the five boys on the stairs

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I wonder what would happen if Dudley grew up in the wizarding world but still as a muggle? like kind of reverse AU where his parents are dead and he has to go to Lily for whatever reason? do you think he would become bitter like Petunia about magic?

Lily remembered her sister, how there had been a time she was curious and delighted about magic, before it slowly sank in that she could look and not touch.

The last thing Petunia had said to Lily before she died was a chilly goodbye, ending a holiday dinner where they’d had a shrieking row in the entryway. Petunia had said freak and Lily had hissed better than this, better than this being my whole fucking world, Tune, do you even see yourself, are you happy–

And now here was Dudley Vernon Dursley fussing himself to sleep as Lily walked the halls of the Godric’s Hollow house. His tiny soft hands with their tiny soft fingernails curled under her chin, the same way Harry always had.

She passed James, who was gently bouncing his way up the hall the opposite way. “I think he’s asleep,” James mouthed over Harry’s tousled head. His hair was the same mess, bent down to peer at his sleeping son.

Lily stopped where she stood, her nephew heavy on her chest, her husband smiling, her sister buried. “James,” she said. “How are we going to do this?”

“Oh,” he said. “Hey. Don’t you cry, you’ll start them off– unless you need to cry, I mean, you go ahead, hey, sweetheart, hey, it’s alright, you just let it out.” He stepped forward, shifting Harry gently to his other shoulder, and pressed his forehead to hers. “We tuck them in, okay, that’s what we do next. Then we go to our own bed, okay, and go to sleep, and when we wake up it’ll be a new day.”

“A new day,” she said. “Another day– James, that’s the– I’m so tired.”

“So let’s sleep. It’ll look better in the morning,” he said. “And if it doesn’t look better this morning, it’ll look better in the next one.”

“You promise?”

“Better than that. I’ll show you. Every day,” he said and kissed her cold forehead.

Dudley had not shown up on the Potters’ doorstep with the milk bottles. Lily had gotten a phone call from the landline she still had installed in Godric’s Hollow, about an accident, and she had gone down to the Muggle police station to identify the bodies.

The cupboard under the stairs was filled with spiders, broomsticks, and the sewing machine Lily’s mother had given her when she married James– that’s all. Dudley slept downstairs. Uncle Remus taught Dudley and Harry to knock out coded messages through the wall their rooms shared.

In the backyard, beside a rickety porch and an ambitious hedge, James taught them to fly– first on little tot brooms where their toes brushed the grass the whole time, then out of the barrels of practice brooms James used for lessons and coaching Little League Quidditch.

When the boys turned ten, five weeks apart, they both got shiny new Nimbuses on Dudley’s birthday (which came first), and a set of enchanted Quidditch balls on Harry’s, to share. The Bludgers were enchanted to be very kind but Dudley spent long afternoons whacking them far afield while Harry chased the Snitch at his back.

Harry had a scar on his forehead, like a jagged bit of lightning. Dudley had no scars– the car crash that had killed his parents hadn’t touched him where he sat strapped into a car seat in the back, chewing on a stuffed dinosaur toy.

Lily did not believe in lying to the children. She was bare years off being a child herself, and spare moments on the far side of a war. When Dudley asked about his parents, she told him there had been an accident. She pulled pictures off the shelf and wrote Petunia’s old university friends for more.

Photographs came by mailman, the images still and unnatural to Dudley’s eye. Every day he’d gone out to play, for years, he’d been waving at the picture near the back door of his aunt and uncle on their wedding day, and they waved back every time.

“She was very clever,” Lily said. “Your mom liked to know everything.”

“And my dad?”

“Vernon liked… cars?” James offered. “That’s the word, right, Lily?”

“I didn’t know him very well,” Lily said. “He liked drills, I think; he worked for a firm that made them, and he talked about that a lot.”

Dudley brushed his thumbs over the dull edges of the photos. When Lily went off to Auror headquarters the next morning for work, James bundled the boys up and took them on an impromptu invisible tour of Grunnings Drill Manufacturing Inc.

They tiptoed down halls and past water coolers and ringing fellytones. They held hands under the Cloak as they dodged around the machines on the manufacturing floor, thumping and pounding and whirring away loudly enough that Harry and Dudley could whisper to each other under the noise. An elevator took them all the way up to the top floor. Harry whistled cheerily and eerily along with the elevator music while the Muggles slowly edged toward the doors and pressed floor buttons lower than they’d originally wanted.

There were boxes and cabinets and folders and desks and staticky monitor screens full of numbers strewn in endless grids. “Merlin’s knuckles,” said Harry, who was seven and a half and rather proud of this expletive. “People can look at this all day, their whole lives, and not die?”

“Work is hard work,” said James.

“At least mum gets to curse things.”

“But my dad liked it?” Dudley said, peering at a white board that was bleeding enthusiastic marker. “There’s a lot of things, here. Maybe he liked knowing things, too.”

When the boys asked about the scar on Harry’s forehead, Lily and James looked at each other. “You know how sometimes we sit with Uncle Remus and talk about a war?” James said. “Or with Ms. Amelia or Mr. Mundungus.”

“Mr. Mundungus is kinda smelly,” Harry said helpfully.

“It’s not nice to say so though,” said James, and Lily made a face.

“Are we raising them to be nice?” Lily said.

“I’m trying,” said James.

“You talk about a war,” said Harry and shrugged. Dudley nodded.

“There was a very bad man, in those days,” said James.

“Voldemort,” said Lily, and James made a face.

“He was so scary a lot of people don’t like to say his name, even now,” said James. “And he was coming after us because we had been fighting against him, in the war. He came to the house and he tried to hurt you, Harry. But it didn’t work. It hurt him instead, and gave you that scar.”

“Is he going to come back?” said Dudley, who was paler than his normal pink.

“No one’s heard of him since then,” said Lily.

“Where were you?” said Harry, because all his life they had been right there.

“Oh,” said Lily, but her throat closed up.

“We were at Dudley’s mum and dad’s funeral,” said James. “Our friend– our friend Sirius was watching you two. The bad man, he came to the house. He. Well. I.”

“Sirius died,” said Lily, one hand squeezing James’s knee and the other reaching down to brush hair off Dudley’s forehead. “You lived, Harry, and Voldemort vanished. And that’s why sometimes people stare in the streets, baby.” James tweaked Harry’s collar absently.

Two days after they had buried Lily’s sister, the Potters had stood together in the first chills of November and buried James’s brother.

Sirius had been burned off the Black family tree years before. Lily and James had talked to his cousin Andromeda, to Remus, and then they had laid him to rest in the Potter family plot. At the wake, they’d told old jokes about squirrel breath, shedding, and man’s best friend. Remus had fallen asleep on their couch and stayed for a month.

It took a two hour row with HR for Lily to get two passes to the Ministry’s Bring Your Kid To Work Day.

“He’s a Muggle.”

“He’s not,” Lily snapped. “He’s family.”

She had to get permission, sign a million forms, and she also had to take the boys in early so that Dudley could get smothered in the spells that would keep the Anti-Muggle wards around the Ministry from activating on him. “If a Muggle stumbles in somehow, they just see a funny-smelling supply cabinet and turn back around,” Lily told Dudley. He nodded and dragged Harry off by the wrist to go look at the fountain.

The windows were pouring sunlight into the underground room– the maintenance workers had just gotten a win on their contract negotiations and had banished the grimy rain-spattered windows of the previous weeks. The light hit the falling water, the golden statues, and the small excitable crowd of Ministry dependents who were gathering in the atrium. Dudley was fishing about in the fountain for Knuts to toss back out again, elbow-deep, and Harry was laughing and coming up with weird wishes to make on them.

