the first tv show i ever truly loved

Let’s be real here, Faking It was one of those shows that should’ve only been about three seasons long. There’s only so many times you can have Amy fall in and out of love with Karma, and Karma question her friendship with Amy. But no, they had to go and drag the ever living crap out of that show and now we’ll never get to see the ending we deserved. Imagine how great it would’ve been to see Karma truly question her feelings, her sexuality. We’ll never get to see Karma finally realize what it is she actually feels for Amy. We’ll never get to see her tell Amy. Karma would probably struggle to accept it at first but Amy would help her through it, but we’ll never get that. We’ll never get any of that. I’m still grateful to this cast and yes, even to Carter for doing so many firsts on television. I’m just sad at how much potential this show had and how it was wasted in so many ways.