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☆☆IMPORTANT: 30 tips from fellow wise thunderbirds to first-years at UBC

Last week, we asked our followers what they wish someone had told them in first year. We hope that this post will help with surviving first-year at UBC! (I put a ★ beside the ones that I think are extra important.) Reblog and share on Facebook with your friends who are going into first-year!

Here it goes. Take notes!

I wish someone had told me that…

  1. ★ you don’t need to be friends with people in your dorm because some of them are toxic to you academically and personally. Your well being is more important.
  2. I don’t have to be involved in everything, but it will take time to find that one passion. Plus, there’s more to do in Brock Hall than paying your tuition (aka hidden study desks on 2nd floor).
  3. you should join clubs. Go to them. Stick with one that you find the most friends in. Also, become chatty with your profs.
  4. it’s going to take a lot more effort than in high school to make friends who will stick around after the class ends.
  5. meal plan money won’t last forever, don’t pick your major in first year no matter how confident you feel, you should always talk to your prof when you’re falling behind or facing hardship, time goes by way too fast (enjoy it!)
  6. there was a full Timmy’s on campus instead of learning about it on my last day if first semester. #thembagels
  7. ★ UBC is bigger than you could ever imagine, that there are so many hidden opportunities out there that aren’t advertised, so dig around and talk to upper-year students! Next thing you know, you’re in fourth year and you finally hear about something cool in your last semester.
  8. ★ I should wait buying my textbook to see if your prof actually uses them & that it’ll be okay.
  9. you will make friends eventually, fear not
  10. ★ 8am in high school is NOT the same thing as 8am in university.
  11. I should JOIN a club. Not just normally sign up for various clubs but not give a damn about all of their activities because you are sooo busy with schools. ACTUALLY GET INVOLVE. You’ll thank me later ;)
  12. you do NOT need to buy your textbooks from the bookstore! Use to price compare.
  13. ★ if you’re facing mental health issues like depression GET HELP. There is no shame in taking care of your mental well being!
  14. if you get sick or something before your bc health gets processed go to pine free community clinic first, do not freak out
  15. don’t be afraid to ask questions or even answer questions, your answers/queries aren’t as stupid as you’d think + could help others
  16. Go to Office Hours! 5 minutes can make a world of difference with your prof or TA. Also join a club- one that sounds fun! Meet with advisors
  17. ★ a W looks better than an F.
  18. relying solely on friends made through high school would be devastating to my social life throughout my university years and continuing past graduation.
  19. I shouldn’t take Math 100 or a full course load in the first semester of first year.
  20. this isn’t high school, and serious relationships are a mistake.
  21. ★ doing badly in your first year is not okay, actually.
  22. IKBLC isn’t a place for productive studying.
  23. I shouldn’t wear my UBC housing lanyard around my neck as it will identify me as a first year.
  24. reading chapter 1 of my new textbooks at the library is a complete waste of time.
  25. ★ I should do the chapter readings BEFORE attending class. It’s much more beneficial than going to lecture and reading about the material afterwards. That way, the professors go through the material that you already know and you can ask better questions.
  26. you should always rent textbooks if given the option.
  27. ★ it’s okay to eat lunch alone time to time.
  28. even if you live on campus, and you had to wake up early during high school, you will still suffer if you choose 8am courses.
  29. I should try harder to make friends in first year, and hang out with people outside of class too. Now it’s awkward to suddenly be all chatty when we’ve seen each other every other day for a year without saying anything.
  30. ★ you can (should) go to different professors if your class prof sucks.

-WWSCUBC and Campus Squirrel

halerogers  asked:

*jumps into your inbox for some bottom!derek cause i'm all about that* do you ever think about stiles taking derek apart with his tongue? just nothing but his tongue. and derek is shivering and moaning loudly, loving every second of stiles' tongue moving around and tasting every part of him. and obviously there's a lot of rimming and derek does not last long, neither does stiles after he sees derek's face. (ps bless the bottom!derek spam you're doing)

CHARLIE *cracks knuckles* DO I EVER?

Charlie, have you seen that son’s mouth??? aND TONGUE???

It’s not a secret, Stiles Stilinski has the worst case of Oral Fixation.

Like, we all seen him put all kind of things in his mouth, he just can’t help it.