Lily hadn’t said son. She’d said family, and that was true enough, wasn’t it? She didn’t say son– she had a son, and she had a nephew, a ward, another child who came to her after nightmares and scraped knees. It was not less, it was just words.

Lily worried about stealing more things from Petunia. Tuney had shrieked at her, in ladies’ restrooms and suburban foyers, had hissed at her in grocery store aisles and family dinners, because Lily got everything. And now Lily had her son.

Lily could just imagine it– could just see Petunia’s face twisting and chin stabbing at the air. You could have anything, and you took my son– my son!

“You left him to me,” Lily whispered, but that wasn’t quite right. “You left,” she whispered, and that wasn’t quite right either, so she strode off toward the fountain to ask the boys if they wanted to go see the Auror spellwork ranges. Dudley’s sodden shirt sleeves dripped all over the Ministry floors. Harry’s hair fell down into his eyes and they both grinned bright enough to rival the spelled sunlight.

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Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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begin again (m)

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts, you knew separating your present and your past within the walls was an important distinction to maintain your respectability. But finding out that your coworker was your schoolgirl crush for five years hadn’t been part of the plan.
Pairing: Hoseok | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 13,788
Author’s Note: Took advantage of some Hoseok feelings I’ve been suffering from as of late and decided to pair it with my Harry Potter AUs!!!! Once again, tagging @chokemejimin who has asked to tagged in my HP works!! Hope you like it! 


There’s a saying that goes around that often relates to the idea that people, places, or things that were once daunting and terrifying gradually start to become less intimidating with the help of time, growth, maturity—all those things you never believed would happen to you. After all, who wants to welcome the idea of growing old with opened arms?

You remember being seventeen and witnessing what you had believed would be the last sight you would ever get of Hogwarts, the comforting walls that housed seven years of your childhood, seven years worth of secrets, friendships, youth, innocence, and a desperation to chase after something you didn’t quite know about yet. Being as young and naive and indecisive as you were, it would have been difficult to comprehend the idea of returning, if returning to Hogwarts was something you even thought to consider in the first place. It never was.

It’s funny how much you had a tendency to return back to the place that reminded you most of home. Despite the history behind its walls, the war across the campus, Hogwarts remains consistent and peaceful and traditional. Unlike your very first day at eleven years old, you brush in through the doors of Hogwarts with a grace of familiarity. No longer do the tall walls that seem to stretch out to the ceiling terrify you and no longer do the endless corridors frighten you. You’re no longer a student who perhaps did not know any better. You’ve returned as a professor, just a little bit older and just a little bit wiser.

The baggage handle curled around your fingertips feel as if they’re growing heavier and heavier the longer you find yourself making your way through the outside courtyard of the school, towards the castle, trying to make your way to the new quarters you had been gifted with as a new educator of the institute. In spite of the struggle, it’s hard to keep the bounce out of your step, the smile across your features, because although returning back to the rooms of your past is not something you would have elected to spend your career under, it’s a new whole sensation approaching Hogwarts and knowing that you would get to do something and invest your time in something you were always particularly passionate about.

You’re just reaching the front steps of the school, before a voice calls out to you, striking a chord of familiarity in your heart as you let the tone sink into your mind and rummage through the archives of your brain. “Hey, you need some help with that?”

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A feud over sharing fruit with a girl ends when two children lose mortal form.

Climb stairs. Forget things. Forget forgetting. Literally no up side here.

Shady drama club masks a hollow existence by stealing photos and souls.

Angst babies fill their days with ice cream, existentialism, and assisted suicide.

Grandpa’s interest in young boys goes awry in literally every possible way.

The one time the movie is better.

Shady drama club is recruiting.

Five hundred missions and $48,000 later, nothing has happened.

Momma in kitty ears gonNA KICK SOME ASS!!

Never happening.

dirty water // fratboy luke

hey guys! it has been ages since I wrote something, literally like a year so apologies if it is rusty lol (also title may change i just can’t think of anything rn rip)
description: you have just started at the same university as your brother Calum and he has made it clear to his fraternity brothers that you are off limits. that doesn’t necessarily mean you, or any of the boys, will abide by his wishes. 

word count: 3,155 :-)

“And now I have to walk all the way to his frat, just to get them,” you huffed, tugging the laces of your Nikes tighter as you sat on the edge of your bed. The white comforter crinkled as you shifted your weight to put on the other shoe.

“You want me to come with you?” Your roommate Jasmine asked as she lay in her bunk, laptop opened to her most recent biology lecture notes.

“No it’s fine, it won’t take me that long. I just don’t want to do it,” you laughed, standing up.

“Fair enough,” Jasmine laughed, turning her attention back to her notes.

“Dinner when I get back?” You asked, a hopeful look on your face. Jasmine nodded, pressing the home button on her iPhone,

“Mae should be back from class by then.” You pumped your fist in the air,

“Yesssss, I’m famished.” Jasmine just laughed and shook her head as you pulled the door shut behind you.

Dressed in leggings and an oversized t-shirt you started your trek across campus to Greek Row. Your older brother Calum had borrowed your car the past weekend to go on a little hiking excursion with his frat brothers. His justification was that your car handled better in the mountains and back roads, but you knew he was just jealous of your Jeep Wrangler. Nevertheless you let him borrow it and now he was making you walk to his frat, Phi Kappa Psi, to get the keys, rather than bringing them to you. Classic.

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You walked out of the library, book in hand. You were reading as you rounded the corner. You heard bubbling laughter coming from down the stairs. A smile formed on your face. You went down and saw exactly as you expected.

“What on earth are you doing to him?” You asked your husband, eyebrow raised, albeit the smile from earlier still plastered on your face. They both straightened up at once.

“Oh….just….” Adam began, but he was cut off.

“Daddy was teaching me how to fight, Mama!” Your five year old little boy came running up to you.

“Was he now? Who won?” You glanced between both of your boys.

“Me, of course” they both answered. They shared a glance of disbelief that the other would claim victory.

“Well, then!” Adam stated. “I declare a rematch!” Both of the boys laughed and went back to wrestling on the floor. You sat down in your chair with the book in your hand. You smiled at the scene before you. Suddenly, your son stopped and looked up at you, an excited look on his face.

“Mama…what book is that?” He asked, eyes gleaming. You grinned, glancing at your husband.

“Romeo and Juliet.” You smiled down at him. Adam groaned.

“Oh not that one again. You’ve read it to him twice already! The whole way through!” You chuckled at his tantrum.

“Yes, and, perhaps i’m wrong, but I do believe that the last time I read it, I saw you smiling.” You smirked at Adam as he huffed.

“I did no such thing.”

You grinned at him before turning to your son.

“Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

You didn’t comment when you saw the corners of Adam’s lips turn up ever so slightly.

Dangerous Woman [Side to Side Pt. 3]

Pairing: Tom Holland! Peter Parker x Stark! reader


  • Are you going to do a side by side part 3?! I love it so much!!!!!! I’m kinda obsessed!
  • ugjwmwjdns oh my god into you was so good!!!! I really hope you make a part 3 and all that :-))
  • Side to side and into you slay!!!! Pls write more parts if you can
  • Will there be a part 3 to into you/side to side? I know you just put up part 2 but it was just really really good lol
  • Ooooohhhh I know the plot technically ended but please do a Side to Side Part. 3 (a smut one)! I need this to my life make sense again. Like… Why Peter would have condoms in his wallet? He’s a cinnamon roll. And for God’s sake, Wanda can read minds… That’s not gonna be a secret for much more time. LOOK AT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME. I CAN’T GET OVER YOUR WRITING.

Word Count: ~2320

Song: Bro come one do you even need a link? Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Summary: You and Peter have been going out for a little bit now, and people are starting to learn your secrets. Mostly through some risky behavior and a bit of telepathy.

