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88 for trixya please. Please.

73. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

The morning after Trixie and Katya have sex the first time, Katya wakes up first.

She wakes up suffocating – too much heat and too many limbs tangled all together.  It’s not the fairy tale she imagined, with Trixie’s limbs akimbo, one leg shoved between both of hers, with Trixie’s head on her chest, with Trixie’s arms wrapped around her torso, with Trixie snoring.  Okay, so maybe it’s picture fucking perfect as the sun starts to blind her from behind shitty curtains.  She’s so damn uncomfortable but god damnit if this doesn’t feel like everything is where it’s supposed to be.  Trixie’s elbow is digging into her sternum.  She is so sweaty.  SHe doesn’t care.

Trixie inhales deeply as Katya lets out a breath, blinks into wakefulness against the shining sun.  She doesn’t know what time it is and doesn’t care.  The world seems to be at peace while these two boys finally settle into their lives.

Her whole body aches and she briefly considers going back to sleep until Trixie rolls over.  He’s always been a pushy sleeper and now is no different as he does his damndest to untangle himself from Katya in his sleep.  Katya watches him as he wraps both of his arms around his pillow and huffs back to sleep.  He’s got the cutest pout on his lips, brows furrowed like the world has grieved him in some way.  Katya leans over and kisses the furrow away.

Trixie’s skin smells like coconut.

She reaches the duffel bags by the window and fishes out a pack of smokes.  Everyone knows the waft of cigarette smoke that comes from them is all Katya, her nicotine-stained fingers wrap around a Marlboro too many times for Trixie’s comfort and never enough for Katya’s.  Half packs after stressful gigs, a whole pack after the first day of Drag Race, several after All Stars, and even more after all the travelling.  Trixie hates it, but still chases the nasty smell out of her mouth after she’s done.  She steps onto the balcony with her Bic and smoke, bare assed and naked for the world to see but she doesn’t care.  If Trixie wakes up, he certainly won’t.  The smoke burns for a second but after that all the endorphins start kicking in.

Katya jumps when she feels hands on her waist, lips on her shoulder blades and a tongue under her ear.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I don’t care.”

Trixie bites her ear lobe and Katya leans back a little bit, feeling Trixie’s cock against the curve of her ass and she grins, letting the smoke billow from her mouth.  She turns her head to catch Trixie’s lips in a kiss, but Trixie grimaces and pulls away.

“You taste awful.”

“Sorry, I had your ass for dinner last night and didn’t brush before going to sleep.  It’s probably also your cum.”

“It’s the cigarette, cunt.”  Trixie smacks Katya on the ass.  “I’m gonna shower.  You should join me when you’re done with this.”

Trixie leaves Katya with her thoughts and the only one she really has is, “wow.  I like this.”


I AM GONNA EXPLODE I ate so much.

It was my first time making gluten free dressing (or any dressing) and it came out SO GOOD. Ever since I learned I was gluten intolerant like 3-4 years ago we’ve made gf stuffing once and it was super burnt. But this one came out perfect and amazing I was sooo happy!

Also had lots of tasty gluten free desserts. @garrisonbabe made the gluten free pumpkin roll and I could eat the whole thing. T_T Also not pictured cuz I forgot to take a pic of it: we brought home leftover turkey for Lily and Mandy and they gobbled it so fast lmao. It was the first time in a while Lily ate everything in her bowl. :p She loves meat lol. We couldn’t bring Lily and Mandy to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving cuz they’re still too hyper and barky, and also my grandma and grandpa’s dog, Daisy, the mini poodle in these pics, is super scared of other dogs. >.>

Also I just realized the only pics I took on my phone today were of Johnny Weir on TV for the parade this morning, me, Baylen, dogs, and food. No human family members lmaoooo. Oops.


