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‘A Dream Come True and a Career Curtailed:

The True-Life Fairy Tale of Adriana Caselotti, the Voice of Snow White’

by Brian Sibley, via

If the animated princess in the fairy tale represented a child-like innocence and naive goodness Adriana Caselotti - even well into her old age - still embodied those qualities. In our more cynical age, there were those who dismissed her as eccentric, or, worse, as plain batty. But she preserved and defended the image of the character she helped to create and took great joy in being loved for what was a unique contribution to cinema history.

She was 18 years old when Walt Disney embarked on a revolutionary project: the world’s first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Not only had no one attempted such a film, but no one knew whether audiences would sit through a 90-minute “cartoon”. However, Disney believed that as long as his artists could create characters with believable personalities, the film would succeed.

The search for someone to speak and sing for Snow White began in 1934 when Disney’s casting director, Roy Scott, sought the advice of Guido Caselotti, a Los Angeles singing teacher. His younger daughter, Adriana, picked up the telephone extension while they were speaking and heard Scott asking her father if he knew of a little girl who could speak as a child and yet could sing operatic-style songs.

The eavesdropper immediately interrupted the conversation with a request that she might try out for the part, followed by a demonstration of her best coloratura trills. She was the first person to be auditioned for the role.

Since the part was intended for a 14-year-old, Adriana Caselotti knocked two years off her age and told Disney’s musical director, Frank Churchill, that she was only 16. When she sight-read Churchill’s song Someday My Prince Will Come, Walt Disney (who was listening behind a screen, so as to concentrate on the voice without being distracted by the singer’s appearance) felt sure that he had found his Snow White. That said, no fewer than 148 other hopefuls were auditioned!

It was a remarkable vocal performance: her singing was exquisite and her rendition of the dialogue was full of naivete, gentleness and compassion. She was paid $20 a day for her work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and her total earnings for the film were just $970, although the film went on to earn millions of dollars for Disney. It was only when, uninvited, she managed to sneak into the film’s rapturously-received premiere, in December 1937, that she realized she had taken part in something that was destined for enduring fame. However, none of the actors who spoke for the characters was credited on the film.

For Adriana Caselotti, being Snow White was a once-in-a-lifetime job; in different circumstances it might have brought her great stardom. Jack Benny wanted her as a guest star on his radio show, but Disney vetoed the appearance, writing, “I’m sorry, but that voice can’t be used anywhere. I don’t want to spoil the illusion of Snow White.” And, whilst Caselotti always hoped that Disney would find her another screen role, he wisely knew that the voice of Snow White was unique and should never be used again. Her only other cinematic contribution, for which she was paid $100, was to sing the falsetto line “Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo", in the Tin Man’s song in The Wizard of Oz.

Later, Disney sent her on film-promotion tours, dressed as Snow White and accompanied by Pinto Colvig, who spoke for the dwarfs Sleepy and Grumpy. Adriana Caselotti confided to me that on one tour she and Colvig had a fling - the idea of a romance between Snow White and Grumpy is certainly an intriguing one.

In 1938, Caselotti and the actor who voiced Prince Charming unsuccessfully sued Disney and RCA (for $200,000 and $100,000, respectively) for a share of soundtrack-record profits. After this episode, though, she appeared to have been fairly loyal to Disney for the rest of her life.

Gracious and generous-hearted, Caselotti lived out the role of Snow White for the rest of her life: singing Whistle While You Work to strangers in the street, allowing herself to be photographed in the famous costume and permitting the public cataloging of her marriages to four Prince Charmings.

But despite making only one movie, Adriana Caselotti nevertheless secured for herself a kind of immortality. The last time I left her, she remarked that Snow White would never die; then, with a laugh, she added: “And when I’m in that coffin, d'you know what you’ll hear? Someday My Prince Will Come, because you see my voice will live for ever.”

Adriana Caselotti, actress: born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on May 6, 1916; died in Los Angeles January 18, 1997. R.I.P. Adriana!

