the first pic is like wheres wally

wonderlandleighleigh  asked:

So now I need the headcanon for the Titans group chat that Vic is apart of. :)

-would have a lot more members than the JLA chat because it also includes past team members (such as Dick)

-Dick is the overprotective mom figure who will text to check that missions went okay, that everyone is eating and sleeping (Tim). He’s usually met with a resounding “Chill dude, we’re fine”

-everyone sends terrible jokes and one liners because it’s “superhero tradition” to tell awful jokes. It’ll usually start with one person telling a joke and then the others respond with more jokes until it’s like an open mike night at a bad comedy club

-Wally will send “Dick Pics” of Dick doing everyday things and the first time he did it he just said “I’m sending you guys a dick pic” and everyone freaked out until they got a picture of Dick in his pyjamas eating a plate of tacquitos.

-Garth sends animal videos of cute cats and sometimes people will send back things like that one video where the whale punts the seal into the air and others will respond with “lol” and “get rekt kid”

-there’s a running joke/competition of who can find Tim sleeping in the weirdest place (Kon and Bart do well in this as they’ve sent pictures of Tim asleep in places such as the top of the fridge, halfway out of an air vent, and inside a cabinet)

-the chat is also used to create shopping lists to stock up the HQ’s fridge. Then it’s used to arrange cage matches to figure out who is actually going to do the shopping, which is another ordeal altogether.