the first song is loud heads up

One of my absolute favorite things about Young Justice is the mind link. Seriously, just imagine all of the crazy stuff the team can do when they can actually read each other’s minds during a mission:  

- Infinite Rickrolls 
- Wally making an obvious effort to not call Robin “Dick” when they’re linked and getting really frustrated   
- Being spoiled about Christmas presents and surprise parties 
- When one member gets hurt everyone feels it 
- Dick and Wally trying to see how loud they can scream in their minds until Kaldur starts yelling at them  
- Something blows up and everyone simultaneously goes “same" 
- Everyone cringing when Conner and M'gann have really loud dirty thoughts about each other 
- Hearing Kaldur mentally sigh at least fifteen times a mission 
- When one person has a song stuck in their head, everyone gets the song in their head  
- This of course leads to the entire team becoming a silent choir as they all mentally belt out Let It Go together while beating up bad guys 
- When Raquel first joined, they learned that ”??????“ makes an actual sound in ones head 
- Zatanna thinking backwards and giving everyone a headache 
- They even linked up Wolf once just to see what it was like and they heard weird stuff like “Boy? Boy is bird?? He is puppy??? Need cuddles??? Must protect!!!” “Superboy!💗💗💗💗 Human! Best human! Best human in whole world!” “I good boy?? Treats????” “BANE BAD. KILL BANE. HE HURT BABIES?!?!?! BITE. BITE. BITE!!! I TREATS??? I DID GOOD??????” It was definitely a learning experience about how dogs work, and they also learned about how Wolf sees Robin as a small puppy in need of protection, so that was fun to tease him about.  
- Conner screams even in his mind 
- There is no privacy whatsoever, so that’s how the team learned things about each other that they will definitely regret knowing 
- Artemis and Wally flirting all the time just to make everyone uncomfortable
- Falling asleep on stakeouts leads to seeing each other’s dreams and even interacting in them
- Once Wally had a nightmare about his father and everyone saw it, though Wally had no idea and was confused when they spent the rest of the week being really nice to him
- On really traumatic missions, sometimes one member will get flashbacks and all of them see it too  
- Dick singing Bohemian Rhapsody for five hours straight 
- The team learning that M'gann curses like a sailor in her head  
- Kaldur mentally goes “WTF” so many times they lost count 
- Silently judging everyone together 

I just really love the mind link concept okay? 

it ain't me // dylan o'brien

Summary: Dylan doesn’t realize how much he loves Y/N until it’s too late

Requested: no, based off of this song

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes and smut


The envelope had remained untouched on the counter for nearly a week.

Every time he looked at the stupid piece of white paper an immense pain clouded over him like he lived in Seattle and there was no chance of him ever seeing the sun again.

The only thing she had left behind was the letter and a cardboard box with his name scribbled across the front in her messy handwriting.

The two objects had been taunting him for the past week, surely collecting dust by now.

As he took another sip from the bottle clutched tightly in his hand, the cool amber liquid provided him with a small amount of relief he was craving.

Extending his legs onto the coffee table, he squinted his eyes as he flipped through the channels, the only source of light in his dark apartment being that of the muted television he had been staring at for the past 3 days.

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Royalty : Conor Maynard Smut

requested by @iwanttoleavethisworld​ :)

“Change the song Joe!” Caspar asked as some slow song started playing throughout Joe’s apartment.

You were spending your Friday night with your friends, all chilling at Joe’s. It was you, Joe, Caspar, Jack, Conor, Josh and a few girls that Jack and Joe had invited. The night consisted of music, alcohol and lots of drinking games.

The time now was around 1am and everyone was pretty drunk, including you. Looking around the room, you noticed everyone was lacking energy now. Jack was sat with a girl, whispering in her ear which made her laugh. Conor was sat on a chair near the TV, Joe had bought some more chairs down so that everyone could sit down.

As you watched Conor take a sip of his wine, you sighed. He was so attractive, you both fucked on a regular basis but it was never anything more. The worst thing was that he always ignored you in front of the boys, they all guessed that you two didn’t really get along. Conor made you so angry, he really did, but also so horny at the same time.

Conor’s face lit up as Joe changed the song. It was his own song, Royalty - you instantly recognised it.

“Cor, get this shit off!” Jack said, making everyone laugh.

“Let him have his moment, Jack. Filming the music video for this was the closest Conor’s ever been to a lap dance.” Joe snorted.

“Is that actually true, Conor?” Caspar asked seriously.

Conor instantly froze, and so did you.

“Um… No.” He ran a hand through his hair.

“When the hell have you had a lap dance?” Jack asked in disbelief.

You started to feel a bit embarrassed so you just looked down at your drink, stirring it with the straw. Everyone was slurring their words, due to the amount of alcohol that had been consumed tonight.

“I had one once before sex. Conor shrugged, trying to get Jack off his back.

“Bullshit. Who would give you a lap dance?” Jack shook his head.

“Yeah, prove it Conor.” Josh added.

There was a moment of silence before you heard your name leave Conor’s lips, making your heart beat super fast. Looking up, your eyes met his.

“It’s true.” You said quickly to the boys.

“How would you kn- Wait… You two?” Jack quickly figured it out.

“Holy shit!” Caspar said excitedly.

“Y/N giving Conor a lap dance, damn, that is something i’d love to see.” Joe announced with drooped eyes. The alcohol was talking.

You felt a little awkward, and so you looked back at Conor. He was staring at you with pleading eyes. You instantly knew what he wanted. Looking over to Joe, you nodded, hoping that he would clock on.

Standing up, you felt the alcohol take over your body as you pulled your skirt off, leaving you in just a shirt, bra and underwear.

“Start the song from the beginning.” You told Joe as you walked over to Conor.

Everyone began to cheer as the song replayed and you placed your hands on Conor’s shoulders.

You took Conor’s drink out of his hands and placed it on the side before swaying your hips to the music in front of him. Conor opened his legs and you stepped closer to him, moving your hips as sexily as you could.

Due to the fact that you were a dancer, you knew what you were doing. And due to the fact you have been with Conor many times, you knew how to drive him crazy.

“This is so hot.” You heard Joe. Everyone else was shouting things but due to the music you could only hear Joe as he was the closest.

Conor’s eyes never left your moving body, he sat back and let you do your thing. You moved your hands all over your body, up to your hair and down your body slowly.

Turning around, you moved your ass sexily in front of Conor. He always told you how much he loved your ass, and as you moved you felt his hand make contact with the bare skin with a slap. This turned you on so much as everyone let out woo’s.

As you turned around, you pulled your top over your head revealing your new matching set of underwear. You felt sexy. As you looked down at Conor, you could tell he was majorly turned on right now as he looked up at you with lust in his eyes.

Shifting onto him, he instantly held you by your ass, pulling you closer to him. As soon as you came into contact with his clothed crotch, Conor grunted.

Everyone was cheering in the background, encouraging you.

You grinned at Conor’s reaction to you. You circled your hips, rocking back and forth to the beat of the song as your gripped his shoulders. You pushed your core deeper onto his crotch, feeling the hardening member underneath - you had to bite your lip to try and hold in a moan. You grinded on him hard, opening your legs a bit wider every time you pushed your hips.