what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u

Types of Overwatch Mains
  • Tracer: You're either gay or upset that Tracer is gay. You haven't removed the Sprinter Legendary Skin ever since you got it. You drink coffee before bed. Own a pair of crocs. Ass.
  • Winston: You still post Harambe memes. Hi there. You're probably really nice and just want to help. You want to form lasting friendships. You're a furry to the point of being a zoophile.
  • Soldier 76: You think this is just COD with a different skin. You have a thing for older men and tag pictures of him as "dad". You're kinda basic but you own up to it. Stay frosty.
  • Reaper: You had a Sonic OC that was a recolor of Shadow. Thighs. You save pictures of barn owls on your phone. Your name is not important. You go to Hot Topic "just to look". Like to be choked during sex.
  • McCree: You fucking love McDonalds. You've gone to a male strip club at least once. Red Dead Redemption is the best Rockstar game. You can aim pretty alright. You can never get your Ult in time. You want to flirt with the Hanzo on your team.
  • Mercy: No one else picked a healer. Witch skin is best skin. You probably have nice hair and remember to moisturize. You're secretly bitter about...something. You kill the enemy Genji every time out of spite.
  • Pharah: You're gay. You fucking hate snipers. You're allergic to walking. You'll waste your ult on one tank. You probably played basketball in high school. You're probs real nice but hella defensive. You only play Samus on SSB.
  • Genji: Avidly update your MAL profile. You're a 12-15 year old boy. Raiden is your favorite Metal Gear character. You want to kill a Bastion. You own a Naruto headband. MADA MADA. You charge into the enemy team by yourself then spam for heals.
  • Hanzo: You draw gay porn. You draw gay furry porn. You can kind of aim but not really. You think every attack team needs a third sniper. You practice wall climbing in spawn. Okami skin is best skin.
  • Zenyatta: You can't stop playing with your balls. You don't fear death. You're a chill dude who loves everyone except Roadhog. Discord Orbs magically appear over the enemy Bastion.
  • Ana: You want to play a healer but kind of want to be defense too. You prefer older women but like her Captain Amari skin anyway. You waste your nanoboost on Mercy just for laughs. You want to kill the enemy Widowmaker first. You don't care about getting POTG.
  • Widowmaker: Ass. Glad that Tracer's a lesbian but depressed because she isn't with Widow. You preordered the game just for the Noire skin. You don't mind pictures of her with a dick. Her Mistletoe Highlight is permanently equipped.
  • Sombra: You spam the Boop! voice line every time you get a kill. Charge into the enemy team while invisible despite having a weak ass gun. Always waste your Translocater. You have a foot fetish. You know basic HTML. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • Symmetra: You swear on your life there will be a Portal 3 some day. You have her sit emote three times on your wheel with only one reserved by her clapping emote. You think you're smarter than everyone else. You're kinda quiet.
  • D.VA: You like K-Pop and K Dramas. You like anime too but not as much as Genji mains. Know every Evangelion meme. You were drawing porn of her before you even learned she was legal. Want a gamer GF. Get your mech destroyed just to teabag.
  • Mei: You like em thicc. You enjoy the suffering of others. You say hi right before killing an enemy. You have a glasses fetish. You have at least one penguin shirt. You've killed a man.
  • Zarya: We get it, you like Heavy. You're gay. You have a muscle fetish. You get in fights with Trump supporters on Twitter and always win. You've always wanted to be a big sister. You're going for the Tobelstein.
  • Lucio: Contesting is your life. You're still trying to get the "Floor is Lava" trophy. Dubstep. Made your own version of Lucio Ball in the custom game engine. You're a slut a for healing.
  • Bastion: You want Play of The Game. You're twelve. You cry every time you can't find Wall-E on Netflix. Leads bugs outside instead of killing them. You think beeping noises are cute.
  • Orisa: Mercy isn't big enough for you. You're one of those weird horse fetishists. She's a robot so it's okay. You're not worried about Doomfist. You keep a picture of Efi in your wallet.
  • Reinhardt: You're either really, really nice or an asshole. Secretly hoping there's an enemy Reinhardt on the other team. You have a pocket Mercy or Ana. You think guns are boring. CATCH PHRASE. You always say Hi first in spawn.
  • Torbjörn: You like all the Lego movies and games. You want to win but not really try at the same time. IKEA furniture assembling gets you excited. Symmetra is too hard for you. You get a perfect view of everyone's ass without crouching.
  • Junkrat: You can't aim for shit but you came here to have fun. You unironically like Johnny Test. You kill yourself on purpose. You enjoy garbage. You have strange tastes in food and porn.
  • Roadhog: You defend vore on DeviantArt. You vape. You enjoy the smell of gasoline. The hook is totally balanced. Your favorite Mortal Kombat character is Scorpion. You love the new Mad Max.
how to spot the signs

