the first time i saw this


“He had traveled to parts unknown but never had he seen something like the shine in her eyes as she saw the world for the first time. 

I commissioned @taylordraws / @zenwisterias for a drawing of my two main OCs Mari Ann Lilith and Wren Evynn. 
They both look amazing and I can’t be happier <3

She recently opened commissions so please go check it out!!!

More info on them will be on @travelersforthesoul

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Draco!! When did you start to notice that Harry looked good????? YOOOO give me the deets man.

Harry: He hasn’t started yet– *laughing* Ow!

Draco: Fourth year.

Harry: *laughing some more* You did not think that in fourth year, come on!

Draco: *icily* I did, although I wouldn’t have admitted to it even at wand-point.

Harry: *scoffs* Seriously?

Draco: Yes. You fought a fucking dragon!

Harry: *surprised* Oh. 

Draco: And you looked rather dapper at the Yule Ball.

Harry: *blushes* Oh?

Draco: And I saw you in nothing but your boxers for the first time during the Second Task.

Harry: *grins* Oh.

Draco: *winks* Oh.

“He’ll frighten the life out of you. He did me the first time I saw him, because we did a rehearsal on the first day and we hadn’t met or anything. He had to come up in an elevator to our home, Batman’s home. I’m thinking I’m letting friends in, instead of which he’s killed them all and he’s coming up in the lift. So on the first rehearsal, I’ve never seen him. He has like seven dwarves with him, like Snow White, only it’s not like that. When the bloody door opened on that lift, he came tearing out. I forgot every line. Terrifying.” – Michael Caine 

jack kelly is a hopeless romantic who believes in all that sappy shitty like love at first sight and the first time he ever sees david jacobs his future flashes before his eyes and it’s with this cute boy who just simply held the door open and jack cannot shake him from his mind and like a week later he’s out eating with race and he sees david pass the window and he literally leaps from his seat and chases david down and just blurts out “i saw you the other day and i’ve fantasized about everything from our first date to our wedding” and davey literally has a coughing fit in the middle of the street from a mix of shock and him trying not to laugh but jack definitely gets a number and a promise for a date later that week

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Tbh the first time I watched the bus bed scene I thought it was funny and supposed to look staged/like a joke. But when I saw that they were ACTUALLY filming and taking pics of Dan in the bunk to make it look real - that's when I got bitter lol. Not bc they would be sleeping apart, just because it's underestimating our intelligence. It would make a lot more sense to make the joke but still share the bed as friends or at least alternate, than think Phil would let Dan fuck up his back for 2 months

dumb men are dumb. no logic was put into the bed scene/bed pics 

Ghosts Can’t Play Exy: The Fic


Finally, GCPE the fic! I’m putting most of my stories to to side until I can finish this, because this is the first au I did for aftg. It makes some changes from the original au, but I hope you like it!

(Also: I’m using the first scene in Son Nefes for most of the dialogue in this chapter, so the credit goes to none other than the great Nora Sakavic!)

The only thing Andrew knew about Neil Josten was that he wasn’t. He wasn’t present in the moment, he wasn’t responsive, he wasn’t even there half of the time.

The first time he saw him was in the corner of the fox lounge. Andrew rocked back and forth, legs criss-crossed over the chair he was sitting on, smiling. His “teammates” were babbling nonsense and his brain wasn’t registering any of it.

He didn’t even bother, choosing instead to focus on the shadow leaning on the wall across from him. The hood of his orange PSU sweatshirt was pulled over his curly black mop, his bangs poking out just underneath the fabric. His hands were stuffed in the pocket of the sweatshirt and his jeans were baggy and torn around the knees.

His face was tilted downwards, staring at nothing in particular. Occasionally, Andrew’s eyes would pass right over the shadow as if he wasn’t even there, so he turned it into a game. He’d focus his gaze on one corner of the wall and quickly drag it towards the next, counting how many times he could catch him.


“All right.” Wymack’s voice interrupted his game, too loud for Andrew to tune him out. “We’re all here—”

Andrew turned his eyes back on the shadow, catching him a few more times.


