the first rpg i ever played

Critical Fail Fall

My first time ever playing a tabletop RPG, and it was Call of Cthulhu.  Our players were on a cruise to Rio before getting shipwrecked, and a friend and I were running a married couple.  There were a lot of funny moments that came from this, but this one is my favorite.  For reference, we’re at the ship’s glass bar.  My character is also almost a full foot taller than my friend’s.

GM:  You hear the gentle patter of rain on the roof and see a flash of lightning before the ship’s power dies.  The lights go out and you feel the ship stop.  What do you do?

Me:  Since I’m an actor, I scream in the most cliche, overdramatic way possible and-

Other Player:  Wait wait wait, can you demonstrate?

Me: Sure? *Does the female equivalent of the Wilhelm scream*

GM:  *laughing* Alright, there was an “and” in there, what else were you gonna do?

Me: Can I roll to jump into my husband’s arms?

GM:  *laughing harder* Sure, medium Dex check, but he has to roll a strength check if you get it to make sure he doesn’t drop you.  No offense, but you’re heavier and he doesn’t have the strongest build.

Me:  *Rolls and laughs when I see my number*  I critically failed!  I’m gonna die of stupidity before the game even really starts!

GM:  [Friend’s character], you hear your wife scream and feel her jump before hearing the sound of shattering glass.  Congratulations, [my character] you shattered the glass bar and take two hp damage.

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A bunch of my friends and I have decided to play DnD. None of us have ever played nor do we know anyone nearby who's played. We've just done a lot of research. I'm going to be DMing. Any tips?

Hey, that’s awesome! I hope you all have a great time! And that’s my first suggestion. Your first session (or two or three) are going to be a bit clunky. You’re all learning the rules, they’re figuring out characters, you’re figuring out how to run the table. It’s gonna be awkward at times as you work it out. But don’t let that discourage you. As long as people are enjoying it- and that includes you- you ran a kick-ass session. So make that your goal.

Since you are learning the rules, I’m going to tell you the biggest one. Or, well, Captain Barbossa is:

You’ve got a couple of books of rules in front of you to tell you how the mechanics of the game work. Which is great. But also a little daunting. Read over stuff a couple of times, get a handle on things, but if you forget a rule in the heat of things? If you can find it pretty easily, great. If not, make a ruling, and stick with it consistently through the rest of the session. You can always do rules research between games, and it’s better to just make the call and keep the game going instead of dragging things to a stop to look something up.

Don’t get too locked in to a plot. Directing players is like… Well, herding cats would be easier sometimes. And it’s frustrating for them to feel railroaded. Set up your plot points, but let them figure out how they’ll traipse from one to the next.

A great tool of being GM- the luck roll. If a player has some weird request, like “Is there a (insert weird item) in the room?”, the sort of thing the rules don’t cover? Give it a luck roll. You roll a d20, the player rolls a d20, and if they roll higher, hey, good news! They’ve got it! (I mean, within reason. They usually can’t Luck Roll your way to getting your hands on Excalibur or something. Unless you decide they can! It’s your game, anon, you make the call.)
Because I know amazing GMs who will stumble and lock up when you do something like ask “So, what’s the name of that tavern?” This site can be your best friend.

If you’re feeling like you need a breather, the storyline is a mess and you don’t know where to go next? Don’t be afraid to tell your players, hey, ten minute break, go get some snacks while I work out this next bit.

Talk to your players a little bit after the session, find out what they enjoyed. Are they there for the combat? For cool story bits? To be all dashing and sneaky? This is useful, because it lets you know what kind of things they’re going to enjoy when you’re planning for next session. Think about an opportunity for every character to shine, because people like those moments.

I’m really certain that was kind of disjointed, and there are a lot of things I’m missing. But, most of all, have fun. Because if you aren’t enjoying it, there’s no point in being there.

Who else has tips?