**check moon, venus, and rising sign too though bc y’know

aries // it’s probably fairly easy to spot that aries. they’re the one that screams aggressively when their pottery project crumbles in their hands. the one that always wants to try ziplining or bungee jumping or skydiving. 

in private - aries in private are one of those signs that are very similar to the way they are in general or in public. they don’t feel the need to have to cover up their emotions or their thoughts. if you’re with an aries in private, you will probably notice that they’re more chill than you thought they were, though. and not as angry as they seem. 

flirting - the ones that subtly flirt but still seem to get their message across. flirts a lot too, though. anytime they can get close to their crush, they’re flirting.  

features - they probably have like one really striking feature. like the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen or really great natural eyebrows. 

taurus // a taurus may be a little harder to spot. they probably have a plant/nature aesthetic. they’re the ones who can be outgoing and shy at the same time. they’re quite calm and collected. thinks through their decisions before making them. suggests hiking and camping a lot. 

in private - taurus in private are probably sweeter than they are in public, especially if you’re close to them. many of them may also be a little more emotional than you’d think. sometimes they’ll talk for hours, sometimes they’ll barely say a single word. 

flirting - you probably won’t even notice a taurus flirting. they’re quite subtle about it, because it makes them feel awkward. this doesn’t mean they’re bad at flirting though, usually they’re able to become good friends with their crush, and things may go from there. 

features - soft features that all fit together really nicely. soft, rounded nose. cute eyes. not too strongly defined eyebrows. 

gemini // ah, the gemini. it’s probably one of the popular girls in your class, or the guy who’s the class clown. they’re fun, energetic, and definitely quite talkative. they have a lot of nice things to say about people. 

in private - at first, gemini seems just like they are in public. talkative, got a lot of stories up their sleeve, smiles a bunch. but pay attention to their words. they’re different. in private, they’re more comfortable with sharing a lot of gossip. they’re probably also a lot smarter than you thought they were. may react differently to the same thing than if they were in public. 

flirting - a gemini is a pretty solid flirter. they’re good at never making their crush bored. they rarely tell the same story twice, even if in reality it’s the same story with a few tweaks here and there. 

features - a gemini is just cute, man. beautiful smile. bright and alert eyes. 

cancer // a cancer may be a little bit hard to spot. they’re either super shy and reserved, or pretty talkative and outgoing, but not much of an in-between. probably the ones that get a little offended by a joke, and can take criticism pretty personally and to the heart. 

in private - a cancer is one of those people you want to know privately. like someone you want to spend one-on-one time with. they’re cuddly, cute, sweet, ad comforting. if you’re close, you’ll probably be able to notice the transition from being awkward in public to smooth af in private. 

flirting - a cancer may not be the best flirter of all time. but, they may get their way. they probably clam up and sweat when being close to their crush. but hey, they’re cute and lovable so maybe it won’t be hard for their crush to notice them.

features - a cancer has soft features. they look really kind. the type of person that if you’re in a crowd and you have to ask someone for the time, you’d ask them because they seem like they won’t be too bothered by you and will be nice about it. 

leo // not hard to spot a leo. usually loud and confident, but not usually in the cocky way. they’re always with a group of people, and probably the one that’s talking. super fun and adventurous. the kind of person to bring ten bags of marshmallows to the campfire. 

in private - a leo in private may surprise you from the way they seem in public. probably one of the most different from in private to in public compared to all the other signs. they have insecurities hidden. they’re not always super happy. may get stressed out a lot. needs to know you’ll always be there for them.

flirting - leo is one of the best flirters hands down. their crush probably is already attracted to them anyways. good storytellers, pretty hilarious. can make their crush feel like them flirting is almost addictive. they’re also obvious with their flirting. 

features - a leo is beautiful. could rock the catwalk or the red carpet. they may enjoy wearing a lot of makeup (not necessarily to ‘cover up’ but more so bc they just like to) but are just as glamorous without. 

virgo // a virgo looks at the small details rather than the big picture. probably the perfectionist in the class, who has perfect handwriting and good grades. the one that makes good, smart decisions. knows what’s going on in the world. 

in private - a virgo is more willing to try new things and will say things that surprise you when you first have one-on-one time with a virgo. even though they’re fairly entertainig themselves, they’ll always beg you to entertain them or tell them some good jokes. 

