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How would the Reaper, Ink, Error, Fresh, SF and UF Sans's react to waking up next to their S/O for the first time?

Reaper Sans

He’s just staring at you, completely amazed at how you’re still alive. Wait, you’re still alive right? He checks your breathing and sighs in relief. Assuming that he’s fully clothed, he just pulls you close and listens to your breathing. 


Ink can’t stop grinning. You look so perfect, so peaceful, that he grabs his notebook and sketches your sleeping form until you wake up. He shows you the picture and it’s a masterpiece. 


He’s wondering how you got close to him in the first place. Error is honestly freaked out because he does not like anyone in his personal space so he moves as far away from you as possible. When you wake up, he lectures you to respect his space. 


Literally, Fresh doesn’t have emotions. He has no reaction. 

Swapfell Sans

Black is smiling and takes a picture to tease you later. But really though, he’s happy that you trust him enough to not attack you in your sleep. He has to get to work, but he lays there for a few more minutes than usual because of how relaxed he is. 

Underfell Sans

Holy shit, Red doesn’t want to move. He’s afraid that he might accidentally wake you up and this moment will be over forever. He watches over you to make sure that you’re comfortable and slowly brings himself closer to you, nuzzling your neck. He soon falls asleep again. 

[ NEWS ] Ancient Chinese sword unearthed after 2,300 years by archaeologists is still shiny

A Chinese sword removed from its scabbard for the first time in more than 2,000 years was so well-preserved it was still shiny.

Archaeologists discovered the ancient weapon, believed to be around 2,300 years old, in a tomb among the ruins of Chengyang City in central China.

When they unsheathed the large blade from its muddied cover, they found it had not oxidised but was still sharp, shiny and in near-perfect condition.

The team from Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology posted pictures and a video of the sword on Chinese social network Weibo.

The artefact is believed to be from China’s Warring States period, from around 475 to 221 BC, when the Zhou Dynasty region was divided between eight states which often saw fierce fighting.

The sword, which had been buried inside a wooden coffin next to its owner, had been preserved because ancient tombs in the area are usually humid and sealed off from the outside, team leader Wu Zhijiang told the Daily Mail.

The video clip, taken last week after the sword was discovered on 30 December, has been widely shared online and broadcast by Chinese media.

In a Weibo post, the archaeologists said they hoped those reading would find 2017 as “radiant” and “invincible” as the glittering sword.

Source: Copyright © 2017 The Independent

Ancient Chinese sword unearthed after 2,300 years by archaeologists is still shiny

A Chinese sword removed from its scabbard for the first time in more than 2,000 years was so well-preserved it was still shiny.

Archaeologists discovered the ancient weapon, believed to be around 2,300 years old, in a tomb among the ruins of Chengyang City in central China.

When they unsheathed the large blade from its muddied cover, they found it had not oxidised but was still sharp, shiny and in near-perfect condition.

The team from Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology posted pictures and a video of the sword on Chinese social network Weibo.

The artefact is believed to be from China’s Warring States period, from around 475 to 221 BC, when the Zhou Dynasty region was divided between eight states which often saw fierce fighting. Read more.

HOW TO CHAT WITH 707 IN REAL TIME. Step by step guide with pictures:

1. Create a Discord server for yourself and Seven:

2. Invite a “Tatsumaki”  or any other bot into your server and rename it to “707″ or “Seven” or whatever you call him; you may also rename him into another MysMeme character, but Seven fits here the best. lololol

3. “707 has entered the chatroom.”
Have your dream conversations at anytime and anywhere you go~


The conversation I posted above actually happened! LOLOLOL. It was my first ever conversation with the newly added 707 and I died laughing. It fits so perfect since the name I gave the server was also the “space station” where MC is supposed to marry Seven. xD God… I’m going to have fun with this.

May I present to you: My study space!

Generally, I prefer studying in front of a window, because plants or a scenery is the perfect thing to look at if I’m thinking about something. However, the layout of my new room did not allow that (my window is huge and a desk in front of it would have swallowed too much of the natural light), so the first time in a while I’m actually looking at a wall when studying at home (at the library I still pick the window seats).
I try to make up for the lack of view with posters and postcards (still a work in progress) and plants. On this picture you can see my ivy plant, which always keeps me company during the long studious hours. A few weeks back, I also got another succulent, which I have to show you another time.

