the first time kurt met blaine

Thanksgiving In New York

Kurt and Blaine and their 5-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, host their family’s Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in New York City.

1078 words.  Rated: G

The week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for the Anderson-Hummels.  They were busy balancing life along with being parents of a five month old who had just started teething as well as preparing to host Thanksgiving for their families for the first time.  Since Elizabeth had started teething, Kurt and Blaine were both hesitant to take her on a flight to Ohio and decided that they would just have their families come to New York instead.  

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, the young family met Burt, Carole, Pam, and Cooper at the airport.  They greeted them with warm hugs from Kurt and Blaine and baby giggles from Elizabeth.  They took everyone back to their home on the Upper West Side and caught up with their family as they had not seen them in a while.

“So,” Carole said, “how is everything going on over here?  You boys always tell me it’s fine when you’re on the phone, but we can all see that you two are a little tired.”

Blaine sighed.  “It’s nothing we can’t handle.  Elizabeth just started teething, and it’s been keeping her up all night.  So we’re up all night.”

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“To Know That You're Mine” - Kurt/Blaine

Elliott introduces Kurt to the D/S scene.  Kurt enjoys himself but doesn’t find exactly what he’s looking for until an adjunct vocal professor at NYADA named Blaine Anderson makes him think that maybe he can have his submissive needs met as well as the romance he’s always wanted.

Warnings: dom!Blaine/sub!Kurt containing: wrist restraint, face fucking, blindfolds, noise-canceling headphones (sensory deprivation), spanking (with a belt) and some rough sex.  All consensual.

The first time that the topic comes up, Kurt has a belly full of warm sake and good sushi and Elliott’s face is bright red.  If Elliott is blushing, he must be telling the truth, because he’s both a terrible liar and usually only becomes flustered when it’s called for.

“All I’m saying is, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it,” Elliott says.  He uses his chopsticks to guide a piece of unagi into his mouth. “I was sure it wasn’t for me until he had me trussed up and face down—”

“Oh my god, we’re in public,” Kurt says.  

Kurt is all for saucy talk, but this is his sushi place—the waiter knows his birthday and what he does for a living—and he’d rather avoid certain topics.

“No one’s listening.  Relax,” Elliott says.

He’s looking particularly attractive in black jeans and a maroon Henley. There’s a new tattoo on the inside of his wrist that Kurt keeps meaning to ask about, but the sudden, warm gleam in his eyes is far more interesting.

“Let me spring for a bottle,” he says, when Kurt remains silent, pointing to the empty one on the table, “and we can go back to your place?”

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Fight Like A Married Couple (PG-13)

6x05 reaction fic: After their time in the elevator, Kurt and Blaine decide to go on a double date because that’s what friends do, right? Too bad they act too much like a married couple to make the whole “just friends” thing believable
word count: 1194
warning: Mentions of what happened to Kurt in 5x15
cross posted on AO3

“You fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, you flirt like first loves, and protect each other like brothers. Obviously it’s meant to be.”

“I can’t believe you picked bowling,” Kurt said when he and Walter met Blaine and Karo – no, Dave outside the bowling alley.

The double date had been Kurt’s idea. After the…experience they’d had in Sue’s elevator of horrors (which Kurt definitely didn’t think about, like, all the time) Blaine had said they probably needed to separate themselves from each other. But the issue with that idea was that Blaine was still Kurt’s best friend and he didn’t not want to talk to him again, so he had suggested the four of them get together.

It was safer that way.

“Hey, you love bowling,” Blaine said, defensive but playful.

“Oh, I know, I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself in front of your boyfriend when I kick your ass.” He patted Blaine’s cheek, smirking at his offended expression, and opened the door, leaving a stunned Blaine and an amused Dave and Walter to follow him inside.

