the first picture is so blurred


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,137

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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June 18, 27-30, July 4  & 5: So I turned my printables checklist journal to my bullet journal now! (人´∀`) also guess wHO finally printed their own full horizontal calendars…yUP thats right (my type) it me! so these are the spreads of my last summer days & my first week back in school! ╥﹏╥ I didnt scan the newest one since it didnt much have decoration & its not full..yet! I’m sorry if i blurred out so much bc of u know privacy! I have to integrate my color code soon & probably print more pictures of ten & wongyu motivational quotes! happy july everyone! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

p.s: i’m the only one allowed to cut off the credit on my calendars ok dont copy me! take care everyone!!! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

So … I think I’ll blur the details here.

There was this person who was expounding on the upcoming election and why he wasn’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton. It was his first time voting, you see, and he wanted someone who understood and represented his generation.

He said to me, “You don’t understand – ”

And that’s where I had to stop him. “Look, I do understand. Really.”

“How can you understand? You’re too old.”

“Do you think I was born old? Y'know, I have pictures. Here’s me at thirteen – ”

“But times were different then – ”

“Yes, they were. You could get polio and measles and smallpox. An appendectomy was a serious operation. People smoked everywhere, there was no getting away from the smoke. In school, they taught us to duck and cover in case of a nuclear attack. Whites and blacks still had separate restrooms and drinking fountains. Women couldn’t get a legal abortion. Gas had lead in it. Vegetables were sprayed with DDT. You could be arrested for being gay. Yes, times were different.”

“No, I meant that protesting was a fad, not serious like – ”

“Excuse me? Do you want to see the scar on my scalp where I was hit by a thrown bottle at the first gay rights march? We also had civil rights demonstrations, anti-war marches, and rallies for women’s rights as well. That was no fad. People were dying – ”

“No, look, man – it’s the establishment. That’s what’s wrong – ”

“And you want to replace the establishment with what? A different establishment? Listen – when I was your age, when my generation was your age, we were just as frustrated and just as impatient as you are now. Honest. Am I saying we were wrong? Hell, no. We were right. Better than that, we were so right, we were self-righteous. We went around saying, ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30,’ as if somehow when you turned 30, you became one of them. Y'know?

"You know what we missed? We missed the obvious – that there were a lot of good men and women over 30 who understood the issues, and the complexities of the situation better than we did – because they’d been fighting that fight for a lot longer. We had emotion, we had energy, we had spirit – but we didn’t have enough experience, enough history, enough of everything we needed to effect real change.

"So we didn’t turn out for Hubert Humphrey and we handed the country to Richard Nixon. And a generation later, other people didn’t turn out for Al Gore and handed the country to George W. Bush. And what was missed – both times – was the fact our impatience was the single biggest mistake we could make.

"Hubert Humphrey had experience, he had wisdom, and he shared our goals. Al Gore had experience, he had wisdom, and he shared our goals. But somewhere, enough of us decided that he was too old or too much of the establishment or didn’t really represent us enough, or would just give us more of the same when what we really wanted was more, better, and different, even if we couldn’t define it – enough of us felt that way to hand the presidency to a much worse administration.

"So, no – it isn’t that you’re wrong. It’s that there are people who’ve been down this path before. We know where it leads. And it’s not a good place. We know what this mistake looks like. Because we’ve made it ourselves – and we’re asking you not to make the same mistakes we did, because each time we make this mistake, everyone gets hurt.”

And he said, “So that’s a fancy way of saying 'suck it up, buttercup, you can’t have what you want.”

And I said, “No, but if that’s the way you want to hear it, then that’s the way you’re going to hear it. The way government works, nobody gets everything they want. The way government is supposed to work, everybody negotiates – and eventually everybody gets a piece of what they need to keep going. Nobody likes that, but consider what the alternative is – if some people get everything they want, that means a lot of people are going to get nothing at all. We keep trying that, it doesn’t work. Let’s go back to the stuff that does work.”

“But I don’t like her – ”

“I’m not asking you to like her. I’m asking you to respect that she knows how to do the job. He doesn’t. You can have your protest vote, that’s your right, but that’s letting everybody else decide who gets the oval office. And you might want to think long and hard about which of the two will build on what President Obama has accomplished and which of the two will tear it all down with no idea of why it worked in the first place. Your choice.”

And he said, “That’s not much of a choice.”

And I said, “The hell it isn’t. It’s a choice between experience and ignorance. That’s the clearest choice I’ve ever seen in an election.”

He didn’t have an answer for that.

And that’s the point –

'I might be old, but I’m not stupid. And I suspect that a lot of other members of my generation feel the same way. We remember when we were impatient. And we remember the mistakes that our impatience created.