Other important items: a cup of tea, a blanket and my study candle! I get cold quite easily, especially when sitting still for a long time, so the blanket helps me with that (and adds some extra coziness). The candle is from Muji and smells like “Hinoki Wood” (basically like a cozy wooden cabin in the middle of the woods).

So, which essential items do you need in your study space?

iwantcupcakes’ Iron Man Christmas giveaway

Iron Man’s colors are red and gold.  Two of the three colors of Christmas are red and gold.  Coincidence? Well … yeah.

My first giveaway went ok so I’ve been thinking about doing it again with some duplicate Iron Man merch that I don’t need.  It happens to be the holiday season so it’s the perfect time.

All of these are new and in their original packaging–.

  • Iron Man convertible backpack from ThinkGeek
  • iHome Iron Man rechargeable AUX speaker
  • Captain America: Civil War Iron Man 4″ die-cast metal figure by Jada
  • Iron Man “character containers” candy + stickers pack

Items as pictured above. In order to enter–  

  1. Reblog this post.
  2. Reblogs and likes both count.
  3. Ideally must be 18 or older.

Please, I really don’t want folks to click the “follow” button just because I’m giving away free shit.  Following me, while cool, is absolutely not required.

The winner will be chosen by 9pm CST on 12/16/2016.  I’ll contact the winner ASAP; if no response in 12 hours, I’ll pick a different one.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.


-doing so much intense research about yuuri
-complaining about why there isn’t more yuuri merchandise
-sewing the costume that yuuri wore to the first GPF in dog version and putting it on makkachin
-when he’s being super dramatic and piney he writes sad tweets about a lost lover and everyone freaks out about it
-looking through the photos of yuuri on his phone
-planning little trips for him and yuuri when he met him
-trying to plan their perfect meeting and crying because none of the scenarios are perfect for them
-just looking at pictures of yuuri while he’s next to makkachin and blushing like an idiot because he’s so adorable
-looking through clothes and wondering if yuuri would look good in any of them and just buying them for the sake of it
-secretly having a lurking account on instagram and looking through all of yuuri’s social media and trying to find his phone number to leave nice texts for him as an anonymous number

22 Very Studyblr Things
  1. reblogging a post you already reblogged 20 seconds ago - so much motivation, so little time
  2. praying that your phone doesn’t run out of charge before you get the perfect shot
  3. spending more time reblogging pictures about studying that actually studying
  4. browsing Amazon and Hema for study supplies on your breaks
  5. regularly scrolling down your own blog page for studyspo
  6. spending your first two Studyblr weeks on the prowl for momentum
  7. stalking the notes of a studyspo pic to find more people to follow
  8. dropping everything at the sight of a (1) in your inbox
  9. totally abandoning your personal tumblr
  10. wishing you lived close enough to a picturesque coffee shop that you could study in
  11. debating the worth of bullet journalling
  12. making a b-line for the stationery isle in every store you shop in
  13. making the ultimate life decision - Staedtler or Stabilo?
  14. keeping the seller of Zebra Mildliners on Amazon in business
  15. knowing enough about examinations held in countries you don’t even live in to maybe sit them yourself
  16. questioning whether or not you’re brave enough to whip out your phone to take a picture of your study spot in the library
  17. stalking your favourite blogs to see their recently answered questions
  18. quivering at the thought of writing on the first page of your new notebook
  19. taking regular notes on graph paper and wondering why you ever only used it for math
  20. regularly zooming in on other people’s studyspo pictures so you can read what their notes say
  21. lusting after a white topped desk
  22. frequently wondering how the hell you studied before studyblr

I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to hear about this guys, and I can finally show everyone.