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I've thought about a Youtubing AU for Team RWBY actually. Ruby is resident computer nerd and will put a liquid cooler on anything she can. She also knows OBS and other tools extremely well. Weiss is kind of a "Totalbiscuit" style personality, because she's spent so much time with Ruby she knows exactly what all the settings do and how they affect performance and all that and will talk about it at length. Blake is the one who streams at obscene hours of the night/morning and it's usually (1/2)

(2/2) is some chill open world stuff or RPGs, she LOVES the lore and will talk all day about Zelda timelines and similar stuff. Yang has action on lockdown, whether it be Dark Souls or DOOM, she’s down for a bit of carnage with a comedic twist and often drags the rest of them into videos and streams. Ruby’s the editor, she’s kinda like Grump’s Barry, at first she doesn’t show up in stuff but she does ever so slowly later.

Yeah see I think this is really fun. Like I imagine Yang as the console kid. She only plays Xbox/Playstation and goes for more of the AAA titles. She drags the other girls into Call of Duty Let’s Plays and shows off other big games like Dragon Age and Hitman. She’s currently playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and is a lot in love with Aloy. 

Blake is, as you said, the RPG nerd. She streams late at night and sometimes into the morning. She’s quieter than most of the others and likes to just let the games play and occasionally chime in with information or a funny thing here or there. Sometimes Yang will join her and raise a little chaos on the chill streams. Eventually she and Yang start playing WoW together regularly and it becomes their first big series that all the girls eventually join in on. Though Weiss thinks it’s boring and slow and hates it - but that’s part of the fun. 

Weiss is the multiplayer queen. She LOVES owning noobs online and talking shit. Weiss has a really popular Overwatch series where she just plays for a few hours every other day. She’s also really good at Battlefield and any sort of twitch shooter. She’s a sniper in most games and knows all the platforming tricks to get into the best spots. She also loves to teabag and will sometimes play Call of Duty rounds with no gun. Just a knife an infinite sprint.

Ruby is the retro gamer and resident PC nerd. She is a huge fan of older games like Mega Man and the original Zelda games. She loves Nintendo and takes her Switch EVERYWHERE. She’s also big into PC gaming and has the best setup. She is a completionist and, as you said, the resident techie who sets everything up and troubleshoots. Weiss has picked up on enough to help out but Ruby knows her shit.

Yes, I am a fan of this lol. 

Natural Death

For a touch of context , this is my girlfriend and I’s first rpg ever. I’m playing a necromancer and the team is fighting a big ass werewolf currently menacing an NPC ratfolk. I have two skeletons ready to flank.

Me: alright first skeleton attacks *rolls a nat 1*
DM: Ok, your skeleton attacks the werewolf with so much power, he disintegrates as soon as his bony limb makes contact.
Me: Well crap. Skeleton number 2 attacks then. *the attack hits, but only rolls a 1 for damage*
DM: The Skeleton strikes the werewolf with all his might, however, the beast doesn’t even notice. The Skeleton looks back to you expectantly.
Me: I give him a Thumbs up.

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Tell me about Mr. Baykal? I keep seeing him referenced, and am curious.

Mister Baykal.

Full Name: (deep breath) Carigrad Bab-i-Ali Konstantinyye Stamboul Istanbul Mister Baykal. (On arrival in the present day, he met someone with the first name of London, and got entirely the wrong idea how first names are meant to go. He doesn’t remember what he was Christened.)

Gender and Sexuality: Grey-asexual.

Pronouns: He/him.

Ethnicity/Species: Serbian-born Turkish citizen, Elemental Fireheart

Birthplace and Birthdate: A small village in Serbia, sometime in the early 16th century.

Guilty Pleasures: Coffee, humming under his breath

Phobias: Venetians

What They Would Be Famous For: Incredible 100-metre sprint.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Throwing grenades at anything that looked at him funny, strangling his boss the second it looked like polite conversation wasn’t going to get him anywhere.

OC You Ship Them With: Inga Kuhn

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Inga Kuhn

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Books of poetry, Jane Austen.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: He barely understands what a film is. 

Talents and/or Powers: Actually an Ifrit:

Very good at setting things on fire, stabbing things, shooting things, running after things in order to shoot them.

