the first picture is so blurred

So, it’s morning. Or maybe afternoon.
There’s light pouring through the window
and it’s got you looking the kind of
haloed and soft you only see in movies.
I’m only half awake but I’m already
writing poetry about your eyelashes,
can you believe that?
In the mirror, I pretend to watch myself
watching myself brushing my teeth.
Instead, I watch you run your hands
through your hair: again and again and again
and again. More than once, I’ve seen the way
you try to rearrange your body into negative space.
Like one of those optical illusions—
the vase with the two faces.
You forgot you could be both of them. You forgot
that when you lean too close to a work of art
the whole picture blurs and disappears.
A new painting: one with no negative space.
You as steady hands and solid ground. You
with a ukulele and a dog. Coffee and cayenne.
Cheap wine and expensive whiskey.
All that blue in your closet. You
as the perfect first date and
something soft to come home to.
Bad jokes and good intentions and all that—
Yes, light. Listen,
so, it’s late. Or the time of night
some people call morning.
It’s dark in the car, but you laugh—
I mean, really laugh. The kind that
catches you by surprise and crinkles up
the corners of your eyes—and it’s like
a camera flash in a windowless room.
It’s the best thing I’ve seen, all day.
Every morning, the sun has to relearn
how to outshine you. Sometimes
even she is not bright enough.

77 Objects - Industrial Oven Menu Set

All the interactive features can be used normally

Please read the usage method

1. Can only be put into a group at a time (A menu + a crack fix file)

2. Must be used with “It’s Business Time Industrial Oven”
    (I have attached sim3pack to the folder)

3.This is a cracked item, so there must be a corresponding crack repair file
   (I have attached to each folder)


1. 一次只能放進一組至遊戲中(一個菜單+一個破解修復檔)



Hope you guys will like it~

77 Objects - Industrial Oven Menu Set - Download

Just the first POST picture I do not know why blur …
So I cut the picture and post it again

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Your headcanons and bullet point fics are everything to me- was wondering if you have any more canonverse hcs? Xx

let’s see…

  • first of all (and this is very important), nico makes flower crowns
  • will discovers this on a thursday, when they’re sitting in a small clearing in the forest very early in their relationship
  • nico keeps talking, and his hands keep weaving, and it takes a moment for will to realize what he’s doing, but in the end will starts handing nico different flowers to add to the plait
  • when the crown is ready, nico places it gently on will’s curls and smiles shyly, blushing bright red
  • “i didn’t know you knew how to make flower crowns”
  • nico shrugs and avoids will’s eyes as he explains that it’s something bianca taught him to do
  • will smiles and takes nico’s hand, and then they’re both blushing and grinning like idiots and i’m getting cavities
  • also, they spend lots of times on that clearing, just talking or cloud watching or making out or napping or making capture the flag strategies
  • and nico is a very sleepy person, so he often falls asleep with his head on will’s lap or chest
  • on many of those times he wakes up to will tickling his face with a flower stem, and nico pretends to be annoyed but truthfully it quickly becomes one of his favorite ways of waking up
  • after a few months have passed from the giant war and life has returned to somewhat normal, nico picks up photography
  • it comes pretty much out of nowhere, one day nico just walks up to will and shows him this old camera he says annabeth found from the athena cabin and that no one has used in years, and asks if it’s okay if he takes a picture of will
  • of course it’s okay, and nico takes a picture
  • and then another
  • and another
  • and another until he’s used up all his film and he blushes because he was supposed to take pictures of jason and piper and lou ellen, too
  • with annabeth’s help, nico builds a basement to the hades cabin, and sets up a dark room there
  • his first photographs are all of will, every single blurred and overexposed picture, and nico tries to throw them away but will keeps all of them in a shoe box under his bedside drawer
  • will gets banned from the dark room after an incident that involves a stack of poorly developed pictures and various fluids in places they shouldn’t be
  • will tries to take an interest in photography, too, but frankly he just doesn’t have the patience that it takes to develop the pictures so nico gives him a polaroid camera for his birthday
  • photography pretty much becomes will and nico’s Thing™, even though it’s still 70% nico that takes and develops the pictures, and will even goes all 12 days of christmas on nico with the polaroids (and i’ll probably write about that later because good god i just got inspired)
  • with the polaroid pictures comes bulletpoint journaling, and nico doesn’t understand what’s so important in having this special kind of notebook for it or different kinds of washi tape, but he happily listens when will spends thirty minutes explaining why exactly he needs “this exact type of golden bling tape, nico, it’s pretty, look at it”
  • nico accidentally adopts a cat when it just walks into the hades cabin and never leaves
  • nobody knows where the cat came from, but after half an hour it has imprinted itself on nico and won’t leave his side
  • will wants to call the cat whiskers, but nico refuses
  • leo holds a poll, and valdezinator wins that, but nico refuses to call his cat that, either
  • in the end nico starts calling it dog as a joke, and it sticks
  • date nights are a small problem for them at first, because how do you get privacy on a camp where everyone seems to be breathing down your neck
  • jason says the strawberry fields are a popular spot, but the problem with that is that everyone knows that, and also nico feels very exposed there, so that’s a no
  • cecil tells will to take nico on a picnic on zeus’ fist, but will just knows cecil will be spying on them there, so no
  • they brain storm date spots back and forth for a few weeks, until nico decides he’s had enough, and sneaks will out of the apollo cabin a few hours after curfew and takes him to the roof of the big house to stargaze
  • it’s nothing particularly fancy, but it’s nice and private and romantic and it becomes a tradition
  • basically nico and will do a bunch of cure and dumb and accidentally romantic stuff on a daily basis, like bringing each other snacks and holding hands during camp fire and just being all around adorable
  • no one knows if they love them or hate them for that

(thanks @kissanvarpaat for being my personal inspiration bank)


Bucky X Reader

Summary: he was your everything but apparently you weren’t his. Left with nothing but some memories where will life take you?

Warnings: Super angst right from the first sentence, Sam being awesome

A/N: ok I know I shouldn’t be starting something new when I’m working on something but this can to me and I needed to write it out before it left me. I’m tagging some people that have helped me write and make a better story. I hope I have put all your advice to good work. @annadier @marvelous-imagining and @metalarmproblems And the always amazing @veronicalei

“You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I do? I don’t know what I did wrong, not to make you leave me.”

“I know she’s perfect, she’s everything you deserve but I thought, maybe for once, I could be enough for someone, for you. You said I was everything you could ever need. Did you ever want me though? If you only needed me, you could have needed me and just been my friend. Why drag me through this and give me so much, only to say none of it was real?” Your cries have fallen on deaf ears. His back is now turned from you shutting you out once more.

The words were echoing in your head they were the first moments of everything crumbling down around you. You couldn’t stay here anymore. He wanted you gone.

You hastily scribbled out a note it was written on the back of one of your pictures making it hard to write on and puncturing the photo at times. Your hand was shaky and tears blurred you vision. You were determined however to get this out and send it to him.

“I’m sorry. I should have seen the signs earlier, but then again I guess I did. I was just fooling myself into thinking I could hold on to you longer when that’s probably when I already lost you. I’m sorry I kept you from her, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope one day you’ll forgive me for keeping you from her for so long.“

You write Love before scribbling it out and simply put your name.

You slide it under the door and walk away. He wouldn’t get it for a few days as he was gone on a mission. That left you with enough time to make a clean get away, not that anyone was going to come after you.

You weren’t a part of the team, didn’t work with them, didn’t technically live with them either. You were just dating one of the members. Well dated one of them. In fact if he hasn’t said anything they may not notice your absence for awhile thinking you were busy or something.

You had come to collect everything that you had left here. The clothes, the nic-nacs you had collected over time, photos, really anything that could remind him of you. He moved on and didn’t need your junk in the way. Carting it all away you drop most of it down the garbage shoot putting an end to that. You walked into the main lounge and collected a couple more things. With a final look around you said goodbye and the door shut it all from your view.

“FRIDAY, I’m leaving now you can revoke my access privileges as per his request.”

“All right, Miss (Y/L). It has been nice knowing you. Have a pleasant day.”

“I’ll try FRIDAY.”

Stepping out of the building you head out not quite knowing where you were going but knowing it was far away from here.

The team had gotten back from a grueling mission, they were all banged up and suffering from an arrangement of injuries but none needed professional medical help. A couple bandaids would do the trick and a hot shower for everything else. They filed out of the quinjet; to their surprise you weren’t waiting there for them. Usually you would be fidgeting waiting to see that each one was back and relatively unharmed.

Sam was the first to speak up “Hey man where is (Y/N)?” He asks Bucky. “She knew we were coming back today, yes? You text her?”

Bucky stiffens forgetting that you wouldn’t be here any more. He shrugs attempting to take the subject off you and more so him.

“Man, I could really use a hug from her right now. You know check over my injuries, berate me for getting injured in the first place.” He jokes with the others. They all chuckle knowing that is exactly what you would do to all of them. Well except Bucky, you would be pampering and nitpicking his every move just to reassure yourself that he was safe.

“Maybe she fell asleep waiting for us. FRIDAY, we’re back, is (Y/N) in the building?” Tony asks, you had done that a couple times before because of the lateness of a mission.

“No Sir she is not. She has not been back since two days ago. She collected some of her stuff and hasn’t been back since.”

“Oh, alright I’ll just have to text her since other people seem to have forgotten.” He says shooting Bucky a glare. Bucky can’t meet his eyes knowing the true reason to why you weren’t there.

They shuffle to their separate rooms to shower and change. They all eventually drift back to the kitchen when their stomachs announce their need for food. All but Bucky had come down, Steve the concerned friend he always was went to get him. Knocking on the door he found Bucky standing in his room showered but staring at the bed. It was nicely made the grey comforter pulled up and the pillows tucked under and plumped. The room was perfectly squared away not a thing out if place it seemed odd but Steve shrugged it off and continued in to the room.

He places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder causing him to jump at the touch. “Hey just wanted to let you know that there is dinner in the kitchen everyone is waiting for you. Have you heard anything from (Y/N) yet?” Bucky shakes his head. “Hey what’s up with you you’ve been weird for this whole mission and even now?”