And when it comes to sex oh oh oohhoho [wait, i’m trying to do like ohohoooohhoooh I mean, don’t imagine the oh oh oh of Santa Clause please]

Ahem. When it comes to sex. Stiles loves, adores, isn’t totally satisfied if he doesn’t get to put those lovely lips and tongue and mouth to good use.

He NEEDS it.

So from there you have him loving, giving blowjobs, face-fucking (How he loves face-fucking when his jaw hurts just that perfect ache), and of course rimming, where he gets to lick and kiss and mouth, and it’s just Perfect.

THEN we have Stiles, and his Derek Hale Fixation. 

And when you unite the two fixations? eh, you literally have Big, Amazing, Booming fireworks going off in Stiles’ brain. of the kind that short-circuits his brain for a whole minute.

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And when your lips met mine, I knew that I could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when I first kissed the person of my dreams and knew that my love would last forever.

Hello all! I’m sure we can all agree this has been a rough year, but it’s finally coming to a close, and, looking back, there have been some bright spots in the darkness this year. Hopefully this list will be another one! I did my first follow forever last year and it seemed to lift a lot of spirits, so I’m choosing to honor all my wonderful tumblr friends again this year!

I want to start off my giving a huge shout-out to the entire kylux fandom, without whom my year would have been very drab indeed. All of you are wonderful and create masterpieces every day. Congratulations on a whole year of kylux!

Special thanks go out to @acroamatica, @iambnotwhatiamb and @katherine1753, who have been so kind and generous in their support of my writing this year. My time in the fandom would not have been nearly as wonderful without you three, and I love you all~

Now, on with the list! Mutuals are listed in bold. Happy holidays, everyone :)

@abbothegreat, @acroamatica, @alligator-jigglin-fever, @amazingnessin, @ao3feed–kylux, @aofunk, @areistotle, @astound, @astrofyre, @benderrrodriguez, @bitters0da, @bl00dbite, @brawlite, @brideake, @bygoneboy, @carefulmimicry, @catnapcpt, @ceruleancynic, @cherryandsisters, @cogs-are-turning, @constable-frozen, @crackedverbosity, @creepycreepyspacewizard, @curlygingerbird,  @dailycatdrawings, @dancyplants, @darcydent, @deluxekyluxtrashcan, @dovingbird, @eatadickimasu, @failingatlife, @fatgirlopinions, @favomancer, @feathersandinks, @findingschmomo, @first-disorder, @flowersilk, @fullmetalfisting, @gaby-arts, @graylish, @graysxons, @halpdevon, @hittower, @horatiosroom, @hubedihubbe, @hux-you-up, @huxblush, @huxology, @iambnotwhatiamb, @ihatejonarbuckle, @inchells, @ininachu, @injureddreams, @johannathemad, @juliamon, @juunkrat, @kadenjwdraws, @katherine1753, @keenveins, @kelgrid, @kerolunaticat, @kirbyross, @knight-of-trash, @kromitar, @kyleauxwren, @kylogetrekt, @kylux-fic-hell, @kyluxinferno, @little-tunny, @loudmonet, @mangalho, @mariusperkins, @maziodynes, @milkkbub, @minty-shark, @minuiko, @miraculoustang, @moonflowermonster, @munchyart, @mwuuh, @nebulash, @nookienostradamus, @occulant, @ocktorok, @onlythesassiest, @our-celestial-death, @overfierce, @padalickingood, @paper-mario-wiki, @parttimedragon, @penpenhooray, @petcommissions, @petitcho, @petiteelfqueen, @piccadilly-whores, @pidgy-draws, @popomodoro, @pumpkinscout, @queerheadcanonoftheday, @randomdraggon, @randomsplashes, @ravingredhead, @reb-chan, @recentgooglesearches, @reserve, @rhodanum, @rollingrabbit, @rubyetc, @rythna, @saberghatz, @sailershanty, @sailorkramer, @sakuraa, @sassy-pigeon, @schaloime, @scotchtapeofficial, @seatossedamethyst, @sigalawin, @skellydun,  @skylocked, @sockleton, @solohux, @space-emos, @spacegaycentral, @sparkscroach, @spockl, @sproowho, @squidbiscuit, @starexorcist, @steamworkblue, @study-nsp, @tarahana, @tealtang, @teamnationaltreasure, @that-vicious-vixen, @thatpunktransboy, @thebootydiaries, @thedoodlecompany, @therealraewest, @toyokojsp, @unflatteringpicturesofbenwyatt, @unikirin, @unlikelymilliner, @viria, @vullardqueen, @youdidnotseeme, @yvettebeawulf, @zerotation


Imagine telling the Avengers who your brother is - requested by officialaskells

You had been sitting around the table in one of the conference rooms at the Avengers Tower with the rest of your team around you. Your eyebrows were pulled together and you were chewing on your lip. “We need help on this one,” Tony was saying. “I don’t think we can do this alone.” Was this the right time to finally tell them? You had known, when you first joined them last year, that you couldn’t keep this from them forever. 

