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“Zero-Hour” Review

The Rebels have been building up to this since episode one–the attack on Lothal. However, such will not come to fruition–not in this season, anyway. Grand Admiral Thrawn has bigger fish to fry in this epic season finale!

After Agent Kallus learns of the attack on Lothal, he heads to Ezra’s old home tower to warn the Rebels. But Thrawn was expecting him, and after engaging in a fist-fight, Thrawn captures Kallus, allowing only a partial message to get through.

This episode also marks the debut of Genral Doddona. Fans of Ratchet and Clank will be interested to note that Michael Bell (the voice of Lawrence) voices Doddona. As the Empire pushes through, Commander Sato flies his Ryloth cruiser into Admiral Constantine’s Interdictor, killing them both. With this chance, Ezra takes Maul’s Gauntlet jet and escapes into hyperspace.

While Hera, Zeb, Wedge, and Rex protect the base, Kanan tries to recruit the Bendu. But being one in the middle, the Bendu will not interfere, and becomes angry at Kanan for bringing war to his planet.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Chopper head to Krownest to get help from Sabine. They take a few Mandalorians with them to aid in the fight against the Empire from the sky. Together, they take out the second Interdictor, and lead the fight against the TIE fighters.

On the ground, the remain rebels fight, but unfortunately, Thrawn captures them. However, the Bendu–harnessing the power of the force, creates a storm so violent, that it chases off the Empire, giving all the Rebels time to escape. Kallus also manages to escape with them, which means he’s now part of the Rebel Alliance!

Thrawn orders the Deathtroopers to attack the Bendu, wounding him, and bringing him back down to Attolon’s surface. Bendu makes Thrawn realize that he may have driven the Rebels from this planet, but they have not lost the war. Thrawn then shoots the Bendu, killing him…or so he thinks.

With Kallus joining the Rebels, and Sabine heading back to Krownest, the rest of the Rebels make their way to Yavin 4, the TRUE rebel base that appears in A New Hope. Kanan tells Ezra that the Rebels are meant to win, and that it’s up to them to make it happen.

This episode gets a 10/10. But unfortunately, this season wasn’t as good as the past two. Probably due to the fact that Ahsoka, Vader, and the Inquistors were not in this season at all. This season mostly focused on the building up of the rebel alliance, which has led to a few filler episodes here and there. For season 4, we know that Yoda, Lando, and Bo-Katan will be making their return. Hopefully, we will see more at Star Wars celebration in a few weeks.

i have been in america lately and tried its Various cuisine’s here is my review


  • what i had: four for $4 burger and lemonade.
  • what i thought: this is the same as mcdonalds but there is a smiling girl! the guy who invented wendys was called somethng else so who is wendy. Food apparaition?
  • rating: 3/5. food was boring but mysterious girl warmed my heart

cook out

  • what i had: hot dog and shake
  • what i thought: holy shit. also milkshakes in america are like, solid ice cream. i was expecting nesquik
  • rating: 5/5. the hot dog was nauseating but cost a dollar and the cashier liked toys

steak n shake

  • what i had: you can only have burgers and shakes from this restaurant so thats what i got baby!! when in roam!! hasta la vista!!
  • what i thought: siri didnt know how to get there so we got lost on the highway at 1am. WOOPS!!! thats the american life
  • rating: 4/5. tasted like i was dying, but pleasantly

cracker barrel

  • what i had: friday fish fry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what i thought: there was lots of old people in this restaurant. the waitress avoided me because my nails were painted. this is a well documented phenomneom but biscuits are definitely something different in this country than my country
  • rating: 2/5. scary torture cabin


  • what i had: piza slice
  • what i thought: i know this isnt technicaly a restaurant but drinks were 50 cents so it gets an honorable mention. there was a crate of mayonnaise but i didnt try that.
  • rating: ???/5. costcos most precious secrets are lost to us all

Betta fish thing at the remodeled pet store!!
The square bowls are small, but bigger none the less!
And each fish has a little bubbler to keep the water moving and oxygenated!
And a little light to show off each fish’s pretty colors

(I’m really happy, other than this store, all the places that have beta fish for sale in the area have them in basically a clear dixie cup, and if the fish jumps out, too bad..)

I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of people telling us not to write meta on Series 4 because “your ship didn’t become canon, so get a grip”. Has anyone read the majority of meta that’s been produced since The Final Problem? Most of it doesn’t have to do with Johnlock. We’ve been focused on drawing parallels from other episodes in order to read this last one correctly. We dig up the Doyle references to better understand the story. We’ve researched William Goldman, Derren Brown, Oscar Wilde, Goethe, Chekov, Freud, Queen, and Greek Mythology. We put in a shit-ton of work to read series 4 the way other episodes are meant to be read, all the while keeping the passion going in spite of many voices in our own community demanding we stop. Johnlock isn’t the focus of our metas anymore – we’ve got bigger fish to fry, if you haven’t noticed. Tbh, Johnlock hasn’t been the focus of the majority of our metas since before The Six Thatchers.

For anyone to say meta writers are delusional about their ship is insulting to both the writers and to those people making the accusation themselves, because it implies the writers are one-dimensional, while it also implies those accusers cannot read.


You trying to tell me
— people cheered when Mel Gibson’s name was announced (short memory much?)
—people kept talking about “hidden fences” (whatever the fuck that is)
—Casey “assault-allegations” Affleck got the big acting award
—La La Land, with its ridiculous “magical negro John Legend teaches Ryan Gosling about jazzzzzz” plot, swept the awards

and my black ass is supposed to be mad Tom Hiddleston spoke about the crisis in Sudan and dedicated his award to aid workers? Whaaaaat?