“Old people don’t tell young people what to do and what not to do because we want to control your lives – we just want to warn you not to make the same mistakes we did.

"But you will. Or you won’t. Because it’s your choice. Always.”

—  David Gerrold
Coming Home - Lin X Reader

Prompt: Uh… None. I’m still new to this whole thing.

Warnings: Like, two curse words. Lin curses a lot in his interviews, so he curses here, too.
Summary: You and Lin have grown distant over the years, leading to unfortunate feelings of loneliness. After returning to New York for a job interview, an unexpected encounter leads to a surprising reconciliation.
Word count: 1,900 (Wow. 0.o)
Notes: This is my first posted fic, so I really hope you all like it! Please give any and all feedback, I would appreciate it very much! I know @secretschuylersister said that what she got to read was good, so I hope the rest of it lives up to her expectations!



The window’s view flashed by faster than your eyes could follow, mixing into a blur of pictures and scenes of local life. Huge buildings towered on the horizon, nearing closer every time you looked up.  A deep breath in. A deep breath out. There were few things you had experienced more nerve-wracking than this particular train ride back to your hometown. Even with a very promising job on the line, (y/n) was reluctant to travel home. She’d eventually end up running into an old family friend or schoolmate, which wasn’t all that nerve-wracking. What made this journey anxiety-inducing was the prospect of meeting him.

You hadn’t seen him in over a decade, and conversation had obviously not been much of a priority to him since you left. The two of you had been best friends at one point, and you still had no idea what happened between you.

Oh yeah, fame and fortune happened.

You and Lin had grown up in the same neighborhood, and your parents were close friends. It was inevitable that the two of you would be forced to spend time with each other, no matter how much both of you resisted. After nearly a year of the two of you avoiding one another, a mutual love of theatre brought you into a careful friendship. From there, the relationship blossomed. The two of you had spent every moment possible together, reenacting scenes from Rent or singing a very out-of-tune rendition of Wicked. You would trust Lin with your life, and he would trust you with his. Of course, while Lin fell deeper into camaraderie, you had fallen deeper into love. Despite your best efforts to suppress it, a fluttering and delicate crush began to take root in your mind, until all you thought about was his goofy smile and stunningly kind words. Your years of schooling past by quickly, lost in a blur of tests and exams. The end of Senior year arrived faster than either of you could ever imagine.

Much to your dismay, Lin was going to Wesleyan, a liberal arts university in Connecticut. You, however, had been accepted to Phillip Merrill, a journalism school in Maryland. You would be far from your best friend and your hometown, leaving you feeling alone and helpless. Lin, of course, promised that he would talk with you whenever possible, updating you on the nature of his life. You pledged to do the same.

First semester went smoothly. Constant conversation, and good grades. Eventually, ‘whenever possible’ turned into 'whenever convenient’. You talked less and less, seeing as both of you were drowning in heaping piles of schoolwork. That never deterred your friendship. Lin’s creative genius never ceased to astound you in every way. He would share ideas with you when he could, looking for your approval before he deemed the idea worth acting on.

It made you feel good, to know that you were still an important part of his life.

Slowly but surely, your small role in his world diminished until you were nothing but a fond reminder of childhood that was off in some other part of the country. Your unrequited feelings began to flicker out as well, but you still smiled every time you saw his name in the news.

He was in the news quite often, after all.

In The Heights, a work of genius, had finally made its way onto Broadway. Journalism jobs were few and far between, so when the opportunity to write an eight-page cover story on a hit Broadway musical popped up, you took it without second thought.

That second thought, however, probably would have been that you would have to interview a certain Lin-Manuel Miranda to get the story done.

Shaking yourself out of reminiscence, you looked up to find the dreary view quickly changing to the busy hubbub of a train station. Gathering the bag you had packed for your week’s stay, you merged into the crowd streaming outside. A cacophony of sounds hit your ears almost immediately, but you knew from experience it was nothing compared to what awaited you in the streets of New York. You took another deep breath in. Out. Although nighttime was fast approaching and you had an early morning ahead, muscle memory guided your feet to your favorite hole-in-the-wall.

It was a little book shop that had survived on you and Lin’s purchases alone for a few years, and the owner greeted you warmly when you stepped into the familiar room. You returned the welcome with a kind smile and a hug, telling him that you were back home for a week on a business endeavor.

The two of you talked for a bit, discussing books and catching up on a decade of missed conversation. He was talking animatedly about a recent encounter with a rather rude customer when the bell that signaled a new arrival chimed. You turned around, ready to greet this stranger with a smile and a firm handshake. You were instead faced with a scenario you hadn’t been prepared to struggle through until tomorrow.

A disheveled and sleep-deprived Lin stood in the doorway, staring at you in shock.