Warning(s): Smut (duh you freaks((jk love you)) keep requesting it), blowjobs, fingering, semi-public sex in a school bathroom like bro I write such trash for you guys I hope you like it

Author’s Note: Okay so I think this is gonna be the last part because I’m out of Ariana Grande singles to write smut for lmao. Send in more requests and whatever do what you want because I only have a few more to go through and I am working on them. One more thing, I am going to camp next week though so I will not be posting for 2 weeks. Your patience is greatly appreciated, thanks loves! Enjoy this sinfest! think of it as a parting gift from me to you.

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On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Four

Originally posted by interwebber

“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Harry Hook was lying on his bed, one arm resting under his head as he stared stoically at the ceiling. Sure, the bed in the dorm he shared with Gil was comfortable. But, it was too comfortable. It felt nothing like the one back on the ship, or even the one back at your - now is not the time, Harry.

The pirate shook his head as if to shake away his thoughts. He couldn’t let himself get too caught up in his emotions. He had a job to do and it would complicate things too much.

He stood up, walking over to the window that stared out at the school-grounds. “Everything is so much prettier here than in the Isle,” He mumbled to himself. He scoffed as his eyes fell on the statue of the Beast. “And I thought I was full of meself. ‘Least I never had a magical statue made of meself… actually… That’s not a bad idea. A giant statue, dedicated to Harry Hook. With a magnificent, shining hook.”

His self-glorifying thought were interrupted by a half asleep Gil. “Harry, you’re talking to yourself again,” he muttered, covering his head with his pillows.

Harry rolled his eyes, “Go back to sleep, bampot.”Gil grunted in response.

Harry shook his head, looking up at the stars he had been deprived of seeing his entire life. He smirked to himself.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to finally have some fun while I wait.”

The knocking on your door started at seven in the morning that Saturday, lasting until 7:10, when you finally got tired of it waking you up from your sleep. You slid on your bunny slippers and stomped to the door in your (embarrassing) teddy bear pajamas, throwing the door open without a second thought. Carlos stood at your door, concerned look on his face before it melted into one of amusement.

“Nice pajamas. Did you rip them off a five year old?”

“Nice hair, did you rip it off a Q-Tip?” You shot back, crossing your arms.

“Ha, very funny. You might want to come down to the courtyard,” He addressed quickly, anxiously shifting from foot to foot. “Like, now.”

“You can wait for me to get dressed,” You replied, turning to walk back into your room before getting pulled away by Carlos. “There’s no time!” He barked, quickly pulling you down the stairs.

“Carlos I am in my teddy bear pajamas and bunny slippers! I can’t go down there!” you shouted, running to keep up with the boy.

“Call it a fashion statement!”

“Holy fadoodle Cakes,” You whispered, staring up at the statue of the Beast. Well, what was the beast. Now it was covered in pirate getup and dead fish. You were pretty sure you could see an octopus up there too.

You pushed to the front of the group of onlookers and found the pirates standing there proudly. One in particular looked very amused at the awe and horror filled gazes. Then, he met your eyes and his grin grew even more.

“Hello, Lass. Come to marvel at yer dear ol’ Harry’s work? Wait… Are ye wearin’ teddy bear pajamas and bunny slippers?” Harry asked, snickering at your attire.

You gave him an indignant gasp, glaring at the laughing boy. “Lay off my teddy bears and bunny slippers! And fix this statue! Now!” You shouted, keeping your voice relatively quiet as to not to alert any of what was going on.

“Now why would I do that, Princess? I put a lot of time and effort into this… this masterpiece, this show of me talents,” He spoke proudly, before giving you a mocking pout, “Do ya not like it, lass?”

“All it proves is your ability to ruin things,” You gritted out, angry at the image the pirates were giving to the children from the Isle. No doubt this little show would make others reluctant to accept the children of villains.

“Oh but darlin’ I’m from the Isle, ruinin’ things is what we do. Or have ye already forgotten?” Harry remarked, stroking your cheek with the hand that normally held his hook.

You clenched your teeth, anger flowing through you at a rapid pace. “No, Harold, I haven’t forgotten. How can I when a perfect reminder is staring me right in the face?” You growled, shoving his hand away with a harshness you didn’t know you still had. The mocking look melted away into one of shock as you stormed away from the insulting scene.

“Awkward…” Gil mumbled from beside him. In seconds he was pinned to the base the statue, an angry Harry holding a forearm to his neck. “You got somethin’ you wanna say, Gil?” He growled, as if daring the other boy to open his mouth.

Gil gulped, opening his mouth to reply, but was cut off by the shrill voice of Fairy Godmother.

“Harry Hook!”

“I can’t believe that little wench made us join the… what do you call it, Gil?” Harry grumbled, looking around the field.

“Tourney team?” Gil offered, tying his hair back.

“Yes. Tourney team. Pent up rage she says,” The pirate scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Course we have pent up rage. Life’s no fun without it. Know what I mean?”

“Mhm,” Gil hummed in reply, peeling the shell off of another egg.

“Will you stop eating those foul eggs?” Harry grumbled, fanning the air as if trying to rid it of the rotten smell. “ I don’t care what yer dad told ye, they won’t make ye any stronger. Maybe your gag reflex from breathing in those… what did that doaty science teacher call them…ah! Noxious fumes. Apparently those mess with yer head, ya know?” The pirate paused, looking at his friend, recalling the half an hour it took him to realize the push sign on a door meant push forwards, not upwards.

“It all makes since now…”

“Harry, for the last time you can’t hook Jay without your hook!” Uma barked at the angry pirate. “Well, when my dad was teaching me to fight as a kid he called this certain punch a hook,” Gil offered. “There we go! Then I’ll punch’em!” Harry remarked, leaning against the willow tree the group of pirates were resting under.

“Practice wasn’t that bad,” Gil muttered. “All we did was exercise. Well, until Harry tripped that blond boy for making fun of his eyeliner. I think he broke his nose.”

“And he made me do pushups! Pushups! Have you seen my arms, Lad!? Do you think I need to do pushups!?” Harry exclaimed. “If we were on the Isle I would have ripped his guts out through his mouth,” He growled, eyes darkening to a deep blue.

“Yeah well we aren’t on the Isle!” Uma stated, giving her first mate a stern look. “We have to lay low here until we finish the plan. You were supposed to stop going off the handle. It’s going to draw more attention.”

“It’s not my fault! I din’t want to come here in the first place, Cap! Things are a wee bit too bright and happy for me here! “ Harry shot back as Gil’s jaw dropped. He had never seen Harry talk back to their captain before. He must be more upset about coming here than he let off.

Uma scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Oh, please. You and I both know Y/N is why you agreed to come, whether you act like it or not. “

“Oh really? And what might the reasonin’ behind that be, Cap?” Harry growled, face flushing red.

“Because she’s the only person I’ve seen that makes you squirm like a worm on a hook with the mere mention of her name,” She shot back.

Harry froze, stopping his hands from fidgeting and pulling at his sleeves anxiously, “I do not!”

Minutes later and the two were still at it, both turning red in the face.

“G-guys?” A voice called from above them. They shared a concerned look before tilting their gazes upward, eyes landing on Gil, who was hanging desperately from a tree branch. “Help!”

“When did he-”

“How did he-”





anonymous asked:

What do you think happened after the pool kiss? Like, how did they get home, what did evak do when they got to isak's place?

