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Drew’s Great Big Beauty and the Beast Review









Let me start off by mentioning how much this movie means to me. I’ve kind of made my niche on the internet by dreamcasting Disney movies as if they were live action. I’ve made a ridiculous number of edits, I mean I’ve spent hours, days, probably weeks on this stuff at this point, and many of these edits have been focused on Beauty and the Beast. Live action versions of Disney movies are like… my Thing. And, to be totally honest, this really is only the second faithful adaptation. Alice in Wonderland was a total reworking of the Alice story, not really a cartoon-to-live-action like this. Maleficent completely retold the story from a different angle by making one Disney’s most vicious villains not only sympathetic but good. Cinderella is so close (and so good, I might add) but visually it’s vastly different from its animated counterpart, especially when it comes to Lady Tremaine and the Fairy Godmother, and it’s not a musical. The Jungle Book is the closest we’ve seen to a real and true “live action remake” as opposed to a live action reinterpretation. But here we are. Disney did it. They took one of their most beloved animated classics and straight-up made it into a live action movie without cutting any songs or really very much at all…

And oh boy, did they knock it out of the park.

I love this movie. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

I love Emma Watson as Belle. I think she’s a wonderful choice, I completely buy into her as Belle. She’s beautiful and intelligent and spunky. Her singing is fine. She’s not Kristin Chenoweth or Sutton Foster, but Belle doesn’t need to be. She’s also not Meryl Streep or Daniel Day-Lewis, you know, Emma doesn’t go through a massive transformation and disappear into the role, but she doesn’t need to because she’s already so much like Belle. Still, I don’t find myself watching it thinking about Emma playing the role, I think of her as Belle, which is the goal of acting really. I love that this Belle is so active. I love that she is continuously trying to find a way to escape from the castle. The addition of the laundry machine and teaching the young girl how to read is so good because it actually shows us Belle’s intelligence. In the animated movie, we know Belle’s smart because we’re told Belle’s smart. She reads books and, sure, she acts rationally and she certainly shows the poise of an intelligent person, but this new scene gives us an active example of her intelligence and creativity while also demonstrating the oppressive and small-minded nature of the townspeople. Emma’s Belle is charming and smart and lovely, and I think she captures the essence of Belle perfectly.

All that being said, our two male leads really steal the show for me. I’ve seen the movie twice now and each time, one of the leading gentleman really jumped out. The first time I watched, Luke Evans felt like the true shining star of the film. His Gaston reminds me of Jason Isaacs as both Captain Hook and Lucius Malfoy. He isn’t just vain… this guy is a legitimate narcissist, it seems like his mind has truly been twisted by the war. This Gaston is even more evil than the one we left behind in the world of animation. Gaston has always been terrifying because of his charisma. The way he’s able to charm the people of the village is chilling and this time around we see even more of that trait, paired with a darker and more violent streak particularly illustrated by Gaston tying up Maurice and leaving him for the wolves. Plus, both times I saw the movie the audience gasped in horror when Gaston stomped on Belle’s lettuces.

The second time I saw the film, I was specifically watching for Dan Stevens’s performance as the Beast and man, this is good stuff. The Prince at the beginning is such a drama queen. He’s so over-the-top with his costuming, wig, even his gestures are extremely theatrical. The make up at the beginning is particularly brilliant, burying the Prince’s face in streaks of blue and silver so he still feels like an obscure figure that we don’t quite see. When Belle first meets the Beast, this is all still evident. The way he hides in the shadows, even his lines of dialogue, it’s all very dramatic. And then as the movie progresses, you can see this flair for melodrama fade away as he becomes a more grounded person. He becomes gentler, kinder, and his intelligence, which has always been there, comes forward. By the time we see the Prince again at the end, you can tell that this is the same man but he has been changed. The animated film’s human Prince always felt disconnected from the Beast for me. Sure, they made the eyes the same, but it was hard to see much else because we just see so little of him, so he always felt rather vanilla. That’s not the case here. When the Prince transforms back to a human at the end, this feels like the same character we have watched throughout the film. I’m sure this is aided by the incredible motion capture and CGI work, because the Beast is animated superbly, but Dan’s performance is just stellar.

The objects are perfect. There’s only one shot that I think feels odd (when Belle is carrying Lumiere with Cogsworth walking in front as they lead her to her room) but other than that one moment, I never second guess them as objects. They feel and act real. Lumiere’s movements in particular are incredible, right down to his close up at the start of “Be Our Guest.” I was worried about Plumette before seeing the movie because the bird design is so unusual, but it makes sense since they needed her to be able to fly to get around, and doesn’t feel out of place at all in the movie. Mrs. Potts and Chip are also beautifully animated, they always feel like real and solid objects with weight to them. Their relationship is wonderful, so loving and caring. Chip’s line, “OK. I’m older” is one of my favorite little moments of the whole thing. Cadenza is a wonderful addition to our cast of characters and I did not expect his relationship with Garderobe, but they were an excellent surprise. And Frou Frou! I love that Frou Fou is Garderobe’s and that he becomes Cadenza’s bench and is therefore the link between the two throughout their years in the curse. They’re just so sweet.

Maurice has been an under-reported character in all of this, and that’s a shame because Kevin Klein knocks this role out of the park. He is absolutely wonderful as Maurice. He is fatherly and kind but he has also clearly made mistakes as a parent and that is kind of embraced and understood in the storytelling. He is sincere at all times in a role that is pretty exaggerated in the animated film. If Maurice’s arrival in the tavern had been played exactly like the original, it would have felt campy, but Kevin Klein’s earnestness grounds the moment in reality. Not to mention his quips about snow in June and “apparently that’s what happens around here when you pick a flower” are delivered brilliantly.

Let’s talk Lefou. I don’t like this Lefou, and here’s why. Every other character in this film feels developed in a natural way. It feels like we are learning more information about these characters that has always existed, we just didn’t fit it in the first time around. Lefou, on the other, doesn’t feel like a character who has been developed but a character who has been rewritten. They clearly got the seed of an idea to make him gay but felt squeamish about making him evil and gay (and rightfully so), so they wrote this redemption arc that feels forced and really doesn’t actually go anywhere… Lefou’s turn during the battle with the castle objects doesn’t actually do anything, so the whole thing feels arbitrary. After seeing the film the second time, my friend and I spent probably an hour and a half just talking about Lefou and came up with a brilliant solution to this whole mess of a character… more on that in a moment…

Incorporating the Enchantress into the story is very compelling. I think it’s very obvious who Agatha is throughout the movie, but it gives the sense that she wants the spell to be broken, she wants the Beast to learn his lesson, which is very interesting. Having her arrive after the spell has completed and actively reverse it is a riveting choice, and I actually felt like we were missing a moment with her where she realizes that she made a mistake. When she was watching the separated loved ones reunite, it seemed like there was a seed of remorse that was not addressed.

The character development is very well done across the board, but I think something this movie did that was important and contributes to its success is the development of the spell itself. I think this was one of the most brilliant moves the film made. The eternal winter around the castle explains the sudden weather changes in such a short period of time while still using the seasons as an emotional storytelling technique like the animated film. The wolves are also clearly part of the curse here – I would have actually liked to have seen them included in the finale sequence, either transformed into humans like the objects, or else disappearing like mist with the rest of the eternal winter. Having the castle crumble every time a petal falls from the rose is so smart as well; it explains why the objects know every time a petal fall while also representing their and the Beast’s disintegrating humanity. But the best part of the curse’s development was definitely the memory loss. Adding the simple line to the opening narration about removing the people of the castle from the minds of the people who loved them was absolutely inspired. This one quick line explained a huge loophole that the animated film left regarding the presence of a massive castle in the woods and a royal family that apparently the entirely world did not know about. But even better than that, it created some wonderfully emotional reunions at the end. My friend beside me gasped so loudly when our favorite teapot exclaimed, “Mr. Potts!” and the moment with Henri Cogsworth and his wife(?) was so hilarious and, in my opinion, subtly hinted at our second LGBT character in this universe. Which brings me to the Lefou thing.

Here’s what my friend and I came up with: in the opening sequence, we see Cogsworth lurking in the shadows telling the Prince that “it’s time,” we see Lumiere handing the Prince a candelabra, we see Mrs. Potts chasing after Chip… in the midst of all this, we could also show a masked jester entertaining a few people at the ball. When the Enchantress arrives, a lot of people run out – presumably that’s where Mr. Potts and Mrs. Cogsworth escape and why they’re not included in the spell – and the jester leaves with them as well. At the end, the Pottses are reunited, the Cogsworths are reunited, and then Lefou recognizes his old beau, Chapeau the violinist/coat rack, and joins the finale back in his jester outfit. It makes total sense for Lefou to be “the fool” of course and explains why he falls into the abusive friendship he has with Gaston, since it would parallel the relationship he probably would have had as a jester for the similarly self-centered Prince. This adds two quick two-second shots to the opening scene, one of the masked Lefou juggling or something and one of him fleeing when the Enchantress shows up, and about twenty seconds at the end for the reunion and revelation and, in my opinion, is so much less problematic than writing our first ever LGBT Disney character as an evil sidekick with a forced redemption arc – this way, he had his memory erased, just like everyone else. Just our little idea but I think it could have blended into this world quite smoothly. Alas, here we are.

Moving on! The finale is absolutely gorgeous. The whole ending sequence is my favorite thing about the whole film. The fight scene is fantastic and then from there to the end, everything is so marvelous. We know the objects are going to be okay in the end, but seeing them all finally lose the battle they’ve been fighting and become motionless household objects is… emotional! Then the Prince’s transformation is brilliant, giving the perfect nods to the original film, and each character’s subsequent change back to their human state is perfect (Cadenza’s teeth!), especially when Mrs. Potts and Chip go sliding down the steps. And then when she says, “You smell so good,” oh my gosh. Whoever contributed that line is a genius. I go all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Then we have the wonderful and funny reunions and then the final dance sequence, where Emma is beautiful and Dan is looking good in bright sky blue and rococo curls in his hair. Audra McDonald sings flawlessly and we have that beautiful moment between Mrs. Potts and Maurice that made my little shipper heart do a backflip, even if there is a Mr. Potts now. I’m still not sure if I’m on board with the growl, but I adore the line about the beard – apparently it was written for the original film and Paige O'Hara even recorded it! But it interrupted that finale sequence so they never used it. I think it works perfectly here, it’s so cute.

The first time watching, I felt the pacing was so odd in the film, with some abrupt transitions that didn’t quite work. I felt that less so the second time, maybe just because I was expecting it, and sometimes I actually liked the sudden change. I also don’t fully understand the shuffling of scenes at the beginning. The animated film goes (1) “Belle,” (2) Belle and Maurice at home, (3) Maurice leaves for the fair, (4) Maurice arrives in the castle, (5) Gaston proposes, (6) “Belle (Reprise),” (7) Philippe comes back and tells Belle to the castle. The movie rearrange this so almost all of the village scenes happen together, reordering that sequence as 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 4, 7. Because of this we end up going from Maurice’s whole scene in the castle, back to the village for about thirty seconds with Philippe and Belle, then right back to the castle again. This made the whole sequence of events feel rushed even though each moment was given about the same amount of time, or more, as the original film. Additionally, I felt some of the filming choices from a cinematography point of view were weird. There were several times that we were zoomed in on a character, usually Belle or Gaston in the village, and it felt like the shot was kept tight to hide something but then there wasn’t anything to hide… it’s a hard thing to articulate, but I definitely noticed it through both viewings.