“Finally,” Dwayne muttered.

Andrew’s eyes narrowed. He refocused on his only source of entertainment, determined to keep it up until it got boring.


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You already saw a glimpse of it but now here’s the whole picture ! My colorization of the Magic Kaito chapter 34 cover. I admit I am very proud of this one and I have to thank @yesyunniechan for encouraging me. :)

Free to reblog.

Please do not steal, repost or use this picture without asking me first. Even if it’s just a colorization, I take a lot of time and effort to make them. Thank you.

art by Gosho Aoyama

colored and edited by me, Shin Red Dear

Kuroo Tetsurou Appreciation Post

When I first saw Kuroo…

I honestly thought nothing of him. Of course, this was because Vanessa showed me a picture of him before I started to watch Haikyuu!! 

But after watching Haikyuu!! and seeing him for the first time, I loved him more than Kageyama, who happened to be my first crush in this anime. 


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One, his hair is amazing.

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Two, you can ship him with Kenma.

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And Bokuto.

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And Tsukki.

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Hell, you can even ship him with Bokuto AND Tsukki. AT THE SAME TIME.

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Three, his laugh is sO DAMN CUTE. JUST LIKE HIMSELF.

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Four, his chuckle is cute too.

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Five, he’s a supportive captain, and he gives people high fives without any struggle (unlike Kageyama).

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Six, he talks to younger people (Tsukki and Lev) as if he is like, 30 years old.

Originally posted by tetsuruo

Seven, he’s a powerful and smart as fuck middle blocker.

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Eight, he looks at Kenma as if he is his whole world, which he mIGHT AS WELL BE. Plus, he helps Kenma study.

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Nine, fast reflexes. And little amused faces. And how fabulous he looks in his uniform.

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And ten, his butt is amazing. And he’s Kuroo Tetsurou. That alone is enough to make me love him.

I could list more things but you guys are probably already tired of scrolling through GIFs (they’re not mine).

-Admin Ella

When we were young

-A/N: I had a long time that I didn’t write something and FINISH IT. Sorry for the late requests I hadn’t post. But I feel like I needed to get rid of the dust and write something. That might be the reason for the awful name of this. I hope you don’t think the one-shot is also awful. Requests are open. Also the tag squad (send PM) 

Request:  Hi again! I saw that you’re accepting requests Could you do one where Chris is taking home to meet his family for the first time, then once you get there Mr. or Mrs. Evans doesn’t seem to like you that much. You and Chris don’t understand why until later on that night when you find out that they dated one of your parents back when they were young and were still holding a grudge about that past? I hope that’s okay.

Warnings: None, past relationship, mother in law? hahaha


(Based on When we were young, by Adele)

Chris reached my thigh while he was driving. I sighed.

“Both hands in the wheel. Do you want your mom to hate me even more because I caused an accident while you were driving?” I sighed. I was talking very serious.

“I’ve told you she doesn’t hate you. She just… is figuring a way to love you” I smiled.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to put you in an awkward position. But I just feel like she’s given up on me.” I felt a nod in my throat. I was about to cry. I promise, this wasn’t sabotage or anything like that. Since the moment I met my mother in law, she had built a wall between us, which I try to climb.

“I know you don’t. I just don’t get why you can’t get along. I know you both, I sincerely thought it’d be different”

“So did I” I sighed again. This was my favorite weather. But also, the one that made me blue. The rain started to hit the windows. “I’m willing to try, Chris. Help me, enlighten me, please… I don’t want to push her, I just want you to accept me.”

“You’re so sweet” he laughed. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or he was serious.

“No, listen. I feel so pathetic. This is like I’m 15 years old and I’m pointing at her for not liking me. Am I too immature for telling you?”

“Well…” he began, then he laughed “you’re just sweet, as long as you don’t get obsessed with that”


“Wow, why can’t you get along if you’ve got the same voice when you say my name?”


We arrived to his parents’ house. I had baked her favorite dessert. Chris’s advice. He had taught me a little bit about how to treat her. Everything was checked in my mind, I had planned how everything was going to be through the evening.