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  • Alan: So Darren, tell me about Klaine!
  • Darren: oh yes, I love their relationship, I mean Chris Colfer and I... have I ever told you about the first time Chris and I met?
  • A: well no...
  • D: that's alright! I'll tell you now! So, I had this spare ticket for Sutton Foster and I gave it to Chris so we went together!
  • A: oh that's so nice! Well, speaking of the question...
  • D: YEAH MAN! We went out together THE FIRST TIME WE EVER MET! Isn't this crazy?
  • A: well... I guess so, but
  • D: isn't it the GAYEST thing you've ever heard?
  • A: yes, it actually is, but Klaine...
  • D: oh yes, KLAINE! It's almost like Kurt and Blaine went on a date the first time they ever met, RIGHT?
  • A: I think...
  • D: I mean, except the fact that it was actually Chris and I going out ON A DATE!
  • A: ... a date?
  • D: ...
  • A: ...
  • D: ... a man date?
  • A: that's better
  • D: that's SO MUCH BETTER So going back to important topics, Chris and I
If you had told me when we first met that if I chose to fall in love with you it was going to be hell before it got to heaven, that there would be anger and pain, breakups and the burn of seeing you with other people, moments when it seemed like it was really over, even if you had told me that it would never work out, that there was a chance that all of this work and struggle would amount to nothing but heartache, I would’ve said yes. A thousand times yes.
—  don’t fucking tell me glee is stupid
Blaine’s First Friday Night Dinner (Edited Version)

After Kurt and Blaine get together, Burt has Kurt invite Blaine over for dinner on Friday night.  

Sequel to Officially Boyfriends (edited).

1627 words.  Rated: G

This is the edited version of a previous story that can be read here.

Blaine was a nervous wreck.  He sat in his car in the Hummel’s driveway for five minutes before finally gathering the courage to get out of his car.  It wasn’t the first time at Kurt’s house, but it was the first time he was there as Kurt’s boyfriend.  This was suddenly different that going to hang out with Kurt.  This was officially meeting his boyfriend’s father, and Blaine wanted nothing more than to make a good impression on Burt Hummel.  The past few times he had faced Burt, the circumstances weren’t the best.  The first time he met Burt, he was passed out in Kurt’s bed hungover after Rachel’s party.  It didn’t help matters that after that meeting, Blaine had spent the week questioning his own sexuality.  Then the second time he met Burt, it had been last week in Burt’s tire shop.  Blaine had been genuinely concerned about Kurt’s sexual knowledge after the failed sexy attempt and an anxious outburst, and he knew that Kurt had a good relationship with his father.  Blaine showed up at the shop to suggest to Burt to give Kurt the sex talk.  He didn’t have any ulterior motive, but Blaine couldn’t be sure that Burt didn’t think that.

Blaine gathered up his courage to get out of the car and walk to the front door.  He rung the doorbell and waited practically shaking.  He could hear Kurt talking from the other side of the door, “Let me answer it, Dad!  You’ll scare him.  Dad, you don’t own a shotgun, don’t even bother threatening that.”  Blaine chuckled and began to relax.  With that piece of information stored in Blaine’s brain, Burt seemed less intimidating.  

Just then, the door swung open and Kurt was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face.  “You did hear me, right?” Kurt whispered as he hugged his boyfriend.  “I tried to say it loud enough so that you could hear me.  He doesn’t actually own a shotgun, so don’t worry.”  

“Quit hugging in the doorway and let him in the house, Kurt!” Burt said.  “You insisted on opening the door, let him in.”

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do you realize we saw kurt and blaine’s entire story

from the moment they met to their first kiss to their first time, breakups, engagement, the wedding, and now they become parents

how many people can say that about their otp? we really were truly very lucky and what chris and darren have given us as kurt and blaine is truly amazing

After first being introduced to Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) as he was being thrown into a dumpster on the series premiere of Glee, the Fox show tackled gay issues big and small, bringing LGBT storylines to the forefront. In 2010, Kurt met the swoontastic (and equally out) Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss), causing the audience to cry “squee!” into their Tumblrs and Twitter accounts at the same time. Blaine and the Warblers serenaded Kurt with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and the Glee cast earned its best single sales week for a download with the song’s release (214,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan).
—  25 Pivotal LGBT Moments In Music  | billboard
“The Story of Our Lives” (Rated PG13)

For @vampireisabitstrong - written for the prompt:  Since they were teenagers, Kurt and Blaine have been mapping the important moments in their lives with tattoos - from Kurt’s first one, they’ve been trading off tattoos and piercings until they’re both covered. Each tattoo has a story, even if the story is silly or the tattoo is a little rubbish. Their bodies are the story of their lives together, and how they’ve become the people that they are.