  • I’m thinking it was a breathless ride back on that bike, Isak holding onto Even’s shoulders, shaking from the cold, the excitement, the idea of living in a world in which kissing boys in pools is possible now, is a thing that happens to him now. Even laughing loudly, throwing his head back and looking over his shoulder like, “did you see her face, Isak? did you see it?” and nearly crashing into a tree. Isak yelling, “fucking watch where you’re going!” but feeling like they could quite honestly crash into five trees and he wouldn’t care as long as he can keep pushing his nose into Even’s wet shirt and smell the last of whatever cologne he was wearing. 
  • it was Isak holding Even’s hand and stumbling up the stairs and Even trying to kiss Isak’s mouth in the hallway but missing, the kiss ending somewhere near Isak’s ear so Isak grabs his face, his hands splayed over Even’s cheeks, gives him three of the softest, shyest kisses, not missing this time, feeling like flying. 
  • it was Isak praying, praying, praying with every step, please don’t let anyone be home, oh, please don’t let anyone be home, yelling out a, “hello?’ while Even’s putting his hands on his hips, feeling like singing when nobody answers and Isak realizes they’re alone, they’re alone, they’re alone.
  • it was Isak throwing a dry shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms at Even, which Even catches ever so casually, then softly excusing himself to change into dry clothes in the bathroom because he needs time. time and space to breathe, to calm down, to collect his thoughts, which is not something he can do if he catches an eye full of Even’s butt one more time. 
  • it’s falling onto the bed, Even pulling him close like this is something they’ve done a million times before, whispering, “you’re so cute, you’re so fucking cute, what did you think when I kissed you? what did you think?” and Isak smiling up, not really answering but asking for more kisses, because this needs to last, needs to last for as long as he can get it to last. 
  • it’s falling asleep to the sound of Even’s heartbeat, head on his chest, Even whispering something about swimming pools and tragic love stories, and not waking up for six full hours, which hasn’t happened since months and months and months.
Little Moments | Sam Holland

Summary: A collage of little moments Sam Holland and the reader share together that greatly affect their love for each other…

Warning: fluff

Pairing: Sam Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


The early morning sun was beginning to peek out over the horizon, and the spring grass shone like it had its own gentle glow from within. The air was frozen, that same coolness combined with the early morning hour. Though it was late enough for bright light, it was early enough for the streets to be completely deserted. It was early Sunday morning.

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176. We are not allowed to put a cow on the roof of Hogwarts.

“Explain to me again how you got the cow on the roof,” Professor McGonagall ordered, staring up at the top of the school from the balcony they were standing on.

“It was pretty simple, actually,” Sirius explained, “We just got some hay and lured it into the school, through the corridors, and up the stairs until we reached the balcony we’re standing on currently and it hopped up onto the roof. Simple.”

“How did you get it through the castle without anyone noticing?” The professor asked bewildered.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure several students noticed,” Peter answered, yelping when James kicked his ankles, but finishing determinedly, “I just don’t think they cared.”

Professor McGonagall ignored the two of them, “Where did you even get the cow in the first place?”

“The barman over at the Hogs Head has a few,” James answered.

Professor McGonagall paused for a few moments, digesting the information in her mind before simply asking, “Why?”

“Sometimes I find it best not to ask that question and simply accept the facts as they are presented to you,” Remus answered honestly.

The annoyed professor sighed and pointed to the cow, “Just get it off of the roof. Now.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sirius said with a cheeky salute, before turning to the cow on the roof, “Come here Rufus.”

The cow ignored him.

“Pretty sure his name isn’t Rufus,” James commented.

“Pretty sure it was,” Sirius argued.

“Wasn’t Rufus the one with the weird spotting on its back?” Peter asked.

“No, that was Paxton,” Remus answered, “Remember? Because Sirius made that awful Pox joke right after?”

“Awful?” Sirius asked in mock offense, “I think the word you were looking for was brilliant.”

“Gentlemen! Please!” McGonagall interupted, rubbing her temples, “Focus on the task at hand.”

“Of course, Professor,” James answered, “Come here cow. You can come off the roof now.”

The cow turned to James and moo’d.

“Come on boy,” Sirius added, motioning for the cow to step forward.

The cow took a step forward before mooing in distress and taking a step back.

“Huh,” Sirius said, scratching his head.

“Well, that was weird,” James added.

“It almost seems like the cow can’t…get down,” Remus observed.

“I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that cows can’t climb down things like stairs. This probably applies to that too,” Peter stated matter-of-factly.

The other three boys turned to him.

“What?” Remus said dumbly.

“You didn’t think to tell us this information before we put the cow on the roof?” James asked incrediously.

“You read something and remembered it?” Sirius added.

Peter ignored Sirius, “I didn’t think about it at the time. It’s not one of those facts that you normally talk about in normal conversation.”

“Since when do we have normal conversations?” James asked, gesturing to the four of them.

“Fair point,” Peter conceeded.

Remus sighed, “Next time you have an obscure fact in your mind that may be in regards to something we’re doing, please speak up.”

“Normally when I speak up, Sirius tells me to shut up and stop poking logic holes into his plan,” Peter pointed out.

“Boys!” McGonagall shouted, “I don’t care how you do it, but get the cow off the roof. Now.”

She walked swiftly down the stairs, calling up behind her, “I will be in my office waiting. I expect you boys to be there in the next half an hour.”

“Will do!” James shouted behind her, waiting until she faded from sight before asking, “How the hell are we supposed to get this cow off the roof?”

Sirius shrugged, “Beats me. I say we leave it.”

“And get into worse trouble than we’re already in?” Peter shook his head nervously, “No thank you.”

“We could always try levitating it,” Remus suggested.

“And risk hurting the cow?” Peter shouted, startling the other three.

“It’s not gonna hurt the cow,” Remus assured him.

“You don’t know that!” Peter argued.

“Well, that sounds like the best plan we’ve got,” James pointed out, “So, Pete, you’re gonna go downstairs and let us do what we need to do.”

“But - ”


Peter huffed before heading down the stairs.

“Alright, Remus, you’re probably best at Charms, so why don’t you try -,”

“What about me?” Sirius interupted.

“What about you?” James asked.

“I’m also pretty good at Charms,” he insisted.

James rolled his eyes, “Fine. Sirius, why don’t you try levitating the cow. Just from the ledge to the balcony.”

“Right-o,” Sirius saluted, raising his wand and shouting, “Wingardium Leviosa.”

Nothing happened.

“Remus?” James turned, indicating that he take a shot.

“Wingardium Leviosa,” Remus said swishing and flicking his wand in the cow’s direction.


“Ha!” Sirius spoke triumphantly, “So it wasn’t me that was the problem!”

“Perhaps if the three of us try the spell together,” Remus suggested.

James shrugged, “Worth a shot.”

THe three of them pointed their wands at the unsuspecting cow signaling to eachother before speaking in unison, “Wingardium Leviosa.”

The cow moo’d as it was lifted from the roof tiles.

“Brilliant!” James shouted, “Now, onto the balcony!”

“Why not just drop it down over the edge?” Sirius asked, pointing out, “It’d be less time.”

“And risk killing the thing?” James shouted, “Neither the barman nor Pete would be happy with us. Just set it down here.”

“Ugh, fine,” SIrius agreed, following James’ lead and setting the cow onto the ground.

“Alright,” James said with a sigh, glancing down the stairs behind them, “Now we just gotta do that for eight more floors and we’ll be solid.”

Two Hours Later

“I thought I told you to be here an hour and a half ago,” Professor McGonagall spoke crossly, looking down the top of her glasses as she spoke to each boy.

“Well, it took us a lot longer than we thought it would,” James tried explaining.

“No excuses,” Professor McGonagall interjected, “I will be taking five points off of Gryffindor from each of you and you will all serve detention tomorrow night.”

“But we got the cow off the roof like you asked,” Sirius tried arguing.

“And hopefully taking twenty points from Gryffindor and giving you all detention will help incentivize you to use your heads before you come up with another stupid and rash plan.”

“Doubtful,” Sirius muttered under his breath as he was dragged out by the other three.