Conor looked down at your breasts, licking his lips. You knew he wanted you. Bad. As you continued to moved your hips onto his body, you realised everyone had gone fairly silent.

As you looked over your shoulder, you noticed Jack had a girl on his lap, kissing her hungrily. Josh was in a similar situation as he was now too busy with a girl. Joe and Caspar were still watching, smirks on their faces and bulges in their trousers.

“I really want to fuck you. Here.” Conor growled at you as the song came to and end.

Your hands went to your back, unclipping your bra and throwing it to the ground. You were very aware that you were getting naked in front of Conor’s friends but the thought of being fucked in front of people was turning you on more than ever.

“Please do.” You moaned at Conor’s words, your fingers unbuttoning the white shirt Conor was wearing.

You pushed the shirt off his shoulders. He looked so fucking hot right now. You were soaked and your core was aching for him.

“Y/N.” Conor squeaked as you continued to grind against him. “Please, I need to be inside of you.”

You knew what he needed. As quickly as you could, you moved your underwear to the side as Conor unzipped his trousers, reaching in to pull out his hard length. You both weren’t even thinking about the other people in the room that were watching, just too turned on by each other.

Conor let his cock free and your mouth watered as you looked down at it. Shifting a bit, you sank down onto him - hissing at the way it filled you up as much. He groaned, and shoved his hips up, making you swallow his whole cock in a quick thrust. You gripped onto Conor’s shoulders, throwing your head back as you let out a loud moan.

You noticed that the song now playing was now black beatles, and oddly it worked. Conor’s eyes slowly scanned over your body and as his eyes met with your thighs, his face dropped.

You realised what it was - your scars. You didn’t want Conor to see those at all. You did the first thing that came into your mind and crashed your lips against his.

He kissed you back slowly, with passion. He gripped your hips as he pulled away.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful. All of you.” He whispered as your foreheads rested together.

You almost did it. You almost admitted your feelings for him in that moment. The words ‘I love you’ almost left your lips - but they didn’t.

Conor then placed his hands behind his head, resting against the chair and you obeyed. You moved your hips, sliding them in and out, the tip of his cock in just before pushing yourself down to swallow his girth.

“God…” He breathed out, his hands coming forward, wanting to grip on something - anything. You guided his hands to place them on your breasts and he instantly gripped onto them, massaging and attaching his mouth to one of your nipples.

The sensation caused you to moan out.

“Oh, Conor…”

“Go faster, baby.” He panted as he pulled away.

Your hips slammed on his groin fast, but sharp. His cock was poking your g-spot and you clawed his chest as he threw his head back in a moan. Conor thrusted up, so that his whole tip can hit directly at your g-spot, and your hands gripped onto his shoulders.

He was coated in a layer of sweat, as well as the other boys were but you didn’t even notice them. You felt his release coming close. He twitched in you, and you rode him faster, wanting your release as well. After a few more thrusts, you exploded onto him, triggering his own release.

He held your hips, thrusting up, burying himself deep into you. As Conor released, he groaned and moaned out your name for all of the boys to hear.

When you both were finished, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you into him as you both caught you breaths.

When you finally got off of him, you turned around to see something you would have never thought would happen. Jack was in the same position you and Conor were in just moments ago, a girl was on top of him riding his bare cock. Josh was still staring at you with hooded eyes as a girl had a hand in his boxers, pumping at his length.

Joe was nowhere to be seen but Caspar was in the same place, his cock out for everyone to see as he pleasured himself with his hand and the sight of you.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, look what you did to our friends.” Conor laughed as he pinched your ass.


The next morning

When you walked into Joe’s kitchen the next morning, you were beyond nervous.

“Here she is!” Jack announced as you walked in, wearing Conor’s button-up shirt that you had wore to bed last night.

Everyone’s eyes went to you but they were all smiling. Conor was sat on a stool, his eyes going up and down your body as he admired the sight of you in his shirt.

“Come here, babe.” Conor shift on the stool and held his arms out to you.

As you walked over to him, he pulled you in for a hug.

“Y/N we’ve all agreed not to bring up last night ever again.” Joe told you, sipping from his mug.

“Good.” You replied, staying close to Conor.

“Although, we all also agreed that we’d all love to fuck you too.” Caspar added, making your cheeks flush.

“I don’t think so.” Conor shook his head, wrapping his arms around your waist.

brandnewbarelybroken  asked:

Ok, but just for fun, imagine the next Jungkook cover we get is Thinking Out Loud by Ed Shareen. Just imagine for a second. Kookmin.

omg i’m so sorry but whenever i think of that song i now think of Killing Stalking memes (no spoilers but uhhh first line resonates in my head)

BUT YES. THAT WAS THE JIKOOK SONG FOR FMVs WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT AND I JUST askdjfaskdjfaskfd it suits them so much ;-;

An eternal love that transcends both time and the mortal body that’s just…that’s the goal isn’t it? ;P 

Besides, we’ve always firmly believed that whether or not they end up together in this life, they will in some life so yes.

but maybe…just maybe…in this life…

…they fell in love in mysterious ways?

maybe even with the touch of the hand? (just maybe.) 

And I’m pretty sure they certainly fall in love with each other every single day

and maybe I’m thinking out loud but, is there actually a chance they found love, right where they are…? :o


 maybe ^^

Elephant Shoes // Day 1

For: Rucas fic week 2017!
Day One: canon verse ; something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it.
Word Count: 1,002

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Riley smiled to herself as she and Lucas walked into his apartment, putting their bags on the floor. Once they started dating, his house, more specifically his room, easily became her favorite place. She wasn’t exactly sure why but she knew it had something to do with how safe it felt to be there. Not to mention any distractions were kept to a minimum.  Lucas’ father worked really late and his mom didn’t really care if the two of them hung out in his room as long as Riley left at a reasonable hour. It was nice being in a place where she wasn’t constantly worried about other people.

Whenever they hung out at hers she was always on edge, afraid that her father would chase him out of her room or her friends would barge in through her bay window. It’s not that they were doing anything inappropriate, they just liked being alone together to just be. Today was no different.  

Lucas  took her jacket from her and hung it up as he made his way into the kitchen, rummaging through the contents of the refrigerator. “Want something to drink?”  

“Sure.” She smiled, following his lead. “Anything is fine.”  

They had been together for 9 months now and their newfound relationship was put to the test this past summer when Lucas headed back to Texas and Riley stayed there in New York. Thankfully they made it work and somehow the time they spent apart made them closer. Which if she was being completely honest, she didn’t think it was possible.  

As they made their way into his room Riley took to his bed, kicking off her shoes as she got comfortable and out of force of habit Lucas sits on the floor.  "Uh, Lucas?“ She chuckled, raising her eyebrows up at the blonde boy sitting on the floor of his own room. “My dad’s not here. You can sit on the bed with me, you know.”

He laughs shaking his head as he climbs up onto the bed, sitting comfortably beside her. “Bad habit.”

