the first pancakes of my life

Look at this dork. Doesn’t even know what game it is.



♥ Jumin Han and the love of pancakes ♥

Omg I finally finished ! My first short comic, I’m so proud ;A; 

The beautiful idea with Jumin and pancakes comes from @serensama with this drabble ! You can found here ! 

snjfnajnklsna I love you & your fanfiction so much, I’m stalking you in secret lol. Jumin: To Misunderstand #4 made me cry, I was a mess ;; Please keep up the super job ! THIS COMIC WOULD HAVE NEVER COME TO LIFE WITHOUT YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ 

@jumin-love thanks to her to explain me how to do photoset ! I’m a noob my god.

P.S. If you find mistakes, please tell me ! English is not my first language ORZ. 

‘Cuddling on a Rainy Day’ Playlist

“Atlas Hands” - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Northern Wind” - City and Colour
“Stubborn Love” - The Lumineers
“Cherry Wine” - Hozier
“Holocene” - Bon Iver
“No One To Let You Down” - The Head and The Heart
“Always Gold” - Radical Face
“Blood” - The Middle East
“Banana Pancakes” - Jack Johnson
“Thank You” - Led Zeppelin
“Higher Love” - James Vincent McMorrow
“No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross” - Sufjan Stevens
“Snaggletooth” - Vance Joy
“Maps” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Sand” - Keaton Henson
“Like Real People Do” - Hozier
“Love Love Love” - Of Monsters and Men
“First Day Of My Life” - Bright Eyes
“No Me, No You, No More” - The Staves
“Everything” - Michael Buble

This week’s TM highlights:

  • Opens with a Very Dramatic nerf fight
  • “We can show someone googling themselves on the internet, right?” “Well, safe search.”
  • “First question is for Matt.” “Oh, god. Hi.”
  • Matt had Raishan’s next few rounds planned before Keyleth cast the spell.
  • If VM hadn’t gotten to Raishan when they did, Matt considered having her leave and just be out in the world, maybe reappearing in the next campaign.
  • Matt on Grog’s version of beat poetry: “You just… literally beat a poet.”
  • Raishan was Matt’s favorite Conclave member to portray because of all the non-combat interactions
  • Travis grills Liam on the Superbowl after learning he spent it at a vegan Mexican restaurant drinking a spicy margarita. Liam eventually manages to pull out the word “Patriots”.
  • “I fucked it up, god damn you, Andrew from Crit Role Stats!”
  • Vax has found his family, and it’s not Syldor. He’s not looking to get closer to his dad; to him, it’s a done deal and he’s moved on.
  • Travis: “Hahaha, I find myself hilarious.”
  • Sam shows up half an hour late. “Sorry I’m late… but it’s kind of my thing.”
  • Liam calls out Sam for making jokes about wanting one of their characters to die… and then constantly moping in the text thread in the week after Scanlan died
  • Sam’s made it through the first hour of 84 so far. “I mean, I watched the part where they were saving my life and crying about me.” He did actually get choked up over Grog’s song while he was watching it at work.
  • Liam points out that Sam is “the worst kind of foodie” and once critiqued a picture of the pancakes Liam made for his kids.
  • Sam: “I think it would be fun for one of us to die. I just don’t want it to be me!”
  • They show an extended scene from the episode (Grog’s offering) and when they cut back Travis is chin-handsing and batting his eyelashes while everyone else pretends to be asleep
  • Travis gave a lot of thought to how Scanlan’s permadeath would’ve affected Grog. “Pike and Scanlan would be the two things that would just crumble him.” He spent the whole week thinking about Grog’s contribution to the ritual and practiced what he’d say whenever he had quiet moments.
  • If it had failed, Grog might’ve tried the deck.
  • Someone asks if Vax would’ve jumped in on the ritual if Kaylie hadn’t: Liam thinks Vex is closer to Scanlan than Vax is, so if Kaylie hadn’t stepped in, much as he cares about him, Vax still likely wouldn’t have stepped in because he didn’t think Scanlan would’ve answered his call.
  • Sam had no complicated list of demands to get Scanlan back, just how he thought it could or should go
  • Travis was prepared for the possibility of losing the knuckles and the belt. “He was my friend before that.”
  • “If the beard is unattuned–” “That is an amazing sentence.”
  • Scanlan will probably rethink his approach to combat, but Sam isn’t quite sure how that’s going to shake out yet
  • Talks Machina: It’s About Scientology
  • Matt re: the ashes: “Some things are just journeys in learning to trust occasionally…”
  • Matt suggests a post-mortem Talks Machina episode on the entire Conclave arc
  • Critical Role is going to WonderCon this year
  • Grog considers himself a talented magician and the cleverest tactician (Liam: “Sometimes that’s true.”)
  • If the group had gone through Scanlan’s stuff: “It would’ve mostly been weird smut.”
  • Everyone points out that they don’t know enough in-character to feel they should do more than just keep an eye on Scanlan for now
  • Travis on Groon v2: “I’M FUCKING STOKED! …I’m really excited.”
  • Sam doesn’t know how Scanlan was left at the end of the episode, and everyone tells him to not watch the rest of the episode so he can just find out live (”…something about pudding? I saw some strange fanart that I don’t know how to…” “Don’t worry about it.”)

