the flaming lips do you realize

Guardian (XVIII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Violent imagery

Word Count: 4,157

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Jongdae is your guardian angel)

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Hear me out,,

If The Foxhole Court gets a tv adaptation and Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips isn’t playing while Neil is saying goodbye to Andrew before going to Baltimore, I would riot.

Ok so the first verse, you have flashback shots of Neil falling in love with Andrew and finding a family:

Do you realize, that you have the most beautiful face? Close up shots of Andrew glaring at Neil. There are a lot okay, make it rapid fire shots of his face.

Do you realize, that we’re floating in space? Maybe this is them hanging their legs off the side of the roof? (pause ok imagine their tiny legs bouncing around)

Do you realize, happiness makes you cry? Shots of all the foxes. His family.

Do you realize, everyone you know someday will die? Something to convey that Neil isn’t willing for today to be the day that his family dies.

The second verse is a painful montage of sappy family moments with all the foxes.

And instead of saying all your goodbyes, let them know

You realize that life goes fast

It’s hard to make the good things last

You realize, the sun doesn’t go down,

It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

It cuts back to Neil. The music has stopped. There’s no sound, no movement, no breathing until

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

They walk out and the riot starts.

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Scenario of the reader hiding behind Izuku every time Todoroki is is around her because she has a huge crush on him and doesn't know how to deal with it?

So… this was not supposed to be this long. I was just writing, and it all kind of spiraled out of control. But I just love Todoroki so much and couldn’t stop. Hope you like it!

You weren’t sure when it had happened. Perhaps it was during the incident at USJ when you saw him take out all the villains in the area with a mere swing of his arm or maybe it was at the sports festival where you watched in awe as he began to face his demons, unleashing his beautiful flames with watery, heterochromatic eyes. You weren’t sure when it happened, but either way, you soon found yourself falling for him, slowly, but surely. You admired him so much, his strength, his resolve, and had no doubt that he would become a wonderful hero in the future. You wanted to talk to him and get to know him more. There was just one little problem…

“EEP!” you shrieked, abruptly grabbing Izuku by the shoulders and ducking behind him when Todoroki walked past. The bi-color haired boy paused for a moment at the sound, glancing around questioning before deciding to ignore it, and continued on his way. When he finally was out of sight, you sighed in relief and released Izuku from your iron grasp. “Sorry, Midoriya-kun,” you apologized. “I just can’t handle being around Todoroki-kun.”

He smiled sympathetically at you. “It’s fine, (l/n)-san. But you’re going to have to deal with him sooner or later.”

Uraraka nodded enthusiastically in agreement. “He’s right! It won’t do to be afraid of the one you like!”

Your face flushed red at her words. “I-I don’t like him!”

“Aw, don’t be like that!” a voice shouted from behind. A friendly arm wrapped around your shoulders, and you tilted your head up to find Kirishima staring back at you, a grin on his lips. “Everyone knows you do anyway. I bet the only one in the class that hasn’t realized it is Todoroki himself!”

A whimper left your lips as you discovered how blatantly obvious your crush was. You had thought you’d hidden it so well…

“It’s okay, (y/n)-chan! Just talk to him! Todoroki-kun has become a lot more friendly after the sports festival, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”

“I-I guess.”

But it was much easier said than done.

A flash of red and white.

“Midoriya-kun, hide me!”

A flickering of a flame.

“Midoriya-kun, get over here!”

The glitter of ice erupting from the ground.

“Midoriya-kun, stand up!”




Another two weeks passed by, and you had not even attempted to speak with Todoroki. The class was quickly growing exasperated by your behavior, and even Todoroki was becoming suspicious. Finally, they decided that enough was enough. You were going to talk to Todoroki whether you liked it or not.

You grabbed your tray of food from Lunch-Rush and, after thanking him, caught up to Izuku and Uraraka to find somewhere to sit. “Ugh, it’s always so crowded in here.” You then gasped when you saw the familiar red and white haired boy approaching you. “Midoriya-kun, quick, hide me!” You ducked behind him and buried your face into the back of his shirt as you tried to make yourself disappear. You waited for a few seconds. “Is he gone?”