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i hope she knows i want to…

hold her hand
stay up late with her watching movies until she falls asleep in my lap
take her bike riding and go on picnics
laugh together until we cry
share secrets at 2am
sing our favorite songs as loud as we can stare at her for hours
tell her how literally gorgeous she is
travel the world with her and go on crazy adventures
have her come to me when she needs a shoulder to cry on
make her feel wanted and important
see her face light up at my gift
write poems to her
paint pictures of us
tell her the entire story of how i fell head first in love with her

MY I [Jun]

GUYS! I’m not dead!!!!!!!! 😂

Soulmate AU: When your soulmate is listening to a song, you are also able to hear it. The closer you are, the louder it gets.
You mentally cursed your soulmate. Hearing the words “MY I~ I~ I~” on repeat. Always hearing it stop and then restart at certain times. It was 2 am for crying out loud! You had an exam, and at this rate you wouldn’t get any sleep! Dragging yourself out of your bed, toward your dorm kitchen in hopes of finding the relief of food. Heating up water, and grabbing a mug for tea. You heard it again.

“What the heck…” You muttered to yourself. You had to admit, the lyrics were great and the melody was nice. Hearing it on repeat at different parts just drove you crazy. “I swear to God!” You yelled at nothing. At that, the music seemed to stop. Sighing in relief. Was your soulmate a crazed fan of a song or what? You had heard other songs, but never made the effort to look them up.

A distant sound of a phone ringing pulled you away from your thoughts. Bringing it to your ear, “What do you want?” You sighed at your friend. “Y/N, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?! Never mind that, SEVENTEEN’s comeback is soon and I’m not ready! My camera is broken, and I absolutely NEED to borrow yours.” She quickly hurried. “My camera?” You half asleep self had to register it. “Yes! You have that new one don’t you?” She asked. “I have an extra ticket to the SEVENTEEN album showcase. If you let me borrow your camera, I’ll let you come with me!” She bargained.

“You know I don’t listen to them right?” You grumbled. “Please~” She pleaded. “Fine, but you have to buy me food after.” You dealed. “Okay, okay.” She sighed before hanging up.

“MY I~ I~ I~”

“NOT AGAIN!” You yelled, flopping down on your bed. Having a rocky ride to sleep.

The ride to the showcase was particularly uneventful. You kept hearing the songs from the other night. “Gosh, it’s so annoying. I mean, the songs are great but…wHY?!” You exclaimed. Your friend simply laughed at you complaining about how you failed your exam because of your soulmate. “I keep hearing ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ too!” You yelled. “Well, it’s your turn to annoy them. We get to listen to SEVENTEEN, and thanks to you my fansite is gonna look so high quality!” Your friend praised you.

Getting into the venue, it was quite packed. Your friend had your camera around her neck, patiently waiting for the boys to start. The lights dimmed, screams grew louder.

Then, the first note hit. Ringing in your ears, completely drowning out the fangirls’ screams. Another note rang, you writhed in pain. Grabbing you head at how loud the noise was, you screamed. Falling over into another girl. Gasps rang through the crowd, “Jun hyung?!” Voices were all you heard from the speakers. Hearing the words “I don’t wanna cry~” as the song continued, repeating loudly in your head. Another commotion had happened on stage. Soon, darkness was all that filled your vision.

“Hey, she’s waking up.” A hushed voice spoke. “Y/N?” You could hear the worried voice of your friend. Feeling that you were on your side, you slowly blinked to consciousness. Finding an absolutely beautiful man in front of you was the last thing you expected. Though he was at least a couple feet away on a different couch, you came to the realization of what happened. Jumping back in surprise, falling backwards off the couch you had once laid on. “Welp, she seems to be fine now.” You heard another voice chuckle.

Looking around the room, there seemed to be many guys (+ your friend). You peeked over the couch at the boy laying down. He looked so peaceful, until he slightly winced in pain. He stirred on the couch, and you could only feel like hugging him. You heard someone clear their throat, “So, I think we all have a sense of what happened.” One of the members spoke. You could only remember him as the leader from what your friend told you. “Isn’t it obvious~” Your friend giggled.

“W-What? What?” You were very confused to say the least. “ You’ve met your soulmate.” A tall one piped up. “S-Soulmate?” You stuttered out. There was absolutely no way that that beautiful man in front of you was not only a famous kpop idol, but your soULMATE?! Or so you thought. “Nonono, I would’ve heard all your music. I would’ve known it was one of you guys from the start. You guys are idols! I should’ve heard it at some point, I always heard ‘akkinda!’ ring in my head.” You belt out.

“Y/N, you never listened to their songs whenever showed you remember?” Your friend laughed. You recalled all the memories of your friend fangirling to you about certain members, telling you to give the group a listen. You always brushed off the thought, for you were too busy to listen to the songs. “But I-” You were cut off as the movement of the sleeping figure rose up. “Oh, Jun hyung.” A tall, lanky figure ran to the guy. “Minghao, my head hurts.” The boy, Jun, whined. “What happened?” You could only stare at the boy who was sitting down on the couch. He looked so confused, like a lost puppy. “And who are they?” He focused on your friend before turning to you. His eyes slightly widened before he turned away, his cheeks a pale pink.

“她很漂亮. (She’s beautiful.)” You heard the Jun boy mutter. This caused the Minghao guy to laugh. “Well, it’s your lucky day. She seems to be your soulmate.” A very small figure bluntly spoke from the group. “No way, bu-but…she’s so out of my league.” He muttered the last part. “We’ll just leave you two be, I guess.” The leader spoke, motioning everyone to leave the room. Including your friend, you started to panic.

“I-It seems y-you’re my s-soulmate.” Jun stuttered. “I-I guess so…” You trailed off. Awkward tension filled the air. “Let’s start over.” He declared. “Hi, my name is Wen Junhui.” He gave you a smile. “My name is Y/N, and it looks like you’re my soulmate.” You smiled back. The tension cleared a bit as you sat, it was quite peaceful. Taking in the feeling of your new significant other. “Can I just say something?” He asked. Which of course you have a slight nod to. “I’m so sorry for annoying you with all the music, you must have hated me.” He blurt. You laughed at his apology, “Yeah, I had an exam yesterday! I couldn’t get any sleep, I kept hearing a song go ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ I think I failed!” You playfully pouted. “I truly truly am sorry!” He chuckled at the exaggeration.

“I know, I forgive you. I just don’t know about my teacher, though.” You reassured him. He gave a cute smile, making your heart melt. This was the man you would spend the rest of your life with, a bit of a rocky start, but what matters anymore when you find your soulmate?

Birthday Secret [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO @memento-scribet !!!!! I saw your day wasn’t the best but I hope this may make you feel a bit better. It has your two favorite things, Jason and French Fries! I hope the rest of your special day is the all time greatest! Love you!! <33


It was that time of the year again. A very special day had made an appearance, your birthday! The amazing day that you came into this world, and Jason was grateful for this day more than anyone. Who knows where he’d be without you around?… Don’t answer that.

Any who, Jason had to do something special for you. He loves you to the moon and back, but how could he show that to you?

That’s when the light bulb turned on. Oh, did he have a plan, a very very special plan.

