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I couldn’t go to the gay pride so here is a queer wizards doodle to support you people. feat here only the power square LGBT but send my supports to all of you ace, aro, pan, demi, genderfluids, non-binary, intersex, agender, and generally all of the queer or confused community !!!

30 Day Handwriting Challenge

Since I get a lot of messages about people not loving their handwriting, I decided to come up with a challenge that will help you improve and love your own writing. 

This is how I set up my challenge page:

1. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

2. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” 

3. Sign your name three times.

4. “The five boxing wizards jump quickly.”

5. Write the alphabet like this: 

6. “Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.”

7. “Jaded zombies acted quaintly, but kept driving their oxen forward.”

8. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

9. Sign your name three times.

10. “Few black taxis drive up major roads on hazy quiet nights.”

11. Write the alphabet like this:

12. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

13. “Six bubbly crazy painters jump over the weak frightened squirrel.”

14. Write the alphabet like this:

15. “Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.”

16. Sign your name three times. 

17. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

18. “Quietly, the juggler packed six bins of mauve zippers.”

19. Write the alphabet like this:

20. Sign your name three times.

21. “Public junk dwarves hug my quartz fox.”

22. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

23. “Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.”

24. Write the alphabet like this:

25. Sign your name three times.

26. “Painful zombies quickly watched a jinx graveyard.”

27. Write the alphabet like this:

28. “Intoxicated Queen Elizabeth vows Mick Jagger perfection.”

29. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

30. “My handwriting is perfect the way it is, and I hope the queen is jealous.”

For more fonts, click [here]

I still say America needs five wizarding schools:

A northern school, a southern school, a historically Black school, a Native school, and a Spanish missionary school on the west coast.

Or just something that fits in with American history.

A Wizard’s Misgivings: Chapter 4

summary: Dan Howell’s entire family has been in Slytherin, and there’s no doubt he’d supposed to end up there too. Phil Lester does’t exactly know what to do when he finds himself liking boys, so he’s usually just horrendously mean to them. 

tw: ahh fighting, almost getting pushed off a tower ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

word count: 5.8k (for someone who couldn’t get motivated to write this chapter for a week and a half, can i get a WOAH?)

link to masterlist and link to next chapter 

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You know, it’s like every time Hiro Mashima has a good idea with Fairy Tail, he destroys it.

Originally, Taurus was supposed to be quiet and proud, a very serious warrior, and he was instead made into a joke pervert that is repeatedly cast aside.

Edolas adventures were originally supposed to suffice with Edolas magic weapons instead of the Earthlanders’ natural magics. Nah, throw that out and just give the five or six main members their magic back with no real attempt at an explanation.

Sting has Fairy Tail cornered at the end of the Grand Magic Games? He could knock them over by breathing near them? Obviously it makes sense for him to surrender–after all, he can’t beat these five pathetically worn-down wizards who can barely stand.

Doranbolt, enough said, but for the sake of clarification he’s a good guy on the Magic Council instead of its regular cast of assholes. Make him a Fairy Tail member at the last minute–and fuck logic and sense in the ass while you’re at it.

The Oracion Seis gaining their freedom and joining Crime Sorciere? That’s a great idea! Instead of leaving it at that, let’s turn it into the most vile thing Jellal has ever done on-screen and ensure that I will never, ever stop hating him.

Crime Sorciere are supposed to come help out against Tartaros! Sounds good–instead, let’s have them do absolutely nothing to help out at all. After all, Jellal’s got bitches to pimp slap, which is much more important. Doranbolt did more to help, and all of his friends got murdered the day before.

The Shields of Spriggan are originally supposed to number at five or six. LET’S GO WITH TWELVE INSTEAD.

Irene is a “High Enchantress” and can enforce her will over pretty much anything she likes, transforming it and reprogramming it to her will, from the landscape to its weather patterns. Better jam her into the dragon backstory for no reason and have Erza do her thing again!


Newt plays nervously with his tie and gazes back at Tina with a scared, desperate look on his face. She shakes her head, it seems she feels sorry for him, but Newt notices how she’s trying to hold back a grin. Maybe Tina is as cruel as her sister after all.

“Why are we doing this again?” He turns to Queenie, who looks beautiful with the pearl dress; she gives him the most mischievous smirk.

“Because we want to raise money for the wampus shelter, sweetie,” she reminds him. “You asked for our help because you said you didn’t have any money. You agreed to this, my darling.”

“I thought we were going to auction things!” He protests. “Not people!”

