the first war

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Tisza Dismissed as Hungarian PM

Tisza, pictured on the Italian Front later in the year.

May 22 1917, Budapest–István Tisza had been one of the few voices urging caution in the weeks leading up to the war, strongly arguing against war in the days after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.  However, he was eventually brought around, provided the goal of the war was not the outright annexation of Serbia.  Since 1914, Tisza had been a very visible symbol both of the war and of the pre-war system.  Defending Hungary’s interests to a fault, he prevented food exports to Austria (leading to extreme deprivation there), and blocked any peace deal or internal political settlement that would affect Hungary’s borders.

The new Emperor Charles, who had been trying to arrange peace with the Allies, and who fancied himself a reformer, tried to urge Tisza to carry out reforms.  Most pressing was an exchange in the voting franchise, where Hungary now had some of the most restrictive policies in Europe (after the revolution in Russia and very recent reforms in Germany), with only 10% of the population able to vote.  Tisza, however, would only make the smallest of concessions, only expanding it to certain decorated soldiers and poorer landowners.  Protests on May Day and a general work stoppage on May 2 concerned many of the political elites in Hungary, especially after the events in Russia.  Tisza, who was convinced that war made people more conservative, refused to budge, and Emperor Charles dismissed him on May 22.  Tisza, aged 56, left to serve as a colonel on the Italian front, though his allies in Parliament continued to cause problems for reform in Hungary for the remainder of the war.  Tisza’s departure meant, of all the heads of government of the major belligerents from the first year of the war, only Germany’s Chancellor Bethmann remained in office.

Sources include: Jószef Galántai, Hungary in the First World War.

Today in 1916: French Reach Roof of Fort Douaumont
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