I diverted a little bit from this and made it a love story with a smidgen of angst in the beginning. Also, this AU assumes that Blaine and Kurt graduated the same time, and met maybe sophomore year-ish(?) It’s not stated. It’s sort of implied.

Written for the @todaydreambelieversfic 2016 Gift Exchange.

No real warnings except light angst, a mention of past violence, and a mention of A/dam Crawford.

Read in AO3.

“So, have you decided what movie you want to go see?” Kurt asks, peeking his head out the bathroom door and checking to see if Blaine has finally narrowed down their options.

“No, not yet,” Blaine says, going back to the top of the page and scrolling down the listings again, hoping that this time something will leap out at him. Cinema has definitely hit a low point recently in Blaine’s opinion. Even the revival theater downtown is running nothing but duds. What he wouldn’t give for a decent Claude Rains retrospective, or a return of the All About Eve/Showgirls double feature. If worse comes to worse, they can wait a few hours and hit up the midnight showing of Rocky Horror at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea. At least that way they can sing and dance together the way they used to back in high school, with the added perk of throwing popcorn at the screen.

When Blaine looks at it that way, why do they ever go to see any other movie?

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While some high school shows might dedicate an episode or two to sexual identity, Glee was one of the first to take the topic head-on with its introduction of Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). Kurt eventually met Blaine (Darren Criss) and was permitted to have the same high school sweetheart romance—including losing their virginity to each other—so often celebrated with straight couples in pop culture.
—  These Shows Helped Shape America’s Attitudes About Gay Relationships [Time]
Reaction Fic - The Call

“I still can’t believe she won,” Kurt said, sitting down on the bed and placing his phone in the charging dock. “I vividly remember the first time I met her. She talked 100 miles and hour and had these crazy, intense eyes. She could sing, no question, but I never imagined that tiny girl with the white knee socks would actually make it. But she did. She did everything she said she would do.”

Blaine closed the closet door, a towel wrapped around his waist, hair still wet from the shower. “It’s incredible, isn’t it? I mean, she definitely deserved it. If Anne Hathaway had won I don’t know what I would have done. You know how I feel about her.”

Kurt laughed. “But, Blaine, Princess Diaries! Please tell me you’ll let the baby watch Princess Diaries.”

Blaine pulled the towel from his waist and rubbed it through his hair. “I’ll allow it. But only because of the divine Miss Julie Andrews.”

“Obviously,” Kurt said, pulling the comforter back so Blaine could slide in next to him.

Blaine kissed him, tugging on his ear and smiling. “Here we are.”

Kurt quirked an eyebrow in question. “Where, approaching our thirties? New York?” He kissed Blaine’s neck. “This bed?”

“All of it, Kurt. We’re in New York doing the thing that we love, together. Our friends are here and amazing things are happening to them and…we’re going to have a baby,” Blaine smiled, tears filling his eyes.

Kurt pulled him close and kissed his nose, his cheeks, his lips. “I wouldn’t want any of it if I didn’t have you.”

They fell into each other, their bodies tangled together. Kurt’s phone buzzed on the nightstand but they didn’t care, their sighs and moans drowning out the noise.
It buzzed again. And again.

“Maybe you should check that?” Blaine sighed, Kurt’s lips on his Adam’s apple.

“It can wait,” Kurt growled, moving down Blaine’s chest.

“But it could be-”

He didn’t get the words out before Kurt was leaping towards the ringing phone, a sudden realization on his face. “It’s Jessie!”

“Answer it!”

“Hello? Jessie? Is it….okay….and….okay we’re on our way. We’ll be right there!”

Blaine was already out of the bed and pawing through their underwear drawer. He threw a pair of boxer briefs at Kurt while pulling on his own. Together they tripped into pants and shirts, buttoning and zipping as they ran for the door.

“Shoes!” Kurt shouted as Blaine ran barefoot into the hallway.

They pulled on shoes and grabbed keys and phones and stumbled down the stairs to the street.

