the first two just break my heart

Archie x Reader: Daddy's Little Girl

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: fluff

*your POV*

I should’ve been sleeping. It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep due to the enormous bump on the front of me. Baby Andrews was 41 weeks and I was sure to pop at any moment and my stomach was so big it made me unable to sleep. I looked to my side to see Archie sleeping peacefully. I groaned and shifted to the left a little bit, wishing the days of sleeping on my stomach were still here. Suddenly, I felt a faint wetness between my legs.

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William Nylander - Deal

Anon: Omg just woke the whole house with that ot win!!!! Can you write a willy one a bout this game? Where you two kiss each other fo the first time? Thanks and go leafs!!!!

A/N: I’m sitting in a cafe with my friend writing this wooh

Warning/s: A little swearing but just fluff and cuteness 

Word count: 1,217

Song: Hear Your Heart - James Bay

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Title: Mr. Parker (Part 2 of Tutor(Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker))

Summary: Tony really wants the reader to join in on a meeting with a new recruit, even if they’ve already met before.

Word Count: 1789

A/N: THIS IS PART TWO TO TUTOR AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AH! Also; writing out the word count made Hamilton pop into my mind. I hope you enjoy! 



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Here's a thought...RFA's crush tripping and getting hurt, and then deciding to confess their feelings with the dumb pick up line, "I guess I'm falling for you~" ❤❤❤


You two were walking to class together

• Yoosung went on and on about the round of LOLOL he played last night you werent really paying attention

• When you were walking up some steps, you tripped over a bag next to a student

• In the nick of time, Yoosung caught you in his arms

• His eyes were as wide as plates

• a small giggle escaped your mouth, “Superman Yoosung to the rescue!” you said

• “You need to be more careful, MC! You could’ve got hurt!” 

• “I’m sorry…I guess I just can’t help falling for you…” You whisper in his ear and kiss his cheek.



  • It was the end of a shift at the coffee shop and Jaehee and you were beat
  • You were cleaning off tables and throwing away garbage before closing
  • Unbeknownst to you, there was a small puddle of coffee behind you
  • You took one step back and you instantly went flying
  • into jaehees arms.
  • “MC! I was about to warn you! Are you okay?” She said running her hand over your hair
  • “Yeah I’m fine but…I think I just fell for you, Jaehee.” You said meekly
  • “Well, if you’re gonna fall for me…don’t do it accidentally next time.”
  • kissy kissy  ( • ³ • )


  • This man
  • tHIS GUY
  • he’s so extra when you two hang out he likes you
  • today, it was a day at the ice skating rink!
  • problem is, you can’t ice skate…
  • you got onto the ice CLINGING onto his arm
  • he loved it
  • “Are you getting the hang of it yet, MC?” He says to you
  • “I think s-” 
  • Mid sentence, you fall forward 
  • your life flashes before your eyes
  • luckily, Zen is quick to catch you 
  • “Are you okay, little lady?” he says sweetly
  • “No..I’m not okay..” You say
  • “What? Why??” 
  • “I think…I think I fell for you…” You whisper, your arms around his neck.
  • His lips hit yours. You can feel him smile into the kiss
  • he may or may not of hoped this would happen


  • Okay it is impossible to fall when you are around Jumin
  • If you two go out, there are guards practically up your ass
  • If you’re just at the penthouse, Jumin is practically up your ass
  • today is no exception
  • You were walking through his house with your socks on
  • little did you know, he recently got his kitchen floor waxed
  • the first step into the kitchen and you slipped
  • good thing your human guard dog was there to catch you!
  • your heart was racing fast
  • either from being so close to Jumin or almost breaking your face in pieces
  • “heh..Hey Jumin…” You managed to get out
  • “Hey, MC,” He said with a sly smile, “What are you doing here…in my arms….”
  • “Falling hard for you.” You say bluntly
  • He places his mouth on yours and you two share a soft kiss


  • im sorry but saeyoung is the kind of dude to trip you so he could hold you and he did
  • you two were walking through a park 
  • Saeyoung was acting…suspicious and right before you were to confront him about it, you lurched forward saeyoung you ass
  • His arms quickly were around your waist and you were pulled closely into his chest
  • frick MC get it together okay yeah he smells good and his arms feel really warm and…and
  • “I think I just fell for you…” You whisper
  • “You literally fell for me, but I metaphorically fell for you, MC.”

