the first thing i upload in 2014

Things The Avengers aren’t allowed to do

So me and @youlightmeupbucky created these in 2014 when we made our first story and I chose to publish them on tumblr. If you guys like this I can upload the others we made just let me know!

1. Don’t send Nick Fury fake love letters

2. Don’t make fanfiction about Phil and Steve

3. Steve and Phil are not allowed to make fan-fictions about each other

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Hi Happy Monday😳😊😳😊 . What is your opinion Jonghyun and Key's relationship is now ??

Hello! Happy monday to you too!

Okay, oh boy, I don’t, I’m going to try to word this as honestly as I can because my opinion of them now is that they stopped giving two cents about what people thought about their “relationship” they really just DON’T CARE.

My first thought towards Jongkey not caring anymore first came in 2014 with Kibum “accidentally” uploading that crotch shot, JOnghyun stripping KIbum on stage (fanservice or nah)


-pic credits to owner-

and the unforgettable Tokyo Dome hug in 2015



*clears throat*

And moving along to the present with Kibum resting his head on Jjong’s shoulder and Jonghyun returning said show of affection. I believe they genuinely stopped caring about what fans thought/think about them; I almost wanna say they’re playing along with the idea of being together BUT THEN AGAIN THER’ES NO WAY OF KNOWING. Honestly, in my heart, I believe (this is my own opinion and in no way is this true) that they could have been dating or maybe they tried it out to see how it would go and they liked the thought of being together SO THEY JUST KEPT BEING TOGETHER. 

….okay, I don’t think I answered your question coherently, but their relationship as of now…I feel–in my heart–that they’re on dating terms. You know that part in the relationship when they’re okay with not being the hot item in south korea, they’re perfectly okay with being under the radar and not publicly showing their relationship. Does that make sense?

I’m just really in my JK emotions right now if you couldn’t tell lol


10 favourite selfies of 2014. Realistically, I have just way too many selfies that I love, but I tried my best to narrow it down. I’ve apparently only selected pictures for this in which you can’t really tell how long my hair is, which is sort of a curious but unsurprising thing. I feel like I should do a second one of these that’s just my favourite Faces.

Also, why the crap is my cell phone so bad at taking pictures and why doesn’t tumblr allow me to upload portrait orientation ones unless I transfer them to my computer first?

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What's the story behind the 'me' shoes? Is it a gtop thing?

there’s not much to the “official” story, but basically on May 23rd, 2014 Jiyong liked this picture on Instagram:

And then on May 26th, 2014 when he was in Paris for the girls exhibition he posted this picture:

You can see him writing on the shoes in the “Journey to Rise” documentary around 1:38 (x)

so obviously he liked how the shoes in the first picture looked and wrote on his own and uploaded a picture of them (with a conveniently placed boyfriend tattoo and chrome hearts bracelets). Now this cute romantic shit posted a picture of his dirty ass, well worn shoes on White Day


Today is the one year anniversary of my first cat Tokyo’s passing.  I am still grateful to have been there to experience this with my mom and sister: it was sad and beautiful and I’m in awe that I got to be there at the beginning and end of his life, things are rarely full circle like that.  Let’s fondly remember pets of days past today.

Rest In Purring Tokyo J. Prince.

P.S. I realized today that I had written in the wrong date of death on the original comic, so I fixed it on both my website and re-uploaded the comic here, but somewhere out there the first version, with 1/14/2014 (which is the day I drew the comic) is still floating around.  


With the con being well and truly over now, people are starting to upload pictures online; I managed to find several of both my masquerade appearance, and outside the venue.

Thanks to the following AL users for letting me use these pictures:

digbychickenceasar - teddypotts - Psycoelle - Eskarina

The con itself was an absolute blast, and I lost track of the number of positive comments about my cosplay. Thanks so much everyone for an awesome 4 days! I’ll have a bit more to say about the event later, once things settle down.

I’ve got more cosplay plans coming up in the future, so follow me if you want to be the first to know!


PWS Retrospective…

Thanks to PWS for the challenge and opportunity to revisit the body of work I’ve posted on tumblr. I created tokarphoto in Feb. 2014 and feel it is still a relatively “young” tumblr. I post at least 2 images a day, using the queue feature. Images posted are both new and from a collection of Digital images going back to 2004. They also don’t follow a specific theme or trip. I prefer to  “hop” around to give some variety to my work.

Images I chose to represent 3 stages of my tumblr…
“Cave of the Winds…” first image on tumblr, Nikon D7000 (Feb. 2014)
“Red Maple Leaf…” Waterproof Olympus TG850 (Oct. 2014)
“Misty mornings on the coast…” Nexus 5 Cell phone (Oct. 2015)

Work that I share on tumblr is mostly Canadiana… landscapes, wildlife etc.
( I have another blog: tokarphoto3 where more “abstract / artsy” images go.)
I use a variety of equipment -  the collection includes Nikon DSLR’s, Sony A6000, Olympus TG850 and my cellphone, Bottom line - the best camera is the one you have with you.. technology can also be a wonderful thing, the last image here was edited on my phone with PS express and uploaded to tumblr while the mist was still in the air…


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Have you heard of the cursed YouTube video "wpkepkw"? Look it up if you haven't seen it.

I looked it up, and here’s the story. “wpkepkw” is a supposedly cursed video that exists, but doesn’t show up every time you search for it. The video itself is blurry, and shows a mysterious figure standing in front of the camera while distorted moans and groans slowly get loader and louder before the video ends. It’s speculated that the video either shows someone right before they died, or it’s a government experiment that went wrong and the person in the video is trying to confess something.