Once inside a cab, unable to do anything but sit and wait, Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hand. “I love you, Kurt. I love you and I love our life and I know…everything is about to change.”

“It is,” Kurt said, the street lights shining on his face, his smile wide, “in the best way.”
Chris Colfer reflects on 'Glee' and Cory Monteith: 'He really was the big brother I never had'

Friday marks the final episode of Fox’s musical phenomenon Glee. Chris Colfer, who has played Kurt for all six years of the series, was right out of high school when the show first began. Kurt and his on-again/off-again boyfriend/now-husband Blaine (Darren Criss) became pop culture icons with their groundbreaking gay romance. On the eve of the finale, EW talked to Colfer about Glee’s roller-coaster ride and what he’ll remember the most.

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Nearly everyone has talked about this, so I might be beating a dead horse, but here goes anyway. That bathroom scene with Kurt was so important. Like it was it probably a turning point in his development as a character and I want us to keep talking about it forever.

Kurt Hummel doesn’t show emotion. Emotion only hurt him - starting with Finn when he was sixteen and countless times after that. So he closed himself off to protect himself - if he didn’t show emotion, then logic would suggest that he wouldn’t be hurt since, in his mind, emotion = pain. 

But then he met Blaine Anderson. Now, Blaine, he was quite different from Kurt. Blaine wore his heart on his sleeve, Blaine wasn’t afraid of intimacy and affection. Blaine wasn’t afraid of emotion. This is probably what drew Kurt to him in the first place - here was a boy who had gone through everything Kurt had and worse and yet he was so loving and trusting and vulnerable. It was a trait that was probably attractive to Kurt, initially.

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Kurt and Blaine’s last kiss was perfect but I want you to imagine something for a second. Imagine they did take all their money from their success and they used it to rebuild Dalton. And imagine if the last time we saw Kurt and Blaine they were back in Dalton right in that same room where they first kissed. And imagine they’re standing together holding hands as husbands and looking on at the school that they helped restore. And imagine they look at each other and say how proud they are to have rebuilt the place where they first met and to have given these kids back their home. And then we see them kiss for the last time. Right in the same place where they first kissed. And after witnessing them kiss for the last time the shot fades out to one of the walls in the room where a plaque is hung with their names on it thanking them for rebuilding Dalton. And right below their dedication is just one word:

25 Pivotal LGBT Moments In Music
Equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is today's defining civil rights issue, but the music world has always played a significant role in LGBT progress. As LGBT Pride Month kicks off, Billboard reflects on 25 musical moments that have been pivotal in advancing LGBT understanding, acceptance and rights.

‘Glee’ Puts Gay Teens on Primetime
After first being introduced to Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) as he was being thrown into a dumpster on the series premiere of Glee, the Fox show tackled gay issues big and small, bringing LGBT storylines to the forefront. In 2010, Kurt met the swoontastic (and equally out) Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss), causing the audience to cry “squee!” into their Tumblrs and Twitter accounts at the same time. Blaine and the Warblers serenaded Kurt with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and the Glee cast earned its best single sales week for a download with the song’s release (214,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan).
Chris Colfer reflects on 'Glee' and Cory Monteith: 'He really was the big brother I never had'

Friday marks the final episode of Fox’s musical phenomenonGlee. Chris Colfer, who has played Kurt for all six years of the series, was right out of high school when the show first began. Kurt and his on-again/off-again boyfriend/now-husband Blaine (Darren Criss) became pop culture icons with their groundbreaking gay romance. On the eve of the finale, EW talked to Colfer about Glee’s roller-coaster ride and what he’ll remember the most.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you remember your audition?
CHRIS COLFER: I was 18 but my dad was still driving me because I was too afraid to drive in LA at the time. I will never forget – Lea Michele, who I’d never met before, was in a Mini Cooper in front of us pulling onto the lot. I recognized her instantly because I was obsessed with Spring Awakening when I was like 14. We both got turned away because we weren’t allowed to park on the lot. She was in the callback with me and I could hear her singing in the next room over. I went in, and the rest was history. There’s a whole story about how Ryan [Murphy] saw me and said, “Why do I have a feeling you’ve been in The Sound of Music?” I sang and made a joke about my hometown, and the rest is history.