The design of this movie is amazing. Breathtaking. Thousands of beautiful costumes and such detail – human Cogsworth’s buttons have the Roman numeral numbers on them! Not to mention the object designs. Lumiere’s candlestick form is clearly inspired by the Broadway production, which was an absolutely brilliant choice. Garderobe’s wardrobe form is A THEATRE, it has box seats and a stage with curtains as her mouth piece! Even the villagers are designed with such care, memorable and reminiscent of the original in many places – the man with the scissors and the guy with the mustache, the Baker is very similar to his animated design… I would have liked to have seen blonde silly girls to contrast them more distinctly with Belle, but they are what they are. The set design, from the village to the absolutely incredible castle, it’s all so, so good. I love the little flowers painted on the doorway to Maurice’s cottage and I loved the magnificent, baroque-meets-gothic design of an extremely unique castle. I know people are up in arms about the yellow dress, I know it’s not perfect, but it doesn’t stick out so horribly in the movie and it moves so beautifully in the ballroom scene. And honestly, I’ve never cared about the yellow dress, the blue dress is the one I’ve always loved and I just think the live action interpretation is glorious. It does not feel like a costume, it feels worn-in, it feels natural, like it’s just Belle’s favorite dress, and I just love it so much.

Speaking of detail, they named the village. And they named it Villeneuve. As in Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the original author of the fairy tale. Come on. That’s fantastic.

Let’s see, some of my other favorite moments that jumped out at me that I wanted to mention… the whole “Gaston” scene in the tavern is awesome, maybe my favorite scene besides the finale sequence. I love that Lefou is going around paying everyone off to boost Gaston’s ego, I love the dance, I love the use of Tom, Dick, and Stanley as cronies throughout the entire movie, I love lifting the young woman and then lifting Lefou, the whole song is fun and funny and exciting and the new lyrics are just amazing - “Then I shoot from behind!” “Is that fair?” “I don’t care!” …That’s exactly what’s going to happen in the final battle. Ugh. So good.

The moment in “Something There” where the Beast moves to Belle’s end of the table, she puts down her spoon, and they both sip their soup out of the bowl… that hit me in a way the animated movie never has before. It’s amazing symbolism. He can’t eat with the spoon, she’s not going to lap it up like an animal, so they find a way they can both eat the same way. They’re meeting each other halfway. That’s some good stuff right there.

OH, and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned “Be Our Guest!” Come on. They went hard with that. They put on a full Broadway production on the table in front of Belle! The way it just kept growing bigger and bigger was delightful. Plus I love that the grey stuff is designed after Be Our Guest Restaurant’s grey stuff, complete with the silver and grey chocolate caviar beads.

Replacing the animated film’s bookstore, which never really made sense in a town of people who think reading makes someone weird, with a small shelf holding a dozen old and worn books that Belle has read over and over is just such a wonderful touch. I love that Belle’s favorite play is Romeo and Juliet because she’s barely read anything else and I love that the Beast’s reaction is to roll his eyes at her selection. I would have liked to have seen the giving of the library be a little more deliberate and a little less off the cuff, and I definitely missed the “promises you don’t intend to keep” line, but I’m so satisfied with the choice to make the Beast a reader. Having “a very expensive education” totally makes sense, and what else would he have had to do with all that time? They each develop the other’s literary taste! What’s better in a relationship than that?

The new songs are lovely as well. “How Can A Moment Last Forever?” is so much better than “No Matter What,” I wish it could logically fit into the musical instead because it’s really, really good. “Days in the Sun” is so sweet, it’s nice to have those moments with the young prince and each of the objects and even Belle, and honestly I can’t stand “Human Again” so I’m good with this one, plus the lyrical nod to “A Change in Me” is nice. But “Evermore” is clearly stealing the show as far as the new songs are concerned. What a great song. I still think they could have done a little tweaking to the lyrics in order to still use “If I Can’t Love Her” but if we’re going to write a new song for the Beast, I’ll take this one. (But can we not digitally lower Dan Stevens’s voice next time? It sounds like a computer singing at some points.) I also loved all of the new/old lyrics that were incorporated into the songs we were familiar with. They felt fresh without being forced. The new “Gaston” lyrics are definitely my favorite, but the new lyrics that Mrs. Potts sings in the finale are touching. Plus, using the Broadway songs as underscoring was really nice, especially “Home.”

I’m just so delighted with this movie. Everything from the original is there but now there’s more. The stove is there. The coat rack is there. The footstool is there. They just paid so much attention to detail and did this movie the justice it deserved. I’m already prepared to call this my favorite movie. Easily. By miles. It’s beautiful and just absolutely everything I was hoping it would be.

Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

ASTRO 붙잡았어야 해 (Again) Choreography Appreciation

The choreography for 붙잡았어야 해 is really good and let me take you through step by step why it’s so good. (On top of that, when it’s in GIF form and you can’t hear any music, it’s easier to spot where they aren’t in sync. Or in ASTRO’s case, appreciate just how in sync they are.)

One thing I really appreciate about ASTRO choreographies is that they switch the focused member so easily. Here, MJ and Moonbin spin back to back. Moonbin sings first, and MJ sings second. This transition ONLY works because MJ is so much shorter than Moonbin - Bin can completely hide MJ behind him, and so when MJ spins out it’s like !!! he’s here !! In general it is very in sync.  

They have to do this spinning transition often when switching center members because of their six person group. In order to keep it symmetrical, there’s one center and two on each side, leaving one left over. This spinning transition lets them keep the symmetry without leaving anyone out for too long. 

The best part of this is how Moonbin’s hand turns, and it turns in time with their heads turning, especially Jinjin and Rocky., as if he’s the one turning their heads. Also that move where both hands are in is really good with the music, it fits really well and I love it alot. 

This move is actually really hard to do (trust me I’ve tried). I really love how it starts out lowkey with them doing the little feet straight forward and then it’s like BAM dynamic shape with the arm. 

Look at how smoothly MJ comes around to the front. Like the way they do the same back to back turn where Rocky turns inwards and MJ moves on the outside of him is what makes it look so smooth. On top of that watch MJ’s feet too. Also appreciate how they purposefully put the three shortest in the front to avoid off balancing the formation too much also appreciate how good rocky looks

This move is just sick. Like the way Sanha walks forward through the middle and like “hits” the others’ hands away and they open up the path for him is really cool. I’m still a big fan of how they are keeping similar heights on both sides. Also watch the way that the triangle of binusan moves from the focus of eunwoo in front to eunwoo sliding over to put sanha in the middle. 

Now this is one of my favorite parts of the choreography: the part right before the chorus where they all form the one line is the same point in the song where the electric guitar like slides out and the melody comes back thats a horrible way to describe it but still. Like when they are walking into the line it’s kind of just all over the place, but then when they slide out it’s so symmetrical. 

Alright this next move needs to be split up into parts for proper appreciation:

 I know it’s kind of hard to see at first but it’s not a random movement. The line kind of folds out ? Moonbin is stepping back just as Jinjin comes forward, and MJ’s moving forward in time with Jinjin coming forward. The important part is that Jinjin is moving from right to left, and everyone else is moving in a line behind where Moonbin is. This transition keeps your focus on the two who are currently singing, Moonbin and then Jinjin. 

This going to be called diagonal line #1. First of all I’m a sucker for this diagonal line formation, but I’m even more impressed by how Jinjin moves with the line. Jinjin’s little hop in the middle of it happens at the same time as the line does their first jump back. Also how the line moves from side to side is really smooth too. Probably the best part of this line though is Jinjin’s footwork that takes him backwards honestly all of the footwork in this choreography is spot on

Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. 

YO HERE IT IS THE WHOLE REASON I MADE THIS CHOREOGRAPHY APPRECIATION OKAY: This is one of the most beautiful transitions I’ve seen from ASTRO ever. The way the focus shifts from rocky to Jinjin, like how Jinjin just easily slots right into place for being part of Rocky’s rap squad is so smooth. Its just really beautiful and I want it to be appreciated. On top of that, the way that they keep this symmetry going - MJ and Jinjin the shorter members on the outside, followed by Moonbin and Sanha on Rocky’s sides. 

I call this the Rocky Rap Squad formation. It’s used a lot in their other choreographies - when rocky is in the center rapping and the other members go behind him diagonally on each side. The way Rocky’s moves are the main focus and the rest of ASTRO’s moves reflect the best parts of it just. There’s so much I appreciate about the way they move as a unit and how Rocky embellishes that. 

Also note: They still have this symmetry of small on the outside, then tall, then center. 

1) The way this formation transitions from Rocky as the focus to Sanha as the focus, everyone moves in a circular motion. Yet, they still keep the symmetry. This is because the formation goes tall short tall short tall short in the circle. So when Sanha slides to the front to become center, Rocky and Jinjin are the shorts next to him and Moonbin and Eunwoo are the talls on the end. 

2) The move where they cover their face and then switch is one of the coolest moves they’ve done so far for sure. 

Now this is one of those move/formations that is just beautiful because it’s a unit. The way Sanha as the center brings his hand up the first time in line with Rocky and Jinjin moving out, and then brings both arms down and up which kind of like “pushes” moonbin and eunwoo out and up. It looks really beautiful. And then he pulls them down and all of them drop. It’s mesmerizing. 

i just love this back and forth movement with the footwork. I think the footwork here just needsd to be appreciated. The parts where they are hitting their chests and sliding their feet together - look bud I’ve tried to learn that and let me tell you getting the coordination on that is not easy. But like the way they start initially only in line with two other members and then suddenly all of them are standing all the way straight up. Good stuff. 

No comment here is really needed, just an appreciation of how they’ve kept the back and forth two line formation is really smooth. (though this is the part of the dance where they are most out of sync, they aren’t bringing their hand down at the same speed or in the same way. 

Man these transitions are just so nice. The way that your attention is focused on Sanha who is so close to the camera, and how he completely blocks MJ in the middle who suddenly appears and is the main focus of the chorus. And then how Sanha just casually moves to the back of the formation. Also the sliding kinda reminds me of ice skating which is fitting. 

Remember when I talked about diagonal line #1? “Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. “

This diagonal line #2 goes the opposite direction: right side foward, left side back. Now instead of Jinjin moving from the front to the back, they “push” their arms and sanha takes the momentum of their arms and “pops” out of the formation, moving along the line from the back to the front. A stunning reflection of the early diagnoal line. Like imagine if those two lines happened back to back. 

I love this big circular motion they do with their hands. Of all the moves they have done so far in the choreography, all of them doing this arm circular is by far the biggest move they do in terms of how much space they take up. Like it’s a grand move for the dance so far. Their leg placement is also past shoulder width apart making the move look even bigger. And the way Bin like spins his hand in time with ASTRO spinning, and Bin moving from his legs apart to behind him, the footwork is so in sync with their spinning too. 

Okay this is really cool. This is the point in the music where the lyrics and melody are the chorus, but there’s more instrumental in the background. And their dancing reflects moves from the chorus choreography but instead of facing sideways they all face forward. And watch the way Bins arms move. All of ASTRO turn around at the same time that Bin turns to the front after turning away. 

This first box formation is two vocals in the center and the rest of them surrounding them. This was really smart that before this they had Rocky and Moonbin in the back spinning in sync because they were the best at that turn, and then they slid to the side so that Rocky, the main dancer, and Eunwoo, the visual, ended up in front. 

Also note how Rocky reaches up to “grab” something at the end, and “brings” it inside the formation. 

And then here they have another box formation, except for this time the two in the center are the rappers instead of the vocals. 

Watch the way MJ grabs up and raises his arm down, and then Moonbin raises his arm up as MJ’s comes down. (Also how they are on opposite sides of the square so the movements aren’t off balance.)

And then the way Rocky and Jinjin turn around each other to change the focus of the center. 

in conclusion: astro’s formations and transitions have me in love

What’s In Store For The Get Down Part 2?