Izuku sighed. “Yes, he’s gone.”

You separated from him with a relieved smile on your face. “Oh, thank God.” You then turned. And then you screamed. Because standing right in front of you with the most intense stare you’ve ever seen was none other than Todoroki Shouto. In your shock, you had jumped back, causing your tray to wobble precariously in your hands. Todoroki quickly stepped forward to grab the sides of your tray to stabilize it, and your face turned bright red when the tips of his fingers brushed against yours. “I-I-I don’t…” Your head whipped around to give Izuku a glare with teary eyes. “You tricked me, Midoriya-kun!” He shrugged helplessly with a guilty smile while Kirishima, Uraraka, Mina, and Kaminari, who were standing behind him, grinned mischievously.

“You were gonna have to confront him eventually!” Kaminari pointed out.

You were about to retort when you heard someone clearing his throat. You froze then mechanically turned to shyly look at the boy in front of you. “U-um, I-I have to go…” You attempted to pull your tray away from him, but his grip on it only tightened, preventing you from leaving. For a second, you briefly entertained the thought of just releasing the tray and making a break for it, but it seems he had expected that as your feet were soon encased in ice. “Todoroki-kun!”

“Why have you been avoiding me, (l/n)?” he questioned, tone serious but not necessarily cold.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you tried to lie.

“I think that you do,” he shot back. “You were completely capable of talking to me at the beginning of the school year, and now, I can’t get within 10 feet of you without you jumping behind Midoriya. Did I do something to offend you?”

“T-That’s not it!”

“Then what?”

“It’s nothing!”

“It’s not ‘nothing’, and you know it.”

You didn’t know what to do. You felt so cornered. “You’re just so cool!” you blurted out in your panic. He looked taken aback at your sudden comment. But once you started, you couldn’t stop. “You’re cool and strong and handsome and kind and reliable and sweet and I saw you help that kitten out of the tree last week and you’re just so fucking dense sometimes but that’s kind of cute too, but I’m just so insanely awkward and lame and have absolutely no idea how to talk to you since you’re so amazing!” You were panting when you finished, and the entire cafeteria had gone dead silent at your rant, most gaping at the scene. Even Todoroki’s eyes were widened slightly, not really sure of how to respond. Your face exploded in red once again in mortification. Had you just really said all that? In front of the whole school? “I… I’m so sorry.” Tears sprung up in your eyes; you felt so humiliated.

“Ah… no, don’t be.” He instantly became uncomfortable at the sight of your tears as he wasn’t known for being very good at consoling people. But still he tried. “You… don’t have to be afraid to talk to me. And there’s no need to put yourself down like that either; I’m not that great. Do you…” He hesitated, not sure if this was what you wanted. “Do you want to eat lunch together?”

“Eh?” Todoroki bent down to melt the ice on your feet then straightened to place a hand on your back and gently led you to the table he had been sitting at. He took a seat then glanced at you expectantly. So much happened so fast and your mind was in utter chaos. But you somehow managed to reply with a soft, “Okay,” and proceeded to sit down next to him. The cafeteria immediately broke out into cheers, catcalls, and shouts of “Go get ‘im, (y/n)!”, causing you to blush again. You took a glimpse at Todoroki and saw a confused expression on his face as he tried to figure out the reason behind the sudden commotion. You sighed. You practically just confessed to him in front of the entire school, and he still didn’t notice that you had a crush on him. He really was so so dense.

A hand ruffled your hair and you looked up to find Kirishima grinning down at you. “I knew you had it in you!” Midoriya and Uraraka were giving you a thumbs-up from behind him. Rolling your eyes, you swatted at his arm, and he raised his hands in surrender. “Fine, fine, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” You glared at him as he left with your cheeks tinted pink.

You turned back to Todoroki, watching as he slurped up some cold soba. It had been so long since you had seen him so close up… His eyes flitted back to you and after swallowing, asked, “Is something wrong?” A dot of sauce was left on the corner of his mouth. You lifted your sandwich to your mouth to cover the small smile that spread across your lips and shook your head.