Queenie caresses his curls and fixes his tie for the second time. “You make it sound like we’re trafficking with humans. It’s just a dance and a date.”

“Okay… but why me?” The uncertainty in Newt’s voice comes back and the wizard bites his lip, trying to calm himself. “No one’s gonna make an offer for-”

“First of all, you are lovely and I know a few people that want to date you… among other things that maybe I could explain to you later, but-”

“Queenie!” By the way Tina cuts her sister off and the blush on her cheeks, Newt knows he’s not the only one uncomfortable.

The witch rolls her eyes.

“Fine. What I’m trying to say is that you’re attractive, honey. You’re cute and I’m not the only one who thinks like that. So don’t worry, I’m sure we’re gonna raise so much money with you. And second, but not less important, you are the most interested in this, Newt, therefore you have to participate.”

Newt sighs, because he knows she’s right.

“Fair enough,” he mutters. Still, he doesn’t believe her, he has returned to New York just two weeks ago, there’s no way he has catched anybody’s attention.

“Believe, honey, you have. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have one very interested bidder.”

Newt looks at his shoes and thinks about the wampuses instead. He wants everything to end as soon as possible.


There are five wizards with him; a few aurors, a lady from the muggle department, a man that works in the cafeteria and Seraphina Picquery’s personal assistant. They all look very confident and excited. Newt looks at himself, feeling weird in the suit Queenie chose for him. She says he looks great, he’s not sure about it, he has never pay too much attention to fashion, he just wears clothes that are practical for the work he does and that protect him from the weather. He misses his coat.

They all are over the stage, standing in a line for everybody to see them. There are more people than he thought it would, so many Newt can’t recognize anyone. He knows there are a few members of the Ministry, and thank Merlin his brother is not among them because he wouldn’t allow him to do such thing. He knows some of them are aurors that work for Theseus and he seriously hope they don’t tell his brother.

At least he can’t see Mr Graves. Maybe he’s home by now; Tina has told him the Director doesn’t enjoy balls that much, but he goes because he has to.

He’s glad, because the thing is… Mr Graves makes him feel… odd. Nervous, well, it’s true he finds him attractive, but that’s it, the man doesn’t speak to him, only when he has to and has this intense look on his face every time Newt catches him staring at him. He knows… he’s sure the Director doesn’t like him at all.

He’s so immerse in his own thoughts he doesn’t notice when Queenie walks next to him and puts her wand on her own throat.

“Good evening, everybody!” She greets happily. “I hope you’re having fun.”

There’s cheers and exited screams from the audience. Newt can’t help but laugh, because they all look so different and relaxed when they’re not at work. He imagines Mr Graves frowning, he probably is wishing​ to return to work. He giggles, but this time he covers his mouth.

“But if you’re not having fun, don’t worry because the night will become more interesting from now on!” She continues and smiles brightly when the crowd claps. “Just look at the beauties we have in here, all of them are waiting to dance with them all night long and have a romantic dinner afterwards. How does that sound?”

More cheers from the public. Newt narrows his eyes for a moment when he recognizes Picquery laughing and clapping with the rest of them and marvels at how relaxed she looks. She seems to be talking with someone and pulling them closer, but Newt doesn’t see them. He stares a few seconds more, curious, but he’s distracted by Queenie's​ voice.

“The bid starts at 50 galleons!” She smiles, walking towards a witch whose name Newt believes is Amelia.

Newt watches as every man and woman are sold. And waits for his turn, of course Queenie would make him the last.

“And now… Our lovely magizoologist. He’s the new MACUSA’s worker. He has a very attractive English accent, lovely freckles all over his cute face and he’s very intelligent.”

“Queenie!” Newt protests, embarrassed.

“Oh, I almost forgot that he blushes prettily! The color on your face matches with your curls now, honey.”

Newt covers his face, but Queenie takes his hands off.

“It’s okay, honey,” she assures, taking her wand off her neck so Newt’s the only one that can hear her. She pats his back and Newt relaxes under the touch.

“So we start, as always, at-”


Newt gasps and feels his cheeks burning. He recognizes that deep voice; the people starts spreading to let the wizard in the dark suit approach the stage.

Everybody looks shocked and confused to see the Director of Magical Security standing with a determined look on his face. Newt stares at him and realises Graves is smirking at him, there’s something dangerous sparkling in his eyes.

Then Graves, the most powerful auror in America, winks at him. And Newt shivers.

He feels like he’s melting.