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The Get Down is set in the South Bronx in New York and revolves around these teens who change the city through their music, dance and graffiti. It gained popularity on Tumblr and Twitter after many had pointed out how a show full of diversity and incredible storytelling was being sidelined for shows that did not break the status quo. Many feared last year that due to the ratings not being as high as some of the other Netflix hits such as ‘Stranger Things’ that we wouldn’t get more episodes but that fear was dispelled when we got a trailer for Part 2 last week.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Anakin killing the Tusken tribe and Padme's reaction?

I’ll tackle Padme’s reaction to it first, cause for a lot of people that’s where they can’t see where she’s coming from.

Padme comes from a well off, loving family. Her older sister has two small children who adore their aunt and her parents clearly think very highly of her career and love her very much. Family is very important to Padme so when she hears that Anakin’s mother is in danger – or at the very least that he perceives her to be in danger– she goes with Anakin to check on her, because this is Anakin’s family and that means something to her. He shouldn’t have to be cut off from his family just to keep her safe. When she comes back to Tatooine, they go looking for Shmi, who Padme remembers as the kind older woman who took complete strangers into her home, feed them even though she had literally nothing to her name, and helped them get the parts needed to fix their ship so they could go to the core and eventually save Naboo.

Padme knows she didn’t do anything after that to help Shmi Skywalker. Maybe she tried, maybe she didn’t, but the bottom line is this: she did not help this woman who helped her, her people, and then let her son go off with them. She left Shmi Skywalker in chains. That’s on her – and she knows it. They go to Watto and find out she was sold on and then freed. To Padme, that’s good news – Shmi was freed and then found love! Something good came from her struggles.

But then they get to the Lars homestead and find that Shmi has been taken by Tusken Raiders. The only thing that Padme knows about these people is that they came to a moisture farm in the middle of nowhere, abducted someone, and then killed members of the rescue party that went after Shmi and crippled Cleigg Lars. Maybe if she has a particularly good memory she remembers that they were also shooting at the racers during the podrace that Anakin was in when he was nine and apparently they do it so often that it’s accepted as a normal thing to watch for during said races. Either way, all she knows of them is that they are violent, dangerous, and malicious. They came to Shmi’s home and took her from her family property – it wasn’t like she was in the middle of the wastes and they took her from there, no, they came to Shmi’s home to take her.

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Things I Have Been Reading... (March)

March has been absolutely EPIC for amazing fics!  I am thinking I’m gonna have to go back to posting twice a month because this list is becoming a monster BUT I still think you should go read all the stuff.  This month I have limited myself to only 10 recs for each of my fandoms but there were so many more I could have added.  So here you go, this is my much debated and agonized over list of recommendations for March 2017.

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 Dramione WIP Fluff from the ‘Fics I Won’t Write’ Game.  

If I’m Gonna Fall in Love:  Draco had made a list of everything he needed to fall in love. She had to be classically beautiful, and deferential, and from a good family.  She had to be someone his parents would like, someone his friends would approve of.   If he were going to fall in love,  he planned to make sure she was everything he’d ever wanted.  He planned to make sure she was perfect.  This made the way he kept running into Hermione Granger at every social event incredibly annoying.  How was he supposed to meet the perfect girl if he kept getting caught up in arguments with Potter’s bushy-haired sidekick?

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episodes: Revenge Of The Sith

The title in itself allowed us to know in what kind of direction George Lucas’ last Star Wars movie was about to take us. After eleven years of work (Lucas started writing Episode I in 1994), Lucas finally released the movie which would show how Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader.

One thing I really appreciate about Lucas’ depiction of Anakin’s fall is the brutal honesty in itself. Anakin falls for being overly egoistic, putting his own need of Padmé over everything and everyone else – including Padmé’s own begging to stop. Anakin falls as a result of his greed, his desire to achieve the ultimate power of immortality. And there are no excuses made, which unfortunately happens all to often with beloved characters. Lucas was carefully trying to prevent the notion that Anakin’s fall would be somehow an “accident” or a situation where Anakin was “trying to do the right thing until it was too late”. No, Anakin was determined to save Padmé and keep the things he loves and learn the needed power at all costs. He tried to do the right thing and keep nobody harmed as long as it was possible for him, but at some point he had to make a choice and he did decide to save Padmé – at the expense of other lives, if necessary.

Naturally, there were parts of the audience which felt they had no chance to feel or root for Anakin. I can understand them, but Lucas certainly didn’t try to achieve that anybody with a functional moral system would sympathize with Anakin in the second half of this film or consider his horrible action understandable. What we should feel is the loss of potential that Anakin is, the fact that someone so gifted and so “pure” from birth was losing his way and going down a path of incredicle darkness. We should feel the general idea of wanting to keep the ones we love, but also understand that there are limits for us to interfere with the natural course of events. Those are the ideas and questions that Episode III risis and we should think about and sympathize with. Were are not supposed to sympathize with Anakin’s actions to the end, though.

The characters we are instead supposed to sympathize with til the end in Revenge Of The Sith are Obi-Wan and Padmé, with both of them having to cope with the fact that there husband and friend has turned to the dark side and into a monster. The sense of betrayal, of lost innocence and the believe in someone next to you that’s being disappointed. Taking all this into account, Anakin’s turn and the pain and suffering that it brought over the galaxy - but in particular also to the people that cared for him - made Padmé’s last words, her faith in the good in Anakin, all the more effective and powerful.

Those very last scenes of Padmé dying were also characteristic for the film’s strong focus on editing techniques. Even more than with most of the other films, Episode III really came into its final shape in the editing process. The juxtaposition of Padmé’s death, Anakin’s rebirth as Darth Vader and the birth of the twins is a groundbreaking achievement just as the very powerful contrasting juxtaposition of the very personal fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan and the much more galactic showdown between Master Yoda and Darth Sidious. There is also the breathtakingly fascinating Ruminations Scene, which cuts back and forth between Anakin in the Jedi Council’s chamber brooding about his dilemma and Padmé’s probable death and Padmé feeling Anakin’s unrest and the significance of the moment until Anakin turns his back on the sun only to head into a very dark future. The Order 66 is another brilliantly editied scene showing the death of Jedi Knights across the galaxy. The cuts to a more and more devestated Yoda during Anakin’s turn scene are just as effective and the transition from Obi-Wan and Padmé starting to come to terms with Anakin’s change and the sparkling fontain to Anakin’s remorseful tears on a hellish planet with boiling lava. Episode III is an exercise of creating a movie – and emotion - in post-production.

Revenge Of The Sith also marked the end to a trilogy that started six years earlier with The Phantom Menace. Gone the light and innocent tone of the trilogy’s opener, moved from the broody and melancholic mood of a Attack Of The Clones to the sheer darkness and sadness of Episode III’s last hour. It’s an incredible shift of tone, and what’s lost becomes obvious. Lost is variety, art, beauty and innocence in the galaxy. Jar Jar has been pushed aside, there is no room for a as different and pure at heart as him. Individualism, truly expressed by the Naboo’s culture and design in Episode I, has been slowly eradicated throughout Episode II and up to the end of Episode III. We moved from Naboo’s sunlit green grass at the end of Episode I to Episode II’s smoggy orange Geonosian sand and finally Mustafar’s black ashes where Obi-Wan picks up Anakin’s lightsaber. We moved from a movie spending most of it’s time in daylight to a movie filled with darkness and from a Senate filled in daylight to a nightime Senate and finally a Senate in twilight.

Generally, it’s remarkable how well Episode III completed the trilogy’s story – especially Anakin’s. Anakin, who was shown in Episode I as a young boy with the strength to leave his mother on a desert planet and then in Episode II as a young man losing his mother again, is another time faced with the challenge of a threatening loss. Speaking from the point of view of immoral logic, Anakin’s behaviour was perfectly reasonable. After all, he did show the strength to let go of his mother – only to reunite with her witnessing her death and a broken promise (“I will come back and save you, Mom.”) hurting his conscience. He left his mother, following the Jedi’s teachings. He didn’t try to save her when he was dreaming about her, following the Jedi’s order. It led to death, pain and suffering – for him. He came too late to save her, so what’s more reasonable than trying to save Padmé before things happen to her in the first place when the very same dreams occur? It’s immoral logic and – following centuries of storytelling – Lucas certainly used that lost morality in Anakin in order to put him into the context of a selffulfilling prophecy in which the protagonist actually creates the very situation he was so desperately trying to avoid. Anakin causes Padmé death, and is consequentally punished, having to live in his own very distinct prison. This, however, was all really only possible because the first two episodes provided a lot of background and build-up.

The same can be said about Palpatine’s rise to power. Episode I told the part of Palpatine’s story about him climbing to Chancellorship, exploiting a crisis of his own creation. In Episode II, Palpatine used a conflict which he controlled on both sides to initiate and fuel a war which would eliminate a lot of Jedi and attack the foundation of the Republic. In Episode III, we finally got the very exciting part of the story where everything comes together and Palpatine announces the Empire. Completely in line with the movies’ strength in the editing department, that political culimation was beautifully intercut with Anakin’s growing absorption of the dark side. Episode III shows Palpatine’s last step to dictatorship and the scene of him declaring the Empire perfectly intercut with his student, Anakin, wiping out his now redundant former allies, the Separatists. Making the whole thing even more exciting, the sequence is also connected to the Jedi (Obi-Wan and Yoda) learning the truth in the Jedi Temple, which leads them to their own perceived Chosen One. The transition from Obi-Wan’s shock at the murders and his paralyzed question about “who could have done this” to Anakin’s current slaughtering in the windshadow of Palpatine’s senate speech is particularly resonating. Padmé’s wearily realization of what’s happening proides the scene with a thoughtful finish: “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”.There is just an incredible sense of momentum when Anakin’s path towards darkness and Palpatine’s rise to power became one in the moment when Anakin physically destoys the Separatists while Palpatine much more non-violently destroys the Senate and democracy.

Conceptionally, Episode III had the most rewarding part of the Prequel Trilogy’s story and as it turned out, the ultimate result that is Revenge Of The Sith was worth giving George Lucas 28 years to complete it.

Seventeen Makeout Sessions


Super Long Post Ahead. There’s so many fucking boys istg kill me pls.

• Seunggwan ;

I don’t know why but I peg him as one of the freakiest in like, the entire group. He’s just, ugh. He’d be completely up for making out with you. Probably still half shy, but totally confident at the same time ya know? His hands would be on your biceps, holding you at a safe distance from him. Not that he didn’t want you closer.

Seunggwan would start off extremely slow. Just a few pecks to your lips, maybe one to the corner of your mouth but as time passed on, he’d get into it a lot more and pick up the pace a little bit. For noises, I don’t know, I don’t think moaning or anything like that but maybe sharp inhales? Yes.

Position, I feel he’d rather be standing up. You in front of him, palms flat on his chest and head tilted up to meet his lips.

If somebody walked in, omg this entire band would scream like girls and cry themselves to sleep but Seunggwan may hide behind you? Like jerk your body in front of his and apologize to his hyung for being dirty and inappropriate.

• Minghao ;

Omg. Omg wait this cutie is the shyest in the whole universe when it comes to holding hands, could you imagine kissing him? Holy shit his face would get so red and he’d be way too embarrassed to move his lips on yours at all, but you’d be completely content because his mouth would be the softest you’ve ever felt in your entire life and fuck. He’s so young.

Moving on his hands would stay in his lap. They’re not moving I promise. He’ll keep them there and lock them together and wring his fingers out like a wet towel as a distraction for himself. As for pace, again he wouldn’t move, not even a little bit. Your smile would just press to his still lips and it still sounds lovely. No noises for this one, maybe a shocked squeak accompanied with some cute ass wide eyes when you first kiss him.

Position would be just sitting across from each other. Safe distance because we don’t need him having a heart attack please.

If somebody walked in holy crap I honestly feel like he would cry and apologize a million damn times like Chan but who knows for sure.

