the first rule of tumblr is you dont talk about tumblr

Actually, I have a fairly good idea of exactly WHY tumblr ads suck so hard,

 and why they’re failing so badly at appealing to youth, and they never seem to be paying attention to the HEAPS OF CRITICISM, even when most all the notes on their sponsored posts are specifically telling them, in detail, why they suck. 

(sorry for the long post)

First of all, they are actually listening. 

My dad works in advertising and graphic design, he’s in this industry, and he certainly listens to me every single time I talk about the memes, the culture of the internet and today’s youth and all the hip things like that. He’s gotta. This is his job, his paycheck really depends on whether or not he knows exactly how to appeal to whatever target audience the company wants him to appeal to. He’s got to be hip on all the memes, internet slang, popular music and media, because if he doesn’t, he’s gonna get replaced by a younger guy fresh out of art school. So you bet your ass he’s gonna listen and pay attention and ask questions whenever his 19-year-old daughter’s talking about DWC, the new game that Blizzard just released, or Hillary Clinton’s pathetic attempts to get the youth vote. 

As you can imagine, everyone in marketing is trying their damned hardest to make sure their content appeals. By this point, they know exactly why content doesn’t appeal, because they’ve analyzed why things do and dont appeal from every possible angle. People literally go to school for this. They attend workshops. 

So if that’s the case, then wtf is happening? 

Why do we get shit like this

spammed all over our feeds? 

Well it’s a bunch of factors, and not all of it is the age of the people making this content. 

See, the internet and social media has actually brought a kind of mini-crisis upon the marketing industry. They have to constantly be appealing to kids these days, or they quickly become irrelevant, uncool. Every day, individual advertisers, and the industry as a whole, has to ask themselves what appeals to this generation, what can they offer that would appeal to the kids these days? 

They’ve got a crisis on their hands right now, because, to put it simply, we all hate advertisements. With a burning passion

And they’ve noticed this, they’ve noticed that internet youth as a whole will go to any possible lengths to avoid ads, that we’ll download extensions, avoid websites, even fucking pay money if it means we won’t have to deal with any goddamn ads, and then when we do see ads, we’ll relentlessly mock them on every possible flaw we can find. 

They had a whole decade to notice their audience’s overwhelmingly negative response to anything that’s trying to sell them shit. They are fully aware how annoying their very existence is to us. 

So right now, what they’re trying to do is make ads that don’t look like ads

The first thing they figured they should do, was that instead of doing banner ads and sidebar ads and video interruptions in your youtube and spotify, they should be doing sponsored posts: write up their ads in post form, put them up on a designated corporate account on a popular social media site, then pay the site to seed those posts on everyone’s feed. There you go. It’s an ad, but it doesn’t look like an ad. Maybe the internet people won’t be as annoyed now, because it’s just a post in their feed, it’s not disrupting their experience in any significant way like other ads do. 

Well, they tried that, and it didn’t work. It didn’t really matter that now it was all in accordance with the natural functions of the site, pretty much all of us could see that this, 

is a fucking ad. That’s a goddamn ad that’s being put on our feeds against our will. Nobody followed fucking Microsoft, why in fuck would we do that? there’s nothing but ads on that account, and who the fuck wants ads? 

So now they have to go back to the drawing board, and figure out another way to make these ads appealing, even though they’re ads and everyone hates ads. 

So the marketing guys noticed how a new meme causes everyone to suddenly gain interest in a new piece of media, and how quickly viral content will spread in general. How, say, all those Doritos and Mountain Dew in MLG montages are basically free advertising, or how the slew of viral videos featuring horse head masks caused the sale of those particular horse head masks to skyrocket, etc etc. 

In the memes, they found a possible solution to this near-impossible conundrum that the industry is trapped in.

Basically, the way to make your ads not look like ads, is to make them look like your average viral content. You have to turn your brand into a meme in order to appeal. 

It was actually probably Denny’s that figured out the formula first, and they’re probably still one of the most successful examples. 

Think about it. Did Denny’s even HAVE to sponsor their posts? Or did we just all willingly reblog them because they were so fuckin weird, and we couldn’t believe a corporation was doing this shit? 

But now here’s the problem, and this is why the ads are failing to appeal, even more than obvious reasons like “they’re all putting existing and outdated memes in their ads, and its really uncreative and out of touch”: 

The problem is there’s no direct interaction with the audience. 

You know how the Denny’s blog answers asks? That’s exactly the sort of thing that’s lacking from all these corporate blogs, that’s why they’re still really obvious adspewers, and thus, why they’re so damn annoying (other than all the piggybacking on outdated memes, ofc). 