The owner, who’s name was Luis, called for Lin to shut the still-swinging door.  He did so with robotic movements, face still frozen in a mask of surprise. Time seemed to freeze. You had trouble drawing in a breath deep enough to merit proper brain function, which wasn’t very helpful in this current situation.

Scenes of your childhood began to play through your mind, memories of Lin rushing forward with a fresh wave of pain. Seeing his face reopened a wound you weren’t ready to address yet. You drew in a deep, very shaky breath.

Luis, bless his soul, was able to detect the tension and scurried safely into a back room to escape the awkward conversation that would inevitably take place. You, however, did not have that luxury. Deciding to break the enveloping silence, you offered a very unsure-sounding “Hi.”

Lin was still in a state of shock. “Hey.” His eyes began to shift around the room, looking at everything but you.

“So,” you began. “Ready for your interview tomorrow?”

He laughed and loosened up considerably. It took him only a few seconds before he stiffened up once again. “How did you know about that? It’s going to be for a small magazine, and it’s not anything…” He trailed off, finally understanding that you were the interviewer. You surmised he had forgotten that you had gone to get a degree in journalism. You assumed he had forgotten a lot of things since you left, actually.

The awkward atmosphere having made its return, Lin started averting his eyes again. You sighed in frustration, clearly fed up with his dancing on eggshells.

“Look. We stopped talking. I get it. You were too busy with fame and fortune to talk to an old friend. That’s alright.” You sounded bitter and resentful, despite the thousands of times you had imagined this exact encounter. Another breath and you had enough emotional integrity to continue without crying. “Let’s just get this over with, okay? I’ll pretend I’m the interviewer, you’re being interviewed, and we don’t know each other. It’ll be fine.”  

You didn’t know if you were assuring yourself or Lin, but it wasn’t working. You muttered another “Yeah, It’ll be fine…” underneath your breath, even when you were clearly not fine. When you looked back at him, he was slack-jawed and open-mouthed. You had tears in your eyes. “Look, I’m sorry. Taking this job was stupid. I’ll go back and have them send someone else. Tell Luis I said bye.” You nearly jogged to get past Lin and out of the store, tears threatening to spill onto your cheeks. It took less than a moment for him to spring into action, and before you knew it warm arms were holding you back from the door, clutching you close.

You cried. Hard.

He wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug, holding you despite your efforts to get away. You finally gave in, leaving tear stains on his shirt. Lin held you even closer, rubbing your upper back in a gesture of comfort. It wasn’t very comforting.
When you looked at his face again, he smiled. You began to profusely apologize and tried to dislodge yourself from his arms. He, thankfully, held on. Quieting your apologies, he almost giggled.

Lin. Giggled. He giggled.

You, probably more out of delirium than hilarity, began to giggle too. He erupted into a full-blown laugh, making you giggle even harder. You might have even snorted once or twice. He quieted and stared at you with adoration.

“God (y/n), you really thought that was why I stopped talking to you? Did you really think you would ever become unimportant to me?” You nodded sheepishly, temporarily assured that a lack of three years correspondence was nothing more than a mishap. He put his hand to his forehead, mumbling a string of curses under his breath. The only one you heard clearly was “I can’t believe I’m actually gonna say this out loud…” Which didn’t sound very reassuring at the moment. He sighed and looked at you, still smiling.

“Look, (y/n). I have fallen hopelessly in love with my best friend. She is funny, smart, kind, and beautiful in each and every way. I put off talking to her for three long years because I was so fucking afraid that she’ll reject me. I’m still really fucking afraid of that.” Lin shook his head, losing his smile. “Shit. Just, forget that. I’ll, uh, leave now…”

You didn’t think. You probably should have. The last thought running through your mind was 'Screw it.’, or something along those lines. Then again, most of your decisions have ended with a defeated 'Screw it.’

Instinct caused you to tug on his arm, pulling him back around to face you. It was probably recklessness that made you grab his face and pull him in for a kiss.

He stood in shock, unable to move. You continued nonetheless, confident now that you were sure of his feelings. Lin’s hands quickly found their way into your hair, pulling you closer to him.

This was nice. Unexpected, nonetheless, but nice.

After a minute of this wonderful experience, the two of you were forced to part because of humanity’s unfortunate need for oxygen. Right now, you needed him. Lin was still in shock, breathless despite the kiss’s chasteness. You laughed. So did he. It felt like you were teenagers again, laughing off a blunder in class with books and show tunes. It felt good. So, so good. So, so right.
The two of you migrated to your favorite chairs in the corner of the store, comfortably sitting in your childhood thrones. Grinning like an idiot, you posed a very important question.

“So, ready for your interview yet?”