After Dark: the site was down again (verrrrrry glad I’m on a free trial here, because that’s two weeks in a row), but @loquaciousquark recorded all but the first few minutes of it live and sent me the video file right after it was done, because she is magical that way.

  • The armor Matt wears in the opening is the armor he wore in Mythica
  • Sam wants to recreate Hot Pepper Gaming with Liam on their podcast. Travis wants to be the live studio audience.
  • Everyone discusses their various and sundry bizarre live-action turns. Expect to see people digging up clips on all social media in the next few weeks.
  • Sam jokes about a political arc following the Chroma Conclave. “Grog could be Speaker of the House.” Brian: “Grog has a higher intelligence than the real Speaker of the House.”
  • Liam’s son ran a little D&D game for him that ended with the reveal that he was making it all up as he went, which Liam figures is pretty much how D&D is supposed to go.
  • Grog was definitely taken aback by Vax’s sincerity—when playing Grog, Travis is constantly trying to find the joke in things, and Vax’s words were so genuine that Travis got emotional and kind of shut down and had nothing to reply with, which he figures is exactly how Grog would respond.
  • Kima and Allura probably would’ve survived, just because Allura had eight hours of water-breathing at her disposal, but it would’ve taken a long time before they managed to get back home (a Gilligan’s Island-type setup).
  • Brian goes around shaking everyone’s hands, but Travis grabs him and yanks him down with him, and then the crew starts firing nerf darts at them to end the episode.
When I Met A Girl

***I wrote this for my English assignment and yeah… Enjoy****

When I was seven I met a girl who made me giggle. My first
day at school and she walked up to me, her hands filled with sand, “Here, have
this, you’re my new friend.” I took it gratefully, stunned by this tiny girl
with glasses too big for her face. I carried it around with me until I was told
off; sand wasn’t allowed in the classrooms. We’d sit together and laugh and cut
out tiny pictures of animals we would tape to our tables. She’d tell me stories
of older siblings and slide her glasses up her nose right before they’d fall off
her face. I’d sit there and eat my lunch, chiming in every now and again to
tell her about my funny memories, which always resulted in her laughing so much
she began to snort.  But summer was the
best, because the sun seemed to focus on her, making her blonde hair light up
and set her apart from our other classmates, always making me smile. She’d buy
red icy-poles from the canteen and would later hold my hand with her sticky
sugar coated ones during play time. It seemed as if nothing could compare to
her gapped tooth smile and messy hair.   I remember thinking of our days as being the
best thing in the universe, having endless fun and never growing tired of silly
jokes or colouring in.