As you slept that morning Jason slipped out of bed quietly getting ready to put his plan into motion. However you were still passed out, completely unbeknownst to his absence.

Before the sunlight began to stream in through the windows, lightly pulling you awake. You probably would’ve fallen back asleep if you hadn’t heard the sound of a pan falling to the floor and a string of expletives run out of a certain boyfriend’s mouth.

Laughing you got out of bed and found him with a hand over his mouth, having tried to stop himself. He was hunched over picking up the pan in question. Though it didn’t take him long to give you an innocent smile.

“Whatcha doin?” asking with a certain childish tone. Raising an eyebrow at him with a grin across your face.

“Just making my beautiful girlfriend her birthday breakfast.” He stood up and walked over to you. Wrapping his arms around your waist and yours went around his neck. “Happy birthday” he said before kissing you. Making the smile on your lips grow wider. But you pulled away much to his dismay, “Finish making breakfast. I’m hungry” you laughed before pushing him away.

He only chuckled and shook his head before returning to the meal. You sat up on the counter and watched him. “So what should we do today?” asking as he continued.

“I actually have a few things planned.” He answered while focusing on flipping a pancake. “Like what?”

“I was thinking maybe go to the bookstore, then just take a walk before getting lunch. After that maybe head to the movies and catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see before dinner.” listing the idea he had for the day.

“Beauty and the Beast?!” You smiled widely and he nodded. “I think that sounds like a fantastic day.”

He plated the food before picking them both up. “Yup, so are you planning on eating there or are you going to come to the table like us normal people.”

Rolling your eyes you hopped down saying, “You sound like my mother.” Making him laugh, how you love that laugh.

Both sitting down to eat, randomly talking about things. Him saying he won’t have patrol or anything for the night and that he’s all yours. Making you beam at him.

When finished Jason cleaned up the dishes as you went to get ready for the day. It didn’t take you too long to shower, get dressed, and do your make-up.

When so, you both set out for the book store. Deciding to walk, though when Jason noticed a shiver go through you he detached his hand from yours and instead wrapped an arm around you. Pulling you into his side.

Keeping you warm until entering the small bookstore near your home. The both of you browsing the shelves together, eventually breaking away from the other. You had gone off to find a book you were dying to read recently. Upon finding you slid it from it’s spot and headed over to the cashier.

However, when you took out your money to pay it was plucked from your grasp. “No way” a voice you recognized as Jason say. Turning to see him hand his card to the cashier, “It’s your birthday, you’re not paying for anything.”

“Jay I could’ve paid for it” crossing your arms over your chest. “Not on your birthday” smirking while taking his card back. “Now come on let’s go for that walk” taking your free hand and leading you out of the store.

The walk turned out to be rather short as both your stomach’s growling interrupted it. Your walk ending at a nearby diner with the most amazing milkshakes. You ordering your favorite flavor and Jason saying he’d just steal some of yours. After ordering your lunch, Jason having made sure there were extra fries, you both enjoyed the milkshake. You also explained what the premise of the book you had just gotten was.

“I’ll have to read it when you finish, it sounds good.” he smiled, holding your hand from across the table. “Yeah I honestly think you’ll like it a lot.” taking another sip of the shake.

“Yeah I –” Though his sentence was cut short by his phone ringing. He pulled it from his pocket and checked the screen, “It’s Dick I have to take this really quick. I’ll be back in two seconds” saying as he slid out of the booth. As he left you cracked open the book to start it as he took the call.

“Hey Jay, so we’ve got things going pretty smoothly here. Roy just went out with Kori to get the cake but everything should be set for after the movie. Just wanted to give you an update.” Dick’s cheery voice spoke on the other end of the call.

“Great, glad to here. She’s going to love it.” Jason smiled, his voice almost sounding as happy as Dick’s. Which honestly surprised his brother.

“Yeah, any suspicion going on at that end?”

“Nope, we’re all good. But I’ve got to get back, thanks for the update” Jason said quickly before ending the call.

When he came back he found you already eating one of the many baskets of fries and your nose in the book. He sat down across from you again “Any good?” he asked, which had startled you.

“Sorry” he laughed “I didn’t mean to scare you” taking your hand again. “It’s okay, everything alright with Dick?”

“Yeah, he just had a question. But let’s eat I’m starving” picking up some fries himself.

The both of you didn’t really talk much while eating because you were both rather hungry. But finishing in time to catch a showing of Beauty and the Beast that Jason had planned for. During the movie he had his arm around you the entire time, occasionally hearing you hum along to familiar songs.

When it was over you had the biggest smile on your face, ranting about how good it was. So caught up in your own talking you hadn’t realized you were almost back to your humble abode. “I thought we were going to dinner?”

“We are I was just going to drive because of how cold it’s supposed to get tonight. And I want to stop by the Manor really quick to grab somethings.” taking note of how you could see his and your own breath due to the dropping temperature. “Yeah good idea”

Hopping in the passenger seat of Jason’s car you picked out the music. Saying how it was your birthday and it was only fair. Jason raised his hands in defeat and let you blare your playlist. Of which you both jammed to the entire ride.

Sadly having to end one of your favorite songs halfway through because you pulled up to the Manor. Both getting out of the car and walking up to the door. Jason using his key to get in, you found it strange to find a certain Alfred missing. Though you pushed the thought out of your head, figuring he was helping Bruce in the cave or something.

Walking in to find the Manor dark and motionless. Where was everyone?

Walking in farther, going into the living room first. But you about jumped out of your skin when the lights all turned on and everyone yelled a loud ‘SURPRISE!’ at you. You basically jumped into Jason’s arms before letting out a laugh.

“Holy Shit guys! What? Who?” confusedly asking while looking at all the familiar faces of your and Jay’s family and friends.

“Give ya one guess” Roy nodded to a certain boyfriend behind you. Turning to find Jason with a smug smirk on his face. “So that’s why you were so organized today” hitting his arm.

“Ow, that’s what I get for throwing you a party?” Fake wincing at the blow. “No that’s what you get for scaring the hell out of me” laughing before continuing “This is what you get for the party” pulling his lips to yours. Getting a whistle from who you assumed was Roy.

Pulling away you began to hug everyone there. A wide smile on your face as Jason just watched contently. Happy to see you enjoying yourself. “Not bad little bro” Dick placed a hand on Jason’s shoulder. “She really brings out your soft side” this time teasing.

Jason rolled his eyes before laughing. “Yeah, maybe you should take some advice from us. Perhaps you’ll actually keep a girlfriend” he answered back.

“Ouch” Dick winced before laughing.

Upon leaving Dick, Jason came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you. “Having fun?” whispering in your ear. Giggling you answered “Yeah, the chili cheese fry table was a nice touch” turning to face him.

He smiled, “Good birthday?” resting his forehead on yours.

You kissed him after giving him a beaming smile and answering “the best.”  

