the flamingo hotel

My Newest Piece

Inspired by infamous 1940′s Mob Boss and father of Las Vegas, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.  He built The Flamingo hotel and casino; which he named in reference to his nickname for long time mistress/girlfriend/fiancee Virginia Hill.

While he ultimately went down in history under the nickname “Bugsy”, no one dared to call him that to his face when he was alive.  At the time, it was a popular euphemism for “Crazy” (”crazy like a bedbug” was the old saying it came from); which he took as an insult of the utmost disrespect.

Another nickname he got was “Baby Blue Eyes” for his striking blue eyes and movie-star good looks.  The murderous gangster was actually known to wear face creams, and take immense pride in his good looks.
He had many friends in the movie industry, and was offered an audition, but believe it or not, his nerves got the better of him. He did, however, give more than a little bit of advice to his friend, movie star George Raft, on his portrayal of gangsters in movies.

As a side note, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and his iconic checkered suit became the inspiration behind “Benny Gecko” from Fallout New Vegas, a personal favorite game of mine.

Needles: Pre-sterilized, single use, blister-pack 8Round-Liner Tattoo Needles
Ink: Pre-sterilized Kokkai Sumi
Misc: Paper Towels, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, disposable ink cups, Dial Gold Soap
Care: Dial Gold Soap, Tattoo Goo