It amazes me so many people are demanding answers, protesting about the government failing to keep people safe, rioting against a mass loss of life that could have easily been prevented if we put the lives of people first and listened to the warnings and danger seriously, the media supports the angry protests and the demands for change. Yet just weeks earlier in the same city they were telling us to move on like nothing happened, that being angry isn’t the answer, to change nothing, it’s no ones fault and just sing kumbaya peacefully with no questions asked. The difference? It was majority immigrants killed this time instead of white teenage girls and now they have white people to blame instead of Islam because a refrigerator caught fire instead of Islamic jihadists slaughtering us. Shouldn’t anger, action and answers be the only response? I guess not. One group are told to just accept it while the other get a pat on the head and their anger, protests and demands are sympathetically justified.

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Bellarke au where the world is black and white before you meet your soulmate and then coloured once you meet them? And if your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white? Could I have it from both perspectives please?

I  hear you laugh, I hear you sing (you say you wouldn’t change a single thing)
(A/N I got about halfway through proofreading this and then I was like “fuck it, I’m a lazy pile of trash.” So sorry for any mistakes!


When he first lays eyes on her, and the greys of the dropship become a little bit sharper and that blonde girl in the corner who had been batting her eyes at him since he first got onto this piece of shit spacepod turns out to be a brunette, he knows that he is completely, utterly, and royally fucked.

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The day my work is widely circulated & I see u tryna support me, Im going to rip ur heart. I’m gona make u feel it all. Like u made me feel. When the lights were red. & the milk turned. & there were no more strawberries in the summer, not like there was when u saw me. That moment, I was a girl, to u. I had blood like no one else. U said i had the thing that nobody could teach me.I was a star in its infancy.

& Now u wana be so tough. Now u wana act like Im tha same as any. Im not. Im already better than any of em ever hoped for. I’ll make it without ur love. I ran down tha street for blocks covered in blood, singing, No one looked at me, & in That moment, i was Holy. I was angel. I am so snow white without u leaning over me & bein tha difference between breath/death. I’m my own father. I drink abuse like liquid pink medicine. & Now I’m a big girl. Now I own my mouth.

My killer love. My nighttime dreams, atrophied. First god. Now hospitals. He wanted to staple my lips shut so no one else could fuck me.Thats how he loved: Fix fix fix. How awful, etc & why didn’t I:

Leave/Fight/Wander naked into the woods where the music was benign like a pale scrap of skin i could see in the distance. How I loved that girl girl girl.

I have been sick enough. I slipped into poison, latex heaven. & I am done. I dragged all tha angels into hell n created new christendom. Thank me later, killer, the cat got the cream. I am home now & it feels good to go insane. 4 all ur operas u never wore red. U never knew tha cool dark of a holy shadow till u slept a night in mine.

Sirensong -
A March contest entry
by theticklishpear/silvershears

“I told you this was a bad idea,” the second screamed over the fury of the wind. Lightning flashed through the ship’s ragged sails. A row of deckhands leaned over the rail to empty their stomachs.

Ah, she thought, there it is. The truth comes out. ”Because I’m not interested in fucking you all, it’s my fault the storm’s gripped us?” she shouted. The ropes chafed her wrists as she tried to gesture to the clouds looming close enough for the mast to scrape. “It’s just weather!”

The captain of the Swan’s Teeth glared from beneath his hat, water pouring from the brim. “It is,” he growled over the roar of the thunder. The ship rolled as a wave smashed up over the side, washed across the deck, and sluiced off the other. “But my crew’s survived on superstition. Lash her legs together, too.”

The ship’s second dropped the line he’d fought, letting it whip up into the air where the wind held it taut. Two others stumbled away from the rail to help drag the coil of rope from beneath a hatch around her knees. When they’d knotted it around her ankles, they stood back, looking expectantly to their captain. “You don’t have time for this,” she shouted. Lightning splintered the crow’s nest from the mast. The colors turned to white in their eyes and no one heard the captain’s reply through the crashing thunder.