“We have 200 here who-”

“250!” Tina shouts. She’s trying so hard not to look at her boss and it seems that’s the right choice because the Director is glaring at her.

“300!” Abernathy offers, before Graves can open his mouth again.

“500!” Graves growls. He’s looking around like he’d fight anyone who dares to offer more.

Newt avoids his eyes. He can’t believe what’s happening. Why is the Director acting like that out of the blue? They barely speak!

“600!” Fontaine yells.

“700!” Newt's​ almost sure he has seen that auror before, he looks a bit too much like one of Theseus’ friends.


Nobody says anything after hearing that number and Graves looks smug. There’s a fierce smirk on his face as he waits for Queenie to declare the inevitable.

“Sold to the enthusiastic wizard in the black suit,” she says, even though everyone knows that’s Percival Graves.


“Winners, you can come and claim your prize now!” Queenie announces, once the bidders signed a couple of documents.

Unlike everyone else, Graves apparates on the stage in front of Newt and startling him in the process.

The auror caresses Newt’s cheek before taking him by the waist and pulling him closer.

Newt gasps, surprised, but his breath is stolen by Graves’ lips and it takes him just a few seconds to recover himself and kiss back.

“Why?” He breathes when he pulls away, the Director groans and tries to reach his lips again, but Newt shakes his head, asking the question one more time.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I met you,” Graves confesses, grinning. “And I’ve wanted to ask you on a date, but you always were with auror Goldstein, I thought you two were a couple.”

“We’re not,” Newt says.

“I’m glad,” Graves leans closer. The smile fades away and Newt wonders if he has done something wrong. “I know I can take you to dinner, but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to so if-”

Newt gives him a peck on the lips.

“I’d love to have dinner with you.”

“Actually, I believe you owe me a dance first,” Graves pulls him even closer.

“You’re right. Lead the way, Percival.”

buckle up kiddos its rwby theory time

(EDIT 2/17/2017: i put taiyang as the cowardly lion when its been revealed that he isnt. i fixed it now.

so we finally got to see this kid again and we even got a name for him: oscar

theres several theories running around about who he is-spring/summer maiden, related to ozpin, etc-but i noticed something in the credits

that lady who shouted at oscar

she’s his aunt

now, we already know that almost every character in rwby refers to a fairytale character, so its safe to assume that oscar does as well. so a famous fairytale character with an aunt…

dorothy, obviously, is one of the first to come to mind. she was raised on a farm, and oscar lives on one as well.

so far, weve had several characters in the series allude to wizard of oz characters, although we havent got a dorothy or wicked witch yet

we have ironwood and qrow, the tin man and the scarcrow

and we have ozpin and glynda, the wizard and glinda the good witch

“but we dont know how he relates to these characters, how can he allude to dorothy?”

while we dont know if hes related to any other character in these series, hes already been contacted by one of the five relating to wizard of oz characters…

…ozpin himself

this is also a really strong reference to the oz series, since the wizard used mirrors to help create the illusion of a giant floating head. and one of the most iconic scenes is when dorothy realizes the wizard is just a man performing tricks.

i dont know about you guys, but im pretty sure this kid is dorothy. the real question is, wheres toto?



Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. My Little Berserker by @aelys-althea [E, 105.5k]

Eighth year was supposed to be calm. Moderated. Peaceful, even. Draco returned to escape the chaos wrought upon his shambles of a life and Harry to flee the responsibility of a world that sees him as something greater than was truly possible. Hogwarts was a safe haven, right? At least it was until Hagrid comes up with the wonderful idea to introduce some additional members to the student body of the fluffier variety. Hagrid doesn’t do moderated - where’s the fun in that?
Harry/Draco Pet Fair (2016)

2. 19 Years by @whimsicaldragonette [T, 88.6k]

19 years ago, something happened between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy - but the only one who remembers is Draco himself. He plans to carry the secret to his grave, but his careful plan is soon turned on its head. It’s bad enough that Draco is returning to Hogwarts as a professor, so soon after his divorce, even worse that his son Scorpius has befriended fellow first-year, Albus Potter. But when he realizes that Harry Potter, too, has returned to Hogwarts, newly-single, Draco fears for his sanity. […]

3. Just Harry by Belle_Lestrange101 [M, 75k]

As Draco sits at home, night after night with no one but his dog Seeker for company, he slowly filters through memories that led up to the making of his and Harry’s relationship. Going to see his comatose lover every day takes its toll on his mind as he feels both himself and Harry slipping away. Sparked by Harry’s last request, he started to draft up a book about how they had started being friends, building up their bond from after the war to now. […]
Sequel to One Wish

4. Harry Potter and the Future He Doesn’t Really Want, Thanks. by @seefin [E, 70.4k]

It was addictive, the feeling of Draco Malfoy telling him things in a soft voice early in the morning. Harry felt like he was taming a wild animal, or petting a cat that hated everybody else. This train existed outside of time, that was the only explanation Harry could come up with as to why Malfoy was actually having a civil conversation with him right now. 

