the fishes got excited


tbh the absolute number one benefit of being an original content creator is crossing over your story with everything else

(I drew most of these last summer but I couldn’t post them because I hadn’t introduced the fish witches yet)

(also one of the reasons I got so excited the first time I found Watercast was because @fishwrites had sorted the paladins into bird, fish, and land people the same way I did lol)

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Kat i just saw a post that said tae and hobi got yoongi a dead fish for his bday last year do you know if this is true or have a source for this?

aslaslkmklsamsd oh god,,

and yoongi was like “eh i’m not looking forward to it idc” but when hoseok brought the box he got so excited 


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Okay, so I've got a bit of a problem. My birthday was yesterday and all I've been asking for is a betta fish and a fish tank. I was opening my presents in the evening and got a few different items that weren't fish related. Then I opened my final present and behold, it was a half gallon betta tank with the other few necessities minus the fish itself. I got all excited for a second, but then remembered that people consider a tank that small abuse. What do I do??? It IS a birthday present....

Yeah a half gallon tank is waaaaaaay to small for a betta they need at least 5 gals minimum to be happy and healthy. You could still use the half gallon for either travel or as a temporary tank if you ever need to clean their main tank.
I suggest that you find some articles online that explain that the tank you have is far to small to keep your betta and show it to your family and see if they would be understanding enough to get you at least a five gallon with a heater and filter
I know that you’re probably pretty anxious to get your fish I totally get that but i would recommend you hold off until you get the right equipment to care for them. You want you pet to live a long and happy life so you should probably wait until you have a proper set up before getting one. Trust me your fish will be a lot happier in the rights sized tank
Best of luck!

oh hey the new kid i’d never met got excited when i mentioned i have fish, he came into my room and info dumped about fishkeeping with me, apparently his dad is a huge fishkeeper too and the kid was really interested in it and has his own guppy breeding tank, it was really sweet

Creepypasta #1010: Playgrounds Aren't Safe, Secure Spaces, Even When Supervised

Length: Long

I was just up to the mountain and looked at it, but I felt nothing weird. I even went so far as to go up right next to it. Didn’t go down it though, I’m not taking any chances. I guess this was a freak one time thing - if it really happened. But it does make you wonder how common it is.

I recently moved into a new apartment and on the day of the move, I met the former tenant who said he wanted to take a last look at the apartment before “leaving permanently”. He was very polite and so I invited him in for a cup of coffee and a talk. Now, I work pretty hectic night shifts as a croupier and during the day I study for some courses in college, which puts me in a state of constant tiredness. But this man was on another level of tired. His eyes, even as he looked at me while talking, weren’t really looking. It’s like his body took every chance to rest it could; between each breath, each heartbeat, and not activating the eyes unless absolutely necessary. I estimate he was in his early thirties, but he had the posture of a 70-year old with a bad back. I guess there are some types of tiredness that no amount of caffeine can cure.

He walked around in the empty apartment, dragging his hand against the wall as he moved. On some places he stopped entirely and just stood there, as if he were channeling the memory for that exact spot from the wall. After ten minutes or so of walking around, he stopped and went back to sit on one of the moving boxes right next to me.

“I need to tell this to someone before I go” he said. The story is exactly as he told it to me, and I remember it so well because I don’t know what to make of it.


My wife and I were in our late 20’s when we moved into this apartment earlier this year with our daughter, Elsa, who was a little over two years old, after having lived with my mother-in-law in her house. Yes, I know how it sounds but it isn’t exactly easy to find an apartment in Stockholm. However, luck struck down on us and we managed to get a small flat in a newly built, semi-affluent neighborhood with low crime rate, which was perfect for us. It was a little cramped, I admit, and would be even more so as we were expecting our second child. But the area was great and close to communications so there was really no reason to complain.

Ever since I graduated college I had been looking for work. However, looking for work doesn’t take an entire day, which meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands. My wife then suggested that we should keep Elsa more at home, and that instead of dropping her off at daycare, she would spend Fridays at home. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea at first as I was constantly tired because I did most of the chores at home, as well as taking care of Elsa since my wife was in constant pain because of the pregnancy and couldn’t walk really far (or fast!).

After a while though, I started to enjoy it. We would go out to different parks in the area or make a trip somewhere, and because we got out around lunch, there’s always very little people in the parks and often we’re even alone. I think her favorite trip to this day was to the aquariums at the royal gardens. She got so excited with the large fish swimming around that she was constantly giggling and running around, pointing at things. And her small lips and bright white teeth formed the most adorable smile you can imagine. She had the cutest little face, framed in large strands of strawberry-blonde hair.