“Its nothing Steve, I just been dying to sleep in my own bed now.”

He rolls his shoulder pushing Steve’s hand off of him. He heads out leaving Steve behind, Steve takes a deep breath and drops his head. He was only trying to help. A picture on the ground catches his eyes, he stoops down to pick it up. It’s the picture from one of your days on the beach together. Bucky and You had romped along the beach all day playing in the water and building numerous sand castles only to have the other knock it down. Here though you both had laid down tired from the day, your head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around you both sleeping under an umbrella. It was one of your favorites, flipping it over he reads your words.

His heart breaks, suddenly everything makes sense. Bucky’s attitude, he wouldn’t focus to save his life missing quite a few easy shots during the mission; the room, he looks up none of your personal things could be seen, there was nothing scattered about like you usually have. So thats what happened, he whips around and chases Bucky down. He starts waving the photo as he sees him sitting at the kitchen counter, not fully taking in his surroundings.

“What the heck is this?” Shoving it in his face. Bucky grabs it and looks at the photo before turning it over. He reads the words but doesn’t quite comprehend it all, so he sits and stare trying to make it say something else. He thought he wanted to move on from you that you weren’t enough but now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t cared while you had screamed at him and begged him to explain.

“Answer me Bucky what happened between you and (Y/N)? Why isn’t she coming back?” You could here a pin drop it was so silent in the room all gaping at Bucky.

“That’s why she is not here?“ Tony half standing now from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Tell me!” Steve snaps. Taking Bucky by the collar and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I….I broke up with her.” He whispers, “Right before the mission.” His voice keeps getting smaller.

“Why? Why would you ever want to do that?” Steve pleads. “She was your everything. You couldn’t stop talking about her when she wasn’t with you and when she was you were attached at the hip. She’s your best friend, a kind of friend I can never be.”

“I thought…” He trails off not wanting to phrase the next part wrong . “I thought I wanted something else… someone else.”

“You arrogant son of a… Did you cheat on her?” Tony growls.

“No I couldn’t do that. Not to her.”

“But you could break up with her out of the blue after she gave you everything!”

“Hey whoa back up, now let’s calm down and talk it out” Sam is standing pulling Tony back by the shoulder trying to mediate before tensions could rise further. “Sit down Tony this isn’t going to help anything.”

Tony sits with a huff. Sam faces Bucky meeting his eyes. “Bucky I’m guessing you’re regreting breaking up with her now. Why?”

“I walked in the room and nothing felt right it wasn’t home, I looked for anything to hold on to buts all gone. She took everything of hers is gone even out here. The book she kept on the side table. The bankets, even the pillows every single one is gone. She disappeared and it like I’m missing a part of myself. I don’t know what to do.“

“And this person you were leaving her for, she doesn’t make you feel this way? Does she make you happy? Maybe you just need to get used to the idea that (Y/N) is gone.”

Protests were heard all around. Sam held up his hands shushing them as he went to explain himself. Bucky was looking even more confused staring now down at his hands like they held the answer.

“All I’m saying is I don’t want you trying to get her back just because you are used to her being there. She was a constant but you drifted away from her for a reason. I want you to decide whether she is everything you could ever want and need now and forever. That she is going to be the only one always. Or you can let her go and you both move on with your lives. You need to know she is not just going to let you back in after what you did to her. You are going to have to fight to get her back. It may take a long while longer than either of you may like but you have left a very broken girl in your wake. I want to you to be absolutely certain you love her with all you have.”

Now everyone is staring at Sam. They tend to forget he is a councillor for the VA so everything that he just said made so much sense and very true. Now the question was he willing to fight for you?

To be continued……

@metalarmproblems and @veronicalei

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RFA + Saeran and V reacting to a tsundere MC admitting that she loves them?

Hope you enjoy this! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a tsundere MC


  • At first, he thinks it’s kinda adorable you’re always so angry around him, he even thinks you’re playing hard to get and take it as a challenge
  • But then he notices you’re like this just to him, because you’re pretty nice to everyone else , including Jumin
  • Like… you’re reaaaaally nice to Jumin, while you’re always scolding Zen for taking too many selfies and thinking the world revolves around him
  • So he just… accepts that maybe you’re interested in Jumin… once again, trustfund kid has everything…
  • And when he sees the blurred picture Jumin posted in the chatroom, with you beside him having dinner…  well, he’s sad… and angry! This isn’t fair!
  • So he decides to work out to forget this, maybe he can send you a selfie later… oh yeah, forget it! You told him a million times “sweaty isn’t sexy, you fool!”
  • He’s working out hard, lifting more and more weight, and then he hears a snap!  He just feels his body feeling and the worst pain he ever felt on his lower back… shit!
  • Jumin took you to the hospital, you seemed… worried, he didn’t know what to do to calm you down…
  • Zen gets so embarrassed when he sees you and Jumin coming in to his room. Jumin looks stoic as usual, but you… look like you’re shooting lasers with your eyes!
  • “Again, Zen? For real? Haven’t you learn last time you can’t strain yourself like this? Oh my god… are you really that dumb? Or are you just relying on your monster healing whatever? Next time, break your neck and let’s see how long it takes for you to heal! Oh, you won’t happen, because you’ll be dead! You hear me? You’re gonna die if you keep being that dumb!” great, now you’re wishing his death too…
  • “MC, calm down…” Jumin says, you take a deep breath and look to him: “Jumin, can I talk to Zen alone? Please…?” oh, the pleading in your voice… Zen would do everything to hear you talk to him like that… “As you wish, MC…” and he leaves, smirking. WTF?
  • “What happened? Last time you did that, you were angry at Jumin! What did it get you so angry for you to hurt your fucking spine?” “I… I saw something I didn’t like…” “What? You finally noticed how big is your ego?”
  • “Stop being that mean to me! Jesus… why do you hate me so much? Oh, and by the way… if you hate me that much, what are you even doing here?” “I… I… don’t hate you… and I got worried, it was just that… Jumin and I got worried and came to see how you were doing… and I see now you keep being stubborn and dumb and…”
  • “Enough, MC! God… why are you like that to me? Not even Jumin talks to me like that!” “Well, of course he doesn’t! He doesn’t love you like I do, and…” you look at him, eyes widened and your mouth covered by your hands.
  • “What… what… did you say?” Zen is legitimately shocked, he holds back a grin. “I… I… you heard me.” You look away and blush, oh god… SO CUTTTTEEEE!
  • “I don’t like seeing you hurting yourself, please, don’t do that again, if you don’t think about your health, I do. “ “Okay, I won’t! If you are by my side taking care of me, I’ll be fine!” “I… I… guess…”  you timidly come close to him and give him an awkward hug. “MC… I… I’m still all sweaty.” “I can get used to it.”


  • Why are you doing this to him? He’s so sweet and nice and adorable… “And you’re gullible, naïve and need to grow up, Yoosung! You keep whining about nobody seeing you as a man, but you keep acting like a little boy!” AND YOU’RE A MONSTER!
  • You scolded him a million times now, you do it in the chat, you do it when he calls you, you do it whenever you see him in person…
  • And why would he still like to be around you after all? Well… he… likes it? Most people spare his feelings or just tease him, and not even Jaehee is so direct like you are. He likes you’re not afraid to be brutally honest to him. Also, he’s an M, so…
  • One night, he’s playing LOLOL and notices you’re playing too, sometimes you join forces, he never understands why you do this, you’re so unpredictable… yes, another thing he really likes about you.
  • “Hey, MC! Good to see you here!” “Oh, you’re already here? God, go get some help for your addiction, dude!” “I… will, I swear I will, MC…” you’re talking through headsets.
  • You two lose a round, and he’s ready to listen your lecture… “Shit! Good night, Yoosung!” “I… I’m sorry we lost, MC… I… I should go and get some study… “ “You’re gonna study now? It’s almost midnight!” “Well, yeah… I have this test tomorrow and…” “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK! AND YOU’RE GOING TO STUDY JUST NOW? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?”
  • “I… I forgot, MC. And you showed up to play and…” “Oh, don’t blame me for your irresponsibility! It’s not my problem if you’re such a lazy bum!” oh, he’s fucking gone when you call him a lazy bum… “Yes, MC, yes…”
  • “Ugh… you’re such a weirdo, Yoosung! I… I’m coming to your place to help you study, ok?” “R-Right now? It’s pretty late, MC…” “Yeah, no shit! But if I don’t help, you’re screwed! I’ll be on my way soon, don’t sleep and open the door to me, you heard me?” “Y-Yes…”
  • He’s so nervous, you’ve been to his place before and nagged him for being so messy, so he picks all the clothes on the floor and shoves them into the closet, you’re not coming to his room, anyway… are you?
  • “Don’t get any wrong ideas, I’m here to help you study!” “Yes… yes, of course, MC!” “Why does your place smell so weird? Ugh…”
  • You two start studying, he’s shocked at himself for knowing so much about the subject. Yes… ever since you came along, he’s been able to focus more…
  • “Hey, focus! We’re not even half done! God, do you always space out like this? Pay attention!” “Yes, MC…” “And stop saying that! Why do you keep saying ‘yes, MC, yes’? I already told you nobody will see you as a man if you keep acting like a puppy, Yoosung!”
  • “I… I’m sorry, MC! I… am really sorry…” and you see the tears… OH SHIT! “Wait, are you crying? Don’t… don’t cry…” “Why? Because it’s not manly?” “No, because… I hate seeing you sad…” “You what now?”
  • You throw the books away from you and hug him, he’s so confused… “MC?” “Do you think I like treating you like that? I hate it! But I need you to bring your A game in everything you do, you have so much potential, and I love you so much! And…” oops
  • “MC? You… you… love me?” “I… I…” the clothes he shoved in the closet earlier fall down and you let him go from your embrace. “Oh my God, Yoosung! What a mess! How do you live like that? Let’s go clean this and continue with the studies. God, I can’t believe I’m in love with someone so messy!” “You said it again, MC…”