“Definitely. That is if you’ll be there to see me?” Lin responded playfully, knowing very well that the two of you would probably arrive at the meeting place together, coffees in hand.

“Hm, that depends. I’ll have to rearrange my schedule, but I’ll see what I can do.” Awkwardness long gone, the two of you engaged in comforting banter. Of course, you each snuck a few kisses in between sentences, but that’s beside the point.

It felt good to be home.

ShalluraSundays :: dancing

a/n: first entry for shallura sundays, thanks for the wonderful prompt and putting this event together! this was inspired by john mayer’s amazing song “slow dancing in a burning room”, so i highly recommend listening to it while you read. hope you enjoy!

ffn or ao3

slow dancing in a burning room

They don’t talk about the mission.

For the 24 hours Allura was in Galra captivity, Shiro can picture all too clearly what she may have gone through. His memories of his year as a prisoner have always been fuzzy, even when he was just back in the gladiator ring—time blurs and your mind becomes a master of forgetting what you don’t want to remember—but the first day has always remained clear. Or at least, the fear that had threatened to choke up, clawing at his throat and burning his lungs.

Thinking about Allura being captured by the Galra hurts even more, mostly because it’s his fault. On bad days, Shiro can’t exactly formulate what else he could have done—been faster, better, stronger? Dodged her grab for his collar?—but it doesn’t really matter. He lost her.

He can’t lose her.

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behind the fordblogs

the reason ford takes blurry pictures on @fordblogs is to hide my photoshop work lol

this was just a picture of a tabletop. i took that baby picture of alex and ariel, added the white border to make it look like a polaroid, put it on the table and skewed it so the perspective was okay. then it was just some color fixing and a lens blur and slight motion blur to make it look believable

this was a picture of the ocean that i cropped, rotated and lens blurred, then i googled “thumb on lens”, cut out the thumb so i would have the right colors, stuck it in the corner and blurred it to hell with a gaussian blur

this was the first picture i photoshopped for the blog specifically, and i just took a pic of dolphins i took in hawaii, then took a picture of a snake, edited out the white background, turned it black and put it on multiply, lowered the opacity, blurred it and added a drop shadow

and then some of them i just tilt and blur to give a reason for cropping out the heads so i can pretend any picture of an old man is stanley

then his old photos from the 70s are clearer because i think he’d be better at using a bulky film camera than a tiny digital camera

i dont remember what i did for this i just followed a retro photo tutorial on a pic of a mug

Everything is Okay

Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: Just some cuss words, nothing too bad. Also short. Oops

A/N: this is the first Sebastian imagine that I’ve done! Ironic, huh? Sorry it’s short! Hope y’all enjoy!

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Your morning was a blur, you awoke to check your phone only to see your Instagram had completely exploded. You jumped from 400 followers to 20,000 overnight and you knew exactly why. 

“Sebastian Stan you better get your ass into the bedroom right now!” You screamed, staring at the picture you were tagged in by Sebastian. It showed the picture that had been his lockscreen for weeks, with you smiling into the camera as he rested his chin ever-so-lightly in the crook of your neck. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his eyes were lit up by a grin. 

You heard feet pad quickly up the stairs, only to have a sheepish Sebastian standing in the doorway. 

There was a reason you were fuming. The two of you hadn’t announced your relationship even though it had been a year. He was keen on being quiet about it which you obviously didn’t mind one bit. You weren’t ready to announce it, but he was, so he did. 

“I can’t- I literally cannot believe you did this!” You felt as though you were steaming out of your ears. 

He shrugged nervously, “It’s a really cute picture, I couldn’t resist.” 

“Did you really have to post it? Honestly? At this fucking time?!” 

Sebastian sighed, coming into the room and sitting on the edge of the bed, “You really thought that we could do this forever? We’ve had a lot of close calls.” 

“I just-” you looked at your phone again, suddenly admiring the picture, “I guess it’s fine. I just didn’t expect this much attention from it.” 

He smiled, “It’ll be fine, babe. I promise.” 

You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 

You wished you had gotten a bit more of a notice but it had to happen eventually. Most of the comments were positive which you were thankful for, but you still wanted to prepare yourself. 

Sebastian kissed your cheek, “Now, let’s go to breakfast. At a real restaurant this time.” 

You pulled him by his neck back down to you, your lips connecting once again. “You’re paying.” 

You pulled away completely from him, giggling and rushing to the shower. 


I remember how incredibly proud I felt when the scales showed 99.4kg. Under 100? I felt unstoppable. I’d seen the 90′s a lot in my life. I don’t remember weighing myself in high school at any point in 5 year where the scales showed anything below 91.