Other than Denny’s, I’ve only seen two isolated situations where a corporate blog actually responded to feedback of any kind: 

  1. That one time that a visual novel app actually announced two lesbian love interests in response to someone demanding gay content.
  2. That one time Episode got self-aware and mentioned Tumblr in an ad

The first response garnered actual respect for the app, while Episode’s ad caused everyone to burst into mock panic (which was par for the course, given how their strategy seems to be “become infamous for our wild ads, and maybe someone will be curious to try out our app”). 

Given how most of us will accept ads in the form of “signal boosts” from fellow tumblr users, it’s basically a given that, as a whole, we respond much better once we’re assured there’s an actual genuine person behind the ad, who is sincerely trying to reach out to us. 

So you know, why the fuck do all these marketing blogs, Episode, Battlecamp, Funyuns, Game of War, etc. 

why do they



talk to us? 

It’s simple:  

they can’t actually talk to us. 

Corporations have rules, regulations. These advertisers running the marketing accounts aren’t CEOs, they’re not even managers, they’re most likely low-level workers in the midst of the marketing branch of the company, a branch that, for the most part, has to follow the rules of the company, and are under extreme pressure (from company lawyers and the PR department) not to do anything out-of-line. 

Actually responding to asks or reblogs are a huge risk, and the people who command the guys who run these blogs have a bajillion reasons why they don’t want some bloody grunt to go saying whatever the hell they want on the official corporation’s tumblr blog.They could say something off-color and cause a scandal, or they could ruin the company’s professional reputation just by acting like a human being. When they log into that blog, the low-level grunt is supposed to be representing the entire corporation, a body made up of hundreds or thousands of people. You’d better damn well make sure they’re saying the right thing.

Running the official Denny’s blog probably takes a very organized and deliberate effort, along with a hella lot of risk, all to make those weird posts, reply to asks, even to figure out the perfect blend of surrealism and mundanity, while at the same time ensuring their product actually looks appealing. it probably takes a whole team to run that blog, if we’ll be honest. There’s probably 10 mods, who all have to be in close contact with not only each other, but with the boss. The boss has to trust them to not fuck up. It probably took a lot of careful planning and communication in order to figure out a stable system for all that. 

Episode couldn’t make a response to tumblr that wasn’t formatted like one of their usual ads, and they only made their (pseudo) response after a string of increasingly weirder ads convinced them that such a daring move like mentioning tumblr wouldn’t be a total disaster (well, more like convinced them that “total disaster” is something that should actually be their marketing ploy from now on).

Kisses and Curses (the aforementioned paranormal romance app) obviously was planning the female love interests already, and saw in that single comment a good opportunity to officially announce them. They also are most likely a smaller company, probably a single team that’s doing double duty on both content creation and marketing, giving them much less red tape if they wanted to answer a question like “but do the lesbians die,” or model future content after the desires of their target audience. They have a lot more freedom to be human, is what I’m trying to say. 

And while it’s fully possible that something can reach viral status and be beloved as a brand without having to respond directly to their audience, it’s pretty impossible to intentionally pull that sort of thing off, especially when you’re advertising a product or service. That kind of viral fame depends on being unexpected and unexplained, an enigma, really, and as a result, any strategy you find that actually works will only ever work the first time. The second person who tries the same thing will be labeled an obvious copycat.

TL;DR: the field of advertising is struggling to figure out how to adapt to an audience that hates the very existence of ads, and their only strategy is to make their ads less and less ad-like, and make their marketing accounts more like actual users and content creators. 

However, due to the structure and size of the companies themselves, they can’t actually do that. Fully committing to their emulation of content creators would mean they’d have to let the employees who run these blogs freely respond to their audience, and actively communicate with them. That’s a risk that no company is fully willing to take, and thus, all these advertisers are forced to make shitty content bandwagoning off the latest trends, and cross their fingers that someone finds the mess appealing on an ironic level. 

Everyone’s pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the only way out of the shitty ads is to literally redefine the whole concept of marketing, because we just flat-out hate all ads nowadays, no matter what they are or how they come to us.  


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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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If you are interested read below for more information!

By commissioning me you are agreeing to my commission rules.  I reserve the rights to all my artwork made by me and to upload with proper credit to the commissioner. As a client you may not claim the artwork as your own, remove my signature, or re-upload/print my work for profit.

Commission Rules

1. If you want to commission me, DM me on tumblr. We will talk further then.
  (please dont message me if my commissions arent open)

2. I use Paypal only, for all payments. I will accept full pay before I start or half
   in the beginning and half when im finished.

3. I reserve the right to decline any commission requests without a given

4. Please provide me with visual references and information about your
   character if I am to be drawing an OC or it is a character I am unfamiliar with.

