the first trial of faith

An endless list of things in The Librarians that will never ever stop making me emotional as all hell(i.e. I cry every time I see them like it’s the first time)

(I am so sorry this list is so long I didn’t mean to.)

  • Eve opening the fridge in her apartment and there’s just one water bottle in it
  • “I don;t need a guardian. You hear that? I don’t need her! I’m fine!“
  • Jake’s face in the bar when he says that Lamia is from somewhere “interesting” and you can see how he wants a different life so badly
  • Eve and Flynn’s conversation on the way to the Stone Henge and how their voices soften and crack as they start to realize how they’re similar in their loneliness
  • “For the record, you’re not as weird as I thought you were in Berlin…”
  • When Jake catches Cassie at the henge and helps her through her breakdown AND WHEN HE GRABS HER HAND ALL SOFT
  • “They’re so proud of me. They’re both so proud of me.”
  • Bonus: “I think that’s the last time they were proud of me.”
  • Cassandra’s whispered “they said they could save me” when she betrays the Library
  • Eve getting through to Flynn when he’s giving up and how she starts crying and his eyes get all wide and I stg they fall in love in that exact moment
  • Eve crying and laughing as she shakes her head and says “I’m henge and key” and something so different and so quirky and so weird and so Flynn actually charms her and just Eve’s transformation in the whole premiere okay
  • Everything about Eve and Flynn’s deleted dance
  • Eve crying and her pained “Flynn” as he’s dying and Jesus she just met him but okay they’re in love
  • “You already have saved me”
  • “I’m offering you a life of mystery and misery…”
  • Cassandra running and hugging Flynn when he offers them a job and Flynn’s face
  • “How much I need…how much I want, to be traveling the world with you.”
  • Cassandra holding back tears and gripping the handbar a little tighter after Jake tells her he trusted her
  • “You should’ve made a Christmas wish too Colonel. It would’ve come true.” and then Eve just looks at her friends around her and smiles and hums Hark The Herald Angel Sing and her wish did come true
  • Flynn kissing Eve’s hands and “of course I remember you and your hands they’re lovely.”
  • “She writes a lot in this little notebook and I pay attention.”
  • Eve’s face when Flynn tells her he’ll stay if she stays
  • Eve finding Flynn’s carnation left on the desk and twirling it over her fingers and just like melting and smiling all stupid
  • Cassandra’s little laugh as Jake and Ezekiel come to join her on her way to Peru and aaaaaaa
  • “Do you have any idea what’s on the other side of this door?” “No. And isn’t that great?”
  • I’m gonna save some time and say most everything in 2X01 and 2X02
  • But to get slightly specific Eve’s happy “Red” when she sees Cassandra again and basically that whole reunion scene
  • Jassandra hug
  • “Your friends needed you. I needed you.” And Flynn stumbling back after Eve kisses him
  • Eve all turned on by Flynn whispering “Macbeth” and also Eve all happy to the point of crying when Flynn makes a plan instead of winging it
  • “I knew you thought I was sick.”
  • Jake’s face every time he interacts with his father
  • Ezekiel’s voice cracking on “Because I like the way you look at me when you tell it.”
  • “Let me be the big brother.”
  • Everything about “And the Happily Ever Afters.” Every single solitary fucking second of it no exaggeration
  • But especially especially how happy Eve looks when Flynn is getting all in his head right before she gives him true love’s kiss
  • Their speeches to exorcise Prospero in Final Curtain
  • How proud Eve acts of Flynn when he acts even though she visibly knows how bad he was
  • “Ezekiel’s pretending he’s fine. Cassandra ain’t pretending at all.”
  • “Kissing you is exactly how I’d want to spend eternity.”
  • When they tell Apep they’re a family
  • Eve’s little pained breath in as she realizes Flynn is gone again and how she rolls her eyes when he uses the Winnie the Pooh quote and how she smiles and cries when he says they’re gonna take their vacation
  • If I go into specifics about “And the Reunion of Evil” we are literally going to be here for ten fucking hours
  • But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Cassandra’s smile after the first “you just gotta have a little faith.”
  • Same goes for Trial of a Triangle. It will take 10 hours
  • Specifically Eve and Flynn’s kiss right before he goes down with the plane
  • And “I’m afraid of getting close to people because I’m terrified of being hurt.”
  • Eve collapsing into Flynn when they get to the hospital and Jenkins tells them about Cassandra
  • “You’re with family now.”
  • How Eve fucking breaks down when Rockwell is insisting that her relationships at the Library aren’t real kill me kill me kill me PLEASE KILL ME
  • Everything about Charlene and Flynn’s interaction before she goes into the mirror
  • “I love you. Always and Forever.”
  • Eve absolutely breaking more than we ever see her break ever when she is about to lose Flynn.
  • I.E. her whispered “Please Flynn.”
  • I.E. “You’re Librarians. You’re the smartest people in the world. Prove it.”
  • Aaaaand the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10

And that’s not even counting all the moments that make me laugh with pure joy because of how beautifully stupid they are, or the moments that make me laugh because they’re just like me, and I left out some stuff that I talk about a lot to make the list shorter. And now I need to go curl into a ball after thinking about all that stuff and uh….feel free to add your own

anonymous asked:

could you pls help me regain my faith in God? I've lost my way with regards to religion and I really don't know how to get back on track. Thank you so much

Beginning our journey of faith with God requires that we immerse ourselves in His Word (Romans 10:17; 1 Peter 2:2). We must learn about His love, His justice, His mercy, and His plan. We must form a relationship with Him, so that we can know Him personally through His Son, Jesus Christ (John 17:3). We should ask Him to reveal Himself to us and change us. The Bible promises that if we seek God, we will find Him (Matthew 7:7). And if we allow Him to, He will transform us into new people who can know His will (Romans 12:2). We have to be willing to die to our old selves and let go of the pride and selfishness that kept us from Him for so long.