“No, nothing,” you answered truthfully. Because, now, there really was nothing wrong. You would have to thank Kirishima and the others later…

mino; in every lifetime

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Based on a prompt for a Soulmate! AU: The last words you’ll ever hear them say are written on your skin, meaning that you’ll never know who your soulmate is until you lose them.

Sidenote: Angst, scenario of 3.2k words. 

They weren’t childhood friends, high school sweethearts or anything like that.   

“I wish I met you sooner.” he’d say, prompting a walk down memory lane of the first time they met –her favourite story out of the infinite they shared.

It was the July that fell on her last semester of college, a night that was never supposed to be but of thesis revisions and brain wrecking flash cards for finals that were just around the corner.  

“Oh have a bit of fun!” her friends disapproving her safe choice of plans, practically dragging her out through the dorm’s hallways in a midst of hushed giggles and careful footsteps.

She liked to think that she was socially acceptable for pretentious-frat-boy hosted parties and they weren’t all that bad if she managed to keep up with her group of friends, with the aid of a cup of cheap beer, or two. However, it wasn’t what she had in mind when they pulled over a beach house, already crowded by muddy four wheelers and huge SUVs parked by the vast perimeter of the property.

Her curiosity, spluttered out as a series of worried questions were dodged away by, “He’s our senior, remember? Of course you don’t. We’re all invited, now stop worrying will you please.”

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It’s 3 A.M., I Must Be Lonely

“Uncomfor- no, Steve, that’s not,” Bucky runs a hand down his face, trying to keep from staring at Steve’s impressive pectoral muscles and abs because he doesn’t want to make the blond angrier than he already is.

“Then what,” Steve growls, leaning into Bucky’s personal space, and Bucky might faint dead away like a Victorian maiden in a romance novel, he really might. Because he is not prepared for that low, hoarse voice or that intense stare or the way Steve’s nose nearly brushes against his own. “Is your problem?”

In which Bucky Barnes is slightly bowled over by his neighbor’s lack of clothing, and Steve is shy and grumpy until he isn’t.

Read it on AO3 here.

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Remember the post were this girl said her best friend forgot to ask her to prom? Can you write something like that for hinny? :)

A/N: I did it!  And it’s canon-verse too so woo (post books though).  Hope you enjoy!

Also available on FF and Ao3!


It starts a few weeks after September 1st, initially nothing strange enough to really draw his attention beyond answering the innocuous questions like ‘do you have a favorite color’ and ‘are you allergic to any flowers or plant life.’ Weird, but he brushes them off, assumes it’s just an effort to get to help them get to know each other like normal people – people who finally don’t have a homicidal maniac breathing down their proverbial (and occasionally literal) necks.  So he asks them back, learning she hates salt on her eggs, loves swimming at dusk, and secretly read Ron’s entire collection of Martin Miggs comics during his first year at Hogwarts.

But then it gets more specific, her questions.  Ginny’s latest letter had been filled with her usual humorous commentary on day-to-day life at Hogwarts – critiques on teaching methods (apparently Professor Sinistra’s ban on caffeinated beverages in class was unacceptable), a run down on the week’s Quidditch practices (along with gossip she’d gleaned about the other teams and updates on her negotiations with professional teams), as well as general boasting about how she’s eating so much better than him (Harry felt silly having Kreacher cook for just one person).  Then, reaching the bottom of the parchment and the dregs of his tea, Harry’s eyes stutter over the postscript, ‘what color is your cummerbund?

Flicking his wand to send his mug to soak along with his other neglected dishware, Harry furrows his brow – unsure what exactly a cummerbund is and too afraid it’s some mischievous flirtation on Ginny’s part to ask Ron for help.

Considering who he’s dating, he quickly tosses aside his second and third choices, and just as he’s wondering where exactly he left Dudley’s telephone number, Harry sighs and reaches for the floo pot perched on his mantle.

Before he can second-guess himself, he calls out for McGonagall’s office and sticks his head into the now green flames, knees protesting at his position.