Dirty Laundry - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 2748

Warnings: angst feat. a pinch of fluff (but mostly angst)

Author’s Note: This month’s song (or technically last month… it’s for March) is Dirty Laundry by All Time Low. I’m so sorry this took a bit longer than planned, but I hope yall enjoy! The song is kinda about lying… (*coughs* Y/n? *coughs again*) so yeah, expect an argument about that :)

Lilly’s Imagine

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chrissy22787  asked:

Sooo..... in light of all the music video pictures, I think you should give us a sneak peak into what it would be like for Elena to be there with him. No pressure. But feel free to put a little pep in your step with this one. Love you 😘

It’s A Sign of the Times

Elena shivered and pulled her jacket closer around her shoulders.  After an hour of trying to tame her hair in the wind she finally gave up and pulled back into a tight ponytail.  She lifted her head to smile when she heard the first notes of Harry’s single “Sing of the Times” start to play over the loud speakers.  She loved this song, it was like the warm blanket she desperately needed while standing in this field, freezing her ass off while she watched him film the video.

“You cold, Love?”  She heard Lou Teasdale’s high pitched voice behind her.

Elena nodded,

“Yes.  Does the weather always suck like this?”

Lou laughed,


Elena gestured to the brush and bottle of gel in her hand,

“Is any of that actually working in this wind?”

“No.”  She started, “But I like to make myself useful.”

Elena looked up just as the helicopter lifted Harry hundreds of feet into the air.  She smiled, watching as he widened his arms out and bent one leg causing him to look quite like Peter Pan.  Lou shivered next to her,

“Don’t know how you can watch that.  Love of your life dangling from a string like that?  Makes me wanna vomit, if I’m bein’ honest.”

Elena smiled, shaking her head gently,

“I don’t mind it.  He loves it up there.”  She added as she watched his huge dimpled grin spread across his rosy cheeks.

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Imagine singing in the car with Sam

You couldn’t help but turn the sound up when one of your favourite songs started playing on the radio.

It was one of those rare occasions where Dean wasn’t around and Sam had given in and let you drive the impala so you had to make he most of it, even if it meant blasting the radio so loud you couldn’t hear anything else.

At first you simply started drumming your finger against the steering wheel, humming the tone under your breathe. But it didn’t take long for you to start belting it out, hand actions and head moments along with it.

Sam watched you from the passenger seat, his smile growing as he let out a small chuckle. The younger Winchester loved your voice, even if you did sound terrible.

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Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle

Steve Rogers x Reader

My first attempt at writing anything Marvel, so be nice.

I’m a hardcore Nirvana fan btw.

Nirvana -Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle.

“Nirvana?” You mouth forms a warm smile at the handsome man sitting across from you. The two of you were enjoying a quiet breakfast at the Tower, it seem like everyone else was out and about.

“Rogers, you have Nirvana on your list!” You glee with excitement, holding up the little notebook to show the Avenger.

“Yes, I know. That is my handwriting, (Y/N).” Steve muses with a smile, thinking to himself how incredibly cute you were. Especially, with your hair slightly disheveled around your face and glasses  resting on the tip of your nose.

“I got you, Steve. Come on.” You get up from your seat, grabbing his empty plate with yours. Steve grabs the cups and walks with you to the sink.

“Leave them, Bucky likes washing dishes.”Steve chuckles at your total lie, knowing well enough that Bucky hated seeing dirty dishes in the sink.

You drag the man to your quarters, but he lingers at the door waiting for a proper invitation in. With a scoff you tell Captain America himself to get his “gorgeous ass” inside. You pretend to not notice the blush flaming on his cheeks, instead kneeling down in front of your record collection. Steve takes a seat on the edge of your be, watching you meticulously pull out a few vinyls from the shelf.

“Nirvana is a grunge band fronted by Kurt Cobain, vocals and guitarist. Kris Novoselic, bassist and lastly, although not the original drummer, Dave Grohl. Who formed another band after Kurt died, the Foo Fighters, you should write them on your list.”

You point to the notebook in Steve’s hand, pausing until he realizes you were expecting him to write them down. So with a small smile, he quickly writes the band down.

“Okay, we have several choices.” You scoot on your knees over to Steve, holding the records up to show him.

“So which album?” You question out loud, skimming through the vinyls until you come upon your personal  favorite.

“Bare with me Rogers, this is not the music from yesteryear.”

“Really, (Y/N)?” He throws his hands up with the laugh that always makes your heart jump a beat. You shrug getting up on your feet and going to the record player. You carefully lift the needle, setting the record slowly down, moving the needle to the correct spot. The crisp sound of the needle hitting the black shiny vinyl is one of your favorite sounds. The guitar starts strumming at a steady pace for the first 12 seconds, before the bass and drums kick in, the music is loud and aggressive. And when the vocals kick in, dry and raspy, the entire song engulfs you into a pit of pure wildness.

Steve watches the way your head moves up and day to the beat, fingers tapping at your thighs and your voice low singing the lyrics. The blond man has no control over his body, as he moves up from his seat on the bed, moving toward you. His hand hesitates for a moment, before touching your shaking shoulder, slowly spinning you to face him. You are caught off guard, giving off a nervous laugh as blue eyes stare right into yours.

“I like this song,” Steve smirks, his hand moving to your face, “ but not as much as I like you.”

Your heart practically leaps out of your chest, opening your mouth to tell him how you feel, but the music drowns your soft voice. Steve laughs, moving forward to turn down the volume, his chest so close against yours, there’s a 100% chance he can feel your heart pounding away.

“What were you saying?” He teases, placing his other hand on your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“I-well I like you too, Rogers.” You admit with a playful shrug. He pretends to be offended by your shrug, backing away until you grip his shoulder.

“Come here, old man.” With all the strength you can summon, you pull the man back and throw your arms around his neck. The two of you laugh for a second before going quiet, Steve tilts his head to the side as he moves down toward your face. You close your eyes, anxiously waiting for the kiss. And when it comes, it’s everything you expected. His lips soft, their movements deliberately gentle, full of desire and a lost longing. A lost longing that you were determined to fill.

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Hi there can you please do a Reaction as you are there little sister and an idol and you have to do a erotic theme dance (Can you do it for BTS and Got7?)

Of course I can, thanks for sending in your request! (don’t worry, the Got7 version will be out soon~)


“Hey Y/N! What are you doing up there?” You heard your older brother yell at you from downstairs. You were currently upstairs in your room, practicing a dance that you’re supposed to perform soon. Your manager gave you the outfit yesterday, and you wanted to try the dance once while wearing the outfit. It was a short pastel pink skirt, which was so short you could practically see half of your ass. You had black overknees and a pastel pink crop top. Of course your outfit was really revealing, but you had no other choice. You were currently at the sexiest point of the dance when you heard your brother yell. You were currently on the floor basically half twerking. You wanted to stand up in time but before you could, your older brother Jin already came bursting into the room. “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE ON THE FLOOR? A-AND WHAT ARE YOU WEARING THERE?!” He grabbed you by your shoulders and lifted you up. You explained to him that you were going to perform a dance at a concert soon and this was the outfit you had to wear. “Nuh uh, you’re not wearing that. You’re not dancing that either. Nope. I’m not letting that happen. I’m calling your manager in a second, but first we gotta get you out of those clothes, they’re a fucking disgrace to the color pink. Shame on you.”

