the first step in becoming a marine
France becomes the first country to ban plastic plates and cutlery
The ban, to take effect in 2020, is part of a program aimed at making France a model for reducing environmental waste.

Another great step in the right direction to reduce single-use plastics and plastic pollution in the ocean!

In 1894, Dr. Joseph Kinyoun traveled from New York to France’s Pasteur Institute to learn about the new diphtheria antitoxin from Emile Roux.  Diphtheria was a personal enemy of Kinyoun’s; his three year-old daughter had died from it, and the death of a four year-old from it had nearly caused him to abandon his medical career years before that.  Kinyoun was ecstatic about the new treatment in which horses that had been infected with diphtheria were bled and the antitoxin serum given to patients.  He brought the technique back to the Hygienic Laboratory of the U.S. Marine Hospital Service, which soon began producing the antitoxin.  It was the first step in the Laboratory becoming the place where all antitoxins, vaccines, and serums manufactured in the U.S. were tested for safety and efficacy, a job now done by the Food and Drug Administration. Kinyoun’s laboratory was the precursor to the National Institutes of Heath.

Sgt. Dana Lucio, senior drill instructor of Platoon 4043, Papa Company, 4th Recruit Training Battalion, leads her platoon during graduation ceremony’s pass in review Dec. 20, 2013, on Parris Island. The review is a military courtesy which allows those in the reviewing stands to gaze at the passing units. (Photo by Cpl. Octavia Davis)

Okay so Clint starts playing OFF, right? Right. 

And Pepper Steak starts playing and suddenly Steve and Bucky just fucking appear, they just, poof, are right there wondering what the fuck Clint what is the thing why is it playing good music? 

and Clint tries to explain the game

and they’re 99% sure he’s just fucking with them so they start getting testy

and he’s like no


he’s a batter, fighting ghosts, he’s purifying all the zones–you know what, you can just watch if you want

and that’s how Steve and Bucky backseat game the whole of OFF with Clint. Every time Pepper Steak comes on, they get up and dance. At first its just Steve and Bucky, but then at some point Bucky makes Steve and Clint switch so he can teach Barton a step or two. That’s how Clint learns to swing and Steve becomes addicted to turn-based RPGs.

And the three of them beat the game and then for the next week they shout ‘WHALE’ at each other and no one fucking gets it and everyone’s very annoyed at them–they aren’t used to Steve, Bucky and Clint having inside jokes LET ALONE ONES ABOUT MARINE MAMMALS???