  • She doesn’t understand why you’re so cold and just answer her with “yes”, “no” or “mmm”
  • Not that she’s this master in being affectionate, but you are on a whole level, seriously.
  • She likes you a lot, but sometimes is really unbearable to put up with your bad temper. Like, at one moment you’re fine, and few minutes later, you’re snapping at her for nothing!
  • This was one of those days… you dropped by to her café to help her, she didn’t even have to ask you, you just… showed up.
  • And everything was going ok, you were working together, she even made you smile! She loves your smile, it’s a shame you don’t show it that often.
  • And then this customer came in, she recognized him, he would come almost everyday. “Welcome!” she greeted cheerfully, “How can I not feel welcomed with such a warm greeting?” you rolled your eyes.
  • “What can I get you?” “Oh, If it was possible, I would want to take you home, but since I can’t… just the usual.” She giggles, embarrassed and goes to prepare his orer, you stop her: “I got this.” And you don’t even look at her, you’re just shooting daggers with your eyes to the flirty guy.
  • “Here you go, sir.” You handed him his coffee, he barely ignores you. “Does it match your taste, sir?” “Hum? Yeah, I guess…” “Good! Take another sip, then.” You lean to him and whisper: “ I dare you!” cue to the guy paying and leaving this place like his life depends on it. (it probably does)
  • “MC, what… just happened?” “Don’t be that nice to guys, you dork! They can really get the wrong message! Men are not reliable!” Zen, is that you?
  • “Well, I… I am just being nice to customers, you know, my customers, at my place,  where you barged in to work and just scare one of them?” “I was doing you a favor, It’s not my problem if you can’t recognize that, but sine you don’t want my help, I’m going now!”
  • You head to the exit, she stops you. “No! I can’t stand this anymore, MC! You can’t just do as you please and walk away! Tell me, did I do something to you?”
  • “Let it go, Jaehee…” “Seriously, why do you keep coming here if you’re gonna act like that? And why you’re nice, and then you switch your mood completely? Tell me, why do you hate me, MC? What have I ever done to you for you to act like that with me? WHY DO YOU HATE ME?”
  • “I DON’T HATE YOU! I LOVE YOU!” both of you gasp in shock. “Happy now? I… love you… and I hate how oblivious you act around me and around… weird guys who clearly don’t give a shit about your coffee.”
  • “MC… are you serious?” “Why would I ever joke about something like this? Do you think I like coming here and opening up about y feelings to someone who probably don’t even like me back?” she hugs you, you don’t know if you should hug her back. “You’re the dork here, you know that?”


  • He’s very confused, because you act a lot like Zen around him, but when you do it, it’s amazingly… cute.
  • You don’t call him a jerk or trustfund kid, you prefer more refined insults as spoiled, pretentious, self-centered… and you never say anything bad about Elizabeth.
  • Still, as cute as can be, sometimes it gets really annoying. He met all those really nice women (if they’re genuinely nice or not, that’s a whole another story…) and yet, the only lady who catches his attention is that one who’s always angry at him.
  • But apparently, all the hate you have for him doesn’t affect the way you feel about Elizabeth, as you always ask about her.
  • One day, you even offered to babysit her, he felt surprised. “Well, I’m just doing to free Jaehee a little, not everybody has to like your cat as you do, you selfish prick!” oh okay…
  • He barely could concentrate on the business meetings knowing you’re at his house taking care of his cat… why does he even care so much? You like the cat and can’t stand him!
  • He’s taken aback when he sees your name on his phone: “I need you to come over right now!” your tone sound even more serious and cold than usual.
  • He runs to his house and finds you pacing back and forth and biting your nails. “What happened, are you okay?” “I can’t find her!” OH SHIT
  • “What do you mean?” “Did I stutter? I don’t know where she is!” “How could this happen?” “Well, if I knew how I lost her, I would already have found her, no?”
  • He was worried, and he noticed how worried you were too. “What are you staring at? I’m not pleased either! Don’t think I lost your cat on purpose!” “I know you didn’t, MC! Calm down, let’s think about this objectively…” “Oh, I should know you would say something like this! It’s so typical of you! The ice king, Jumin Han! You’re so worried about not showing any emotions you don’t even look around you to notice how worried other people feel! Zen is so right about you…”
  • “Ok, if that’s how you feel, maybe you should go to Zen now…” “I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE, I CAN’T BE CALM WHEN THE MOST PRECIOUS THING THE MAN I LOVE HAS IS MISSING!” Wow… Jumin widen his eyes a little, then he looks down.
  • “Can you repeat, please?” “I… I didn’t mean to call her a ‘thing’, you know…” “No… the other part…” he comes close to you and holds your chin. “You love me?”
  • You blush furiously and he can’t hold back a chuckle. “Okay, let’s discuss this later, first we need to find her… did you look under the counter, she sleeps there sometimes…”
  • Please don’t be there! Please don’t be there! Shit, she’s there! Now you have to talk…


  • Seriously? You really wanna fool a former secret intelligence agent? You really want him to believe you don’t have feelings for him?
  • And the tsundere thing… yes, very cute… but he knows you’re trying to hold your laugh when he tells a joke or pranks someone.
  • He pushed people away his whole life, so seeing you doing it too bothers him, because he sees a little of himself in you. At the same time, he loooooves to tease you just so you can scold him as much as you want.
  • He knows you probably don’t love him, that would be insane, but you definitely have a crush on him! And he’s determined to make you spill it out.
  • So he invites you, Yoosung and Zen for a ride on his brand new baby! “I’ll pick you guys up in that order:  MC, Zen, Yoosung.  Don’t be late!”
  • Privately, he already talked to Yoosung and Zen, telling them this is just an excuse, he just wants to pull an innocent prank on you, none of them believe it, they just think he wants a little time alone with you. That’s not entirely a lie,tho.
  • So when you are in his car and he doesn’t turn in the direction he should to go to Zen’s place, you start your trail of insults: “What are you doing? You should have turned left, you idiot! Seriously… you’re always bragging about your amazing driver skills, but can’t even remember your friend’s address? What’s wrong with you?”
  • “My bad, baby.” “Don’t call me ‘baby’! What… what are you thinking?” “Oh… you’re blushing, MC~~~~” he sings. “SHUT UP AND WATCH THE ROAD, YOU FOOL!” “Seriously, you’re redder than my hair right now, it’s so adorable…” “Well, I’ll let your face red when I slap you for saying bullshit!” “Oh, so you’re kinda kinky too, huh? You’re gonna spank me?” “WATCH THE ROAD! WATCH THE ROAD!” “Don’t change the subject-“ BANG! The car is hit on a tree, okay, that wasn’t exactly his plan… he can’t believe he got so carried away by teasing you…
  • “Oh my God! Are you… are you ok, MC?”  “Not thanks to you, buy yes.” “I’m sorry, that wasn’t part of my plan, and…” “Plan? What are you talking about?” uh oh…
  • “I… had planned a picnic for the two of us…” “What a manipulative prick! What’s wrong with you?” “I… don’t know, I… just wanted to spend some time alone with you…” “And what makes you think I would want to spend time alone with you?”
  • “MC… come on…” “Come on what?” “I… I know, MC. As sexy as you look when you act like that, don’t need to pretend anymore, I already know…” “You… You really know?”
  • “Well, it’s pretty obvious…” “It is?” “Yep, pretty much…” “Oh, okay then… probably Yoosung didn’t notice, because I told him I love you and…” “WHAT?”
  • “What what?” “You… love me?” Uh oh… now his face matches his hair color. “Why are you so surprised? You said you already knew!” “I thought you had a crush on me.”
  • “ME? A crush on YOU? Are you insane?” “MC, loving me is even bigger than having a crush on me…” “Well, yeah, but still… gross! And what are you waiting to call a tow truck to get us out of here?” “Nah, let’s stay like this a little more, I’m finding out so many interesting things because of that…” Please God, kill me now.


  • Two tsunderes? Lolololol this will be fun to watch
  • No, seriously, all the RFA members feel entertained to watch your interactions, because they are so freaking hilarious. You yell at each other, then turn your back and resist the urge to look back to know if the other is looking, it’s kinda cute, actually…
  • None of you know that, but there’s a bet going on to know who will be the first one to confess. Zen and Jumin finally agreed on something and voted for Saeran. Saeyoung, Jaehee and Yoosung went for you.
  • But this is taking too long, and there’s a lot of money involved in this. I mean, just imagine if Jumin loses…
  • Everybody is waiting for a closure to this, so Saeyoung come up with this amazing idea to put you and Saeran to handle the guests list for the next RFA party. Jumin thinks is a bad idea, but even Zen, who’s on his side, agrees he’s just afraid of losing.
  • To prove he’s not, he even offers one of C & R meeting rooms, also because there’s security there, and if something goes wrong, they have trained people to take you two out of each other throats.
  • So there are you two. This is so fucking weird… “Okay, let’s do this quickly so it can end quickly!” you state. “I hate to say I agree with you, ugh…” you roll your eyes.
  • “So… Rui?” “Check!” “Cat hotel?” “Check!” “Detective?” “Check!” “Naming?” “It’s not here…” he says. “What you mean ‘it’s not here’?” “Exactly what I said, are you dumb? IT’S NOT HERE!”
  • “Don’t yell, you asshole! This is not your house for you to behave like that!” “Don’t tell me what to do! Not even my brother talks to me like that!” “Maybe he should, then you would learn some manners!” “Now you’re yelling too, you’re such a hypocrite!” “Don’t use words you don’t know the meaning!” “I told you not to tell me what to do! And I know the meaning, because I’m not stupid like you!” “SHUT UP!” “NO, YOU SHUT UP!”
  • The RFA is watching this through the CCTV. “Maybe this was a bad idea, Saeyoung…” Jehee says apprehensively. “No! We’re going somewhere, I can feel it! Just wait for it…”
  • “Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You’re so GRRRRR!” Saeran says. “Oh, I don’t understand cave man language, I’m sorry…” “Cave man? HAHAHA! You’re the wild one here, MC. You are… so wild! And… crazy! And… and… the way you tease me with your craziness, seriously…” “I’m the tease here? I’M THE TEASE HERE? YOU’RE THE TEASE HERE! You’re the one who keeps looking at me like a lost kitty! I… I hate how you look at me!”
  • “Well, I… I hate this shiny and silky hair of yours!” “And I hate your weird smile!” “This shirt is so tight I can see your stupid curves!” “So don’t look at them with these weird beautiful eyes of yours!” “Only if you stop talking with this melodic voice!” “HOW CAN I STOP TALKING IF I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT?” “OH YEAH? THEN I GUESS I LOVE YOU MORE!”
  •  So he asks: “Do you want to ditch this and have angry sex?” “Is there any other kind of sex?”
  • Jumin and Zen accept their defeat, but the other three don’t stick around to celebrate their victory. Everybody leaves to give you guys some privacy. Also, they’re freaking terrified of both of you.


