the fishing man

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omg hyper Arin just doing acrobatic flips in between chattering at Danny about a cool new art thing he discovered! its really cool and it makes the colors a lot more interesting and vibrant, dont you think Dan? and Dan is super confused and baffled by the sudden energy rush (ross snuck arin some coffee after he figured out it was safe for him) but hes also amused and fond of this cute and sweet fish man who just likes making things and being creative. and dan realises how lucky he is that the-

-merman they found was this wonderful. if they had found one that was dangerous or only wanted to hurt them, dan would have died, but instead they got sweet arin who likes to help and cares about people (holy shit sorry this got away from me)

y’all are actually trying to kill me huh

dan would be like “ross dammit what’d you give him” but he can’t find it in himself to be mad bc arin is just too damn cute

arin shows dan all his latest sketches and chatters about shading and anatomy and stuff dan doesn’t really understand but he listens patiently bc he promised suzy he’d make sure coffee left no unforeseen side effects on arin

arin can’t stop swimming around talking about everything from how nice dan looks today to whether or not he can do a triple flip above the tank

(he can)

and dan sits on the platform watching arin for hours just thinking about what a gift this turned out to be. this merman saved his life and now he gets to see him every day and listen to his creative ideas and see his smile and appreciate how beautiful and unique he is

dan thanks his lucky stars that he was able to meet arin, and that arin was the merman placed in this lab bc his life feels so much more colorful and fun with arin in it, like he swam into his life adding colors where dan couldn’t see them before

he knows deep in his heart he’ll have to let arin go someday, but for now he lets himself love him and appreciate the time they have together and how much he fucking adores this merman and all the joy he brings with him.

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I love the different styles of caring we see from the members of JNPR. Pyrrha's a 'teach a man to fish' type, giving someone the skills they need to help themselves. Nora's a motivator. Ren's a provider, making sure they have all their physical needs met to do their best. And Jaune's a listener.

Yeah, its why I love JNPR so much. 

It’s also a nice bit of role-reversal having Nora be the one who tries to exercise and lift weights, while Ren is the one in the apron providing healthy foods.


( <3 )

@sixpenceee , I recently fell in love o-o

Portuguese man-of-war :

A floating colonial coelenterate with a number of polyps and a conspicuous float. It bears long tentacles which are able to inflict painful stings and occurs chiefly in warm seas.

I’m terrified of being in water higher than my knees and I can’t swim for the life of me, but if a handsome encouraging fish prince were to teach me how to swim, you bet your ass I’m getting in that water–