flirting - a virgo is also a pretty subtle flirter, and seems like just a friend, which is okay because they may say some creepy things that would be super embarrassing if their crush knew they were flirting with them. you know like or “i love the neighborhood you live in”. don’t like leading people on.

features - a virgo likes to focus on their appearance. good fashion sense, perfect makeup, astounding hair. 

libra // a libra is probably the one you automatically feel like is kind of “fake” as a first impression. they’re probably not “fake”, they just try too hard to cover up their real emotions and show different ones instead so they don’t seem detached. pretty intelligent and a good talker. 

in private - a libra is another sign you want to know personally. you just always want to know what they have to say and their opinion on things. they can be either mature or childish depending on their mood. very peaceful. doesn’t like fighting with the ones they love. 

flirting - a libra is pretty good at flirting. they can be the touchy type, so they’re probably not as subtle. they have such a natural charm to them and are so intriguing. easy to get along with.

features - a libra probably has gorgeous eyes. you can tell they’re thinking about something important all the time. probably very light (not in color, in terms of feeling ig). 

scorpio // a scorpio is intense. they’re highly opinionated and good at arguing, and have clear emotions. they can be either loud or quiet. everyone is probably either aesthetically attracted to a scorpio, or attracted to their personality. they’re just cool. 

in private - a scorpio in private is intense. they want to know a lot about you. they also want you to know a lot about them. they’re very real and honest people. don’t say “no offense but…” to them. straightforward (but not rude) people work well with them.

flirting - a scorpio is definitely a touchy flirty, but they’re so good at flirting they can control whether their touching seems more friendly or more physical. it’s their presence that intrigues their crush more than their words. like a scorpio doesn’t have to say anything and their crush probably won’t even be bored. 

features - a scorpio is sexy, fierce, and mysteriously beautiful. they’ve got that perfect smirk, pout, smile, etc. down. 

sagittarius //  a sagittarius could be a little hard to spot. they can be fairly stubborn, though many other signs can be too. they also usually feel like they’re right, and pretend to listen to your side. pretty outgoing, a little weird but in a way that makes you crave it. 

in private - when it comes to humor- sags are underrated. they’re pretty damn funny. they’re also very opinionated. if you mean something to them though, they’ll protect you well and put your before themselves. 

flirting - a sag is neither good nor bad at flirting. sometimes they try, sometimes they don’t. they believe that if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. with this in mind, they probably don’t flirt too much with strangers. 

features - bold features all around. irresistible smile and eyes. strong nose. 

capricorn // a capricorn always gets their work done- even if some of them procrastinate until the last minute. they’re only talkative around the people they’re comfortable with. is into more old-fashioned things. very nice, but stubborn and opinionated. 

in private - sarcastic, witty, and enjoyable. they’re the kinds of people you take for granted but once they’re gone (they don’t like giving more than second chances), you’ll realize how much you miss and need them. good at giving direction, but not at giving advice. very realistic and often pessimistic. good friends. loyal friends.

flirting - they don’t even flirt. they probably flirt with their eyes and admire from afar. depending on their crush (the kind of person they are) the aura they have may be really intriguing and attractive, or they may not even be noticed. 

features - gorgeous hair. they’re so pretty but so underrated.

aquarius // idealistic. talks about the future and ignores the past. probably one of the smartest people you’ll talk to- not just academically but socially as well. may be a little weird but people love it. people just know them, they’re well known. they also know that they’re funny, but they don’t like taking the role of class clown. know that when receiving a compliment from them, it’s genuine and will make your day. 

in private - an aquarius in private is someone you almost feel like you need to know personally. if they let you in, consider yourself lucky- but don’t think you’ve broken down their walls. they’ve got secrets. they’re so interesting that you never get bored, even if you’re talking about yourself, the way they look at you is heart-warming. can be both dreamy and realistic.

flirting - an aquarius may or may not be a good flirter. they tend to get better with practice. however, other people may not notice them flirting. they treat their crush like a friend and signals may be a bit messed up. 

features - aquarians may have wonderful features that you miss if you don’t pay attention close enough. sweet smile and knowing eyes.

pisces // a pisces is that daydreamer. the one who speaks with “if” instead of “when”. very calm and sweet. a good person to befriend if you want someone loyal and adorable. 

in private - a pisces in private is pretty much the same as when they’re in public. they love to listen to you and offer emotional support rather than giving advice. they tend to be pretty gullible. very loving and easy to love back.

flirting - a pisces is a touchy flirter, but an awkward touchy flirter. they’ll go to touch your shoulder but quickly retract as soon as their fingertips brush. it may be obvious when they’re flirting. they tend to ramble and maybe even stutter. 

features - a pisces is just a big ol’ ball of cuteness. no specifics. just awesome. 