As God changes us, we will learn to develop the fruit that comes from the Holy Spirit, who dwells in all Christians (Galatians 5:22-23; John 14:17). As we walk in the Spirit, allowing Him to control our lives, we will begin to trust in Him. “Let your roots grow down into him and draw up nourishment from him, so you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught. Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all he has done” (Colossians 2:7).

If our trust in God is going to grow, we have to learn to step out in faith, moving out of our comfort zone and taking chances. If we believe that God will sustain us for that day, we can be free to carry out His will, regardless of the consequences. Whenever we face temptations, God will always provide a way out so that we will not be overcome (1 Corinthians 10:13). We need to look for that way out, and praise God when we find it. First Peter 1:7 says He will use trials to test our faith and to make us stronger Christians; we will be given much honor if we can stand strong and not waver. “Yet faith comes from listening to this message of good news – the Good News about Christ” (Romans 10:17).

btred1  asked:

Is it possible that Loras Tyrell is not as wounded as the stories in kings landing is leading everyone to believe. Cersi revealed a lot of her plan to lady Merryweather is there a chance they played her false?

It’s certainly possible that Loras isn’t as injured as word says he is, and in fact there’s a conspiracy theory based on that. However, I most sincerely doubt it.

As the grey sky began to fade to black, they told her that the Sweet Cersei had come in on the evening tide, and that Aurane Waters was without, begging audience.
The queen sent for him at once. As soon as he strode into her solar, she knew his tidings were good. “Your Grace,” he said with a broad smile, “Dragonstone is yours.”
[…] “Do we have Ser Loras to thank for this triumph?”
His smile vanished. “Some will say so, Your Grace.”
“Some?” She gave him a quizzical look. “Not you?”
“I never saw a braver knight,” Waters said, “but he turned what could have been a bloodless victory into a slaughter. A thousand men are dead, or near enough to make no matter. Most of them our own. And not just common men, Your Grace, but knights and young lords, the best and the bravest.”
“And Ser Loras himself?”
“He will make a thousand and one. They carried him inside the castle after the battle, but his wounds are grievous. He has lost so much blood that the maesters will not even leech him.”

–AFFC, Cersei VIII

Aurane goes on to tell Cersei further details: that Loras was shot in the shoulder and thigh, and took a mace to the ribs; and to cap it off, he was doused with boiling oil and is horribly burned.

Now, the conspiracy theory would like people to believe that Aurane Waters was in the Tyrells’ pay and so gave Cersei false information and that Loras is perfectly fine. But three major problems with that:

  • Aurane is working for nobody but himself; after Margaery and Cersei’s arrests, he took off with a fleet of stolen ships and is now a pirate king in the Stepstones.
  • Aurane didn’t just give Cersei the “false” info – everyone in King’s Landing believes Loras is deathly injured, including Kevan Lannister. And he wasn’t the only one with the news, he had a whole crew who’d come from Dragonstone, not to mention all the other soldiers who returned from there through other means. If one person breathed any word otherwise, it would be made known to the Master of Whispers.
  • What, exactly, would be the point of letting all of King’s Landing believe Loras is dying?

Oh, the conspiracists will say “so that Loras can show up and defend Margaery in a trial by battle!” Sure. But if Margaery and Mace knew Loras was perfectly able to defend her, why go through the whole farce of a trial by the Faith in the first place? Why is Mace so insistent that the Faith’s judges will find his daughter innocent? The only way this works is if Loras’s “true status” was hidden from not only the Lannisters, but from Loras’s own family.

And Loras’s family is currently under attack, not only Margaery in King’s Landing, but his brothers in Highgarden as well. Did Loras tell Aurane to pretend he was dying so he could sneak onboard Paxter Redwyne’s fleet that’s heading west to defend the Reach from the ironborn? But if he did that, then he left Margaery without her fiercest defender. Or is he making his way to King’s Landing in secret? Then he’s letting his family believe him dying at a time when they need all the morale they can get, just so he can shout “surprise! I can defend you now!” if/when Margaery is found guilty by the Faith.

And how exactly was this conspiracy supposed to have been planned, anyway? So Taena tells the Tyrells that Cersei’s trying to catch Margaery in adultery (I mean, as if Marg didn’t already know why Osney Kettleblack, one of Cersei’‘s pet sellswords, kept hitting on her), so they plan “ok, when we get news of the ironborn attack on the Reach, Loras is going to volunteer to attack Dragonstone to free up the Redwyne fleet when he succeeds, and then he’s going to get injured and even though he’s fine he’s going to pretend to be dying to leave Margaery without a defender in KL, so that Cersei can have her arrested and tried by judges and not by battle, but then Loras is going to show up and defend her anyway! Why? Because it’ll make Cersei really mad to learn she’s been fooled, that’s why!” Perfectly logical and rational, that. A plan worthy of GoT!Littlefinger, I’d say.

Furthermore, the idea that Loras is terribly burned but may survive, if terribly scarred, is much more like GRRM’s themes than a pretty boy hero who claimed a victory with no consequences to himself whatsoever. And y’know, in general all of the “surprise!” theories around Margaery’s and Cersei’s trials strike me as the thoughts of a fandom with way too much time on its hands.

But of course, until the next book comes out, there is a chance the theory is true. But I personally believe in it only slightly more than I do the theory that Quentyn Martell wasn’t burned by a dragon (because he miraculously survived because of his Targ blood that… wasn’t strong enough to control dragons) and it was in fact the Tattered Prince who died because sure he was there to be burned oh no he wasn’t… and if you can tell, I don’t believe in that one at all.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong… but I really don’t think I am, sorry.