One Friday when we were out walking, I noticed a set of stairs I had never seen before. It was pretty close to where we live, on a path that goes behind a small industrial area and eventually leads to one of our regular parks. We hadn’t taken that exact path for some time, but in front of the stairs was a sign that said: “Building a new park on Nyboda Mountain, finished 2016.” The stairs looked like they were placed there yesterday, with no spots or old chewing gum on them, and the green paint on the railings seemed to just have dried.

“Elsa, want to go to a new park?” I asked. 


“Okay, let’s go up these stairs first and then we can play.” 

“Stairs first!” she exclaimed before she jumped onto the first step. She was just learning and picking up new words, so this was what her sentences looked like.

We started our ascent up the eight(!), long flight of stairs; but boy was it worth it when we got up there. At first I didn’t notice the playground, the view was just too good. You could see most of the old parts of town, as well as various other landmarks. It wasn’t until Elsa started shouting at me that I came to. The playground was indeed newly built, with a number of fresh, unspoiled things and toys to play with. And we were all alone.

“Daddy come!” she shouted as she beckoned me over to the swings. “Elsa swing!” 

“Okay honey!” I shouted back and as I started to swing, her face lit up more and more.

She really liked to swing, even though she would look grumpy most of the time. But if you asked her if she wanted to come off the answer was almost always “No!”. We played with the swings and various other things in the park, and if there ever was a father-daughter moment that should be caught on camera; this was it.

After a while, Elsa spotted a large tunnel slide at the outskirts of the park, slightly hidden behind some trees. It was massive. “Is this really for kids?” was my first thought. The metallic pipe started on top of a large wooden structure that almost looked like a tower and then descended about six meters, with a curve in the middle, before finally ending. Elsa skipped towards it while letting out a joyful scream. 

“No way,” I thought. “She hates slides, even the small regular ones, yet she runs towards this beast?!” I didn’t need to worry though, as she grabbed a couple of sticks and a couple of pine cones right before climbing the wooden tower.

“Sticks slide!” she said. 

“Ahh, you want the sticks and pine cones to go down the slide?” I asked, sounding like an old college professor. “Mhmm.”

She then took one of the sticks and threw it in, saw it disappear and heard the metallic echo it produced as it bounced down. She started laughing, threw a cone and then had me do the same. It is moments like these we live for. Not a care in the world, just throwing sticks and cones down a slide. Nothing more, nothing less.

When everything was thrown we went down to pick it up, but then I noticed that only the pine cones had made their way down. I assumed the sticks got stuck in there somewhere. Not that it mattered to Elsa, she grabbed the rest of the cones and ran back up to the tower again. When we had thrown all of the pine cones a second time, Elsa said: “Daddy go slide.”

“Do you want daddy to go down the slide?” 


“Do you want to ride with daddy? Sit in daddy’s lap?” 

“No. Daddy go slide.”

“Got damn it.” I thought. As an adult man I should have no problem with this, but the slide felt intimidating somehow.

“Okay…” I said as I started to climb into the tube and positioned myself. It didn’t feel right. “Do you really want daddy to go down the slide?” I asked as I was sitting on the edge. 

“Yes!” she replied with enthusiasm and a face shining like the sun. 

“All right then…”

I took my hands off the cold, metallic surface and felt how gravity started working its magic. Before I knew it, I had picked up speed and was rushing down into the darkness. Then, as I reached the curved area, I could hear desperate screams coming from the entrance.

“Daddyyy!” Followed by a metallic clanking sound somewhere above me.

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150409 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Simon D: (Reading comment) “I’m curious, why are rappers all so short? Do they rap well because they’re short?”
  • Gray: Is that’s so…
  • Tablo: (solemn) Ah why…
  • Gray: Then what is Beenzino?
  • Tablo: Ahhhhh why would you mention Beenzino?
  • Gray: He’s tall but the listener asked why everyone is short
  • Loco: But I think we’re just the right height
  • Tablo: If the 174cm person puts it like that… what does that make the rest of us?
  • Loco: But we all have the same feel
  • Tablo: (enthusiastic to the max) FIRSTLY, DOK2! He raps REALLY well but he’s also REAAAAAALLY small. Hhahahahahahaha
  • Simon D: That’s true
  • Tablo: Dok2’s presence is big but honestly, how tall do you think he is? When you compare him to Yankee?
  • Simon D: Yankee is like 162-3cm. Dok2 is then… 160cm? I heard Dok2 was something like 165cm though.
  • Tablo: Then Dok2 is taller than Yankee.
  • Simon D: I think they’re similar.
  • Tablo: Look at Gray, he might be extremely small, very small but he’s extremely good at making music. I think I ended this well. I would like it for Loco to not mention height anymore. Also, don’t talk about Beenzino here.
  • Gray: Well it’s not like I can win anyway.