When I was ten I met a girl who made me smile. We’d sit in
her room with Avril Lavigne playing on her TV and her parents arguing from the
kitchen. I’d bring over my mum’s lipsticks and eye shadows and we’d give each
other colourful makeovers to help pass the time. She’d welcome me into her pink
room and her freckled cheeks would glow underneath our messily made blanket fort,
then we’d sing along to the music, our hands together as we danced across the
room. She embodied happiness and wore yellow flowers behind her ears, sometimes
woven into her two long braids. I remember movie nights with her feeling like
they could last forever, the morning never seeming to come as we lay in bed and
laughed at our own jokes, staying up past midnight and sneaking into the
kitchen to steal ice cream and cookies for snacks. These nights were magical
and held a kind of sacredness, nothing bad could enter our forts, nor could
parents or siblings. She gave me confidence, energy and ice cream.

When I was thirteen I met a girl who made me laugh. This
girl was fearless, she approached me with certainty and demanded that I be her
friend. She’d text me at four in the morning and we’d talk for hours on end.
This girl was my best friend, this girl was beautiful and she knew it.  She’d take me by my hand and we’d run home
from school, collapsing on her bed, laughing, as we shook off our school bags.
She’d sit me down and open up to me about the things that erased the confidence
from her eyes, she told me about her mum and car crashes and things that made
her cry. I’d hug her and tell her it would be okay, because I felt as though I
needed to protect this girl, and I wanted to make her feel secure. We would
climb trees on her uncle’s farm and she would laugh when she had to help me up
to the highest branch, before kissing me and smiling the biggest smile I had
ever seen. I’d laugh nervously, my brain buzzing and my cheeks flushed, then
she’d kiss me again and we would just sit there, staring at the sunset. “Don’t
tell my dad.” She’d always say as we climbed down. For the longest time I
didn’t know if she meant don’t tell him that we’d climbed the tree or that we’d
kissed, I figured it out the next summer when her uncle came down to the back of
the farm to call us up for lunch and found us kissing. I was sent home and when
school started she wasn’t there. My teachers told me she was sent away to live
with her aunt in New South Wales.

When I was sixteen I met a girl who made me cry. This girl
was filled with shards of glass and storms. She was a hurricane that would
bring me along and then drop me to the ground when she was done. This girl
wasn’t kind or good for me, but she was captivating, she made me feel special
and loved and important. She’d pick me up in her old, beaten car and pause to
tie her long golden hair out of her face as she told me of the night’s plans.
When I was with her there were colours, there were lights and there were fields
of experiences and firsts and the little things that mattered. She’d put her
arm around me and promise me that tonight was going to be the best night ever, and
then we’d dance for hours on end, to music neither of us had ever heard. Whenever
we went out she’d be surrounded with crowds of older boys and pretty girls, but
she always managed to look down at me with her big green eyes that told me none
of them mattered, that nothing else mattered, because we were together and the
night was young and we had a car that could take us anywhere. But this girl was
poisonous. When we were alone she’d yell and scream and push me around. She’d
fill my ears with stinging words and leave me crying on her door step at the
end of each night when she was done with me. And for whatever reason, the next
day I’d come back, and we’d go out, and she’d love me, until we went back to
her house and she’d blame me for the car breaking down, or my parents finding
out we were drinking, or for her forgetting her keys. She’d blame me and I’d be
sent away shaken and scared, but I still came back.