I got 2nd place in the faceup contest!😲😲 I’m so proud of my entry, though I wish I’d submitted some better pictures of her. I hope the first place person (sour_dotz) doesn’t pick the Vincent sculpt 😣 bb boy is perfect for my Raphael 😍

Listen, I’ve spent more than half of my life in fandom, and a lot of my ship were m/m and I’ve seen so many other pairings where I didn’t actively ship it but still vaguely followed their story line. And in those almost 14 years I’ve never - seriously never - seen a gay pairing that was portrayed as lovingly and realistically as Isak and Even. I’ve seen basically every variation of a CO story, internalised homophobia, gay angst, gay bashing but also over the top idealisation or unattainable picture perfect romance. I’ve seen two guys getting it on after two eps and also one of them being so scared and violently closeted that it took ages for them to even kiss.

But this, this buildup, this emotional and mental bond, this tender and fragile first love… those friends who are just as nervous as Isak whether the guy will call or not, the “beard” (Emma) not being played until the last second (bc even if she did sth terrible by outing isak, I appreciate that they didn’t paint her as this totally stupid girl blinded by love who’s essentially a pawn in the guys’ game) and just those two young boys falling in love with e/o over joints and Nas and fucking cheese sandwiches with kardamon… this honestly feels so different. The development is so natural and feels so much like falling in love when you’re… well 17 and young and a little naive and unblemished by the world.

And it’s refreshing after so many years in fandoms and I really thought I’ve seen it all, but Skam actually managed to surprise me and reawakem my cold dead heart :’)

Saddest girl she has to be
Salty tears stream down her cheek
Her heart’s bigger than her body
Her name is cry baby
And in her picture perfect home
Momma’s drunk while daddy moans
Her brother always comes home stoned
She watches in her room alone
She watches momma sip a drink
Out of a sippy cup that’s pink
Because of that you’d never think
That she’d pass out under the sink
The carnival is where she fell
For the first time on the carousel
Round and round through the same hell
She never gets under his shell
She cried until she then could see
That he wasn’t even worthy
Of all her love and abc’s
So she spelt fuck you in 1 2 3
She met a new boy and filled with hope
She said too much and always choked
So she washed her mouth out with soap
So that he wouldn’t pull the rope
They rode their bikes so very slow
She wanted more as they got close
Unscrewed his training wheels to grow
Into a two wheel bicycle
Her birthday was around the bend
She invited him and all her friends
None of which did attend
Her happiness came to an end
A lonely girl so vulnerable
To her house she walks alone
The bad wolf ice-cream man had known
And took her to his awful home
She got locked up and made a plan
To kill the bad wolf ice-cream man
He ordered her to make him snacks
Her cookies and milk made him collapse
She escaped and was never the same
She swayed a boy who had been claimed
And pacified ol’ what’s her name
Not out of love, just played a game
One day she turned on the tv
Mrs. potato on the screen
Showing off her surgeries
She thought that her pain meant beauty
Cry baby sat and disagreed
Imperfect, insane,
and emotional was she
But she feels safe, going to sleep
And there’s no one else that
she’d rather be
—  Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby Booklet Story
Always (Prologue) (M)

Trailer | Prologue | Part One 

Everyone is happy…

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst, Smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 1,800

Content/Warnings: Since this is the prologue it’s pretty tame, but prepare for future: Violence, Gore, Smut, Offensive Language. The next chapter has very graphic gore, so if you’re not into that, back out now. Although Jungkook does kill in this series, this is not a serial killer AU.

A/N: For those of you who have read my other works before, you’ll find that this one is quite a departure from my usual “cute” and more light hearted fics. It’s my first time writing a series so it may be quite short compared to series by other writers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ~


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between. 

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

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Photo Booth Pictures - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by @currentlycreatingme - Okay, don’t feel like you have to accept, but what about one where you’ve only been with Cody for a little while but you’re really happy, but because it’s so new you haven’t gone very public with the relationship yet (only close friends and family know). One day, while messing around and taking goofy pictures, one of you two kissing accidentally gets posted to one of Cody’s social media accounts. He’s ok with it but you’re nervous how people are going to react, especially given his fan-base. :)

Word Count: 1,917

Author’s Note: First of all, pretend Holland is the reader because that gif is SOOOOOOO perfect for this imagine, ha! Lastly, I talked to currentlycreatingme about changing this prompt a bit due to my Cody Christian fanfic I’m working on and I can’t thank her enough for being so understanding about it. I hope y’all enjoy it because I had sooooooo much fun writing this one. Happy reading!