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A/N: Okay, this is has is on the angst side. This actually hurts my heart.

Warnings: breaking up, depression, slight obsession

This would be the first time you would be seeing Jerome ever since he got sent back to Arkham. You hadn’t seen or contacted him at all since that night, which would make about a little over two weeks, close to a month. You felt guilty for not coming to see him, but you fell into a very deep depression. It got to the point where you couldn’t even find the will to get out of bed in the morning. So many things were happening all at once and you just could not handle all the stress and pressure. With everything that was happening with Jerome and the GCPD, you knew that it would end badly, but you just kept it to the back of your mind.

You remembered the night J came back vividly because it was such an event. You remember being in a state of shock and the next thing you knew, you both were fucking like a pair of rabbits. Maybe it was just the after sex talk but you just felt like you were the biggest idiot on Earth when you believed he said he would change.

“You gotta stop doing this, J..”

“I’ll stop for you, I promise, doll.

"No, I’m serious this time. You have to change or there can’t be an us.

Walking down the halls of Arkham brought back many memories of when before Jerome died and you would visit him frequently, everyday actually. The feeling wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Life with Jerome was never easy, you’ve been through the days when he was dealing with his mom to this very day. It’s funny what love can make you do.

"Right in here, miss.” The guard directed you into the visitation room. You silently thanked the guard and walked into the visitation room, your stomach was filled with tons of butterflies when you laid your eyes on Jerome. His head was wondering around and he was tapping his hands on the grey table. The sound of your heels hitting the ground caught his attention making him turn his attention towards you.

A slight smile appeared on your lips dispute of how you felt inside, you missed him. His eyes watched you intently as you pulled out your chair and sat down. Jerome leaned back in his chair and stared at you. He looked better now that his face was sewn back on properly instead of his stapling.

“Where have you been?” Jerome’s voice didn’t sound friendly at all. It actually kind of scared you.

“Jerome… I’ve been going through some things and I just needed time to think..”

Jerome’s fists slammed the table making you jump and your hand instinctively went to your belly.

“Some time to think? You can think anywhere, princess. What the hell?"His voice sounded agitated.

"Jerome, I’m pregnant. And I’m afraid that I can’t see you anymore.” Your words came out quickly like word vomit.

Jerome froze and after a while he furrowed his eyebrows, shook his head and chuckled to himself.

“You’re pregnant? And you’re breaking up with me?” Jerome bursted out in laughter. “Okay, be serious.” He wiped the tears that formed at his eyes from laughing. A few months ago his laugh made you the happiest girl on the plant, but now you just wanted to be far away from it. He was never going to change.

“I’m glad you think this is funny. I’m leaving Jerome. This was fun while it lasted but I need to move on, it obvious that you’re never going to change. You fucking promised me! And now look where you are! I love you but I can’t keep doing this! You’re a murder and a psychopath… goodbye, J.” You slowly got up from your seat and walked toward the exit with tears running down your cheeks, not even looking back.

Jerome sat there dumbfounded. He was the only thing he had and now you were walking out of his life.

Top 5 Ships

Thanks @charming-little-liar​ for tagging me! I can’t think of an all time top 5, so I’m just going with my favourite fictional ships at the moment.  

Stydia (Teen Wolf)

A childhood crush developing into a mature and unbreakable bond between two characters. Stiles and Lydia have a connection that is unparalleled and they will always bring each other back.

Princess Rover (The Shannara Chronicles) 

The chemistry was undeniable from that very first scene. The tension and ‘care’ between them was always simmering under the surface. A couple with so much potential that my heart breaks knowing how it ends.

Malec (Shadowhunters)

Perfect example of a couple that seem like complete opposites at first but when you get deeper you see how much they inspire and balance each other. They’re just perfect together and I can’t wait to see their love blossom even more.

Bechloe (Pitch Perfect)

Chloe supports Beca unconditionally even when it hurts. They can go from hilarious and adorable to angsty and dramatic in a matter of seconds. The lingering glances, the flirtatious comments and those goddamn winks - how can you not ship them?