5. I will provide you with an average time frame for your commission, but times
   may vary depending on the complexity and my time availability ( I both have a
   job and am a collage student)

6. I am have the right to post the finished product on my Tumblr, unless you
   request to keep it unpublished.

7. The commission will be started as soon as the discussed payment is received

8. If for any reason I become unable to finish a commission on my own accord
   the commissioner will receive a full refund.

9. I will keep in constant contact with you and provide updates regarding
   progress of the piece.

10. You will receive a final sketch to make any final changes.  Once this final
     sketch is approved, you will not be able to make any more adjustments of
     the piece.

Payment Info
Payments are through Paypal only.
- I will send an invoice to you for payment
- If you wish to to cancel your commission during any point before the final
 sketch, you will receive a 50% refund.
- If you wish to cancel the commission after the final sketch, you will receive no

-If you are interested in a watercolor piece please read below for some rules that apply strictly to watercolor commissions)

1. The largest paper I will paint on is 9x12

2. I paint on watercolor paper, not canvases.

3. Keep in mind that materials are expensive.

4. I will not do detailed backgrounds for watercolor

5. I can physically mail the finished product to you but there will be shipping and
   packaging fees.

By commissioning me, you, the commissioner, are agreeing that you  understand and agree to all of the rules listed above.

Commissions are first come first serve. You can view all of my art /Here/

Things I will draw:
-Ships (nothing nsfw though)

Things I wont draw:
-Underaged ships

If there is anything I missed or questions you still have after reading the rules, please dont hesitate to ask me.  

Baby Girl

Summary: You have a baby girl after 2 boys.

a/n: HERES ANOTHER DAD!SHAWN. btw, I found out how to permalink on this mobile browser with flash player so I just updated and fixed any errors in my masterlist (if there is any, please dont be shy to tell me!! I do not bite) on desktop websites, my recent work is also updated and will be updated. make sure to check that masterlist out yo. and also give me thoughts, constructive criticism, maybe just plain criticism, fact check, correct me?? idk 

One nice spring day, a baby girl was born to you and Shawn after previously having two boys. The whole world was excited and happy to hear of her arrival, the second biggest thing that year. 

The symptoms showed unexpectedly and you instantly knew what was going on–another baby was on the way. After two baby boys, you and Shawn were seriously hoping for baby girl. With the two boys, you had an easy pregnancy–they did not give you any trouble. But baby girl gave you a lot of trouble and pain. She had very strong legs while she was in the womb specially when she heard her daddy’s voice. You can already tell she’s gonna be daddy’s girl.

On the day that Shawn found out that it was gonna be a girl, you didn’t know if he was gonna scream because of happiness or cry his eyes out. He did start to joke about buying a gun in America because of his new baby girl and of the loose gun laws there. Your two boys were very excited that they were gonna get a new playmate, other than that they didn’t really understand anything considering that they were only three and five years old. 

To top the hard pregnancy, your 14-hour labor iced the top of the cake for you and Shawn. This third baby was the last one–no more. She came out with a cry and almost a head full of hair, it explained why you got heart burns often. She had brown curly hair that matched Shawn’s and the boys’. She was nothing but perfect. 

Three pairs of pretty much the same color brown eyes stared at the tiny bundle, that was sleeping in the crib, while you slept after all her checks and you nursing. You were exhausted. 

“Baby’s tiny!” The now second child, Emerson Flynn, said very loudly which made the baby squirm a little bit. He meant that the baby is tiny. Unlike his older brother, Emerson was like the typical three year old with his speech. He did not have the advanced speaking skills that Caden has. 

“Shh, Emerson. The baby is sleeping,” The oldest, Cadence Emmanuel, told Emerson very loudly. 

“Boys, you can’t be too loud. Your mommy and your sister is sleeping,“ Shawn whispered, the three boys did not take their glance off the baby girl at all. 

“What’s her name, daddy?” Caden asked, still staring at the baby. 

Shawn smiled, remembering a question and answer a few years back. “We named her Skylar. We don’t know her middle name yet.” Shawn never baby talked to the kids, he read somewhere that kids shouldn’t be baby talked–they needed to know what actual words sounded like and you’re the ones they talked to a lot.

“Kyla?” Emerson blurted out, causing the baby to squirm a lot more. Emerson couldn’t pronounce Skylar and Shawn actually liked that nickname and repeated it to himself. 

Shawn, Caden, and Emerson watched every single one of her movement. Shawn noticed that she was about to wake up, scared that Kyla was gonna cry and you will have to nurse her. She didn’t cry when she woke up, she stretched instead. She finally opened her eyes and Shawn’s heart was fluttering–this is the first time they have ever seen her eyes even if her eyecolor won’t show up until a few days after. Caden and Emerson were silent, not even a word. She looked directly at the three guys staring at her, and gave them what seems like a smile.