When I was nineteen I met a girl who made me dance. I
complimented her on the scarf she wore to class every day, she had smiled and
whispered, “My dad bought it for me from Spain,” then she looked at me properly
and leaned in closer, “You have very pretty eyes.” I blushed and thanked her,
she smirked and resumed paying attention to the lecture. This girl was amazing;
she was charismatic and could charm anyone. She knew every student and every professor.
She was smart, creative and emotional in all the right ways. She was all things
bright and all things extroverted.  This
girl was warm and this girl was lovely. She wore flowing dresses and took me to
sophisticated parties where we would stand in the corner and laugh at every one’s
ridiculous outfits, we’d get tipsy on champagne and spend the rest of the
evening in dingy cafes in the city that smelt like old smoke and pancakes. My
year with her was the best year of my life. Her dad would buy plane tickets to
fly us out to Spain to stay with him. We’d spend hundreds of dollars on
expensive Spanish food and waste hours watching street performers, dancing, and
just being in each other’s arms. She was the first girl I had fallen in love with,
and every moment with her was special, was magical, and was perfect. The night
before she left to move to Spain permanently we laid together in her bed and
cried. Eventually we stopped and I laid beside her, playing with her long red
hair as she rested her head against my shoulder, “This won’t be the end, long
distance works for a lot of people,” we’d tell each other. When she left, we
lasted for two months before we mutually agreed it wasn’t working, it took me five
months to properly recover. She was my first love.

When I was twenty-three I met a girl who made me jealous.
This girl could never love me back, this girl was the one that got away. I fell
for her despite myself. I really couldn’t help it, everything about her made me
smile; the way she covered her mouth when she laughed, how she did her makeup,
the way she cut her hair, the skirts she wore that would billow around her
every time she spun around, which was often. This girl was kind to me and took
care of me, she was my friend and was there for me when I needed her. We moved
in together and it felt like torture, I wanted so much more than what we had,
but I couldn’t have it, so I had to remain content with our current friendship,
with inside jokes and crying on each other’s shoulders. For then, it was
enough, but I couldn’t help pining. She eventually met a man, and for months I
was taken over with jealousy, why did he achieve what I could not? Soon she
moved out and moved in with him, they became engaged and I was forced to let go
of my feelings. Yet we still remain friends, and we have dinners together and
laugh about my younger self and her love stricken feelings.

When I was twenty-seven I met a girl that made me sparkle.
This girl, she was The One. She’s the girl that made time stop, that froze
everything around us every time we kissed. The girl that made my stomach fill
with butterflies and my head fill with romances. This girl was every definition
of perfect. I could stare for hours and hours and hours at this girl and her
beautiful blue eyes, at her constellations of freckles that littered her back,
I could stare and he stained lips and her short wavy hair, I could stare at
this girls tanned legs and I could listen to her angelic voice until the day I
die. I fell in love with all these, all of the beautiful perfect pieces of her.
I fell in love with her flaws also; the stretch marks pulled across her hips,
the small mole on her jaw, the scar in between her eyebrows from when she was a
child, the regretted star tattoo on her finger. Everything about her enraptured
me, she was perfect to me, and I too her. She’d surprise me in the mornings
with sweet coffee and a sweeter smile. This girl would take me on adventures I
will never forget.  She made me feel like
a million stars, she made me sparkle, she helped me love everything, she helped
me follow my passions and to realise what love felt like. This girl was lovely.

Happy Father’s Day | Finn Bálor

Title: Happy Father’s Day

Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader

Summary: Both had eyes like the sea, waves of blue and green, and dark wisps of hair that always looked feathery soft.

Word Count: 529

Warnings: Fluffy cuteness

Tagging: @ortonaholic <3

A/N: I wrote this like 5 minutes ago because I love the idea of Finn as a dad. Happy Father’s Day to every one out there, and if you guys lost a father or your father isn’t in your life for whatever reason I’ll be your dad lol

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Hi to every one)
And yep, I finally did my first attempt at comic)
I know it is far from level which others do, but it was interesting experience anyway ^_^
“the first pancake…” as it sayingX)
Unfortunately I’m bad at stories and so I took one from my own life, maybe someone feel the same sometimes^^