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Intentions (Steve x Reader) AU

You should read the other parts before reading this.

Chapter 1: Hot Mess
Chapter 2: Connections
Chapter 3: The Musical
Chapter 4: Camping

For My Lovely Readers:  @formyfandoms@captain-meatball-rogers @sxnali@pleasecallmecaptain  @ididnotseethatcoming @captain-almighty @meganlpie @shamvictoria11 @coldplaylover2009 @deansbaby67supernatural @ethereal-beaut-y @chata11 @allthecoloursposts @juliagolia87@ayajackson

Enjoy the fluffiness while it lasts. 

AN: The chapter’s back! It’s different because I couldn’t find the original. So if you’ve already read it, there’s still some new stuff in for you. 

“So, Steve,” Addison turns towards the man who patiently waits for you to enter back into the room. Addie stops playing with her stuffed cat, and places her hands in her lap, trying to put on a serious front. “What are your intentions with my mom?”

Steve’s focus wavers from the kitchen doorway to the small girl. Heat creep up his neck and his eyes widen at the sudden question. Addison stares back at him with a serious expression, playing with the hem of her pyjama shirt. “W-What?” He stutters.

Addison’s eyes crinkle at the sides as she scrunches her nose. “You look silly!” She brings her hand up to her mouth to stifle her oncoming giggle attack. “I heard that on TV once.” She says from between her fingers. 

Steve releases a breath that he’s been holding, glad to hear that he’s avoided Addison’s troublesome curiosity. “You got me.” He awkwardly laughs.

Addie stops laugh to look back over to Steve. This time she wears an inquiring expression as she rests a hand to her head. “What does it mean, Steve?”

He takes a sharp intake of breath as he feels the familiar heat crawl up his neck. “Nothing?”

“Steve,” Addison gives him a scolding look. “I’m a big kid, and I know that it has to mean something. Just tell me what it means.”

You shake your head in amusement as you place a bag of popcorn into the microwave, overhearing the conversation between your boyfriend and overly-curious daughter. You punch in the cook time before saving Steve from Addie’s painful questioning. “Steve,” You call out. “Would you mind helping me with the popcorn?”

You hear him let out a sigh of relief. “Of course not.” You let out a small laugh, knowing that he’s more relieved than he should be to leave the living room.

He walks into the kitchen with that certain smile that sends your heart racing. The smile that says both, “Let me help you with your grocery bags, ma’am.” and “Let me help you rip off your clothes.” It makes you feel breathless in it’s contagious ways, that you can’t help but smile back. 

He walks towards you, and your eyes decide that now’s a perfect time to blatantly check him out. He wears a dark pair of pants, which make his legs look amazing and you can only imagine how much better they would look from behind. The best part by far is what’s on the upper-half. He sports an average white, long-sleeve, top, but the part that makes it anything but average is the fact that it’s about two sizes too small for his body. There’s no complaints coming from you as you appreciate every outline of his godlike build.

Your eyes raise up to his face as you hear the sound of a throat being cleared. A light tint displays it’s self across his cheeks and an amused smirk plays at his lips. You give him a bashful smile and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, feeling caught in a very obvious act. “What?” You question.

“You know what.” He fires back, allowing an unusually cocky tone to lace through his voice.

You quickly hide any form of embarrassment, and try and pull of your best cool and collected facade. ‘Two can play this game’ You think to yourself.

“You look handsome tonight.” You take a step closer to Steve and place a hand on his arm. “Actually, handsome isn’t good enough. You’re more-”

“[Y/N],” You can hear his act starting to wash away.

“What ? I can check out my boyfriend if I want to.”

He shakes his head and looks down to the tiled floors. He gives in, and scratches the back of his neck, clearly feeling flustered. “I should be the one telling you that.”

“Oh?” You raise an eyebrow and shuffle closer. “That I’m handsome or that you can check me out whenever?”

You watch as another smirk forms at his lips, replacing his once nervous smile. His eyes wander back up to yours, holding a devious gleam. “That you’re handsome.”

You release a loud, booming laugh, as you turn back to the microwave. “You’re the worst.” You take the popcorn out of the microwave, and pour it into a large bowl. Steve reaches his hand into the bowl, but you playfully slap it away. “None for you, Rogers.”

Steve rolls his eye, letting out a deep laugh. “Okay I get it, I get it.” He wraps his arms around your waist, catching you by surprise. You let out a small yelp as he spins you around. You eyes watch in curiosity as he brings his face closer to your ear. His mouth rests against your hair, millimetres from your ear,  making his light breaths send chills crawling across your skin. “You’re beautiful.” He whispers. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

‘He’s won this game.’ You think as his voice sends your legs into a jelly like feeling. 

You softly reach for the side of his face, bringing it centred with yours, wanting nothing more than to place your lips on his. Just as you’re about to kiss him, Addison comes bounding into the kitchen. She skips over to the pair of you, humming obnoxiously. “Mommy and Steve sitting in a tree,” You and Steve separate, but he leaves one of his hands resting on the small of your back. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”


“First comes love, then comes marriage.”

“You’re doing that thing where you embarrass mommy again.”

“Then comes mommy pushing-”

“The popcorn’s ready.” Hoping that will get her to stop singing.

Addie’s mouth hangs open from her song, but it’s quickly replaced with an excited smile. “Okay.” Addie squeezes past the two of you and grabs the bowl of popcorn. “Hurry up, I picked I good movie.” She takes a fistful of popcorn, shoving it all into her mouth. “I think you’ll love it, Steve!” She says with a mouthful of food.

He lets out a loud laugh, shaking his head lightly. “I bet I will, Addie.”

Addie skips back to the living room, leaving a small popcorn trail following after her. You release a soft groan and look up to Steve. “Sorry we couldn’t have a more quiet night, I just couldn’t find a sitter. I love her, but believe me when I say that the kid has her annoying moments.”

“It’s no problem whatsoever. I really do love spending time with her.”

“You say that now, but get ready.” You send him a calculating smirk. “Addison doesn’t have the best taste in movies.”

“I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Oh,” You begin to walk towards the living room. “You’ll see.”

Addison places the disc into the DVD player, and skips towards where you and Steve just sat down. She jumps onto your lap, making you release a groan at the sudden weight. “Sorry, mom.”

You lean down to give her a kiss on her head, but she starts to wiggle her way towards Steve. You watch as she reaches the small gap in between you and him. Addie looks up to Steve, who is staring down at her, and starts to push on his arm. A look of confusion flashes across your face.

“Addison-” Addie turns to you and begins to do the same to you. “What are you doing?”

“Can you guys move over?” She takes a deep breath, already feeling tired from pushing the two of you.

“Can I ask why?”

“I want,” She gives you another push. “To sit,” And Steve another push. “In the middle.”

“Okay, okay.” You move over, and Steve does the same, clearly amused by Addison’s behaviour. “Calm down feisty pants, we’re moving.”

Addison lets out a large breath of air, and snuggles into your side. She lifts up her legs and drapes them across Steve’s lap. Finally feeling comfortable she says, “Let’s watch the movie now!”