For the third time in his life, his world just completely stopped. There was nothing else except for his two sons, his sleeping wife, and his baby girl. Just from looking down at that few hour old baby girl, those three pairs of brown eyes and heads of curls knew that they loved her so much that she will probably rule the house. They also will drag anyone who hurts her through hell. Well, Shawn thought that. The two other boys will think the same later on.

Like a Harriet, rules the home. Shawn thought. Skylar Harriet Mendes


Rules: Tag 20 people

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1.Drink: orange juice

2.Phone call: my mom <3

3.Text message: @blackthoughtsnow

4.Song you listened to: nct dream - my first and last love

5.Time you cried: Just a few minutes ago (because of the drama cinderella and four knights)


6.Dated someone twice: no.

7.Been cheated on: No. (i haven´t dated anyone so yeahh.)

8.Kissed someone and regretted it: no. (the only thing i did was a “touch of the lips” and that i regret)

9.Lost someone special: yeah.

10.Been depressed: i don´t really now…

11.Gotten drunk and thrown up: never.


- Blue, green and pink pastel.

15.Made new friends: yes.

16.Fallen out of love: first i need to fall in love.

17.Laughed until you cried: yes. (several times)

18.Found out someone was talking about you: yes.

19.Met someone who changed you: maybe…

20.Found out who your true friends are: yes.

21.Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no.


22.How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: half… maybe.

23.Do you have any pets: yes! i have 3 dogs , called Sabo, Rosna e Fluffy. I also have a bunny called Abílio.

24.Do you want to change your name: no.

25.What did you do for your last birthday: I invited some friends and we went lunching togeter.

26.What time did you wake up: noon.

27.What were you doing at midnight last night: playing games.

28.Name something you cannot wait for : HAve a nice job, a nice house and sehun.

29.When was the last time you saw your mother: a few minutes ago. 

30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish i didn´t think so much about somethin. I put to many “if”´s in my life. So i am always stressed, because of school. it might not look like it in the outside, but in the inside i´m dying.

31.What are you listening to right now: nothing.

32.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no.

33.Something that is getting on your nerves: exams.

34.Most visited website: tumblr and youtube.


36. High School: ✔ (doing it)

37.College/university: no

38.Hair color: light brown.

39.Long or short hair: medium sized hair.

40.Do you have a crush on someone: i don´t know if it is a crush YET! but i have a normal, real crush on sehun. and because of that i know my life is ruined.

41.What do you like about yourself: people can count on me?

42.Piercings: no.

43.Blood type: No clue.

44.Nickname: don´t have one.

45.Relationship status: Single until i meet sehun. ;´)

46.Zodiac sign: capricorn.

47.Pronouns: She/her.

48.Favorite tv show: i love to many tv-shows so… yeah

49.Tattoos: none, although I do want one.

50.Right or left hand: right.


51.Surgery: never had one.

52.Piercing: none.

54.Sport: To play, dodgeball. To watch? swimming.

55.Vacation: nowhere. Just a home body since my family doesn’t have the time for it with work and all.

57.Eating: just ate soup and a slice of pizza.

58.Drinking: Nothing.

59.I’m about to: get ready for bed. 

60.Listening to: nothing.

61.Waiting for: the exams to be over.

62.Want: Too many to list.

63.Get married: sehun or sehun. difficult choice.

64.Career: english teacher or translator.


65.Hugs or kisses: hugs?

66.Lips or eyes: lips and eyes

67.Shorter or taller: taller.

68.Older or younger: older.

70.Nice arms or nice stomach: Arms. They have to be able to carry me :’)

71.Sensitive or loud: both.

72.Hook up or relationship: relationship.

73.Troublemaker or hesitant: a little bit of booth. but a little more of troublemaker.


74.Kissed a stranger?: i haven´t even kissed someone i know!

75.Drank hard liquor?: no.

76.Lost glasses contact/lenses?: no.

77.Turned someone down?: no.

78.Sex on first date?: no.

79.Broken someone’s heart?: i dont know.

80.Had your heart broken?: yes, by ex-friends

81.Been arrested?: never.

82.Cried when someone died?: yes.

83.Fallen for a friend?: no.


84.Yourself?: Absolutely not.

85.Miracles?: Not really.

86.Love at first sight?: dont believe in it.

87.Santa Claus?: no

88.Kiss on the first date?: no. where is the date?

89.Angels?: my mom is one.


90.Current best friend’s name: i have close friends but i don´t have someone that i can call best friend.

91.Eye color: brown.

92.Favorite movie: rush hour 1,2 and 3

Now to tag 20 people…I honestly don’t know that many people so I´m going to tag my favorite people on tumblr. i problably never talked to them, but i love they are my favourite tumblrs.

