the flannel channel

so yall know i’m bummed about my theatre not doing anything this fall/winter, but! but but but!!!

my mom told me and my little brother about a robotics club that does competitions so we went to this kinda ‘who we are and what we do’ type meeting and it sounds pretty neat! so i’ll actually have something interesting to do all this next year, and the schedule is pretty flexible for the meetings so i can do theatre too when the next show comes around and the group is small so i’ll get a chance to try a bit of everything and see what i like to do and i dont have to be stuck doing just one thing!

also their theme is log cabin-y and their little saying is 'channel the flannel’ and we’ll get a couple of shirts with the logo on it and a flannel and they gave me a hat and a pin today and sometimes they’ll get us food and i just think its gonna be pretty neat!

Trailer Tuesday - July 5, 2016

We’re back and we’ve got some great trailers to share with you guys this week!

The Bruised Spring’s Teens - This series features two average guys who want to make a movie so badly that they’ve failed to realize they were living in one. Season one is up for binging featuring hilarious one-liners and pop cultural references!

Her Story - This groundbreaking web series follows the lives of two trans women in LA who have given up on love but suddenly chance encounters give them hope. Co-written by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, this series tells the story of how these women deal with the intersections of label identity and love.

Just the Tips - From Radar Studios comes a comedic little summer series featuring fictional Royce Drabwin and his blast from the past series on summer tips! It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you feel uncomfortable but it’s worth it. I promise!

The Flannel Channel - The tello films, five-episode series follows Jordan and her struggle of telling her best friend that she’s in lesbians with her! The upside, her BFF is bi and comfortable in her sexuality, the downside, she’s oblivious as hell.

Inhuman Condition - Created and written by RJ Lackie, produced by the creators of Carmilla and featuring an amazing cast including, this series focuses on three supernatural patients, one therapist and their struggle to be human. New episodes air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on KindaTV at 5:30 PM EST.

Women are From Mars - This eight-episode series is jam packed with lots of laughs and a badass team of women. This scifi series follows five women and their mission to Mars! 

Things I look for in a man

  • Good sense of humor (Nerdy too)
  • Huge dork
  • Kind heart
  • Nice voice
  • Can dance, sing, and maybe act
  • Doesn’t take self too seriously
  • Encouraging
  • Contagious laugh
  • Humanoid sunshine
  • Pretty hair with dark eyes
  • Wears glasses
  • Little bit of scruff
  • Wears red flannel
  • Loves space
  • YouTube channel Markiplier

I am looking for Mark Fischbach

Hello beautifuls! I cannot believe how fast everything is going…the last time I was writing this article I wasn’t in school just yet, and my future seemed sort of far away. Now, being a senior, things have been a bit hectic. But not to fear, stress is just temporary, and if you’re feelin a bit bummy definitely check out the wonderful tips we have, specially made for dealing with stress! Anyway, with September brings new favorites, and very fall-themed ones at that. Those autumn vibes have been hitting hard, and I am beyond excited that October is just around the corner :”)

First, the fashion items I have been loving: knee socks, brown-ankle boots (as pictured above, from Forever 21), and poncho’s (as pictured above, Free People). Because fall requires layers, cozy sweaters, and flannels, I have been channeling my inner bohemian feels and I’m definitely going to stick to it for this season. I love the tribal patterns on ponchos (you can grab yours from Free People, Missguided, and Zara), and the fact that you can use it multiple ways: as a scarf, as a cardigan, or a sweater as a whole. So beautiful. As for brown ankle boots, you can never go wrong with adding them to an outfit…they go with mostly everything! I think they are a great staple and I chose brown to fit those autumn colors. I’ve been wearing them non-stop.

As far as cosmetics go, this month I fell in love with Lush. My sister has been a fan of it for years, and it wasn’t until she took me that I understood why she was so obsessed. The people are so genuine and helpful there, and the products are amazing! I know they are on the pricey side, but the products actually last long (don’t use the whole bath bomb, I recommend cutting it into pieces each time), and if you bring back an empty tube/container, you get a free product after you saved up 5. Their products are so organic and fresh, I highly recommend the ‘Love Lettuce’ facial mask (if you have combination skin like me). Also, though not considered a cosmetic, new fall candles have made their way into Bath & Body Works, ah!! I get excited just seeing all the new names, like the one above, ‘Bourbon Butterscotch’. I went on a smelling frenzy, and I can tell you straight up, each and every candle is pure autumn perfection.

Finally, folk music has been my all-time favorite, especially for this season. So that includes listening to Mumford & Sons, Tallest Man On Earth, Young the Giant (one of my new favorites, listen to ‘Apartment…obsesssed), Owls of the Swamp…I even made a fall playlist here. As if it weren’t already obvious, fall is my favorite season. Can’t wait to see the favorites I’ll have in October! Hope you had a fantastic month, and cheers to a new one up ahead!

So much love,