At first, he hears his former professor muttering darkly in her thick Scottish brogue before her sharply polished boots appear before him, peaking from beneath deep green robes.  “You know I thought I’d have a break from Potter mischief until you and Miss Weasley had a child old enough for Hogwarts.”

Harry fights the blush that threatens to rise at the mention of his and Ginny’s hypothetical future children and clears his throat.  “Funny you should mention Ginny.”

Settling down on the plump tartan stool tucked close to the broad fireplace, McGonagall arches a dark brow questioningly.  “Romantic troubles with the youngest Weasley?  You seem quite desperate.  Don’t get too clingy Potter.”

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shifter-zarina  asked:

(Marco and Ace, where Ace is the cursed one) “I was cursed, and only True Love’s Kiss can save me, but I’m a hundred miles from civilization, and the only other person around is my nemesis: You.”

“What?” Marco asked staring at the raven hair man with narrowed eyes. He doesn’t trust him for a second. This could be a trick to lower his guard and get close enough to stab him.

Ace grimaces, hands still held in the air as a sign of peace but he seems unpleased with it.  “I got cursed. I need you to kiss me. So kiss me numb nuts.” 

The blond snorts, raising his sword with a sneer “You really think I’ll fall for that? What, do you need a True Love Kiss, and come to confess?”

The expression of the other man darkens, eyes almost bursting into flames as he glares back at him. Through clenched teeth, he hisses “If I didn’t live so far away from civilization I would go to my True Love but you’re the only one around. Now. Kiss me.”

Marco raises one eyebrow but smirks evilly when he realizes Ace is serious. “Or what? You turn into a frog? This is better for me anyway-”

Warm lips crash against his, and the blond stumbles back as a tongue laps over his chapped lips desperately, sword slipping from his shocked fingers.  There is hunger in the movements of the darker haired man, but it’s the good kind of hunger. 

It’s the same one that burns in the blond’s stomach. 

Marco’s back hits a tree, while a knee pushes his legs apart, so warm body can slam against his own.  There are hands in his hair pulling his head to better fit the shorter man and someone is moaning.

But who is it?

Marco can’t think straight at the moment to find out.

They last like that for a while both unaware and uncaring of anything else but the man in their arms. Marco is close to running out of breath but he doesn’ want this to end. 

Doesn’t want to stop. 

Ace pulls back when a bright light emerges from his body and together they watch as chains made of blue flames snap and break into pieces. Marco opens his mouth to ask what the hell the curse was, panting heavily,  but Ace kisses him again before he can.

The raven hair man is mumbling against his lips. “I’ wanted to do this for so long, you bastard. Start moaning again.” 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here’s my day two submission for sciencebrosweek2k17~


Disclaimer: I know nothing about how patents work so this is the best I could do with Google (my brain immediately went to patent pending for some reason so here we go lmao)

          The bar was packed for a Thursday night, but Bruce had managed to find a small table near the back that kept their small group out of the massive press of bodies. The cold weather had driven many people indoors on what was otherwise a perfect night. Snow in Massachusetts put the Ohio snow Bruce remembered to shame, and yet people didn’t really seem that bothered by it.

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Summary: When Jimin sees the elevator closing on tears streaming down your cheeks and takes you to an empty office to comfort you, you didn’t know things could escalate so quickly…

Genre: smutsmutofficesmutsmut

Request: “@bones-of-needles asked: ‘we work together in the same department but i just got fired because i was poorly evaluated by my selfishly biased boss and we make eye contact as you pass by in the hallway and the elevator doors close on tears running down my face’ au with jimin? ahaha this idea just came to me spontaneously and i thought of you so maybe you could write in your free time? idk i just really love you works <33″

A/N: a smut as an apology for not writing much for the past week lmao. i hope its good. @taehxyung ayyyee look i did this and im not even ashamed lmfao.

[warning: sexual goodness]

You were never fazed by Park Jimin. He was unlike you in every possible way; confident, composed, collected, your boss’s pet. Hell, you would’ve never spoken to him unless you had to. You and Jimin went on with your separate lives the way you always had, like ghosts who haunted the same home but never knew the other existed. It was a curious relationship, or lack thereof, as both of you had been working alongside each other for about an entire year, divided only by the frosted glass partition that stood threateningly between your desks.