• Mingyu ;

Jesus. Mingyu got cocky kisses from all around, lined up just for your pretty ass. He’d be smirking throughout the entire god damn thing and his fingers would teasingly dance over your wrists or brush up and down your arms and it’d be so distracting like Mingyu stop please your hot ass smirk is distraction enough. Other than wrists and arms he’d totally grab your hips yes.

Fuck okay he’d keep it real real slow but only because he knew you wanted it to go faster you know what I mean? As soon as you tried speeding things up he’d dig those beautiful sharp canines into the flesh of your bottom lip and tug it back, ears eagerly listening for your needy whimper. As for his sounds maybe just a few low growls to go with his tightening grip on your sides, maybe a moan slip or two.

Position position position, please sit on his thighs. I feel like he’d tense up and his cheeks would flush pale but not uncomfortably just in a way of embarrassingly enjoying it a little too much get it?

If someone walked in he wouldn’t even be thinking and probably throw you off of him, onto the cushy bed or couch don’t worry you won’t get hurt. But he’d take the person outside and give them a talk then maybe hurry back in to finish. Probably lock the door this time too.

• Seokmin ;

Ah this kid is so smiley it’s great so first he’d be the shy type but over time get more confident in his kisses? Like one sec he’ll be sweetly pecking your lips with a huge (gorgeous) smile but then the next he’ll be like drowning you with his tongue and his smile would then be a smirk. His hands, his very large large hands would just rest on your upper thighs or something, maybe skim his thumbs over your hips.

Pace was explained above but he’d be gentle then not then probably gentle again but then get just as aggressive as before and suck on your tongue like his life depended on it. Also kinda can hear him whimpering into your sloppy ass makeouts just sayin.

Position honestly you’d just sit facing each other? Maybe he’d pull a cute little position and spread his legs out in a v and make you sit facing him between them with your own legs wrapped around his hips. His hands like above would be on your hips or thighs, just caressing gently.

If somebody walked in he’d probably be embarrassed I mean who wouldn’t be but he wouldn’t freak out like most of the boys and probably just politely ask them to leave and then later pull them aside and talk to them privately about what they saw.

• Wonwoo

I’m going to regret this greatly but let’s get started on this fuckery. First off, it’s Wonwoo. He can be a cute little shy flower one minute but then you’ll blink and he’ll be a sexy ass confident fuck you’ll want to punch. But that aside, his kisses I suppose would be a mix of both? If that can happen.

He’d keep it soft literally the entire session, taking his time in making your mouth swollen and slick with his tongue, teeth nibbling and sucking gently. He wouldn’t really speed up no matter what, he’d have great control I feel like. For noises maybe throaty grunts? Just deep sounds from his gut that would vibrate his chest while its pressed to yours and stuff.

Jesus okay just imagine this. Wonwoo would prefer to have you sitting on things, like kitchen counters or chairs or tables, a position where he can stand between your legs, hands can push your knees further apart and he can reach every part of you he feels he needs to. His hands would roam everywhere tbh, up and down your back, over your thighs, up your sides, down your arms. Don’t kill me but he’d probably also very much hold onto your rib cage in a spot where his thumbs would curve under your boob, over your clothes of course.

If somebody walked in I don’t think he’d even notice. Or care too much for that matter. He wouldn’t let you pull away and he’d continue until the third person got uncomfortable and left you alone again.

• Jihoon

Oogi’s gotta be like, tentative when he kisses you. Not exactly shy but more hesitant and gentle. He’s so chill so he’d just be hella leaned back on the couch, fingers of one hand interlocked with yours and his thumb of the other stroking over your jaw line.

Things would move no faster than a snail’s pace and he’d be so quiet, you’d probably have to yank on his hair a bit to get him to even breathe. A content sigh would sometimes pass from his soft lips to yours.

Just sit next to him. He’s not too shy but he’s not completely confident so to avoid uncomfortable tension, sit by his side or stand in front of him.

If somebody walked in I think he’d kind of get mad? Like wrap his arm protectively around you and snap at the person until they were gone.

• Soonyoung

Hoshi’s like hella energetic and just hyper as shit all the fucking time. It’s gotta be the dancer inside of him but that aside, he’d be like that with kissing. I don’t think he’d give you soft slow romantic pecks, maybe under different circumstances other than a makeout session, but he’d probably honestly be all god damn sloppy tongue and sharp nibbles. His hands would squeeze at your sides, fist at your shirt to bring you as close to him as he possibly could get you.

It’d be fast and needy from start to finish. Hoshi’s a hyung and a boy and he has stronger desires I guess, than the younger members. So he’s going to take all he can from you, as long as you allow him to. Of course if you asked him to slow down or wanted to stop, he’d oblige immediately. He’s not going to force you into anything but he’s going to want this make out session to be an actual make out session. He’d prob breathe really hard and grunt into your mouth or neck.

He’d prefer it if you were straddled on his lap where he can hold you to his body or honestly, laid underneath him with him hovering over you.

If some one walked in he’d scream his ass off and get a little irritated and embarrassed he was caught in such a scenario by another member.

• Junhui

Ahh I can’t even start on how kitten this little baby is but so like daddy at the same time holy shit just like Wonwoo’s ass. They are fake hoes and they’ll tease you like no tomorrow. The first few times with Jun will be cute and adorable, just careful soft kisses here and there and affectionate caresses of his hand on your cheek BUT one day he’ll change out of fucking nowhere and all the sudden he’s yanking desperately at the ends of your hair and licking your mouth open. His hands’ll be on your ribcage, gripping and holding you close.

Pace is fast, again like Hoshi, he’d be all over you like he couldn’t get enough of you. Once those desires they have take over their mind there’s literally no getting them back unless you snap them out of it yourself. Not that they are complete pervs who can’t control themselves, that’s not what I’m saying. They just have needs and if left untended for a certain amount of time, it’ll make them animalistic and desperate for your touch. Despite all of that, they won’t take it any further than a messy heated make out.

Jun probably won’t make any noises but have you next to him, thighs pressed together and hands on cheeks and hips. If somebody walked in he’d honestly probably freak the hell out and get scared and worried like he did something really naughty. He’d apologize the same time the other person was apologizing for walking in without knocking.

• Joshua

Ahh the sweetheart of the bunch. I’m so tempted to make him awfully horny but we all know realistically he can’t even look at a girl without the tips of his ears burning bright ass red so. More shy kisses from this fucker, really cute pecks so light they’ll make your head spin. He won’t even know how big of a tease he’s being while he holds onto your waist and kisses you silly with his soft ass lips.

There wont even be a pace with him because I doubt you’ll ever get to making out completely. He’s seriously just way too shy, he’d only let it get so far before he’d pull away. I can picture him letting out gentle sighs against your lips, maybe sometimes getting a bit too into it and squeezing your sides to deepen the kiss just a tad. But once he catches himself you know he’ll be apologizing and blushing.

Positions for Joshua could be laid in his bed? I don’t know like face to face at night, your head using his bicep as a pillow with his other arm curled tightly around your waist to keep your chests pushed together. The close contact wont be the problem, he’s totally up for cuddling but as soon as you lean in he’ll tense up with nervousness and barely kiss you back.

If somebody walked in God, this poor kid would have a heart attack. He’d give that adorable little awkward laugh he does when he has nothing else to say, probably jump a million feet away from you and hide his face in his hands.

• Jeonghan

Jeonghan the hella cheesy ass type to like, I don’t know just stare at your face? He’d fall so in love with you so damn fast and he wouldn’t be able to help himself from just admiring you every chance he got. With his lips though. Sometimes he’ll use his eyes but other times he’ll map out his favorite parts of you with his lips you feel? I can see him wanting to hold your hand, like actually have your guys’ fingers intertwined on the cushions or something idk. Maybe he’ll hold your neck and slide his hands underneath your shirt to stroke your skin.

Pace could probably would be somewhere in the middle, like not too fast not too slow, just perfect and soft but also edgy at the same time yeah. He’d mix things up a lot. I feel like because he’s older he wouldn’t be as shy to make any noises or try his hardest to get you to make some as well.

For a position I figure he’d be confident here too and just shove your ass down onto the bed and crawl his lanky ass on top of you. You might want to put his hair up in a bun or pony or something so you’re not tasting it while he hovers over you but other than that expect wandering hands and deep breathless kisses that last for minutes without breaks.

Someone walking in omg can you see him getting sassy as hell oh my fucking god he’d sit there and bark and be angry and embarrassed and just so much would happen in the span of five seconds you wouldn’t know what the fuck to do.

• Seungcheol

Jesus Christ finally this thick-lipped motherfucker. His mouth is pretty right? Anyway I feel he’d be a biter like uh, Markie from G7. He nibble the shit out of your lips until they were so swollen and puffy and then he’d kiss you really deeply and hard to make them even more so than before. He’d probably smack his giant ass paws onto your ribcage and just hug you really close and tight tbh.

Seungcheol’s honestly like this little bean child but he’s not too shy you know what I mean? Like I suppose pace can depend on his mood. If he’s upset or feeling down he might just want gentle kisses, soft on your lips or if he’s stressed he’ll b extremely needy and probably attack the shit out of your mouth with so much tongue and omg whimpering!Seungcheol yees but if he’s feeling like his normal happy self maybe he’d give you quick teasing pecks that made you whine until he would kiss you forreal and it would be heaven.

Sit on Seungcheol’s lap please. I mean honestly where else would you sit when you’re trying to kiss this puppy dog you have to straddle his thighs and if you don’t he might actually cry so just do it so he can hold you and kiss you and bite your neck and ears and smile against your mouth like a cute fuck.

If someone walked in, he’d be another embarrassed one. He’d melt into shy baby Seungcheol but also become leader Seungcheol at the same time and scold the shit out of the person for their reckless behavior when in reality he should’ve been the one who picked a better spot to make out or somethin idk.


Over-Analyzing “By My Side”


Because I was stuck at grandma’s house with no wifi/internet and over 50+ SNS AMVS (including Naruto Ending 20 By My Side), what better way to waste my time than make a post about my two favorite frickers and this ending.

I’ll be doing this by time frame. Please bear with me for this could possibly be a tedious process.

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Summary: You were dating Emma Duval, until you weren’t. You find yourself at home, alone and mentally unstable. Audrey comes to your rescue with a confession to make.

Request:  alivebecauseof1d asked: Hi! Could you maybe do an Audrey imagine where her and the reader and dating and the reader self-harms but Audrey doesn’t know, and then she finds out, and maybe lots of fluff? Unless you’re uncomfortable writing about that, which is totally okay. Thank you! @alivebecauseof1d

Request: joycebycrs asked: i havent talked to you in 30 years but this is a reminder ily and also if you need any ideas; Emma and the reader just broke up because emma believes the reader is in love with audrey, which gets around to the whole school. so the reader avoids audrey like the plague but audrey shows up at their house and tries to calm them down, saying its okay and that she wishes she knew sooner.. and then… nice things. dont make it sad or ill sue u ._. @joycebycrs

So I really hope you don’t mind that I combined the two requests! And please forgive me I know this isn’t the best and it is quite rushed but it is 4:30 AM give me a break. 


Your eyes were polaroid cameras, filtering the world in and out, focusing and un-focusing, searching for beauty. You were lost and alone, isolated by your former peers. Left to die. Your camera eyes turned sad, fluttering and confused. Snapshots of dead bodies and murder and-

Beauty. A light and a- Beauty. You didn’t know how many pictures you took, but there were many. Curled, blonde hair. Blondie. Beauty, you had found it, you knew it. You remembered the way your heart tugged as you wrote her name down on half-crumpled paper, hand trembling with nerves as you tried your best to make your hand-writing as neat as possible.

