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Every time I talk about my research into sexual assault laws and my advocacy work for victims of sexual assault, I have to listen to some man ask me the same question 

“Well what about the men who get falsely accused?” 



There is an entire system set up for you. There are barriers in place and safeguards and double checks and a whole system designed to try and make sure only guilty people pay for crimes. 

Would you ever ask me 

“Well what about the men who get falsely accused of stabbings?” 


Because you’re a law student and not a fucking moron 

So why

why why why 

Do you think that’s the appropriate question when I’m telling you about the overwhelming number of women who don’t report instances of sexual violence, or the fact that sexual assault trials effectively force women to relieve their assault as a public spectacle multiple times, or the gross underfunding of sexual assault crisis centres 

News flash 

‘Playing Devil’s Advocate’ is just a fun way of saying ‘but what about the men’ 

No matter how you dress it up, you still tell me you’re a dickbag 


From Instagram:  jasukii_phoenix Was an amazing performance in Colchester last night! 🌃 FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENTS 💙 Hoping to see them again!! ⚫

A snippet of “.Neverenders.” and “you gotta prove it, you ready? are you ready to fuckin’ prove it?” at Frank Iero and The Patience at The Arts Centre, Colchester, England, United Kingdom - October 17th, 2017


Prompt 23 for @huxloween

Kylo’s only been with the circus for a few weeks, thanking whatever’s out there that he’d taught himself to throw knives.  The circus has been a safe haven after…

He shakes the ugly thoughts from his head, refocusing on the bright target in front of him.  Thunk.  Thunk.  Thunk.  The steady rhythm of knives thudding into the target is soothing for Kylo. Eventually, he’ll be aiming at a person ‘strapped’ to the board, but he understands that they want to make sure he’s consistently accurate first.  Someone comes up behind him, but they know enough to stay silent until Kylo’s finished.  

“Impressive,” a male voice mutters with a crisp British accent, not a performer Kylo’s yet encountered.  “I think I might actually trust that you won’t hit me.”

Kylo turns, instinctively looking down and surprised to find he doesn’t need to.  When he raises his view from the man’s collarbones, he meets amused green eyes.

“Hux,” the redhead offers his hand.

Wiping his suddenly sweaty palms on his pants, Kylo shakes Hux’s hand, long fingers slotting easily with his.  “Kylo.  I’m - uhh - new here.”

One coppery eyebrow raises in amusement.  “You don’t say.”  He quirks a small smile and relents.  “I’ve spent the last week and a half on vacation, since it’s the circus’ off season.  It’s going to take a bit of work to get all my flexibility back.”

For the first time, Kylo notices Hux is wearing a loose red tank and the tightest black leggings he’s ever seen.  “Flexibility?”  Kylo is floundering.

“I’m a contortionist.  I’ll be your target, once we get closer to performance.”  With a little half-bow, Hux turns and walks over to a mat set near Kylo’s target.

Kylo turns to go back to his throwing.  The first few knives slice perfectly into the target around the silhouette in the centre.  A flash of coppery hair to the left, and the next knife goes high and wide.  It only just hits the top edge of his target board.  Kylo’s too distracted to notice, his eyes fixed on the contortionist as he begins his warm-up.  Hux is already bent in half, arms extended past his feet and head touching his knees.  Mouth dry, Kylo should be practicing himself, but every time Hux shifts he’s newly distracted.  Rather than risk sending a knife flying off…

At some point, Kylo’s going to have to move his target so he can’t see Hux stretching.  For now, slow strides to pull the knives out allow him to watch the redhead.  He can’t believe how bendy Hux is.  The knives in his hand have an idea building in his mind that quickly decides it has a better home in his groin.

Fuck, he just wants to get Hux back to his trailer.  He’d kiss his lips swollen, bury his fingers in that copper hair and see if it’s as soft as it looks.  Toss Hux onto his mound of blankets and slice his clothes away without leaving a mark on that pale skin.  (Well, not unless Hux wants him to.)

