the five wizards

I am DM for a beginning group, which contains a Wizard, a Warlock, a Bard and a Cleric. The Wizard and the Warlock hate each other.

Our group entered the inn because they need a place to stay. The cost for a room is 5 sp, but a certain wizard forgot there were other kinds of currency.

DM (Me) as the innkeeper: Aye, that’ll be five silver pieces


DM (OOC): I thought you were rich?


Wizard: *pulls out his longsword and tries to intimidate the innkeeper to give him a room*

DM, as innkeeper: Fine! Your room is across the hall. The townmaster will hear about this!

DM: The wizard thought that he was safe, but the innkeeper had called three guards.

Wizard(OOC): wait whAT

DM (OOC): Yes, your actions don’t go unnoticed.

DM: You can hear the guards’ footsteps as they approach your room. You hear a knock at the door.

Cleric:I’ll get it.

Wizard: NONOONNO *hides under the bed*

Guard: Pardon me, but a certain elf was reported to have threatened our innkeeper. Have you seen him?

Wizard: *casts Minor Illusion to make it seem the Warlock confessed “his” crime*

DM: *rolls for the guard* The guards did not believe in your illusion.

Wizard: NO

DM: The guards search the room. *rolls for an Investigation check* One of them checks under the bed and spots him.

Wizard: SHIT *casts Poison Spray on the guard*

DM: *rolls a nat 20 for the guard*The guard coughs, but is unaffected by the poison. He then calls the others. (OOC) You’re gonna get arrested.

Wizard: NO *casts Ray of Frost on another guard*

DM: The guard is knocked back. Alarmed, the other guards grab you. Roll a Dexterity Check

Wizard: *rolls and fails* NO*is unable to move*

DM: See you in court

30 Day Handwriting Challenge

Since I get a lot of messages about people not loving their handwriting, I decided to come up with a challenge that will help you improve and love your own writing. 

This is how I set up my challenge page:

1. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

2. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” 

3. Sign your name three times.

4. “The five boxing wizards jump quickly.”

5. Write the alphabet like this: 

6. “Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.”

7. “Jaded zombies acted quaintly, but kept driving their oxen forward.”

8. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

9. Sign your name three times.

10. “Few black taxis drive up major roads on hazy quiet nights.”

11. Write the alphabet like this:

12. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

13. “Six bubbly crazy painters jump over the weak frightened squirrel.”

14. Write the alphabet like this:

15. “Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.”

16. Sign your name three times. 

17. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

18. “Quietly, the juggler packed six bins of mauve zippers.”

19. Write the alphabet like this:

20. Sign your name three times.

21. “Public junk dwarves hug my quartz fox.”

22. Write out all the letters of the alphabet. (Lowercase and uppercase)

23. “Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.”

24. Write the alphabet like this:

25. Sign your name three times.

26. “Painful zombies quickly watched a jinx graveyard.”

27. Write the alphabet like this:

28. “Intoxicated Queen Elizabeth vows Mick Jagger perfection.”

29. Write out all the letters of the alphabet.(Lowercase and uppercase)

30. “My handwriting is perfect the way it is, and I hope the queen is jealous.”

For more fonts, click [here]

I still say America needs five wizarding schools:

A northern school, a southern school, a historically Black school, a Native school, and a Spanish missionary school on the west coast.

Or just something that fits in with American history.

You know, it’s like every time Hiro Mashima has a good idea with Fairy Tail, he destroys it.

Originally, Taurus was supposed to be quiet and proud, a very serious warrior, and he was instead made into a joke pervert that is repeatedly cast aside.

Edolas adventures were originally supposed to suffice with Edolas magic weapons instead of the Earthlanders’ natural magics. Nah, throw that out and just give the five or six main members their magic back with no real attempt at an explanation.

Sting has Fairy Tail cornered at the end of the Grand Magic Games? He could knock them over by breathing near them? Obviously it makes sense for him to surrender–after all, he can’t beat these five pathetically worn-down wizards who can barely stand.

Doranbolt, enough said, but for the sake of clarification he’s a good guy on the Magic Council instead of its regular cast of assholes. Make him a Fairy Tail member at the last minute–and fuck logic and sense in the ass while you’re at it.

The Oracion Seis gaining their freedom and joining Crime Sorciere? That’s a great idea! Instead of leaving it at that, let’s turn it into the most vile thing Jellal has ever done on-screen and ensure that I will never, ever stop hating him.

Crime Sorciere are supposed to come help out against Tartaros! Sounds good–instead, let’s have them do absolutely nothing to help out at all. After all, Jellal’s got bitches to pimp slap, which is much more important. Doranbolt did more to help, and all of his friends got murdered the day before.

The Shields of Spriggan are originally supposed to number at five or six. LET’S GO WITH TWELVE INSTEAD.

Irene is a “High Enchantress” and can enforce her will over pretty much anything she likes, transforming it and reprogramming it to her will, from the landscape to its weather patterns. Better jam her into the dragon backstory for no reason and have Erza do her thing again!