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i started get active on the last half of the year, its my first follow forever in this blog, so forgive me if i forget someone, if you have my follow i love your blog and i wish you were a friend but i’m a disaster even talking on internet sorry alskçkeok so there are blogs really specials to me, thank you guys for put so much good energies in my dash, i wish amazing holidays for everyone!!

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Alrighty then, holy shit babes you guys got me to hit 1k, that’s pretty huge in my opinion, so as a huge thank you for being the best followers and beautifying my dash, here’s the thing ♥  (i love you guys, like it’s not even funny)

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thank you so much babes but i know i didn’t tag everyone so here my blogroll for those other cute moon pies I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH THANK YOU, i love you all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Prussia in his Hetaween costume. Towards the end of the event, he seemed to be in a state of either shock or confusion:

“What do you mean Old Man Fritz is here??”

“What do you mean Austria wore normal clothing?”

“What do you mean I’m crying in the bathroom?!”

“What do you mean you can’t find Poland?”

– “Did you check inside Russia’s giant talking teddy bear…?”

“What do you mean Hungary is ignoring my funny story?!!”

Apparently I THRIVE in -41 weather! Today was the day. Last year, this was my first race and it changed me forever. I love half Marathons so much. You need so much mental strength in order to get you through and it feels amazing when you finish. Today I did this race again, I had too. I love winter runner so this is perfect for me. When I saw -41 I was worried, but I layered up perfectly and it ended up being the best race I could ever imagine right now. Coming back from an injury and not being able to train properly because I was away for a funeral. I did not expect to even come close to beating last years time (2:33). WELL WELL WELL I did it! Lol my time for this beautiful race was 2:25:41. That’s right. Under 2:30. This is HUGE for me. I couldn’t be happier. It was cold but I didn’t feel it much because I was well dressed. There was a part in the race where it was like a winter wonderland. It was so beautiful. I could talk about this for hours. Expect a video later today! Thanks for all the support! #bless #sobrave #winterrunning #crazy #runhappy #hypohalf #hypohalf2016 #montreal #ftm #ftmrunner #ftmrunners #vegan #veganrunners #poweredbyplants

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so it’s been 11 months almost a year since i made my first follow forever and well a lot has changed since then, i made many good friends on here, gained A LOT of followers, got better at making edits even tho they still could be better lol, somehow passed another semester and now i’m starting my 4th year, among other things, so yeah i’m really thankful.
and i think a ff is the best thing i can do to show some appreciation.
last time i talk about how i got into kpop and how it help me go through my first year of college, and this time i honestly just want to say thank you.

last thing... as a game or something try finding your url on the edit :) some are really easy others not so much lol that can be kind of fun after all i didn’t make it for nothing

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♘ special people who have made my time on this website more pleasant:
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according to my first follow forever last year i was following only 105 blogs, now i follow 161, in comparison this ff has like +30 more blogs and lot more mutuals lol
also last year i had 450 songs, now i have 620, that goes to show that this thing of being a kpop fan isn’t going anywhere… basically i’m doomed.

Okay, so, since this week is my “birthweek,” I made my first ever follow forever! I wanted to do this since last year but being the lazy TRASH I am, I ended up making one in 2015. Amazing. Anyway, I love each and everyone of you more than anything under the sun, either you’re a friend of mine or I just truly adore your blog. For the people who didn’t make it to this list, this won’t be my last follow forever ;)

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taylorswift abiander tree-paine i know y’all won’t see this but who cares i love you all so so so much


♦ {Os gifs já dizem tudo mas mesmo assim eu agradeço (de novo) o carinho de vocês, sem vocês aqui não existiria certo?! Muito obrigada pela paciência de vocês, porque poucos sabem mas eu cuido daqui sozinha por isso é meio flop ahehaehah Esse follow forever (como diz nos gifs) é para todos os que eu sigo e para todos que me seguem também ? Eu amo todos da mesma forma.} ♦