“Of course Professor,” James answered placatingly.

Remus added, “Have a good night. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

As the boys left Professor McGonagall rubbed her temples once again, muttering in disbelief, “A cow. On the roof,” before returning back to the work on her desk.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

I have the pacer test tomorrow and thought about this for a long time.


□ Eddie, Beverly, Mike, Bill, Mike, and Stan have gym class together. Richie joins them on Fridays. Ben is unfortunately in the other cluster but the losers spend as much time together as they can during school.

□ Mike and Bill race each other during the pacer test. Eddie tried to join them one time but his asthma was like “No binch.” And so he had to go to the nurse. Richie told him that his asthma would loose it’s shit, and it did.

□ Stan usually stops running around 20 laps. He joins Eddie on the bleachers to watch the rest of the boys run, especially Bill. Eddie teases him a lot.

□ Stan has heart eyes. All day, every day.

□ Stan admires the way Bill’s hair bounces when he runs, when he hurries across the gym to jump into him or Mike, when he makes a pit stop to the bleachers to take a drink from his water bottle on a really warm day, and when he falls because he laughs to hard or someone does something ridiculous.

□ The school splits them in gender for their height, weight, and pacer. Beverly is alone all the time, but she enjoys laughing at the boys while they run after she does her height and weight.

□ After Beverly finishes, she joins the two on the bleachers. If the pacers on friday, she would most like be the fourth person to sit on the bleachers usually because Richie stops running when Eddie does.

□ Bev sets the highest score for the girls records because the rest of them are all pussies. Even the girls who play soft ball and soccer/football.

□ Eddie’s told Richie multiple times that he doesn’t have to stop running because he stopped. He even said he wanted to watch Richie run from the bleachers.

□ Richie and Eddie argue while Stan and Beverly talk about their day. Beverly vents about how much she wants Ben to be in their cluster with her. Good thing they have lunch after.

□ Bev coos when she watches Stan stare at Bill.

□ Mike and Bill set the highest scores all the time. Other kids cheer or groan because they won’t stop running.

□ Bill once sprained his ankle when running so they didn’t count it as a completed race.

□ Stan was the first to volunteer to bring Bill to the nurse. His arm shot up into the air so fast, flash who?

□ Stan becomes Bill’s care taker™

□ Stan hates being late to class but he and Bill are the last out of the boys locker room every gym class.

□ Bill asked him out one day and Stan tripped up the stairs.

□ Their first kiss was shared after gym class to be honest.

□ Mike waits for the other five to get ready before they walk to class. He is the only one who witnesses most of the Reddie departing kisses. He awes and wipes fake tears everytime.

□ Mike also witnessed the first stenbrough kiss. He was shocked af.

□ Mike is really antsy after gym and pushes Richie up the stairs or he pokes him on the sides all the time. Richie drops his stuff and swears like a sailor 99% of the time.

□ Teachers give Richie warnings because of his potty mouth but he’s never ever sent to the dean.

□ One time Mike got Richie on the sides so hard, Richie started running after him and Eddie was the one to get sent to the dean after swearing at the two.

□ Eddie lost it. Who knew someone could swear so many times in one sentence. Most of them were towards the staff but eventually he apologized because his mother made him.

□ The two eventually joined Eddie in the dean’s office.

□ Eddie could’ve killed them both.

□ After they finished the five mile run, they all went and sat in the shade and played truth or dare.

□ oof, you bet your stenbrough thirsty ass someone dared Bill and Stan to kiss. They did it too, long and passionate. No regret.

□ Stan and Bill are very clingy after getting use to the whole dating thing.

□ One class, Ben, not so innocent at the time, skipped his class to join their gym class one day. BEV AND BEN CUDDLED EVERY SECOND THEY GOT THAT PERIOD.

□ The gym teachers let it slip this one time, mostly because Ben had a pass somehow? And he was the best student in the other clusters class honestly. But Ben never did it again because he missed so much in the class he skipped.

□ Poor Mike, he been seven-wheeling since the day he joined the club.

□ The losers honestly try so hard not to be clingy- besides Eddie and Richie. Richie doesn’t listen at all.

□ Mike does eventually get a chance to talk to a new student in their class and he develops his own crush.

□ The Losers encourage Mike to get it, every time. Like, hold my earrings.

Hold my goddamn earrings.


Mhm, I don’t know how long other people run their mile runs, it’s usually 5 for my school T;

Christmas Break at Finn’s// Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part 2

Jaeden was already awake when you sat up and stretched. Everyone else was still sleeping soundly. He was on his phone.

“Morning Jaeden,” You whispered
He looked up at you and smiled
“Morning Y/N.”
“Hey, since nobody else is up would you like a cup of tea? I bought my jelly and ice cream blend.”
“You have jelly and ice cream tea? Why does that even exist?”
“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Being careful not to wake Finn you got up and slipped a hoodie on over your pyjamas. You and Jaeden went downstairs and you put the kettle on. Your tea was in the top cupboard where nobody else would touch it. You always left a box at Finn’s.
You handed Jaeden a cup and he took a sip. 

“Woah.” He grinned, “This is really nice.”
“I know right. You should feel privileged. I don’t let just anyone drink it.”
“Well thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I know, we should make breakfast for the others.”
“I know how to make pancakes and that’s about it.”
“I can do waffles.”
“Okay. Let’s start.”
Wyatt, Finn and Jack came downstairs still dressed in their pyjamas. You and Jaeden had almost finished making breakfast as well as a massive mess and were laughing at a story he was telling you about when they were filming IT.

“Smells good guys. You look like an old married couple though.” Finn plonked himself down at the breakfast bar and smirked. You gave him an eye roll and put the maple syrup on the table.
“While you three were in bed,” Jaeden said while putting a waffle on a plate, “Y/N and I came and made you breakfast because we’re nice like that. And she let me have a cup of her jelly and ice cream tea.”
“A cup of what?” Wyatt looked disgusted
“Shut up Wyatt,” Jaeden said, “It’s actually really nice.”

You dished up the rest of the pancakes and Jaeden the waffles and sat down to eat. Both of your mothers and your little sister came downstairs to eat too.
It seemed as though your sister was quite taken with Wyatt. She was sat on his lap as they ate breakfast and the sight honestly just melted your heart to the point where it hurt. She liked to call him Noodles. You know, because of his hair.

Finn’s mum and yours cleaned up because you cooked. You all decided to get dressed and go out for a snowball fight since there was so much snow. All of you wrapped up warm and ran out into the cold, winter air. Wyatt was holding the hand of your little sister as you went outside. Wyatt, Y/S/N, and Jack went on one team and you, Jaeden and Finn were on the other. Luckily, Finn’s garden was quite large so you had plenty of space to run and lots of places to hide. Your team ran for cover at the very end of the garden. You hid behind the shrubs and began to form a plan.

“Okay Y/N,” Jaeden whispered, “I think you should go after Wyatt because he won’t be expecting it. Finn and I will try and corner Jack. As for Y/S/N…”
“She’ll be with Wyatt.” You interrupted, “I can take them both on but one of you should stay close just in case.”
“Good point,” Jaeden replied

Finn was peeking around the corner of the bush looking for signs of the other team. They were very well hidden apparently. The three of you ran out into the open in the direction Finn was pointing. You collided into Wyatt who was trying to make a break for it with an armful of ready-made snowballs. You both fell over from the impact, Wyatt first and you second. The pair of you ended up in a rather suggestive position. You were practically laying on top of Wyatt. 

“Fuck, Wyatt, I’m so sorry-”
“It’s fine, Y/N,” He laughed, “It’s my fault really…”
“HEY LOOK AT THOSE TWO,” Jack shouted, “FONDLING IN THE SNOW! I BET WYATT IS SOOOOO-” Finn punched Jack pretty hard in the arm and said;
“There’s a child present!”

