the fish turned human

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Here’s a little lecture from Undyne about this here advertisement, I’ll be typing up what she says as I’m afraid she will break my keyboard if I let her type this.

Hello humans! Today you are gonna get a lesson on fish, get ready to learn! First of all, the strong amazing warrior of a fish you see in the above image is a frilled shark. And no, Greeningz, it’s not a dangerous sea creature. They spend most of their lives below 50 meters (160 feet), and have been caught as deep as 1570 meters. If you don’t have gills like me, you’d never be able to swim down deep enough to see where they normally live. They only come to the surface when sick, dying, or caught by fishing nets. It’s maximum length is 2 m (6.6 feet), around the height of Papyrus. Even if you did encounter a frilled shark, it’s not dangerous. It only eats boney fish and mainly cephalopods, mostly squids. It has tiny needle like teeth meant for snagging soft squids, and a very weak bite for its size. If it tried to bite a human, it could very well lose a lot of its teeth and risk it’s jaws being broken. It’s not like me with my chompers (editors note: Undyne is gnashing her teeth and almost bit my webcam in half. I don’t have the guts to explain this isn’t being a recorded video).

Anyway, this shark is not dangerous at all, unlike humans. I love anime and know Alphys wants to take me there, but I’ve heard bad things about “Japan”. Did you know that in the oceans bordering it, the humans capture frilled sharks, and turn it into fish meal? It’s a better fate than some of the other sharks, in Ass-eye-ah (editors note: I think she is trying to say Asia, all those years underground have done a number on the geography education of monsters) fishermen grab sharks and cut off the fins, and throw the still living sharks back into the water to bleed out. They don’t take the rest of the shark, because their fins are worth more, because they are sold to make a special soup supposed to have magic powers. I get it, you humans want to have food that gives magical power buffs like some monster food gives, but it doesn’t work that way, and being cruel to sharks won’t help. Let’s not even get into what they do to the whales and dolphins.

sharks kill less than 10 humans a year. Most are cases of mistaken identity, but humans kill over 100 million sharks a year. Entire species driven to extinction. Typical humans, as a monster, I know how it feels when humans don’t understand and are scared of something, so they let bullies and people with uncaring destructive souls massacre an entire species and wipe it out, and justify it by claiming it’s just the way it’s been for a long time and that it’s to make places safer for humans. You want to know the most dangerous sea creature on the planet? The one that kills countless others, and is responsible for killing more humans at sea than all the other sea creatures put together?

Its humans. You have been killing each other at sea ever since you could make boats. I have been told that the flag I found was not about skeletons and humans, the skull and crossbones apparently means death, which doesn’t make sense because Papyrus and Sans wouldn’t kill a fly, right? Human pirates would use this flag to warn other ships to stay away, and they would kill people and steal from other ships. Today, people at sea still kill each other because of greed and hatred.

I’m listening to Alphys and trying to use science and education to change you humans and make you more empathetic, but if you keep fearmongering about sharks and killing them, and keep destroying the ocean, I’m going to handle this my way. I’m going to become a pirate. I already have an eyepatch and I can get that bird that carries you over a little gap in Waterfall to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I’ll take the royal guard and Papyrus as my crew, and I’ll go hunt down these humans that kill sharks and whales and dolphins, and these people that encourage such genocide of wildlife, and I’ll give you HUMANS a REAL DANGEROUS SEA CREATURE to FEAR! NGAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

(Editors note: please stop finning sharks, she is scaring me)
childhood daemon headcanons
  • children asking their daemons to become very small, hiding them in their pockets, and trying to scare the other children by pretending they don’t have daemons at all
  • children and their daemons staying up reading far after their parents have put them to bed, their daemons becoming fireflies to light up the pages of their books
  • daemons playing “guess which animal I am,” asking their human to shut their eyes, turning into different animals, and having their human touch them and try to guess what animal they’ve become
  • nerdy children reading about an exotic animal and school, and asking their daemon to become that animal so they can study it better
  • kids and their daemons trying to scare each other, kids making crazy faces while their daemons transform into tarantulas and bats
  • children trick-or-treating with their daemons, making sure that the daemons form matches their costume perfectly
  • daemons turning in to fishes when their human counterparts don’t want to take a bath, trying to coax their humans into the water and show them that it isn’t scary
  • the daemons of children who don’t have coats and blankets turning into big bears to keep them warm in the winter
  • children taking care of their daemons. daemons taking care of their children.