♦ {The gifs say all  already but anyway I thank (again) the affection of you, without you I would not be here, right? Thank you for your patience, but few know why I take care alone here so it’s kind flop ahehaehah This follow forever (as it says on gifs) is for all blogs I follow and all who follow me too.} ♦


 the first and last follow forever of the year by vampirepsds 


Hey! Last year I made my first follow forever, and since I’ve followed and met new people, I decided to make a follow forever again for this year! So in appreciation of all my beautiful mutuals, here it is! Here are some of the lovely people I follow some are friends, mutuals, or just favorite blogs (coughwhodontfollowbackcough). And I wanted to take advantage of this situation to say: ¡Thank you! For being so cute to me all the time, for making my dash a better place, and always make me laugh! I’m conviced I follow the right people. Thank you again, and my best wishes for the coming year.

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Dersha Fiction: Skylines (Chapter 1)

Hey loves! This is the first chapter of my new series. You can read the synopsis here and read up on the characters here. Enjoy. The characters in the first chapter can be viewed below. Ahsha Davenport-Roman, Nate Kendricks, Jackson Roman, and Harper Roman.

Ahsha’s body convulsed against the warmth of Nate’s tongue as she climaxed for the second time that morning. The young model was 10 years younger than Ahsha and could please her body better than some older men. Well, with the exception of her soon to be ex-husband. No one could ever treat her body the way that man did, Ahsha had to say so herself.

Nate peeked out from under the cover to get a glimpse of Ahsha in her post-orgasmic state. He was beyond cocky and that was one thing that drew Ahsha to him. At only 25 years old, Nate knew where he wanted to go in life and he was doing everything he could to get there. He began modeling at the age of 19 after moving to New York from Virginia. Since then, he had been modeling for a few commercial ads and local magazines. His goal was to make it to New York Fashion week and he was working with his agency to get the wheels turning on that venture.

“I really needed that,” Ahsha sighed in sexual bliss. She had to be at work by 11am and it was already 9:35. Lately, the job had been driving her insane, leaving her beyond stressed. Plus, dealing with two school aged children and their many activities was not helping matters. Ahsha loved working for Alvin Ailey and it was a dream come true, but she needed a vacation.

“No problem. You know I got you,” Nate purred, resting between Ahsha’s legs. “Whatchu got up for today?”

“Work and picking the kids up from school. Today’s their last day until the fall,” she replied, caressing the smooth skin of Nate’s back. “Plus, I have to sign Jackson up for baseball and Harper wants to start piano lessons over the summer. So I’m pretty busy for the next week.”

“You know I could help you with all this stuff…if you introduced me to the kids,” Nate suggested, his eyes squinting. Though Nate oozed with sex appeal, his boyish charm made it really hard to say no. His dazzling smile almost had Ahsha screaming ‘yes’ but she couldn’t. Jackson and Harper were her world and she wasn’t ready for them to meet another man. The children were having a hard time dealing with the pending divorce between their parents and Ahsha wasn’t about to confuse them even more.

“No, Nate. They aren’t ready for that yet. Neither am I,” she answered, trying to look away before Nate’s face dropped. “That’s a huge step for the both of us.”

“But I love you,” Nate confessed, shocking both himself and Ahsha.

“Um…it’s only been a few months,” she shot back in response to his confession.

It wasn’t the answer he was looking for and Ahsha felt bad for breaking his heart. The thing was, she wasn’t over her ex. No matter how many times his infidelity crossed her mind, she couldn’t take her heart back from him. Kyle had told her he had moved on to some young, up and coming actress and they seemed very much in love. That burned Ahsha to her core. People viewed Derek and Ahsha as the IT couple. They were King and Queen of the Los Angeles Devils and what many deemed as the couple that would last forever. Ahsha met Derek her first year as a Los Angeles Devil Girl. He was their star player and was as charming as they came. The two hung out once after a game and after that they were connected at the hip…literally. Derek wasn’t the type of guy Ahsha would normally date. Her type was more reserved and what some would call nerdy. Derek Roman was very intelligent but he was cocky and very outspoken. He was the perfect definition of a bad boy and Ahsha was hooked instantly, even after she tried to deny it at first. The baller was equally as hooked on the Ahsha Davenport potion. Three years after dating, they were married and three more years later Ahsha was pregnant with Jackson. Things couldn’t be going any better. Four years after that, they had their second child, Harper. That’s when their marriage began to change. Two children meant less time alone. Their children were two of the best blessings but neither one of them thought about how much time and care went into raising two children only a few years apart. Life was no longer simple. Matters worsened when the Devils hit a rut and Derek’s position as head coach was threatened. He was lucky to even get the job after he retired from the league. Not many players were blessed with that opportunity right after retirement.

