the first time he mentions ~school or something of the sorts

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Pairing: Kuroo/Kenma (slight BokuAka)
Theme: haunted house

Kuroo grinned. “You scared?”

Kenma deadpanned. “No.”

Kenma didn’t like haunted houses. This was something he told Kuroo because it came up in conversation one day; they’d been lounging about after school and when Kuroo mentioned Bokuto and Akaashi wanting to go to a carnival of sorts with one, Kenma had expresses his distaste.

“So do you not want to go?”

“I’ll go if you want to. I just don’t like them.”

Kenma supposed it would’ve been nice if he clarified that his dislike had nothing to do with fear; it had to do with the opposite, actually. He found them boring, relying on the cheap tactic of jump scares. Kenma appreciated good horror once in a while, but he liked to be left feeling unsettled and disturbed, not to have something jump out and scream at him.

He realized it was only a matter of time. They met up with Bokuto and Akaashi; for about the first hour, Kenma and Akaashi would walk a good several yards behind the other two, making it easy to pretend not to know them if they got embarrassing.

(They did, but it was hard to not know them when they kept yelling their names and pointing at them.)

“We’re going to the haunted house, aren’t we?” Kenma had asked at one point.

Akaashi looked over. “Kuroo-san specifically requested we do so. Is there something the matter?”

Kenma sighed.

“…That’s what I was afraid of.”

“So Kenma, sc–ARED?!”

Kenma looked over and he could just barely make out Kuroo’s face. “…What was that?”

Kuroo cleared his throat and pretended the very fake looking mummy that popped out at them hadn’t nearly killed him. “Uh… my voice cracked.”


“Hey, you wanna hold my hand? If it helps with the pop OUTS–”

This time Kuroo jumped; Kenma heard the loud sound of his head hitting something. He turned around in time to see Kuroo with a hand over his face, shoulders heaving with deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down; this was why he had a hard time understanding why anyone could see Kuroo Tetsurou as some symbol of sin. This was Kuroo Tetsurou, all talk but so easily scared and flustered by cheap Halloween decorations. Unable to help himself from smiling, he heard an apology from Kuroo. “Sorry… wanted to seem–”

“I’m not scared with you,” Kenma interrupted and reached to take his other hand. Kuroo seemed surprised; he removed his hand and looked over to see Kenma smiling a bit more at him. “Thanks for coming in here with me, Kuro.”

Kenma thought haunted houses were stupid and jump scares were cheap, but the way Kuroo grinned and beamed was priceless and enough to convince him to endure the rest of it. 

Their fingers were still linked when they waited outside for Bokuto and Akaashi. As a thank you for “protecting him,” Kenma had bought Kuroo a soda. “They’re taking a while,” he noted and shook his head when Kuroo offered him a sip.

“You know Bokuto. Probably scared in there and screams at everything.”

Kenma tastefully made no comment to that.

“Bokuto-san, please don’t hold my hand so tightly. Bokuto-san, stop. Bokuto-san, that’s fake–Bokuto-san–!!!”