You fisted your clammy palms together and took three deep inhales as an attempt to quiet your pounding heart. It rammed itself against your rib cage rhythmically, so loud that you were sure the whole building was immersed in the noise. The papers in your hands wrinkled from the pressure you placed on it, and you hurriedly tried to straighten it out before the person before you exited your boss’s office. As you picked at the corners of the folder hugged to your chest, a flash of flaming red hair materialized behind the glass walls of the room, and Park Jimin glided out leisurely with a composed grin playing at the corners of his lips.

He slid past you without a second glance, only leaving behind a cool breeze and a few notes of his citrusy cologne.

“Y/N?” a deep voice boomed from within the office, and you jogged nervously to the entrance, wobbling on your heels.

“Here.” You slipped into the square room, which reeked of expensive leather and high expectations. Your boss was scribbling on an evaluation sheet, looking quite pleased with what Jimin had just presented him. A gulp broke the silence in the room, and it took you a moment to realize that you had emitted the noise. Your boss peered up at you, and shuffled some papers around, looking for a blank evaluation sheet.

“So, Y/N, what do you have for me this time? Hopefully it’s better than the bullshit you showed me last month. What did you want to do with the commercial again? Oh yeah, make it black and white. Do we all look color blind to you?” he scoffed, and spun his fountain pen between his fingers.

“Here are my progress reports sir. And the new brainstorms are in the back.” you mumbled meekly, fingers already trembling as you relived your awful past experiences in your head.

“Let’s have a look,” he exhaled, and propped a pair of spectacles on the bridge of his nose. You posed rigidly before his wide pine desk, trying your hardest to not fidget and give away your anxiousness. “Hmmm…okay…”

The cacophony of loose pages rustling under his fingers made the hairs on your neck perk up, and you twisted your hands into knots behind your back. The office sunk into a thick silence once again.

“What is this?” your boss glared up at you after a long while.

Uh oh…

“That…uh…is my plan for the new product line. I thought it wo-”

“No! Are you crazy?”

Your eyes increased in size, and you fisted handfuls of fabric from your clothes to keep yourself from quivering. Tears threatened to spill from the corners of your eyes as your boss picked up your business plan between two fingers, eyeing it in a manner as one would a pest, and shredded into bits.

“Y/N, what’s the problem lately? What’s with your completely outrageous ideas? You knew that the business would be too risky to carry out! We would lose tons of revenue, our market would shrink!” Dropping his forehead into his palms, he let out a long, dragged sigh before glancing up at you again. “Do you have anything else for me?”

Your lower lip trembled as you racked your mind but drew up blank. That business plan was all you had been pouring your concentration into, it was your brain child. “No, sir…”

“I’m sorry, but seeing how you’ve been performing for the past few months,” he peered exaggeratedly at the shreds of papers on his desk, “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to let you go.”

Your heart sank like an anchor into your stomach, and the tears that your had tried to desperately to contain overflowed.

“You’re fired.”

You opened your mouth to protest, but your boss had already directed his attention to what seemed like Jimin’s files. A weak exhale escaped instead, and you shuffled back towards the glass doors, head completely blank yet exploding with fury and remorse.

An elated tune flew out of Jimin’s lips in a whistle, echoing off the empty hall ways as he trod to get his second cup of coffee today. It felt pleasant to be able to stretch his legs after a long day. As he strode towards the self-serve coffee machines around the corner of the building, his attention perked up at a sharp ding! accompanied by soft whimpers. He whipped around just in time to witness the elevator doors glide open to accept you into its cold, metallic space and proceed to close. Your cheeks were moist and glistened with tears, which made you run the back your hand roughly against your skin periodically. Jimin was utterly befuddled as of why you, his colleague, were sobbing in an empty elevator as opposed to going back to work. To fulfill his nagging curiosity, he jogged hurriedly towards the shutting door just in time for him to slip his hand within the shrinking slit between the two doors, and the doors opened again to allow his entrance.