Ahsha was busy coaching the Devil Girls, plus making sure the kids stayed busy in activities. The couple barely saw each other during the week and it was taking a toll on their relationship. The tip of the iceberg came when a new assistant coach joined them. Abigail Turner was the first female assistant coach in the NBA, landing a job with the Devils. Derek didn’t pay her much attention unless they were working together on the job. One night, they were both staying late and Derek went running off at the mouth about his relationship issues. Abigail had recently divorced her husband before moving to California. For some reason, the conversation got heavy and Abigail ended up kissing him. Bad luck seemed to be following him that day because Ahsha had come to the arena to surprise him that night. Knowing he would be working late, she sent the kids to stay with her parents and dressed in a sexy little outfit to surprise her man. Right when she walked into his office, she saw Abigail’s lips leaving Derek’s. Her husband did everything he could to convince her that Abigail had kissed him, but Ahsha wasn’t having it at all. Derek could have pushed Abigail away and instead chose to let her put her crusty lips on his. Even after trying to work it out for months, the couple had finally hit the end of the road.

They decided to separate and Ahsha took a job opportunity she had been offered months ago. Ahsha took their two children and moved to New York City to take on the job of co-director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. The job was a dream come true. Derek hated to see his children leave and he was going to fight for them until he thought about the pain it would bring his babies. Custody battles could get fairly ugly and he didn’t want to go through that. Their divorce was already stressful enough and it hadn’t even been finalized. Instead of dragging his children through a court case, he agreed to keep them for the summer and over the holidays, while Ahsha had them most of the time.

Since separating, Ahsha and Derek only talked to each other when it came to discussing their children. Other than that, they had become strangers.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s too soon,” Nate agreed, rolling onto his side. His feelings were obviously hurt.

“I should go shower before I’m late for work.”

Nate had gotten out of bed and began getting dressed. “I have an audition this evening. I should probably prepare for that.”

“Okay. Well….I guess I’ll call you later,” Ahsha insisted, trying to patch up Nate’s bruised ego.

“Yep,” he answered curtly.

Ahsha stood there a few seconds longer before retreating to the bathroom. Before she could even get her shower started, the door to her condo slammed shut.


On the way to work, Ahsha received a call from Jackson’s school. Apparently, Jackson had punched a kid in the face and was facing a possible suspension in the fall. This wasn’t the first time Jackson had been suspended for losing his temper. After moving to New York, Ahsha noticed a change in Jackson’s behavior. He became angry, defiant and his grades went from A’s and B’s to C’s. When he was asked about his sudden change, Jackson usually hunched his shoulders or muttered ‘I don’t know’ under his breath. Ahsha felt like she was failing as a parent. The divorce was effecting Jackson and he had become angry. Harper was full of questions that Ahsha couldn’t answer.

Ahsha called her job, turned around and headed towards The Anderson School.

When the worried mother arrived at Anderson, she found Jackson already sitting in the front office with his backpack. “Sorry I’m late. Got caught in traffic,” Ahsha said as she signed Jackson out on the secretary’s sign out sheet. Jackson was too busy pouting to even see the look his mother was giving him. “Jackson, what happened?”

“I don’t know,” he muttered under his breath.

“Mrs. Davis wants to see you in her office. I’ll keep an eye on Jackson while you talk to her,” the secretary said, scooting a pass across the counter.

Ahsha gave her son one more glance and headed down the hall to the principal’s office. This couldn’t be good. All she wanted was for her children to be respectful and do well in school. Harper was excelling while her brother was probably on the verge of being expelled from Anderson. It was one of the best schools in the city and also challenging for her children, who needed that extra push.

“Hi, Mrs. Roman. Please take a seat,” Mrs. Davis said, pointing to a chair in front of her desk. The principal looked youthful for her age. But don’t let her youthful face fool you because Mrs. Davis was as tough as they came. She didn’t play when it came to education. The Brooklyn born Puerto Rican, valued education since she was held back a grade due to a learning disability. Her high bun and high cheek bones gave her a distinguished appearance.

“Hi, I’m sorry about what happened with Jackson,” Ahsha apologized, taking a seat.

