the first photo makes me emotional

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Daniel has done it a lot of times. Even if we ignore the insta tweet. He keeps liking tweets which shade connor. Recently he reply and liked a tweet saying 'this is why iggy has 3 grammy nominations' with a photo attached of connor getting elected as member. Sorry for my bad english it's not my first language

Yeah its the subtle yet consistent shade that makes people question his feelings towards Connor. It wouldn’t concern me so much if he didn’t also tweet defensive things calling out “Connor fans.” He’s the one starting the drama in the first place by being unnecessarily public about any negative emotions towards Con.

First time kong maging direktor sa isang play, o kahit anong practicum sa buong high school ko. Kadalasan kasi ay si Laeh. Lagi naman. Hahaha. Magaling siya e, lalo na kapag galit ang dominant emotion na nasa piece.

I don’t think if I can make it because it was my first time directing a play, mind you, under Sir Gau pa. The good thing is that I don’t have to memorize long lines and squeeze deep emotions but goodness, our group depends on me. I have to bring out their hidden talents and it’s pretty hard knowing that 10-Newton are somewhat shy-types (weh?).

Sana lang maging successful ito kasi hindi ko naman actually gustong maging direktor. I was supposed to be Ana in the cast pero dahil walang maayos at final na casting e nag-volunteer na akong maging direktor tapos ako narin ang nag-assign ng mga casts. Sobrang hirap grabe. Lalo na at deserving ang lahat para maging kahit na sino sa mga characters. Tapos ayun walang matapos-tapos na plano kaya sa sobrang galit ko sabi ko sundin nila ako. Bossy ba? Hahaha.

Tsaka ano, gusto ko rin sanang i-try mag-direct kasi nasa NCAE results ko ‘to. Alam niyo ‘yun, ‘yung possible careers ganun, e nag-100% ‘yung Arts ko and performance arts is included. So sabi ko, try lang. High school pa lang naman ako, baka kako may ibubuga naman pala ako sa ganitong bagay.

And yes. This was new to me. It was completely different.

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mcr should not affect my emotions so easily i just saw a picture of gerard so pretty that i started crying, 90% of their songs make me cry within the first five seconds, thinking about the breakup makes me cry, seeing frerard pics and gifs makes me cry, seeing the way brothers being cute makes me cry, seeing ray at all makes me cry because there aren't nearly enough photos of him, seeing any of them interact post-breakup makes me cry this band needs to stop making me cry i want my life back

tbh same i watched The Black Parade Is Dead! for the first time last week and i’ve been in a sort of shock state ever since. they helped me so much and now they’re gone and that hurts so much, and every time i see old pictures of them i kind of want to scream

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I really love your aesthetic posts. Sometimes I'm not sure at first that it's for Doctor Who, so I end up seeing a little Johnlock or Cartinelli in the emotions of the photos and it makes me happy to see a little bit of crossover there, even though not actually implied.

I don’t make those posts, I just reblog them, but I’m glad you like them!