 The first picture I took in November. I’d just stepped on the scales and it showed 99.4, so I donned my nicest modcloth dress and went to uni with the biggest smile on my face.  Fast forward to March. These last 5 months have been a blur; a mix of sweat, tears, blood and a never-ending cycle of stop/starting. I have given up, found myself and got back on track. I have binged; I’ve sat down and eaten two large pizzas, a litre of lemonade, a bag of fries and at times, I have hated myself for not being strong enough to stay on path. But this morning, I hoped on the scales. The same scales that once showed me 106.9 and found a surprising number: 84.3. And then I realised something. 

I was strong enough. Strength isn’t defined by a continuous path of effort. Strength is not defined by a lack of failure, or by never straying from the path. The path is paved; your skin grows stronger when you’ve fallen into the trenches. Strength is defined by how you pull yourself back up when you slip up. Strength is that tiny, sometimes inaudible whisper in the back of your mind telling you that you can do it; you’ve got to keep going with your journey. Everybody has given up at one point. As humans, how are we meant to learn any different? Do you think the spartan warrior was born the pinacle of strength? No, he became it. Every night that I binged I am thankful for, because I have grown from it. Every day I didn’t work out because I couldn’t be bothered, I am thankful for because I have grown from it. Every time I slipped up, gave up, cried, I am thankful for. because I have grown from it. 

I am stronger than the girl I was four months ago. Not only physically, but mentally. And I’m looking forward to the hurricane of a woman I’m going to become in the next four. 

  • Jelena shipper: I just heard a song that's Jelena af.
  • Jelena shipper: I just read a book/ff and the main characters are so much like Jelena.
  • Jelena shipper: I just saw a romantic movie and I swear that they were acting like Jelena.
  • Jelena shipper: Jelena did it first. And better.
  • Jelena shipper: This sounds so much like something Justin/Selena would say.
  • Jelena shipper: Feels. *stares into the void*
  • *watching a movie*: Oh my Gosh, they said the word(s) unconditional/cuddle/princess/rainy/blur/baby/babe/her/class/strong/my girl/the way you look at me/throwback
  • *watching a tv show*: Oh Gosh, they're in Hawaii/Mexico/Brazil/Norway/Japan/Malaysia/Australia/St. Martin
  • *watching old candids*: The way they fucking hold hands, I'm gonna DIE.
  • *watching old pictures*: Do you see that?!!??? DO YOU SEE HOW HE/SHE LOOKS AT HER/HIM???
  • *after watching a jelena video*: *blows nose* *wipes tears away* I love pain. That was beautiful.
  • *after a jelena reunion*: *haters freak out* I LOVE DRAMA.
  • Jelena shipper: *groans at juloodleedoodle shippers* Get off my blog.
  • *having a conversation with a friend who has no idea what the jelena shipper life is like*: I MISS THEM, YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.
  • *venting on tumblr*: What if they never come back?
  • *still on tumblr*: NAAAAAH BITCH, they love each other too much.
  • *mumbles*: Justin, post another throwback.
  • *after Justin likes something Jelena*: That stalker. Number 1 shipper.
  • *after Selena likes something Jelena*: OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jelena shipper: Can they please stopping dressing so similarly?
  • Jelena shipper: Bless the Montage hotel.
  • Jelena shipper: Did the 20th of November happen? Did I dream it?
  • *watching the dance video*: YAS!!!! WALL!!!! GRAB THAT ASS YAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!! *stars crying*
  • Jelena shipper: WHERE'S EMORY??
  • Jelena shipper: I can't believe that I'm still shipping these two. I hate them.
  • Jelena shipper: I will go down with this ship like the captain of Titanic.
  • *talking about Titanic with a friend*: Justin Bieber once rented out the Staples Center for a date with Selena Gomez and they watched Titanic on the big screen, from the top row. Just because he heard her saying that she hadn't watched it in a long time. *smiles but tears are coming out of their eyes*
  • Jelena shipper: Where's the J ring??????
  • *talking to a friend*: They lived together. Bruh. They lived together. Like. They woke up and they were already together. They did everything together. They lived together. Bruh.
  • *sees hot pictures of jelena*: Hehe, little brother my ass.
  • Jelena shipper: They probably have so many duets...LEAK UNFAMILIAR.
  • Jelena shipper: I miss Jelena. I miss Jelena. Did I say that I miss Jelena?

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Requested by  camilap1227 <3
Prompt:  Hi! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Draco x reader imagine where it’s a progression of when they met as kids and grow up to have a beautiful romance and eventually get married and grow old together. :)


Do you remember when we first met? I don’t. It was such a long time ago. I think I always thought we were friends.. That you just so happened to always be near. When I was born, you were born too. Once I even thought we were somehow related, and I remember the fireworks once my Mother harshly informed me that we, infect, weren’t.  The world just… didn’t seem to be right without you in the picture. I don’t think I ever even thought about it without you.