You looked down at Wyatt who was blushing more than you if that was even possible. Rather hesitantly you stood up, pulling Wyatt with you. After brushing the snow off your clothes you went over to the others.  Finn and Jaeden were smirking at each other.
“Have you all forgotten that we’re in the middle of a snowball war?” Jack wondered aloud. He threw one of his snowballs and it hit Finn squarely in the face. That’s when the war really started. Cold, wet snow was flying through the air. The sound of joyous laughter could be heard along with threats of obliteration. You were having the time of your life and it showed. And you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Wyatt. Every time the image of Wyatt’s smiling face came into your head your heartbeat increased rapidly. You were surprised that nobody could hear it.

When the snowball fight concluded you all went inside to warm up. Your little sister went out to lunch with your mum and Finn’s, so once again you were alone in the Wolfhard household. Currently, everyone was arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

You suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we binge a season of American Horror Story.”
Wyatt, who was sitting next to you sharing a blanket flinched.
“YEAH!” Finn shouted, “Great idea.”
“Hold up,” Jack’s eyebrows were knitted together, “I swear that’s the really messed up show that Chosen was talking about on set.”
“Yeah, it is,” Jaeden took a sip of his tea, “I watched the first season and it was actually quite good.”
“American Horror Story it is then. I think we should watch Roanoke.” And with that, he pressed play.
“Y/N,” Wyatt whispered, “I’m just forewarning you, I don’t like stuff like this. Ironic, I know, but still.”
“It’s alright Wyatt,” You were talking so nobody else would hear, “I’m here if you need me.”

The notorious theme song of your favourite show filled the room and you settled in to watch. The fact that Wyatt was scared made you smile. Everything you did together unearthed something new about him and that made you very happy.  
About halfway through the second episode, Wyatt grabbed your hand. You tore your eyes away from the screen and looked down at the sight of your interlocked hands and then at Wyatt’s face. He was still watching the TV with wide eyes and a frown on his face. You could tell he was creeped out. Honestly, you found it cute. Like EVERY other thing he did. Wyatt Oleff literally invented being soft.

“How in the hell can you watch this? Especially alone?” Wyatt asked you
“I’m used to it. I’ve binged all of them about four times. It’s definitely one of my favourites, no matter how fucked up it is.”
“Finn and Jaeden are into it.” The both of you looked at the others who were currently screaming at the TV as if the characters could hear them. Finn’s favourite character had just died a rather gruesome death and he wasn’t very happy about it. Jaeden was sharing conspiracy theories about the Roanoke colony and Jack was sharing how he would have gotten out of the situation the characters were currently in. It was quite funny to watch. 

The five of you ended up falling asleep halfway through the season. When you woke up it was a lot later on in the day and the light had gone. You stood up carefully, trying not to wake Wyatt, and stretched. After doing so you ran upstairs to freshen up and change into different pyjamas. At this point, thinking about Wyatt was giving you palpitations. Your feelings for him had grown so much over the past couple of days it was crazy.

When you were changed you made your way down the stairs and back to the living room. The boys were all still sleeping which left you with nothing to do. The blanket had fallen off Wyatt so you went over to him and put it back so that he didn’t freeze. You made a mental note to yourself: Wyatt looks even more adorable when he’s sleeping than in real life. If that’s even possible. He stirred and twisted causing you to stop dead in your tracks. You didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of him waking up and seeing you standing over him having a heart attack because of his cuteness.

With that in mind, you went upstairs and took out your book intending to read a few chapters. After a few pages, you unintentionally fell asleep and dreams filled your mind. Dreams of cosy days in with Wyatt and dates to the movies. Even your unconscious self was going batshit crazy for him.
When you woke you were in bed. Finn was asleep next to you and the boys were sleeping too.  The time on your phone read 2:46 am. Finn must have put you into bed when he came upstairs. It was off-putting to take a nap and wake up hours later in a different place. Before falling back to sleep you slipped one of Finn’s hoodies on and popped downstairs to get some water.

It was then that you had an idea. Of course, you wouldn’t propose it until the morning but it excited you nonetheless. You thought that maybe you could all go into the city, see the Christmas lights, do some shopping and grab something to eat. As you lay back down to sleep you were thinking about your outfit and how great it would be to spend yet another day with Wyatt. You could honestly get used to it.

The winter air was bitter and unforgiving. You, Finn, W yatt, Jaeden and Jack had taken to the city pretty early in the morning and were currently strolling the bookstore: Indigo. You absolutely adored it but you could tell that the others weren’t really feeling it so you decided to be quick. You made a few purchases but tried not to go overboard as you had decided to by Jack, Jaeden and of course, Wyatt a gift since you would be spending Christmas with them. It made sense and you wanted to do it. You had purchased Finn’s gifts weeks ago and wrapped them not long after.

Once you had paid for your books you headed to a little diner for lunch. It was lovely to sit and chat and have some food. To be honest, you didn’t really want to leave.

“Hey Finn, is it okay if we head to Stanley Park so I can take some pictures. I bought my cameras and everything.”
“Sure. We can swing by on the way back and get hot chocolate.”
“Good idea.”
“You take pictures, Y/N?” Jaeden inquired
“Yeah,” You replied, “I love it. I’ve got an old Polaroid camera as well as a new one. Do you like photography?”
“Yeah but I’m not that great at it.”
You smiled.
“Okay then,” Finn announced, “Let’s get going.”
“But I haven’t finished my ice cream,” Jack pouted, “Can’t you just hold your horses for five minutes.”
“Fine Jack,” Finn rolled his eyes, “Just hurry up.”
Stanley Park in the winter was gorgeous. You had both of your cameras out and was taking plenty of photos of the ice-covered lake, the icicles hanging from the trees and just about everything else you laid your eyes on. You decided to take polaroids of all the boys when they weren’t looking and you honestly couldn’t wait to develop them. You were also showing Wyatt how to use your camera and he was really enjoying learning, mainly because you were teaching him. Not that he revealed that. 

Jaeden took his phone out and snapped a shot of you and Wyatt looked at each other laughing. It was a beautiful picture and he decided to upload it to all of his social medias. Before long people were already making fan edits of the pair of you, but you were having too much fun to notice.
At one point you started to shiver with the cold. Wyatt being the perfect gentleman he is, took off his scarf and carefully wrapped it around your neck. Your cheeks were flushed from the cold which you were thankful for because that meant he didn’t notice your blush. Jack was behind you making gagging noises.

“You know what Jack,” Wyatt whipped around and punched Jack hard in the shoulder, “That’s for being a massive dick.”
Jack stuck his middle finger up at Wyatt causing everyone to burst out laughing.

You had all decided to buy each other gifts in the end. You had gotten Wyatt a new scarf because he gave you his (and you intended to keep it) and also a little photo album to put copies of all the photos in of the pair of you that you were taking. You also got him some antique sheet music for his piano and a Fall Out Boy shirt for the concert next week. You realised that you may have gone a little overboard with Wyatt’s gifts. Of course, you got the others gifts too as they had done for you, but you were keeping everything a surprise. For Jaeden you bought the first edition of IT that you managed to find in an antique bookstore you popped into with Finn while the others were buying your presents. You also got him two boxes of your jelly and ice cream tea that he had taken a liking to as well as some stickers for his skateboard from Urban Outfitters because you wanted him to have a piece of you everywhere he went. You got Jack a new beanie with a little Pennywise patch on the front, a photo frame to put a picture of him and Finn you had snapped in (Fack is too cute) and a butt load of candy.

