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Anatomy of a Scene (Fangirl Style)

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So this is the tiny little scene (ep14, starting around 25:15) that we had the luck to see while we were in Korea. It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience for an international fan, so wanted to share it with you guys. (⊙ヮ⊙) 

FYI, sobaniitezutto had written this very long fan account (she wrote it while we were just leaving the site and confirmed details with us, so should be very accurate) of what happened and the things she has observed, she also has some photos here… I’m just adding my own take on it.

Since it is at a relatively far-off area and the weather was very cold, not many people gathered around (a dozen at most at any time) and we were the only fans. The following are screencaps from the episode.

[1] We first arrived from this side and stood for awhile next to the police car. There were three police officers sitting in the car; after a while, we decided this must be the actual police officers of the station, because they have now moved to let people use their station for filming.

[2] This the second location we stood at for the most part of the 2-3 hours. Between the police post and the tree – oh how I remember that tree because it was the only thing I had to lean on that wasn’t freezing cold. The child actors were always playing outside and occasionally passerbys would stop to ask us what was going on. We would always dutifully answer that ‘Pinocchio’ is filming and for the most part, people would exclaim that they are watching it. :) 

As mentioned in my previous account, they also asked us where we were from and couldn’t believe that we would come just to see him. I believe the exact wording was 홍콩에 왔어요? 이종석 을 보려고? 대박~ (You came from Hong Kong? To see Lee Jong Suk? Daebak…) A staff member came up to ask us concernedly if we were able to see Jongsuk from where we were standing; when we nodded yes, he asked us if he was handsome. Of course we said yes!! :D

The first person we saw was Shinhye, she got her makeup done while standing ourside the station and the coordi was primping her hair. She talked about something and jumped up and down bouncing her curly hair, making the staff laugh. She also came out later when the child actor arrived, she came out to greet and play with him.

[3] Jongsuk came out to smoke three times. Once before filming, once between takes and once after filming. For the uninitiated fans, you must know that he is indeed a smoker. The first time he did it on the steps in front of the station, in full view of us. I’ve always heard it being decribed as cute, but until you actually see it, you don;t really know how to imagine a 'cute’ smoking. He really does look cute doing it – like, he would inhale and then blow the smoke up into the air with pouty lips? LIKE I HATE TO GLAMORIZE SMOKING but I will just say it doesn’t detract from him. Like, I could watch him do it. Not sexily like in photoshoots, but normally, chatting with staff and the PD, all smiley like a kid.

The last time before he left, it was in the area marked by [3] behind the phone box. It was so funny because there were three staff members with him. One holding his coat, one holding a heater towards him and one just by his side. So he was huddled on all three sides by the staff. Since we were standing by the police car again at this point (we were debating whether to leave), he was very close to us. He looked at us a few times, and I remember just looking back at him.

[4] The point near the tree marked by 4 is where we stood. The staff members moved us out of the way when they had to shoot in that direction. When Yubi and Jongsuk stood on the steps, they would chat with each other playfully. When Yubi would talk to him, Jongsuk would bend down a lot to listen to her, it’s quite cute.

Once, just before a cut, Yubi turned to Jongsuk and said, “그거 할래?” (You’re gonna do that thing? – probably referring to some acting they discussed earlier) and Jongsuk cutely replied “안할 걸~” (Probs not~ – in this playful accent/tone.) This kid is really full of aegyo towards everyone!

I want to say a little bit about Yubi – she adorably came out to comfort the baby when it was crying loudly, and when she left the filming site, she passed by us slowly and watched us a bit. At that point, we were all so tired that we couldn’t do much but nod at her, but I think she was curious as to why we were there. She really is so small and fair in real life! A tiny little thing. When she left, she said loudly, “We’re off to lunch! Jja jja jja~” Adorbs.

[5] Lee Joo-seung also passed by us very slowly in the end, but I (embarrassingly) forgot his name so had no courage to say hi to him. Now I feel really bad…

[6] This picture is used to illustrate the position of the sofa in relation to the door, which is why we could see the three of them sitting there through the glass door. There were often looking at something on Jongsuk’s phone, which is why Shinhye would be leaning her head on Jongsuk’s shoulder. Mostly they were chatting happily or reading script.

There was also several wooden boards for Shinhye to step on so that she can be a more similar height as Jongsuk as demonstrated in the first pic. It is so funny to see them try different thickness of boards for height… So many random stuff we saw – Jongsuk dancing his lanky butt dance, Jongsuk waving his head from side to side as he sat between the two girls who were chatting… Oh, we did see Jongsuk hug Shinhye, though at that point I thought it was for a scene in the drama, but I guess not. Though I’m not speculating anything, because damn, that boy be huggy.

An additional photo of the kid actor who was playing around outside and refused to go in. He is super adorable and kept jumping around in his Superman cape, swooshing. :D

So, a bit about the end. After we gave our gifts to the cordi-noona, and after he came out a second time to greet a staff member who had come to meet him, the car door closed. We thought it was over but then it opened again and he waved at us! Just thinking of that moment and that smile he gave us makes me happy… I tried to consolidate that moment in my mind and ended up drawing this doodle. On Paint.

That’s how he looked like, and on the floor of his car it was all piled with snacks. This kid is truly a kid in that way. If you ask me what I think after seeing him in his own element, I would say he is at once more serious and more playful when he is acting. More serious than ever during the scenes, loose and playful with his costars. He is an actor who lives for acting.