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Friendship Tag

i was tagged by @mostawesomepineapple ! thank you sm mishy gods you made my day

The rules are simple, list the people you consider friends that you have made on Tumblr and why you like that person, then tag some people to find out who they consider to be friends.

In no particular order:

@tiberiusblacktorn ele you were the reason i started posting here in the first place. i honestly have no idea where id be without you and i cant even express how grateful i am to have been friends with you! also thanks for the url. agh i remember the cringe booklover723 days. anyway i really really want to thank you for inspiring me and boosting my chronically low self esteem with every kind thing you said about either me or my writing… ilysm

@tiberius-herondale aliyah agh i cant even your writing is amazingggggggg. i particularly thought of you for this tag because i remember when i first came on here your writing was the first thing that caught my interest in the fandom. when i finally worked up the courage to talk to you, you were so incredibly kind and helped me develop as a writer. thank you sm for being a great friend and hopefully we can talk more soon!

@kierancfthehunt june. i dont even know what to say, other than i think you’re amazing. i feel comfortable telling you anything bc i know you’ll understand and help me through whatever is happening at the time. i just wanted to say that i missed talking to you sm when i was away and hope we can talk soon. thank you.

@catarinalosss well, i hope we’re friends but i had to put you down bc you’re honestly a great person. i really enjoyed the brief conversations we’ve had and appreciate your help with my bio and giving credit to the artists. also your posts make my day just a little brighter. i love seeing your stuff on my dash

@mostawesomepineapple of course mishy. of course i had to include my amazing friend that i’ve actually TALKED TO IRL. mishel, you are literally the sweetest person ever. i missed you sm when i was away it literally hurt my soul. my girllll, you are so talented and amazing and i cannot believe i was as lucky as i was to find a friend like you. hopefully we can talk again face to face soon and catch up! ily to the moon and back babe

now for my section for the sisterhood…

@blackthorn-twins ah sas. my first friend on tumblr. i have so much love for you and am so glad i finally pushed aside my severe social awkwardness to talk to you. i wish you were on gc more often bc i’ve been missing my moon. anyway, ilyyyyyy and talk to you soon babe

@livvyswifi emma carstairs. em. the friend that actually lives in my continent! i vaguely remember talking to you over dm in italy about writing together, but we actually started writing like months later. honestly you are the kindest, most real, down to earth person i have ever met and maybe some day we can meet irl

@alexandraherondaleblackthorn ALIIIII!!! ali im so glad you’re my friend and we got to get to know each other in the gc. tbh you’re so sweet, friendly, and kind of amazing and im so glad to have a friend as awesome as you. as a fellow hamilfan you’re my absolute HoMiE girllll

@ladyofroses el belle. my life coach/queen/competitor/chef. without you, i cannot imagine myself being motivated to do anything at all. you’re all of our cheerleaders, a true team player with a heart bigger than cristina’s. and that’s saying something. ilysm girl and i loved the time when we spammed the gc w messages of crowns and MANY pancakes.

@justafangirlwithideas kaat. i have so much to say. we are the ultimate fangirls across four fandoms (cc’s books obvi, six of crows, glee, hamilton) and idk what id do without your encouragement and creativity in my life. honestly you have made such a big impact on everyone in the gc lives and even mineeee!! ilyyyyyy and you’re a best friend a girl could ever have

@cristinqrosales A.L.E. I.c.a.n.t.e.v.e.n aghhhhhhhhhhh omg i love the way your kindness and positive aura invites everyone around you to talk and be friends with you. i personally am super jealous of your ability to make friends and be kind to others and aspire to someday be at your level. ilysm and see you in gc!!

@heronstqirs birsu what to say, what to say. you are such a kind person and have become the biggest fignesa shipper which i appreciate…god this is stupid im sorry. but ily bc of your spamming selfies and great input on life making everyone want to be around you with what i called a natural leaders presence. i think that you are amazing and can really change the world someday.

@sania0810 the. asks. are. our. thing. honestly, i can remember doing them so many times and my parents asked me what i was doing that was making me smile so much and i was like, ‘i finally met a friend’ and they were all like weirded out bc it came from nowhere. i wanna thank you so being such a ray of sunshine on all of our days, days when we have exams, or had a hard time at school, you’re always there with what seems to be a smile on your face and kindness in your eyes. and yes i know i cant even see you but thats how well i have come to know you. i just know.

@kiaaan ki. my savior from across many oceans. my sister thats so far away from me, it physically and mentally hurts my soul. ilysm and im so glad i found you. i actually found you through one of rosey’s reblogs and i had been seeing you on my dash for like decades and then i actually went outta my comfort zone for once and commented on something about dead phones or whatever. and then i remember the adv math struggle, the online sleepover, everything, leading up to now. ily kay and you really are one of my best friends and the glue that holds our little group together. im ure i can speak for everyone else when i say we love you. ok im done. catch me on instaa and i hope exams went ok

i tag the people who i think are my friends above and anyone else that wants to do it!!

ps: this took me more than an hour to compose agh leave it me to be this emo goddddd

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Omg what's her user?? ( k talk or w/e )

i personally haven’t encountered them since my incident last year which i’ll tell the story of below, but you can find psas here, here, here, and here. i personally know her as jazzy.