Voltron with everything my friends and I have said (Part II)
  • Hunk: Guys, I love the weather today. It's like the first day of school again. Meeting beautiful people again. *sighs* So melanchonic
  • Pidge: It's fuckin windy af
  • ...
  • Keith: Hey, I'm at soup. Want some stuff?
  • Lance: What? You are? I thought you were staying home?
  • Keith: bitch, you just fuckin ruined the joke
  • Lance: okayokay *rewinds time* what kinda stuff?
  • Keith: Gay shit.
  • ...
  • Allura: Be alert for the drill, everyone
  • Hunk: Pssst, Pidge, I smell like maple syrup and pancakes
  • Keith: I liek hippos
  • ...
  • Shiro: My life has meaning once again, thank you.
  • Keith: I was awoken by the sound of mockery? where is it? where is thy object of ridicule
  • Pidge: *shows a picture of Shiro twerking*
  • Shiro: My life has no meaning again.
  • Lance: Good day!
  • Shiro: absolute cunt.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Lance: when the bitch is so hot, you call her HOTDOG
  • Keith: When the bitch is so hot but skinny af, Hotdog in a stick
  • Pidge: But when that bitch has the good booty, Hotdog in buns
  • ...
  • Allura: This family needs jesus
  • Pidge: God is dead.
  • Keith: The pugs have killed him
  • ...
  • Lance: *sends a pic of a teddy shark*
  • Lance: God himself, life change event
  • ...
  • Zarkon: *talking*
  • Shiro: *pulls a middle finger*
  • Everyone gasp
  • Shiro: *makes a peach sign*
  • ...
  • Allura: I'm usually that person who has no fuckin idea what's going on
  • ...
  • Lotor: You can't disappoint your family if you never made them proud in the first place.

anonymous asked:

A concept: Zenny @ Denny's

We’re serving looks today!™

reasons to go for jumin’s route! (deep route!)

  • his calls are mostly about how he misses you!!
  • he just wants you to stay by his side
  • he thinks you’re cute when you’re on your phone!!
  • wants to shower you with so much love and affection!
  • things get a little r18 sometimes bUT YES PLS *screams*
  • he calls you “my love”, “my princess”, and “my angel.”
  • is jealous when you talk to someone else in the chatroom *idk man that is cute*
  • according to him, if you were a cat, he would have brought you home immediately
  • is worried that you won’t eat proper meals just because he isn’t there with you
  • he loves Elizabeth 3rd as much as he loves you!!
  • he can’t imagine a life without you *CRIES*
  • was actually dying to kiss you the first time he saw you (AAAAAaaaAAaahH)
Jen & Colin’s OUATSF Afternoon Panel Live-tweet Recap

(–italics are just extra tibits explaining my tweets – let me know if you want to know anything else!!)

Colin’s Solo Panel:

[x] when did Hook fall in love with Emma? @colinodonoghue1 “When he first saw her.”  #captainswan #OUATSF 

[x@colinodonoghue1’s hardest person to film a serious scene with is #joshdallas  #captaincharming #odallas #ouatsf

[x@colinodonoghue1 doesn’t really have many projects going on currently outside of #OUAT

[x@colinodonoghue1 thinks Emma and Hook should go to Hawaii for their honeymoon #OUATSF

[x] Colin is in rare form today 😂😂😂 super cheeky! #OUATSF

[x] Colin’s CS baby names (while under pressure): killian jr. or emma jr.  #OUATSF @colinodonoghue1 
— I say while under pressure because he was like “that’s a lot of pressure to put on me!” lmao

[x] Crossover? Once Upon a Hannibal  @colinodonoghue1 #OUATSF

[x] If not for emma, @colinodonoghue1 ships #captaincharming #OUATSF 
– he was like don’t tell Josh!

[x] He most relates to Henry because of his belief in trying to make the world a better place. @colinodonoghue1  #OUATSF

[x] POTC, Cars, Star Tours and GOTG are great rides at Disneyland - @colinodonoghue1 #OUATSF 
(he wanted to go on Haunted Mansion but he didn’t have enough time, was only there half a day.)