The hull shuddered beneath her feet and buckled. She slipped. Water caught her and slid her across the deck. A sailor at the shattered rail reached to grab her. His blue eyes filled with fear and apology as she slipped from his grasp and plunged into the roiling ocean.

It’s warm, she thought. The flames at the mast’s top defied the thrashing rain. She watched the colors distort through the water until the salt stinging her eyes forced them shut.

Pain lanced through her legs, jolting her from what may have been sleep or death, she didn’t know. Darkness gnawed at her from all around. Swirling in her mind were images of fire and lightning, the groaning of wood, the underside of a ship, and now white lances of pain. Twisting, she tried to kick out but her legs refused direction. Her arms flailed as tendrils of fire shot from her forearms. Her hips, thighs, and lungs took up the shriek until she was nothing but wriggling agony in the darkness.

When she opened her mouth to scream, water rushed in, filling her nose, throat, lungs. Then she breathed.

Little bubbles of pain popped all along her hips and the length of her legs. She kicked again, trying to aim herself toward where she thought the surface might be, and her legs moved as one. Her arms chafed with tiny pinpricks.

Even with her best efforts to find the light, the darkness ate her whole. She closed her eyes again, breathing.

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hi! first off I absolutely love your blog! and second I was wondering if you could do a hc where Dan is religious and pastel and Phils a punk who destroys dans innocence with his big ass cock.

Thank you ahh! I combined it with this hc, I hope you don’t mind!

“Straight” Pastel!dan playing gay chicken with the “punks” at Phil’s party 

Disclaimer: Dan does say he doesn’t want to play, but is pressured into it. I do not condone that, it’s simply for the fic. Don’t let anyone pressure you into things you don’t want to do, especially if it has sexual connotations. Once again- Dan explicitly says No, but gets convinced, and I do not think that it is a healthy situation. 


-At first, Dan didn’t really want to go to Phil Lester’s party; they’re complete opposites. Dan goes to church twice a week and sings in their choir, wears pastel jumpers, white jeans and flower crowns, innocently crushing on good christian girls. Phil, on the other hand, wears leather jackets that match his dyed hair, tattoos and piercings, holding up a reputation for fucking anything that moves. Lately, Phil’s mission has been to get into Dan’s pants, giving the pretty boy a taste of a better life. Thus, he invited Dan to his party, continuing to pester him, even after being turned down several times, until finally, Dan agreed.

-He hates to admit it, but Dan’s actually really excited. For the occasion, Dan trades his large jumpers for a light green button-up that hugs his hips just right, adding matching shoes to his white jeans and flower crown. Just in case, he slips his rosary beads into his pocket before leaving. Since Phil lives just down the block, he walks, knocking on the door. Phil himself opens the door with a blinding grin, pulling Dan inside and thrusting a red solo cup into his hand.

-”Alcohol?” Dan asks after sniffing it, wrinkling his nose.

-”Loosen up, babe, have a drink,” Phil says, throwing an arm over Dan’s shoulder and guiding him upstairs and into his room where several of his friends are sitting, two of them practically making out. “We’re playing gay chicken.”

-”No thanks. I shouldn’t have come,” Dan says dryly and turns to leave before being pulled back by Phil.

- Phil offers him a smile. “Please, stay?”

-”I don’t-”


-Dan sighs and allows himself to be led back into the room, still not drinking from his cup, fingers playing with the rosary beads in his pocket. He simply watches for a while until PJ dares him to play with Phil. He says no at first, but after a moment, reluctantly agrees. Things start slow, with Phil pulling him into his lap.

-”I- I um, I’ve never kissed anyone or done… those type of things,” Dan says with a blush.

-”Don’t be afraid,” Phil whispers, and kisses him fiercely.

