the first song is loud heads up

ERS2017 Trigger Warnings

I don’t mean to spoil anything for anyone but I feel like these have to be addressed.

As soon as the songs end(both Heavydirtysoul and Stressed Out) a loud bang can be heard throughout the arena resembling a gunshot. When I first heard it I was scared only to realize it was a part of the set. If you’re easily startled or triggered by something like this and have tickets just know it’s really brief and not real.

After Josh’s drum battle with himself, there’s a video of his head swelling up and exploding, it is kind of graphic and does depict blood.

i hope she knows i want to…

hold her hand
stay up late with her watching movies until she falls asleep in my lap
take her bike riding and go on picnics
laugh together until we cry
share secrets at 2am
sing our favorite songs as loud as we can stare at her for hours
tell her how literally gorgeous she is
travel the world with her and go on crazy adventures
have her come to me when she needs a shoulder to cry on
make her feel wanted and important
see her face light up at my gift
write poems to her
paint pictures of us
tell her the entire story of how i fell head first in love with her

how do you know she is the one?

I, as many others have ask themselves this question a thousand times over in their head at the start of a relationship.

heres the thing, you never really know the answer to this question. This is because there is no answer to this question rather then a feeling.

if she isn’t the first thought in your head when you wake up or the last though before bed, then she isn’t the one.

if you don’t think she is the most beautiful when she wakes up or after a long shift at work, then she isn’t the one.

if your heart doesn’t feel warmth and happiness when watching her swing her head back and forth singing as loud as she can to her favorite song, then she isn’t the one.

“a house is just a building and a home is a feeling” if the feeling of your arms wrapped around her, and her head snuggled into your neck isn’t the feeling of home to you, she isn’t the one.

when she is sick or having the worst cramps because its her time of the month and you don’t automatically go and grab her the biggest pack of timbits there is out there and some advil just to make her happy or to make her feel less pain, then she isn’t the one.

if you are asking yourself  if “she’s the one” then she probably isn’t, because if she is the one you wont need to ask yourself this question because you will just know.

“Try Everything” Motivation Spell

(I seem to be making a habit of making spells based on recent Disney movies. I LOVE this movie!)

Intent: A spell to help motivate you, even when it seems like the whole world is telling you “no”, even with mistakes around every corner. 


        Bay leaves
        Piece of paper and pen
        Little baggie
        The song (”Try Everything” from Zootopia)
        A piece of jewelry or a stone you carry often

**The herbs listed are my personal associations with aspirations, self-improvement, and prosperity. If you don’t agree with them I encourage you to substitute.


1.First, take your piece of paper and pen and write the following phrase on it: ​“I won’t give up, I won’t give in”​. Fold it up and stick it in your little baggie. 

2.Next, take your herbs one by one and sprinkle them in the bag. While you do this, tell yourself (out loud or in your head) that mistakes happen, but they won’t stop you from reaching your goal. 

3.Drop the jewelry or stone in the bag. Seal/tie it up and click play on the song. Turn it up as loud as you can get away with. 

4.If you can dance, dance. If you can sing, sing. Whatever you choose to do, hold the bag tightly in your hand and ​feel ​the message of the song. Allow it to course through your entire body, down your arm and to fill the bag with energy. 

5.When the song is over you’re free to take the jewelry/stone out of the bag, keep it on your person at all times, and go conquer the world!

Showering Together


Author’s Notes: Here’s another preference! I hope you all like it! Also, I can’t believe that we’ve hit 213 followers, you guys are amazing. Nat and I can’t believe it! - Haley xx

You two had staring shower together when the brothers found the Bunker. Dean didn’t like showering with you in motel bathrooms because Sam was always on the other side of the thin walls. You had a playlist of all yours and Dean’s favorite songs that would play and he would wrap his arms around your shoulders as hot water fell around you, and you all would sing as loud as your lungs could handle. Though most of the time, Dean had you pressed up against that tiled wall as he kissed your neck and trailed a hand up your thigh. The sound of the music and shower drowned out both of your moans.

The first time Sam had showered with you was a few years ago. You had gotten badly hurt on a hunt, you were covered head to toe in hellhound blood but you didn’t care, you needed to shower. Sam helped you undressed, get in, and clean yourself off. After that day, you two always showered together. Sam’s large hands would work knots out of your muscles, and you would press against him after the water turned cold trying to get some of his body heat. Sam and you would stay in the shower for hours if you could, just to be by yourselves without any distractions.

anonymous asked:

Exo Chanyeol smut - You're angry at him. You lock yourself in the bedroom, Yeol begs you to come out. You torture him by telling how you're touching yourself, until he breaks through the door.

My first smut request~~~~! Thank you :)



You were in the mood. Really in the mood. However, your boyfriend Chanyeol was busy working on a new song that he hoped would be featured on a future EXO album. You knew he cherished his music and his work, but you needed attention too. You went up behind him as he sat at his computer desk going over the music he had created. His head was bobbing along to the loud sound coming from the headphones covering his ears. When you got behind him you bent over a bit and began to run your hands up and down his chest while your chin rested on his shoulder. He didn’t react though. He just stayed looking at the computer screen. 