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


30 Day Thinspo Challenge

day 3 ~
Post a picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like best?

These two pictures are my favorite right now- I miss my chest bones, and their arms are so slender, and the first one has like the perfect waist.


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

High Payoff Scenes.

If that scene you meant to be emotional, jaw-dropping and climactic isn’t working right, try taking a step back. 

All the usual aspects of a good scene also apply to the buildup toward a good scene. As well as including all these aspects into the scene itself, remember that at the point where your awe inspiring scene hits…

  • The reader should already feel deep, ‘positive’ emotions for the characters involved, whether that be love, intrigue, or an I love to hate them feeling.
  • The reader should already understand and have witnessed the characters struggling in some way with the goals they are working towards during that scene.
  • The reader should already have a clear picture of the character’s relationships and emotions, and understand which direction they are moving.
  • The reader should already be well-based in the plot and have a good understanding of every piece of information they need order to be fully immersed in the scene. 
  • The reader should already have a clear picture of the current stakes and playing field, so they can decide what outcome to root for. (Or in some cases, they can feel the same desperation the pov character has as they realize there are no good outcomes.)

Most importantly, remember that there are no perfect first drafts, and barely any half-decent second, third, or fourth drafts either. If you need to rewrite and rewrite a few times over, that’s okay. 

Just because the amazing scene in your head seems to fall short once it’s written, doesn’t mean all its amazingness isn’t still buried in there somewhere.

All For Show

Valentine’s Day Special #2

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. 

Warning : Language

Word Count : 2,434

Three knocks, that’s all it took before Steve opened the door. He stood there, wearing a tank top and sweats, and his hair damped from sweat, which only meant he just came back from the gym.

“Hey, didn’t expect you here today.” He smiled, waving you in.

“I know, but I needed to talk to you.”

You walked in to his apartment, and plopped down onto his couch. His place was like your second home. You were always there, and if you weren’t, then you two were at your place.

“Beer?” He asked, walking to the kitchen.

“Nah, just water.”

Steve tossed you a water bottle, as he started back toward the living room where you waited.

You took a big swig of the water and felt the cold liquid trickle down your throat. Making you feel somewhat at ease.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” Steve asked, leaning against the wall across from you.

For some reason you were feeling nervous. Which was strange. Steve was your best friend. You two were so close, you were able to talk to him about anything. He’s seen you in sweats with no makeup on. He’s helped you when you were a drunken mess. And yet, you were somehow nervous about this topic.

“Y/N.” he snapped his fingers, catching your attention. “You okay?”

You slowly nodded, running your hand through your hair. Something you did when you were nervous.

“So my sister is throwing a couples party tomorrow night, and when I RSVP’d a month ago, I was dating Jared-”

“The asshole.” He cut you off.

“Woah, language.” You teased.

He dramatically rolled his eyes and huffed. “Anyways, go on.”

“As I was saying, I told her I’d go and now she’s expecting me to be there.”

“So?” He drawled out.

You swallowed hard, meeting your best friends gaze.

“I was wondering if you can go as my fake boyfriend.” You slightly winced as the words finally fell from your lips.

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Here’s Who Probably Has A Crush On You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

MBTI enthusiasts were asked which Myers-Briggs personality type they’re most attracted to, based on their own personality type. There was a visible trend in which types are crushing on which other types. Check out the responses below to learn who’s probably sweet on you!

ENFP- Who’s crushing on you: The quiet, nerdy one.
They’re focused, composed and together. You’re scattered, enthusiastic and charming. At a first glance it might not be a match made in heaven but something about your quick wit and fearless charisma keeps drawing them back to you. Try giving this combination a shot – you may be surprised to find that their intensity and firmness balances you out in all the right ways.  

INTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The emotionally intense one.
They’re introspective, analytical and artistic. You’re intense, intellectual and emotionally guarded. You may see them as overly whimsical but they see you as a challenge. This emotionally intelligent type wants to break down your walls and understand what’s beneath your cool, rational exterior. Though the thought of this may send alarm bells screeching through your mind, don’t be so quick to write them off. They may prove themselves imperative to helping you unlock parts of yourself you never knew existed –and you may just grow immeasurably from it.

ENTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The scatterbrained genius.
They’re analytical, entrepreneurial and just a little out of touch with the world that surrounds them. You’re practical, put-together and high achieving. Though you never pictured yourself with someone so scattered, this mismatched prodigy may just be the yin to your yang. They’re enticed by your no-nonsense, put-together attitude. And if you gave them the time of day, you’d quickly learn that they have the brains to fuel it all. Together you could be the perfect team – but you’re going to have to make the first move. They keep forgetting to.

ENTP - Who’s crushing on you: The softhearted brainiac.
They’re sharp, put-together and secretly harbouring a bleeding heart. You’re dynamic, quick-witted and tirelessly analytical. You may not have noticed them watching you, but they’ve been analyzing your every move for months now. This highly introspective type has you figured out in ways that you don’t even have you figured out – and discovering this will be a shock to your system. Something about the fierce precision this type possesses will endlessly compel you. You’ll want to break their walls down to understand exactly how they tick – except their walls don’t come down easily. Both of you love a good puzzle, and figuring each other out may just be one of the most passionate endeavours you ever undertake.

ENFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The artistic one.
They’re creative, individualistic and a little bit head-in-the-clouds. You’re warm, put-together and nurturing. They’re taking their time to approach you, to the point where you may not even have noticed that they’re crushing. But this highly introspective type is drawn to your organized, empathetic nature. Even if you haven’t spoken yet, chances are they have a painting, poem or song that they composed with you in mind. You inspire them and they could do the same for you. Just give them some time to move in closer – their emotional depth will intoxicate and challenge you.  

ESTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The sensible, selfless one.
They’re sensible, selfless and sweet. You’re motivated, driven and dominant. They admire the no-nonsense attitude you bring to the table and suspect that somewhere below your tough exterior, you’re hiding a heart.  This compassionate yet self-motivated type may be exactly what you need – their dedication balances your drive and they bring out the soft side in you. But don’t worry – they won’t tell anyone else that you have one.

INFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The intellectual badass.
They’re intense, unconventional and into pushing boundaries. You’re composed, introspective and guarded. This type is simultaneously your worst nightmare and your dream come true. They won’t be shy in approaching you and trying to get down to the bottom of what makes you tick. They’re natural puzzle-solvers and your eloquent composure is one giant question mark to them. They want to break down your walls and show you a whole new world – one that may just be thrilling in all the right ways, if you let it be.

ISFP - Who’s crushing on you: The nurturing friend. 
They’re kind, collected and community-minded. You’re artistic, adventurous and full of heart. You may only think of them as a friend – the one who’s always happy to pick you up after a long night out or relish your latest piece of art. But they’ve been secretly marveling over your artistic nature and thoughtful presence for a while now. They want to get to know you better – they simply aren’t sure if you feel the same way. Drop them a hint if you do – you two may just balance each other out in all the right ways.

ESTP - Who’s crushing on you: The sweet one.
They’re unassuming, nurturing and selfless. You’re outgoing, adventurous and capable. You may not have noticed them admiring you from the sidelines but once you do, you’ll have no idea how you ever missed them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their sweetness and genuineness. This nurturing type sincerely wants what’s best for you and in exchange they ask only that you light up their life with your haphazard charm. They’ll be your soft place to fall if you’ll be their superhero – together, the two of you could make a dream team.  

ISTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The party animal.
They’re impulsive, outgoing and excitable. You’re steady, reliable and strong. Nobody would ever put the two of you together, but they’ve been secretly admiring you from the spotlight. This scattered type respects your firm resolve and feels surprisingly balanced out by you. Chances are they’ll be moving in on you any day now – they just aren’t 100% sure if you feel the same way. It’s time to give them something to go on if you do.  

ISFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The superhero.
They’re outgoing, confident and capable. You’re compassionate, reliable and organized. No matter how much of a show they put on in front of others, something about you has them weak in the knees. This straight-shooting type is comfortable with going for what they want, but they’ve been secretly longing for someone to come home to. And you’re the exact type of person they have in mind.