ALSO: she tends to join/make rps involving canon celebs, oc celebs, rich kids, and apparently now slave rps. from everything i’ve seen/heard/read, she sticks to tumblr rp but i wouldn’t put it past her to branch out. she also likes harry styles, louis tomlinson, kat mcnamara, perrie edwards, hailee steinfeld, sabrina carpenter, selena gomez, ariana grande, and apparently she is bella thorne (girl hmu w blackbear’s number fr i’ll treat him better). back then, she was consistently stating that she’s in the pst timezone and uses she/her pronouns. she also used to use wtvrz in urls a lot and hyphens between first and last names. i dont know her url style now bc i’ve been trying to like forget it cause it was a really bad time for my anxiety.

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wanna chat? pt. 14

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

i got my harry potter nerd on for this chapter, mostly because i wanted to write and didn’t know what to write about

also, i’m glad you all liked the previous chapter <3

dipshit = adrien
fergie = alya
no = nino
dancing queen = mari



fergie: its 2 quiet in here
time for the #discourse

no: no

fergie: shit im blanking
i need a topiC
@the babs: someone pls

no: i refuse to support this

dipshit: Anything?

fergie: yes

dipshit: Ok give me a second

no: fuck dude i just wanted a day of chill

fergie: babe with friends like us thats just not possible

dancing queen: What are we doing??

dipshit: Hogwarts house discourse

no: i cant believe i have to break up with you

fergie renamed this conversation to “hogwarts house discourse”.

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[1] drink: diet coke

[2] phone call: my best friend

[3] text message: my best friend

[4] song you listened to: Woman by Harry Styles

[5] time you cried: yesterday

[6] dated someone twice: last year

[7] been cheated on: never

[8] kissed someone and regretted it: once

[9] lost someone special: my oma three years ago

[10] been depressed: most days

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: never, I don’t throw up when I drink


[12] purple

[13] blue

[14] pink


[15] made new friends: yes

[16] fallen out of love: yes

[17] laughed until you cried: a lot

[18] found out someone was talking about you: yep

[19] met someone who changed you: i dont think so tbh

[20] found out who your true friends are: yes 

[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: yes

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: the majority on some level. 

[23] do you have any pets: 2 cats and a dog

[24] do you want to change your name: yes

[25] what did you do for your last birthday: I went to the cinema with my best friend, then we had dinner and then I went out again with him and my family.  

[26] what time did you wake up: like 12?

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: on tumblr lol

[28] name something you cannot wait for: Dunkirk and Back to You. Also Louis’ album and to try and get tickets to Harry’s tour. 

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: couple hours ago. 

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my state of mind

[31] what are you listening to right now: the sound of my dog breathing

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes seven years ago 

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: rudeness 

[34] most visited website: tumblr, twitter, youtube, facebook and gmail

[35] elementary: i went to two primary schools one was horrible the other was great  

[36] high school: I’ve been to three high schools two were awful, one was good

[37] college: i just finished college this week until september  

[38] hair colour: naturally dark brown but its now light blonde

[40] do you have a crush on someone: yes my best guy friend, i thought i was over it. I even said so to him but the feelings are back. 

[41] what do you like about yourself?: my hair, my eyes, my lips

[42] piercings: nope

[43] blood type: idk

[44] nickname: tash, tashie, tasha 

[45] relationship status: single  

[46] zodiac sign: aquarius

[47] pronouns: she/her

[48] fav tv show(s): Big Bang Theory, Friends, The Vampire Diaries, Jane the Virgin

[49] tattoos: none

[50] right or left handed: right


[51] surgery: mouth

[52] piercing: none

[53] best friend: Jennifer in primary school, haven’t seen her since I was 9 or 10. 

[54] sport: swimming 

[55] vacation: um maybe Croatia?

[56] pair of trainers: idk

[57] eating: who knows

[58] drinking: idk

[59] i’m about to: post this

[60] listening: nothing

[61] waiting for: nothing

[62] want: to see Harry on Tour, listen to Louis’ album and marry eleanor and have Danielle on the side. 