[x] "If you’re gonna do something do it right, do it 100%“ - words to live by from @colinodonoghue1’s mum #OUATSF

[x - has a video!] Season 1 cursed!Hook would run the fish and chip shop  #OUATSF
–and honestly I need this in fic form please

Jen & Colin’s duo panel (colin introduced her as his second wifey/tv wife)

[x] CS kids? yes! @jenmorrisonlive also approves of @colinodonoghue1’s names for them  #OUATSF

[x] If they had a choice to play any character: @colinodonoghue1 "I wanna be James Bond” @jenmorrisonlive “I wanna be James Bond, why not?" 

[x - has a video of the full response!!] Who’s your best friend on set? @colinodonoghue1 @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF #brotp

[x] Colin and Jen once went to Starbucks and Colin was in full pirate-garb and no one said a thing  #OUATSF

Jen’s solo panel 

[x] Funniest CS moments? @jenmorrisonlive says Old Hook cracked her up and also having to climb the beanstalk with one hand  #OUATSF

[x] Tacos or pancakes?? Pancakes!!  @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF
– she said something like “well my parents eat tacos… so I’m gonna say pancakes!”

[x@jenmorrisonlive’s vacation for Emma, Hook & Henry? Hawaii as well!!  #OUATSF

[x] What live-action Disney princess would @jenmorrisonlive want 2 play? it was Belle, but she also is a big fan of Little Mermaid. #OUATSF
– Jen would’ve loved to played Belle because she loves to read. But she said if Disney asked her to play any princess she would do it!

[x] Fave season 6 scene was Emma’s song as well as filming the #captainswan wedding  @jenmorrisonlive #OUATSF

[x] "For the first time in her life she feels like she’s in a safe place, [Hook’s] always by their side” - @jenmorrisonlive on Emma’s HEA
– she also continued… “and her family is by her side, and she’s happy” 

[x] Jen tries to keep keep hair and makeup to bare minimum if she can… sometimes her hair would take ~45 mins #OUATSF
– she would read while they do her hair, her makeup would take about 15 mins, but she doesn’t really like a whole lot of fuss.

[x - the video is kind of the end of it@jenmorrisonlive’s audition story for HIMYM
– She said she had did a video of her throwing pingpong balls as eggs and using a megaphone for her part of Zoey (who’s like this crazy activist chick and my fave of Ted’s girlfriends tbh) but the producers wanted to see her in person. Because she’s known for dramatic roles but she does have comedy chops. But the day of, she didn’t have a car, so she had to have a contractor/foreman drive her to this audition in his crazy lifted truck… with an eggcrate full of pingpong balls and her megaphone. And instead of inside a room where they were originally gonna meet, they met in a trailer. In the panel, Jen stood up to demonstrate how she auditioned for the part of Zoey on HIMYM by throwing ping pong balls (which were supposed to be eggs) and had a megaphone – all in the producer’s trailer – so a tiny space! XD

— edited to add in tweets I missed in my replies, oops!

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anything taakitz tbh,,,, but more specifically,,,, krav being awkward af

It’s difficult to tell behind the blank white of her mask, but Kravitz thinks that his goddess might be amused.

He’s been in service to her for centuries, and doesn’t think he’s heard her so much as chuckle in all that time. She’s not laughing now, but there’s just something about the tilt of her head as she surveys him, the richness of her voice when she speaks. He’d probably blush, if he had a circulatory system.

“It has been some time since a mortal has swayed you from fulfilling a bounty, Kravitz.”

He’s not infallible. Even gods can be swayed, and he is far from divine. It has been some time though, because the last time hadn’t worked out that well. Trust had been a mistake, then.

It feels like it should probably be a mistake now, except here he is. Relaying his decision to grant clemency to Taako Taaco and his friends, and trying real hard to avoid any bowl metaphors.