“Hey, mom” I smiled.

“Hello, love” I gave them their space, he hugged her and then kissed the top of her head.

“Y/N brought your favorite dessert” Chris grabbed my waist and introduced me into the talk.

“Oh, I see… hello, y/n. I’ll put this on the kitchen. Do you want coco?”

“I’d love some” I murmured. She didn’t even say thank you.


“Mom, is my yearbook here?” Chris asked. Lisa nodded while she left her cup of coco on the table.

“Let me hand it to you” she stood and Chris denied with his head.

“Why don’t you talk with your adorable daughter in law while I look for it?”

“Delightful” she murmured. She stood up anyway.

“Do you like me?” I closed my eyes… shit, that wasn’t my question. She looked at me “I mean, did you like the pie? I meant the pie… not me” I tried to fix it. She sighed.

“It was good. Almost perfect, like you” the thing about the Evans was that it was really hard to detect their sarcasm.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, you’re my son’s fiancée and… I tolerate you.” She smiled at me, but there wasn’t anything hypocrite on that smile. She was telling the truth.

“Why? Why don’t you let me in, Lisa?” she shrugged.

“You wouldn’t understand, dear. I think Chris might need help, excuse me”


It wasn’t like I planned. Obviously. Maybe I should ignore the fact that our relationship was going to be passive-aggressive forever. But I wanted to know why. I felt Chris’s arms around my waist. He held me closer. He covered my body with his.

“Thank you for trying, baby” he kissed my shoulder.

“I think I need to quit too, for the best” he kissed my neck and then my cheek. His hands were covering my abdomen when I smiled.

“Maybe… but when you said that she had given up on you, I was glad you hadn’t given up on her, if you feel like it’s time to give it a break, I support you.” I rolled in the bed to be on top of him. I felt his breath against my lips. My arms were next to each side of his head. I kissed him.

“Everybody deserves a second chance… or thirty” I smiled against his lips.

“What are you up to?”

“Well… no offense, but everything had happened when you were around, so maybe if I… ask her out, just the two of us, I could try again, after that, I’ll give up.”

“I love your diabolical mind” I felt his hands traveling through my bare back “And I’m about to love you even more…” he moved to be on top of me. I laughed when I felt his amused lips against my neck.


“Hey, Lisa!” I waved. She stopped and I felt a little kick in my stomach and in my ego.

“Hello, dear. Where’s Chris?” she immediately asked. I shrugged.

“He couldn’t make it. So… it’s just us” I smiled “Shall we?” We began our way to the Red Sox Stadium.


We had been quiet, until the second inning, where I asked her if she wanted a hot dog. She nodded.

“How do you like it?” I inquired. She didn’t pay attention. “Lisa, how would you like me?” I meant it this time.

“Ketchup only” I handed her the hot dog and paid for it.

“I asked you something” she bit her hot dog and looked at me.

“You have his eyes” she smoothly spoke.

“Excuse me?” she smiled and reached my face. It took me by surprise.

“Your eyes… are like your dad’s.”

“I don’t understand, Lisa”

“You might need to buy me a beer if you want me to say it” she smiled. Kindly.

“But I can’t join you, alright?”


And in the fifth inning, she began talking. “We need to go home” I nodded.



Chris had told me not to push her that she usually thinks a lot the words she wants to free from her mouth. I looked at her while she poured two glasses of wine. She handed mine, and when she sat, she smiled again. She was really pretty when she did that.

“Well, you remind me of your dad, y/n. You’ve got those big, curious… expressive eyes. Has anyone told you that?” I nodded.

“So… you know my dad?” she stood up and grabbed a book, in-between pages, she reached a picture and gave it to me.

“I do. I met him long time ago. We were in the same grade, shared classes and friends. I can’t believe I’m going to say this. I promised to myself I wouldn’t do it, but… your dad was such a special man, he was funny and interesting, he was spontaneous, outrageous, he was very smart and a total leader, that’s why I couldn’t avoid falling in love with him. You remind me a lot of him. You’ve got those same features. You’re the girl I’ve chosen myself for Chris. But…” she stop talking. I was speechless. Holy shit.