It was safe to say that your trip into the city was amazing and a day you would never, ever forget and that’s what you thought of the whole way home. You all got the train and were sitting together laughing at a picture you had got of Jack messing about in the diner. The adults on the train were looking at you as if you shouldn’t be there but you ignored them. Although, you were pretty sure they were only staring because they recognised the boys from the movies.

“Guys,” You said tentatively, “Fall Out Boy is playing out here next week. I think we should go.”
“Seriously?” Wyatt grinned, “I love Fall Out Boy. We are definitely going. I don’t even care what the others say.”
“Really?” You only asked because you weren’t expecting a very good reaction
“Yeah I’d love to go,” Jaeden said, “Although Finn would rather see Mac Demarco.”
“Well, Finn will have to get over it.” You laughed
“Hey!” Finn protested, “I’ll have you know, I actually quite like Fall Out Boy, mainly because whenever Y/N is at my house she’s playing their music. And Pete Wentz is brilliant on guitar.”

You didn’t have a clue how but you were even happier than you were before. You didn’t even know where the idea for the concert came from but you didn’t regret asking them. Admittedly, you didn’t expect them to want to go, but they did. And you couldn’t wait for next week.

Part three coming soon! This was so bad but I’m supposed to be studying for a chem test I have tomorrow… Oh well. Enjoy!

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Strange Times

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Request: Child of Dean and reader come from future for protection and Dean and reader not together? Awkwardness and fluff? With a side of Dean being in aww of reader being a mum? Please?

Pairing: Dean x reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

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“Ahhh, that was a good one, ya see that?” Bev pointed as another cheerleader was flung into the air, spinning and kicking her legs out. She let out a puff of smoke and sighed. She crossed her legs and put all her weight on her right hand. “Am I talking to myself here or…?” She kicked Stan, who was laying across the bleacher in front of hers. 

He shot up and chuckled, looking over to the group of cheerleaders practicing on the football field. “They drop Richie yet?” Stan asked. Beverly rolled her eyes and raised her hand to wave at Richie who was about to be lifted into the air by the other cheerleaders. 

“I thought he said he was going to be the one doing the throwing?” Mike asked from Bev’s left. She turned with her cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth. 

“H-h-he told me he w-was gonna try and g-g-guilt them into letting him be the ‘throwee’ not the thrower.” Bill sunk down to the middle of two benches, lifting his legs to lay across Stan’s legs. The five of them fell back into their silence and occasionally clapping for the cool tricks. 

“Where’s Eddie? One can’t miss their boyfriend being thrown into the air.” Ben asked, playing with the end of Beverly’s sock that was hanging out of her shoe. 

Beverly shrugged, glancing around to look for the small boy. She gave up, leaning back on her hand again. They heard the small countdown from the field below and the small group of girls lifted Richie off the ground. Mike whistled and the group waved obnoxiously. Bev touched her hand to her chest as she waved. 

“I’m a proud mother.” She dropped her hand and everyone aw’d. 

Richie was keeping his balance and waving his arms at the Losers. 

They were all waving back until they heard hurried steps and Eddie appeared from the stairs, running his hand across the railing as he walked over. He was currently being swallowed by Richie’s jean jacket. The back was covered in different band logo’s. “Hey, sorry I was at band practice. What’d Richie want us to come here for-?” 

Mike pointed his finger and Eddie turned around, making eye contact with Richie Tozier being lifted into the air by the cheer leading team. He gaped his mouth and was silent for a few seconds. “What the fuck?” He turned back to his friends, still griping onto the railing. “Does he have any idea how dangerous that is?” 

Beverly smiled kindly at Eddie and handed her cigarette to Ben before getting up and climbing down the bleachers. She put her hand on the small of Eddie’s back and chuckled. “C’mon buddy. let’s go visit our boy, huh?” She started walking Eddie down the stairs and they walked to the field just as Richie was back on the ground. He hopped over to them with the biggest grin on his face. 

“Did ya guys see me? That shit was awesome!” Richie bounced on his feet and Eddie bit into his cheek. Beverly slapped her arm around his shoulder and gave Richie a high five. Richie proceeded to wait for Eddie to say something but the boy was rather silent. 

“C’mon, Eds. Did ya see that? Soon I’m gonna be like flexible and shit.” Richie looked back at the girls, one of which was stretching her leg nearly over her head. He turned back, wagging his finger. “That could come in handy when I meet your mom tonight-”

“Shut up, Richie.” Eddie rolled his eyes and shrugged Bev’s arm off of him. “You’re gonna get yourself killed.” He narrowed his eyes at the taller boy who pushed his glasses up his nose. 

“Relax Eds. This isn’t that dangerous.” He shrugged and Eddie didn’t seem to believe him. Bev took one look at their tension filled stares and awkwardly chuckled. 

“Well, Uh..I’m gonna wait for this to be over…” She gestured in the air between the boys “Over there.” She pointed back at the bleachers before taking off and running for the hills. 

Richie shook his head with a small smile and turned back to Eddie. “C’mon, is this over now?” 

Eddie rolled his eyes again. “No. They’re throwing you in the god damn air, Rich.” 

“Yeah and people regularly slam and tackle into Mike in football and throw speeding balls at you and Stan in Baseball. How is this any different?” Richie scowled. Eddie opened and closed his mouth a few times, a little flustered. 

“Look, it’s just-Well, tell me that isn’t scary? There’s gotta be a moment where you’re just not sure if you’re gonna return back to earth?” Eddie tried not to sound like a five year old with a fear of heights but he couldn’t help it. Richie raised his eyebrow, amused. 

“Space is filled with orbiting cheerleaders.” Richie gave him an amused face and Eddie frowned. 

“I’m trying to be serious, Rich. Don’t make me laugh.” He bit into his lip to keep from smiling but he couldn’t exactly help it. Richie threw his arm around Eddie’ shoulders and started walking him over to the team. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, babe. I’m not gonna get hurt, ok? And you’ll get to watch me cheer. I hear it’s a breath taking sight.” Richie cuddled closer to him and Eddie begrudgingly let him. 

“You’ve been doing it for what like a day?” Eddie pinched him, a sign that he seemed to be cheering up. Richie leaned down and kissed the top of his head. 

“I’ll cheer for you during baseball season.” Richie smiled and Eddie rolled his eyes for the millionth time. 

“Cheerleaders don’t cheer at baseball games,Rich.” He picked at his fingernails. Richie gasped and pulled Eddie in tighter. 

“I’ll be your personal cheerleader then.” Richie nodded and Eddie separated himself to go back to sitting on the bleachers. 

“Do not grant me that nightmare. I need less of you not more.”Eddie crossed his arms and Richie laughed, tugging his arms out of their crossed position. 

“That’s not what your mom said last night.” Richie oohh’d and put his hand up for a high five but Eddie just glared at him. So Richie picked up his hand and slapped them together for him, Eddie staring with his eyebrow raised the entire time. They started walking back down the field. 

“You gonna wear one of those little skirts too?” Eddie teased, tilting his head as they got closer to his teammates. Richie giggled and grabbed his hand, swinging it between them as they walked. 

“You’d like that.” Richie smirked and Eddie kicked him in the shins. 

“Ow! my hot new cheerleader legs.” Richie hopped on one foot and cradled his shin. Eddie giggled. 

“Show me your best moves, ok?” Eddie slapped his cheek softly and ran back over to the bleachers. Richie shook his leg and laughed as he went back over to his team. 

Eddie thundered back up the stairs and flung himself next to Stan, leaning back on Beverly’s legs. “Feeling better squirt?” Beverly poked his shoulder and he slapped her hand away. 

“A little.” He shrugged as Stan narrowed his eyes. 

“I came to see Richie fall.” He grumbled and Eddie pinched him. “Ow! I’m sorry.” He chuckled as Richie was being taught how to actually stay in position and not fall out of it. The girls decided he was ready to go again and went into position. 

