctor said it”
I looked at him for a long minute
“I love him”-I whispered,his smile faded,and he removed his hand from my back
“Well shit”-He said
“Listen Abel,it was amazing with you,you made me feel things I haven’t felt in a while but..”
“But I’m not Justin..”
“I thought I’m over it”
“Yeah I thought so too..”-He said getting up,he dressed up “Well goodbye Selena”-He looked at me before walking out of the door

(Justin’s POV)
“Do you need anything else Mr Bieber ?”-The nurse asked
“No thanks”-I smiled,grabbing another grape.Thank God my mom bought these,the door suddenly opened and I was speechless when I saw the persin standing in front of me
“Hey”-She smiled
“What are you doing here ?”
“I came to see you”-she said taking a sit next to my bed
“Well here I am”-I smiled
“I see”
Silence filled the room until she spoke up again
“Why did you do it ?”
I shrugged “I guess I wanted to escape”
“You haven’t done it in so long”
“I haven’t felt this lonely in so long”-I looked at her,our eyes locked for a few minutes until I turned away
“Look I know our last goodbye wasn’t so pretty but I’m here for you”-She put her hand on my arm,I looked at her and the flashback started

“Why do you have to ruin everything ?”-She yelled
“I’m not ruining anything Your boyfriend just can’t take a fucking joke”-He yelled back
“Well not everyone is like you”
“You’re right about that,he’ll never be like me”
“He’s 10 times better than you ever were”-The Latina yelled,she could see pure hurt on the boy’s face,and this is what she wanted.To hurt him,to hurt him like he hurt her maybe even more badly and she knew exactly how to do that

*end of flashback*
“You should go,your boyfriend will be mad”-I said turning to the TV Again
“Just go Selena”
“I’m not going anywhere”
“Well go because I don’t want you here,everytime you come her a bandage from my healed scars is ripped open I fuckin hate the fact that I can touch you like I want to.So just go”-I yelled
“I broke up with Abel”-She suddenly said
“and what do you want me to say ? Good job ?”
“I want you to fucking listen to me”-Now she was the one who was yelling
“You don’t know what I went through last night”-She started
“You don’t know what I went through since you left”-I interrupted
“Just listen…I was so scared of losing you,I realised that I wouldn’t want to live in a world where you don’t exist.I couldn’t.Because who is Selena Gimez without Justin Bieber ?”
“No.Wrong Who is Justin Bieber without Selena Gomez”-I said smiling
“I love you”-she said,and these 3 words suddenly made everything better
“I love you too”-I smiled,she walked up to me and kissed me,life started to make sense again