“Mrs. Roman,” the principal sat forward and rested her hands on the dark wood desk. “Your son put his hands on another student. This is his third suspension and I’m sure you understand that we don’t condone violence.”

“Yes, I get that. I’ve talked to him several times about his temper,” Ahsha attempted to explain.

“I’m on the verge of expelling your son. He’s had way too many chances. But…I see the problem. Children of separated parents tend to act out and I think that’s what’s happening with Jackson. I’ve seen what he’s capable of doing with his studies. He’s a bright kid, Mrs. Roman,” Mrs. Davis added. “I highly recommend counseling.”

“Counseling,” Ahsha frowned. “I’m capable of taking care of my own child.”

“This isn’t knocking your parenting skills. Your son is angry. Sometimes a counselor can help you with coping skills to help him. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with getting extra help. It could do wonders. I’m not telling you what to do but it’s just a suggestion. For now, I will suspend Jackson for the first week when we return from summer break.”

“I will think about the counseling. Again, I’m sorry for Jackson’s behavior. He knows better and I will definitely be talking to him,” Ahsha replied, smoothing down her dress as she stood to her feet.

“Thank you for being so involved. I can’t tell you how many parents have no idea what’s going on with their children,” Mrs. Davis praised. “You’re a great mother.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” Ahsha answered, turning to leave the office.


“Ohhhh, daddy is gonna get you,” Harper teased on the way to Ahsha’s office. Since Jackson had to be picked up early, Ahsha went ahead and took Harper out early as well. They would just have to sit in her office for the afternoon.

“Shutup,” Jackson shot back.

“Daddy’s gonna get you, daddy’s gonna get you,” she continued singing, poking fun at her older brother.

“Harper Lee Roman, stop it,” Ahsha warned through clenched teeth. “I will not put up with you two arguing today.”

“She’s so annoying,” Jackson added, sticking his tongue out.

“I’m annoying, but you’re in trouble,” Harper spat, hunching her shoulders.

Ahsha had to hold back a chuckle. “And you’re about to be in trouble if you don’t stop teasing your brother.” The two children finally fell silent, giving their mother time to collect her thoughts. She would have to call Derek and let him know their son had gotten in trouble…again. “You know I’m going to call your father, right?”

Jackson’s eyes widened. “Do you have to?”

“Yes, I have to. I’m very disappointed in how you’re behaving. You know better and you know I don’t play that. Cutting up in school will not fly with me at all. I hope you know your summer will consist of going to summer school and doing extra school work at home. No baseball,” the mother explained, occasionally glancing in her rearview mirror. Jackson was a spitting image of his father, especially the way his eyebrows furrowed together when he was angry. “Now explain to me why you hit that kid today.”

Jackson crossed his arms as hot tears sprung from his eyes. Being the boy he was, he quickly wiped them away before Harper would find something else to tease him about.

“Answer me,” Ahsha pressed.

“He talked about you and dad,” Jackson mumbled, still pouting.

“Ooookay. What did he say?”

Taking a deep breath, Jackson said, “He told me you two didn’t love me and it was my fault you got a divorce.”

Ahsha’s heart dropped. Kids had been teasing Jackson all year about his parents’ pending divorce. With Derek being a popular baller and coach, all the kids knew who he was. Their divorce was plastered all over the media when it was first announced. The mother instantly felt guilty for putting her kids through this. “You know that’s not true, right?”

“Well daddy isn’t here,” Jackson cried, his voice full of so much frustration.

“Don’t cry,” Harper cooed sweetly, rubbing her brother’s cheek. The little terror could be sweet when she wanted to be.

“Your father loves you very much and I do too. That kid was just being a bully,” Ahsha explained. “Alright?”

“Alright,” he whispered, gazing out the window.

Ahsha would wait to call Derek until she got home. Jackson wasn’t ready to hear what his father had to say about his suspension. Derek was going to give him an ear full and it would only result in Jackson feeling worse. Since their separation, Jackson had grown to be bitter towards his father. He assumed Derek didn’t love them anymore and forced them to move away. Their father/son relationship was in shambles and Ahsha knew it had to be fixed when Jackson and Harper went to visit their father over the summer break. Ahsha refused to put up with a broken relationship because Jackson needed Derek in his life. Though his father was trying everything to fix the rift, Jackson only became angrier. It was part of the reason he was acting out in the first place.

