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Fuck, Marry, Kill?

So the other day I posted this idea and I thought, “What the hell, I’ll just write it myself.” Anyone is still open to write their own variation of the idea I have no problem with that. So without further ado.

Summary: Fuck, Marry, Kill? Delirious can answer that, can’t he? What could a stupid question like that have as consequences?

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Sitting at his computer with shaking hands, Delirious looked over the message for about the hundredth time. Once he pressed publish, there was no going back.

“Going to do a Reading Your Comments video! Send me your things as #H2Ohmygoshlook”

It wasn’t the implications that it meant, though that scared him too, it was more of he already knew what question he’d get over and over and over.

The majority would spam him on his absence of a face reveal.

But after finding a little tag (Courtesy of Cartoonz) called WeloveH2o, Delirious was so flattered that he decided it was time to try and do something out of the ordinary. All he had to do was click submit.


All he had to do.

This one thing.

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PTA Sans AU General Info / Parentale

So this is what I’ve gathered while surfing down the PTA Sans tag: (definition of a PTA at the very bottom!)

EDIT: This was written before the term Parentale was a thing, so whenever you see PTA Sans, it’s the same thing as the Parentale AU.

Sans absolutely takes no shit from anyone. He only started going to the meetings in the first place because Toriel asked him to and since Linda is his neighbor (who he absolutely hates for good reason) brags about being such a great parent. Sans quickly dominates all conversations with quick one liners and exhausts everyone with his excessive amounts of puns. No one else in the meeting (who is not Gloria, Helen, or Linda) dare to get in between Sans and whoever pissed him off this time on pain of death. So in essence, they learn to back off pretty quickly. Sans is especially irritated on the topics of vaccines, allergies, ableism, transphobia, racism, general stupidity, and misgendering Frisk (they/them). Oddly enough, xenophobia is not an issue in this AU. Another popular facet of Sans is that he has a doctorate in Physics even though he’s 16, and rubs it in the other PTA mom’s faces when they (Linda) try to brag about their husband’s job.

(While Sans is still lazy, all he really does is fight with Linda, make constant passive-aggressive attacks on stupid parents because Toriel told him not to fight them instead. The only time he actually gets up is for the PTA meetings and beating Linda in every way possible)

Mettaton (or in this AU, is frequently called Mettamom), doesn’t actively participate in the PTA meetings himself but usually actively plays a part in fundraising for things like the arts, music, and theater. Whenever Sans gets too tired of *coughLinda'scough* bullshit, he calls in Mettaton as back up. Mettaton then proceeds to beat sense into the stupid suburban soccer moms. Also, if anybody insults Frisk in anyway, he will be charging through walls.

Toriel is a teacher, and thus not allowed in the PTA meetings. This is why she convinced Sans to go in the first place. Toriel is the kid’s beloved teacher and gets really concerned about the children’s parents. If she hears a racist, transphobic, etc. comment from a parent, she’s slit between taking the children as her own and calling Sans. Of course she denies her involvement with the PTA meetings, but if Sans is particularly passive-aggressive to them, who knows how that happens. Toriel is Sans’ inside information source about what’s actually going on in the school and he takes full advantage of that.

Papyrus is the lunch lady who makes spaghetti everyday, hair net, apron and everything. Linda tried making a pass on his cooking once and when Sans found out… well let’s just say she made a huge mistake.

(While there isn’t much about Papyrus in this AU that’ve I’ve found, I’d like to think that there have been frequent complaints about the children having spaghetti every single day. Since the whole council agrees that there should be some variation, Sans is the one who is chosen to talk to him about it. Sans being the best brother that he is, informs Papyrus about the decision and gives him a loophole. The next week, Papyrus serves a multitude of type of spaghetti. Sans sits there in the next meeting with a smug grin.)

Soccer Mom Undyne!! So even though we all know that Sans is supportive, he can’t go to everything and the others start filling up the holes to ensure Frisk’s utter happiness and support. Since Undyne is more of an active person, she wasn’t allowed in the PTA meetings due to violent tendencies. Instead she and Alphys decided on taking Frisk out on their soccer meet ups. Undyne loudly cheers in the stands and frequently threatens to beat up the referee for a bad call (and may just do it if it weren’t for Alphys). She and Alphys take up the responsibility for bringing in the half-time treats and snacks. Undyne particularly makes sure that the kids are hydrated as well. Alphys tends to be more quiet, but while Undyne is off yelling at the stupidity of the soccer moms, she takes Frisk to the side and softly encourages them. Alphys also wanted to do something else other then snacks, so she decided to make banners and posters for the soccer team (and particularly Frisk).

Napstablook (Blooky) doesn’t show up much, but whenever there’s a dance, Sans tries to make them be the DJ.

Asgore doesn’t show up much either, but Toriel gets concerned about how Sans is really dealing with the meetings and employs him to find out. He sits in on some meetings and just watches the chaos ensue. He doesn’t report anything negative to Toriel.

Muffet is sometimes called on to help with the annual bake sale fundraiser.

Burgerpants is the underpaid substitute teacher that every one messes with and generally gives hell to.

Gaster shows up once when Sans is unable to attend a meeting, and suspiciously no one else can either. By the end of the meeting, he’s somehow managed to tame and resolve all of the ridiculous issues that have sprung up (not even) overnight. After the meeting, he somewhat starts to act like a suburban mom for a while.