INFP - Who’s crushing on you: The together one.
They’re organized, capable and kind. You’re intense, analytical and a wee bit out of touch with the world that surrounds you. And something about your accidental aloofness is insanely attractive to them. This kind, nurturing type has been admiring you for the depth and authenticity you bring to every task you undertake. They know that with your vision and their practical skills, the two of you could make a dream team. Now if you’d only stop pursuing all those other tortured artists for long enough to notice them…  

ISTP - Who’s crushing on you: The whimsical one.
They’re sensual, spiritual and adventurous. You’re laid-back, logical and grounded. Something about your capable nature is endlessly attractive to their fanciful one – and they want to get to know you better. The good news is, you already run in the same crowds. You’ll notice them getting a little bit closer each time you hang out –and don’t be quick to write them off. If you do eventually get together, they might just provide the exact mix of sensuality and camaraderie that you’ve been looking for.

INTP - Who’s crushing on you: The class clown.
They’re witty, outgoing and goofy. You’re logical, introspective and aloof. Something about your standoffish nature presents itself as a challenge to this gregarious type –they want to find out what’s under your shell. It may not be a match made in heaven, but it’s worth giving a shot. You share a love for the unconventional and that might just include each other.  

ESFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The scattered romantic.
They’re whimsical, artistic and idealistic. You’re warm, generous and together. Your compassionate yet put-together persona is attractive to their bleeding heart. With your practicality and their romanticism, the two of you could make a dream team. But you might have to make the first move – they’re too busy expressing their affection in their artwork to actually let you know they’re interested in you.

ESFP - Who’s crushing on you: The strong, silent one.
They’re resilient, reliable and steadfast. You’re gregarious, excitable and free-spirited. You may not have noticed them admiring you from the sidelines but they’re charmed by your charismatic nature and they want to get to know you much better. You two might just provide the exact balance one another needs – they’re simply waiting for you to finally take notice that they’ve been there all along.

[Summer break 15.7]

Groceries done and it’s not even 9 a.m. This day will either be productive or simply long.
I found a post regarding organising your study space in a way that suits you best, and I’ll try reorganising mine today. My only table in my flat is both my desk and the table where I eat (and where people eat when they come over!) so I can’t crowd it much with all my stationery. 
Yesterday was the first time since Tuesday that I actually got out of my flat, only to watch the fireworks from my storey’s landing. And today I finally have plans with an actual person (not Richard Papen or Buffy Summers). 
Also, Momentum had this picture (my desktop) as ‘pic of the day’ yesterday, and I had to save it. I mean, this beautiful Kazakh landscape? Almaty? Perfect. 

Listening to: my ‘Cashmere Thug’ playlist, aka Heems’ Eat Pray Thug album, with the Swet Shop Boys’ Cashmere and Sufi La albums (+ ‘Benny Lava’)

I never posted this because of my insecurities surrounding my breasts and how big/saggy they are. I honestly wish they were smaller. Perkier. Tighter. And I wish they weren’t so heavy and painful sometimes. They make me look bigger than I am and I hate that. And since when I gain weight, I gain weight in my breasts first they develop stretch marks easily. But I realized that they are naturally apart of me and I honestly don’t think I’d have these insecurities if the perfect image wasn’t plastered all over my TL. These falsified images of what women should look like are just that: false. A lot of times the pictures of women who we think have the ideal bodies aren’t even real. They themselves don’t even have their bodies, and yet I’m trying to achieve that. Something that doesn’t exist. I try not to compare myself to other girls because ultimately they’re comparing themselves to another girl. No one wants to be themselves anymore and if we’re all trying to fit a mold another person created, we’re leaving a void in the universe that only our original self can fill. We all have aspects of ourselves we wish we could change or improve, and that’s fine. As long as you recognize you’re already whole as is. In your natural state. Any changes you decide to make should be improvements and not attempts of erasing what God has given you.


Snape Appreciation Month day 8: Hogwarts Years

One thing is for sure: Snape is intelligent. And I wanted to show it in two pictures: in the first he’s probably in his first or second year, while in the other one he’s in his seventh year.
A fact I remember from the books/movie is that he has the habit to hunch over books and papers (see the Owl exams), so maybe he always keeps this position when he studies and concentrates?