I talked to currentlycreatingme about changing this prompt a bit due to my Cody Christian fanfic. I can’t thank her enough for being so understanding about it and I hope y’all enjoy it. Happy reading!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by xohollandroden

“Sooooooo when do you think you’ll be ready to visit me in LA?” Cody asked as he walked downtown in Y/N’s hometown with their hands intertwined.

Y/N let out a small sigh. “Honestly, I don’t know, Cody. I know we’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months now and I really do appreciate you flying in to see me when you can, but I’m just not ready,” she explained as she slowed their pace. “Cody, I really like you, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, but I’m just not ready to face all the fame that comes with you when I go to LA for a visit. I sort of like this private bubble we have here in this little bitty town in the middle of nowhere, and I’d like to stay in this good place we’re in for a little bit longer if you don’t mind.”

Cody stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her, taking both of her hands as he looked into her beautiful eyes. “I get it, babe,” He smiled at her. “And I’m perfectly fine with taking it as slow as you want. I just thought I’d ask.”

Y/N smiled as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being so understanding. You are the best boyfriend ever.”

Cody chuckled as he pulled her in for a hug, wrapping his arms around her neck before kissing her forehead. “You’re not so bad yourself,” he teased.

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When They Point to the Pictures (Please Tell Them My Name)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil flip through a photo album of their best moments with their two children and Dan tries his best not to cry. 

Songfic based on Long Live by Taylor Swift

Word Count: 2.8k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Songfic, domestic, parent!phan

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: Long Live has always been one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, ever since I first heard it in 2010, and after listening to it again recently, I realized it would make the perfect phanfiction! They’ve seriously accomplished so much in these past seven years and I couldn’t be more proud of them. (Also, this made me sob multiple times while writing this. I have a problem.) You can find the song here, and I strongly encourage listening to it while you read as it really helps bring the fic to life. I hope you enjoy!!

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Roses by osterfield-holland

Tom holland x reader

  Roses based of the song, ‘roses’ by Shawn Mendes thanks to the anon who requested this, i wrote it as soon as i heard the song. It was actually the first time i did hear the song so thank you for that hope you like it :)

–Requests are open if you lie to send something in.

Tom sat there, looking around the house you decorated. The colors contrasted each other perfectly. Pictures of the two of you lined the walls, small decorations placed around the room from your joined adventures. A map placed in the center of the wall showed all the places you’ve been together.  

The room practically screamed (Y/N) and it was almost perfect. The only thing missing was you. You were the only thing on Tom’s mind, but you weren’t there you were with a friend from work. It was like Tom didn’t matter anymore to you you only cared about him.

Tom wasn’t afraid of not being enough for you, he just couldn’t find the words to tell you. You were always happy when you were with him, always smiling and laughing only seeing him. And Tom couldn’t help but let it happen because he wanted to see you happy, so he watched as the best thing in his life slowly slipped away.

Tom didn’t want to fight with you because he was scared you felt something for him, he had to know if he was still your one and only.

A single white roses sat alone on the table as you walked through the door. “Tom, baby where are you?” grabbing the rose you walked towards your living room.  “Tom-’’ you stopped mid sentence as our heart broke at the sight in front of you there sat Tom on the floor all alone in the dark his body trembling. You ran over to him failing on you knees pulling him into you like you would to a small child. “Tom, what happened. Baby please talk to me.” you pleaded over and over.

Putting your hands on his cheeks you wiped away his tears. Looking into his eyes,’’ Please Tom talk to me.’’ 

Grabbing the rose with one hand and your hand in the other he looked at you tear eyed, his voiced cracked as he said, ‘’(Y/N) will you let it die or grow?”

