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Exo’s Reaction - Other Members Teaching Their Foreign Gf Bad Words

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Xiumin - *He knew from the beginning that he shouldn’t leave you with the other members, especially Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun and definitely Luhan and explains to you what those words mean* 

Lay - *This little unicorn is too innocent to know those words himself and he when one of the other members explain to him and you what they mean, he freezes on the spot, not knowing what to think*

Kai - *At first he’s shocked when you say it but when you keep repeating it, thinking you’ve heard it before or trying to figure out what it means, he can’t help but finds it hysterical*

Suho - *He knew you didn’t know words like that when he met you and it was only suddenly when you were with the other members and he was not impressed at all* Please don’t use them jagiya, they’re bad words

Kyungsoo - *The others who told you those words better hide or Kyungsoo will be whipping their ass raw because he himself hates language like that*

Tao - *Dies laughing and doesn’t do anything else as he finds this too funny* 

Chen - *Like Tao, he can’t help but laugh his ass off because he finds this so funny when you get confused to why he’s laughing at what you’re saying*

Kris - *Would be really disappointed in the members for teaching you words that you had no clue what they meant and when you use them infront of him unintentionally, he moans to the members*

Chanyeol - *He’d be too busy giving the members high fives for teaching you those words than being angry about it and struggles to tell you what they mean due to uncontrollable laughter* 

Baekhyun - *He loves it, he just can’t believe that your saying those words but then realizing that you don’t understand their meanings when you mix them with other Korean words*

Sehun - *Tries to maintain his laughter but can’t help it when you start calling the other members a dick and more but it’s released when the other members get moody even though it’s their fault*

Luhan - *He ain’t mad at the other members but is not happy with them either but as they taught you those words, he’s partly glad that he’s not one of the only ones who uses them and when you call him an asshole, he gets offended and bitches to the members who taught you those words*


Alright, so ever since the EVER SO KICKASS SEASON FINALE, I’ve wanted to draw Tirek like no-one’s business. Soooooo, here we are!

Tirek and my take on the G4 version of Scorpan. Since they didn’t really give him a full appearance, I played with his looks. I made based it off of a baboon, mostly because I kinda figured that’s what he’d look like if he WERE to show up for realsies. That, and Tirek’s face looks like a cross between a bull and an ape of sorts. Regardless, I had a blast drawing the both of them.

Okay, so now that Season 4 is completed, my headcanon book is going to span from season 1 to season 4. That means these two definitely have a place in Equestria’s history in the book, and I’ve headcanoned it so it would be expanded. So, I guess this could be considered a “sneak peek”, but either way, we’re off TO DEH HEADCANONZ!!!

**NOTE! TL;DReaders should be cautious from this point on; the post gets long. o3o**


Tirek and Scorpan’s official appearance occurs during the Shadow Era/Crystal Era, the very same era Sombra also appears (this point of history occurs a few years AFTER Discord). The three of them ally together in their quest for power and start with the Crystal Empire, where  the Crystal Ponies are drained away while the ponies themselves are enslaved (there were, of course, some ponies who willingly worked with the three and managed to keep their magic). Once the Crystal Empire is completely under their control, they all set their sights on Equestria. Due to their knowledge of the sisters, they don’t immediately attempt a coup; Tirek, Sombra, and Scorpan knows the Sisters are powerful enough to fight them, so they need more time to prepare. Namely, a way to rid themselves of the sisters quickly and suddenly. Their solution falls to something simple:


Scorpan is chosen to trek to Equestria to “scout out” the lands and begin to lay siege upon the nation with the planned assassination of the Princess Sisters. First and foremost, he is to try to get close to them by living among the ponies under a guise.

Scorpan living among the ponies for a few months actually has a lasting effect on him; he sees them beginning to prosper, getting along and co-existing with one another (even with others of different species who are native to Equestria), even becomes close friends with the powerful unicorn mage, Starswirl (who’s still young in pony terms, but to us he’s in his late 60s. Ponies have the lifespan of about 120 due to their innate magic). He even meets Celestia and Luna through Starswirl, who’s benevolence inspires him to change along with the impact Equestria has had on him. 

Scorpan returns to Tirek and Sombra with the hopes of convincing them both to reconsider trying to conquer Equestria. Tirek and Sombra refuses and, due to Scorpan unwilling to join the plan, attempt to murder him. They don’t as he manages to escape, but he is severely wounded; enough to warrant Tirek and Sombra to think they have a little more time to prepare for their invasion.

Scorpan flees to Canterlot and comes to Starswirl, bloody and frantic. The unicorn immediately sets out to get healers, but Scorpan insists on an audience with the princesses to relay urgent news. He then warns the sisters about Tirek, Sombra, and their plan to invade Equestria. Celestia and Luna have been aware of the unusual behavior of the Crystal Empire and had been attempting to look into it for the past few months (they were coming up with encrypting information such as discovery of dark magic and an increase in militia activity, but not enough to warrant a full-blown war.). They had their own militia on alert just in case something needed to be done, and now that there is solid evidence, Celestia and Luna say the word.