I had a really vivid dream last night:

I was this raggedy seaside girl who had some sort of arrangement with the local pod of mermaids to deliver them “food” (essentially unsuspecting groups of seamen and sailors). I was really afraid of them, but then I got attacked by the drunk town brute down by the shore and they protected me and pulled him under and ate him and they refused to hurt me

And… now that I think about it that would make a really good comic? And I kinda wanna draw it really bad???

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I really love your guys' responses (the bird one is a personal fave : >) and I'm in a Ghibli mood! So how about some scenarios based on the RFA+V and Saeran watching their favorite Ghibli film with MC?!

A/N: AAAAAAA I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI’S! LET’S HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON!! (Also thank you very much! I had so much fun on the bird one ^^) ~Admin 404



               -MC wants to watch a movie?

               -“LEMME PICK LEMME PICK LEMME PICK!!!!!!” okay yoosung jfc fINE

               -He picks one that he thinks is as cute as you!!!

               -Kiki’s Delivery Service!!!!

               -Come on! It’s got an adorable cat familiar and a witch who works as a delivery girl!

               -She has to overcome a hardship to get her powers back!!!!


               -He’d try to cuddle you close but he’s kind of like a little kid!! He still gets really excited like it’s the first time he’s watching it!

               -“MC LOOK, WATCH THIS PART!!!!!!!”

               - okay i would if i couLD HEAR IT YOOSUNG PLS CALM DOWN


               -It has a princess in it….

               -You’re HIS princess…..

               -IT MAKES SENSE okay sure it does oppa,  so he turns on The Tale of Princess Kaguya!

               -Vows if he ever finds a small child in bamboo he’ll take care of the child like in the movie

               -Love love loves that she refuses the multiple guys advances

               - Take note MC, ALL MEN ARE WOLVES

               -Forgot to tell you it was sad

               - okay but whY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME

               -Holds you close at the end and consoles you when you cry

               -“What? MC! I’m not crying! There’s…something in my eye. DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!”


               - are you sure we can’t just watch one of zen’s dvds

               -Also picks a cute one!

               -Come on MC the fish turns into a human for love it’s cute

               - okay but is Ponyo NOT like the Little Mermaid??

               -Though she really likes this movie, she’s always the type to make mum comments

               -“They’re much too young to be in love. Who thought of this?”

               -“Why was this little boy not freaked out at the fact this fish turned into a girl?”


               - baehee pls omg

               -“Why is this boy’s mother not concerned about all of this, ridiculous”


               -The Cat Returns.

               -Did you expect anything different

               -it’S GOT SO MANY CATS!!!!!

               -He’s seen it so many times, that he doesn’t need to pay much attention

               -So he puts Elizabeth the Third on his stomach as he lays his head in your lap

               - jesus christ MC pls run your fingers through his floof

               -Quiet throughout the whole movie

               -If you ask him a question about it, he shushed you and tells you to just watch it

               - but juju i am watching it i just need an answer to oNE QUESTION PLEASE

               -He actually falls asleep in the middle of the movie and gets embarrassed about it


               -It’s a movie about how you have to work hard to be free!!!

               -It’s literally the same theme as his life! rip why did i do that to myself lmao

               -Spirited Away!

               -He likes to tell the back stories to all of the spirits shown in the movie!!!

               -You just sit and listen to it no matter how many times you see this movie because he gets so excited!!!

               -He’ll get really dramatic with his gasps, grip the edge of his seat, the works

               -No-Face is his favourite!

               - totally doesnt cosplay as him and stands over you the moment you wake up just to hear you scream

               -If you actually want to watch the movie without him jumping around, you have to sit on his lap- he’ll calm down and rest his chin on your shoulder, but still makes silly sound effects against your ear


               -Grave of the Fireflies!!!

               -Loves the history in the movie

               - secret history nerd how cute

               -The hardships that these children go through break his heart ;A;


               -The little boy’s love and dedication to his sister inspires him so much

               -He loves to bundle up in a blanket and hold you close when you two are watching it

               -Has history fun facts ready to tell you cutecutecute

               -Will hold you close, rub your back, and whisper sweet words against your head when you cry over it okay listen MC is emotional beCAUSE THESE MOVIES CAN GET SAD DONT JUDGE ME

               -Every time he watches this movie, he gets fired up and wants to immediately leave the house and help people in need sweetheart its midnight i appreciate your fire but itll be better to help in the morning


               - the sootballs represent his soul

               - what a fuckin edgelord

               -My Neighbor Totoro!