Emma Duval, It read. You remembered how proud of it you were, oddly enough. It was only a scrap of paper, with a name that was scratched onto it with a really crappy mechanical pencil. However, you wrote it the day you felt it, whatever it was. The feeling you got when she walked into a room, when she talked to you. The way your chest felt like it was on fire, but in a good way- In the best way possible.

The small scrap of paper was taped up in your locker, and your eyes softened whenever you saw it. Emma Duval, the blondie, the beauty. Your beauty.

A date, then two, then three- Then a kiss. A mind-blowing kiss that made the world spin and you were her girlfriend before you knew it. You were in love with Emma Duval.

And then you met Audrey Jensen. At first you ignored the small voice at the back of your head that kept on nagging at you, and the butterflies that pinched at your stomach as they fluttered around endlessly. The emotions that you seconds before would describe as annoying and bothersome disappeared just as quickly as Audrey left. But for some reason, you wanted them back. You wanted her back. You wanted to slap yourself. But you supposed you would look rather silly doing that, so you silenced yourself and forced a smile onto your face. You’ve been smiling quite a lot lately.

What were you to do? If you advanced upon these emotions, you would break Emma’s heart, and that’s with the small chance that Audrey would even like you back, which at this point you deemed near impossible. And even if your romantic emotions towards her were ever reciprocated, there would be no way that she would agree to go out with you, having too much respect and loyalty for Emma to do so.

And yet you still imagined what her hand would feel like in yours. How her lips would taste, or the small noises she’d make when you lightly nibbled on them, claiming her as your own. You couldn’t help but imagine how she would laugh with you, the way her ice blue eyes would twinkle in the pale moonlight, her features bathed in milky beams, her voice drowsy and tired, raspy but beautiful. Always beautiful. Beauty-

“(Y/N)? Hello?” Emma’s voice had brought her out of her delusions and into the real world, where you found yourself placed at a fancy table with plates of food and wine glasses. Your eyes traveled up to your girlfriend, her blonde hair perfectly curled and done up in a bun, small strands lining her face. Despite her alluring aesthetic, her green eyes were narrowed and angry, betraying the look of innocence and grace her red dress and heels gave her.

Your eyes widened slightly as you realized that you had zoned out on your date with her, internally smacking yourself on the head for the late reaction. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. What- Oh, FUCK. This isn’t very good.

The silence was deafening, her eyes unmoving and kept on yours, the clock ticking away menacingly, perhaps even counting down the seconds to your death? I mean, it’s not that irrational of a thought. She looks like she’s going to kill me. Well, I did zone out during a date like this. After another minute of the awkward silence, you decided to open your big, fat, dumb mouth.

Pardon?” You asked with a nervous chuckle, watching as she looked taken aback, but quickly regained her composure as she answered. “I was just saying how you never seem to listen to me anymore when I talk to you, or always have a delayed reaction when I ask you something. But, curiously enough, whenever Audrey is in the room she has your undivided attention. Care to explain why?” She sat back in her chair, arms crossing over her breasts.

When did I- Oh yeah. Wait, I never- Yes I did. You didn’t know what to say, your eyes downcast as you sat in your chair awkwardly, fidgeting around with your hands. “I love you, not her.” You spoke weakly, looking her in the eye. However, it didn’t sound as convincing as you intended it to, perhaps because it wasn’t true.

You looked into her green eyes, and saw that they were clouded over in anger. However, small parts of them were swimming in sadness, glimmering in pain. You felt like you had been punched in the gut and your breath had been stolen from you. You had never meant to harm her, ever. But now you have, because you’re stupid and you fell in love with the girl that isn’t your girlfriend.

You saw Emma’s lip quivering, and you knew she was trying to hold back tears. You looked her in the eyes again, which was exceptionally hard to do, and she looked away, as if she were wounded. You assumed she was. “As much as I want to believe you (Y/N),” She started with a shaky voice, jaw clenching as she looked back towards you, green eyes now drowning in melancholy, her trembling lips parted, “I don’t.” And with that, she stood and marched out of her own house, heels slapping angrily against the floor.

Outside, the sun was shining. However, small pellets of rain zoomed down from the sky, splattering against the sidewalk. It was raining and the sun was shining, and you thought back to your childhood when your mother told you an old tale of what it meant, when there was rain falling in front of a shining sun. You smiled, nostalgia running through your veins. The devil’s beatin’ his wife, You thought. The devil’s beatin’ his wife…


The breakup happened before you knew it, the blonde haired girl that was once everything you dreamed of, now turning her head to you and marching off. You weren’t very sad about it honestly, nor were you surprised, you were in love with someone else, and apparently not very good at hiding it.

You scoffed at your insensitivity, a tear rolling down your cheek numbly as it fuelled your hatred towards yourself, urging you to bring the blade closer and closer to your skin. You let out a shaky breath as you felt the cold metal touch your skin, wincing as you pressed harder and harder and harder- Fresh red hot blood cascaded down your skin satisfyingly, trickling down to your elbow slowly.

You looked up at the mirror in front of you, almost surprised by your disheveled appearance. Your hair was messy, your makeup smudged, and your eyes were rimmed red from crying, streaks still evident on your cheeks. The numb expression on your face startled you, yet you showed no emotions. It felt like you were staring into an endless black pit, calling out to you, and you were beckoning to it.

Perhaps you searched for beauty so often because you were void of it. Perhaps it was because you knew beauty didn’t exist, and you filled your head with lies to avoid the underlying truth. Perhaps you knew what beauty was. Perhaps you were trying to avoid that too.

You let out a frustrated growl as Audrey kept popping in and out of your thoughts, her lips stretched out in a warm smile, her eyes happy. You wondered what she was doing right now. You checked the clock, 12:30. She was still in school, you were in your bathroom, crawled up on the cold, tiled floor with a razor in your hands. She was in biology class, cutting up frogs. You were at home, cutting up your arm.

The contrast was comforting in a weird, twisted, sort of way. You were here, she was there. You knew where she was, she did not know where you were. Cutting up my arm in a bathroom, You thought.

You missed her, you knew you did. Small echoes of her voice whispered to you, but you knew she wasn’t really there. Sometimes you would talk back, other times you would stay silent. Still, the result was the same, she did not answer.

You looked down to the oozing red liquid with a grimace, but you took it in stride. You knew you deserved this. Minutes later, you smiled at yourself. No, contrary to common belief, the first cut is not always the deepest, not always, no.


Audrey growled, the sound low in her throat, as she slammed her phone down on the cafeteria table she was sitting at. “She’s not answering!” She said, running her hands through her hair and pulling on it slightly as she slumped her head down in defeat.

“Well, probably because her feelings for you were just announced to the whole school, right after her breakup with Emma, who is-“

“Noah, I do not need your smart-ass comments right now, ok?” Audrey spat, anger evident in her eyes. “Fine, fine.” Noah spoke, rolling his eyes at her irrational behaviour. He was just speaking the truth.“I’m sure she likes you back.” He said, smirking when he saw Audrey’s eyes go wide as she immediately sat up in her chair.

Wha- What? I don’t like her! I’m just… worried.” She trailed off, her voice now suddenly very small and quiet. Look up at Noah’s smug face, she knew she had been caught. Face red and grumbling in annoyance, she spoke up. “Fine! So, what if I do?”

“I knew it!” Noah shouted, pumping his fist in the air triumphantly, not noticing the odd looks they were receiving from other students in the cafeteria. “Noah!” Audrey hissed, reaching for his hand and pulling it down forcibly. He looked back with a startled look. “Keep it down.” She whispered venomously, her face inching closer and closer to his. He gulped, only then noticing the people looking towards them.

Shrugging it off, he turned back to her and continued their previous conversation. “You should tell her.” He said. Audrey was very quick to turn that down, but Noah persisted. “Why not? You know she likes you back! What’s the big deal?” “The big deal is that she and Emma just broke up! I can’t do that to her! She’s my best friend!” Audrey whisper-yelled, her eyes bold and eyebrows raised.

“They broke up because (Y/N) has feelings for you!” He said, pointing an accusing finger towards her. Audrey looked down in defeat as a deafening silence fell over the two of them. “Look,” Noah started, causing her to look back towards him, ebony hair moving with her. “(Y/N) hasn’t been at school for a three days. She’s obviously upset, and she’s obviously avoiding you. If you do not tell her, she won’t come back, at least not for a while. There is a killer on the loose, Audrey. You may never get a chance to tell her. Do it now, while you have the chance.”

And without saying another word, Noah stood up, and left, his sneakers squeaking against the tiled floor of the cafeteria. Audrey sighed, standing up as well, and leaving in a different direction. She was going to get you back.


You didn’t know how long you were in your room for, and you didn’t care. The unbroken silence that had fallen around you hours before was comforting, like it had it’s arms wrapped around you and it was not intent on letting go. But you knew it was poisonous, and that you shouldn’t tamper with things like these (like what?) And behind door number one we have…. Razors! But dont’cha worry, you ain’t goin’ home empty handed! And behind door number two…

Your bedroom door creaked open, and soft footsteps were heard ahead of you. You closed your eyes. You heard the soft pitter patter of rain outside your window. You smiled. Opening them, you saw the familiar silhouette of a raven haired girl standing in front of you.

You saw her blue blue eyes widen and noticed she was staring at your arm. You grimaced ad you looked at it again, you hadn’t bothered to clean it up. Dried, cracking, blood could be seen on your arm, a dark, dark red.

“Oh my god, (Y/N.)” She muttered, running over to you quickly, lifting your arm and inspecting it closely. You hadn’t noticed the tears in her eyes. “Are you… The Devil?” You asked, eyes wide in feigned childhood innocence as you stared at her, unblinking. She looked taken aback, eyebrows furrowing in great concern. “(Y/N-“ She started, but you cut her off, looking towards the window. It was raining. The sun was shining.

“My mother always told me that if it were rainin’ and the sun was shinin’, then the devil was beating his wife.” You voice was small, broken, yet fluent and raspy. You looked at her once more. “So tell me… are you the devil?” It took her a while to answer, her eyes desperately searching yours for some form of normalcy. She found none. “I- what makes you think that?” She asked, quietly, her eyes watching you very closely. You didn’t answer, pouting as your felt tears gather in your eyes. “I’m sorry…” You spoke, tears trickling down your face.

It didn’t take long for you to start crying fully, and you felt yourself being enveloped in her arms. She shushed you, stroking your hair as she felt tears of her own well up in her eyes. “It’s alright, (Y/N). I’m here. I love you. I love you.” She continued to rock you back and forth, your tears somewhat subsiding as her words sunk in.

You looked back up with tear-stained eyes, looking at her closely. You smiled a broken smile, your hand finding it’s way to the back of her head, pulling her close.

The rain stopped. The sun shone on.


And now I have a long ass train ride home, so I’m going to write all about it. Rambling, spoiler-filled commentary (about the plot, the music, the choreography, and other details from the room where it happens) lies ahead!

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Bubbline is canon (or as canon as it can be) and here’s why

 In November the eight-part miniseries called Stakes aired as part of season 7 of Adventure Time, The much anticipated episodes lived up to the expectations, the fans wanted some Marceline backstory along with a compelling and emotional stroyline and they got it. But more than that, Stakes offered even more of the relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, after the second epsiode of the season, Varmints saw them working together. Not only Bubblegum worked with Marceline and helped her just like the regular leads, Finn and Jake, but Stakes had the two females in more than suggesting situations. Meaning, the amount of ship tease was so big that I wouldn’t even call it that anymore, I’m fairly sure that the not so subtle signs were indicating something more than that. I believe that Stakes made Bubbline, the romantic relationship between Bubblegum and Marceline canon, or as canon as it can be for the time being. Here’s an almost 4k word long explanation.