I went to the Boston Aquarium this past weekend and had the greatest time! The fish were wonderful, but the best part was when an employee walked up to me and said “you look interesting… would you like a free behind-the-scenes tour?” and I nearly died of excitement. I got to see all the secret fish as well as a baby anaconda! Which means it was still like a ten pound snake.

The lesson to be learned here is that good things come to those who dress like they’re going to a sexy funeral

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Karasuno + Bokuto taking their crush to an aquarium for their date, and the crush who is usually calm and silent, is really cheerful because they love fish ? How would the boys handle the cuteness ?

me af

Daichi would find you so fucking adorable, holding your hand gently as you looked at all the fish and trying to look like he isn’t staring at you the whole time. Every time you smiled and laughed with joy at one of the fish he’d find his heart beating hard, overjoyed that he was getting to see you so carefree and happy. He’d probably really awkwardly tilt your chin up halfway through the tour, kissing you out of the blue because you just looked so damn beautiful he couldn’t help it. But fuck if it wasn’t the best kiss you’ve ever had.

Suga would find himself smiling along with you as you beamed at all the fishes, his heart almost beating out of his chest with happiness and slight nervousness. He’d hold your hand as you walked around to each tank, making sure to take in all of the fish, with him not minding because the longer he got to see you lit up in wonder like this the better. He’d be the nerd to buy the two of you matching bracelets from the gift store, probably one of those tacky seashell bracelets with cheesy writing like ‘soul’ ‘mates’ on each but he would treasure it like it was made of pure gold.

Asahi would feel his heart racing as he watched your eyes light up in wonder, pulling at his collar as he began to feel the heat crawl up his neck as he followed behind you. He blush tenfold when you’d take his hand in yours, dragging him off to the room and looking up at him in childish wonder, asking how amazing he thought the fishes were. He’d answer ‘beautiful’ without hesitation, not even realising what you’d asked, only staring right at you with a bashful smile.

Noya would be hyped on energy, getting just as excited as you over the fish even though at first when you suggested the two of you going to an aquarium he couldn’t help but to think of places he’d rather be going with you. He’d be so happy that you are enjoying yourself, taking tons of selfies of the two of you with the fish and just having a hell of a good time. He’d end up being so happy at where you’d decided to go, just staring at you in awe every time you showed that beautiful smile, almost dropping his ice cream onto the floor as he began to daydream.

Tanaka would be loving the bright smile you wore, his heart swelling with love as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and have you actually snuggle back into him with a small smile, giggling as you pointed out fish. He’d find himself blushing when you would tug on his hand whenever you wanted to go somewhere, following after you with your cardigan in hand because he’s a gentlemen, he isn’t gonna make you carry your own stuff. He’d even buy you a plush toy of your choice from the gift shop, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly as you squealed and hugged him tightly, smiling up at him and almost overheating the boy boy as you told him you’re going to name your new friend ‘Ryu.’

Hinata would be so happy and so excited as he trailed behind you like a little puppy, watching you more intently than the fishes. His heart would be racing the whole time and he’d have a large smile on his face as you take his hand and drag him off to each corner of the aquarium, the bright smile not leaving your face even once. He’d be practically shouting in glee when he spoke to you, hyped up from seeing your excitement and blushing every time he got too much attention and when you’d laugh at him. By the end of the day he’d have had one of the best times of his life, draping his jumper over your shoulders as he walked you home, presenting you with a small fish charm that he’d bought for you in the gift store with pink cheeks and a shy smile.

Kageyama would spend half the date being red and crabby, feigning indifference as you smiled at him in a way that made him think of the sun coming out. But really he was blown away by you, finding himself falling for you even further as you stared at the fishes in childish wonder, entirely in your own world. He’d almost have a heart attack when you held his hand, spluttering to himself and blushing as he began to worry that his hands were sweaty or if he was holding too tight but when you smiled up at him, only kindness radiating in your eyes his breath would be caught in his throat and any bad thoughts dissipated, squeezing your hand gently as he went back to looking at the fish.

Tsukki would have been excited for your date but not really keen on the setting of it at first, wondering what you could possibly find so interesting about fishes. But when he saw you staring at the fish in wonder, your eyes practically lit up in awe he found himself breathing out in amazement, his heart rate picking up as you tugged him by the hand into all different directions. He’d find himself really enjoying looking at the fish too, especially the sharks as they have quite in common with some water dwelling dinosaurs, smiling awkwardly to himself every time you got over excited about the fish. 