Why Someone Might Love Them: If someone needs artillery support and doesn’t mind it coming in the form of a seven-foot tall Janissary in a polo shirt.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Disasters fall off him like dandruff, for some reason he never seems to suffer for them.

How They Change: Eventually might be brought to accept that even Venetians are people too.

Why You Love Them: He’s the furthest I have ever reached for a reference, and, technically, the first pen and paper rpg character I ever made, although I haven’t ever actually played him in anything as of yet.

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What's yo fav Zelda game of all time ever?

Twilight Princess!! It was my first game in the series, and also the first RPG adventure game I played! Before that I mostly played arcade games, and like, the sims. I think TP made me appreciate games as an art medium , and I play a Lot more videogames since.

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What video games do you play? I know you play DA do you prefer RPGs? Ever get into the Final Fantasy series?

I strongly prefer turn-based RPGs actually. Dragon Age is the first ‘action’ RPG I’ve played, because I don’t generally like that format.

Games that I play, it’s a really big mix, especially as I have the retro NES build. Primarily I play through Steam or on 3DS or on phone though. But anyway, here’s a sampling of the ones I’ve played most! Most of these I’ve completed.

* Final Fantasy VII (Was my first FF in 1997)
* Final Fantasy VIII, IX, VI, and 1->5. I own some of the later ones but didn’t love them. I actually don’t love when realism trumps what I enjoy about gameplay.
* Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (favourite Final Fantasy game, on the 3DS)
* Stardew Valley (I have over 500 hours logged on this *head desks*)
* All of the main Pokemon games and also;
* Pokemon Conquest (I think I have 300 hours logged on this, lol)
* Child of Light
* Epic Battle Fantasy 4
* Morphopolis
* Super Panda Adventures
* Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3
* Galaga (lol)
* The first three Megaman games
* Just about all the Sonics thanks to a friend while growing up lol
* Phantasy Star Online
* Tsum Tsum
* Cook, Serve, Delicious!
* Wip3Out (and its steam equivalent, BallisticNG), particularly Fury.
* Botanicula
* Disgaea
* Evoland
* Legend of Zelda and Adventures of Link (I’ve only ever played NES Zelda lol)
* Plants vs. Zombies
* Ori and the Blind Forest
* Heroes of Mana
* ChronoTrigger
* Tekken / Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat etc. etc. etc.
* Tetris / Dr. Mario / etc.
* Grandia
* Ecco the Dolphin
* Panzer Dragoon

These days though, I mostly play Stardew Valley, Zen Koi and Tsum Tsum, lol. And then sometimes when I’m super mad I play Wip3Out in Elimination mode. I go through gaming phases. I can go months without doing it. And then I’ll do it really obsessively. I spend a lot of time looking for good turn-based RPGs and failing to find them. I think I’ve played most of the ones out there for the 3DS though, which is like, the last bastion of the turn-based RPG.

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Video games prompt: 4, 20, 27

Hiya anon-chan!!! okie~! *cracks knuckles*

@emigotchi your #20 is here lolol

4 - The worst game I ever played? hmnnnnn honestly…. FF Tatics and FF Crystal Chronicles. (the original with that stupid bucket)I actually really hate tactical Rpgs but there ARE a few that  I will play, but not these two. x’D.

20 - First video game that I ever played…. that I  can remember xD The Little Mermaid on NES. good gawd xD

27 -  Moment that made me cry…OMG TOO MANY TO FREAKING COUNT OH. MY. GOD. but my top two I cried like a baby moments are

#2 -  Aeris/Aerith laid to rest by Cloud - FFVII (using advent Children movie tho *whispers*  HURRY VII REMAKE! GDI)

NUMBER ONE MA-CHI CRY: *sobs into the abyss*

true story the part of FFVII:Crisis Core….  they have never ending Shinra soldiers…. so they just keep coming. I literally fought for over an hour, killing these respawning assholes, in denial that I couldn’t let Zack die. When my ex and my BFF(Now in heaven) sat there and my BFF he was like “Mandi…. you gotta let Zack die… Cloud can’t go do what he does in FFVII. You’ll see him again.”