Your eyes stared out the window, the scenery behind it a moving blur as the playful colours of the ending summer still lingered. You then gazed at your bests friend in the whole wide world sitting in front of you, his two bully friends casually sat next to him. He was talking again, his mouth moving fast as the confident, dare you say cocky?, look in his ice grey eyes staring at Crab. Or was it Goyle? You could never tell.

“–do you agree, (Name)?” Draco suddenly turned to you, making you blink.

“Hm?” The lost look in your (color) eyes gave you away. Draco scoffed.

“Pay attention, will you?-…”

When we started Hogwarts, well…Only then did I realize how frowned upon was being good friends with you. It was a shock, honestly. I was so lost and afraid, but most of all I was so, so angry. You turned away from me and found new friends – naturally, I did too. But I wanted you. I wanted to keep the strong bond between us, and yet you always kept pushing me away and I didn’t understand why.  

By year three you changed so much I hardly even recognised you.

He stalked down the corridor, all high and mighty as you gave him a dirty look.

“What’s with that?” He questioned.

“Your face makes me nauseous.” You told, bitter.

And yet.. You still asked me to the Yule ball. And I still said yes.

Your laughter echoed in the empty corridor as Draco dragged you through it in a rushed pace. Admits the dancing you snuck into the kitchen and managed to snatch some liquor for the after party at the Slytherin compartment.  

You grinned from ear to ear, your hair dancing in the wind as you briefly turned back to see if no one was following you – the coast was clear. Abruptly, the two of you stopped, panting for air with goofy grins on your faces.  

“That was…-” Draco started, taking in a deep breath to heed his oxygen lacking lungs.

“-Exciting!” You finished, releasing a giggle right afterwards. Draco let a low chuckle escape his lips, though he didn’t say anything further. As the dust settled silence engulfed the two of you – years of being apart urged you to say what you’ve been surpassing for so long. Your big grin fell into a timid one, and casting your eyes down you thought of the right words to say. But neither of you could think of anything.

Wordless, he tugged you into the dungeons, but this time at a much slower pace as his fingers intertwined with yours.

I was dense, so dense that I still shake my head to this day when I remember all those longing looks you sent my way, all the sweet smiles and the over all closeness you gave me without really being…close. I thought you missed being my friend. I thought you wanted to come celebrate Christmas with my family again and practice magic till dawn.  

All was sailing smooth, until…Until you became desperate. It scared me, really. You scared me. I knew of the Dark Mark and how much it frightened you, but with dragging me along to your hate filled ‘friendly’ meetings, and how jealous, protective and over all bitter you became only pushed me away. Then…Then you told me that you loved me.

It felt as if the world slipped out your fingers and at the same time your heart thudded in your chest. Not knowing whether you should frown or smile – both were tempting,- you released a small puff of air through your parted lips and turned away from his gaze that demanded an answer. Gulping, you forced yourself to stare him in the eyes, but no words dared to come out your mouth.

His hands held yours, and taking a step closer to you Draco burrowed his brows softly.

“I love you more than anything in this world.” He told, breathless.

I knew you were afraid. Afraid of loosing me and falling due to you now being a Death Eater, someone you never wanted to be. Despite how much you changed, I knew you were good. Deep down you were a kind and generous soul, but that thick cocky shell you surrounded yourself in became the only thing real. I didn’t know whether you intended it to be so. Was it your parents? The school? Life? At that moment, all I could recall was the happily smiling child without a care in the world.

And then I realized. I loved you too. The old you. The new you. It didn’t matter to me. The world…didn’t seem right without you.

As you gazed at the guests you couldn’t help but smile, admiring how many people showed up to you wedding. Draco Malfoy sat beside you, his hand engulfed around yours. Suddenly, he leaned in.

“I didn’t get to say this sooner, but…” You looked into his ice grey eyes, “-you look absolute stunning. I cant…cant believe that I-”

“-You always had me, my love,” You murmured, “-and you don’t look half bad yourself, might I add.”

Now that I think about it, time does fly so fast, doesn’t it? One day I’m running around in your family’s garden and getting lost in that never ending maze, and the next it’s our first born. From when he could talk Scorpius was you from head to toe, and then he started showing signs of magic and…I must admit, I felt a bit disappointed. Not that I wasn’t proud of my baby boy, but I just…I didn’t know how to live without him anymore. The world didn’t seem right without the two of you.

