the first photo makes me emotional

Ok so. First and foremost, we won 3 surfboards which is crazy…(childhood dreams✔️) Second, I got to witness a really lovely performance by Rachel Platten which sincerely brought me to tears. I love women fighting for shit that matters and making a difference. It makes me emotional. And also I got to meet Terry Crews who is constantly my favorite character in all his movies (White Chicks especially😂) because his daughter wanted a picture with us. I think nights like this are the moments they say make it all worth it (kinda pun intended). by laurenjauregui

We dont deserve misha collins. The world does not deserve misha collins. It is impossible for me to love someone as much as i love him. He is the most selfless, kind, loving and caring person that walks this earth and we are sooooo blessed to have him. Hes the biggest inspiration i could ever dream of having. The fact that hes been mugged and beaten up but STILL goes to minncon and takes photo ops and smiles and is there because he doesnt want to let down the fans makes me so emotional, i cant even. Misha deserves the entire universe and all the love in the world. Todays been really sad and upsetting for all of us but we have to stay stong for misha and support him as best as we can. I love you misha, stay safe and please put yourself first for once, we all understand how awful this must have been for you.


Everyone on instagram is posting #thefisttimeiheldyou photos! It is making me so emotional. Such magical moments!! It just goes so quickly 😭 It is so hard to believe Alba is 3 next month and Link is 6 months old!! WTF!! I am crazy proud of the amazing little humans they are becoming but it just breaks my heart how quickly they are growing up!!

So Instagram is now accepting landscape photos without forcing us to crop into a square ? Whaat ?? 😳 anyways here’s my first try at it. This self portrait, “Motionless” is a combination of photography and digital art. I wanted to make a completely different person using my own face as a base, drawing over it in post. Let me know what you think. 🎨 #selfportrait #self #portrait #portraitpage #instagramupdate #nocrop #me #blackandwhite #emotional #emotive #expression #expressive #nikon #girl #selfie #selfportraitphotography #studio #myphoto #toronto #the6ix #dirty #mud #dark #darkphotography

Courtney Love's Emotional Message to Late Husband Kurt Cobain: 'What on Earth Were You Thinking?'

Courtney Love is still seeking answers more than 20 years after Kurt Cobain committed suicide at age 27.

In a series of heartbreaking messages posted to her Facebook and Instagram, the 51-year-old rocker shared bedroom photos of her, Cobain and their newborn daughter Frances Bean.

WATCH: Frances Bean Cobain Opens Up About Kurt’s Death for the First Time

“Makes me feel so sad. Our baby is all grown up now,” Love captioned one of the family photos posted to her social media accounts. “Jesus Kurt look at her face, what on earth were you thinking..!?!?”

“God I miss you, we all miss you,” she continued, ending the note with the hashtags “#family #memories #turnbacktime #lovehim.”

NEWS: 7 Things We Learned About Kurt Cobain’ From ‘Montage of Heck’

In another photo, the Nirvana frontman is seen lying down on the bed with his feet propped up against the bedframe, with little Frances Bean in between his legs and Love resting her head against him.

“My greatest love and our precious Bean,” she captioned that pic, using the hashtags “#missyou #memories” to articulate her mood.

NEWS: 'Montage of Heck’ Director Brett Morgen on his Favorite Nirvana Song & How Ken Burns Helped Prep Him

Earlier this year Cobain was the subject of a critically-hailed HBO documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, which used previously unseen home footage, journals and recordings to paint a portrait of the late singer.

At the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere in April, Love admitted to feeling “some shame” while watching it – at the time, it was her fourth time viewing it.

“Mostly I get really sad. There’s guilt, about what I could have done,” she said back then. “I told myself I wouldn’t see it again, but I did. Self-punishment I guess.”

She also opened up about the effect Cobain had on her, saying, “We were best friends.”

“I’ve had great boyfriends since, but I’ll never have another friend like that,” she admitted. “It’s that punch-drunk love, where you meet your soulmate and you’re 26 and f**king and talking and fighting and f**king. There are other kinds of love, more mature love. But this was a soulmate thing.”

Love and her daughter, who turned 23 years old on Aug. 18, served as executive producers on the doc.