So I here I am a sobbing mess, snot and all and I finally let them deplete my HP. and I watched these gifs crying like I never had before in my life. ;^; when Cloud found Zack dying.

I’m playing my first GURPS campaign and my second ever RPG, based in the My Hero Academia universe. My character is basically a bomb with anxiety (powers like Concussion from Zoom). Who also is developing really bad luck when it comes to running into walls. 

In the first training exercise I was flying through, rescuing dummies from a burning building. After passing the last victim through a hole in the crumbling wall, I decided to make a badass exit by doing a flying leap blasting out of the wall, doing the last bit of damage the house could take before it collapsed. 

I failed the attack roll to break the wall, the dexterity roll to jump through the hole, the strength roll to push through the crumbling wall, the roll to avoid the fire, and then rolled the maximum possible amount of damage I could take. Instead of making an epic exit, I faceplanted into a burning wall and then had to be rescued. 

In the latest session, we were doing fugitive captures and had our ‘wanted person’ (another student) cornered with a force field and surrounded. I wanted to try and grapple her, but my character didn’t realize the force field was there and in the spirit of not metagaming I decided to waste my attack and run at the open-looking area covered by the field. 

I expected to fail the attack. What I didn’t expect was to roll a critical failure on my dexterity save (3d6, all 6’s) and then roll another 6 on the 1d6 damage. My character lost over half their health on a headlong run into an invisible wall, and everyone (even the fugitive) skipped a round of combat to either bust out laughing or check to see if I was alright. 

(When I made another critical failure on my very next roll the DM just let me try again.)

Holy shit, I love Persona 5

I am not a super anime fan. In fact, I only watch anime for the fight scenes mostly, I could not identify an anime outside of Naruto and One Piece and even then I rather read the manga. I treat it like a cartoon that takes itself seriously with it’s story most of the time or is really camp at other times. Angel Beats made me cry and Naruto did resonate with me young high school self the first series. But you don’t see me touting the art form as everything Japan.

So after the disappointment of Mass Effect and how underwhelming Final Fantasy XV was, I decided to look on the other side of the pond. For years, people have been saying that Final Fantasy has lost it’s touch and Persona is the better RPG and I was like…okay. But I do not want to get invested in another 100+ hour game. 

Like forreal, Japan makes these games expecting that this is the only game you will ever play ever. And I feel that is rude of them. I mean I appreciate of intricate and how in-depth they make shit from their combat melee game or their adventure games, or even their stealth games, but what the fuck?

Sometimes I want to play a 20 hour game. Sometimes a short experience is enough for me.

Anyways, I decided to play Persona 5 and holy shit. I fucking love this game.

There is not a character that I do not love in this game. And that is what makes the story: the characters.

Let’s take Ann Tamaki. She is this Japanese part American girl who is ostracized for being beautiful and “exotic.” She is sex shamed without actually partaking in the sex that people like to think she has and people assume she is easy and ditzy. And quite honestly that is the worst kind of sex shaming. So assume that this character is going to be this meek girl who strives to be super good. NO! I was wrong.

Yes, Ann is sweet and thoughtful, but she does shy away from her sexiness. She just wants to own her sexuality and use it at her own autonomy. She also loves chocolate and does not take the model lifestyle seriously until she got owned in modeling by a rival. And instead of going the route that most nerds would expect by calling modeling superficial and shit, she shows how much hard work modeling is and shows a great deal appreciation for the work while at the same time, still striving to be a good person like her friend.

The scene where I fell in love with Ann was when prompted on why she did not exact revenge on her would be abuser and kill the bastard, instead of saying she forgave the jackass, she instead says that she would rather have him live with his mistakes and crimes as that fate is worse than death. And like Ryugi, I was taken back and exclaimed, “Holy shit.” This game took that “live and let live” bullshit and shot it in the fucking face and that is probably the most mature way of dealing with abuse and abusers that I have ever seen in a video game.