Dramione (The Harry Potter Series)

Breathtaking fanfictions. So much potential if given the chance (and a redemption). They’re complimentary, powerful and would challenge each other in ways they both need and deserve. My safe place will always be shipping these two.

I tag @majesticcupcakequeen90, @rising-chip, @olivieblake, @ravenoctavenreyes, @lyricfulloflight, @polloputa, @jetaimehiddles etc


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Six)

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

[talking about climbing the rope ladder to the zeppelin]
Noel: Now, how high did you guys climb on this ladder?

Shaun: It was high!  It was very high.  It must have been about 20… 25… 30 feet

Camillie:  Really?  And you were hanging on at 25 feet?

Shaun: It was on a crane in the middle of this runway, with a massive fan blowing on us, and we’re swinging around.

Noel: I love how your hair blows in the wind as well

Shaun: Thanks, mate.  We had harnesses on, so we couldn’t actually fall off.

Camille:  Oh!  What are you moaning about then?

[talking about the TARDIS landing in Jackie’s flat]

Camille: How much do you love the TARDIS?  Wow!

Shaun: I love the fact that the TARDIS comes back - into your kitchen!

Camille: Yes!  It’s in the lounge

Shaun: Oh, is it the lounge?  Brilliant! Has it done that before?

Camille: No.  Look!  It’s sitting in the lounge, I love that!

Shaun: It’s just like - there it is!

Camille:  It’s great, isn’t it?

Noel: Did it break the coffee table or something?

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Distance between us.

Hello, Love bugs!


hEY!!! I was wondering if you could do a Draco x Reader imagine where you’ve been actin distant lately only because you don’t wanna annoy him and you feel like you are and he confronts and comforts you about it? sorry that’s oddly specific!! thank you, though!!! -Anon

He had been busy this year. It was not only the final year of school but also the year that everyone knew would bring the great war. He was in a constant battle within himself. Did he really believe in the fight of blood? He knew wonderful witches and wizards who didn't have pure blood. One of the most important witches he knew didn't have pure blood. That witch being you.On the other hand, he was raised from birth that he should believe that all unpure wizards were undeserving of their powers. You should earn the magic through family, not dumb luck. If he didn't stick with his mother and father he would be shunned and possibly killed. Draco didn’t let a lot of people in his life but his mother was one of the most important people in his life. That being said he could never give up on you. You had shown him a whole new world. Filled with love, balance, trust and most importantly to Draco you provided him stability. He could never imagine leaving you standing on the battlefield where he could possibly see you get killed with him unable to save you.

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Hiraeth | Pt.10

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 | pt.10 | pt.11

Words: 7,272.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

Warning: Contains mature content (such as coarse language and violent themes).

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Break Me

Here’s my first drabble on this page I really hope you guys like it! Feedback is welcome. - Admin Jay

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY: Love ends

I could never leave you, I love you too much…” Yoongi whispered into your ears as he held you close. This was almost a year ago, he never said words like that to you anymore. It was a miracle if he even said I love you. “Babe I’m not gonna be able to make it home tonight. I’ll see you at dinner tomorrow.”

“Yoongi, are you going to make it this time or am I going to sitting at home waiting for you to get here?”

“I promise I’ll be there Y/N. Talk to you later.”

You tossed you phone onto the couch and put your head into your hands. “He’ll be there Y/N…. he’ll be there.”


15 minutes

You stood in the waiting area of the restaurant. “He’s not that late. He’ll be here.”


30 minutes

You sat on the bench watching people come and go. “He’ll be here.”


1 hour

“He’s not coming.” You got up and walked out of the restaurant.


You stood in front of the BigHit building. This was it. You shoved open the doors and made your way to Yoongi’s studio. The tears in your eyes blurred everything around you. People asked if you were okay, but you just kept walking until a hand wrapped around your wrist. “Y/N…what happened.” The concern in Jimin’s voice broke your heart even more. “He did it again Jimin. He keeps doing it and I…I don’t want to break my own heart by leaving him, but I know if I stay it’s going to break my heart too.” He pulled you into him and you two stayed like that for a while. “Y/N, I know it’s going to hurt, but I want you to be happy. I want you to find someone who can love you just as much as you love them. Yoongi can’t do that.” Hearing someone else say what you were thinking assured you that you weren’t over thinking this. You were being rational. “Thanks, Jimin.”