A Wizard’s Misgivings: Chapter 4

summary: Dan Howell’s entire family has been in Slytherin, and there’s no doubt he’d supposed to end up there too. Phil Lester does’t exactly know what to do when he finds himself liking boys, so he’s usually just horrendously mean to them. 

tw: ahh fighting, almost getting pushed off a tower ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

word count: 5.8k (for someone who couldn’t get motivated to write this chapter for a week and a half, can i get a WOAH?)

link to masterlist and link to next chapter 

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The five American wizarding schools:

Ilvemorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry: Northern school, on Mount Greylock in Massachussetts

Okeefenokee School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Southern school, hidden deep in the Okeefenokee swamp in northern Florida, has an alligator on its crest. De-segregated in the 1960s.

The Marie Laveau Institute of Magic: Historically Black school, hidden in a cleverly disguised cemetery in New Orleans, teaches African-American voodoo and conjuring.

Las Vegas School of Magical Arts: west coast school, the world’s newest wizarding school, controversially teaches muggle technology alongside magic, regularly recruits for the CIA, NSA, FBI, and NASA. Buzz Aldrin is a graduate.

The North American Academy of Indigenous Magic: What originally started as a Native boarding school was taken over by Native wixen in 1895, and has since been a safe haven for magical indigenous children. Since most Native children learn traditional magic at home, the NAAIM teaches methods of indigenous resistance and community building alongside magic.

  • Elphaba: We should remodel the castle.
  • Fiyero: New shelving and displays?
  • Elphaba: Of course.
  • Fiyero: Multi levels, maybe a new fireplace?
  • Elphaba: Always.
  • Fiyero: And a trapdoor for when The Wizard visits?
  • Elphaba: It hurts me that you thought that wasn't the first thing on the list.

♝: Reading a book together (hogwarts au)


“Remember. The importance of muggle innovations in wizarding society. Five scrolls worth of material.“ Professor Sloane flicked her wand, upending the hourglass she’d set on the center of the table, golden and glittering sand trickling down the slender neck of glass. “In Massetti’s handwriting. He’ll need your assistance with it, Godrej. I expect the two of you to work together.”

Turning away, she abandoned them to their quiet prison corner of the library.

And Orion ignored Hiran for a solid five minutes, feigning interest in the first year’s flying lessons outside the window to their left. A young Hufflepuff he recognized as Professor Petre’s daughter narrowly missed the glass, pulling a smile from Orion’s lips as she slammed into the adjacent wall. Another quality student for the Badger House. Then smoothing down his green and silver tie, Orion finally turned to the Gryffindor, pointing out with a sort of forceful calm, accusing with the kind of self-assurance that refused to yield any space for opposition.

“This–” Lifting a hand to touch the bruise on his face. “–is all your fault.”

Godrej bristled (always so excitable), all spitting fury and righteous affront. “You called my mother a mudblood.”

Orion blinked, a slow and measured slide of eyelids, the action saving him for having to spare the words of–but she is. He’d made the offhanded comment during fifth year Potions, both his favorite (he adored Professor Cosimo) and his least favorite (it was shared with the Gryffindors) class. And Godrej hadn’t even used a wand. Socked him with his bare hands like the half-blood he was. And now here they were.

With a resigned huff of air, Orion flattened the first roll of parchment, waving a hand at Hiran to– “Get on with it then.” Tuesday was Quidditch practice for the Gryffindors, and Orion made it a habit to free up his afternoons. Not that he’d tell Hiran, but he’d recently been utilizing the Room of Requirement for intimate trysts with the team’s Captain. He’d always been weak to the smell of sweat on a well worn uniform.

For a moment the Gryffindor seemed poised to quarrel further, before visibly taking great pains (hands clenching, teeth pressing down his bottom lip) to calm himself. They were trapped, tied together by their five scroll requirement, and after taking a deep breath, Hiran bit out, “Railway systems.”

“Why? Floo powder is more efficient.” Ever contentious, Orion raised an eyebrow.

“And miss the view?”

Orion opened his mouth to argue, shut it slowly, and with a lazy roll of shoulders (whatever then) began scribbling down on the parchment. He couldn’t argue that he enjoyed the company of friends, the sight of the mountains outside the train window during the trips to and from Hogwarts.

Hiran poked at Orion’s quill with the tip of his wand. “Write down music.”

“It isn’t proven.” Orion countered. “Nobody knows if it was a muggle or a wizard that invented–”

“Not music itself. Ways to listen to it. Ipods. Sound systems.”

Orion’s quill remained still. While the small, colorful squares that played music were familiar to him since the Headmaster had approved their use, he couldn’t comprehend their merit. The wizarding world had their own means of projecting sound, which he was certain was infinitely better than those metal trinkets.

“Here.” As if reading his mind, Godrej fished out his own, little red square. “Listen to this.” And before Orion could pull away, Hiran had stuffed a small, white plastic piece into his ear and–


The quality was crisp, so crystalline clear that Orion could pick out the ebb and flow of individual notes, as if he was trapped in a cage of sound. And he lowered the quill, closed his eyes, and didn’t speak until the song was over.

As the last note drifted into silence, Orion refused to look at Hiran, expression twisting as if he’d caught a whiff of gamekeeper Orpheus’ boots, and began to write.

The next morning, as the Slytherin’s crowded through the door to Potions class, Orion touched Hiran’s shoulder at the entryway. “Leave your evening open.“ A wink. “I give you permission to make the music sing in my ears again.“ Before abandoning Godrej to the horrified expressions of his friends.

“Are you shagging–“

“It’s the iPod, you bugger. The iPod!“

Orion’s smile was catlike as he took his seat.