               -Honestly wants to own one of the forest spirits

               -Who is he kidding, he wants his own life-sized Totoro, cAN YOU IMAGINE SLEEPING ON ONE MC?!?!

               -Pouts when he mentions that this is his favourite movie. Don’t call him cute. He’s allowed to enjoy a cute little movie with no violence in it. LET HIM HAVE THIS

               -“It’d be dope if there was a real life Catbus” “Saeran you’d be way too suspicious to actually get a ride from it” “OKAY, AND?

               -He’d rather watch the movie from a laptop, so the two of you can stay in bed

               -Sits criss-crossed and makes you sit in his lap so he can put his chin on your shoulder

               - gets distracted halfway through and ends up kissing the back of your neck and shoulder, but you keep ignoring him so he falls asleep instead

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Mermaid anon- Axis including Romano, Prussia, Spain. How would they react to turning into mermen


;;;  Feliciano’s crying…um…maybe we should go get Arthur to fix this mess before it gets out of hand…”WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T FIND HIM, LUDWIG?! I CAN’T BE A FISH, PEOPLE EAT FISH, AND I AM HALF FISH SO WHEN I TURN BACK AFTER I GET EATEN FOR MY FISHY TAIL, I’LL HAVE NO LEGS, THIS IS SCARY!” Uh…I don’t think he likes it as much until someone manages to convince him that no one wants to eat him.


You wouldn’t even know he turned into a half-fish, half-human creature until you walked in on him in the bathtub while reading a book with the seashell pink tail slightly sticking out the tub. Kiku doesn’t really mind it. Sure, he is constantly hungry for fish now, but he can deal with it. Just no cats until he’s turned back.


Honestly, he is probably the most collected while being freaked out at the same time. He will probably wonder why this happened and realize it probably had something to do with Arthur getting drunk last night…wonder who else got affected. N-Nevermind that, he’s probably reading book after book about how to deal with magic gone wrong and obviously, it’s not going very well. SO, what better thing to do other than sit around and be annoyed the rest of the day until Arthur finally decides to fix him?


“okay, what the absOLUTELY FUCKING FUCK. WHY HAVE I BECOME PART FISH? THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR. SPAIN, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, DID YOU DO THIS?” He doesn’t like it. One bit. He wants to be changed back right now before he murders anyone who looks at him. Freak out meter:


“Am I high? Am I drunk? I have to be extremely high right now. Heh, wait till bruder hears this…Wait, what do you mean this is real, West?! I CANNOT BE PART SHARK, WEST! GILBIRD IS GOING TO EAT ME!” Keep Gil away from any birds or he will scream very loudly. He thinks he is being cursed for any pranks he pulled on Elisabeth, so he is scared he’s gonna turn into a full shark, so any friend that is near by, you are gonna become his shoulder to cry on whether you like it or not. Until someone can tell him of all the possible pranks he could play on his friends at the beach will he lighten up.


He wants to go the beach. Like, right now. “Come on, it will be funny to see everyone’s funny faces, no?” Of course, he just wants to enjoy it while he can, fascinated by the sparkling green and yellow tail. Plus, he can swim faster and breathe underwater! That will be so much fun!

jungle - part one

title: jungle (PG)

type: chaptered 

character: try to imagine scruffy!Jackson (feat got7)

plot : you think you’re about to die when you’re purposefully abandoned on an unknown island, but life has other things(or people) in store for you

A/N: HELLOOOOO so after a thousand years i am back and this is the Jackson chaptered fic i was talking about! It’s something new and I hope you guys will like it! Apart from this chaptered story, I will try to write some oneshots/scenarios when I have the time! Thanks for waiting and always being so patient and understanding, I know how annoying it can get when you have to wait really long just to read something…….. :c I really appreciate each and every one of you, very very much ♡♡♡♡

part two | part three | part four | part five | part six

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BTS reacting to you being an Anime Fan

So as I am not that updated about anime I cannot make any references unfortunately except for studio ghibli movies I hope this is alright for the one who requested this:D

Maybe you can recommend me some Animes ( as I have literally no idea where to start in this big world of animes) ?:)

-Kiki <3



He walks into the room, seeing you sitting at the computer watching the screen, totally focused.

“What are you doing?” He asks suspicious.

“Watching Tokyo Ghoul.” You plainly say, not looking up.

He raises his eyebrow. “I thought you had to study and this is why you couldn’t help me cook in the kitchen?”