What do you remember about shooting the pilot?
I remember what an education it was because I had no idea how television worked, I had no idea how filming something worked, and I had no idea how skinny jeans worked. So it was a very painful education. I remember calling my mom and being like “Gall, we work so long, I mean I got there at 6 and I didn’t leave until 8 o’clock at night. And oh my God my legs are just throbbing from those jeans they’re making me wear!”

You were right out of high school, weren’t you?
Yeah, I had just graduated in June and I think I got cast in August. I had been in college for two weeks and added to the dropout rate.

What are some of the touchstones you remember from that first year?
It was such a blur because we were working so much. That first season, when everyone was kind of getting the hang of the show, it was like 80-hour weeks. On top of rehearsing and recording in the weekends. On top of touring every chance we got. It was such a haze that every time something new would happen, it was just so hard to grasp because I think we were all in this exhausted dream-like state. I think the first thing was when Fox decided they were going to air the pilot after American Idol. That was a huge deal and we were like, “Oh, they really must think that the show is good.” And then that night when “Don’t Stop Believin’” became No. 1 on iTunes, I think that was the big moment. Honestly, strangely for me, I had never really been surprised at the show’s success because I had been one of the kids my entire life that the show was about. I was surprised I was a part of it.

Do you have a favorite number?
“Defying Gravity” I think will always stand out just because that storyline to the character was something I had lived through. That was super special. To this day, I think one of the best things the show has done is portrayed the relationship between me and Mike O’Malley – the Kurt and Burt relationship. I’ll never forget, when I first got the script and I saw that he accepted Kurt for who he was, I got so mad because I was an actor and I was like, “No! I want a scene where I get kicked out and I’m crying! And I’m so emotionally distraught! That is what I want!” Little did I know it was something good for mankind.

Is there an episode that stands out in your mind that you’re proud of or you love?
Well, if I can be selfish, I loved the one that I got to write. Just because it was so much fun to do because I got to fly and I got to work with Tim Conway and Billy Dee Williams and June Squibb, and I got to put words in their mouths. But, also just the early episodes – like the Gaga episode and the “Preggers” episode with the whole “Single Ladies” thing. Those are just the best for so many reasons.

Can you still do the “Single Ladies” dance?
I’m sure I’ll be doing it in Bar Mitzvahs until I’m 50. Like, there’s gonna be an article on BuzzFeed or something that’s like, “Glee stars: where are they now?” And I’ll be in my 50s, at a Bar Mitzvah, doing the “Single Ladies” dance.

Do you have a favorite memory of Cory Monteith?
He really was the big brother I never had. I have to say – I hope I don’t get emotional – I always felt so respected by Cory, and I think being a young gay kid, I’ve never really felt respected very much by older straight types, I guess. But with Cory, I think we just respected each other so much and we respected working with each other so much. I think that’s what I’ll always remember – the abundant respect that he gave everyone. I think that’s why it was such a hard loss. It was so hard to see betrayed when he passed away in his life – that didn’t represent who he was.

What was the most challenging of all these numbers you guys did?
The first one that pops into my head was the “Singing in the Rain/Umbrella” mashup. I’m shocked no one was killed, by accident or by murder. [Laughs] We were all pruning, we were freezing, and we had to smile and sing and dance. It was terrible.

I remember vividly when you guys did that Cee-Lo song, you sort of do a twist with Gwyneth Paltrow…
I called it The Goop. Also, that, the people we got to work with. I feel so ashamed because I wished I had worked with all these people on my second job because I borderline stalked everyone that came onto that set because I was so excited. I’m sure some of them have restraining orders against me I didn’t know about.

What’s your craziest Gleek encounter?
The tattoos are endless. They’ve been my face, a lot of quotes from my book so that’s personally, but for the show a lot of people have tattooed the word “Courage” or “Klaine,” which I try to tell everyone, “You’re going to regret that when you’re 40. You’re not going to care about us and you’re going to hate yourself.” I try, I try telling them. I feel like everyone has tried to get me to say that “Klaine” or Kurt and Blaine is groundbreaking, but I’ve never thought of them as groundbreaking because there have been so many famous gay couples and famous gay weddings in the past and I feel like it would be very ignorant for me to say, “Oh yes, they’re a groundbreaking couple.” What I think is groundbreaking has been the response to the couple. I remember when I first started being an actor and I first started Glee, I was told on many occasions, “Well it’s too bad that you’re gay because you’ll never get the young female following.” [Laughs] And boy was that proved wrong.