5. Clouding the Senses by @fleetofshippyships [E, 58k]

As everyone returns to Hogwarts for a final eighth year, some people are coping better with the aftermath of the war than others. After encountering a very drunk Draco Malfoy one night, Harry realises that maybe those that lost loved ones aren’t the only ones trying to escape the war. Blaise Zabini seems to think Harry can help Malfoy, that the Slytherin might actually listen to him. Harry is not so sure. Dependence is a tricky thing, and one addiction can quickly shift to another. 

6. The Darkness Before the Dawn by @alcoholicrevo [E, 55.7k]

A mysterious creature is loose in London, stalking and killing people. Auror Harry Potter requests the help of a liaison from the Beast Division and gets saddled with Draco Malfoy. Will they be able to stop the creature before it claims more lives? 
Harry/Draco Pet Fair (2016)

7. Under the Same Sky by @writcraft [E, 38.6k]

With memories of the war still fresh on his mind and Malfoy back in London, Harry’s past refuses to stay buried. As Harry tries to grapple with life and love, Malfoy seems determined to make him confront his deepest desires and Harry has to try not to lose his heart all over again. 
Harry/Draco Pet Fair (2016)

8. Draco is a Ministry Hit-Wizard by ladyroxanne21 [E, 33.8k]

During a pivotal point in Draco’s life, something goes very wrong and the Ministry forces him to become a Hit-Wizard. Five years later, he’s depressed and decides to do whatever it takes to be happy, even if it means playing a dirty trick on Harry Potter. 

9. Strange Bedfellows by @ravenclawsquill [E, 30.6k]

When Harry encounters a frail and fidgety Draco Malfoy at the Ministry, he just knows something is wrong and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. A story about Deadly Nightshade, crippling insomnia, excellent wine … and finding what you need in the strangest of circumstances.
H/D Hurt!Fest 2016

10.On Our Way by dynamic [E, 30.2k]

Draco is trying to spend the summer keeping his head down, but a repair project and a certain snowy owl have other plans for him. 
Harry/Draco Pet Fair (2016)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! May I ask for a Gramander story? Like, Newt lives with his father, a horrible and cruel man who hurts him but the boy meets Percy and he finds comfort in Percival, who helps him and hugs him? Maybe it's a little long but it's my first request and I would be so happy and tomorrow is my birthday so I can't sleep bc I'm nervous!!! Anyway. Thanks for your time. 💜💜💜💜

Percival never told anyone that when he knew he wanted to become an auror he also realized he was in love.

It was summer break and Percival only had 17 years old at the time; everyone was pressuring him to choose what path he was going to take to keep with his professional life, the truth was that he wasn’t sure and he didn’t want to end up working in something he didn’t like.

So he used to apparate in the woods, he enjoyed the peace that brought the nature to his mind. But one particular afternoon he discovered that peace was not the only good thing he could find in the woods; wildness and chaos were good too.

Because that was Newt to him; a mess in reddish curls with a wild personality that for some reason was completely irresistible to him.

Newt was 15 when he met him; Percival likes to close his eyes and try to recall that afternoon as best as he can, he enjoys drowning himself in every detail and sound he heard that day.

“Hey! Have you seen any wampus around here?” Percival got startled and immediately took his wand out his pocket; there was no one in front of him nor behind. So, where that voice had come from?

“I’m up here! Hi! My name’s Newt!” And then Percival saw one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen sitting on a branch; a warm smile spread all over his features, on a face completely covered by adorable freckles. He jumped down the tree and walked towards him.

“Percival,” he blurted out his name after blinking like an idiot.

“Are you looking for a wampus too? You see, I read a book about them and it said they were common in these lands and since it’s my first time in America I thought I could go out and see one.”

Newt couldn’t stay still, even when talking with someone, he was constantly moving around, gesturing with his hands as he explained something he was passionate about. Percival loved that about him.

“Do you want to come with me?” He asked, Percival must’ve been quite distracted by the boy’s eyes because he didn’t know where they were going to go. Still, there was just one possible answer.