Yoongi’s door was in front of you now. Minutes had passed since you first got there. “Y/N, just open the door, just go in.” It wasn’t that easy though. Open the door and face the person you love, but doesn’t love you back or turn around and pretend that he still cares. You break either way.

“Yoongi…” He turned around with a shocked face. “Y/N, I’m so sorry I got caught up in doing work I forgot. I’m so-“ “Yoongi I get it. You’ve said this so many times to me before I basically have it memorized. I…I came to talk to you about our relationship, if you could even call it that anymore.”


“Please just let me finish.” He just stared at you. Those eyes were starting to break you; they were once a home to you, familiar, but not anymore. All they did was cause you pain; all he did was cause you pain. “I think it would be best if we broke up.” The words came out so fast you weren’t sure if he understood you. He didn’t talk so you continued. “I don’t think you care about this relationship anymore.”

He stood up so fast his chair almost feel over. “What do you mean I don’t care about this relationship anymore. Y/N I get busy you know that, so I don’t understand why you’re saying this!”

“Where was this passion the 10 other times you bailed on me for a date? Where was the concern when you caught me crying in bed because of you! When do you ever feel concern for me! I’m always here for you, but god forbid you be here for me! I kept trying and trying because I love you Yoongi, but it’s clear you don’t feel the same way anymore. So I’m done Yoongi, we’re done.”

“Y/N please don’t do this. Please..” You both were in tears at this point. He walked forward and reached out to pull you towards him, but you backed away. “I hope you continue to do great things.” With that you walked out of the room your face a mess and sobs echoing through the hallway. In the end he really didn’t leave you, you left him.

Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

Short thoughts on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why....

You know you’ve found an incredible, moving, powerful, honest, game changing, real… unique… show when you stay up until 6:30 in the morning watching the entire first season the day it’s released. Beware: Spoilers ahead. I’ve now watched it twice, and I just have to say… #JUSTICEFORJEFF I did not see that coming. Everything about tape 10 broke my heart. Also, no one is talking about Clay finding Jeff. He lost his friend and the girl he loved in the time span of two weeks. This poor kid can’t catch a break. Plus, the scene with Jeff’s parents crushed me. Fuck, why did such an awesome kid have to die…. not okay.

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We’re All Mad Here - Part Five

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)

Submitted by Alice

As Ada continued to chatter in your ear, and the Shelby brothers kept playfully ragging on each other, you tried to snap yourself out of it.

If Michael could sit there completely unfazed, ignoring your presence, then you could do the same. You could be just as unaffected as he was…or at the very least you could pretend. You could be charming and funny and completely indifferent.

“All I’m saying is that if Esme asks me to take her to the Anne of Green-Gables film one more time, I’m going to lose my mind. There’s only so much a man can take, you know!” John was shaking his head, twirling a toothpick round and round in the corner of his mouth. You tuned into the conversation.

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Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Future
Genre: Fluff

A/N: Hello lovelies! I’ve had this written for a while, but it never seemed like the right time to post it. But here you go, enjoy.

As always, reviews are more than encouraged, because as you know (if you know me a bit), us writers tend to have a lot of self-doubts. :) 

I recommend listening to Daughter by Sleeping At Last while reading. It’s what inspired this story.

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No matter what, i’ll always love and support them together. I’ll always believe in their love with all my heart. They loved each other so much. They adored each other. Their love was just.. the cutest and realest. They were always in love. They’re each other’s first love… How can someone forget first love? Two young people who have been in love with each other since 2009 … Two fool lovers who constantly try to break but can not at all .. They will always belong to each other. Justin will remember her when he looks at her tattoo at any time, how she felt.. He’ll come at her mind and she’ll getting sad and will remember how they were in love. They will remember, and maybe years later, they will can’t stand and meet again. Who knows what will happen in the future? This is life. Everything is possible. But there is only one thing I know, a part of them will be always each others. In somewhere, they will always keep that love. And I am here for this. I support this. This unconditional love. Two young people who love each other like crazy. Two lovers who cant move on from each other for years. I will always believe in them. Maybe not soon, but someday they will be together again. Like Justin said, they should understand themselves before they try to understand each other. I believe that one day, they will return stronger than their old ones, and then I will be the happiest for their love. That never ends love. I love them and I will support them no matter what. I hope these two fools will understand that asap their love is the best. I just want them back. I miss them so much and it hurts.