Equestria reacts; deploys their military to the borders of the Crystal Empire in preparation of war. The goal of the battle: militaristically, to destroy Sombra and Tirek as a threat and to re-establish the Crystal Empire (possibly as a part of Equestria) to increase their notability(?) among the other countries. Morally (specifically, one of the main reasons the princesses deployed the military), to liberate the Crystal Empire citizens from their slavery and release them and return their magic to them, to allow them to re-establish themselves as a country (to ally up with Equestria)

The war is relatively short, but no less brutal. Final battle with Sombra and Tirek is one of the most famous battles in Equestrian history; It involves those two, both princesses, Starswirl (maybe even Clover, Pansy, and Smart Cookie; haven’t decided yet) and of course, Scorpan (Scorpan’s aid in the battle giving them an edge with the element of surprise).

 Tirek and Sombra are ultimately defeated (with Tirek being de-powered). However, they weren’t fast enough to stop Sombra from putting a curse upon the Crystal Empire to have it dragged down with him along with their magic; only a few of the Crystal Ponies manage to escape (Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl manages to restore their magic from Tirek).

With the threat of Tirek and Sombra finally gone, Scorpan bids his friends farewell and returns from whence he came. Whether or not he will make another appearance has yet to be seen.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there we go! Headcanon stuffs. c: I think that’s about everything, too, but as always, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. Other than that, thanks for stopping by! C:

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Hunt You Down (Eat You Alive) by runningwithwerewolves (3/3 | 16,993 | NC17)

Stupid territorial alphas and their ridiculous gorgeous multicolored eyes.

Wait, what?

Let This Rain Pour by rabbitxheart (1/1 | 2,074 | PG13)

“What are you doing here? This is private prop-” Derek stops in his tracks, staring at the young boy sitting against a tree, clutching another boy in his arms. Despite the cold air outside and the shivers wracking his body, his jacket is wrapped around torso of the boy in his lap and his plaid shirt draped over his legs like a blanket. He can’t see the face of the other, but the smell of death is different here, newer than the one lingering over the woods from Lau-

From last night.

It also smells like werewolf, exactly like the one from last night. The son of a bitch is already biting teenagers. Children.

The Hands Of Time by AsagiStilinski (1/1 | 11,502 | PG13)

Maybe he was in some kind of alternate reality, maybe he wasn’t just back in time from almost two years ago, maybe … maybe this was an entirely new WORLD…

Only way to find out was to get a second opinion, his dad wasn’t home and probably wouldn’t begin to believe him if he was, Scott would still be deeply mourning Allison if he HAD somehow gone back in time and so would Lydia, there was only one person he could talk to, one person who he had even a SLIGHT chance of believing him….

And that person was Derek

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Part I

About Lucaya & the GMW Core Four being confused about their feelings:


{Words of Caution:

This is not to a post to bash character(s). I love R*ley and I think she has the best intentions at heart- all of the characters do. I begin with R*ley moments and end with how this influences Lucaya.

I reference Auggie a few times because I think his display of emotions parallel what R*ley doesn’t say or can’t yet express.

I will say that I think R*ley confuses her feelings with the idea of Lucas and her feelings of friendship. I don’t mean that she never felt anything romantic toward him, but that the other feelings outweigh the romantic ones she may or may not have felt.}

General Findings:

  1. As several people have pointed out previously, R*ley thinks you can only love someone in romantic or familial way. She told Lucas he was her brother because she didn’t know what they were to each other if they weren’t romantic. Auggie saying that Lucas isn’t her brother does not mean they are romantically involved- just that R*ley has to acknowledge that their relationship is not the same as her and Auggie’s. She has to come to terms with the idea of friendship without family. 
  2. I think one of the reasons she has so much trouble with this concept is because she wants to be Cory and Topanga, her impossible thing. Bringing this back to Auggie, he said that Cory and Topanga “ruined” him because he thought that “you’re supposed to meet somebody and fall in love and stay together forever.”
  3. We see in Girl Meets Rules and Girl Meets the Tell-Tale Tot that R*ley thinks people need to do what’s right and must always follow the rules. Her concept of “right” is largely based on her parents. They fell in love and stayed in love.
  4. In Girl Meets Rah-Rah, we saw that R*ley does not give up. She is relentless in trying to make things work. I think some of this carries over to Lucas. She wants them to work because he is her prince and she wants to be like her parents. 
  5. If this show is about growth and changing people, R*ley and Lucas can’t necessarily change each other. We see this in Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project. Relationships need compatibility, but too much in common is boring and leaves little room for growth. R*cas saw this: “Why do I need you?”

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