  • Oh god… is painful to watch.
  • Because you keep snapping at him, and he just chuckles and says how adorable you are when you get mad.
  • So you two keep at this full circle, you get mad, he says you’re cute, and you get mad because he said you’re cute… this never ends.
  • Jumin asked you to hand some papers to him at his gallery. He chuckles at so fast you agreed on going.
  • You find him painting… what the fuck? You thought he was a photographer?
  • “Oh, welcome MC! What can I do for you today?” “D-Dude! How do you know it’s me? I… I didn’t say anything!” “Well, I recognize your smell and your pacing very easily…” “That’s… really creepy!” can he detect in your voice how much flustered you are?
  • “Jumin asked me to give you this. So… there you go! I’m off now!” “So soon? Please stay! Do you want to see what I’m doing?” YES “No… I’m okay.”
  • “Well, you may not know this, but painting and photography walk side by side…” “I… didn’t ask anything for you to be saying that.”
  • “Sometimes you just need the right angle, and the right moment…” “Dude, I… I have no idea what you’re saying…”
  • “So why don’t you take a look? I could really use your… honesty on this.” You roll your eyes and go to look what he painted, only to find it is… you! You smiling…
  • “What the fuck? What’s this?” “I believe it is you…” “I KNOW IT’S ME! BUT… H-HO-HOW YOU DID THIS? I mean… you can’t… see and…
  • “Oh, the paints have different textures, see how your smile looks smoother than your hair, for example?” “What do you have against my hair?” he chuckles.
  • “Nothing… on contraire, I assume it’s beautiful! I… would love to touch it to sense it and make a more accurate painting of you… will you let me?” “Wha-What? What? Touch me? No! Stop being creepy!”
  • “Okay…” “ALRIGHT! Just because you insisted so much…” he didn’t insist…
  • So there he goes to touch your face, running his fingers through your nose, your forehead, your lips… then he touches your hair… “So silky…” “Yeah, my secret is washing.” He laughs, and you shiver.
  • “Are you shivering? Don’t need to be so tense…” “Who’s tense? I… I’m not tense!” he smirks and you lose it! “I’ll show you tense!”
  • You grab one of the paints and rub it in his face,  that shit is probably expensive, but do you care? He’s rich anyways… he looks serious! Uh oh…
  • Then you get caught by surprise when he throws paint at you! And this become a paint war!
  • You two roll in the floor getting paint everywhere, and you’re both laughing. “God, I thought you were so uptight! I had no idea you had it on you… maybe that’s why I love you so much and…” shit! You got a little carried away there…
  • “Well, I guess I have to keep showing you new sides of me for you to love me even more, then…” seriously… this guy…
I want you(Namjoon AMBW Smut)

Ahhhh finally one request down! I’m sorry for such a long wait but after much time here you are @hennessybee I really hope you enjoy this fic, if not I will do it over! 

A light knocking on the wooden door caused you to stir yourself awake as you looked around. Namjoon was laughing at you looking at how your body was draped in one of the styling chairs in the makeup room.

“Noona, you’re going to get a crook in your neck if you keep that up.” He lightly scolded moving to sit in another chair beside you.

“It’s okay.. Really.” You let out a soft huff, lifting your body slightly with a wince, it had been a rough few days since you were always on the move with BTS and sleep was little to none because you were always with them. ALWAYS. “And I told you, don’t say that.” You could feel your cheeks heating up.

Namjoon moved his hand to the back of your neck giving a comforting squeeze that seemed to release all the tension in that spot. “You’re really cute don’t know you know that?” He asked with a light chuckle. “You are our noona, our cordi noona and I’m sorry but even if we were to go through the whole process again you would still be a noona.” Namjoon said dramatically helping you realize your doom. It wasn’t that you disliked the word, it was the fact that coming from him, it made your whole being lit up and you didn’t know how to handle it.

“Right as always Kim Namjoon.” You cooed wagging your finger at him. He rolled his eyes leaning forward to bite your finger gently causing you to still for a moment. A loud yell from the hall caused you both to jump as Taehyung came running into the room to wrap his arms around your neck breaking the moment you and Namjoon were having.

“Come on noona it’s time to go! You’re packed and everything, right?” He questioned sending a devious smirk to Namjoon who just sat back in the chair in disbelief.

“I do have everything I need; can you take my bags for me Taehyunggie? Noona can’t carry everything.” You whined knowing he would give in. Like lighting he took your bags and headed for the door, causing and amused laugh to leave your lips as you stood up.

“You know better..” You started as you grabbed for your face mask seeing the look Namjoon was giving you. He stood up from his chair, towering over you causing you to look up at him. He wasn’t wearing anything too flashy, just black skinny jeans and a button down white shirt that was tucked in, his hair was parted right down the middle to show his forehead like you liked it. He smirked softly seeing how your eyes flickered all over him, opening the mask up he put it on you the correct way seeing the BTS display read brightly against the black mask with white letters as he felt some surge of pride through his system.

“Do I?” He questioned you back, cupping your cheeks he stroked your skin with his thumb and you melted for a split second before you were pulling his hands away before Taehyung came back. Grabbing at the makeup bag that you needed, you allowed Namjoon to walk with you and give you skinship until you got outside of the building where he went to stand with the others. You let his hand go sighing softly behind the mask glad that you could pout without anybody seeing it. You moved to get into one of the vans with the other members of the team. Driving behind the boys towards the airport, you put in ‘Not Today’ trying to give yourself some since of hype but it ended with you passing out with your head against the window, the soft beat earphones cushioning your face.

“This girl.” Namjoon sighed softly but he couldn’t hide the kind smile that was on his lips as he watched you. He crawled into the van as everyone else got out, moving to shake you lightly he didn’t stop until you were opening your tired eyes looking at him.

“Sleeping beauty, let’s go.” He called out for you grabbing at your hand. You didn’t know if it was simply because you were tired or what but you gave him your hand, walking behind him with your fingers laced together as he pulled you through the massive crowds of fans. Namjoon made sure your body was against his becoming almost protective as he kept pushing your head down so that no fan could take good pictures of you. It was too much, the flashing lights, the screams and cheers. It was the reason you opted on staying back for most of the shows but this one was different and they needed all their staff, they needed you because you were very good at your job and becoming well known. The boys’ images had to be top notch for other things to be a success. After a moment of having the flashing light in your face and harsh criticism threw at you by some fans, Jhope and Suga both came to the aid of you and Namjoon pressing against your left side to block any views from you.

“Thank you both.” You said gently looking up at Yoongi who gave a kind smile and like Namjoon pushed your head down gently with the pads of his warm fingers against your forehead.

“Keep your head down, thank me later by making me look good.” Yoongi teased as Jhope gave a chuckle nodding in agreement. Jimin was next to make his move coming to stand in front of you, he smiled and gave the camera aegyo and sex appeal to distract every one of the girl that was in the middle and stealing the attention. Jungkook came to join him walking beside him and Jin was the last to join in walking behind all of you as you went to stand in the airport line. As it moved up and you went to board the plane Namjoon made sure that he was the one sitting beside you when it was called for you all to choose your seats.

You once again fell asleep after putting on your music, moving to lay your head against his shoulders, at least on the plane you two could be able to share some since of closeness. While you were knocked out into dream line, Namjoon was losing his mind. He couldn’t stop looking down at you, he was so in love with you he didn’t know what to do, it was too much for him and he felt not telling you anything was going to break him apart. It was everything about you, your eyes, your full lips. The way you looked so peaceful once you slept. He could feel the harsh thumps of his heart and he wondered how could you be so calm with him. What he didn’t know what that you were dying as well but at least you knew how to hide it from him a little bit better than what he was doing.

Once the plane arrived in the States, Namjoon had fallen asleep with his head resting on top of yours, unknown to you both Hoseok found this endearing posting the pictures to the official twitter, and the Cafe. They had woken you both up to get you off the plane so that you could go to the hotel. The next set of days were a blur between BTS doing interviews and sound checks you were there to give them touch ups but then you, had to go and do other clients that you had promised you would meet while down here. You had also met up with some friends all of you going to the beach to hang out while the boys got ready for their first Wings show. Namjoon had been moping missing you by his side and he was always refreshing his feed when he could just to see what you were up to.

“You’re going to be classified as a stalker if you kept this up.” Yoongi warned patting the male’s shoulder.

“I think it’s too late for that.” Namjoon himself admitted but he tried to let it slide off him. He knew however how serious it was, when he saw a picture of you with some guy who had a modeling gig. It wasn’t the fact that you were with him helping him, it was the fact that he was a ‘friend’ Namjoon knew nothing about and he felt jealous. Even while he was getting ready to go on stage he saw you in the back, and he purposefully avoided you, going to the other Cordi’s to let them help him instead not wanting to be around you until he got his emotions underway. When it was time for him to sing Reflections, you came to stand by the side of the stage looking at him with adoration.

“You two are killing me. Please just get together already.” Yoongi came by your side once he was finished with first love looking at his friend who was pouring his heart out on stage.

“Shut up. He’s doing really good today.” You said softly clasping your hands together in front of yourself wiggling slightly.

“He feels those lyrics strongly today.. Especially since he is hurting.” Yoongi almost whispered the last part, causing you to frown and look at him.

“What happened today while I was gone?” You asked him standing up straight. Yoongi pursed his lips looking between you both before he let out a sigh shaking his head hesitating and going between telling you and keeping his loyalty to his friend.

“Listen, I think you two need to talk this out. But what I will say is, you’re not the only one who has a career at stake here. So, maybe you should be the one to decide as the eldest what’s best for the both of you. And if you decide that you can’t do this. Then be honest with him because he deserves at least that much.” He gave a kind smile walking off to get changed for fire and as Namjoon came off the stage to the side you were at you quickly looked at him reaching for a hug that he gave back tightly.