“I guess it was just like a movie… when we were young.” She was in silence as she sadly smiled “We made mistakes that tore us apart and he hurt me as much as I hurt him. When we split up, I remember being by myself, wishing him for the best. Then you came to my life, proving that you had been the best. I felt really bad, but I wasn’t honest when I wished him that. And seeing you, everybody loving you… the way you talked and some of your moves are very y/d/n. I guess I had punished myself…. And you as well for something that happened long, long time ago”


“I’m so sorry” she grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes. I was already in tears. “It wasn’t your fault. I see you’re a good girl that loves my Chris very, very much” I cleaned my tears. And stood up. I went to the car and took the small package I had carried for days. I made my way back her house and saw her cleaning her tears.

“I don’t have anything to forgive you for. This is for you” she started to open the gift and discover the inside.

“Oh, my God” her shaking hands held the romper.

“I just wanted that your grandchild arrived to a place where he or she knows that grandma and mommy are family” she hugged me and looked at my cup of wine.

“I was hoping you weren’t one of those girls that doesn’t like to drink around older people. But this…”

“I know… Chris is going to kill me for telling you”

“He’s not going to do anything to my daughter in law or my grandbaby” she hugged me and caressed my hair. I sighed.

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So, during your BATIM stream when we first saw the Alice Angel poster, my first thought was that those were her ears (like kitty ears with the darker inside part facing downward), not horns. Am I way off base with that or is that a possibility?

It’s a possibility!  During the 1930s, the trend with the “pretty” female animal characters in cartoons was to make them much more human-looking than their male counterparts.  Even Betty Boop sported a pair of dog ears one upon a time, while her face was still human!  It may very well be that Alice’s “horns” are not horns at all, but animal ears.

Given how far to the side they are… possibly sheep ears?

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okayyyy this may sound silly buttttttt, how would the RFA+V&Saeran (i'm so sorry if it's too much) react to their smol s/o's face always being red? like not blushing bUT THEIR S/O HAS RED CHEEKS ALL THE TIME. thank uuuu

This is literally one of the cutest requests ever oh my gosh! I’m sorry if they’re a little on the short side, I had two projects due today because my professors hate me so I didn’t have a lot of time to write them longer ugh. But I still sincerely hope that you enjoy and thank you for the request!! :D


  • Yoosung absolutely adores your red cheeks!
  • He literally squealed with happiness the first time he saw you because oh my gosh how can someone be so cute?
  • Yoosung blushes and his own cheeks turn red a lot so he gets it
  • He’ll constantly tell you how cute you look
  • He totally pinches your cheeks all of the time because of your cuteness like you may give this boy a heart attack of from your cuteness
  • Random cuddle sessions because when Yoosung thinks someone/something is cute, he’ll cuddle the heck out of them
  • You and Yoosung become the cutest, red cheeked couple ever~


  • At first, Zen thinks that you just blush all of the time
  • “I know that I look like a god but babe you don’t have to blush all the time when you’re around me~”
  • Zen no
  • Once he finally realizes that your cheeks are naturally red all of the time he dotes so much over you
  • Will always tell you how adorable you are because of your cute little red cheeks 
  • Zen starts taking almost fifty pictures of you a day because he thinks that you’re just so adorable
  • He’ll also always show you off when the two of you are out and about because he wants everyone to know that you’re the most adorable person ever and just adores your cute little red cheeks


  • Jaehee thought that you were sick when she first noticed that your cheeks were red
  • But when you explain to her that they’re always like that she’s in love
  • Will literally just look at you and go “Awww!”
  • She smiles like ten times more than usual because you generally make her happy but she just finds you so precious
  • Will beat the crap out of anyone who dares to say anything negative about your red cheeks
  • She’ll sometimes just stare at your face because you’re so precious and when you look at her, she starts to turn red in the cheeks herself