Gloria is an OC created by the fandom who originally made brownies with nuts in them and got severely told off my Sans due to kids with allergies. After that, she just has drinking problems but is fine. She learned her lesson.

Helen, the substitute for Linda, is not as bad as Linda but still pretty fucking annoying. FIGHT ME HELEN. She’s the typically white suburban house wife who is ignorant as hell.

Linda. Fucking Linda. She’s the main antagonist of this AU and if anything goes wrong it’s her fault. She makes racists, transphobic, homophobic comments and doesn’t see her own ignorance. She believes that kids getting vaccines leads to autism, which makes Sans argue on both points that no that’s stupid, and being autistic isn’t a disease or even a bad thing at all. Her husband may or may not be having an affair, but he does run a Facebook group in one version. Linda just so happens to be Sans and Frisk’s neighbor, which gives Sans an easier time in antagonizing her back. Basically, Linda’s a bitch and can go to hell. (Apologies to all Linda’s out there, I did not come up with the names).

Other things: I believe that Sans, Toriel, Frisk, and Papyrus all live together in the house. Which is great because this fits a lot of the other family AUs out there.

((Frisk just really wants everyone to stop embarrassing them even though it fills them with DETERMINATION… they also may or may not flirt with the teachers whenever they get a bad grade…))

I’ve seen a lot of questions out there about what a PTA is, and it stands for Parent Teacher Association. This means that school children’s parents will get together and help schools fundraise or generally try to make beneficial changes to the school (whether it’s actually beneficial or not is the real question). In these meetings, there’s always that one or two Linda’s or Helen’s there that makes general existence more horrid than it should.

“Gotta Dash!”

Day 1 - Swift

I noticed a lot of people took the obvious speedy horse route for this one, so I took the obvious-yet-not-obvious route. High five to you if you get it without looking at the tags. The suffering has doubled!


If you love Mako from The Legend of Korra, then join us for Mako Appreciation Week - an entire week dedicated to Republic City’s resident beautiful disaster. (We say that with love.) You can participate in any way you want, whether it’s gifs, fic, fanart, meta, fanvids - you get the idea! 


Day 1: Passions (Nov 30)
=> His career, his city, his hobbies, his friends - all good reasons to wake up in the morning.

Day 2: Sacrifice (Dec 1)
=> Sometimes we do it by choice; sometimes we do it by necessity. Either way, there are times when we surrender the things that make us.

Day 3: Sorrow (Dec 2)
=> He lies awake at night. Silence flows around him but his heart is stuck fast in his chest, as heavy as a stone. Where does it want to go?

Day 4: Lightheartedness (Dec 3)
=> On a good day, Mako’s puns are pretty bad. On a great day, they’re even worse.

Day 5: Companionship (Dec 4)
=> Brothers, girlfriends, best friends, long-lost grandmothers, cousins, grouchy bosses, little airbending pickpockets who seem all too familiar. Maybe he’s not drifting after all.

Day 6: Growth (Dec 5)
=> He hasn’t changed in years. Just the opposite: he feels even more like himself.

Day 7: AU/Free Choice (Dec 6)
=> Go wild.

The tag will be “makoappreciationweek”. Please make sure it’s one of the first five tags in your posts.

If you have any questions, just head on over to the ask box!

Mods @steinbecks and @demisexualmako hope to see you join us for Mako Appreciation Week!

Pun of the day: Chase of the Bumbleby.


Blake: Stop chasing your tail Yang, you’re not gonna catch me.

Yang: I’m not chasing my tail, I’m chasing yours!

Blake: Great more cat puns.

Yang: You’re it! You hEAR me kitty cat?!

Blake: Nope.

Yang: Grr! What do want Blake?!

Blake: *flutters eyelashes* A kiss?

Yang: *blinks* Well why didn’t you say so!

*Yang closes her eyes and leans in*


*Yang falls face first to the floor as Blake teleports away*

so i have come up with a plan to make patrick (and all the guys) feel better about the way folie was received.

first- everyone has to spread the word, reblog reblog reblog
second- tweet pat, pete, joe, andy, or the band account and tell them how much you love the album!
third: use: #welovefolie in your tweet somewhere
fourth: get the tag trending on twitter and we’ll get noticed!

it really pains me to see how hurt they must be over this and folie was such a great album, it should get the credit it deserves!
spread the word and happy tweeting deux-gooders (ahaha such a horrible pun)

six million dollar baby

title: six million dollar baby
rating: teen+
ships: stucky, clintasha, pepperony

Paused before the vast shelves full of baby products, Steve steals a nervous glance over his shoulder. He can already see the headlines: BABY AMERICA? CAPTAIN ROGERS’ SECRET LOVE CHILD EXPOSED.

“You look like you need a hand, Rogers.”

Steve jumps about a mile into the air and knocks three packs of baby diapers off the shelf as he whirls to stare at Natasha.

“Great,” he says unthinkingly, “Captain America and the Black Widow’s secret love child.”

(In which Bucky becomes Bambi, Steve has tunnel vision, and Clint exercises his First Amendment Right to make bad puns.)

A/N: basically a de-aged!bucky fic as an excuse to write ridiculous amounts of humor and fluff

read on ao3 :0

tags: @joycebsyers @sumwilson @jonbernthaln @shieldsharing @fvalcon @spookysulu @armor-falls @mccoyleo hope u don’t mind fam