“We love you!” You chanted back at him causing him to laugh and become flustered. “You did really good. Do you want me to touch up your makeup for fire?” You ask him and he nodded eagerly pulling you backstage with him, buzzing from how well he did he could feel his skin tingling and it made it better that you were here brushing foundation against his forehead lightly, he eyed you looking down and standing close to you causing everyone else in the room to shift and look knowing that there was something there if only you both would act on it.

“Two minutes!” The stage handlers called out trying to get everyone in place, you let him go moving back to your place on side of the stage to watch him.

“The boys are so talented.” Some of the noona’s were talking behind you and you were going to turn around to join in the conversation until you heard the rest.

“I know, it’s just a shame that with money comes sluts trying to take them down.” One spoke out.

“Yeah and then they either want money or their own fame so they use them and it’s such a shame. We all want to be close with them but at least we do it the right way. We don’t go to the limelight.” Another spoke.

“Yup! At least we don’t go around talking to other members from other companies and having our own agenda we are faithful to them.” The part that upset you the most were that they spoke in Korean as if you didn’t know anything that was being said or the fact that you knew these two particular girls were talking about you.

“Don’t worry about them, they are just a bit.. Jealous and dumb.” A girl who was a bit shorter than you came to stand at your side looking out at the stage and dancing a little beside you. She had brown hair that rested at her shoulders and she was a few years older than you. “If anything, you would get their struggles better than us. You have your own reputation and you know the do’s and don’ts.” She started out encouraging you. She was always friendly and nice to you making you feel that you did have at least one friend.

“Thank you for being kind to me.” You said gently bowing your head as fire went off and Fun boys came on.

“No problem, just make sure you don’t push him too head over heels.” She teased you causing you to blush and you were glad that it was dark for the most part.

The concert was a success and from all the screaming fans you knew that the boys were going to be very proud of how well they did. Once the show was over, you had to leave out with them, surprised that so many fans were waiting for them to leave you saw a lot of girls holding up the signs referencing Namjoon to daddy, you tore your eyes away from those signs thinking of something else because the ache between your legs was unbearable and you knew that it was going to take at least two rounds with your hand so that you would at least quench some of the fire that was inside of you. While you were in the van, the boys decided on take out and you were glad, you needed to get to the hotel to change your panties quickly. Tomorrow they wanted to go out for American food and you knew of perfect places to take them to setting your plan in action.

“Did we do good?” Namjoon asked leaning close to whisper against the shell of your ear, his breath tickling your skin causing you to jump as you nodded.

“I was really proud of you love, I am so honored to be a part of your team.” You admitted with a soft smile.

“Trust me, we are glad to have you.” He sighed happily pressing a kiss against your jaw.

“Break it up back there!” Hoseok teased you both and it stayed that way until you got back to the hotel.

Once you arrived, you said your goodnights to the boys as the elevator came to your floor. You decided to get a room a floor under them to keep yourself from becoming and embarrassment and going up to the room Namjoon was in to ask him to talk. You walked to your room and you could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t turn around just lifted your hand up to wave bye to them. You moved into the room, quickly scarfing the food down eating in the most un-lady like manner so that you could get in the shower.

You stayed in there for a good thirty minutes getting yourself off with the shower head and your fingers. Once you were done, you moved to dry off your body after you were done, not wanting to sleep in nothing you crawled under the covers with a bath robe on, laying on your back you rested looking up at the ceiling, thinking about Namjoon you tried to get your thoughts from him considering how loud you had been crying his name.

Namjoon was sitting up in the bed, drying his wet hair with a towel and a very hard problem between his legs, it only took him a few split seconds to think more on it before he was getting up with a key card leaving his room and coming down towards yours. He took the elevator hoping that no one noticed him, walking towards your room, he knocked on your door and you not knowing who it was decided to change your robe to a silk robe instead. You put on the baby blue silk robe that was partially see through, opening the door up you were surprised to see Namjoon standing there on the other side with a white T-shirt and baggy shorts around his waist. He looked down at you, almost speechless as his eyes roamed your body.

“What are you doing here? This is risky.” You groaned softly pressing your hands on his chest as he moved in.

“Exactly but you keeping me out here makes people more suspicious and besides, what if I get taken a picture of?” He asked softly as he pushed inside more to shut the door with a crooked smile.

“What do you want, Namjoon?” You asked softly with a playful roll of your eyes.

“Well. I need you.” Namjoon said simply cupping your cheek to make you look up at him. “You won’t say it so I will. But I am falling for you y/n. I know that it’s a bit too early to say that I love you but I know I’m getting close to it, and I know that if I didn’t even at least try to get to know you and keep you in my life then I would regret it. If you’re scared then let me protect you. I won’t hurt you, we both have reputations and I know what it’s like to need to keep it.” He urged nuzzling his nose with yours. “Just please let me be with you, even if it’s just for a moment that you don’t want later. It would fucking hurt but I could at least be with you and I need you so much.” He whispered as he pressed against you.

“Namjoon.. We can talk about this later. Take me.” You groaned in defeat and he didn’t have to be told twice, he picked you up with his hands under your thighs carrying you towards the bed, he laid you down on the bed, pressing his lips against yours he gave you a breathtaking gentle kiss, his hands moving to roam your body gripping at your hips as the robe fell to bunch around your waist. Namjoon pressed his body flush against yours sliding his tongue into your mouth causing you to release a soft moan. You couldn’t believe this was happening your heart was racing and you were sure he could tell. He sucked on your tongue, letting his tongue explore every ounce of your wet warm cavern. He pulled back after a few moments grabbing at his phone he pressed the outlet into his phone turning on music.

“What-“ You questioned panting as he put on Party Next Door. He leaned down over you pushing you back against the bed, sucking on your neck as he whispered in a deep voice using his English causing his voice to be accented and the right kind of cute and seductive.

“I don’t want everyone hearing how I make you scream.” He sucked on your neck, moving down towards your collarbones and breast to mark you up and make sure that the hickies were not visible. He undid the strings on your robe, pulling back to look down at your curvy body that was wrapped in brown skin.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t let anyone else have you.” He shuddered moving to press his lips against your breast his tongue skittered across your areola on your left breast before he wrapped it around your nipple to suck on it, his hand going over to play with your other nipple grazing and flicking the hardened nub. Namjoon moaned against your skin, sucking harshly onto your breast, his mouth trailed wet kisses towards your other breast as his hand drifted down to ghost across your sensitive clit. You arched your back a sharp gasp leaving your lips as your hips bucked up. Namjoon pulled back from your breast after a while with a wet pop lifting a keen eyebrow.

“I never knew you were so sensitive here.” He teased circling the pads of his thumbs against your clit.

“E-every girl is daddy. It’s not that.. I touched myself twice before you came.” You finally admitted causing him to immediately plunge two fingers inside of your wet pussy. You groaned in slight pain but it didn’t sting too bad, it felt good to have his fingers inside of you thrusting in and out of your pussy. He leaned down to wrap his lips around your clit, sucking on the pink bud he pulled it into his mouth causing your hips to buck up and ride his face as he thrust his fingers in and out of you. Your hands gripped at his hair, pulling on the soft locks you pressed him closer to your body.

“Come on daddy give me more.” You called out softly feeling your wet pussy start to drip against his face as he pulled and pushed his fingers around inside of your, his fingers moving to circle and twist inside of you slipping past the knuckle each time he released your clit to flick his tongue against it quickly watching you and how you seemed to crumple under him, your whole body started to shake, your legs bending as he feasted on you once again, replacing his tongue with his fingers he slapped at your thighs rubbing on your clit quickly, your body was a complete mess, you knew you were close to cumming, and it seemed he did too because he pulled back licking on his fingers and his tongue.

“You’ve cum too many times without me, can’t cum again until I’m buried inside of you.” He smiled standing up and you followed helping him shed his shirt and shorts, he didn’t have on any boxers causing you both to become flustered, he tensed up you gripped his member to stroke him slowly licking up and down his cock slowly. Namjoon moved to push you in the middle of the bed. He pressed his knees down into the bed and you helped him align himself with your entrance. Slowly you pushed your hips up to take him inside of you and he let you move until you were sinking down taking him in inch by inch. His hands crawled up your skin, gripping at your hips he let you take over for a bit, sitting back on his hind legs to let you take over, he rolled his hips forward slightly and your hands moved to press down into the sheets so that you could push your hips back down against his. He kept you like that for a bit before he picked you up and laid on his back, your hands pressed down on his chest as you started to lightly bounce your hips up and down his shaft. You mewled in pleasure rolling your head back gasping lightly as you circled your hips. You could feel Namjoon start to thrust erratically bucking his hips up and you were proud to see how his head rolled back. His head was tipped back his eyes screwed shut as part of his neck veins popped out. He was full of pleasure that you caused and you knew even in this moment you wanted to be the only one with him. He moved his thumb to brush against your clit rubbing it in circles as he tried to get you off, his name rolling from your lips as your warm walls squeezed around his shaft. He slammed you down harder with one hand, your hands moving up to scratched down his chest slowly digging your nails into his skin to make crescent marks.

“Shit, I’m going to cum.” You announced leaning over to grind down against him, your hands moving to grab at the sheets beside his head.

“Will you cum for me baby girl?” He asked in a harsh whisper leaning up to bit your jaw, he continued to slam you down against him your pussy starting to gush with water. Your hips jerked down as you nodded your head giving into him you let a cry out of his name, your pussy clenching tightly around him, the walls clamping down and locking onto his shaft, he wrapped his arms around your waist continuing to slam you down as his hips snapped up to bury himself deep inside of you. His load shot out inside of you while he cried out your name, he let his hips slow down at a steady pace as he rode out your orgasms. Kissing over your face and your body he gave a soft hum nuzzling his nose with yours.

“Fuck, yeah I don’t want to be without you.” You admitted burying your face in his neck. “If you’re ready to try so am I.” You admitted biting on his jaw and kissing his lips.