RFA reacts to MC’s birthday

(this is just something really self indulgent as it’s my birthday today! Please enjoy a lot of fluff)

-Keeps you up until midnight so he can be the first to wish you happy birthday
-Also makes you put your phone away because he doesn’t want someone else to try to text you first
-Will cover you in kisses
-Hopes you never stop smiling the entire day
-Gets up at horrible oclock in the morning
-So that’s what a sunrise looks like
-Makes you breakfast in bed
-Spends literal hours making sure everything he cooked was perfect
-Feeds you spoon fulls and holds you super close to him
-Present time?
-You just know this boy has been trying to figure out the perfect gift for you for months
-Inside the little box you find a locket with a picture of both of you
-it’s engraved with “Forever Yours
-You definitely feel like tearing up, but turn to look at him when you hear him sniffle
-The poor boy has overwhelmed himself with his own gift giving
-You tell him how much you like it and he tells you there’s one more thing
-He’s arranged to take you to your favourite restaurant for dinner
-You both come home late and all dressed up
-You’re greeted with the loud sound of people screaming surprise
-Of course he wanted to tie the night off with the rest of the RFA
-When it gets late he shooed everyone away,he has one more thing in store for you
-Tries to pick you up bridal style but has hardly any arm strength
-Ends up giving you a PIGGYBACK RIDE to the bedroom
-It’s honestly so romantic and the perfect day, wow you love him so much

-I’m sure you already knew he’d been planning something
-Tells you he’s been telling people for months he can’t work today
-He has to be with his one true love on their birthday
-Takes you out for a lovely lunch
-He didn’t want it to be too crowded
-But he also has other plans for the evening you’d be sharing together
-He gives you his gift while you’re at lunch
-The first gift was a white box and you suspected he’d got you one of your favourite cakes from a bakery you love
-Little did you expect to see his face printed nicely on the icing
-Of course you can’t help but smile, it’s such a Zen thing to do
-You tell him you absolutely love it and reach for the other bag he’d brought for you
-You pull out a picture frame and give it a look over, smiling to yourself before gazing back up at him with so much love
-It’s a picture from your first date together, something you both hold as a very special day
-”Please keep it with you when I can’t be around, I never want you to feel lonely, and this way, you’ll never be without me. We’ll always be together in heart and spirit”
-You can feel tears pricking at your eyes, you loved this idiot so much
-When you get home, you don’t know how he did it but the whole place it candle lit and covered in roses
-He offers you a hand to escort you into a world of passion and love
-Zen loves being praised and hearing his name
-Lets just say he heard it a lot that night

-You got an adorable letter from her in the mail inviting you to her house on your birthday
-You get dressed up and meet her in the evening, excitement bubbling in your chest
-When you get there, you’re greeted with a big hug before being invited in to sit down
-She’s already brewed your favourite coffee and placed it on the coffee table
-She has gorgeous romantic music playing in the background and you could tell she had gone out of her way to clean extra, just for you
-She came and sat beside you, and bit her lip, she looked a bit shy before she finally started to talk
-She so adorable when she’s nervous
-”I wasn’t sure what to get you…so I made something for you instead”
-She quickly gets up and goes to the kitchen before slowly coming back with what looked like one of the most extravagant cakes you’d ever seen
-The cake read “Happy Birthday ‘____’ and was covered in gorgeous icing roses and intricate design and details
-You couldn’t help but gaze at it, unbelieving that someone would put so much time and effort into something for you
-You help her place it down and without a beat missed you pull her into a kiss
-Soft and warm and slow
-All your passion and gratefulness pushed into a kiss
-When you pull back she’s totally rekted 
-Her face is red and she’s almost stunned
-Almost as if on queue the music changes
-You smile and offer her your hand to dance
-You both dance slowly in each others arms
-Of course when you get to the cake she’s praised greatly
-It was the best thing you’d ever tasted
-You were almost sure you’d never see her blush this much again