They didn’t find any wampus that day, nor the next days they saw each other, but they enjoyed so much being together, they stopped caring about anything else.

Those were happy days for him, until he saw the marks. Newt had rolled up his sleeves because he had sworn he saw a bowtruckle and wanted to climb a tree to see it; just when Percival looked down to help Newt, his eyes caught the purple marks on his skin.

Percival Graves might be young, but he knew abuse; his mother’s friend used to come to the house and cry over her shoulder until she decided to report it. But it lasted long for Percival to learn that abuse was marks of fingertips over the skin, a black eye, a bruised lip or harsh words followed by a rough voice begging for forgiveness.


The boy blushed when he followed the direction of his glance and quickly covered his arms again.

“It’s nothing,” he said, dismissing the subject with a wave of his hand. “I’m clumsy and I bump into things all the time.”

Percival was also familiar with that kind of response, but he didn’t pressure him. Without another word he approached Newt and hugged him, it only took a couple of seconds for the boy to finally relax in his arms. Percival knew in that moment, just when Newt buried his face in his neck, that he wanted to protect him and take care of him for the rest of his life. He also realized he wanted to do something for the people who couldn’t do it for themselves, he wanted to punish those who used power to hurt and abuse others.

He was going to be an auror.

Percival didn’t brought up that again, but he reminded Newt he could count on him, he could tell him anything and he’d try his best to help him. He also watched the boy closely, looking for any indication the situation was getting worse, because he was going to do something if that was the case.

Then, slowly, Newt started to trust him enough to tell him about the ‘incidents’ that happened in his house; he didn’t mention who was abusing him, but the details Percival made him think about a father figure.

“I was expelled from Hogwarts and he got mad,” he sobbed and Percival caressed his back whispering in his ear that he was not a failure, that he was brilliant and passionate and studying magical creatures was not something to be ashamed of.

“You have to report it, Newt. This is not okay.”

The boy shook his head, he was family; his mother had died, Theseus (his brother) was in England and he was the only one taking care of Newt.

“He’s sorry,” he said. “Told me he’d never do it again.”

Percival sighed and pulled Newt even closer. How to explain him that abusers always promised that and they never changed?

Then one day he saw Newt with a black eye and Percival decided, with the blood boiling in his veins, he had had enough.

“He usually doesn’t punched me in the face, it’s one of his rules,” Newt mumbled. “But he was so angry this time he forgot.”

“Take me to him,” Percival growled. “I’ll talk with him.”

But he wasn’t planning on just talking.

“No, Percy… please.”

“Newt, this has to stop. You can’t live like that. It’s not… He’s hurting you.”

“He’s sorry!”

They ended up arguing; Percival didn’t know what to do to help Newt. He thought about reporting it himself, but just when he suggested it Newt ran away and he never came back to the woods.

Later he found out he and his father went back to England.

Newt’s absence broke his heart.


It didn’t take long for Percival Graves to get a reputation; he was starting working as an auror at MACUSA and yet everyone who worked with him knew he was very strict, but he was especially harsh on abusers.

There were many rumors surrounding that fact, but none of them were close enough to him to confirm or deny them.

“Why you always look so grumpy, Graves?” Seraphina Picquery, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, asked him, joking.

To which Percival only growled in response, making her chuckle.

“Your lover left you or what?”

She was just kidding; they all started to joke around each other when a case was particularly difficult to relax and help them keep focused. But Percival couldn’t hold back his reaction, his lips twisted down, his eyes darkened in sorrow.

And Picquery noticed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine.” He cut her off. But it wasn’t. Newt wasn’t his lover, but Percival loved him. And he ran away because he didn’t know how to handle the situation. He had failed him.

One night when they arrested five wizards for trafficking, he saw him again. Newt still had the same innocence when he was a teenager, but also had a fire in his eyes, his passion had grown and Percival could see it in the way he was curled up around the demiguise; he was protecting him.

He was breathtaking.

“Percy?” His eyes sparkled when he saw him and Percival grinned from ear to ear.


Percival had no other choice, he helped Newt, ignored the case he had (because if what he told him was true, then he had broken at least ten laws just by carrying that thing around). He also defended him in front of the President and the Director, Picquery, who’s eyebrows quirked up when she saw Newt.

They let him go and because Newt had nowhere to go he accepted Percival’s offer of spending the night at his house.

“That’s the one, right?” Seraphina smirked, knowingly.