“Good then, because I want you and though I was a little mad earlier I know I don’t want to be without you.” He admitted nipping on your jaw as the music shifted to a BTS song causing you both to give quiet giggles as he held you and talked.

gearstorm  asked:

Could you show how you did the stars and clouds on that piece of art? So beautiful!!!

Okay sure! I’ll make a quick tutorial of how I did it. 

First step is to look up references. For one just looking at rad galaxies and stuff is super awesome, but it also gives you a good idea of a lot of different effects you can do so here is a good link to like 25 rad pictures just as an example 

start with figuring out the colors of your sky, darkest at the top and lightest at the bottom, this changes based on where and how late into the night so references!

then get a nice and big blur tool and even it out. After that you’re gonna start with the stars. Most drawing programs come with a brush or spray you can use for this with lots and lots of dots where you can change the density and opacity. i stay at 100% opacity and set the layer to Add (Glow) ((some programs have lumosity)). Density of stars change per image

you can make stars using white or blue or red, mix it up, have some fun, make lots of layers with different brightness and if you want a few slightly bigger stars pop out the pen, lower it way down and make a custom dot

Okay this part ^^^ is a little tricky and time consuming. With your refs in mind pull out a soft air brush and lay out the colors in the general area you want the galaxy. Then, I take a rough edged water color brush (you can tool around with brushes here to get what you want but something soft yet jagged edged is a good bet) then you set it to negative. I dont know what its called, but 

this little checkered bit beneath the active colors, this essentially makes whatever brush you have into an eraser, then go to town on your galaxy. Don’t be afraid to nearly erase it completely, then lay on more color and erase the edges again. Use alot of layer, erase edges, combine them, and so on to get sort of this whispy cloud kind of shape. Overlay some more bright stars through the middle and tweak to get it just right. Soft brushes, negative watercolor brushes, lots of layers. Even here im not happy so keep playing with it

I edited it a bit more, fudged with the brightness a little and also broke up the background gradient a little to make it not feel so artificial, adding imperfections and things can help with the overall image. This is okay as is, but if you want to do the reflected water look like i did then heres a few more steps. 


Make a selection of a strip across and copy and paste it onto a new layer. Then once selected, select Transform and flip it vertically and slid it down the that bottom strip to replace the lightest part of the horizon. This will leave a very small strip of that bright color that is now the horizon above the water of the lake/ocean. If the edge is too hard then take a small blur tool and lightly run it along that edge to make the fade a bit nicer.

then over the top of the reflected space set a layer of black (or dark blue or whatever color works best just a dark color) then lower the opacity to make it look like dark water. blur the hard edge just a touch until it looks good and maybe add a lighter color towards the middle and smooth it out. 

I didn’t have clouds in this, but it essentially the same as the galaxy effect. Soft airbrush, negative rough edged watercolor brushes to erase the edges and blur tool. Hope this made sense and was alright! Thank you for asking ^u^ 

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Old news, but looking at this HFPA Party pic where Cait is holding a glass I just realized for the first time the right corner of Sam's lower lip and it's really blurred with lipstick and I'm freaking out?? I'm a neutral fan so I don't usually see things right away but omg helpppp

Heheh welcome aboard neutral anon. Once you start to notice these things, you can never go back 😘😘😘

Bonus because I just remembered I saved this picture while looking for the one up there* 

Look at the cute hubby and wifey all up in each other’s business. 

Let You Go || Park Jimin

Originally posted by yoonmin

Word Count: 3.0k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

The airport was a busy place, filled with busy people living busy lives and heading to their own respective places. It just so happened that you happened to be one of the few who wasn’t as busy, which meant you could take your time to look around at everyone walking around you. It amazed you to see how many people lived here, how many people were constantly traveling It was like an entirely different world to you.

Your parents had moved from Seoul when you were at a very young age, and moved to America. You had been living in America and you had grown up learning to speak English and Korean, as your family didn’t want you to forget where you were from and at some point they were planning on moving back to Seoul, they just weren’t sure when.

Jiwon was one of the only other Korean people you knew in New York. The two of you had instantly bonded over the fact that you shared the same nationality and you became instant friends. You were excited to finally have someone you could talk to in your native language, and it seemed she was just as excited. The two of you would gossip all the time and you would find yourselves always getting into trouble.

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All I See Is You

pairing: Boyfriend!Taehyung x Reader
genre: Fluff
warning: sugary sweet romance
word count: 2317

Even if the world decided to swallow you whole and send you back to the days where you had struggled, so long as he was there, you would be happy, because loving him was the sole reason you lived so blissfully.

Namjoon | Taehyung | Hoseok | Jimin | Jin | Jungkook | Yoongi

He’s late. You can’t believe he’s late. Is it not customary for the star of the show to arrive on time and greet the incoming guests? Instead here you are, watching as the exhibition to your boyfriend’s latest gallery open its doors to the massive crowd waiting outside. It is difficult to believe how he has managed to build a positive reputation with his habits of tardiness. The beginnings of a lecture start to run through your mind, it’s rehearsal driving your nerves upward. However, before your irritation can be vocalized Taehyung appears a few ways down the street, fingers fumbling with his brightly patterned tie.

As angry as you are at him, your heart couldn’t help but skip a few beats when the sunlight hits his profile, casting shadows beautifully across his skin just before a smile breaks across his features and he sends his arms into a high wave to greet you. The man who could so easily be mistaken for a sculpture is currently sprinting down the sidewalk, his long coat desperately trying to catch up to its owner.

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Prompt: #21- “You’re mine, understood?”
              #23- “You’re jealous?”
Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader
Word Count: 1,634
Requested?: Yes, I forgot by who though, sorry!

I love when he shows what he’s feeling. He obviously has feelings and emotions but he rarely shows either. He bottles up everything. I love him, I do, I just wish he’d feel comfortable enough to share what he’s feeling with me. He seems to be comfortable enough with Betty to tell her everything when they’re not even dating, we are!

It hurts but I haven’t told him how I feel about it, mostly because he’s spending all of his time with her. I trust Jughead, I really do but he told he used to have feelings for the blonde before we got together. It’s worrying since his feelings could potentially resurface after being around each so much.

I was hurt that Betty didn’t ask me to be a part of Blue and Gold, every one knew I loved to write and investigate and would have loved being a part of the newspaper staff. She asked Jug, which I am not upset about since he’s quite talented. The reason I am upset is that she knew that I wanted the Blue and Gold to make a comeback, even before she did, and how badly I wanted to be a part of it.

Although I didn’t tell him how I felt about Betty and him spending so much time together, I did mention Betty’s lingering looks. He said I was being ridiculous and completely shut the idea down then left. The way she looks at Jughead is the same way she used to look at Archie, when she was in love with him.

The two of us used to actually be pretty good friends, before they (Jughead and Archie) had a falling out the previous summer. I never knew what or why it happened and Jughead hasn’t told me, though I’m sure she knows. They separated and Betty chose Archie, no surprise there though, and I chose Jughead.

It really hurt Jughead, to lose two of his closest friends so he became withdrawn and distant. It hurt to hear Jughead tell me this, since I find it horrible whenever he’s in pain or has any kind of inconvenience. We haven’t been dating very long. In fact, the day after tomorrow marks our thee month anniversary.

Last week he said he had planned something special but with everything that has been going on, I doubt he’d remember to plan anything special, or even remember our anniversary at all.

The day had finally came, our anniversary. I’d be excited but Jughead simply messaged he wouldn’t be able to hang out today. His exact words were “cant hang busy w bets.” I laid in bed and replied with “k.” He never sends messages of that nature, he loved to send long paragraphs, with impeccable use of proper grammar and punctuation, exactly how he’d say it if he were to say it in person.

I stayed in bed for about twenty minutes staring at the ceiling until someone knocked on my door, signaling it was time for me to get out of bed. I sluggishly got up and slipped on my blanket and onto the floor. It hurt but I didn’t react. I picked out a large maroon t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and some black ankle socks to change into. I went to the kitchen for breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry.

I was glad that everyone had already left, I didn’t have the energy to fake happiness or anything besides what I was feeling. Since Jughead cancelled I had nothing to do all day, though I had a feeling he was gonna cancel on me anyway.

Hours pass by and I have been on the rocking chair on the porch the entire time. No one messages me all day except multiple people inviting me to a party, I ignore the invites and my phone is silent for another hour. I heard the multiple chimes of my phone, signaling I had new messages, from Archie?

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okay i’m gonna expose myself and show you guys how I edit my skin to look like this:

in a relatively easy way.

first off though, I don’t recommend doing this for selfies and stuff i mean you can if you want to but hair, pores, discolouration etc are all completely normal and the main reason i do this is so that my eye makeup is what actually stands out and for other people who want to take somewhat professional eye makeup pictures but don’t have a ring light or high tech editing programs.

Okay so facetune is £3.99 but i highly recommend it, but snapseed and vscocam, the two other apps i use are completely free.

The first thing i do is use “tones” on facetune and then use the pick tool to pick a non pink are of my skin, then bc i’m lazy i just swipe over the whole thing instead of building it up slowly like you should do and then just erase my eye and eyebrow.

Then i use the blur tool, and again i should build it up in the areas that need it but instead i just swipe all over and erase my eye and eyebrow.

then we’re done on facetune!

i then go to snapseed and up the brightness and intense the shadows, I like to use the shadow tool rather than the contrast bc the shadow only intensifies the already dark parts like my eyeliner rather than darken the whole photo.

then finally i choose a filter on vscocam that compliments the makeup look, like the filters on instagram, vscocam allows you to control the intensity of the filter so i usually only reach about 5ish.

and there u have it!


June 18, 27-30, July 4  & 5: So I turned my printables checklist journal to my bullet journal now! (人´∀`) also guess wHO finally printed their own full horizontal calendars…yUP thats right (my type) it me! so these are the spreads of my last summer days & my first week back in school! ╥﹏╥ I didnt scan the newest one since it didnt much have decoration & its not full..yet! I’m sorry if i blurred out so much bc of u know privacy! I have to integrate my color code soon & probably print more pictures of ten & wongyu motivational quotes! happy july everyone! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

p.s: i’m the only one allowed to cut off the credit on my calendars ok dont copy me! take care everyone!!! (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Type: One Shot; Continuation; Fools
Genre: Angst
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 2,655
A/N: …and it goes on~ *throws confetti*

Your eyes flutter as you look around. Everything was glowing like multiple strings of Christmas lights. Your heart races against your chest like the wings of a hummingbird. You sigh, finding a small bit of peace in this warmth. A large hand suddenly lays on top of yours, causing you to turn forward to the man before you. He chuckles at your cluelessness and soft pink cheeks. He was sort of cute, but extremely touchy for your comfort. You softly chuckle as you pull your hand away.