  • Jumin’s kind of confused at first when he notices that your cheeks are red 24/7
  • He legitimately thinks that you’re sick and starts calling six different doctors to come check on you
  • You have to calm this poor man down and explain that you’re not sick, your cheeks are just always red
  • Instant relief, but it just makes him more confused like why are they like that?
  • But he eventually grows to love it and Jumin will often give small kisses to your cheeks, with him telling you how beautiful you are
  • Jumin becomes kind of obsessed with how beautiful your cheeks are and has a blurry photo taken by him as his phone screen saver


  • Seven thought that he was going to have a heart attack from the cuteness that is you when he first saw you
  • He will literally just poke you cheeks all of the time and if you ask him why he’s doing it, he’ll say it’s because you’re so cute
  • Seriously you two will be watching a horror movie and right when it gets to a jump scare Seven will poke your cheeks
  • Seven, my boy, please chill
  • If you’re ever feeling insecure about your red cheeks, Seven will put on some of his cosplay makeup blush so he looks just like you
  • Seven will constantly tell you how cute you are because in his eyes, you really are the cutest person in the world to this dork


  • V still can’t see very well, basically his vision is pretty blurry here
  • So when he first meets you, he doesn’t really notice your red cheeks
  • But when he leans in for a kiss for the first time, he hesitates and asks if you’re sick
  • Precious boy is so concerned about your health bless him
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red and he’s like whoa
  • This might sound weird but he’ll just kind of lay his palm on your cheeks
  • It becomes sort of a new relaxing thing for V to just touch your cheeks and feel the warmth from them, it’s basically the sweetest thing ever


  • Saeran’s super confused why your cheeks are red and will constantly question you why they are
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red, nothing more or less
  • He starts hesitantly touching your cheeks, muttering how cute they look
  • One day Saeran sees that you’re upset because someone made fun of your cheeks
  • Home boy wants to go and murder the douche but he knows that he should comfort you first
  • So he places a nervous kiss on your cheeks, telling you without muttering that you’re beautiful to him and that’s all that matters
  • Now Saeran will constantly kiss your cheeks and makes sure you know that he loves every part of you, especially your cheeks

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Hi! First off, I love your blog! Also, could I see a headcannon of MC with an identical twin? Thanks, have an amazing day!

Thank you so much love! You have an amazing day too! since you didn’t say who, I did a lot of them, since I really like this idea!


  • He’d be terrified
  • Especially because the first time he ever met them was at the party and little did he know, they’d brought their own sibling with them, so yeah, he saw someone who looked like MC’s profile picture
  • The problem came when he saw someone else who also matched MC’s profile picture
  • They were clearly a different person unless MC had, for some reason, changed their clothes during the party for no reason, but he couldn’t understand what was going on. 
  • His mind wasn’t making the simple connection of twins and he felt like he was going insane
  • Only when MC introduced themself to him and introduced their sibling did he finally understand what exactly was going on. 
  • This really wouldn’t be easy for him, he’s naive 
  • 90% of the time when he’s talking to one of them he’s just praying that he is in fact talking to MC 


  • She caught on quickly and, to her credit, didn’t have the reaction of complete shock whenever someone mentions twins 
  • She took it in stride, introducing herself to MC’s twin with a warm smile 
  • She was immediately trying to figure out ways to tell which twin was which because even as well as she knew MC she wanted to know who she was talking to for certain
  • She quickly finds out hints
    • MC smiles wider than their twin, but their sibling smiles more often
    • MC’s sibling has a scar under their left eye from a bike crash when they were nine 
    • MC likes coffee with cream and they like theirs black 
  • She actually gets pretty close with their twin as well 


  • There were, for whatever reason, talking about family
  • Jumin was an only child
  • MC had one sibling 
  • There was no problem there. Jumin had always thought it might have been nice to have a sibling and he kept their conversation going, asking who was the older sibling 
  • It was MC and he asked how much older they were and 13 minutes is definitely not a normal time and it took him just a few moments too long before he came to the realization that they were twins, making MC laugh as they confirmed it
  • He’d love to meet their sibling 
  • It would irritate him if he had trouble distinguishing which twin was MC 