-You know he could give you anything you wanted
-But you tell him all you want for your birthday is a night with him
-Of course he does whatever he can to take the evening off
-You both decide on a romantic night in
-You both just wanted to be with each other, no one else
-What you weren’t expecting was him to buy a new suit just for the occasion
-Walking out of your room to find a sexy Jumin, a gorgeous meal and a small gift waiting for you made you blush and almost like you wanted to walking back into that room to prepare yourself
-He acts quickly with coming over to you and bringing you into a slow deep kiss
-He escorts you to the table and pulls out your chair
-Dinner is amazing
-But you could hardly think of the food with Jumin staring at you so intently from across the table
-When you finally ask him what’s up he tells you you look especially amazing today
-He finally slides the box across the table to you and you can see the anticipation in his eyes
-You open it to find a small ring, the middle stone shaped like a heart, is your birthstone, accompanied with two diamonds on either side. 
-You look up almost as if you’re questioning it and he gets up to come over to you
-He takes the ring and you suddenly feel like you’re going to faint, he’s not??? no???
-He smiles and stops to kiss your forehead “Before you over react, no, I’m not”
-He replied almost as if he was reading your mind
-He takes your hand and slips the ring onto your finger
-”it’s simply a reminder that I’ll always be yours, and that, when the time is right, I’ll make that promise to marry you.” 
-He pauses for a moment and you smile up at him
-”But also…it’s a warning to every other man that you’re mine, and not to touch you.”
-You feel your heart beat a little harder and you pull him into a deep kiss, dragging him by his newly bought tie
-It doesn’t take him long to pick you up and take you to the bedroom
-You both didn’t get much sleep that night~

-He’s hardly slept in three days because he wanted to take your birthday off
-He climbed into bed 2 minutes before midnight and drags you close to him
-He wishes you happy birthday and kisses your neck slowly 
-”I don’t have much money to buy you something, but after days of hard work, I’m all yours for the next 24 hours”
-Honestly thats the best gift ever???
-You both plan a big fun day out together
-You guys go to an amusement park and make out on the ferris wheel
-Then to a bad horror movie, where eventually, you end up making out again
-Honestly this boy can’t keep his hands off of you all day
-After a long drive he tells you you’ve made it to your final destination
-You aren’t sure where you are but there’s a large dome and you seem to be in the middle of no where
-Saeyoung greets the security and they let you in
-The room is dark so you hold onto his hand tightly and he bring you over to lay down on the carpeted floor with him
-He sighes and pulled you close to him and kissed your forehead before looking up
-You followed his gaze and suddenly the ceiling switched on
-There before your eyes, was the gorgeous sky, no…space
-The place he always said he’d take you, it’d felt like you both had finally made it
-He turned to look at you, face in a blush and a soft smile on his face
-”Even though I can’t take you to space, I hope this is enough for you. Honestly despite how beautiful it is in here, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. Please, never leave my side, now that we’ve made it to space, we can do anything”
-You try your best to hold back tears
-You can’t help but roll onto him and kiss him
-You both spend the entire night there, together, in your own world, floating in space
-But this time
-You did a little more then make out


This picture popped up on my dash so many times that this idea just wouldn’t stay away… 

Assisting on a photo shoot with none other than Harry Styles as the subject was a dream come true. You worked with the stylist for weeks before hand, selecting the perfect suits and outfit choices. Everything was run past Harry. You saw him at every meeting. He was there with you and your boss pouring over the photos of Idol, McCartney, and Jagger for inspiration. He was charming and incomparably kind. 

The first day of the three part shoot was full of excitement and last minute additions. One of which you were holding in your shaking fingers. A leather collar that you were about to strap onto Harry. You were alone in the bedroom of his home in Homes Chapel that was doubling as his dressing room. Harry gathered up his hair as you stood behind him and slid the collar around his neck and slotted it through the buckle. You pulled it through and tested the tightness. 

“How does that feel? Too tight?” Your voice shook a little as you walked around in front of him. He let his hair down. You stepped closer and leaned in to adjust the placement of the collar on his neck and make sure it was centered. 

“It’s good. It feels just tight enough.” He rasps, his hand joining yours on the leather around his neck. You hoped he wouldn’t notice the shake in your fingers at the sight of the collar. 

“It looks good on you. It works well with this look. Very edgy.” You said, your eyes still locked on his leather clad neck. Your crush on Harry was exploding into full blown lust while being faced with your light bondage kink. Suddenly, he removed his hand from the collar and gripped the back of your bare thigh under your skirt and pulled you closer to him. 

“It does look good, but I bet it would look better on you.” He whispered into your ear. Your knees wobbled and all you could do was gasp. 

“Will you wear it for me later, Love?” He nibbled along your neck and squeezed your thigh. You could only nod. He smiled and stood up, his body brushing against yours on the way up. “Good girl.” He winked before leaving you standing alone in his bedroom, hopelessly turned on.