 First let’s see the journey that led up to Stakes. A good portion of the Adventure Time fandom started shipping the so called Bubbline relationship back in 2011 when What Was Missing aired. In the season 3 episode there was clearly tension between the two of them, especially after Marceline sang her rock-ballad I’m Just Your Problem. The song heavily implied that the two had a history full of strong emotions and that they’ve known each other for much longer than anyone would’ve thought. The audience mostly saw the relationship from Marceline’s point of view, but at the end it was revealed that Bubblegum’s stolen possession was a shirt the vampire had given her. And so it didn’t take long before fans began speculating that the Vampire Queen and the Princess of the Candy Kingdom shared a romantic relationship before the start of the show. Since then more episodes have aired that referenced their shared past and emotions, Sky Witch and the above mentioned Varmints for example, not to mention the numerous comics that featured the two of them. If nothing else, the close friendship they had before something went wrong has definitely been established. But I’ve already written about their past and the way their relationship has been portrayed so far.

 But could it even be canon? In 2014, Marceline’s voice actress, the wonderfully talented Olivia Olson basically confirmed that they used to date and said that Pendleton Ward himself, the creator of the show told her so. Later she tweeted (and since then deleted) “I like to make things up at panels. Ya’ll take my stories way too seriously…” which caused even more controversy than the original statement.

Whether Ward or Olson were joking or something else was in the background, it is a fact that Bubbline couldn’t be explicitly canon then and still can’t be as of today. As Olson also said, in some countries where the show airs even being in a same-sex relationship is illegal, so the network couldn’t risk putting something like this in the show. And we don’t have to go too far, although marriage is finally legal for anyone in the United States, putting LGBT+ characters and showing their relationship on cartoons is still a process that has only just begun.

 Although confirming their past relationship (not to mention rekindling it) would face some difficulties, it wouldn’t be impossible to make Bubbline canon without upsetting Cartoon Network. The network’s other popular series, Steven Universe (created by Rebecca Sugar, the former Adventure Time storyboard artist who basically kickstarted Bubbline) caused some stir with its rather unambigously queer characters and relatonships. The show has at least three LGBT characters as listed on Wikipedia (although, based on Olson’s comment Marceline and Bubblegum are on the list as well) and it’s generally acknowledged as a groundbreaking cartoon from that perspective. And even before the episode that started all this, Jail Break aired in March, 2015, Nickelodeon also took its first steps towards representation. On the 19th of December, 2014, the finale of The Legend of Korra aired and it all ended with the titular character, Korra, and one of the other main characters, Asami entering a romantic relationship after years of being friends. The relationship wasn’t overly explicit but still rather unambigious, and the creators later confirmed it. As I said, we’re still at the beginning of this process, but kids’ television is starting to get there with LGBT representation, and considering that in a way Bubblegum and Marceline started it all back in 2011, it would be only fitting to give these two the opportunity as well.

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Another Becommissar story, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between.

Inspired by this, and dedicated to lilsis24 (who I can’t actually tag, for some reason). Sorry it took me longer than “a few days,” but its finals week at uni and all that jazz.

Kommissar leaves a few words of “encouragement” on the mirror in Beca’s dressing room before Worlds, and the brunette confronts her about it.

Find the story on AO3 and

Also feel free to drop random prompts into my ask if you feel like it; I have a bit of time to write now.

Good luck, tiny Maus. 💋

Without warning, Beca burst into the part of the impromptu dressing rooms backstage at Worlds of which she—for reasons she didn’t even want to think about—knew it belonged to Kommissar (there was no door to knock on, anyway, so whatever).

“What kind of sick mind games are you playing, you gorgeous German Goddess?”

Wow, real smooth, Beca; great job with being imperious and all. God, this was so stupid. Why did the blonde have such an effect on her?

She couldn’t even properly insult her, although, normally, she was a level ten master insulter, and never really gave a fuck about anything, anyway.

Except, apparently, she had a thing for tall, scary, perfectly mysterious German chicks, who were trying to destroy her a cappella group at Worlds; no big deal.

What had her so riled up in the first place was what she’d found in her own dressing room a few minutes prior. On the mirror, someone had written a few words of encouragement; with bright red lipstick and a lip print in the same color next to it. Seeing that—and being absolutely sure that there was only one person in the whole world who would even think of something as cheap as that—she had, despite Chloe calling after her where the hell she was going so shortly before their performance, and Fat Amy hollering to “go get her, tiger,” stormed out of the room, down the hall, and right into Das Sound Machine’s part of the backstage area.

Because this was a whole other level of completely fucked up, and definitely not okay. Beca could take a lot—punches to the faces, insults, death threats—but suggestive little messages with a definitely flirtatious undertone from the hottest, most intimidating German person the Bella had ever met was just too much to handle (and made her even more sexually confused than she already was, thank you very much).

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Fan Fic Writers Appreciation Day Fic Recs (McHaleinski)

Today’s THE DAY to show your favorite authors (or the author of any fic you enjoyed) some love! Comment on their fics, send them a message or make a rec list!

Here are some of my favorite McHaleinski fics (I may have recced a couple of these already, but bear with me).

(also, this dumb ship is quickly becoming my favorite and I blame everything on Alex and Kat)

Two Beds + Three People by authorkurikuri (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 5K
  • Summary:  “You’re not going to try out the bed, Derek?” Scott asks, and Derek really, really hopes Scott doesn’t notice the way his heart skips a beat. There are many ways Derek can think of trying out Scott and Stiles’ hotel bed, none of them appropriate.(Or: sour skittles at a werewolf convention.)
  • Comments: I love pretty much every fic that Kuri writes, and this one is no exception. I always love werewolf convention fics, because they’re guaranteed to be slightly ridiculous just on the premise alone (not that this fic is actual ridiculous. I just like to giggle about werewolf conventions tbh, and wonder of I could ever get myself invited). What I particularly liked about this fic was Derek’s self induced angst (because, what would Derek Hale be without a little pining) as well as his protectiveness of Scott as his alpha and the pack as a whole. Not to mention that Scott & Stiles characteristics were spot on. I just love it.
  • Excerpt: He finally manages to tear his eyes away, rolling out of bed and slinking to the shower like a chastised dog. (And wouldn’t Stiles get a kick out of that, if he heard Derek think of himself in those terms. God knows he makes enough dog jokes already.) He relaxes somewhat as the warm water cascades over his shoulders, and he can’t quite keep his mind from straying back to Scott and Stiles, pressed together in sleep – and if there was any way he’d fit. For a moment, he imagines himself pressed up behind Stiles, the biggest of the big spoons, but no; he’d just be an unnecessary accessory, trying to cling to an already established pair. In the middle, maybe? But what right does he have to separate them?Maybe…He can almost picture it, him as the little spoon, Scott sandwiched between him and Stiles, their alpha securely guarded. And Stiles, for all that he looks small, is all long limbs, and if Stiles is as determinedly clingy as he appears, then he could probably reach over both of them, fingers brushing Derek’s sides as he throws his arms over.

Triangles Are My Favorite Shape by apollonian

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Teen & Up
  • Words: 5K
  • Summary:   Scott has a crush on Derek, and he has a crush on Stiles, and then he has a crush on Derek and Stiles and nothing’s turning out the way he expected (spoiler: it’s way better).
  • Comments: Scott is the mist adorable little munchkin and I love it so much. Everything is so perfect, and I really enjoyed Stiles anger about a certain issue at the end. It totally seemed like something he’s jump to conclusions about. 
  • Excerpt: Well, he relaxes until he sees the familiar head of messy brown hair sitting across from Derek, and then he walks over to the table in kind of a weird zombie haze. He rarely sees either Stiles or Derek outside of class, and seeing both of his crushes together, in such close proximity – that’s like asking for a heart attack.It’s going to be alright, he tells himself, just act casual. He even believes it, until he reaches the table and Derek grins at him and says, “Hey, Scott! This is my boyfriend, Stiles,” and Stiles looks up at him, ever-present mischievous glint in his eye, and says, “Oh, we’ve met."Scott stammers out a hello and it hits him all in a rush - Derek is The Boyfriend. Derek is the guy who’s perfect for Stiles. Derek and Stiles are boyfriends. They’re holding hands, Scott notices with a kind of detached panic, because they’re boyfriends, and oh god, Scott’s been trying to flirt with Derek and all this time he was in a committed relationship.He is seriously so screwed.

Dreams And Thereafter by dragonspell

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 6K
  • Summary:  Derek’s kneeling stark naked on the bed, his back to Stiles so Stiles can see all the hard, cut lines of muscle, the swirl of his tattoo as it flexes and bends, the soft swell of his ass, down to where his legs stretch out across the burgundy sheets pointing back at Stiles. He’s also got his head tossed back, eyes closed and mouth wide open as he pants because Scott’s balls deep inside of him and Derek loves getting fucked. Loves it. “You’re doing so well, Princess,” Stiles says, his voice low and warm. Derek shudders as Stiles skims his hand lightly over Derek’s back.Or a Scott/Stiles/Derek threesome where Scott and Stiles double-team Derek and sometimes call him Princess. It’s porn. It’s definitely porn.
  • Comments: So, so, so hot. I just… I don’t even have words for it. Also made me giggle towards the end, which as ya’ll know, I LOVE FICS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH.
  • Excerpt: Stiles remembers how Derek used to be. Shy, halting, afraid to ask for what he wanted, certain that he’d be rejected for even thinking of such things, convinced that he’d be left alone again. It had taken months, years before he’d finally believed. Stiles had worn him down with deliberate touches and a whole lot of the praise thing that makes Derek shiver and his cheeks go red, which is kind of cute and hot at the same time. Whenever he can, Stiles tells Derek how smart he is, how brave, how sweet, how beautiful and Derek looks at him like he’s a god. Stiles gets off on that about as much as anything else. Derek’s undisguised devotion to those he cares about is sexy as hell. Knowing that Stiles is one of the two people who get to see that look in its pure form? Mind-blowing.Scott, of course, just had to use his whole general Scottness—that aggressively “Cool if I just curl up inside of you and stay there for the rest of your life, dude? Thanks” way that he has. At first, Derek had been befuddled by it and it had been hilarious—those blinks of confusion whenever Scott had intruded on Derek’s brooding loneliness, usually with Stiles in tow, and that little frown on his face as he tried to figure out what Scott’s game was—until he’d figured out that Scott wasn’t playing a game but was instead just being himself. Stiles isn’t surprised that Derek had fallen for Scott like he did. Hell, Stiles had done the same thing years before.

You’ve Got Me Looking Through Blinds by queerhawkeye (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 10K
  • Summary:  Saying that Derek’s first interaction with his new neighbors isn’t exactly pleasant would be an understatement. When he calls his sisters to tell them the story, they laugh for five minutes straight and Cora tells him that he’s "being over-dramatic, I know college boys are bad but they can’t be that bad."College boys are, indeed, that bad.
  • Comments: THIS WAS THE BEST. I’m a sucker for stoner, frat boy vibe fics, and I just adored the characterization of Scott (especially) and Stiles. Just everything is so perfect, and Derek is being his usual angsty self. Love, love, love.
  • Excerpt: There are books scattered over the floor and out on the balcony, and there’s a fallen bookshelf. Derek still doesn’t understand the distribution mapping of that apartment. He suspects it might all be a single space, but he’s sure the couch he can see now wasn’t there before. Or the sideways chair. He’s wondering what the hell they’re doing when one of them stumbles back into the range of Derek’s view. He’s heard enough of their conversations to guess crooked jaw, California accent and raspy voice is Scott; so fratty-cap, lower pitch and Jersey’s slurred r’s must be StilesScott isn’t facing the window but looking at something else, and he has so many tattoos that it takes Derek a second to realize he’s completely naked. Derek’s brain is still trying to start working again when Stiles appears, wearing only an open shirt and holding a box of condoms as if it was the Olympic torch. Derek is out of bed, out of his room and trying really hard to get that image out of his mind in less than three seconds, but it takes one long, long cold shower to stop him from feeling like his face is on fire.