  • He’s irritated. 
  • He can’t help it
  • First the RFA had to deal with Seven having a twin and now this? 
  • And less than a week after? 
  • It wasn’t that he had anything against MC’s sibling. It was mostly the problem that people he thought he was close to weren’t telling him that they had siblings and it was upsetting, not to mention the fact that the Choi twins always messed with him, or more like Seven always messed with him and Saeran was always dragged into it
  • He’s glad to find MC and their sibling aren’t like Saeyoung, but is honestly unsure when he’s talking to MC and that’s unsettling 


  • He’s delighted
  • Seriously, the only time anyone’s seen him so happy was when he rescued Saeran, or maybe the first time Saeran hugged him back or the first time in over 5 years that Saeran admitted to loving him still 
  • He’d overjoyed, thinking about all the pranks the four of them can play and he’s even happier that MC agrees with him
  • Unfortunately, MC’s twin is a bit more like Saeran and a bit more of the quiet type so it’s difficult to get either of them to play along, but occasionally they’re successful in dragging their siblings into pranking the rest of their friends 


  • He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they were little 
  • Translation: He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they looked really identical
  • He somehow knew all about them before they said a word (probably heard information from Mint Eye) 
  • Won’t say anything, but feels guilty every time he sees them smiling or talking together because he knows he took that away from the Choi twins, even if it was partially Saeyoung’s decision 
  • So much guilt. 


  • Horror. 
  • First he had to deal with Seven and that was a mess
  • And then Seven’s obsession with making sure MC was safe which led to him falling in life with MC
  • and then with Seven having a twin brother 
  • And now with MC having a twin of their own? 
  • It was ridiculous 
  • He half expected for someone to come up to him and tell them that they were his long lost twin 


  • He knew.
  • it was part of the reason that he chose MC in the first place 
  • He found it delightfully ironic that an identical twin was going to be the one to ruin his own twin brother’s perfect little world 
  • Once away from Mint Eye, he mostly feels guilty, if not for what happened between him and Saeyoung, then for what he’d dragged them and their sibling into
  • He wants to talk to MC long before he wants to talk to Saeyoung 
  • He’s good at being able to tell which twin MC 
  • He’s good at noticing small details and differences in people considering how hard he worked to find every possible different between him and Saeyoung 

How I envision this scene -

Archie: “Hey, Jug, I’ve been wondering, how long have you been in love with Betty?“

Jughead: (Thinks about the first time he ever saw her) "Ah … it was the day she first climbed up into my tree house.”

Archie: “But you were 5-years-old then.”

Jughead: “I know.”

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i just registered for momocon and saw you on the guest list! this will be my first con! i'll only be there friday but i hope to see you!

I am sure I will see you around if we are both frequenting the SU stuff!!!! I am super excited, this is my first time being a “guest” at like,.. anything ,,, so this is just Wild as Hecko !!!!

Rowaelin Part 3 Update

Hey guys! I have begun to see ACOWAR spoilers somehow! I find it strange because we have more than a week! I am doing everything in my power to avoid those so I am logging off until I finish the book. When I do, the first thing I will do is post Part 3 of my Rowaelin Fanfiction. I am so sorry to make you wait but I saw a spoiler and am achingly trying to avoid them. I have other Rowaelin’s fics to pass the time, though:

Some Rowaelin Smut ;)

Rowaelin reunite after EoS :) 

Some Feysand smut for good measure

And here are some of my personal favorite Fanfiction writers\ accounts:





pyramaniac: I don’t know if you noticed, but Wrath actually shows up about 4 minutes before he announces his arrival in the background of the shot where the car breaks down.  There are other times where you can see characters in the background doing stuff you don’t find out about tile later, too (like Izumi and Sid looking at the train board in Central during their trip which they later mention when Ed and Al first visit them, or May looking at a map when she first gets to Amestris before you even meet her); but, this one is my personal favorite.

i saw him but didn’t process it as Wrath because i was so focused on Al and Co. it was more like, okay, random background character, cool. @mustdang-100 and i discussed this moment as well:

stupid Car Trouble