Moments like this are constant in the characters in which they have this character defining trait that makes them endearing. And I’ll be completely honest with you, Mass Effect rarely if ever had this effect on me. And I am not just talking about Andromeda. Like yeah, there are good characters, but a lot of times, I did not feel particularly close to them or in the case of the Mass Effect games, the crew outside of Shepherd did not actually seem like family, if that makes sense.

I mean compared to Persona 5, every relation you have seems  exclusive to you. You ever wonder what Tali would discuss with Jack or Miranda? Those interactions are far and few in between. They don’t seem to discuss anything with one another in spite of going on a Suicide Mission with each other. The same goes with Tali/Jack, Tali/ Grunt, Tali/Jacob, Tali/Thane,Tali/Javik, Tali/Vega, Garrus/Thane, Garrus/Jacob, Garrus/Jack, and etc. Like there were times where I was caught off guard in cutscenes where characters acted like they knew eachother or hung out and I was like …”when?” 

In Persona, every member of my party has a relationship with another member of my party. They interact and hang out with each other outside of me and it is shown that they do. Ann and Ryugi are close friends who have known eachother since middle school. When Ann tried to get Ryugi to train her by using her sex appeal, Ryugi shot her down unexpectedly and treated her doing so as a bothersome. They joke around with each other in ever scene they are in and a purely friendly way. Makoto finds Ryugi’s lack of discipline worrisome and takes it upon herself to get him to study. Yosuke and Ryugi have a weird friendship and which Ryugi finds Yosuke eccentric personality to be strange and Yosuke just continues to be as dramatic and encentric as possible completely unaware of Ryugi’s discomfort. Ryugi and Futaba start out weird and which Futaba’s straight forwardness and intelligence overwhelms Ryugi.

And that is just one character’s relationship with the cast outside of the protagonist. The only character where this is lacking is Haru and that is because you pick her up late in the story.

Like there is so much I can say about this game, but you get the picture. This game was an awesome experience. I am glad that Japanese RPGs are coming back and are shutting down the Western market of underwhelming video games.

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Are you going to review Sonic Chronicles soon?

I reviewed Sonic Chronicles at TSSZ when it came out. (Probably one of my first reviews for the site, actually, so do know that I’ve grown a lot as a writer since then)

The consensus I had at the time: Sonic Chronicles was very average. Its story was probably the best Sonic’s ever had (not a high water mark, granted) and the battle system was decent, but ugly 3D models, abhorrent music, an obtuse interface, and poor touch screen detection got in the way of whatever positives the game has.

The Nintendo DS was a very RPG-heavy platform and there were a lot of better alternatives worth playing before considering Sonic Chronicles.

There’s also the issue of the ending, which caps off a mediocre game with a narrative cliffhanger followed by an obnoxious bit of fourth wall breaking (Sonic and Tails personally tease the player, boasting you’ll have to “wait for the next episode” to find out the conclusion that obviously was never coming). It left a very sour taste in my mouth and definitely ranks up there with some of the worst endings I’ve ever experienced in any game.

In spite of this, I think Sonic Chronicles gets a worse rap than it maybe deserves, but then I also haven’t played it since 2008.

Replaying Knights of the Old Republic II, my favorite RPG of all time and oh the nostalgia. Still as good as it was the first time I played. Expect some KOTOR doodles after this. XD

I will forever be salty that KOTOR III never happened and we were instead given that horrid MMO that destroyed Revan and the Exile’s stories. 

Reasons I love horizon:zero dawn

Aloy is frickin’ amazeballs, she’s so damn sassy I can’t even!

The overall look of the game, the graphics are amazing and the enviroments are supervaried. From desert to snowy landscape and everything between

The characters OMG! I fell in love with Erend from the first convo with Aloy. He’s so cute and charming, like a big badass teddybear. I find almost every sidecharacter interesting *wink Avad, Nil, Erend wink* and that hasn’t happened to me since Dragon age: inquisition!

Not like almost everyother RPG out there that has too many meaningless sidequests and collect quest but has just the right amount of content to keep the player invested (shoutout to Witcher 3 that has great sidequests)

ROBOTS vs REDHEAD with a bow. I rest my case

KUDOS to Guerilla games for creating one of the best games I’ve ever played

and many more!