“Stay right here, I’ll be back.” He smiles before you hummed in response. He stood up from his seat and disappears and you don’t bother to watch where he’s gone.

The expression on your face immediately melts, the smile on your lips turn into a dull frown and the glimmer in your eyes lose its shine. You plant an elbow on the table top, your chin resting on your palm. A slow breath slips from your lips as your fingertip leisurely rim your wine glass, occasionally smearing the lipstick stains you’ve left behind.

Usually, you never drank this much alcohol nor did you ever find yourself clinging onto the company of a man. One to two glasses of wine were your usual limit and you found the comfort in the company of your friends, but tonight was different. You were trying to escape. You didn’t want any reminders of your past, but you’ve been triggered already.

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The Joker x Reader - “No Names” Part 1

When The Joker told you he found somebody else, your world shattered to pieces. But what hurt the most was the fact that he didn’t even bother to come around and see his little girls; very hard to find excuses on why their father is missing, especially when the triplets adore him. And extremely hard to cope with the gloomy future after you found out some details that might explain his estrangement.

Part 2 :

Part 3:

At the present moment, the four year old triplets (Emma, Mia and Evie) are fighting about who should sit in daddy’s lap. There’s some fake crying, some pushing around followed by a tantrum and J finally gives in and lifts them up one at a time so they can all sit on his knees. Very crowded and hardly any space for everybody, but somehow it works.

“Are you good now?” he asks, trying to reach over so he can type on his laptop. They all giggle and then the bickering starts again.
“Daddy’s mine,” Emma pulls The Joker’s face towards her and kisses his pale cheek.

“No-oo-o,” Mia whimpers upset about it.“Daddy’s mine!” and she yanks his head and gives him a kiss.

Evie almost has a fit:

“He’s mine! I’m going to marry him!”

The Joker snorts as the girls argue in his lap. You never intervene when stuff like this is going on because you believe he needs it: doesn’t hurt to be reminded you’re human from time to time. And that includes the King of Gotham.

“I really have to send an e-mail, OK? Behave, brats !”

“No, I want to marry daddy!”

“No, me!!” and the fight continues regardless J’s request. He sighs and interrupts:

“Be quiet, girls! Stop moving around !”


“Hey, what did I just say? There’s plenty to go around for everybody, even if mommy gets the best part,” and you get winked at.

You stop your current task, which is opening a bunch of boxes with new clothes for your daughters and give him the look.

He starts laughing.

“Yeah, your mom knows what I’m talking about; she’s so lucky!”

“Right…” you mutter to yourself.

“I want to play with daddy’s hair,” Mia whines, attempting to touch the green locks. The others follow:

“Me too!”

“Me too, daddy!”

“I don’t have time little Dolls,” he huffs and gets ready to remove them from his lap.

Crying begins – the spoiled kids type; he spoils them rotten and you do too. Guilty as charged.

“Fine, fine, you win!” The Joker gives them the satisfaction and the girls are now on the floor around their father, caressing his hair and fighting about which one of them should get more to play with.  He just sits there in between them, huge grin on his face. 

Mia pecks his temple.

“Ahh, thank you Evie,” J sighs, very pleased with his current situation.

“I’m Mia, daddy,” she corrects him.

“No you’re not,” he teases more.

“I’m Evie, daddy,” the other little girl snickers.

“Nahh, you’re Emma, don’t lie to me.”

“No, I’m Emma, daddy,” the third one points.

“Nope, no way!” and the little ones start talking in the same time, trying to explain to their father which one is which.

“Are you sure?” he frowns, pretending to debate.

“U-hum,” they nod, lined up in front of him.

“Well, if you say so, I guess you know better…”

They jump around, excited The Joker finally got it and he wants to get up.

“Y/N, come help me up,” he signals you and you go over.

“What is it, old man? Can’t do it on your own?” you smile, aiding him.

“Hilarious, Kitten, you should do stand-up comedy,” he mumbles, suddenly sour.

“I should, I’m pretty funny. Something wrong?” you check, noticing the painful grimace on his face.

“It’s nothing; my back hurts again. These kids are wearing me out!” he blames it on the 3 small Princesses at his feet.

“It’s their job, baby,” and he gets a kiss from the Queen herself.

“Behave, woman!” he growls in your ear. “I have to go and you’re distracting me.”

“Hey, wanna make an appointment for a back massage tonight?” you offer, eager for some time alone with him.

“I can’t…I have so many things to plan and transactions on the black market to attend to.” There is definitely something going on behind those blue eyes you can’t quite pinpoint.

“Again?!…I want you to sleep here, you’re away too much. Stuff can wait, ok? Plus, I can help.”

“It’s fine, my Queen needs to rest,” J makes up this lame excuse again and heads towards the elevator with the girls following him.

“Daddy, up!” they whine since he’s not paying attention to them anymore.

“I can’t lift you up, Dolls. I’m busy, go play!” he sends them back to you and they pout but obey.


It’s very late and The Joker didn’t come home. You still keep on waiting, hoping he is going to show up. You smile in the darkness when you remember the first time you showed him the ultrasound picture with the triplets. J stood there still, holding it in his hands, staring with his mouth open.

“Oh my God!”

That’s all he said.

“Ummm, oh my God as in oh my God yes or as in oh, no ?” you asked, intrigued.

He didn’t even hear you.

“I’m so awesome!!!” he blurred out, snorting. “I’m more than incredible ! Three in one strike! Ha!”

“I think I have my share at this since I participated in the project,” you protested, annoyed.

“Shut up, Y/N, this is obviously me,” and he seemed so mesmerized and thrilled you actually let him win. “I have some serious skills,” J smirked, arrogant to a fault and you rolled your eyes so badly they almost fell off the back of your head.

And the things he would say when you got so big since you had three little beings growing inside of you.

“Damn, Pumpkin, you can audition for Godzilla’s part in the next movie!”

“You – you are the rudest person ever!” you got so mad but he didn’t stop.

“Well, maybe not Godzilla, I don’t want to exaggerate. I think you could get the part of a whale!”

You glared at him, pissed because you were fed up with his mocking. The Joker enjoyed teasing you more than anything. Such an easy prey due to your…condition. Just one look down at your bump and:

“I – I’m huge!” you started crying up a storm, hormonal and emotional since you were super pregnant, tired and cranky.

“Awwww, com’ere,” The Joker would try to fix it and made this strenuous sounds when you sat in his lap. “Jesus, woman, don’t break my legs!”

“You’re horrible, I hate you!” and you would wipe your eyes and your nose with your sleeve, not giving a crap. Too uncomfortable to care.

“Ewwww, Kitten, are you gonna change your shirt?!” J couldn’t help it; he had to taunt more.

“No, I don’t want to,” you would sniffle, not looking at him.

“That’s fine; you sure are a sight for sore eyes,” and he kissed you to make it better. “So sexy…for a whale,” he has to keep going, considering it his sacred duty to ridicule his Queen.

“I really hate you,” you complained, exasperated.

“Thank you, Doll,” and that silver grin got wider.

Once, he found you having a nervous breakdown at the hideout near The Bridge of Angels.

“What’s wrong, hm?” J cautiously approached, wondering what the new crisis is about.

“I was trying to load guns… “ and you took such a deep breath, not being able to stop bawling, “…and I dropped a box of bullets,” you show him the ammo on the floor, scattered all over the place. “I can’t even bend to pick them up,” and tears kept on rolling down your cheeks.

“That’s soooo sad, Pumpkin,” and he took your hands in his, kissing each finger. “These sausage fingers, so chubby and puffy, of course they can’t do anything.”

“You suck,” and kicked his ankle, but calmed down a bit.

“Thank you, Doll,” that satisfied smile lingered on his lips as he was finishing what he started.

When the girls were almost two years old, The Joker ended up at Arkham and took a while to bring him back. He was so out of it from meds and electroshock therapy that barely had the strength to crawl on the couch in the living room and passed out. Didn’t even go to see his daughters.

Evie was the one that heard the noises and woke up, came to see what’s going on and that pure joy on her face when she saw J made your heart skip a beat. You told the little one to be quiet and placed her on his chest; she fell back asleep right away.  You brought the other two sleepy heads and placed them on the sides of his body. He sensed the movements through his restless dreams and squeezed his arms around them, suddenly more at ease.

He knew he was home.


You didn’t see him in a month. The Joker said he’s out of town with business and that was all. He responded to your texts and phone calls, but in a very short manner. Something is definitely not right. You just know it.

For the moment you are in the basement, watching him stash a few guns in a suitcase. You’re so upset you can’t think straight. The kids are not at the penthouse and J doesn’t want to wait for them to come back from the playground so he can see them.

“Where are you going, baby?” he gets questioned and that pisses him off.

“I have urgent matters to attend to, ok?! You know our lifestyle, I don’t have to explain it to you !!”

“Does this…urgent matter…have a name?” you whisper and he stops, giving you an evil gaze.

“You wanna do this NOW?”

“What… what exactly are we doing?” you panic, not sure what is going on.

“Of course she has a name, are you completely stupid ?! Didn’t you notice how much I have to pretend around you and YOUR noisy girls? I thought you were smarter than this!!!” the tirade begins and you are not prepared for it. “I am so tired of you, you bore me to death, can’t you see ?! Why do you think I keep on avoiding you, huh? I need someone younger, prettier and energetic to keep up with me!!!” he dramatically gestures, burning you with his blue eyes. “You’re none of these; not anymore !!!” J takes the suitcase and storms out, bumping into you as he passes by.

You gulp, stunned at all the hurtful words:

“Don’t be pathetic and take the hint, Y/N!” the barks at you before disappearing up the staircase.