P.s. as usual, lineart was perfect and I butchered it with poor colouring skills, sigh

Fire & Desire | 1

“Kim Seokjin is everything you don’t want in a man. Cocky, full of himself and oh so annoying. And that’s what makes him the perfect fuck buddy. Because it’s not like you could ever see him as anything more than a heartless player… right?”

pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: smut, fuckboy!jin, dom!Jin
wordcount: 10.1k
a/n: *that* shower scene inspired by this picture!

part one

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Lust & Errors 05

Rated: M

Warning: Excessive graphic smut, age gap, recreational drug use, angst, slight dub-con.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: well, well, well…. look what the fuck it is. lol this was over 25k but i removed an entire scene because it completely threw off the flow and i wasn’t happy with it but here’s 19k anyways :))))

Words: 19.7k

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05.

Seven twenty-three.

The clock taunted you, reminding you that this god foresaken party had hours left to go.

Amongst all of the sharp-dressed men and elegant women, you were the only young person in the vincity, no one being under the age of thirty five. It was awkward and boring because you literally had no one to talk to, on a casual-level that was.

Jimin would usually come to the parties just to save you from dying of bordem, but he had other plans tonight. Like almost every teenager on a Friday night, save for your stupid self.

Slowly, you made your way to the staircase and looked around, checking to see if anyone was paying any attention to you so they wouldn’t call out or question your departure. After failing to notice anyone paying attention, you sneakily made your way up the stairs - to your freedom.

On the way up, you couldn’t help but to feel like you were being watched, eyes trained on your back, but you figured it was just paranoia and continued upwards with quick steps.

Tonight your father was hosting one of the parties for his work, which at one point in time used to be glamarous in your eyes. Back when your mother was still alive, you looked forward to the parties because you and her always went shopping for new dresses and got your hair done, pampered yourselves for the special occasion.

Now, they were simply boring and quite honestly inconvenient.

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positive things i associate with the Hogwarts houses


  • the friend that always has gum, but when they take a piece they automatically give you a piece so you don’t have to ask
  • the friend that mocks the sound of the THX logo in older movies
  • the friend that always wants to be in charge of the aux
  • the friend that drives like a maniac but has never gotten a ticket
  • that feeling when you tell a joke and everyone laughs and smiles back at you
  • that feeling when you change something really small but it’s such a big deal but you don’t tell anyone because they won’t understand so you just have a small victory for yourself 
  • that feeling when you try a new food and you’re extremely skeptical but it turns out to be delicious
  • the feeling in your stomach at the first drop in a rollercoaster and you’re screaming with a big smile


  • the friend that laughs at your joke when no one hears it or it’s not very funny just so you don’t get embarrassed 
  • apologizing to the cashier for the rude person that checked out before you
  • roots for the villains in Disney movies but cries whenever someone dies in the movie
  • the friend that always has a perfect response when you text the group chat pictures of the conversation you’re having with someone you’re flirting with
  • the friend that texts good morning at 1 pm
  • that feeling when you and all of your friends are in on a secret and someone brings up the subject and you all know that you know the answer but you keep it to yourself 
  • the friend that talks and comments all through the commercials and trailers for new movies at the movie theater but will ‘literally end you’ if you talk during the movie
  • the feeling when you first think you might like someone. that nervous excited feeling
  • the friend that knows a bunch of really random useless facts


  • the friend that brings comfort food during sad times and listens to you talk, or not talk if you just need someone
  • the friend that gives great advice but still does stupid shit constantly
  • the friend that gives excellent relationship advice even though they’ve been in few relationships
  • the friend that lets you copy their homework the morning before class because you forgot about the assignment
  • the friend that you can text at all hours of the night and you always get a response
  • the friend that always finds new books and music before they’re overdone
  • that feeling when you’re happy that the characters are happy but sad because the book has ended
  • that feeling when you lay down at the end of the day
  • when you really stress out over something like a text you sent or a test you submitted and the response you get is better than the situation you created in your head


  • a casual wave or nice smile when you run into someone you kinda know but not well enough to strike up a conversation
  • burning your mouth on coffee but drinking it anyway
  • the friend that takes a lot of naps
  • that feeling when a teacher or authority figure asks the group a question that you know the answer to but aren’t certain enough to volunteer it out so you keep it to yourself but it turns out you were right
  • when you catch something that someone tosses something to you and you brush it off like you knew that you would catch it even though on the inside you’re celebrating
  • the friend that sings what they’re doing
  • meme master
  • the friend that asks really random questions when theres a lull in the conversation