You faced the shiny walls of the enclosed space, sniffles shaking your frame. No acknowledgement was made as Jimin stepped in next to you, a single eyebrow arched, intrigued.

“Hey, uh, Y/N? Are you alright?”

You peered sideways at the crimson haired man, the tears distorting your vision and making him appear unfocused. You shook your head, “No, not really.”

He shifted his body to face you, “What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.” you repeated. Tears continued to flow down the streaked skin of your face.

You were genuinely surprised as Jimin stretched out an arm and pressed the button for the upcoming level. Your eyes widened, but Jimin simply shrugged. “I feel like it’d be better if you talked about it. You know, just to get it off your chest.”

“Jimin, I already sai-”


Your sentence was left unspoken as you felt yourself being pulled by the wrist, your inertia giving you a small jolt as you staggered down the vacant halls behind Jimin. The door creaked open with a low whine as he led you inside a large empty office, the fluorescent lights still left on.

“Park Jimin, you’re so ridic-”

A warm finger pressed itself onto your lips as Jimin furrowed his eyebrows at you, “Shhh, just tell me what’s wrong.”

“What has gotten into you? We barely even talk at the office, what makes you think I’ll tell you anything?”

“I’m just a co-worker trying to help you, because something is clearly wrong.” The sincerity in his gaze made your knees weak, and you let a shaky breath escape before speaking.

“I just got fired. I made a business plan for the new product line and our boss didn’t like it…” The words couldn’t prevent themselves from spilling over your lips, and soon you were ranting to Jimin about every detail of the awful event today. He listened attentively, his eyes following the motions of your hands you wiped at your tears. When you were done with your story, you were hiccuping uncontrollably, but you suddenly felt lighter with all the stress and burden gone.

“Do you feel better now?” he asked quietly.

You exhaled slowly, “Yeah, much better. Thanks, it seems that I really needed that after all.”

“No problem,” he smiled, and in that moment you realized that he was actually…incredible attractive. Flaming red hair framed his forehead, parted carefully the middle to reveal his sparkling eyes. They reflected the harsh fluorescent lighting in the room, softening them to small twinkling stars in their glossy surface. You didn’t know what came into you to possess your body, but suddenly you were reaching to loop the black tie wrapped around Jimin’s neck on your finger and yanked him closer.

His eyes widened with bewilderment, but the determination in your eyes set his common sense aflame. He paused for a short moment, then gently pressed his lips against yours. You moved against him nervously, unsure what to make of your current situation. His lips were soft and supple, tasting of coffee and breath mints. The aromas blended in accord and heightened your senses, making you suddenly aware of the pooling warmth between your legs, and the grasping motions of Jimin’s hands on your thighs. He ran his thumb across your cheeks, wiping away the drying tears.

The kisses were sweet and short, but soon couldn’t suffice any longer. You let your mouth agape hungrily, and smiled as Jimin’s tongue invaded the small space. Your tongues danced feverishly, and he maneuvered you towards the large work desk that stood in a corner of the room. Your attached lips made it quite difficult to make your way through the office, but you managed to stumble upon it anyways, your butt hitting the wooden surface as he lifted you up to sit on top.

Jimin’s fingers shimmied down your body as he removed his lips from yours to attack your neck. His hot breath felt divine on your now sweaty skin, nibbling at the various sensitive spots by your ears and collarbones. He was a good multitasker, trained by years of office experience, and it proved itself useful as he unzipped your constricting skirt in one quick flick of his fingers, but mouth still glued on your skin.

You wrapped your legs around his waist easily from your seated position after he slid your bottoms off your body, then your shirt, the rising bump in his crotch accidentally brushing against your clothed core and emitting an ecstatic sigh from your swollen lips. The friction between the soft material of his trousers and your underwear was addicting, causing Jimin to continue the motion as he grinded slightly against you. He tossed his head back at the pleasuring sensation, a guttural grunt sounding at the back of his throat that made you grow even more bothered. Your arms hooked around his neck, fingers groping at his firm shoulder blades as he moved harder.

