the first thing i upload in 2014

Things The Avengers aren’t allowed to do

So me and @youlightmeupbucky created these in 2014 when we made our first story and I chose to publish them on tumblr. If you guys like this I can upload the others we made just let me know!

1. Don’t send Nick Fury fake love letters

2. Don’t make fanfiction about Phil and Steve

3. Steve and Phil are not allowed to make fan-fictions about each other

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Today is the one year anniversary of my first cat Tokyo’s passing.  I am still grateful to have been there to experience this with my mom and sister: it was sad and beautiful and I’m in awe that I got to be there at the beginning and end of his life, things are rarely full circle like that.  Let’s fondly remember pets of days past today.

Rest In Purring Tokyo J. Prince.

P.S. I realized today that I had written in the wrong date of death on the original comic, so I fixed it on both my website and re-uploaded the comic here, but somewhere out there the first version, with 1/14/2014 (which is the day I drew the comic) is still floating around.  


Tagged by raisesomehale to post the first (May 31st 2014) and last (June 2nd 2015) selfies on my phone

There are photos of me 2+ yrs ago but selfies were never some thing I did (and if they were, I wasn’t wearing a hijab but I ain’t uploading those XD). So that was literally one of my very first selfies (also the first time I wore liquid eyeliner. womp womp.)

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