A JackCrutchie Fic

Chapter 1/???


Crutchie knew that Jack came from a really rough background. He would never talk about his parents, and all Crutchie knew about them was that his mom died at birth and he had a real jerk for a father before he was taken from his dad and thrown into the system.

Jack knew that Davey came from a loving home, but both his parents died in a car wreck when he was nine, leaving he and his baby brother, Les, in the hands of the state since no family wanted them.

Davey knew Crutchie’s parents couldnt afford to take care of him. They tried, but once the Polio hit, all of their extra money went to keeping him alive, and as soon as he wasn’t on deaths door, they gave Crutchie to the state, not being able to care for themselves, never mind a child.

The three boys all had different backgrounds, but they were now stuck in the same situation. No one wanted them.

Jack usually got taken in the most, but he was quickly thrown back into the system, parents labeling him as the “Problem Child.” He had lost count of how many family’s he had been with for a few weeks before being dumped back to where he started.

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Beckham Boy pt.2 (Cristiano Ronaldo X Brooklyn Beckham imagine)


I looked between Pai and David as they sat on the couch chatting as if it was just some other normal day. Which to them it kind of was any other day, meanwhile I on the other hand was freaking out on the inside. Brooklyn sat next to his Dad looking around the house. 

“So this is your girl?” David asked

Pai nodded, “My oldest, Y/N”

David smiled extending his hand out to me, I looked at his hand and smiled before shaking it. “Nice to meet you Y/N” He said

I smiled nervously, “Nice to meet you too” I said

Pai chuckled, and I shot him a look. “This is my son, Brooklyn” He said introducing 

Pai smiled shaking his hand, “I’ve heard about you plenty, Brooklyn” Pai said

I gave him a look, and he just laughed. “I-I’m going to finish my homework” I said getting up from the couch

Just as I was about to make it to the couch, Pai spoke up, “Y/N why don’t you show Brooklyn around the house, see if Junior’s up yet” 

I turned slowly to look at Pai, “Yeah but that home-”

“If you count staring at pictures online homework, wouldn’t you rather show him around the house?” He asked

I stared at him, “Fine” I said

Brooklyn chuckled getting up and following me, at first it was silent but I thought I was really going to just explode right here on the spot. My heart feels like exploding, or like it’s going to pop out of my chest any moment and do some little dance on the floor. 

“So you’re the oldest?” Brooklyn asked breaking the silence

I nodded, “Yeah, it’s just Junior and I” 

He nodded, “Do you guys ever fight over anything?”

I chuckled, “You’d be surprised”

Brooklyn smiled, “Really? I didn’t think two Ronaldo children would fight over anything that they could just get two of” He said

I shrugged, “I thought the same thing, but our fighting isn’t all the time. It’s mainly over minor things honestly” 

Brooklyn raised an eyebrow, “Like what?” He asked as we turned a corner

“Mostly food, like the pineapples in the fridge or the candy that our Avo gives us. Things like that” I said 

Brooklyn started laughing, “I think you guys are the first pair of siblings I’ve heard fight over food” He said

I nodded chuckling, we continued walking throughout the house talking every now and then as I showed him the different rooms and stuff. Eventually we’d made it to Junior’s room, when we walked in he was sitting on his bed the TV on. 

As he looked over he looked confused while looking at Brooklyn, “Irma don’t I know him?” Junior asked

My eyes widened, “No!” I said

“But didn’t you-”

I rushed over placing my hand over his mouth, “You don’t know him, this is the first time you’re meeting him right?” I said

Junior caught on and nodded his head, getting off his bed and walking over to Brooklyn. “You’re tall” Junior said

Brooklyn chuckled bending down to his height, “My name is Brooklyn, what’s yours?” He asked

Junior looked over to me, and I nodded. “My name is Cristiano Ronaldo jr.”

Brooklyn smiled, “That’s why you guys call him Junior?” Brooklyn asked

I nodded, “It’s a handful to say all the time, so Junior is the next best thing” I told him

The three of us walked out of Juniors room, and continued the tour around the house. We’d finally made it back to the living room, and the conversation we’d walked into made me want to turn back and never come back. “Brooklyn does the same thing, he’s always on her page.”