You look over to Steve who is clearly entertained by Addison, as his chest rises and falls in silent laughter. Then you look back to Addie who is occupied by the beginning of a movie you’re not feeling overly interested in.

With a sudden genius idea, you reach for your phone in your pocket, and wave at Steve with it. He raises an eyebrow, and you use your other hand to point to him. Still not getting it, you mouth out, “Your phone.” He clues in and reaches for his cellphone that sits on the glass coffee table.

When he has his phone, you smirk and unlock yours. Your fingers tap across the keyboard in a speed that Steve’s impressed by. He’s never been very good with technology, and only bought his phone because his colleagues wouldn’t stop pestering him to get one.

He looks down to his phone when he feels it vibrate, notifying him of a new message. Noticing that the message is from you, he looks over to you with an confused expression. ‘Why does she need to text me?’ He silently thinks to himself. ‘She’s sitting right next to me.’ He looks down to Addie, watching as her full attention is focused on the movie. ‘Well, kinda next to me.’

He looks back to you with the same look of confusion. “What?” He mouths to you.

You point to your phone and mouth back, “Read it.”

Steve looks back down, and instantly regrets it. Much like earlier, his eyes double in size, and his cheeks are adorned with a light pink heat.

New Message: So, what are your intentions with me? -[Y/N]

ERS2017 Trigger Warnings

I don’t mean to spoil anything for anyone but I feel like these have to be addressed.

As soon as the songs end(both Heavydirtysoul and Stressed Out) a loud bang can be heard throughout the arena resembling a gunshot. When I first heard it I was scared only to realize it was a part of the set. If you’re easily startled or triggered by something like this and have tickets just know it’s really brief and not real.

After Josh’s drum battle with himself, there’s a video of his head swelling up and exploding, it is kind of graphic and does depict blood.

anonymous asked:

I know it's late, but would you like to do Le Duo for the ship meme? :)

Would I like to? Hell yeah, I would love to!

who wakes up first in the morning: Josh. That man is up at the crack of dawn, singing whatever song he had stuck in his head when he woke up. He doesn’t sing quietly, either. Oh no, he sings as loud as he always does, which is usually what wakes Luke. Luke grumbles and pulls the duvet up above his head, but in all honesty he loves to hear Josh sing so (usually) he doesn’t mind being woken by him 

who’s the first to fall asleep at night: Again, Josh. Since he’s always so full of energy during the day he’s drained by late afternoon. He and Luke will cuddle up and watch a movie in bed, which is when Josh gently drifts off, with Luke playing with his curls 

what they playfully tease each other over: Their singing! They imitate each other in the most ridiculously dramatic way, resulting with both of them practically doubled over with laughter 

what they do when the other’s having a bad day: They’re usually both very busy, but when they notice that the other is having a bad time they go out of their way to help. They’ll spend as much time together as possible, and later after all their interviews and whatnot are done they’ll settle down and cuddle while watching their favourite movies and eating their favourite foods/desserts

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments: ugghhh oh my god so they apologize right after any argument. Mostly because they both start crying and its just fricking painful for the both of them, and they just collapse into each other’s arms saying sorry over and over and over. And neither wants to hold the other accountable for starting the argument so they each take on the blame and try to “make it up” to the other by buying them chocolate and flowers and being extra super loving for a few days 

which one’s more ticklish: Oh man…Josh. Not by much, though. If they wan something from the other they usually end up threatening them with getting tickled (or *cough* other things but im not gonna get into that rn thats a whooooole ten page essay i could write right there *cough*) 

their favourite rainy day activities: rewatching some of their old works and poking fun at the way the other said something, reenacting some of the scenes with each other, muting the movie and making up their own lines (usually ending in them both struggling to breathe from how hard they laugh). They also make pancakes literally every time it rains. Rainy days are pancake days

how they surprise each other: Vacations. Summer? Well, Josh, your bf just bought you tickets to Mexico. Winter? Ah, would you look at that Luke, your bf got tickets to Switzerland. New play at the West End theatre? Whoop, plane tickets appear on the kitchen counter. 

their most sickening shows of public affection: Literally always touching?? Like they’re almost always holding hands, or holding the other around the waist, or leaning their head on the other’s shoulder. And kisses. Oh my god. Luke can’t help himself from placing light little kisses to Josh’s cheek and jaw and temple at every opportunity, and Josh is so used to it he just keeps doing whatever he was doing, which somehow makes it even more adorable ffs 

Bodhi x Cassian siren au

Based off a prompt from @auideas Read on AO3 here

Cassian swiped his arm across his forehead, a streak of soot marking his already ruined sleeve. Above him, stars began to appear in the sky. Cassian let his thoughts drift back, his father pointing out the constellations and how he could find his way home by the stars. Sadly, these stars seemed to point nowhere. He’d sailed too far away somehow, caught up in a mad search for revenge, or maybe redemption.

Cassian shifted off his seat, settling his aching body into the wooden cradle of the boat’s hull. The night was silent; no shrieking birds heralding land nearby, no howling wind pushing him in one direction or the other. If there had been, maybe he wouldn’t have heard the song.

At first Cassian thought he’d fallen asleep, some half forgotten melody drifting into his dreams. He dug his fingertips into his palms, hissing as blood welled up anew. Definitely awake then. Cassian sat up, gripping the sides of the boat as it rocked with his sudden movement.

For a moment the sound stopped, the sudden pause making the silence oppressive in his ears. Then, just as suddenly, the song returned, growing louder as his heart began to race. Cassian twisted his head back and forth, searching for a glimpse of something out in the night. He felt compelled - no, driven - to find the source of this sound.

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Wet 'n' Soapy - Dean Winchester

Supernatural Fanfiction Part of Baby’s 50th Birthday Challenge To the song: Incense and Peppermints Tag @butiaintgonnaloveem Trigger: none Warning: smut, language Summary: Dean and Sam had a day off from hunting so Dean decided to wash Baby and his girlfriend Y/n helps him.

“Morning Sammy” Dean said as he walked into the library, “morning Dean” he said. “Got any plans for our day off” Dean asked, “yeah I’m going to an art museum with Cas, what about you and Y/n” Sam said. “Y/n’s still asleep, but I’m gonna wash Baby she’s all muddy” Dean said. Sam and Dean finished breakfast and went to do their own things, Sam and Cas left for the museum. Dean got the stuff together that he needed to wash Baby. While he got the stuff together he sang the song that was stuck in his head. “Good sense, innocence, cripplin’ mankind, dead Kings, many things I can’t define”. Since the bunker had a huge garage with a hose and a drainage system he didn’t have to go outside. He filled a bucket with soapy water and he pulled the hose over and laid it on the ground. As he was doing all this he was singing a song that was stuck in his head. “Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind, incense and peppermints the color of time, who cares what games we choose, little to win but nothin’ to lose”.