(A screenshot showing the cursed video.)

Some have reportedly seen the video, but they say they haven’t been able to find it again. After one watches the video, their computer supposedly becomes “possessed” by the video and images from the video begin popping up on their screen randomly.

One person, who finally found the video after two weeks of searching, decided to record the video using a screen capture program and then uploaded it to their YouTube channel, called ‘IEEEWire’. In the video (which you can watch here), this person explains that after watching the video, their computer became “possessed”. Using their iPhone, they recorded video of their computer screen, and sure enough, images from the cursed video were appearing randomly while they were using their computer. The person says they plan on deleting all traces of the video off of their computer in hopes of undoing the curse.

Now, while I admit the video, combined with the story, is pretty freaky, but the whole thing is a hoax. First off, the video ‘IEEEWire’ recorded was uploaded on August 16th, 2014, which was the same day ‘IEEEWire’ uploaded their video to YouTube. If you Google search the YouTube channel the cursed video was uploaded to, ‘FXG RYN’, you’ll discover that the channel and the video have been deleted. I theorize that ‘IEEEWire’ owned the ‘FXG RYN’ channel and simply uploaded this “cursed video”, and then pretended that they finally stumbled upon the video after trying to find it for weeks. I personally have watched the “cursed video” multiple times and absolutely nothing strange or out of the ordinary has happened. In my opinion, this is nothing more than just a newly created creepypasta story.


LET’S DRAW SHERLOCK! JULY CHALLENGE: COLOUR PALETTE (1) - :A Study in Sherlock [Digital and Traditional Versions]:
(open in new tab for large pic)
Markers, pencils and pens on cardstock ; WACOM Intuos & Photoshop CS3.

OH GOSH, I was SO excited about doing the Let’s Draw Sherlock July challenge, because I’ve always wanted to do a colour palette piece. I definitely wanted to do a digital and a traditional pic (one for each submission). This first piece (which is actually my second, but I digress) was meant to be the traditional piece. I wanted to do something simple, since I would not be able to ink the piece as I am so used to doing. I chose one of my FAVOURITE pics of Sherlock from the season 3 promo pics (which is currently one of my desktop backgrounds) because of how precious he looks.

SO, why then do I have a digital and traditional version of this, you ask? Well, since I was SO scared about ruining the original, I scanned in the lineart and did a “rough colours” to determine where I would throw down the big patches of colour in marker and would detail with pencils (hence the two different rows of colours on the top pic: top row is markers, bottom is pencils). When I finished the top piece, I went to go trash the digital one, and then realized I kinda sorta liked the look of it, so I cleaned up the linework a bit, and added more details to it than I was intending. In the end I wasn’t really sure which one I liked more, since I like a lot of stuff about each one (like, I love how traditional media looks as a whole, but I put in CRAZY DETAIL on the digitial version… if you view the larger pic, you can see I added creases in the lips and lines in the irises). Decided I would post them both as one submission, which I hope is okay because I totally have another one coming :D

As many of my followers know, I am a traditional artist by trade and am learning my way through the digital minefield. I’m very pleased with my progress into the digital realm. I’ve still a lot to learn, but I think I’m moving forward nicely. :) Con-crits are appreciated :)

Anyway, this was loads of fun. It totally reminds me of a project I did in first year Illustration where we had to take a celebrity’s face and make a negative of it. This looks 10,000 times better than my ugly Nic Cage, if you’re curious. I still love pencils… it’s been so long since I’ve used them.  And drawing a face at that angle is so awkward – my characters always end up with pig-noses. *sighs*. Ah well. Hope y'all like this anyway :)

Fanart Friday will be on a mini summer hiatus! I’ll have one whenever I have a new pic to upload, probably bi-weekly, but I sadly need time to do other things. Returning to regular schedule September 2014.


My First Follow Forever; please do not bash the heck out of me because you expected more :’( Tumblr was being such a butt a while ago and wouldn’t upload this & I was so devastated, but some genius on Google suggested a GIF cut, so here it is! But anyways guys, a big big thank you, anime blogs or not anime blogs for filling my dash with a whole batch of things, mainly anime, K-On! food, and Chloe Moretz <3

Other than that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas (if I have already not) and a great start to the new year 2014. Most of these people listed are senpais I think…? I’m usually the kohai to everyone :/

Bolded are friends. Italicized are people I definitely specially look up to. Bolded + Italicized?Well, you’re too special :) And to all the people who were not listed, you’re awesome too.

I’m deeply sorry if your name is misspelled, if links don’t work or anything like that. Problems like that, please message me. 

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Tagged by raisesomehale to post the first (May 31st 2014) and last (June 2nd 2015) selfies on my phone

There are photos of me 2+ yrs ago but selfies were never some thing I did (and if they were, I wasn’t wearing a hijab but I ain’t uploading those XD). So that was literally one of my very first selfies (also the first time I wore liquid eyeliner. womp womp.)

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Hey! So sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I finally settled into my dorm for another thrilling term here at scad!  This is also technically my first post of 2014! (The previous gif was uploaded on New Years Eve) But yeah! I guess I can tell you guys my New Years Resolution:  so every year I try to come up with some crazy master plan New Years Resolution that will change my life forever and will make me this super awesome human being and blah blah blah.  In short, it never works.  So, this year I’m gonna focus on one thing and one thing only: my confidence. I have always struggled with it, whether it’s about my appearance, my artwork, or my social skills, I never feel like I’m “up to par”. BUT, this year, I’m going to try to actually believe in myself for once, to have confidence in my decisions.  So here’s to the New Year! Starting it off with a classy self portrait.  2014 is going to be a good one, I can feel it!