Before he can embarrass himself by blurting any of that out to a man he’s just met, Kylo spins on his heel and bolts for the entrance.  He’ll have to finish practice later.  

anonymous asked:

After a battle with Wicked Witch, Hook is nowhere to be found and Emma freaks out and tackles hook when they finally find him.

Sorry this took so long… It was quite exciting to write, I hope you enjoy!


(Un betad - apologies for typos!)

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A loud clap of thunder came tumbling down from the turbulent grey sky above the clock tower. It’s bright flash illuminated the darkened Main Street, highlighting the shattered and crumbled buildings that lay strewn along its expanse. The clock tower still stood, albeit in a shadow its former grandeur: timbers blackened and a large gouge in the side exposing the skeleton of the structure.

At the base of the building, crouched in the shadows, Emma hid with her father, both taking heaving breaths as they tried to take a moment’s rest.

“Where is he?” she muttered as she struggled to calm her racing heart, rolling her head back against the wall behind her. She turned to look at her father’s soot streamed face and the angry, red burn that half covered one cheek.

“He said he will be here and he will, we must have faith Emma.” David gave his daughter a small smile, before reaching out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Gazing into her father’s eyes she saw faith and hope. She tried to take strength from his belief as she turned her attention back to the current lull in the battle.\

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Skoob Books, London

“Lift access, bespoke lighting, warmth, full air-conditioning and wonderful staff provide an excellent browsing environment. The used books on our shelves are priced at half or less, of what they would cost if bought new (those from our warehouse reflect the going rate online). There’s a further 10% discount for students* and Wedge Card holders, also a discount for cinema goers, read more.

Skoob is on Marchmont Street side of The Brunswick, between The Flash Centre and Waitrose’s rear exit. If you find yourself in the main concourse of The Brunswick, with chain stores and cafes all around, head straight through Waitrose, admire the cheese, exit and turn left. We are the first shop you come to.” (photo by (clareta))

Fire Heart || Courfeyrac and Elion

Courfeyrac had always been a flirt; boys and girls swooned under his seductive eyes. Or so he liked to think anyway. So it didn’t surprise any of Les Amis when on their night out, Courfeyrac’s sharp, blue eyes were scanning the nightclub for the perfect one night stand.

Scanning along the bar, his eyes landed on a tall, rather gorgeous blond man on the other side, and he kept eyeing him until said stranger looked up and their eyes met, blue on blue.

The centre flashed him his winning smile, deliberately looking him up and down slowly, appreciatively. Yes, you will do nicely.


PHOTOS: David Tennant Switches On The 2007 Blackpool Illuminations #ThrowbackThursday

In 2007, David Tennant travelled up to Blackpool to switch on the annual Illuminations.

The Blackpool Illuminations is a celebrated display of lights which runs for just over two months every autumn in the UK seaside resort of Blackpool. Established in 1879, the Illuminations are a tradition found in a number of larger coastal towns, but Blackpool’s are arguably the most famous. The display runs for six miles along the sea front. The Big Switch On is a major event with performances from bands preceding a celebrity flicking the switch to turn on the display.

In 2007 the lights incorporated a Doctor Who display, including monsters from the revived series. As the then star of the show, David Tennant was invited to switch on the display for the massive event on August 31st. Also present was TV personality Dale Winton, who hosted the evening, and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who designed part of the display, while acts performing included Natasha Bedingfield, Natalie Imbruglia, Gareth Gates, McFly and Ghosts. The Big Switch On went out live on BBC Radio 2.

David travelled up to Blackpool from Cardiff in the company of Julie Gardner. Due to work earlier in the day on the shoot for series 4 episode Planet Of the Ood, David was late leaving the set and then was held up in traffic on the M6. As a result, they were met by police motorcyclists on the outskirts of Blackpool and given an escort, complete with sirens and blue flashing lights, into the centre of town to ensure that they arrived on time.