-Dan gasps and kisses Phil back, winding his arms around Phil’s neck subconsciously. It prompts a low growl and the shifting of Phil’s hips against his, which makes Dan whimper, pleasure shooting down his spine. Before he knows, he’s grinding down desperately, moaning against Phil’s lips. The rest of Phil’s friends leave with knowing smiles, leaving Phil free to lift Dan up and set him on his bed. Their lips only part as they take off their shirts, staying connected while they strip down to their socks, Phil grabbing the lube from his bedside drawer. He finally breaks off the kiss despite Dan’s protests, and now Dan can see Phil’s cock, hard between them.

-”You’re fucking huge,” Dan says with awe.

-”Yup,” Phil replies smugly as he pours some of the lube on his fingers. “Tell me if you need me to slow down.”

-He starts with just one finger, but because of the way Dan keeps jerking his hips up into the air and moaning, he quickly moves up to two, then three, then four, then nothing as he rolls on a condom. Phil tosses his head back in a moan as he pushes into Dan, who cries out, eyes rolling back in his head. Before long, Phil starts fucking Dan properly.

-”Like that?” he growls, biting his lip. “Like being split open by my huge cock?”

-”Yes, yes, yes, please, yes,” Dan rambles incoherently.

-They’re both still teenagers, so it doesn’t take long for them both to come, Phil collapsing on top of Dan.


I’m not really happy with the ending but I’ve been working on this since I got home and ahhh I’m sorry xx

Send me your sins

Somebody tried to say…That not only was Adele a better vocalist than Beyoncé… But that she was one of the greatest vocalists of all time…Some even said that she was better than Whitney…

Whitney “The Voice” Houston.
Whitney “Sent the Fucking National Anthem to the Top of the Charts” Houston.
Whitney “One Half of the Greatest Duet of All Time” Houston.
Whitney “I Will ALWAYS Love You” Houston.

Now I enjoy Adele and that’s why I wish her fans would shut up. They STAY comparing her to artists (Black female artists) who are way more talented and who have been out here working three times as hard three times as long.

Off the top of my head, Jasmine Sullivan, Brandy, Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson, fucking FANTASIA could sing circles around Adele. That’s not counting the girls on the comeup who are still out here hustling trying to get that first album.

And it certainly doesn’t count the hundreds of Black singers tucked away in Black churches. Go into a Baptist Church and tell me that Lakeisha Simmons from down the block didn’t fuck up your whole life.

Y'all need to shut the fuck up. You not slick, sly, NOR sneaky and you can pretend that this reasonably talented white girl (God bless her heart because I do enjoy her and her music) is better than these women if you want to. But you will keep that lie to YOURSELF.

cipher ; luke plus size au pt 1

okay guys so i know i’m writing way too many things at the moment, but this just came to me. if you’ve read sonder, this is a companion piece to it, so it’s in the same au !! the main girl in this one tho, is going to be plus size, so there will be describing of her body and what not. hopefully you don’t mind too much! but i would love to get feedback on this bc i am so in love with it!! 

Luke shuffled his way through the crowded streets, ignoring the loud car horns and chatter that flooded the busy city. Growing up in New York City, Luke had become accustomed to city life early on. He hiked his guitar case higher up on his shoulders. He was also thankful that he grew up here, because if he hadn’t, he would have ended up in the city anyway.

New York City was the place for any aspiring musician to live. Luke knew that, but it didn’t make it any easier. He had his own place with Calum, his best friend since the second grade. He worked at the record shop, but it still wasn’t enough to pay all of the bills.

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Reaction Fic - The Call

“I still can’t believe she won,” Kurt said, sitting down on the bed and placing his phone in the charging dock. “I vividly remember the first time I met her. She talked 100 miles and hour and had these crazy, intense eyes. She could sing, no question, but I never imagined that tiny girl with the white knee socks would actually make it. But she did. She did everything she said she would do.”

Blaine closed the closet door, a towel wrapped around his waist, hair still wet from the shower. “It’s incredible, isn’t it? I mean, she definitely deserved it. If Anne Hathaway had won I don’t know what I would have done. You know how I feel about her.”

