the five i am missing:

“Shiro,” Keith breathes, completely and utterly floored.

Shiro, tiny Shiro, gasps. He scrambles at the back wall, pressing himself further into the corner as he stares up at the four shell-shocked Paladins with desperate, naked fear. He chokes out three lost and miserable words:

“Who are you?”

First glimpse of smol!Shiro from @butteredonions‘s killing-me-softly fic, The Size Of Our Actions. More forthcoming.


So I finished Fool’s Errand last night (more like early morning) and between the tears i did some sketches: Tom Badgerlock guarding Lord Golden’s back while he charms the nobles, Huntswoman Laurel, Lord Golden again and young Dutiful and Fitz

Forget the black eyed peas, these are the ChickPeas! So cute they could probably be fergalicious! (Yes their eyes are black also but they are more than just pease! A new and cool!)

           &&. ok so i wasn’t going to do a bias list or sort of thank you post thing because – although i absolutely adore christmas and its magic – this is a very hard time of the year for me. without getting into any of the gory details, i think most people who have lost someone can appreciate how isolating the holidays can feel at times. and although i rarely talk about my brother, his birthday was not long ago and it’s very fresh in my mind. and i miss him everyday, and spending christmas alone this year – before heading up to manchester which promises even more depressing conversation – is very lonely. but i have received some lovely gifts, and i’ll see my little sister tomorrow and when i posted about this yesterday i received no less than five messages offering support over christmas and i am just so overwhelmed by the kindness of people that i had to write this little thing that no one will read. i hope that everyone is having the best possible christmas and that, if you are not, you know that you are loved and appreciated – not just over the holidays but all year round and it will get better. maybe not today but someday. and this is just a little thank you and happy holidays to everyone who has followed me, written with me or just made me smile during what is a very difficult time for me. i also recently reached 400 FOLLOWERS which is insane. and i’m so excited that you’re all here and that people have accepted lucille and i’ve only had her a couple of weeks and it’s just crazy thank you so much.

people who write with me on here or on other blogs, have approached me recently giving support or i just adore you – in or out of character!

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i admire you mostly from a distance since i am trash!

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so, 2k15 has successfully ended. with me having several issues and a lot of people staying around. not just in this blog, but also for my other blogs. i have met a lot of you that are so loyal that they make me cry. those with a sense of humour, those with such intelligence they have not noticed it yet, and much more that they made them love you. so here is a list of people that you should be following. c: these are the people who have stayed with me throughout the year and also are the ones who are such lovely writers you will fall in love with them immediately. if they are mean to you, please return them to me and they will have the proper discipline they need, but if you are mean to them…. oh, you do not know that jelly beans can also be a part of murder. moving on !!! here are the people you need to follow. 

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