“Well,” he hedges. “Submitting an entire town to the - and I’m sure we can agree on this - difficulties of the astral plane when they themselves had not engaged in necromancy, or had any intentions of doing so, seemed - excessive to requirements. Plus, we could probably use the PR.”

Not that he’d ever seen the Raven Queen being particularly concerned about what the world at large thought about her. She had a duty, and she saw that it was done.

“And the others,” she says, because there is no escaping her judgement. It’s a part of what makes working for her so satisfying, in the end. Everyone ultimately meets the same fate. “Those who were not trapped in Refuge?”

Kravitz squirms. He doesn’t feel as though he has ulterior motives. It’s more like he’s waiting at this strange intersection of business and (pleasure) personal, when they have seemed to be one and the same for so long.

Finally, he sighs. “All right, in the interests of full disclosure  - there may be some personal interest on my part in the elf known as Taako. But there’s more to the situation than that. Really. None of them seem to recall having died before, much less attempting to circumvent the laws of life and death to avoid a trip to the astral plane. And I haven’t been able to find any evidence to the contrary, other than the bounty on their heads. Truthfully, I would be…uncomfortable bringing them in without further information.”

Edge cases, he thinks, and remembers delicate hands stubbornly curving a vase into a bowl. He closes his eyes. Somehow, his life seems a lot more complicated these days.

“Do not fear, Kravitz.” A pale hand reaches out, cups his jawbone. It’s rare that he bothers with flesh, in her presence. “I do not question your judgement. I simply wished to know if you yourself were aware of the reasons behind your decisions.”

“All too aware,” he grumbles. Love this, Taako had smirked. Kravitz hadn’t even had a stomach to lurch at the time, and yet here he is, still with the remnants of butterflies. “If  I may take my leave then, my lady?”

“Go.” There’s no indication of a change in mood from her. She is as ever-present as her domain. “But consider that it is often the exceptions which have given rise to the need for our rules. The reason the masses choose not to break them is because we keep those exceptions in line.”

And yet, the air seems colder. Whatever comfort he might have taken from her touch is gone, and Kravitz makes his exit a little more hastily than is his usual wont. A warning from the goddess of Death, not a threat, but most mortals find little difference between the two.

Without really thinking about it, he raises his scythe, carving a door between the planes. It’s the work of a moment to step through, quick enough that he’s only halfway through pulling on his skin when he steps out into the material plane.

Specifically, into Taako’s room in the material plane. There’s a definite yelp, although the elf does his best to work it into a whistle once he comes to the conclusion that he’s not being attacked. Kravitz doesn’t bother to hide a grin.

“Okay,” Taako says, like Kravitz has made some kind of offer and he’s thinking it over. “Okay, into it. Your whole uh, situation. But seriously, can we put a bell on you or something? Some of us are facing near-death experiences on a pretty regular basis. A little ‘hey this hole in reality isn’t going to try fuck you up’ warning would be mucho appreciated.”

“Everything about me is a near-death experience,” Kravitz points out dryly, pulling on the rest of his skin. Taako’s made no bones (ugh) about his appreciation for his skeletal form, but Kravitz doesn’t miss the appreciative way his eyes scrape over this one. “I can make a few spooky noises before stepping through, if you like.”

The elf looks like he’s about to reply, when he catches the way Kravitz is returning his appreciative look. He tilts his head instead, toying with the ends of sleep-rumpled hair. From memory, Kravitz is pretty sure that elves only need to meditate to rest, but Taako definitely seems like the sort to sleep anyway. It’s a good look on him, all half-lidded eyes and soft features, wrapped in a pair of indecently short pyjama shorts and an old shirt big enough to slip off one shoulder.

Kravitz doesn’t need to breathe, but the act somehow seems difficult as Taako steps into his personal space. He lays a hand on his arm, abruptly serious. And there’s something arresting about that, the way he makes sure to meet his eyes, the beauty of his features carved into solemn relief.