What was it like shooting the final scene?
It was, honestly, do you know the famous finale of The Mary Tyler Moore Show where they’re wrapping up and they walk towards the door? It was very similar to that and I don’t think any of us meant for it to be. It was difficult. It’s time for the show to end – I think we all agree. It has been a crazy, emotional, fantastic, exhausting, but fulfilling ride. We all grew up in that choir room in one way or another. It was so hard to say goodbye, much, much harder than I was expecting.

Can you qualify what Glee has meant for you personally?
I’m knocking on wood right now as I’m talking on the phone, but I have so many opportunities and things that are coming up for me and I owe it all to Glee. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for it and I get really scared when I think about an alternate universe whereGlee didn’t exist because there’s no way I would’ve made such a difference, or there’s no way I would’ve been given any material that affected so many lives. It turned me into a role model, which was a very, very hard thing to embrace and accept at the time. It was the beginning of a great book, but a great chapter nonetheless.

What do you think the legacy of the show is? What do you think it has brought to pop culture?
I think it was just so out of the box. It was the first show that really showed a world and a group of kids that had never quite been seen before or as quite as authentically portrayed. I think any other time a group of performing arts kids has been portrayed, they’ve all been freakishly good-looking and they’ve all been flawless. And very much like Freaks and Geeks, we really represented something so real and authentic, and I think that’s going to be what it’s remembered for is being the voice to who – at the time – were the voiceless. It’s crazy to think about I definitely think Glee had – I don’t want to give Glee sole credit for this – but the world has definitely changed. Personally, when I found out that I got cast as the gay character on Glee, I had thought my career was going to be over because at the time, it was such a taboo for an actor of any age to play a gay character, and now you look and there are multiple gay characters on every single show. Bringing the struggle of kids that were bullied – I was bullied terribly in high school. I never thought the world would form a campaign to stop it. I never thought that voice would ever be heard. I’m so lucky and proud that I got to be one of those for a while.

You have a bunch of books coming out this year. Are they all part of The Land of Stories?
I have a young adult novel coming out – I think, I should ask – next year. This year, I have the fourth book in the series is coming out, as well as my first children’s picture book and two spinoff novellas are coming out. And then summer of 2016 is when the fifth and final book in the series comes out and I think I’ll have a young adult novel coming out around the same time.

Week 1 Prompts

Here we go! The first set of prompts!

Prompt 1: (AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine as young children (preferably under 5).  For example, could possibly be a family story or the two of them meeting as young children.

Prompt 2: (AU or Canon Compliant)  Blaine and/or Kurt using cheesy pickup lines on the other.  For example, could be to seduce or being funny but can be whatever you’d like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

Prompt 3: (Canon Compliant) Time(s) Kurt and Blaine almost met, set anywhere before the ep. Never Been Kissed.  For example, could be a five times Klaine almost met, or focusing on one time they crossed paths before they met.


Remember, tag your posts (or recs) with ‘todaydreambelievers’ (and the prompt number) or put a message in my ask/submit and I’ll post them as I get them.  After I start getting some in, I’ll update my right sidebar so that you can easily get to each prompt’s tag and read what you’ve missed (or find old prompts).  There is no time limit, and you’re always welcome to come back to these prompts in another week.  

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Summary: Sequel to For Better or Worse. Their life had been drastically changed by the lottery and a visitor changed everything even more. 

Prompt: Sequel to For Better of Worse: After Blaine recovers, Kurt is truly happy for the first time, just going on real dates with his boyfriend, shopping for nice clothes, dreaming of their wedding and planning their futures. But their peace doesn’t last long, because a few days after they move into their beautiful new house, a congressman from Ohio shows up at their door, telling a crazy story and claiming to be the father Kurt never met.

Warnings: Past homelessness, abuse, kidnapping, mental illness 

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