“He’s not as bad as Y/N, she screams every time his photo comes on the screen” 

The two laughed, and I could really feel my face just go red. After a while the two looked over, “Oh you guys are done already?” Pai said

Both Brooklyn and I nodded, “Great let’s go out to eat since you guys have come all the way to Spain.”Pai said

David nodded, “Let’s”

A Little Too Tight Part 2

Pairing: Hux x Reader
Summary: Second Part to A Little Too Tight where you decide to step out of uniform code yet again in hopes to arouse your General. 
Warnings: Wayyyy NSFW again. Choking, cussing, sex, spanking.
Word Count: 2.6K
A/N: So idk how I feel about how this came out?? I love the dialogue but idk I’m a garbage can lmao. I really want to continue this like a 2.5 part where you see Hux’s softer side with aftercare and then a Part 3 where it’s a couple months later and you’ve been trained so well so he takes you to meetings with him as a “treat”. Idk request it if you want those extensions. 

Part 1


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anonymous asked:

Can you please do RFA like from the tiger's curse series scene where MC and RFA member break up because of RFA amnesia only to gain their memories back when they see MC moving on with another RFA member. I love your blog so much it's beautiful!😍

I haven’t read/watched Tiger’s Curse but this sounds interesting (and hella angsty yass) so here I go!! Thanks so much liking my blog too!!  ~~ mod stranger


- the first thing that breaks his heart is seeing someone else making you smile, especially when he realizes that it’s because you’ve already moved on from him

- and when he sees you with Jaehee he feels a lot of self-loathing as well since he knows she can take care of you way better than he ever could

- you two just stay friends instead but Zen always puts up a happy front when he’s around you because he doesn’t want to ruin anything 

- but he’s dying on the inside. his acting is half-assed and he spends most of his nights drinking and smoking alone at home and his life basically becomes a mess

- it reaches the point when Yoosung, Jumin, Seven and even V have to intervene to help him get back on his feet but they make sure you and Jaehee don’t know anything about it


- his whole world just crumbled apart when he saw that you and Seven were together

- he feels as if Seven just took you away from him but he also knows that you must have made the choice out of your own free will and how could he ever fault you for that

- he begins isolating himself from you and the RFA because he doesn’t want anyone to see him crumble and look pathetic

- all he feels is loneliness and he doesn’t turn to anyone for aid no matter how much they want to help him because he feels as if they’re all against him

- but all he really wants is to have you back


- all she can really do is blame herself

- she should have tried to get over her amnesia quicker. she should have been there for you more. she should have worked harder to to make you stay

- when she sees you with Yoosung, she can’t help but think that he’s the perfect person for you. he’s less serious and more energetic and he would always make time to be there for you unlike her 

- all those ‘should have’s’ just fill her mind and she can’t stop hating herself for not having the strength to hold on to you tighter

- now, all she can do is watch as Yoosung becomes the new light in your life

- she hopes that this time, he won’t let go of the most amazing person she’s ever met


- he can’t help but feel like fate was taunting when he saw you with Zen

- after those long months of trying to get his memories back just so he could return to you he sees that you’re with someone else already, and with another RFA member too

- it frustrates him knowing how out of reach you are and because of that, he distances himself from you because he still can’t accept the fact that you’ve moved on

- he drowns himself in work and drinking just so he could forget and he stops interacting with any of the other RFA members because even though he knows they want to help him, he can never be okay again

- V is the only one who can actually manage a coherent conversation from him and he can tell just by how ruined Jumin is that you meant the world and more to him


- he’s dying to see you ever since he got his memories back but once he sees you with Jumin, he knows that he was too late

- he quickly accepts the fact that you two weren’t meant to be after all no matter how much he told you before that your love was going to last

- he congratulates you two on your relationship and quickly tries to reassure you that it’s fine you’re with Jumin now

- he’ll hide everything from his friends but that slowly destroys him on the inside

- you’re the only one who can tell that something’s wrong but no matter how much you try to reach out to him, he’ll keep pushing you back 

- eventually, he disappears and leaves the country to live by himself far, far away from you because he knows it’s for the best

- but he’ll never, ever forget you