[63] get married: yes

[64] career: Counselling 


[65] hugs or kisses: kisses 

[66] lips or eyes: eyes

[67] shorter or taller: taller

[68] older or younger: older by a couple of years

[69] romantic or spontaneous: romantic

[70] nice arms or nice stomach: nice arms

[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive

[72] hook up or relationship: relationship

[73] troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


[74] kissed a stranger?: no

[75] drank hard liquor?: not really

[76] lost glasses/contact lenses?: yes glasses

[77] turned someone down?: no

[78] sex on first date?: no

[79] broken someone’s heart?: yes last year

[80] had your own heart broken?: yes

[81] been arrested? no

[82] cried when someone died? yes

[83] fallen for a friend: yes, too many times


[84] yourself?: nope

[85] miracles?: maybe

[86] love at first sight?: no

[87] santa claus? no

[88] kiss on the first date?: yes

[89] angels? yes

[90] current best friend’s name: Sophia, Lucy, Arian

[91] eye colour: bue

[92] favourite movies: Brokeback Mountain, Dirty Dancing, Les Miserables, Titanic, Loving, Harry Potter series

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Im so sick and tired of tumblr’s toxic environment. It literally tries promote equality and respect but when someone who literally just doesnt know why something they did is offensive you all jump on their asses or maybe someone used a slur without really knowing and apparently that warrants for fucking death threats or when someone with a differing opinion shows up you call them disgusting and actual piece of shit.

What bothers me most is that everyone jumps on the bandwagon of hate so quickly without educating THEMSELVES first. Fucking stop it. If you find that your facts are wrong, correct yourself and stop spreading false info.

Prime example is todays Cup of China. Y’all are fucking bashing on Orser for letting him skate but you forget that Yuzu gets the last word, under current rules Orser does not have the authority to pull him out and here I see people saying that him and anyone involved should be banned for an entire year whereas an injured skater should be banned for the season. A skater’s career is short enough, you do not know shit you are not yuzuru hanyu or han yan, you are not the staff involved. You have absolutely zero right to be making declarations such as these.

Oh and by the way, nobody sees their decision as a good decision, but some have accepted their decision so now they want to congratulate them for their resolve and sticking through it and not giving up and making it an inspiring performance. You do not have the right to call these people names. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT THESE PEOPLE “SHOULD GET THEIR HEADS CHECKED”

Justin Bieber did not do all those things you said he did.

People on tumblr piss me off for two reasons. 

1. A lot of you are stupid when you trash things for no reason and then become a hypocrite.

2. Tumblr is full of sass accounts which aren’t funny and are hateful for no reason. 

Clearly, inheriting those two traits, has resulted into a hateful post about pop star Justin Bieber in which you trash him for something he did not do or was blown out of proportion. You have become society aka the media. You trash society for its ways yet here you are doing the same thing you claim to go against. 

Let me get started. Beliebers, this one is for you

~lists a bunch of blown out of proportion and never happened events as “reasons”~

My dear freaks, Justin never said rape happens for a reason. Let me tell you what really happened. 

Justin was interviewed by Rolling Stone and the topic of abortions came up. Here is EXACTLY what he said.

After reading that, please pat yourself on the back because it’s okay to be stupid. What’s not okay, is spreading lies. Clearly Justin was saying it’s not okay to kill a baby and when asked about rape, he said everything happens for a reason and quickly followed it with but I don’t know how that would be a reason. He also continues to say how he wouldn’t judge it right now since he was never in that situation. For a 16 year old boy (at the time), that’s a perfect response. I bet 99% of you would have said something stupid and wouldn’t have been able to back it up. Well congrats on being an idiot! 

2) Justin wrote in Anne Frank’s guest book that he wishes that she was a Belieber. 

That’s true. He did indeed write that which was stupid of him but leave it to you guys to not know the reasoning behind this. 

Firstly, you’re hating on him for what he wrote but lets talk about how on his free day, he took the chance to visit Anne Frank’s guest house meanwhile you morons probably didn’t even read the book in middle school or high school as you were assigned to. On his FREE DAY, he visited her house while you people would have probably sat on tumblr all day talking shit about someone instead of doing something like that. Now that I cleared that, lets talk about why he wrote that.

I love the part where you missed the part where Justin says it was inspiring to visit it and when he called her a great girl! 

Anne Frank was a big fan of pop culture back in the day and when he learned about that, he thought it would be cool if she was a fan of his if she were alive today. When knowing that small piece of information, that should change your subjective look on this comment of his. Also, in the house Anne Frank stayed in during the Holocaust, she had posters up of pop stars from back in the day so knowing she was interested in pop culture, he wondered if she would be his fan. Not exactly a smart comment of his but it doesn’t make him a bad person especially since his manager’s family have Holocaust survivors and they spoke up about this and said Justin didn’t mean it in any rude way and that they love him. That’s coming from Holocaust survivors. Thought I’d say it again considering you guys like to leave out details. 

Feeling stupid? Good, you should. 

Moving on.