While Dean was in the garage, Y/n woke up, she knew Sam and Cas were gone. She was trying to find Dean, she checked all the rooms and no Dean. “Duh” she out loud when you’re looking for Dean the first place to check was the garage. She went into the garage and saw him getting ready to wash Baby and he was singing and Dean didn’t sing. “To divide this cockeyed world in two, throw your pride to one side it’s the least you can do” Dean sang in a whisper voice, “morning Dean” Y/n said, “good morning sweetheart” he said. “Whatcha doing” she asked, “I’m gonna wash Baby, you wanna help me” he said. “Ok, I’ll go get dressed” she said, walking off towards the bedroom she shared with Dean. As soon as she walked away he started singing again, “beatniks and politics, nothing is new, who cares what games we choose, little to win but nothin’ to lose”. While he was singing Y/n came back into the garage, she just listened to him sing trying to guess the song. “Good sense, innocence, cripplin’ mankind, dead Kings, many things I can’t define"he sang. “Occasions persuasions clutter your mind incense and peppermints the color of time who cares what games we choose little to win but nothin’ to lose” she sang back to him. “Good job sweetheart, that songs been stuck in my head since yesterday” he said, “that sucks, I love Strawberry Alarm Clock though” she said. “Oh you are so the girl for me” he said.

He gave her a rag and she dipped it in the soapy water, he did the same. “Dean, what are gonna do about the mud dried on, should I scrub it off” she said kneeling by Baby. “No, can you take your pretty little ass over there and turn the hose on” he said, “yeah, as long as you promise not to spray me” she said. He nodded “scouts honor” he said, “you weren’t in the scouts” she shouted, walking towards the water. She turned the water on and ran back to Dean, he was spraying the mud off. She watched him anxiously waiting for him to spray her, but he just moved to the other side of the car. She thought she was safe and she went back to washing the door, she was bent over getting the bottom of the door. That’s when she felt the sting of the water on her ass, “ahh, ouch Dean you shit” she screamed as she jumped up and ran in front of Baby. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I had to your ass was right there” he laughed, “I hope it was worth it, cause your not seeing me naked for a long time” she huffed. She walked away angrily and turned off the hose and leaned back resting on the wall. “Shit” he said knowing he fucked up and he had to apologise. He went over and leaned on the wall next to her and took her hand. “I’m sorry sweetheart, really I was just playing around, I took it too far, you still love me” he said. She turned her head towards him, “yes of course I still love you, it just hurt my butt” she said. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you” he said. She turned around and put her arms around his waist and he pulled her into a hug. They went back over to finish washing Baby, “Dean you should be washing the roof I’m too short” she said, he didn’t hear her. He was too busy watching her tits pressed into the window as she reached up to wash the roof. She said it again, he still didn’t answer, she dipped her rag back into the soapy water. She didn’t even ring it out she just chucked it right at Dean, it hit him in the chest. “Shit” he said, “you weren’t answering me” she said, “I’m sorry I didn’t even hear you, I was too busy watching your fucking amazing sexy tits pressed into the window” he said.

“I said, can we switch, I’m too short for the roof, can I do the hood instead” she said. “Whatever you want sweetheart” he said, they switched and he was doing the roof and she was doing the hood. Dean was trying to focus on what he was doing, but he kept looking at the soapy water dripping down her legs. Again her tits pressed into the hood instead of the roof, all he wanted to do was fuck her right there on Babies hood. He couldn’t fight it anymore, he went over to where she was bent over Baby getting the middle of the hood. He got behind her and she could feel his erection pressing into her ass. She turned around and looked into his eyes, that were full of lust and desire. He planted his lips on hers and he put his hand behind her head and the other on her back. She put her hands behind his neck, he deepened the kiss, he pulled his lips off hers to pull his shirt off. She pulled her shirt off, he put his lips back on hers and put one hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. He gently pushed her back, laying her down on Babies hood, he unfastened her pants and pulled them off along with her panties. He got up on the hood on top of her and kissed her lips and she put her hands on his chest and ran them down to his pants. Y/n unfastened his pants and put her hand in and took his cock out, she stroked it “shit Y/n” he moaned. She spread her legs around him and he positioned himself in-between her legs and gently slid his cock into her. “Fuck Dean fuck” she screamed, he gave her a minute to adjust to his size, she nodded at him, telling him he could start thrusting. He started thrusting slow at first and as soon as she started moaning and screaming he started thrusting faster. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he thrusted harder into her, making her scream his name. “Shit sweetheart I’m almost there” he said, “me too babe” he put his hand between them and rubbed rough hard circles on her clit and her orgasm shot through her. She screamed his name and her pussy clenched around his cock making him cum right along with her. Just as they both climaxed, the garage door opened and Sam and Cas drove in, just in time to see them post sex on top of Baby. Dean quickly covered her up with his body, as Sam walked by shaking his head and laughing. Sam had to turn around and go back and get Cas, who had been covering his eyes so he wouldn’t see her naked. Sam got Cas and walked him out of the garage, Sam stuck his head in and said "thanks guys I’ll never get the sight of you having sex on the car”. Dean sat up and got his boxers and pants and handed Y/n her panties and his shirt and they got dressed. They turned around and looked at Baby, “I think we need to wash Baby again” Dean said. “Yeah but we need to wash us first, there’s soap drying on my back” she said, “sweetheart let’s go get cleaned up, Baby we’ll be back in a while to wash you” he said. “Don’t worry Baby we’ll be back soon” Y/n said, “aww sweet you love my car” he said, she turned around and grabbed the hose and turned it on. She walked over to Baby and sprayed her down “there you go Baby all clean, yes I love you and your car” Y/n said.

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“What do you want to do tonight?” Jack leans back on the couch.

It’s a great couch. Bitty feels like the couch is going to swallow him every time he sits on it. He’s going to sink straight through it to the floor. The couch is one of the best things in Jack’s house, though not quite as good as the kitchen. “Where did you get this couch?”

“Cardi’s.” Jack extends his foot and nudges Bitty’s ankle. “Answer the question.”

Bitty takes a breath. “I want to dance,” he says. “Is there somewhere we could go and just…dance?”

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“Try Everything” Motivation Spell

(I seem to be making a habit of making spells based on recent Disney movies. I LOVE this movie!)

Intent: A spell to help motivate you, even when it seems like the whole world is telling you “no”, even with mistakes around every corner. 


        Bay leaves
        Piece of paper and pen
        Little baggie
        The song (”Try Everything” from Zootopia)
        A piece of jewelry or a stone you carry often

**The herbs listed are my personal associations with aspirations, self-improvement, and prosperity. If you don’t agree with them I encourage you to substitute.


1.First, take your piece of paper and pen and write the following phrase on it: ​“I won’t give up, I won’t give in”​. Fold it up and stick it in your little baggie. 

2.Next, take your herbs one by one and sprinkle them in the bag. While you do this, tell yourself (out loud or in your head) that mistakes happen, but they won’t stop you from reaching your goal. 

3.Drop the jewelry or stone in the bag. Seal/tie it up and click play on the song. Turn it up as loud as you can get away with. 

4.If you can dance, dance. If you can sing, sing. Whatever you choose to do, hold the bag tightly in your hand and ​feel ​the message of the song. Allow it to course through your entire body, down your arm and to fill the bag with energy. 

5.When the song is over you’re free to take the jewelry/stone out of the bag, keep it on your person at all times, and go conquer the world!