the fish hatch

i love how living on the water has a little lawlessness.. i read about a man who built himself a boat with pillars that can be raised/lowered.. so when he finds a cove to live in he sails near to the shore on king tide and drives the pillars into the ocean floor then jacks up his boat. he lives there suspended above the water until he feels like moving and then he just lowers his boat back into the water with another high tide and leaves!! or an older couple up desolation sound who tethered a houseboat to the shores of a cove with 4 lines and grow all of their own food in floating greenhouses, fish out of a hatch in their living room floor and commute to the nearest town in a row boat

So I logged onto Tumblr

And In the bottom left corner of my screen I see a horse icon

And of course I’m naturally like “what the hell is on my dash.” Curious, I clicked it and hoped to the overlords that it wasn’t a virus (specifically a trojan) and I see this

And my level of “wtf” went up a notch. Why do I just suddenly have a horse on my dash that I have to take care of Tumblr don’t hand me responsibility like this. While I was taking the screenshot and saving it I looked back it. 

And it died?!?!? How????? I just got it and it’s already dead

@staff What is this and why do you demand such responsibility from me?

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yoooo, for the stuffed belly meme can we see either 12 (rocks) or 5 (fish)??

Hey so just did 12 but 5 was next on my list of most-asked so here ya go:

Fish would almost certainly have to have started out as eggs from an InCube assignment, unless (a) he swallows them accidentally while swimming on an alien planet or (b) they’re force fed to him by Bad Guys.

But if you’re talking alien fish, then this is another faaaave of mine. I would have to assume these alien fish, once hatched, are totally adapted to thrive in Dash’s insides and seem committed to making sure Dash knows they’re in there. So he’s got a massive, sloshing, heavy belly that practically ripples as the fish twist and writhe and literally swim in there. It wouldn’t necessarily be super painful (other than the usual strained ache of everything being full and stretched), but it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable either.

And I know I mentioned it up there but I gotta reemphasize that the noises coming from Dash’s abdomen would be like, ungodly with this particular infestation. Constant, deafening, liquid groans and fizzing bubbles and tight little whines and creaks. 

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what do you think about remoraid and octilliery did someone ask about this?

Sit yourself down anon, because ol’ ommanyte here is about to get a bit ranty.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Octillery. Cephalopods are like my favourite animal group. And hey, remoraid is a pretty cool guy too, remoras are awesome. But the fallacy, the insinuation that a fish ‘evolves’ into an octopus rustles all 700 of my biology jimmies.

We’re not only taking about this bizzare vertebrate to invertebrate cross , but a split even further back on the evolutionary tree, in relation to embryological development (molluscs are protostomes, i.e. when the gut forms in the embryo, the first hole that forms becomes the mouth, where as in us and echinoderms (starfish etc), the deuterostomes, the first hole becomes the anus lol) 

And this isn’t the only instance of such biological blasphemy in the pokemon world. Clamperl, again a mollusc, is supposed to ‘evolve’ into one of two fish, again an invertebrate/vertebrate cross.

Do I have an explanation for this? Maybe. Perhaps scientists in the pokemon world are actually a bit shit, and perhaps we are just exposed to psuedoscience and myths a lot because we literally play the games from the perspectives of children… but I think these ‘evolutions’ so to speak could be explained by a mixture of poor observation and folklore.

Here is my real world example. Meet the Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) and the Goose Barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes)

Back in the day, people thought that the geese literally grew and were born from these barnacles

Haha what idiots right? Birds hatching from barnacles lol. But don’t be too quick to judge. Barnacle geese are migratory, flying to the arctic circle from temperate latitudes, such as  the british isles every summer to breed and raise their young. Europeans at the time would never actually witness the geese breeding and rearing chicks  the old fashioned eggy bird way, but just manifesting in large numbers to do goose stuff every winter. Perhaps they grew and matured under the sea as barnacles during the summer, and hatch and flock as geese when winter approached. The barnacles do look like geese heads, and for lack of a better explanation for all these birds materialising, the connection was made and stuck fast, forming the folklore that gives both the geese and the barnacles their names today. 

So, we have here a  real life example of people thinking invertebrates could grow into vertebrates. Could the case of Remoroid -> Octillery, and Clamperl -> Gorebyss/Huntail be a similar case of association and lack of observation? Perhaps Remoraid are migratory, and move away from coastal habitats just when Octillery juveniles hatch and appear. Maybe Octillery predate on mature remoraid. Both instances could result in remoraid being there in one moment, but not the next. If an octillery is there in the habitat to take it’s place then perhaps the connection could be made between the two.

And what of Clamperl? I always thought that the pink ‘pearl’ could in fact be a fish egg, with the bivalve clam pokemon a separate entity (perhaps the blue stuff?) Both huntail and gorebyss could lay their eggs within the clam, and upon maturation of the eggs  it appears that the clam itself has turned into the respective fish pokemon (both gorebyss and huntail could lay eggs in the same clam, but pheromones from adult conspecifics, i.e. from the deep sea scale/tooth are needed for the specific fish pokemon species to hatch? I dunno, that’s a story for another time lol) 

It could be that these evolutionary stories perpetuate in the pokemon world because biologists are actually terrible at making observations of pokemon life histories (well like they did think that there were only 150 pokemon and now there are like over 700, or the relatively recent discovery of baby pokemon - I know this is all game mechanic stuff, but still), or maybe, as a ten year old, you still believe that remoraid grow into octillery because your grandmother told you such stories when you were a tot, but in my head anyway, these associative myths can explain these ‘evolutions’.