Your eyes widen. “Umm yeah I just finished studying actually and thought I could watch a new episode…I couldn’t wait longer for it I was so excited to see the new episode, you cannot imagine it!”

Hearing that, he only chuckles leaving the room so you could continue watching.

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“And this is the story how I ended up watching Attack on Titan and the overall plot…do you like it so far, does it seem interesting to you?” You ask excitedly after your 15 minute monologue.

Yoongi shrugs. “Well, I started drifting away after a few minutes in which you started talking about giant titans which are being fought against…yeah…”

“You should have listened carefully! Or should have said that you aren’t interested at least.” You playfully hit his arm.

“You know I like it when you talk about these things so excitedly, you look so happy then. Maybe you should just show me the anime some time maybe I can get into it.”

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“Oh you like Anime? Me too! Okay…I don’t watch it on a daily basis as you but I watched some movies, there was this one movie with this big fluffy creature and the kids which explore the forest…how was the movie called? I liked that one, however…we should watch this again!” He says excitedly.

“It is called ‘My neighbour Totoro’ and yes, we should watch it again!”

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“Okay wait…why did this fish girl now turn into a human being?” Namjoon asks confused as you two sit on the couch, cuddling, watching Ponyo.

“The fish girl has a name and it is Ponyo. And she wanted to turn into a human being so she used the magic power of her father to do so.”

“Oh I see…cute movie…it would be interesting to be a fish, don’t you think?” He randomly asks.

“How do you come to that idea now?” You laugh.

“I don’t know but imagine…swimming around would be funny.” He chuckles and makes fish noises with his mouth.

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Sitting next to you, Jimin sniffs into a tissue as you two watch ‘Howl’s moving castle’. “Why do you make me watch like the only anime which is probably really sad? Out of all of those existing animes you make me watch this one?”

You laugh and draw him into a hug: “First of all, this is not the only sad anime existing…Animes are often a bit sad and more mature…and this one is my favourite Studio Ghibli movie and you said, I quote:’You choose an anime, I don’t care which one.’“

“I never said that.” He sniffs.

“Yes you did.”

“I am not discussing this with you anymore. Let me cry like a baby.”

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“Why didn’t I know that my girlfriend likes manga, I cannot believe it…” Taehyung says and lays down next to you.

“Oh those mangas in my shelf…I actually like anime better than manga.”

“What??? Okay now, question time. Tell me everything from your favourite manga, to your least favourite…EVERYTHING.”

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*first date*

“So what are your hobbies, Jungkook?” You ask him as you two sit down with your coffees.

“Oh nothing special, I know it is super childlike and everything but I love anime…” He starts and takes a sip of his coffee after being interrupted by you.

“You are joking with this childlike because I love anime as well!” You laugh causing him to spill his drink a bit at the surprise.

“Really? This is so cool! So, would you mind watching a new episode of Tokyo Ghoul for our next date?” He asks shyly.

“Did you just imply that you are asking me out to another date, simply after I stated that I like anime as well?” You laugh.

“I guess I did. So I take that as a maybe?” He smiles excitedly.

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Thanks for reading!:) Hope you like it <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

The spotted pattern faded up by the waist. Bright red markings trailed along its sides.  It was a hodge-podge of fish and human, but it was no less elegant.

It turned its head in a very human like gesture, and stared at him, directly at him. Interest showed in its body language. The hair raised on the back of his neck. The sheer beauty of this creature implied that it was dangerous. Spiny fines flared out from its sides, not unlike a lionfish. Bright colors and spines were not a safe combination in fish, and seeing them on a creature that held the visage of a human turned his gut in fright.

Anzu…where was Anzu? They needed to get out of here. He spun around, seeking to grab her and head for the surface as quickly as possible.

His heart raced. The thought of seeing this large creature speeding towards them, grabbing them with pale hands and dragging them down, had him in a near panic. He whipped around as the flash of bright scales caught the corner of his eye.

There was nothing there. The creature was nowhere to be seen, and that was inherently more terrifying than seeing it watch him.



Designer Jeabyun Yeon .  Essentially it turns humans into fish.