“I’m gonna kill you!” you yell after him, shaking from the tension. “And her too!!”

“Don’t make me come down there again or YOUR kids will be orphans!!” The Joker shouts and you hear the basement’s door being slammed so loud it makes you jump.


You detest calling him. You do it for your children; they won’t stop asking about The Joker. What hurts the most is the fact that he doesn’t even bother to visit his little girls; very hard to find excuses on why their father is not present, especially when the triplets adore him.

They miss him badly and you telling them he’s on vacation all the time doesn’t help. It breaks your heart when they start crying:

“I miss my daddy,” Emma squeezes your arm and you wipe the tears, so upset it’s hard not to cry yourself.

“Me too,” Evie slides her head in your lap, whimpering.

“I want my daddy,” Mia weeps and you hold them close to you in the big, empty bed.

“He’s coming, honey,” and you kiss their foreheads. “He is on a vacation and he’s coming back soon, alright?”

“When, mommy?” the little voices insist.

“Soon, very soon,” you sigh, fighting to maintain a fake smile on your lips.

After they fall asleep, you carefully get out of bed and go on the balcony, calling again.

“What do you want?” J snaps as soon as he picks up.

“Are you going to come see your daughters? It’s been three months! I don’t know what to do anymore; they really miss you. Would you please come? Just for a little bit?” you beg, irritated you have to bargain for something you shouldn’t have to.

“I’m busy! I’ll try but I can’t promise anything.”

“Are you ready Mister J?” you hear the woman’s voice in the background and you drop the phone, startled. The screen cracks but you can still hear him:

“Yeah, coming! Hold on, she’s bothering me again!”

You bite on your cheek and grab the cell, tossing it over the edge of the terrace. You didn’t want to hear that.


The home phone going off at 2am wakes you up abruptly. You answer as fast as you can, not wanting to wake up the little ones.

“Yes, Frost?” you mumble, tired, wondering what he wants.

“Hi, Y/N. I need to talk to you about Mister J,” Jonny begins and you won’t have any of it.

“Is he coming to see his kids?”

“I don’t know, but…”

“Then I don’t care!!” you raise your voice without realizing.

“Mommy…” Emma complains, turning towards you and you just hang up.

The phone rings again.
“Stop calling, Frost!”

“I need to talk ab…”

You hang up and place the phone under all the extra pillows at the side of the bed. You feel it vibrating and ignore it.

After about an hour you hear the elevator going up at the penthouse.


When the elevator’s doors open, Jonny Frost finds a very displeased Y/N in front of him, arms crossed on your chest.

“Can I help you?!” you sulk, vexed he has the nerve to actually come uninvited in the middle of the night.  

“I know you don’t want me here, but I really need to talk to you,” and he steps inside the living room, decided not to drop it.

“Is it about J?”

“Yes, I told you…”
“I don’t care! The only news that would make me happy is him coming to see our daughters. That’s it. Is he coming?”

“I’m not sure wh…”
“Then get the fuck out of my house!” you push Jonny, bitter and resentful. “Go serve his every need and that bitch he’s with. GO!!!”

Frost is a strong man; makes it hard for you to move him if he doesn’t want to be moved.

“There is no woman,” he utters, keeping his composure.

“Did he put you up to this?! Get out!”

At this point you are so mad you can’t listen to anything anymore.

“I’m not leaving. I need to talk to you. Y/N…” Frost gets in your face, still calm. “There is no woman. You know me; would I lie to you?”



You sneak inside the hideout, not having a clue on how you are going to handle the situation. I guess you’ll have to improvise as you go.

The Joker is coming out of the kitchen in a pair of shorts and halts when he sees you. Not a pleasant surprise, that’s for sure. He breaks the silence:

“What are you doing here?”

You don’t reply; you just analyze him and conclude it doesn’t seem good at all.

“Did…did that asshole ran his mouth?” J tilts his head to the left, grinding his teeth. That’s the only explanation he can think of and it makes him angry.

You ignore his inquiry and have a question of your own, even if you already know the answer:

“What are those?” you refer to the bruise-like spots on his skin; you can see them on his chest, a few on his arms and legs.

“Go away, Y/N. Go home to the girls!” he rushes you, wanting to get rid of your presence as fast as possible.

You nod a no and step towards him.

“It’s contagious, stay away!” The Joker snarls, backing out.

“No it’s not,” and you get closer.

“Are you ready, Mister J?” the woman’s voice coming from kitchen alerts of a third person in the warehouse.

“Is that your girlfriend?” you give him the look as you slip by his body and finally see her: probably in her mid 50’s, holding a syringe. Her eyes get big when she realizes you’re there. “Younger and prettier, hm?” you address The Joker and he’s silent, aware you already know what’s going on.

“Give me that!” you gesture towards the syringe and she hesitates:

“Mister J…”

“I said give me that!!!!” you yell, yanking it from her hand. “This is my job, not yours! Get out! “

She looks at him and J signals it’s ok. The woman complies and walks away, leaving you two alone. You lick your lips and The Joker comes closer, taking a sit on a chair nearby.

“Well, since it’s your job…” he extends his arm and waits. You go in front of him, struggling to be tough.

“Tell me where…,” you sniffle and his finger shows you the spot on the shoulder.

“This is so awkward, Kitten,” he slowly blinks, grabbing your shaky hand. “I can do it.”

“No, I will, “ and the needle finds its way into the skin, slowly releasing the medicine. “I hate you!” you burst into tears as soon as you’re finished.

He knows why; no explanation needed.

“I hate everybody too, so I understand,” he pretends to be sympathetic.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” and you look so devastated J can’t make a stupid joke about it.

“You and the girls have to get used with me not being around,” he admits to the truth.

“How – how bad is it?” you stutter, wishing you could really hate him.

“Pretty bad, it’s spreading fast.”

You cry harder.

“All this stuff you have around, is it helping any?”

“Somewhat, I guess… I’m still breathing for the moment.”

The fool doesn’t even notice how unbearable it is for you to hear such things. You straddle his lap and hug him tight, sobbing.

“You’re not dying; you’re gonna live forever,” you manage to articulate.

“God help Gotham then, hm?” The Joker holds you so firmly it hurts but you don’t feel the ache. “You should go home to OUR girls. This is making me very sick; I don’t want you here. I don’t want you around it. Shit, I don’t want to be around it, but I have no choice.”

“I want to be around it,” you wipe your face with the sleeve of your shirt and he really needs to point out:

“Ewww, Princess, are you gonna change your shirt?”

“No, I don’t want to,” and you kiss him, too desperate to smile at the silly memory.


The medication has such nasty side effects: gives him something similar to seizures and a lot of nausea. Even if he swallowed pills to help with that, it took a while to kick in. The back pain was so strong you couldn’t move him afterwards. He remained on the bathroom floor, curled up in ball, resting his head in your lap, drained. You used towels to cover him up and he dozed off, exhausted even if it’s only 9:59am.

You text Frost to ask for a favor:

“Please bring the kids.”

** The girls enter the bathroom and gasp when they see their father.
“Daadddy!!!!” they all exclaim, running and dropping on their knees by him, happy like you never seen them before.

“Ssstttt,” you bring your finger to your lips. “Please be quiet, daddy’s not well; he needs to sleep, OK?”

“Ok, mommy,” Emma bends over to peck his cheek and the other siblings do the same.

“Is daddy back from vacation?” Evie excitedly stares at her father, not being able to take her eyes off him.

“Yes, honey, he is,” and they are so excited they get up and run out, fastly returning with blankets and pillows. They stash them around you two, cuddling on the pile of fluffy covers, all eager to touch The Joker. They hold his fingers and he wants to open his eyes but can’t. 

His clouded mind has the strength to recall that he hates everyone, except the annoying Godzilla he can’t stand and three little Dolls. No names because it’s a well-guarded secret.

J gently squeezes their fingers in his sleep, growling.  

He knows he’s home.



So, it’s morning. Or maybe afternoon.
There’s light pouring through the window
and it’s got you looking the kind of
haloed and soft you only see in movies.
I’m only half awake but I’m already
writing poetry about your eyelashes,
can you believe that?
In the mirror, I pretend to watch myself
watching myself brushing my teeth.
Instead, I watch you run your hands
through your hair: again and again and again
and again. More than once, I’ve seen the way
you try to rearrange your body into negative space.
Like one of those optical illusions—
the vase with the two faces.
You forgot you could be both of them. You forgot
that when you lean too close to a work of art
the whole picture blurs and disappears.
A new painting: one with no negative space.
You as steady hands and solid ground. You
with a ukulele and a dog. Coffee and cayenne.
Cheap wine and expensive whiskey.
All that blue in your closet. You
as the perfect first date and
something soft to come home to.
Bad jokes and good intentions and all that—
Yes, light. Listen,
so, it’s late. Or the time of night
some people call morning.
It’s dark in the car, but you laugh—
I mean, really laugh. The kind that
catches you by surprise and crinkles up
the corners of your eyes—and it’s like
a camera flash in a windowless room.
It’s the best thing I’ve seen, all day.
Every morning, the sun has to relearn
how to outshine you. Sometimes
even she is not bright enough.”


If you want to use my artwork...

Please. Please ask first beforehand. I’m totally okay when people reposting my fan arts on other social medias, but don’t crop / blur the watermark.

Secondly, regarding the usage of my oc pictures for RP or repost or personal use, i’m sorry, i do not allow it. Repost with permission, please. Unless if you want to rp as one of my oc, please keep them in character and do not alter their profiles. And of course, please ask first or at least give proper credit. Different case for tumblr, reblog is perfectly fine since they are coming from single source. So it’s not considered as reposting.

Third, commissioned pictures are strictly not allowed to be used. They are exclusively for my clients and a part of my portfolio. Please keep in mind, that some people worked so hard to pay artists to make their characters alive.

I know i may seem like very insecure about it. Some people kept telling me “if you don’t want people to steal it, don’t fucking post it” and whatsoever. But i have rights to speak up my mind. I put a lot of effort on every piece of my ocs, and for people to take and use it for their own ocs, i just can’t //sigh. Well sorry for the rant. I have no grudge against anyone. I just can’t keep it for myself..