the first sign of a beautiful relationship clearly


Ep 5x05/5x20

What I find incredibly beautiful of those two scenes is seeing the evolution of Lisbon way to relate with Jane. 

The very first time she met him, she didn’t esitate to ask for his help… “I need your help” she said to him. She didn’t see in him just a victim but recognizes his great potential and she’s ready to give him a chance for a new life.

In the second scene, she shows us how much jane has come under her skin, how much their relationship has evolved from their very first meeting. She didn’t need his help anymore; she needs HIM: his friendship, his support, his presence in her team and her life…it’s beautiful notice how this moment signs a different stage in their relationship: they’re not simple collegues anymore, they’re partners. They’re dancing on the thiny line which separate friendship and love and it comes to them so natural…she perfectly knew what to say to him and she’s not ashamed at all to admit she needs him.

Oh and I simply adore the way Jane reacts to Lisbon’s request. Since the first time he met her, he cannot refuse her his help. He clearly didn’t see it coming and, let’s say it, he didn’t even want it, but he won his  doubts and came to her. But even more beautiful is realizing this is just what he needed too…someone who gives him trust, who gives him new sense to his life. It’s so tender the way he’s surprised by Lisbon’s request (in the first scene), almost as he was sure to be useless… Only almost 10 years later Jane is finally confortable enough with Lisbon to admit how much he needs and enjoys it…”it’s nice to be needed” he says…Finally he got what he was looking for: someone who fills the huge void Angela and Charlotte left in his life, who makes him feel needed and cared again.

 Maybe Sophie Miller has been the one who put his mind together after the tragedy but it’s been definitely Lisbon to put his life together.. to put him together.