“Triton uses a new technology of artificial gill model.
- It extracts oxygen under water through a filter in the form of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules.
- This is a technology developed by a Korean scientist that allows us to freely breathe under water for a long time.
- Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, it compresses oxygen and stores the extracted oxygen in storage tank.
- The micro compressor operates through micro battery.
- The micro battery is a next-generation technology with a size 30 times smaller than current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.” - Yanko Design

Send me through ask / message at Wolfy4rt @ here.The thing you have to do is this below. Btw if ya want to draw / don’t want to. it’s okay just up to you buddy. I don’t wanna bothering ya to draw. ohbtwsorryforlazycolor

Username : [ insert your name here ]
Gender : [ male or female // straight or bisexual or gay ]
Status : [ Single or Taken or Engaged or Married ] //coughdontaskemewhyiaddedengagedandmarriedcough//
Birthday : [ example:- (26.11.1990) / (sagittarius) ]
Route : [ Pacifist or Neutral or Genocide ]
Race : [ Human or Skeleton or Nubian Goat or fish-like humanoid monster(wellimeansomekindlikeundyne) or reptilian monster(thisisalphysokay) or robot turned human killing robot ]

Oh! BTW I want to know your Like and Dislike thingly annnd also personality.

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Fish out of water: Memaids/mermen or selkies?


i mean I love mermaids! Ariel is a deep and very important part of my childhood. I spent many an hour swimming pretending to be a mermaid. i love imagining how you could world build a mermaid society. I love stories about mermaids on land or humans turned into mermaids and that whole “fish out of water” trope. I mean I really like mermaids! 


At the risk of sounding hipster…they have been done a lot. There is a wealth of stories about them and while I love them I am fascinated by selkies and all the untold stories they represent. 

Like a tragic tale of love between a man and a selkie she doesn’t want to return but she can’t stay with him anymore. Or a second generation selkie whose mother chose to stay on land but she is desperate to return to the sea. Or a selkie whose skin is stolen from her and she is forced to stay on land against her will until she can figure out a way to get it back. There are just so many possibilities! But probably the biggest reason I am in love with selkies is “Song of the Sea”  Because look at it!

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Make me choose between: historical figures, ships, eras,mythological characters, artists, or  musicians
Fish Out of Water Chapter 10, a free! - iwatobi swim club fanfic | FanFiction

After three freaking months of agony trying to write this thing, I finally finished it! 

Title: Fish Out of Water

Pairing: Reigisa

Chapter: 10

Rating: T

Word Count: 7,460

Summary: Nagisa is a young merman who is fascinated by humans despite his father’s distaste for them. He decides to swim to the surface to learn about them firsthand. He spots a blue-haired human running on the beach and is stunned by his beauty. After saving said human from drowning in a storm, Nagisa can’t get him off of his mind and eventually asks the sea witch to turn him into a human.

soul-celebi  asked:

Tammy do you think Fishmans in Splatoon universe they can also turn into their respective Animal Form ? Or do you think they can do it only molluscs because they are composed by most ink or because they do not have bones ? Because I was reflecting on the fact of how Moe can talk if it is a simple clown fish

It is an interesting question. And I do think at least some of them can. We know Sheldon can since he can go inside his “helmet”. And there is lots of concept art of him crawling around in his crab form.

Dunno how canon this is but in the concept art book, there is a little comic where Spyke turns into a spike ball so I suppose he can turn too.

As for Moe… I think he and Annie are in some sort of symbiosis relationship and all anemone people have their own fish. I don’t think Moe can turn into human form. 

Sean and Jellonzo… No, I don’t think they have more human like form.

band members such as Hightide Era… Heh, I could see them having more fish like forms.

#ScienceSpreads: Biomagnification Spread

Here is the second spread in my #ScienceSpreads series! Biomagnification is a term used to describe how substances like pesticides or heavy metals (like mercury) move up the food chain, work their way into rivers or lakes, and are eaten by aquatic organisms such as fish, which in turn are eaten by large birds, animals or humans. As one moves up the food chain, the toxin is found in larger and larger concentrations and may start to negatively impact the top predators. A popular example is the pesticide DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane!), which when present in large quantities in birds of prey causes egg thinning - the thin shells break more easily, killing bird embryos before hatching. [Shout out here to Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring!]

This spread is for identifying the underlying core issue (which may be hidden at the moment) to a more seeable problem in your life, and how best to deal.  Like how thinning egg shells was a problem, but DDT pesticide building up in birds’ bodies was the underlying issue.

1. Thinning Shells: What you SEE as the problem. 
2. DDT: What is the core underlying issue? 
3. Management: How should you approach dealing with the core issue? 

I tested the spread for my partner and myself, both times worked out great. If you use it, tag me and/or #sciencespreads! I’d love to see how it worked for you.