3) When asked to try being a vegan, he gagged and spat out a steak that had been specifically ordered for him.

Now I know you guys aren’t calling him out on not liking a specific food. Do I even need to begin to explain how stupid this is?

Actually, let me explain the part where that never happened. 

This was first reported by HollywoodLife which has never been a trust worthy site ever once in its life. They also claim that his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez said that the vegan diet turned him into a jerk when Selena never said that. Pretty sure what happened was that Justin didn’t like the vegan diet and decided to not continue on with it. That’s all. He didn’t make some scene at a restaurant or anything. Good job tumblr people! You stay lying!

4) He makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live even though he can afford having all tickets be 50 bucks instead of 100+ for mezzanine seats.

Incorrect, once again. 

Lower Level Seating
$36.00 - $86.00
$47.25 - $101.45 w/ Ticketmaster fees

Upper Level Seating
$36.00 - $76.00
$47.25 - $91.20

Also, Justin doesn’t choose his ticket prices. Many different qualities go into this decision. His management decides based on his status and where he's performing. You possibly can’t pay the same amount of money for a Justin Bieber ticket as you will for someone like Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez considering Justin is the bigger star. 

The more I read of this stupid hate post, the more I get bored of these stupid attempts to hate someone.

And then you say this

Yeah? And when was that? That has NEVER been reported. And why exactly would he go to a children’s hospital and act like that? Exactly, he wouldn’t. And then you wanna tell me he left when the cameras turned off YET THERE ISN’T ONE PHOTO OF HIM AT THAT HOSPITAL IN ENGLAND. 

Here’s what really happened 

So how exactly do you confuse the part where he took time to chat with patients INDIVIDUALLY and sign some autographs; and twist it to make it sound like some monster, is beyond me.

And no, he didn’t attack no photographer (they’re called paparazzi you uneducated humans) at the hospital. Unlike most celebrities, he didn’t give the paparazzi a call before arriving at the hospital. 

You guys are really low. 

True. And he’s an idiot for doing that but he was drunk (just like most teenagers get drunk). And him doing that while being drunk, isn’t a reason to hate someone. When people are drunk, they do stuff like abuse their families and more but all he did was pee in a restaurant MOP BUCKET. Not a fucking kitchen. A MOP BUCKET. And if it was your friend, you wouldn’t care. 

Pretty sure she wasn’t drunk than and neither was Ed Sheeran when he peed in the back of a bus as he admitted.

That never happened and there is no proof of it and considering 99% of these “Reasons to hate Justin Bieber” is full of lies, lets just add this one to it also. 

I wonder if you’re referring to the part where Justin fainted backstage at a show yet refused to cancel the concert and continued the show leaving the stadium with chest pains and ending up at the hospital 

Let me keep going on with this ridiclous post that’s been going around on tumblr. 

Oh yeah? And you were with him then? I’m guessing not. 

That also never happened nor has it ever been reported or said by ANYONE. Do you guys even hear yourselves? 

You sure?

And when was that? Was it after this

or before this

For the record, he’s not banned for punched out Goofy since he didn’t punch out Goofy. 

No. He was late 20 minutes because of the extra fans he let in for free at the meet & greet before the show. Know your facts. 

Again, he was drunk. He also apologized when he TALKED to him and then wanted to help him out

“He attacked a paparazzo” HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET?? There’s a clear video of the paparazzi attacking him when he just wanted to get to his car after leaving the damn hospital the night before. They provoked him to YELL back. “Imagine you waking up and people are calling you a ‘fuckin moron’, ‘a little fuckin asshole’ and go to the extent to tell you go back to your fuckin country? how would you feel? and what the fuck i thought society wants an equal rights for everyone how dare you tell someone go back to their fuckin country, if you’re a pap and that’s your living you know the consequences, i understand that’s their living but there is plenty more jobs out there that can provide you to get by so dont tell me that bullshit that that’s the paps job, you wouldn’t like me calling you a fuckin moron out the clear blue on the side of the street and tell you go to your country you little cunt now would you?” Well said. (x)

In closing of this post:

Next time you guys plan to hate on someone, at least have a really good reason to because all I hear from Justin Bieber are good things. He’s surely messed up in the past (like any teenager) but he has a kind heart and has donated millions to charity. You guys aren’t aware of that since he doesn’t go around talking about it like every celebrity does.

I mean this is enough proof that he’s a good person.

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I will turn 18 in 2 days and it made me think about my early teenage years and it made me realize I was just 16 years old when I first joined tumblr so almost 2 years ago. It was amazing to be a part of tumblr, those 2 years meant so much to me and you know why? Because of all the incredible people I’ve met on here. I think it’s time to post my first follow forever to show you guys how awesome your blogs (and the people behind it) are and how much you guys mean to me srsly. 

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