Finally arriving at work, Ahsha led her kids to her office since she had a very important meeting to attend. The secretary would keep a close eye on them.

“You’re late,” Jelena’s icy voice rang out as Ahsha entered the conference room.

“I had business to handle with my children. Thank you very much,” Ahsha bit back.

“Hmm, that’s just why I don’t have any,” Jelena added, rolling her eyes as she sipped her coffee.

Ahsha had a nasty remark ready but she decided to keep it to herself. Jelena Howard was the director of Alvin Ailey, while Ahsha worked directly under her. Working for Ailey was a joy although Jelena was a complete bitch. Ahsha hated referring to any woman as bitch, but Jelena really deserved the title. Since Ahsha had moved to New York, Jelena was nasty towards her for no reason. They didn’t get along from the start and making business decisions was difficult. Their employees thought they worked well together and gave them props for their amazing work with the annual gala and tours. Little did they know, Jelena and Ahsha hated each other.

“Good Morning ladies,” Lorenzo boomed as he walked into the conference room and took a seat at the head of the table. He was the head board member and had held that position for over 20 years. Small in stature, he commanded respect when he walked into any room.

“Morning Mr. Hayward,” Jelena hummed, putting on her best fake smile.

“Good morning,” Ahsha added. “Are we the only two you wanted to meet with?”

“Yes, actually you are. We’re about to make major changes as a company. Starting with your positions here in New York,” he began.

“Um, what do you mean by our positions,” Jelena asked, cocking a brow.

“We’re interviewing two other people to possibly take over,” Lorenzo stated.

Both women glanced at each other before exclaiming in unison, “What!”

“Calm down and hear me out. Alvin Ailey is already a large company with connections to various cities in the U.S. But we want to be even bigger since we’ve been awarded more grants. We want to expand to California and we want you two to be the ones that help us start. Both of you would get a pay raise and we would promote Ahsha up to director and hire another person on as co-director. Jelena you would still remain director until the company is set and ready to grow. It will be a lot of work but we know you two are capable of helping us out. The work you’ve done in New York has been more than we could ever ask for. I know it’s hard to pick up and move across the country…especially for you Mrs. Roman.”

“Count me in,” Jelena piped, crossing her toned legs under the table. “I don’t have any baggage and the move would be easy.”

Ahsha caught Jelena’s shade and rolled her eyes. “My children are already enrolled in school here in New York. We just came from Los Angeles.”

“I know Mrs. Roman, which is why this position is optional. If you say no, we understand. This is a once in a lifetime deal and I really believe it’s perfect for you. Your mind is brilliant and it could be put to great use in California. It’s a lot to think about so we’re giving you time to make your decision. I will let the rest of the board know that you’ve made your decision Ms. Howard. Thanks for your time, ladies,” Lorenzo explained, standing to his feet to shake Jelena and Ahsha’s hands before leaving.

Once the door shut, Jelena’s smile was replaced with a devious smirk. “See why I never had children. They can be an inconvenience, huh?” The petite woman laughed as she gathered her belongings.

“It’s better than dying an old, miserable bitch,” Ahsha spat back, leaving Jelena alone in the conference room.  

Ahsha had a big decision she had to make.


The first thing the Ahsha did once she arrived home was call Derek. She had to let him know about their son and his recent run in with trouble.

“Hey,” Derek answered on the second ring.

“Hi Derek, how have been,” she asked while removing her heels. When did they get so formal with each other? Oh yeah, when Derek decided to cheat on her with his assistant coach.

“I’ve been busy. You?”


The silence was deadly.

“Um, I was calling you to let you know that Jackson got into another fight at school. They’re talking about suspending him in the fall once school starts back up,” Ahsha explained, removing her jewelry.

“That boy is out of control. Wait until he gets here for the summer. I bet his ass straightens up then. What’s gotten into him,” Derek exclaimed, his deep voice full of frustration.

Ahsha wanted to tell Derek about what Jackson’s principal had said about children and divorce but she decided to save that convo for a different day.

“Maybe he needs a change in scenery. He wasn’t acting like that when he was going to school here,” Derek suggested.

He was right. Jackson was a lot happier in California and he had even made comments about hating New York and the cold weather. Harper was indifferent and could care less. That’s when Ahsha’s mind began turning. Was this new job offer a blessing in disguise? Maybe moving Jackson back home close to his grandparents and other family would help his behavior problem. Ahsha wanted nothing but the best for her children and if that meant moving back to Los Angeles to help Jackson, that’s what she was going to do. Hopefully she wasn’t misjudging the situation and jumping too soon. She had Harper to think about too. Then there was Nate. He would be very disappointed and hurt. Her children came first though.