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Oh my gosh the first photos from the wedding are starting to appear and it’s making me feel so teary and emotional. I have a feeling the rest of the photos are going to be absolutely amazing. I love this photo so much. I was incredibly fortunate to be part of this day.

this was a little over 3 years ago. the beginning of our first tour with @civiltwilight. a lot has happened since then, life and death and marriage and heart ache and all emotions in between, and when I hear their new record (2 years in the making) my mind takes me through all the scenes and I get filled up with a bursting feeling. Feels trite to put this thought on IG - but, yall gotta hear this album. I’m real proud of these beautiful souls. #storyofanimmigrant by kyliebirddd

This is the picture that caused me to start sobbing uncontrollably as I looked through recent photos, finally letting out all that built up emotion about my sireli 101 year old Medzmama. This is from my last visit to her home before we rushed her to the hospital. This is also her first selfie and now it is making me smile in amusement. Thank you Medzmama for everything. Such a legacy you have planted in each of us. Christ’s soldier for life & for eternity. Love you and can’t wait to see you when my time comes. ❤ #Grandma (à Ararat Nursing Home)

Day 227/365: Probably one of the WORST photos I’ve ever taken/used but it has a lot of meaning for me. I felt very emotional today about my dog. I haven’t seen her since I last visited my family (end of june) & our time together was so so short. I missed out on her growth twice since I’ve gotten her. First time I had to leave home due to very serious issues I had with my brother – I had literally JUST got her so I missed her early puppy stages. And currently now makes it the second time – she’s totally maturing and losing her baby face. She turns 3 this November and I am trying to deal with it. My mother spoke to me about her today and how my sister’s boyfriend is bonding with her beautifully. So aside from school work, I spent another half of the day going through photos and videos I have of her.

“Vulnicura” - my album review.

Album cover: When I saw it first time I thought “wtf is this? this is horrible”. But now I love it and I think that this photo is really fits to the songs we can find on the cd.

Stonemilker - durning the first listen I cried. It’s very touching and beatufiul. Also reminds me of “Homogenic” and “Jóga”, which makes me love it even more.

Lionsong - I like that this song is more distant, it’s not so emotional as the others, but in my opinion have a really great hit potential. You just can’t get it out of your head. It’s very addictive.

History of Touches - what can I say.. it’s remind me of “Vespertine”. But I don’t feel it. Maybe it will grow on me someday.

Black Lake - masterpiece. It perfectly describe how you feel when the love of your life betray you and left you.

Family -  someone on YouTube describes it perfectly - “This song is like going deeper and deeper into emocional destruction. Painful and beautiful at the same time.”

Notget - it could be the theme song for James Bond movie. I love the disturbing atmosphere. If you like songs like “Storm” or “Where Is The Line?” you will also love this one. Soo good!

Atom Dance - great duet with Antony Hegarty. I must say that it’s better than “The Dull Flame Of Desire”. Makes me smile and when I listen to it I feel less alone.

Mouth Mantra- for me it’s like a “Pluto” of this album. Amazing!

Quicksand- it’s like a sunshine. Full of hope! Gives you a lot of positive vibrates :) Great ending.

My rating: 5/5

This album won’t suprised you with anything. Björk didn’t try anything new on this one, but it’s really great piece of art. To me it’s her best album next to “Homogenic” and “Medúlla” and the most personal next to “Verspertine”. If I have to describe it in three words: DEEPLY EMOTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL,  INTENSE.

Of Letting Go

I have always had a special fascination for places full of comings and goings, departures and arrivals, beginnings and endings. Places that can make you feel too many emotions at once. I love them because they feel like spaces in between that give you both memory and prophecy.

This was going through my mind as I sat uneasily on the bus that night, knowing that you’re seated just in front of me. You were less than a meter away from me yet I felt you were in a totally different galaxy that I could not reach no matter how much I wanted to. 

And as I expected, the first wave of emotions was triggered by memories. Of your cute framed photos in your parents’ clinic. Of your black backpack. Of your Pilot black pen that was tucked neatly in your chest pocket. Of your big nose and even bigger smile. Of your hugs that always made me feel invincible. 

The second wave was the trickier one because they were triggered by prophecies. Of what seeing you that night meant after struggling for years to let go. Am I the right one for you. Are you the right one for me. Will we finally have a chance. Or as I dreaded, is this finally goodbye. Is this finally the point where I push myself to really let go. 

“Sorry,” I said.

“Okay lang,” you replied silently, with a pat that was as gentle.

And yet even in the noisiest restaurant where I found myself drowning my sorrows days after, all I could hear was your voice saying it.

Fate loves to play tricks with me. When I thought God (or any higher being who decides on our fate) was finally pushing us together, He was actually just giving me a sign to finally learn to let go. Maybe the prophecy that I was supposed to unravel that night was not the prophecy I earnestly prayed to have.

Memories are so slippery that I feel like I am losing them little by little everyday, and they are getting dimmer by the minute. And though I keep on finding ways to remember, maybe it is best that I forget.

I still do not understand why you have to leave just when we finally saw each other again. Why you have to go now is something I have to accept hoping that someday, I will understand.

But I know you will come back, though probably not to “me”, but you’ll come back, and I can breathe a little easier knowing that.

I hope that time I can already say to you, too, that yes, “Okay lang.”