Like, fuck, his speech wasn’t the best. Okay. But if I’m going to get mad about white (or straight, or cis, or able-bodied) saviourism at an award show, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than the dude who has been doing humanitarian work in Africa since before the Avengers. There’s a long list, booboos.

People doing too much.

What if Sombra doesn’t have any information on McCree, because she’s the one that wiped it?

They’re only seven years apart, and she looks really young when she’s meeting with the Los Muertos gang, so if she runs with them and McCree runs with Deadlock around the same time, maybe they crossed paths at some point in their youth? A deal gone wrong between the two gangs and things go south, but McCree comes across a little girl somewhere in the midst of it and he’s not about to kill a kid, what do you take him for? He makes sure she gets out of harms way until the shooting stops, and he forgets about it, but Sombra doesn’t, because when the world is an eye for an eye and someone goes out their way to keep you alive, you kinda owe them one?

But Deadlock goes down and McCree disappears with Blackwatch, and maybe even she forgets about it for a while with bigger fish to fry and powerful friends to make, until the day comes when Overwatch crumbles and a bounty shows up on her radar on one named Jesse McCree, and she remembers the rival gang member who helped her once.

McCree gets a call, a few weeks after he’s left Overwatch, in a small, run down motel out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no traffic and no reason to be calling. It’s early in the morning, and his sleep addled brain is catching up when he lifts the receiver and mumbles a sleepy “hello?” There’s silence for a moment, until a voice comes on the phone and says two words: Favour repaid.

The line goes dead, and McCree is now confused but wide awake - he tries reverse calling the number but there’s no source to be found. His mind goes to the worst possible scenario that he’s been compromised and he high tails it before the sun has risen and he gets swarmed by bounty hunters or feds or former rival gangs out for revenge.

Except… try to find any information on a man named Jesse McCree, and you won’t find a damn thing. It’s like looking for a ghost. Sure it won’t last, things can never stay off the grid completely, and he’ll surface and it’ll all start all over again but for now, the world forgets about Jesse McCree.

  • Fifi: I didn't like Jake's shoes and jeans, they were a bit dad-like.
  • Nick: See, I liked them. They are a bit 'dad', but it makes me think he doesn't care about the fickle world of fashion, and has a bigger fish to fry. And it's kind of cute and a bit dorky.
  • Fifi: You two are just made for each other.
  • Nick: I know... Apart from the fact he's a heterosexual male, we are absolutely perfect for each other.

So It’s fish fry season and I help my dad clean up after the one my old catholic middle school does each friday. Like that’s cool and all but this time I found this 

It’s just a big cardboard cut out of Hugh Jackman????????



i really wish the small town midwestern scene wasn’t so inherently conservative-slash-racist-slash-generally-depressing because I feel a lot of affection for its Weirdness From Mundanity That is Both Comforting and Unsettling

Shitty fish frys during lent sponsored by the OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SORROWS PARISH that even non-catholics go to; no one has a problem with it, but no one seems to know why or how they show up either. That single restaurant in town that isn’t a chain and you see at least six people you know there every time you go; the owner knows your parents and your parents parents and sometimes you wish they didnt. the 8 million churches, like, surely there’s not enough people even living here to keep all these open? that one sorta-creepy office-looking building that there’s always threeish cars at, but you’ve never quite figured out what it’s for. The Character who Everyone has seen jogging down main street in a bright neon track suit doing a bizzare aerobics routine no one can figure out (it’s funny until your mom tells you what she heard about them at the PTA meeting one time, which is invariaby something terribly sad and Everyone knows). The subdivisions built in the early aughts on the edge of town that are slightly nicer than the houses in town, but all look the same, and every street has a pretentious-fancy stone wall with the name of the street on it, and they’re all something crazy generic like “Crestwood Hills” or “Stone Ridge Court”; the person you hated in eighth grade lived in one of these, and somehow you know that they will again someday. the taco bell off the interstate that is, somehow, shitter than the average taco bell, but all the high school kids get high and go there after dances and over the years their energy has imbued with with some kind of trashy youthful magic. that eerie feeling when you’re at a crossroads out of the way at night and you stop at the red light for what feels like a really long time, but there’s no other cars in sight, and you have to take a moment to acknowledge that you’re following society’s rules Just Because rather than for any practical reason here and you could TOTALLY just run this red light without any consequences and and and then it turns green and it’s a huge relief

immature girls on social media tagging their mediocre/ugly/unremarkable bfs in photos with shit like “you wish sweetie” are so puzzling to me. i do not wish. i dnt care at all. i still haven’t filed my taxes like i have bigger fish 2 fry

Though Oliver has bigger fish to fry for the foreseeable future, Stephen Amell had this to say about Oliver’s take on Felicity’s recent secret-keeping: “Look, he does trust her, but that doesn’t mean he has to agree with her.” That distinction will be put to the test in Episode 19, which is officially titled “Dangerous Liaisons” but “you could almost call it ‘Team Arrow vs. Team Felicity,‘” Amell shared. Felicity and her Helix hackers and Oliver’s associates “are both after the same objective, but after it in different ways. And that pushes us into a real exploration of why Oliver and Felicity have been behaving the way that they’ve been behaving this year.”

Ask Ausiello | TVLine (March 22, 2017)

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