This time when Richie was in the air, he was able to hold it for much longer. He waved happily at Eddie, who looked a little queasy but waved back with a smile. 

The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Three]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 4.6k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Three

*Present Day*

“(Y/N)!!” Your friend Vee shouted, snapping you back to reality. It was such a shock and so sudden that you bumped your head against the locker you were leaning onto.

You groaned, “Ugh! What the hell, Vee?” 

“I’ve been saying your name for the past ten minutes!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Stop exaggerating! You know as much as me that you would have given up within the first two minutes.”

She thought for a second, “Okay. True. You’re right, but still! Why didn’t you told me that I had a test today, huh?”

Your best friend whined, leaning her head against her locker while staring at you with a pout. “You know how much I suck at chemistry.”

“How could I know?” You raised your shoulders up, “We’re not in the same class.”

“We have the same program. You should have known about it.” She glared at you.

You sighed, “Okay, true, but I thought that you already knew that. And even if you didn’t, Jackson tried to text you about it yesterday, but you were too busy making out with Juan, oh yeah, on MY bed.”

You sent her a glare in return, crossing your arms on your chest. Juan was Vee’s boyfriend for now a year and you could see she was very happy with him, which also made you happy. Vee never had good taste in guys. She only dated assholes, bastards, fuck boys and the list goes on…

At least she was with Juan, who proved to be an excellent guy for her.

But making out on your bed? Not so excellent. You couldn’t help but shudder in disgust at the thought. What if they did it on your bed? You didn’t even wash the sheets.

Ignoring your remark, your best friend tapped her manicured nails on the navy-blue book she was holding nervously, her bluish grey eyes watching the other students around while biting her thin bottom lip, “I’m going to fail…”


You laughed when she smacked your arm.

“It’s not funny (Y/N)!”

You shrugged, “Well, if you weren’t busy sticking your mouth with Juan’s yesterday- “


You laughed even more, raising your arms in the air in an innocent posture, “Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You’re nervous. You think you’ll fail. You think you’re dumb, which is not false…” You smiled innocently when she sent you a glare, “… And you think you’ll fail the year. But you’re worrying too much, Vee. It’s just a test. I’m sure you’ll manage to get a decent grade. Alyce will still be proud that you at least tried.”

“Yeah sure, after she’s done beating up my ass that is. Oh God! I’m sorry (Y/N), it slipped!” She quickly added, seeing your body visibly tense at her words.

“It’s okay, Vee. It has been ten years ago anyway.” You shrugged, trying to relax and block away the memories of your childhood.

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Drowning (but only for a moment)

Summary: “You love him,” El says, shutting Will’s bedroom door behind her, and it really isn’t a question.

He knows who she’s talking about.

Will tries to open his mouth, to shake his head, anything, but nothing happens. He sits down on his bed, hard, airway suddenly closing up. She’s looking at him expectantly, and then the dam breaks and he’s drowning in his lies until he can’t anymore.

“Yes,” he breathes out harshly. “I do.”

Pairings: Will/Mike, past Mike/El

Notes: It’s a future-fic, about 3,500 words, featuring gay Will Byers, bi Mike Wheeler, and pan Jane “El” Hopper! Yes, I know the title is a bit pretentious, but I like it.

Posted on Ao3 here as well as written out below the cut. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

reddie first date hcs?? ❤❤

woah i almost lost this ask, but yes anon thank you and here u go:

-so richie is fuckin Nervous but i mean he’s the one that asked eddie out so what’s his deal? “you can do this, richie. don’t fuck it up being a trashmouth”

-but he’s cursing to himself fucking up his rehearsed lines walking to eddie’s house

-picks a flower from a neighbor’s house probably, keeps pushing up his glasses every five seconds, nervous as all hell by the time he reaches the steps of eddie’s porch

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Trimberly Week (D3)

*cracks knuckles* Alrighty! So two things: shamelessly promoting my Trimberly fic “The Waiting Game” here because ch 2 has “naughty times” so that totally applies here. Second, i actually had a bit of fun writing this one out and was thinking about turning it into an actual story. Thoughts? Yay or nay? Let me know!

Naughty Times

  • It’s only a week, maybe two, after the whole Rita thing and the gang are still trying to get used to the whole, “psychic connection/mind reading” thing
  • but just when they think they’ve started to get the hang of it, whoops, turns out they share more than just feelings
  • orgasms. they share orgasms
  • and they learn this the hard way
    • its Zack who beats one off in the shower one night and he doesn’t realize the affect it has on his fellow rangers until its too late
    • Jason’s lifting weights in his room when his orgasm hits and he ends up snapping the metal bar in half
    • Billy was up in the mines looking for treasure and he’s more confused than embarrased
    • but poor Kim and Trini were skyping when they’re both hit with orgasms
      • and Trini’s nearly cumming again when she peeks at Kim on her screen, watching her moan and writhe and make the sexiest O-face
      • the second its over and they look at each other Trini slams her laptop shut and hides under her bed
  • To say detention the next day isn’t awkward would be a fucking lie
    • Zack has his head buried in a black hoodie and Trini can’t even look at Kim
  • Thankfully Billy bites the bullet and asks Alpha and Zordon about it when they all go to training after
  • Zordon informs them that the link is able to communicate strong emotions across the Morphin Grid and that polyamorous relationships were not uncommon between previous Rangers
  • Alpha-Five also tells them that their enhanced senses combined with their young age make them extremely hormonal and extra sensitive so they should be more careful until they learn how to control themselves and the link
  • a week passes without incident until one afternoon during training Billy and Jason are practicing close quarter combat and wrestling holds when Billy gets a little too carried away and grinds a little too hard on Jason and the red ranger orgasms on the spot
    • Zack and Kim are in detention for some prank or stunt they pulled when they feel it and they have just enough time to share a terrified look before Zack sneezes and Kim tears her backpack in two
    • the next day before detention Trini waltzes up to the group and punches Jason straight into a wall
      • Trini: “Wanna explain what the fuck that was, boss man? I was in the middle of a family dinner you loser!”
      • Zack makes some comment and winds up in the wall beside jason
  • Trini’s a little desperate to figure out the link thing because it’s getting harder and harder to control her emotions and arousal towards Kim and if Zack makes one more “hit it and quit it” joke she’s going to slaughter him
  • But Kim’s in the same boat as Trini because she’s had the hots for Trini since she pulled her over the cliff and that was before they were linked and her hormones exploded through the roof
  • so they’re at Kim’s house one night for a bio project, but Trini can’t concentrate because Kim’s in a crop top, and Kim can’t focus because Trini’s in skimpy jean shorts and the two of them in the same room is just doubling all this arousal
  • so when Kim leans over the table to pretend to point at something Trini practically vaults across the table and kisses Kim
  • and Kim kisses back and she’s sweeping their project off the table and crawling across it as Trini claws at her top and the exposed skin of her waist
  • but she pulls back gasping, saying they shouldn’t do this, that it’s just the hormones and the link and the boys
  • and Kim’s embarrassed by her thoughts and at how turned on she is so she agrees, too quickly and without thought
      • Trini: “Right.”
      • Kim: “Right.”
      • Trini: “Okay.”
      • Kim: “Totally.”
      • *pause*
    • they’re making out on the table five seconds later
    • and they fuck twice in the kitchen before Kim’s able to drag Trini up the stairs to her room
  • the next day at training Kim can’t stop smiling and Trini looks smug and the boys look exhausted but hey, somewhere after Kim’s fourth orgasm they somehow figured out how to tune out each other, so its a win-win all around


  • *everyone stretching in the pit*
    • Zack to Jason: “So… we gonna fuck or nah?”
  • Jason chokes on his water