Yamaguchi would be blushing as he trailed behind you awkwardly, feeling the heat consuming his face every time you would take his hand in yours subconsciously while you walked all the while pointing out pretty fish with a look of awe on your face. He’d be constantly trying to reprimand himself and tell himself to calm down but with how beautiful you looked every time you smiled he wouldn’t be able to help his heart rate picking up and his face feeling hot. When you pointed out a fish with a dotted pattern on its scales and squealed about how it looked like him, saying how cute it looked he’d really feel his face burning up, pulling you into his arms and resting his head on top of yours, burying his face into your hair to hide his blush.

Bokuto would just be ecstatic at how you were responding, squealing at cooing along with you at all of the fishes. When you gave super cute responses he wouldn’t be able to resist hugging you or pulling in close for a quick peck, not giving even the slightest fuck about the dirty looks he got from some people. By the end of the tour he’d want to ask if you wanted to go back in but seeing that you were still smiling without the fish around his heart would almost stop, realising that you were smiling for him in the same way. He’d get on his knees right there in the carpark, pulling you close to him and hugging your legs as he overwhelmed himself with emotion.

This Pete Dunne/Bobby Fish imagine or fic? I’m writing got me so excited for you all to read. If you want a teaser let me know loves, I love how it’s coming out so far. 

“My dad gave me up to the boys’ home when I was four. He told me that he was taking me fishing. He got the poles, the bait, everything. I was excited. He said he knew about a new spot. We pulled up to this huge building. He told me to wait in the car while he ran inside and got permission from his friend. Then he came back with two men. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘but you have to stay here.’ I kept screaming: ‘I’ll be good! I’ll be good! I’ll be good!’ And he kept saying, ‘It ain’t you. It ain’t you. It ain’t you.’ I ripped his shirt off his back trying to keep him from leaving, and he drove off without a shirt.” (1/3)

theres a guy on youtube ive been keeping up with for years and hes finally getting to where he wants to be with his fish hobby and hes so fucking passionate about keeping his fish his got entire rooms dedicated to his aquariums and hes always excited to talk about them its rlly cute and yall should check him out 

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Okay, so my birthday was just yesterday and I've been asking to get a bettafish for a long time. I was opening my presents and got a few other things, but then I got a half gallon tank and other fish necessities besides a betta itself. I got all excited and then remembered that apparently keeping a fish in that small of a tank is abuse. But this is my birthday present and my mom is taking me to get a fish either today or very soon. What do I do??? I don't want people saying I'm abusing my pet!

Maybe explain to your mother that it would be easier to take care of a betta in a larger tank, that it would mean less water changes and stuff. If you got some money for your birthday from relatives (or if you have some money put aside) you can buy a bigger tank for the future betta and use the small one for marimos or something, so you wouldn’t be wasting it in the eyes of your mother.

Whatever you do, don’t be pressured into putting a fish in that tank. In my opinion, your mother being a bit miffed is less important than a living creature’s life. She might be pissed off at you, but would you ever really be able to enjoy the fish knowing that what you’re doing to them is wrong? You’re obviously upset about the idea and you’ve not even done it yet. If you did put a fish in there, imagine how you’d feel (and how they would feel, too). Just don’t do it.

You hold hands for the first time (requested) - Preference #353


Dan - You’re walking through a street at night with your boyfriend, Dan, him insisting he walk you home even though you only live a few blocks away. Under normal circumstances, you would be terrified of walking alone on a dark street, but having Dan with you calmed your nerves significantly. “Are you scared?” You teased, sensing him walking a bit faster than before. “Of course not! I’m a man,” He laughed, before darting his eyes around nervously, hoping you wouldn’t notice his voice slightly shaking. “Okay, maybe a tiny bit,” he admitted, grabbing your hand suddenly. “I should hold your hand so you can keep me safe,” He said smugly, after him seeing you jump at the sudden contact, “I should stay at your place too. There’s no way I’m walking back.”


Phil - You made sure going to an aquarium was something that the two of you did often. You loved looking at all the fish and needless to say you got very excited. But having been only dating for a few weeks, you’d only gone once or twice. “Look at that one!” You yelled, pointing and running toward a tank that held a colorful array of Angelfish. Phil hurriedly followed you, “wait up, Y/N!” he laughed, trying to catch up. You felt him grab your hand gently, and you felt your face heat up slightly, glancing up at him then back at your hands, “so you don’t get away again,” he explained shyly, distracting himself by pressing his face on the glass of the tank. 


// i hate math guys. how’d did your day go?? //

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So does this mean no really old men this season? Lindsay got the 20 something, Emma the 30 something, Peta/Sharna the 40 somethings, I can't see Wit getting someone old since she went home 1st last time. And I'm kinda lowkey excited about D-Fish, I never got vibe that cowboy could dance even before wk 1, I kinda think Fish might can and he can flash that big smile.

He’s got a very warm smile.  I’m excited!  And hmmmmm……..that’s interesting.  We don’t know who Cheryl got either.