And with you away so often and I busy everyday I was starting to get afraid that we will grow apart. When Scorpius left for Hogwarts I…I must admit that I wasn’t as happy as I pretended to be. But you knew me so well that you noticed right away. And despite us being apart so often, you did it again. That strange thing I could never do – be close without being close. When I bid you farewell and when I kissed you back it seemed like no time had passed. There was no gap in the day when you were gone. Everything was stitched so perfectly, and it was all done by you. I could’ve never managed…

..And here we are now. How many years have past? I stopped counting.

Such a lovely drawing, my darling,” You glanced at the small six year old girl sitting beside you, and then back at the atrocious picture that was shoved into your fingers, “-you have a heart of an artist and a talent of one as well.” Your granddaughter grinned from ear to ear, proudly gazing at her most recent work – a drawing of your family. In the back was you and Draco, then Scorpius and her mother and lastly her.

I am so lucky…So lucky I wasn’t dense enough not to push you away when you pushed me. Even to this day my love for you burns strong. Even after all this time, and always.

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anonymous asked:

I completely understand why you pixelated Freddie's face in those pap photos the other day but it's difficult because Freddie was smiling and laughing and having a great time with his mom. Thank you for including a link to the article so we could look at the photos to see Freddie's happy baby face. I love your blog and your ethical approach to posting. You're the best 1D blog.

I know, he’s so cute but I didn’t feel comfortable posting the pictures without blurring his face first. Thank you so much anon. ❤️️

iheartnewt’s icon tutorial ♥

Hi! lovelies. I’ve been requested by @thegirlwholivcd and some anons to make an icon tutorial. English is not first language and I suck at explaining things so I’m sorry in advance. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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So today I’m going to show you how to go from this

to this :D

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On a serious note - 

I talk a lot about self love. I talk a lot about putting yourself first. Somedays my mental health is really strong & I surprise myself at how more insightful I have become. Most days - I have really mean thoughts about myself. I stare so hard at pictures that my eyes start to blur. I stopped comparing myself to edited photos of girls on Instagram, but that doesn’t stop the constant comparisons of myself at different stages of my weight loss. I am in the middle. This photo was from a little bit over a week ago I would assume. I decided this photo was relevant enough to do a side by side. I am stuck at 99 pounds, some days I get down to 97.5 (those are the good days). On the left I am 94 pounds, I understand it may seem like an insignificant difference. I also understand that the scale is not the best judgement & there are lots of factors that contribute to a higher number on the scale. However this has been my gauge since the beginning. This is how I track where I am at. On the right is me getting ready for my boyfriend’s birthday last year. I was 127 pounds, this was 2 weeks into my weight loss journey. The problem with where I am at right now is I am constantly comparing myself to the body I had on the left. The only difference between what I am doing now & what I was doing then is calorie counting. The fucked up thing is that I was constantly hungry, tired, bitchy as fuck, & I would only have cheat meals on the weekend when I would have drinks. I would punish myself for everything I ate. I would run to the bathroom to check my stomach to see if you could tell if I gained weight after every single meal. I would constantly lift my shirt to see if I had rolls when I sat down. i was a mess. I thought I was getting better at the body dysmorphia. I thought I was making progress at telling myself to take care of my body instead of punish. Give it what it needs to thrive. Eat to supply nourishment. I can’t stop thinking about the girl on the right. I see her legs coming back every time I notice my waist looking wide & boxy in a photo or when I compare my inner thighs. I tell myself I have lots of muscle now. I tell myself that I have curves again & that I didn’t like my boyish build when I was stick thin. I still can’t shake feeling 30 pounds heavier every time my weight climbs up to 101. I hate my stomach, I hate my thighs, I feel as if nothing is tight. I feel as if there are layers of fat over too thick muscle for my body. I feel like my face is sagging, I look exhausted. I over compensate with skin care products. I cut my hair off because it was dead at the ends. I can never style it the way that the celebrities do. I am so mean to myself. 

I have been feeling out of touch with a lot of people that are close to me. I don’t think anyone understands the great deal of stress I put myself under. I stress myself out over when I am going to work out & then I stress myself out if I give myself a break. I stress over what I am going to eat. I stress about spending money on clean food. I stress about eating. I stress about progress & how I feel as if I am just maintaining. I stress about showing what I think is progress to my boyfriend & him being honest enough to tell me there is no change. I can’t relax in my mind. I can’t stop thinking about the girl on the left. Lean body, tan skin, long hair. I was feeling myself. I worked my ass off to get there & I still bust my ass. I am stuck in the middle. I am stuck. 

I have moments of clarity. That’s when I am the best. That’s when I tell myself I cannot live the rest of my life counting calories, they don’t mean anything. My body is healthy & I feed it what it needs whenever I want to. My body does so much for me its the least I can do. In the moments like now when I can’t get out of the mentality that I am the girl on the right I feel stupid, because I know so much better. I feel weak. I know the answers to everything going on here & yet I still feel this way. I don’t know if this is something that will ever go away. I guess I am just going to have to ride the wave. I wanted to be open & write about this as I’m feeling it - right at the point where I feel burnt out. I wanted to share with you guys what this journey really is like. 