Strike Us Like Matches by queerlyalex (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 4K
  • Summary:   Scott tries not to think about it too hard. Stiles and Derek are perfect for each other in every sense.
  • Comments: So, this was the first McHaleinski fic I ever read. I had just started following Alex at the time, and they posted it, and I figured that since Alex wrote it, it had to be good. Obviously it is fantastic, and here we are, months later, with me trolling the McHaleinski tag on AO3 searching for more. Sigh. ANYWAYS, I have recced this fic before, but it will always be one of my favorites. I love reading things from Scott’s POV, and I just felt like this was super realistic (while also being super hot). 
  • Excerpt: They met for coffee and lunch and study dates and kept up a steady stream of text messages that never made it past salacious, but edged into flirty. At least, flirting from Scott. It turns out that Scott had no idea what was going on. One minute he was firmly planted in the idea that he was going to ask Stiles on a date and the next – Derek interrupted their anatomy study date with a kiss to Stiles’ mouth and Scott’s heart stalled up in his chest.That wasn’t the worst part either. The worst part was Stiles making Derek take off his shirt so he could show Scott the muscles in his boyfriend’s nicely developed shoulder girdle. Bulging deltoids that disappeared into biceps and triceps, Derek’s pronounced pectorals, both major and minor. Scott had to watch Stiles walk his gorgeous, long fingers along Derek’s defined muscular structure and it was torture. Scott was turned on and confused all at once, he fled as soon as he could.

Now You’re In The Right Place by sleepy-skittles (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 6K
  • Summary:   Scott and Stiles are boyfriends living in an apartment complex together. Derek moves in next to them.
  • Comments: KAT IS MY FAVORITE. This is so cute and sweet and funny, and Derek’s a virgin doing a Cialis commercial and it’s basically the best thing ever. I love the dynamics between the three of them, 
  • Excerpt: Scott glances at Stiles over Derek’s shoulder, checking to make sure, and when Stiles winks and puckers his lips, Scott leans in and presses a soft kiss, just brushing Derek’s lips. Derek’s eyes go wide, and Scott thinks he’ll pull away. He’s as surprised as Derek seems to be when Derek pushes in, deepens the kiss, only pulling away once Scott can feel the skin around his lips prickling from Derek’s stubble.They’ve only been separated for a heartbeat when Stiles pipes up. “My turn,” he demands, and Derek laughs, deep and throaty, before turning to give Stiles what he wants.They don’t send Derek home at the end of the night. It’s 4 AM when they’re ready to sleep, and Derek is dozing off on their couch, happy and settled and well-kissed, so they drag him to their bed. It’s probably a bit quick for it, by most people’s standards, but to them it feels natural. They’ll talk in the morning, but for now, they let him strip his jeans off and they squeeze to make room for him, fitting three people in a bed made for two. Stiles almost kicks Scott off the bed, and Derek drools all over Stiles’ shirt.

Do Wrong Right by relax-itsjustbolognese (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 4.5K
  • Summary:  Stiles isn’t sure why he’s always so intent on being there when Scott and Derek get back from their chartered fishing trips. It’s not like it would be a big deal if he got there once they were already in the marina, something in him just enjoys watching them arrive. And he gets a sort of sick pleasure from the burn in his thighs as he jogs past the tourist shops and restaurants until he gets to the spot designated in the marina for the Sea Wolf.He makes it there just as the boat is turning into the docks and the first thing his eyes focus on is Scott, shirtless in board shorts and perched at the very front of the boat with one foot propped up like Odysseus returning from his fated voyage. His hair is knotted up in a loose bun on top of his head, a few tendrils loose and flying in the breeze. From here, Stiles can already make out the contrast between his blinding smile and tanned skin and it makes his knees a little weak.
  • Excerpt: Although, one of the reasons their ship is doing so well is because of the bronzed goofball bouncing around in front of him, with his ridiculous smile and consistent-shirtlessness. The other reason is walking down the steps from the wheelhouse with his shirt completely unbuttoned and hairy chest all on display. Stiles chances a glance to his right and sees the mom of the family obviously checking Derek out while trying to corral the kids towards one of the picnic tables on the dock. It’s not surprising, either, when he notices the dad checking Derek out as well. It’s kinda obvious that there are two very big reasons for the Sea Wolf’s success. But Derek’s fisherman abilities and Scott’s dexterous hands shouldn’t ever be discounted.Very, very dexterous hands. Which are now throwing all the caught fish from the icebox on the boat into a cart to take them for cleaning. It’s definitely Stiles’s least favorite part of their business. He wastes zero time joining Derek on the deck of the boat where he’s cleaning the fishing rods.

I always need more mchaleinski so REC ME SOME FICS PLEASE

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that ep 8 meta about the kiss. omg. you know, that makes the scene where Victor is being told to go back to Japan by yuri more wrenching. its DANGEROUS there for Yuri on his own. he is at risk. and for him to have to choose between his two loves (my headcannon is that when victor was doing the agape scene it was for makkachin and he dodged yurio's question when asked what agape was to him) also i think it was a stroke of genius for victor to hide yuri in plain sight in the russian team

On the note of Victor’s agape/eros, we actually do already know what Victor’s been thinking of when he skates. And the answer is nothing in particular. You hear it both from the man himself as well as from Yuuri.

Yuuri is much more direct about it:

Takeshi here I believe is completely right. Victor doesn’t really think about the details. He doesn’t have a specific thing that he thinks about when he skates as a way to channel emotions into his skating, he just skates. For any normal skater that wouldn’t do (like Yuuri/Yurio) but Victor is at a whole other level of genius so he can get away with that and still give a beautiful performance.

You get the sense of not really knowing exactly what he skates for from Victor himself:

Unlike both Yuuri and Yurio who both had to find something direct to think about and channel into their programs, Victor doesn’t need that. He has the skills to make up for it.

But I also believe that this brings us into Victor’s narrative. Victor himself knows this. He knows that he doesn’t skate for anything in particular. He knows that his skating is missing that personal emotional side to it and this is definitely part of his motivation for seeking Yuuri out. He saw that Yuuri has something that he lacks, he has the ability to channel his feelings into his skating and Victor wants to know how. He just happens to gain the very thing he was searching for along the way – his love for Yuuri as well as Yuuri himself.

If you check out Victor’s very first skate, Aria, I can only describe his expression as lonely. We can tell by some earlier details that Victor has never truly, deeply, loved another person. Here’s my proof:

(Don’t judge, I edited the subs because it bothered me.) Victor is incredibly flippant talking about past lovers with someone he’s only actually known for maybe 2-3 days. It gives you the feeling that either his relationships were not very emotionally deep or that he was not planning to talk about any emotionally deep relationships when he started this line of conversation. I lean more towards the first for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this:

(DON’T JUDGE!) When people give advice they tend to give it based on personal experience. The only love Victor is familiar with is when a lover loved him. Not the other way around. He isn’t familiar with skating and channeling love for another person, the best he has to go on is trying to empathize with past lovers and the emotions they had for him. And secondly:

The only thing Victor can think of to comfort someone that he is emotionally close to is to give them physical affection. He has zero experience with being in an equal and deep emotional relationship with another person. He isn’t just showing his inexperience as a coach here but as a lover and emotional being as well.

So in short, Victor doesn’t have a target for his skating the same way as Yuuri does. But this is exactly what Victor’s narrative is about – Victor discovering what love is to him through Yuuri, the same as Yuuri is discovering what love is through Victor. It’s the ultimate give and take of a relationship between equals.

I left this for the end just because it might be a more sensitive topic for some people.

If you meant being in Russia alone after coming out is what was dangerous then I’m going to have to disagree only on the fact that I don’t feel that Yuri!!! on Ice’s Russia is a homophobic place. YOI is being shown to take place in an ideal world where things like homophobia don’t really exist. I feel that any reference to it at this point is more of a nod to real life issues (like a “yes, we know this exists in real life but not here” kind of thing) rather than actually existing in the show. I do believe that the best way for shows to affect the real world is leading by example – show a world that doesn’t have hate and people will start to adopt that into their daily lives. It’s a slow process but I’m really happy about the direction that YOI is taking in regards to this.

Thank you for the ask! In return as well as as an apology for taking so long to respond, have a Victor meta. :D

Not a Damsel in Distress (Bucky Barnes X Reader)

So yeah, this is part one of the two part (possibly longer) How I Met Your Mother Series thingy.  I guess we can call it that.  I don’t know.   This one is a Domestic!AU for Bucky.  Yes, Bucky.  My Masterist is sadly devoid of Bucky.  I have become quite obsessed with Sebastian Stan (I may have watched The Martian three times because he was in it even though he was in like three scenes) so yeah.  Here is a Bucky fic.  

I think I’m gonna tag @bovaria because I know she’s also a huge Seb Stan fan.  So yeah.  And she writes Bucky.  And she’s awesome so check out her fics.  She probably won’t see this ‘cause I’m an in-the-shadows kind of writer, but whatevs.  

Happy reading!

Coffee Shop AU / Domestic AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 3,337 words (Jeez…)

Excerpt: You understood: she broke him.  But you now saw it as your personal mission to put him back together.  To make Bucky Barnes whole again.  He brought you lunch; that was more than any of your exes had done for you this early in the relationship.  Or ever.  

It’s not exactly like the show, because it took on its own little thing in my head, but yeah.  Similar idea. 

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

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this is my scar, not my birthright, pt I

title | this is my scar, not my birthright, part I [a soul mate tattoo story]

notes | So when I started this fic, it was just going to be Caitlin’s side of things, but I’ve decided it’s going to be a three parter and encompass more than I originally intended. Part I is Caitlin build up, Part II will be Barry and part III will be the accident, the aftermath and finding each other. For now, it’s largely canon compliant (minus soul mate tattoos) but it will diverse majorly in part III. Hope you guys enjoy!

This is my scar, not my birthright & you are everything I need but not what I want. 

It’s been there the whole of her life, a part of her, from the very moment she was born: a neat little hexagon with three double sides and three branching lines sprawling deep crimson against the pale flesh of her inside right wrist. When she’s breezing through AP biology at age twelve, she will finally realize that those little crimson lines form the chemical symbol for dopamine.

Caitlin spends her childhood fascinated by the tattoo, tracing the lines with eager fingers, always wondering who wears its match, much like every other child does—the implication of what that match means changing as she does (a best friend, a boyfriend, until she finally comes to understand what a soul mate really means). Like most children, she builds her understanding from watching her parents, smiling at the way her mother and father (two blue quill pens) are always happy and give their love to each other as readily as they do her. She’s sure she and her soul mate will be exactly the same some day.

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Helloooo perfect, I saw another anon asking about tutorials; and I was just wondering about like the face and hair and stuff? Like the head i guess idk OMG (I'm so awkward sorry omgomg) and like proportion? Because I've been trying to draw the boys a lot lately and I can do like basic chibi but I'd love to be able to do something more... Realistic??? Man idk omg. And when I try drawing full body the head is massive compared to the body; I just wondered if you could give some tips? Thank you! <33

Hello! Thank you for coming by with your fantastic question! It wasn’t awkward at all, so don’t sweat it. :)) Boys can be tricky if you’re not as comfortable or used to drawing them, but all it takes is practice. Men’s proportions are very similar to that of women, but their bodies don’t have the soft or more dramatic curves. They are also a bit broader and straighter. But I ramble– I will do my very best to explain my process and give some tips. It may get a bit lengthy, so I apologize beforehand. For this tutorial, I will be using Ezio Auditore. :)

1) In this base here, I have two colors: Pink and blue. At this point of my drawing escapades, I skip right to rough sketches (the blue), so I forego the whole guidelines bit (pink) most of the time. But, if you don’t know what goes where just yet, doing the pink guidelines is very useful. The main guidelines are for these things: The ear starts and ends where your eyes begin (halfway down the head) and your nose ends (up until the bottom quarter of the head). Your mouth is halfway down between the nose and the chin; its width is from the middle of one eye to the middle of the another. Eyes are a quarter each way from the front of the face (but it’s a bit skewed here do to the turn of the head). You can look at more placements on google with face proportions, but this is a nice one. (Of course, however, everyone has different faces, so things can be different!)