Teigen: Cooking should have been my calling

Chrissy Teigen gets “very emotional” when people send her pictures of recipes they have made.

The 29-year-old model and presenter has made a name for herself as a culinary maverick and is preparing to release her first cookbook in April 2016.

And Chrissy said she finds it incredibly touching when her fans successfully test her recipes.

“I really feel like this [cooking] should have been my first calling,” Chrissy told Modern Luxury magazine. “I love when people send me photos of the recipes that they’ve made—that makes me very emotional.”

Chrissy certainly isn’t the first model to have made a move into the cooking arena.

But she took the opportunity in the interview to slam those celebrities who lend their name to recipe books without having a passion for cooking.

“This isn’t your typical celebrity cookbook,” she said. “I really hate when you can tell somebody who doesn’t have a passion for it is pumping out a book.”

Chrissy has teamed up with renowned recipe developer Adeena Sussman for the book, with Top Chef Masters judge Francis Lam editing the tome.

Despite it being almost a year until the book will hit shelves, Chrissy’s fans are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on her tasty treats.

And the stunning star added to the magazine that without her fans, she would not be anywhere near as successful as she has become.

“I don’t think I would work at all without people that love it,” she said. “The people that you inspire to cook, who have never cooked a day in their lives and are finally cooking their first meal. Or people that feel like they’re comfortable showing their stretch marks because I shared mine. That to me is fantastic. That’s such a good feeling.”

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We can’t control our experiences in life. But we are in charge of how we experience the experience. It means we get to act mindfully instead of reacting dramatically. Can be a challenge but like anything in life, practice makes better ❤️😍💞 and this came from “Headspace” which has been incredibly helpful for me! It’s a free 10min meditation app for the first ten days, and a fantastic way to get into the daily practice of mindfulness = life saving ninja mind/emotional skills. Check it out! You can even get these daily mindful moment reminders to pop up. They’re fabulous. And the videos and overall style remind me of the calming and hip nature of Richard Branson and flying on Virgin Air planes. So fun! #keepitpositive #loveandlight #peacefulwarrior #prayerworks #gratitude #attitudeofgratitude #anythingispossible #youcandothis #authenticity #positiveliving by theloveyourselfcoach


i really love this Anime,i can really relate to this anime , maybe because the protagonist and i are the same and meet my first girlfriend when i was in highschool (2nd year) but my girlfriend is freshmen. For me, all of this photo’s are exaclty true .and those scene reminisce me how  good,happy,great my past was.First meet,first number exchange,first confession,first holding hands,first birthday ,first sleepover,first kiss and the last first be honest, i don’t have the words to make myself feel better everytime i watched this anime.its totally  mix of emotions ,happy,sad,giggle.but in the end of the episode ,back to reality .

Who Do You Look Up To?

CT 11: 5 Local and 5 International Designers I love

Earlier this year, we were required to make our own 60-paged fashion magazine for my short course grade requirement in another school. Rather than just presenting photos is stylish layouts, we wanted our magazine to have content and soul; and so we chose to feature a designer and a fast fashion brand we love. I also got to see his collection first hand from the runways of MFF. It was such an incredible and breath-taking experience – one that gave me chills and drew out emotions I never knew I had for fashion. From that point on, I got inspired and was pushed to pursue my aspirations to become a fashion designer. And so started my journey in CT.

Here’s to the top 5 local and 5 international fashions designers I love and look up to. A small thanks for inspiring me and pushing me not to give up on my dreams. (:


I have always loved fresh silhouettes and, suits and the androgynous look. The blur on the lines of gender is always a refreshing silhouette that inspires me not just aesthetically, but socially as well. Here’s my top 5 Filipino designers with on point silhouette-games! 







My love for loose silhouettes and the androgynous influence my design and style aesthetics. This love-obsession only grows even stronger with the works of these 5 international designers!






Hoping to meet all of them someday! (:

One big fan,


Some photos from Kafe Kerouac last night. Leah Hayes did a signing a talked a little about writing Not Funny Ha-Ha. I made a video but it’s HUGE and it’s the first video I’ve ever made so it’s kinda shaky and weird but if anyone wants me to upload it, I will.

If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s about two different women who have decided to have two different kinds of abortions. It’s an emotional read for anyone who’s had to make that decision, whether you decided to have an abortion or not (or even if you’ve had a miscarriage). It asks and answers the right questions without politics or focusing on how the women became pregnant. It’s all about the procedures, what to expect, and how to ask for help.

Here are a few links where people who are good at writing talk about it way better than I do:

The first printing is already sold out but a second printing is on the way! It is available for digital download through fantagraphics at

She’s awesome and we’re so lucky that we live in a city with an awesome comics culture.