Tomorrow is another day, another mood, I look forward to trying to get back in my glow. Its ok to be weak sometimes, but I have to focus on being kinder to myself. 

Blur the top right hand corner,
she hasn’t said a word to us in years,
and things are so much better that way.
There’s my dad, before the gray hair got to him.
You can’t tell from the pictures,
but he makes a mean French toast,
and leads the church choir on Sundays.
I’m not into gospel, put he puts Christmas programs
together so nicely, it makes me want to believe in something.
My sister, here, she’s almost heading off to college.
And it’s really scary, for the first time, to not know
everything about where she’ll be
and how to help.
She’s got a good boyfriend, but I hope
he treats her as well as she deserves.
The youngest,
well she’s changed the most it seems.
She came out more talented than the rest of us,
with three instruments she spends weekends practicing,
friends on the field hockey team,
and I think lately, she’s picking up a pen
like her big sister.
We aren’t nearly as close as I want to be,
but it’ll come.
And there,
that’s me, looking more hopeful
than I probably should,
and holding onto these pictures
because I’m so afraid of change.
—  Schuyler Peck, 10/30 (a family portrait)

Title: Seeing You

Pairing: NaruHina

Summary: He had to find Hinata. He had to make sure she was safe.

Prompt: Based off this picture. My thanks to gabzilla-z for both permission and inspiration.

Note: This was inspired by the above picture. Thank you so much gabzilla for giving me permission to use it! I hope I managed to do it justice and that you all enjoy. 

The first person he looked for was Hinata.

Amidst the cheers, and the crying, and the overall celebration, Naruto stumbled. The world was out of focus, his fatigue impeding his ability to walk in a straight line. Everything was a blur, from the people to the ground to the sky. An ache had built up in the back of his head and his arm dangled uselessly at his side. What remained of his other arm was wrapped tightly in bandages, only the smallest specks of blood still seeping through. He paid the appendage no mind; he couldn’t feel anything anyway and even he knew that he hadn’t completely registered it was gone just yet. He figured it would hit him later, but right now he couldn’t have cared less.

He had to find Hinata.

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Persona 3 The Movie #1: Spring of Birth 

((more of my Persona animations here))

Love him so much it’s ridiculous. First movie had so little Shinjiro time, but I managed to make a couple of sets. New Tumblr Dash coding resizes pictures making it look blurred but it looks fine on user’s blogs (unless your theme resizes too).

is this the real life

lol levi looks so desperate and his mental erwin is so soft and Gaussian Blurred the fuck out like an old school movie love interest. like can we talk about this??

that is so gay wtf

like, how can i think that he wants erwin alive primarily for the powers & how it will benefit humankind when his brain conjures images like that?? when he pictures tender smiling erwin and not erwin in glorious commander mode ready to take on the enemy.

when everyone already literally agreed to sacrifice themselves so levi can finish off the beast titan, erwin first and foremost. that was the mission brief.

sure he goes anyone! i’ll inject anyone!! but then “if only i can JUST KEEP ONE PERSON ALIVE” and apparently that one person is erwin, doing his best shoujo love interest impression. for humanity??? lol idk this looks personal as fuck.

to me levi’s face looks less like a person about to make a gamble for the sake of humanity and more like a person terrified of losing someone he loves. he looks like ymir thinking of historia. & you know who else n this chapter had a flashback to the person they left behind? marlo, thinking of hitch, who likes him.

i can’t believe that i’m legitimately ready to buy that levi put humanity’s fate in jeopardy because he wants erwin to live.

This was how my Sunday started out. I could stare at this picture forever and completely ignore the fact that I am in it because they’re just so pretty. They’re also so goddamn tall. I know everybody says this, but you don’t quite understand until you’re sandwiched in between them. 

This photo op is a blur to me. I only remember what I typed into my notes after I left the room. I walked up, said hi and that I was so nervous. This is the first time I wasn’t too nervous to even say how nervous I was. One of them, I’m 90% sure it was Jared, said “don’t be!” and then Jensen (I’m 95% sure it was him at least) said,  “give us a hug”. At some point Jared told me he liked my shirt as well. The photo was snapped, I thanked them, and as the door was on Jensen’s side, looked him straight in the eyes as I said it. Looking right at him and seeing those eyes and his smile, there’s nothing like it. I chose to hug Jensen because I hadn’t met him the year before like I had Jared, and I was going to be seeing Jared an hour later. In the end, this was absolutely fantastic and worth every penny.