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(3/2) with that said though there is a heck of a lot of room for improvement like it is easy to get bored with the lame level design in a game like skyrim but in its defense it was the first truly open world game that i ever played and i got 50 hours out of it before i started getting really hit hard by the repetitive nature of it... and then i discovered all the faction quests and milked another 30 hours lol

yeah i mean i wont blame you, i got into tes young and it milked a lot of hours from me as well. But there are just so man obviously glaring design flaws that its just frustrating for me to play now. I think TES is great like beginner material for people to experience an open world RPG, but from there once you milk it for all it’s worth you start hungering for better, more options, that’s why i moved to DnD

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For every @ I get, I have to tag someone I love/look up to!
a meme  for  @bushidou

      OK,  SO  HAVE  i  told  you  guys  how  much  i  actually  love  @rosalithe ?  because  their  portrayal  of  peach  is  one  of  my  favorite  things  on  my  dashboard!!  i  love  watching  them  create  new  relationships  with  muses  scattered  all  over  the  nintendo-verse  and  those  far  outside  of  it.  being  able  to  rp  with  her  in  my  Mario-RPG  verse  has  been  so  liberating,  as  it  was  the  very  first  game  i  had  ever  played  in  my  entire  life.  and  believe  it  or  not,   it  was  my  gateway  to  zelda,  final  fantasy  and  castlevania !  in  all  of  mario-RPG,  my  favorite  characters  were  peach  and  bowser.  i   loved  how  they  worked  together  and  got  along  after  defeating  booster.  i  loved  her  entire  dynamic–  fearless  princess  that’ll  beat  you  to  death  with  a  frying  pan,  no  matter  who  you  are !  don’t  mess  with  the  mushroom  kingdom  !

  another   person  that  i  absolutely  adore  is  @valkiriya.  this  muse  was  my  very  first  venture  into  interacting  with  the  overwatch  fandom–  and  i  was  absolutely  floored  by  how  much  rose  loved  angela?  i’m  so  excited  for  our  threads  because  ADVENTURE  THREADS !!   and  seeing  a  world  outside  of  hyrule  and  sharing  hyrule  with  angie  and  genuienly  ENJOYING  her  company ?  like–   its  always  a  complete  fudging  rucking  JOY  to  see  rose  on   my  dash.  so  you  need  to  follow  them  immediately !!

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what is the first video game you started obsessively playing and loving? how many hours have you put into skyrim? who do you like better: the altmer or the dunmer?

- The first video game I really got into was Diablo II, followed closely by Final Fantasy X, both of which I played around age 15! I’ve been RPG trash ever since.

- Steam says I’ve spent 207 hours on Skyrim (though it’s a little longer than that actually because I first played Skyrim on PS3).

- anon, my buddy my pal, don’t do this. Don’t make me choose between my two favourite races of Trash Elves, this is cruel and I can’t do it (ok it’s probably Dunmer but it’s a reeeeaaallly close one okay)

ask me stuff!


whoo! watchers! idk that i ever actually talked much about the pillars kids but listen….. i love them and i cannot wait for deadfire 

raana brighthollow is actually an ooooold oc, as in the first rpg oc i ever had ever. she’s a (half) elf wizard, Too Good Too Pure but will also fuck up your day if she has too. she’s been through some shit and came out stronger for it, and really truly believes in trying her hardest to make the world a better place.

anja the mystic is  a morally questionable asshole. human/moon godlike, priest of skaen, and bitter as fuck. she’s actually not a watcher, but accompanies raana as one of the “adventurers” you can hire. it’s definitely for plot and story reasons and not because i needed a priest and didn’t want to drag durance around everywhere. totally not that. 

neria eleri, my beautiful tiny rage child. orlan/death godlike barbarian who’s really tired of all this “watcher” nonsense and just wants a) to travel, b) to build up caed nua and throw a really fancy party, and c) eder. also, puns, bc nothing unites people like unified groaning at a shitty joke.