You pouted and turned our head, covering his cheeks on soft kisses and moving closer to his lips. One of your hands slid under his shirt and traced his lean stomach. His hand reached forward towards yours. You though he was going to push your hand down south, but instead he grabbed your hand and pulled it away from his body. He pushed his headphones off his ears and looked at you with irritated eyes, “Not right now. I am busy”. You were mad. It has been so so long since the two of you had been physical and the last time you even did anything all you did was give him a hand job. You understood how important his job was, but what about you? You hated just sitting around by yourself all the time. 

You pulled away completely from him, “Fine. I’ll go enjoy myself then”. You hissed out before turning on your heels and going into your shared bedroom. With a turn of the bedroom lock, you locked the door and moved to sit on the bed. If he wasn’t going to give you any fun then you were going to do it yourself. 

You leaned back against the headboard of the bed and let your fingers slip down into the jean shorts you had been wearing. You shivered as you touched the bottom of your waist. Your fingertips ghosting over your skin as goose bumps formed on your arms and thighs. You hadn’t been touched in so long and this in a way was kind of thrilling. Your head lifted up as you heard someone knocking on the bedroom door. You knew it was Chanyeol and normally you would give in and let him make it up to you, but you were still mad and you needed him to know what he was missing out on. 

Your index and middle finger began to rub up and down along your lower lips. You loved to tease yourself, but not for long. Soon you let your fingers slip pass your lips and find themselves on your clit. You began to rub the little nub in circles, a small moan leaving your lips as you did so. 

“Let me in. What are you doing”?! Chanyeol screamed from the other side of the door. You leaned your head back against the headboard and let out a long sigh before rubbing your clit faster and with more pressure. 

“Ah Chanyeol. I’m touching myself. I’m using my two of my fingers to rub my …ah clit right now”, you had fun over doing your moans. Chanyeol’s knocking on the door became louder as he listened to your words. You reached your hand up and slid it inside of your white t-shirt. Your free hand quickly un-clasping your bra so that your breasts would be free. You let your hand, that wasn’t in your shorts, pay attention to your left breast. Squeezing and rubbing your nipple there. You threw your head back as your hand massaged your left breast and your fingers moved in faster circles against your wet clit. “I’m playing with my boobs now. You know how much I love it when you play with my nipples. Ah, when you pinch them and flick your tongue against them. I’m pretending it’s you touching me right now baby. Faster…ah please Chanyeol”. 

The banging on the door began to grow louder and louder, “Open the damn door and let me in. This isn’t funny”. He was pissed and probably turned on and you were loving it. If he wanted in he would get in himself. You arched your back as you pushed your index finger and middle finger inside of you, curving your fingertips upwards to rub against your sweet spot that you knew way too well. You were not new to sex. You knew what you liked and you for sure liked this. Now your moans were completely real as you pumped your fingers in and out of yourself. You were a hot mess on top of the bed. You shirt was pulled up around your neck and your bra was hanging loosely around your shoulders. Your shorts and panties were clinging to your thighs. You groaned and began to snap your hips up against your fingers, “You feel so good baby. You know when you stretch me? I am doing that right now. I’m imagining that it is your fingers in me instead of mine. Ah, baby please make me cum”. 

Your heart was beating so fast and your body was slowly getting coated in a small layer of sweat. You could feel that you were close. So so close. Only a bit more and you would be satisfied, but Chanyeol had other plans. He began to bang on the door harder and harder until you saw that the door had busted open. Chanyeol came stumbling into the room, “Don’t you dare cum”! He hissed out as he crawled onto the bed. He pulled your hips down to lay flat on the bed, himself crawling on top of you. 

“I apologize for ignoring you. We will talk about it later but for now… I need you”, he roughly pulled your shorts and panties down and off of you. He didn’t waste much time. He was hot and needy and he knew you were too. Shuffling out of his basketball shorts and boxers, he quickly moved to push himself inside of you. He knew you were stretched and ready. He took no mercy on you as he continuously pushed himself in and out of you. 

The sounds of heavy breathing, moans, and skin hitting skin began to fill the room. Your fingers reached around to his back and pulled and tugged at his shirt. He tilted his head down and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you passionately as he felt his own orgasm nearing. It had been a long time for him too. It only took a few more moments of him pushing in and out of you for him to reach his high. White stars coated his and your sight as you both rode out the much needed orgasm. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips before whispering out the words….I’m sorry

~ Penguin

Sometimes Rin lays in bed and listens to music with headphones while Haru reads. Rin listens to his music too loud and at first Haru would side-eye him in hopes that Rin would get the telepathic message to turn it down. After a few times Haru gave up and just learned to live with the annoying, just barely there music. Every once in awhile though a song will play that he enjoys and he curls up against Rin and rests his head on his shoulder so he can hear the music better.

Of course, Rin teases him afterward about not totally hating his music and Haru just goes back to ignoring him.