(I know it doesn’t explain trainers who raise these pokemon in isolation from the wild but shhhhhh) 


A mermaid’s purse or devil’s purse is a casing that surrounds the fertilized eggs of some sharks, skates, and chimaeras. They are among the common objects which are washed up by the sea. They are made of collagen protein strands.

Because they are lightweight, they are often found at the strandline, the farthest point of the high tide. The egg cases that wash up on beaches are usually empty, the young fish having already hatched out.

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Hi. Would domesticated huge fish as a sort of cow analogue be plausible enough to make sense? sheep-sized and completely placid, have a diet of a specific seaweed and thats domesticated too and so grows where humans farm it in lagoons, with the fish just bobbing around grazing on it, growing fat, in fenced in enclosures? Is there anything obvious that would rule that out as making sense or massive practical problems that would have to be accounted for? Thank You.

Well, we already do fish farming! We farm lots of medium sized species like trout, salmon, tilapia, and even some shellfish like scallops, mussels, and oysters!

The only problem I would think could arise is the time it would take for even a single fish to get to the size of a sheep. When fish are born/hatched they are most often nearly microscopic, even fish that get to he large sizes like blue marlin and sailfish, which are predatory and not grazers like you’re thinking.

However, it would be very possible to have carp farms! Some species of carp get very large and feed on algae. However, carp would absolutely wreck an aquatic ecosystem if they somehow got out. Take the Pacu, a cousin to piranha in Papau New Guinea. They originally introduced the species as grazers to offer more food to impoverished locals who fished to eat to survive. Now the Pacu is so numerous that it has driven all the other fish species away and has even turned predatory to compensate for the lack of grass since it all is getting eaten by the other Pacu.

Fish take a pretty long tome to grow and aren’t as effective for farming the larger they get. It takes a tuna about five years to mature while it takes a sheep only one.

As a concept however, yes this would make sense. It would be a good source of food if the ages of fish were staggered so that there were always fish available for harvest. Say about a few months between groups and having about, eh, twenty or so groups.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!


One of the most remarkable facts about Archey’s frog is that it is entirely terrestrial at all life stages.  Most frogs and toads lay their eggs in water, with those eggs hatching into fish-like, aquatic tadpoles.  Archey’s frog, however, lays its eggs in moist nest under logs or rocks.  The father guards the eggs while the young go through full metamorphosis, from tadpole to froglet, while still in the egg.  After hatching, the froglets will ride on the father’s back for several weeks until they can care for themselves.


Here is my contribution to Natsu Appreciation Day :)

Natsu is my absolutely favorite character in all of Fairy Tail. He’s strong, smart, funny, loyal, brave, and so much more. He deserves so much more than one day, and I hope my fic proves that :) enjoy!

Natsu kicked a lose stone on his way home. No one wanted to go on a mission today. He was all fired up this morning and ready to go beat up some bad guys, but everyone was busy.

The moment he walked into the guild Gray had run off saying he had errands to do and he wanted to leave before Juvia saw him. Juvia left right after him, following him.

Erza he didn’t bother, she ws eating her cake and “I’m not thinking about Jellal” face on.

Wendy and Carla had gone a mini-mission with Happy in town, the little traitor.

Levy was talking in some weird language to Lily, and Gajeel was pretending to understand. He growled at Natsu when he got close.

Laxus ignored his rants about fighting. The Thunder Legion followed his lead.

Master Makarov told him to go alone, but that was no fun.

Gildarts had left on some mission a while back.

Mira, Lisanna, and Elfman were busy behind the bar. Mira shooed him away when he asked what.

The rest of the guild ignored him. Cana tried to get him to drink with her, but the last time he did that he woke up with everyone angry at him.

So he left, face buried in his scarf to hide his frown. He decided to go to Lucy’s, she always cheered him up.

Grinning, he jumped up to her always open window and landed on her bed.

“YO LUCY!” he hopped to the floor and looked around, “LET’S GO ON A MISSION!”

But the apartment was quiet, no screams of ‘GET OUT’. No wails of 'QUIT BARGING IN’ or 'COME IN THROUGH THE DOOR’.

She wasn’t home.

“Man,” he raised one hand to hold his scarf, sitting on her soft bed, “guess I’ll just wait.”

He laid down on the pink bed and tried to sleep, only to be plagued by nightmares of him being left alone again and again.

Sitting up in a cold sweat, he covered his eyes with his scarf. Wiping his face, he turned around and fell into Lucy’s pillow, allowing her familiar scent to lure him into a calm state.

He heard a crinkling sound as he buried himself deeper in the fluffy pillow.

“What’s this?” he held up a letter with his name on it.

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