Your legs began to tremble from the sinful acts, and Jimin sensed your reactions. He abruptly halted the delightful motions, and your eyes fluttered open to shoot him an impatient glare. But calm and composed as always, Jimin gave you a sly smirk as he sank down on his knees, eyes never detaching from your lusty gaze.

He played with the edge of your panties for a few seconds, nails lightly scratching the line where fabric met skin. Then in one swift motion, your underwear was hanging by your heels, the fabric soaked with your juices and desires, and Jimin disappeared between your thighs.

The first flick of his tongue was teasing and immensely frustrating, the slick muscle barely coming in contact with your swollen clit but enough to make you thrust your hips forward for more. A high pitched moan flowed from between your lips, and it made Jimin’s pants push against his growing erection even more painfully. He ran his tongue across your slit a second time, and you leaned back onto your elbows, your head lolling back with enjoyment. He lapped against your folds several times, setting your skin on fire and activating a range in your vocal chords that you didn’t know you possessed.

Jimin pressed his lips on your clit, kissing the sensitive nerve endings and plucking chords in your body. One of your hands flew to Jimin’s hair, lost within the bright strands, and tightening as he moved on to suck the bud. A small whimper sounded in the room, causing him to be even harsher with your body. He plunged his tongue in your warmth, sliding in and out at a feverish rate, tasting you thoroughly. Your moans grew more erratic, and your walls tightened. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Y/N, you have to be quiet.” he warned quietly, the sultry texture of his voice making you want to do nothing less than scream. Jimin reappeared between your legs, his hair tousled by your grip and his white shirt rumpled. He looked heavenly, enough to make you graze your teeth over your lower lip in desire.

He laughed at your hunger a bit, eyes narrowing into curved slits. His hands reached down to his own belt, quickly undoing the buckle as you practically panted in excitement. His shirt and boxers came off next, and he was now standing before you completely exposed. Your eyes grew brighter at the sight. He swooped around you to unclasp your bra, tossing it carelessly on the floor, and grinned at you. His member brushed against your folds, and you shut your eyes at the blissful sensation, a rather loud moan falling out of your mouth. Jimin paused, and clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“Sweetheart, you have to be quiet.” he said again, and bent down to fetch the black tie that he was wearing to ball it up in his fist. “Here, bite down on this.”

The fabric between your teeth smelled exactly like him, of lemons and citrus shampoo. He stepped between your legs again, and teased you slightly before gliding into your warmth. You teeth clenched on the tie to keep from squealing at the pleasure, and Jimin had to gnaw on his own lips to keep quiet. He slid in and out at a rapid pace, knocking into you and forcing your to move back and forth on the desk. You sat up a bit to wrap up your hands around his shoulders, nails clawing into the muscles on his back as he continued to plunge into you. Small gasps escaped his lips with every thrust, sounding like music to your ears. He buried himself in you all the way to the hilt, striking an especially pleasurable spot in you that made your nerves sing in harmony. The fabric in your mouth fell out defeatedly as you moaned aloud.

“Ah- fuck- Jimin!” Your nails dug into his back, leaving small moon shaped prints all over his skin. He felt your walls clench around his length, ready to release the flame that had built up in your abdomen. With one final thrust, he slammed into you, making your toes curl and stars exploded behind your closed eyelids. He moved several more times to help you ride out your climax, as well as coax himself to come to his high. It didn’t take long, with your tight walls contracting against him, to have him throw his head back, an erotic moan bubbling of his lips and endorphins flooding his body.

He pulled out of you, skin glistening with sweat, and looked at you with a playful smirk. You let out a weary laugh, sounding exhausted but content.

“Looks like getting fired isn’t so bad after all.”

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[[ ventura highway ☾✩ ]] ~ another caejose fanmix (art cover by ziiwang) // 1. ventura highway - america 2. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay 3. do you realize? - flaming lips 4. speak low (bent remix) - billie holiday 5. dude (i totally miss you) - tenacious d 6. el mañana - gorillaz 7. trouble - cat stevens 8. wintertime love - the doors 9. d'yer mak'er - led zeppelin 10.  cold - aqualung and lucy schwartz 11. flowers grow out of my grave - dead man’s bones