“Yes,” he sighed and took a confused Newt by the arm and apparated with him outside of his home.

“I’m sorry. For leaving like that,” Newt mumbled that night, after thanking him many times for helping him.

“It’s okay. You were afraid. I understand,” Percival said, but as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he saw another bruise and it looked recent. “You still live with him?”

Newt nodded, the movement, cold, almost mechanic.

“I’m not there that much though. I’m always traveling.”

Percival stared at him and caressed his cheeks, Newt blushed a beautiful shade of red, but didn’t move away.

“I know you don’t want to report, but that doesn’t mean you still have to go back to him.”

“I have nowhere else to go, Theseus’ flat is small and he’d wonder why I’m not with our father. He doesn’t know,” he said and Percival felt a little lighter because at least this time Newt wasn’t trying to deny it.

“You can stay here, with me,” Percival blurted out.

“You’ve done enough for me already, I wouldn’t want to-”

“Stay.” Percival pleaded. “I want you to live with me.”

A few tears fell down from Newt’s eyes, but there was a soft smile when he threw himself at the auror’s arms.

“Thank you,” was the whisper Percival heard and he was happy to find out it was like the time hadn’t passed between the two.


Months passed; howlers and letters came demanding Newt to come back and Percival was glad to see that Newt was more secure, more firm in his responses and his refusal to return to England.

He made friends with the people of MACUSA; by the end of the first month everybody knew him because he started to bring Percival lunch and without realizing it, he became MACUSA’s unofficial consultant when it came to magical creatures.

Seraphina liked him, not only because he was adorable, but because he was her favorite thing to tease Percival Graves.

Everybody knew Percival was in love, except Newt. But he didn’t want to talk to him about it yet, he wanted to give him enough time for him to heal.

“You’re an idiot,” Seraphina huffed. “Just tell him you love him already.”

But he didn’t, not that night at least. Newt was the one who started their first kiss a week later and took Percival’s breath away that he couldn’t actually say what he felt, he whispered it over Newt’s lips instead.

By the time Theseus came to visit his brother Newt and Percival were engaged. Although that didn’t make the British auror a happy man, at least he approved. Of course, that was the last thing that crossed his mind after Newt talked to him about their father.

Percival was with Newt the whole time, he knew how difficult it was for him to admit what his father did to anyone who wasn’t Percival, it was even worse because it was his own brother.

He felt almost relieved when he saw that Theseus believed him, although he understood how difficult it was for him to accept the fact that his father was an abuser and he never noticed.

“I’m sorry, Newt,” Theseus said, voice broken.

“It’s not your fault, ‘Seus.”

They found out later that Theseus had challenged his own father in a duel and won quickly and everything happened in front of his co-workers. And although Percival agreed with Newt that wasn’t the way to solve things, he was secretly pleased and took a mental note to send Theseus a bottle of wine on his birthday.


A year into their marriage, they met a child on the streets; he was just five but was very smart for his age as Newt noticed every time he talked to him.

He was also going to be a very good wizard, judging by the magic Newt felt around him.

Newt also was the first to notice the problem; he had experienced that same fear he saw every day in Credence’s eyes. He had known the pain caused by marks if violence, same marks he had seen on Credence’s little fingers.

New​t didn’t have to say anything, Percival was the one that suggested it; they were going to adopt the kid.

They face some problems because the child was in a muggle orphanage, but the court ended up giving them the custody of the kid because Percival was the Director of Magical Security by then and he was important in America and also because President Picquery helped as well.

It took some time for Credence to adjust to his new home, but he already liked them both so it wasn’t so hard, at least not to accept them. Although Newt had to help him to overcome the nightmares and panic caused by the abuse.

Percival discovered, with a fond grin, that he had a natural talent, as his Dad, to take care of magical creatures.

“Look, Papa!” Credence ran towards him as soon as he opened the door. “I found your watch. Niff had stolen it!”

Percival rolled his eyes, but chuckled anyway.

“Where’s your Dad?”

“Over here!” Newt was tickling the thief and scolding him for the things he had found in the fur of his belly. “Why? And how by Merlin’s beard did you manage to escape from the case?”

When Newt finished and the Niffler returned to his nest, he walked towards his husband and welcomed him with a kiss.

It was nights like that, with Newt kissing him slowly, Credence spreading his arms for Newt to pick him up and hugging them both by putting his palms over the his parents heads, when Percival thanked Mercy Lewis for making him apparate in that particular forest when he was just 17 years old.


I hope you have a very happy birthday, anon!