“Huh..oh sorry, I was getting ready for dinner and got distracted,” she lied, laughing nervously.

Derek knew she was lying since he knew her like a book. “Did you hear what I said?”

“About what?”

“Would you let Jackson move back to California for school,” Derek repeated.

“Is that daddy,” Harper interrupted, pulling at her mother’s hand. “Daddy, I miss you!”

“Put my baby on the phone,” Derek smiled, forgetting that Ahsha still hadn’t answered his question. Hearing Harper’s tiny voice had him cheesing from ear to ear.

“Hey daddy,” Harper beamed, propping herself up on Ahsha’s ottoman.

“Hey baby! What’s daddy’s girl been up to?”

“Jackson got in trouble today,” she blurted out earning a glare from her mother.

Derek chuckled. “Yea, I know. But I asked about you. Have you been good?”

“Oh yes. I got two gold stars today and Mr. Davis said I’m reading on a third grade level,” the five-year-old beamed.

“That’s good! You keep up that good work and I’ll have a surprise waiting for you when you get here,” Derek replied.

“I really, really miss you daddy,” Harper said, her doe eyes holding a sadness. Ahsha watched as her youngest child began to pout.

“I miss you too baby,” he said, his voice holding the same sadness.

That single moment helped Ahsha make her decision.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Next chapter we will focus on Derek Roman and what he’s been up to since his split from Ahsha. 

Hello everyone. I was actually not sure if I wanted to make something like a follow forever but a few days ago all of a sudden I decided to check my old ff tag and all those memories just hit me, I felt like I was getting old for some reason although I’m just 18 idek, I felt a little bit emotional because lots of things changed, I mean our boys grew up and all you know, then I checked people who I’m following and saw most of them are not even online anymore and well yeah I don’t know where I was going with that but here we are. I wasn’t around in 2013 much so I didn’t make a follow forever last year but since the first thing I do in the mornings became checking my tumblr again, I decided to make a favourite blogs of 2014 edit!  Well done me! That was my little story, I don’t know why I needed to tell you all these but okay moving on.

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I SWEAR I’LL STOP NOW I DIDN’T MEAN TO TALK THIS MUCH THIS GOT OUT OF HAND BUT I HAD TO OKAY I’M SORRY IF YOU READ ALL THESE BUT OKAY. I didn’t even start to write urls now and I’ll come to your asks later which I’m aware of is very annoying but it’s nice to see your url’s being acknowledged isn’t it? OKAY I WAS STOPPING. I hope this year will be good for all of you, because everybody deserves goodness. And even if you didn’t find it yet, it will come or one day you will find it, just hang in there, everything will be okay. And I know the right time for me to post this might never come because bad things happening around the world and it truly breaks my heart but this might be a little light for you hopefully. This was probably not the best way to say happy holidays but HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE AN AMAZING YEAR! I love you loads.

I’m going to start this with my two bestfriends in this world and in any other world that exists. I couldn’t wish for anything better about these friendships and thank you for being pieces of my mind and my heart. Thank you. julblackthorns & awesomemystery

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Hello! I think I saw you answer this before but could you say what makeup products you wear/ are your favorite? You always look so natural but glowing!!

i ran out and am using a dif foundation atm but i was using giorgio armani foundation and its so silky and light coverage and glowy i luved it! I didnt repurchase tho bc it was $$$ and my mom bought it for me the first time. It lasts forever though, a year and more. I use anastasia products on my brows, just brow gel atm bc im lazy and by terry mascara which a lady in the makeup store gave me free in paris which i love!

Yeah I think I’m obsessed with that font

Hello everybody!! The year is coming to a close and it is almost time to welcome 2015, so I thought it would be a good time to do my first follow forever! Although I’ve had this blog since last year, I’ve only been active since like May of this year, and let me tell you, I’ve had a great time on tumblr thanks to all my amazing followers and of course the amazing blogs I follow! So enough chit chat, let’s get this party started!

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You guys are my all time favorite blogs, you’re either my senpai or I love love love your blog or both! You make my dash an amazing place and I thank you for that! (not in any specific order)


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I really should’ve alphabetized these oh well So sorry if I forgot you! I still love you I swear! Thanks again guys!