Kurt laughed. “But, Blaine, Princess Diaries! Please tell me you’ll let the baby watch Princess Diaries.”

Blaine pulled the towel from his waist and rubbed it through his hair. “I’ll allow it. But only because of the divine Miss Julie Andrews.”

“Obviously,” Kurt said, pulling the comforter back so Blaine could slide in next to him.

Blaine kissed him, tugging on his ear and smiling. “Here we are.”

Kurt quirked an eyebrow in question. “Where, approaching our thirties? New York?” He kissed Blaine’s neck. “This bed?”

“All of it, Kurt. We’re in New York doing the thing that we love, together. Our friends are here and amazing things are happening to them and…we’re going to have a baby,” Blaine smiled, tears filling his eyes.

Kurt pulled him close and kissed his nose, his cheeks, his lips. “I wouldn’t want any of it if I didn’t have you.”

They fell into each other, their bodies tangled together. Kurt’s phone buzzed on the nightstand but they didn’t care, their sighs and moans drowning out the noise.
It buzzed again. And again.

“Maybe you should check that?” Blaine sighed, Kurt’s lips on his Adam’s apple.

“It can wait,” Kurt growled, moving down Blaine’s chest.

“But it could be-”

He didn’t get the words out before Kurt was leaping towards the ringing phone, a sudden realization on his face. “It’s Jessie!”

“Answer it!”

“Hello? Jessie? Is it….okay….and….okay we’re on our way. We’ll be right there!”

Blaine was already out of the bed and pawing through their underwear drawer. He threw a pair of boxer briefs at Kurt while pulling on his own. Together they tripped into pants and shirts, buttoning and zipping as they ran for the door.

“Shoes!” Kurt shouted as Blaine ran barefoot into the hallway.

They pulled on shoes and grabbed keys and phones and stumbled down the stairs to the street.

Once inside a cab, unable to do anything but sit and wait, Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hand. “I love you, Kurt. I love you and I love our life and I know…everything is about to change.”

“It is,” Kurt said, the street lights shining on his face, his smile wide, “in the best way.”

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There were three very nervous men at the altar.

// sorry about this, tumblr is being a little shit

Elsa was roused early that morning by her maids, who immediately put her into a hot bath, scrubbing every inch of her clean so there would be no reminents of dirt. By the time Elsa was out of the bath an hour later, she smelled like lavender and vanilla, though her hair, for the time being was tied up, though it was later put into a loose braid, with other braids intricately running through it.

And then… then came the dress.

It exposed her collarbone and shoulders, the sleeves going down to her elbows. Tje bodice was covered in lace, the sleeves were just lace, the skirt was covered in lace, as was the train, making the dress as white as it could possibly be. A necklace with the golden pendant of Arendelle was placed around her neck, and a pair of gloves that went to her wrists completed the outfit, along with shoes made of ice that seemed delicate, but were incredibly sturdy.

The golden carriage soon departed from the palace with Anna, Elsa, and a few girls from the children’s home as well, as they would be the flower girls. It was a storm of green and purple confetti and flags as she rode past, waving to everyone she could with her mother’s veil over her face, as people were leaning out their windows, trying to catch a glimpse of their Queen.

Upon arrival at the cathedral, the girls went in first, spreading white primrose petals on the center aisle before taking their seats at the front. Anna came next, wearing a gown similar to the one from Elsa’s coronation, except this time it was blue.

The choir started once Anna was in her place, singing Norwegian hymns meant to bless the new couple in their marriage, and meant to be a message from Odin himself, blessing their union. It was hauntingly beautiful, especially with their voices filling the sun-filled cathedral.

And then, finally came Elsa, being walked down by Kai. He was a second father to her, so it seemed only right. With the sunlight streaming in behind her and through the stained glass windows, Elsa could have sworn she wasn’t a Queen, but a goddess.

So why did the walk to Hans need to be so long?