2) Now the actually drawing comes into play. See all the stuff I mentioned in part 1 about what belongs where? Well, if you did the guidelines, it will make it even easier to plot out the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth out. So, go ahead and do that! I’ll give a detail on how I do eyes here:

Next, hair!

3) So, as you can see, I got rid of the sketch/guidelines. Why? Because you’re down the skeletal structure. All what’s left is hair, and that’s not…part of the skeletal structure (I guess that’s the way I can describe it, haha). All you must remember for hair is to not make it too poofy by starting your hair far too up. It rests on top of your head and hugs it! The hairline is about a tenth from the top of the head. Even if the person’s hair is poofy naturally, keep that in mind! Respect that hairline! Anyway, now, you asked how I did hair, no? :

So, this is a really dumb detail shot (and this will be an even dumber explanation; i’m trying) but hair isn’t too difficult. I honestly just stroke in lines (and this is messy here, so as you can see, I kinda just go with it). There’s two things to remember about hair: Hair part and hair flow. Your hair at the part should be stemming from it, branching off into the appropriate direction. Ezio Auditore has a hair part in the middle, so his bangs and hair fall sideways evenly down the middle. Just remember: Flow and direction. That part is crucial. And, to note, don’t be afraid to draw in those strands! Hair isn’t a block; it has detail. You don’t have to go hyper detail, however, for that can really make the work look clunky. Just keep practicing and it really will come to you, and easier than the others (like eyes, nose, lips, etc., in my opinion). 

BAM. Ezio. I just pooped on clothes… Sorry, Ezio. Your assassin gear is a pain in the butt.

Now, about full body, the way to differ from chibi to, say, realism, is the proportion. Chibi ignores the rules of proportion in relation to the head, but if you want it to be more realistic, you can’t do that. You can bend rules for cartoons, etc., of course, but to note, to bend these rules and make it still look purposefully stylized and not flat out wrong, you still must know the rules. To bend them, one must first understand them. Anyway, the human body is 7 ½ heads tall.

(Ezio is so happy and so dazzled by your beauty.) But that’s how it is! Thighs are roughly the width of your head. Shoulders extend about a head away from the center. The width of the torso extend just a bit beyond the ears of the head in both directions before tapering a bit thinner to the waist and rounding about again at the hips. This is a good reference image.

Anyway, I suck at tutorials, but, hey, I tried! Happy drawing, as always!

TRMD: Sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking, but without a doubt a beautiful story.

The Rich Man’s Daughter came to an end and although the last episode was extremely fast paced I like how they wrapped it up. Let’s begin with Oscar, he finally stopped being a jerk after his lonely near death experience . He awakes in feeling grateful for still having a family with him. It looks like even this villain can find redemption…

Gabriel ended up with Pearl. Even after the lies, the cheating, and everything. Things never seemed to click right when he tried to return with his ex-girlfriend because she always pushed him away. He loved Pearl, but for the longest time he was in love with her ex’s memory.

Now let’s move to Jade, she and Sally establish the Paul Tanchingco Foundation. I have read a lot of fans saying that Paul’s suicide came out of nowhere, I think they have to rewatch a couple of episodes again since the subtle clues are there. In the inauguration, Althea comes to see Jade from afar, but she notices that FckBoy (or Folder Boy) is still there, she smiles but seems to understand that Jade is not ready and perhaps she will never be. David sees her and something inside him clicks, I think this is the moment he finally realises he is just one big obstacle for Jade’s happiness. He gets the annulment papers ready for Jade. This is something I say “ok, I understand why they did it but I do not like it”. This should have been done by Jade’s action, not the other way around, at the end it’s just for the sake of Folderboy´s redemption. Jade signs the papers and now she is able to search and reunite with Althea… or so we thought because she doesn’t go instantly to find her love-love…

Anyway, Oscar tries to reunite Ama with Junjun… and she backs off at the last second because she felt nothing when she saw him, again the theme of being in love with a memory. Oscar helps Jade to speed up her annulment papers since it’s a lengthy process. I googled this and it seems that in the Philippines divorce is forbidden, splitting up it’s easier if you are rich because you need to have time and money to find a psychiatrist and for them to “diagnose” you with something that makes you unable to keep un your marital bond. It looks that some people have even pleaded to be mentally unstable to get an annulment, this is very crazy and I didn’t get it at first why Althea was so freaked out about Jade getting married. Now I get it. Cultural difference, here in Mexico express divorce it’s extremely common and usually it takes between 15 to 90 days.

Jade gets her annulment and finally has the guts to look for Althea, she goes to Batchi’s to find her whereabouts and surprisingly she finds out that Batchi and Willa are now an item, it wasn’t so farfetched since I’ve seen happening in my circle of friends more than once. They don’t tell her Althea’s address but they give her a very mysterious clue to find her. It seems like they haven’t been catching up with Althea since a long time because they don’t give any heads up to Jade of what awaits her. Or they were probably too busy with themselves to warn her… or probably Althea has become distant. Who knows, another plot hole that we’ll just have to ignore.

In a magical scene we finally see the awaited reunion, it’s lovely… but something is off, Jade is all happy while Althea has this happy but restrained look. Jade figures what is wrong and then we learn that after more than a year Althea has moved on, she has a new girlfriend and she’s living a peaceful life. After this shocking news and some hard to hear truths, Althea admits that Jade is “her greatest love, her joy but also her pain”, the scars from Oscar’s actions run deep. Jade is frustrated because it never seems to be the right time… She is ready, but Althea is no longer hers. It’s a cruel lesson for Jade, her indecisiveness and her passiveness costs her greatly. She returns heartbroken with her family, and for the first time they listen and support her.

I can not lie, at first  I felt angry, Where was the Althea that said that she will wait for Jade? That Jade was worth the wait? Where was the Althea that said that she would fight for Jade and be her strength? It dawned on me that our strong dame in shining armour was really broken beyond what we thought. She is human after all, she loves Jade but now she know the risks of loving her. I think that if she were alone she would do it all over again, but with a son she can not take those risks anymore. She settles for a quieter life with a less complicated girlfriend, with less family problems as Jade once wished… This scene on second viewing became one of my favourites, along with their partial closure in Attempt. On Jade’s side I think that this painful moment was necessary for her character development since she always thought that Althea would be there waiting for her to decide, waiting for her to be finally ready… her sorrow is raw, we can feel her hopelessness for being too late to reunite with her true love. Like a bucket of cold ice our star crossed lovers say goodbye. Fate has been cruel once more, again bad timing has conspired against them.

Althea gave Jade up because as she said it various times, unless Jade’s family accept her true self they can not be together. Days later the unthinkable happens, Oscar goes to meet Althea, when she looks at him she’s fearful, for a second you can see her eyes having a flashback of his actions. But this time he’s not there to fight but to apologise for all what he did to her, to Jade and Althea’s love and for breaking her spirit. Althea accepts what happened but she admits that she doesn’t know if she will be able to forgive him someday. They shake hands but we can still see the hesitation and slight fear in Althea’s actions. This man really tested her beyond her limits and made her realise her boundaries.

Time pases by and Jade is remembering her one great love, the one that she lost but that changed her life, gave her strength and hope. She is happy again. She is free and enjoying herself at the gay pride parade. Suddenly, she sees Althea with Miggy, and as if by pulled by a great force Althea turns and smiles. Jade approaches but she is hesitant, she looks at Althea’s hand and notices her “ring” is no longer there, Althea raises her hand to confirm that she is free again. It finally seems the right time. Unexpected. After being apart for so many years, when they stopped forcing for things to happen they just came to be, and as powerful as their first meeting they come closer to finally restart a new chapter in their lives, together at last.

This time it’s different though, they have grown, they are stronger and each one is a complete person… I even dare to think that the heels they are using are symbolic since they stand tall again, by themselves. Jade no longer needs to lean on Althea to feel strong and free. On the other side Althea is no longer broken by what happened to her, she has learnt to forgive and move on. Their love matured and it’s still there as clear as day. I love the memory montage, it really shows Jade progression, how at the beginning she was fearful to take Althea’s hand, then she was more comfortable with herself but it’s still in the sidelines of a gay pride parade. At the end she is enjoying it, truly comfortable with her own skin. And as the camera pans out we can see that after all the hardships love did find a way.

What I liked a lot:
1) The reunion scene: I would have loved to see the character of Kathleen expanded, instead of the same drama with FckBoy (now Folder Boy after being redeemed). I understand that it was the final nail needed for Jade’s development but this character had a lot of potential and I only can think of all the what if’s. What a waste… honestly. I regret that TRMD didn’t have 3 more weeks…

2) The final scene: it was magical and happy but too short, I would have loved to see Batchi and Willa looking at Jathea from afar, happy that her friend is reunited with her true love. Miggy looking that her mama is smiling so big again. It could have been completed with more interaction between characters, also I’m sad that there wasn’t any dialogue. I mean, it was not needed since RaStro are such fine actresses that they can tell a lot without talking but I would have loved for a final dialogue for Jathea since their last lines for each other were extremely sad.

3) Oscar and Amanda’s talk: it was natural, finally they’ve came to terms that they have to accept their daughter as she truly is. It could have been a process of more episodes but we know they have to force this to go through express lane since Paul’s death.

What I didn’t like:
1) That Jade never womaned-up to proceed with the annulment. It was David’s action to redeem his character, I would have loved it to be part of her growth not his.

2) Too long sequences for second characters (aka Gab and Pearl). We saw their reconciliation and their second wedding. Was it needed? Not really.

3) Jathea interacted only in two scenes in the whole episode, the “closure” and the “reunion”. Really? I don’t know how many minutes were but I honestly think they were too short. Well, all the episode was too short. I think they tried to squeeze a week of narrative in a single episode.

4) Wasted potential with Solenn’s character… I would have loved her if she was integrated in the story earlier. Imagine all the what if’s that we can head cannon.

Final veredict: Worthy.

I’m glad The Rich Man’s Daughter exists, I love it, even with the weird pacing and frustrating plot of the second part, even with the bipolar characters that ran in circles all over again, even if sometimes it was too heartbreaking to watch, even with all its flaws and missed opportunities it is a beautiful journey and an epic love story. Glaiza de Castro and Rhian Ramos have so much talent. They really brought to life the deep and powerful love of Jade and Althea. These two actresses left us wanting for more since the first episode, their outstanding work and amazing chemistry was the best thing about the series. Something beautiful.

I know we, westerners, are very used to upfront lesbian stories/characters like in Orange is the New Black, Orphan Girl or even The L Word. But to be honest few stories in media have been able to transmit such deep emotions as TRMD’s did. These girls with the limitations imposed by the TV regulations of their country had so much chemistry that a kiss between them is not needed, it was something we, as fans wanted, but it would have been just the icing of the cake. On the other hand the lack of it is a painful reminder of how much work is left to do on the rest of the world for equality and for the portrayal of LGBT stories. It is a reality check. I honestly think that what they did is revolutionary, even here on Mexico I can not imagine any of the two big networks producing an openly lesbian themed soap and delivering a happy ending.

There’s nothing else to add but to thank the cast and staff of The Rich Man’s Daughter for this epic journey, I never thought I would be watching a tv show from Philippines, neither I thought I would end loving it as much as I do now. If TRMD end ups as DVD / BD I really hope they add english subtitles for the international fans. I would buy it without a second thought :)