“Hey,” Taako says. “I think that I might have given you a bit of the wrong impression, and I want to apologise for that. I know I can come off as like, a pretty unserious kind of dude, but you and me? Totes serious. So I want to let you know that I’m definitely not against you fucking me up in all those good ways in the future. I’m just a not third base before the third date kind of guy, capiche?”

Kravitz chokes, and the stone of Taako’s expression cracks and gives away to peals of laughter. The elf swoops up and drops a kiss on Kravitz’s cheek before swanning towards the door.

“Oh and uh, whatever floats your boat on the spooky noise front, my man, just don’t give me heart failure next time.”

“You’d deserve it,” Kravitz grumbles, stepping after him without thought. It just seems natural, reading the silent invitation in the way Taako pauses in the door frame, stands with one hand on a cocked him and waiting. “My life has become immeasurably more complicated since you stepped into it, I hope you know.”

It is often the exceptions which have given rise to the need for our rules.

“Homie, I will make it up to you. Come on, it’s midnight snack time and Taako’s making pancakes.”

We keep those exceptions in line.

For the first time in his long years of service, Kravitz finds himself hoping that the Raven Queen is wrong.

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Swore I’d Never Come Back Here Again (Part 3)

A/N: Final part of the SPN/SOA Crossover! Find previous part here

Dean x Reader, Jax Teller

Warnings: swearing. angst, fluff

Word Count:1400

Tags: @bokkie92 @thetigersclaw @blackdjpink @andreiaafaria @utterlyhopeful @greasernegan 

The next morning was spent with Dean being hesitant and cautious around you, which only increased the guilt you felt for bringing him into this shit. It was dramatic and unnecessary – atleast that’s what you’ve constantly told yourself since you left. The two of you ate breakfast silently, the bustling of the diner was enough to fill the void for now but you knew you needed to say something.

Dean, however, understood that this was painful. He recognized the longing in your eyes of the life that once had been so simple; and compared to the hell that you’ve endured alongside with him, he couldn’t blame you.

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Damon Salvatore Imagine

Imagine you and Damon were lovers after he became a vampire and have been since 1901. But now that Elena is in the picture, you have been feeling a little bit self-conscious. 

Gif not mine, credit to owner.

Words: 907

Warnings: Self doubt? Major Fluff and a few swear words. Mentions of sex.

AN: Well I’m out of ideas so if any of you have some, please feel free to send them in! Thanks and enjoy! -Karen

song: jealous by Labrinth


You and the scooby doo gang sat in the living room of the boarding house as Damon and Stefan went over a plan to save Elena from Klaus. You twirled your hair around your finger not really caring about what happens to the doppelganger. Damon took a seat by you and wrapped his arms around your form.

“Alright how about this, we give her someones blood so if it doesn’t work, she’ll still be alive?” Damon suggested with a growl since Stefan has said no to every other idea. Stefan groaned, pulling at his hair as Elena put her arm on his.

“That’s a great plan Damon, Stefan I don’t see what the problem is.” The brunette questioned her boyfriend but made eye contact with yours. You rolled your eyes even though deep down it hurt you. It hurt you that for the past week, him and Stefan stayed up late to find out a way for her to live. It hurt you that she always popped up in the conversation, he’d been going over to her house lately also. Sometimes alone.

She’s human, human and young. She’s gorgeous and kind. She’s the girl everyone loves.

Whereas you’re a vampire. Old, pretty and not that kind. Shaking your head, you shook those nasty thoughts out.

But you knew and trusted him, after so many years you knew if he was lying. Some self doubt washed away.Checking the time on the clock, you saw it was eleven so you told them your good nights and headed up to your guys’s shared room. As you changed into your pajamas you laid on the bed watching the rain slide down the window.

You felt drops fall down your cheeks but didn’t make a move to wipe them off. Turning off the light you watched the clocks numbers change until it was around two and that’s when you heard the door open and clothes falling off.

Not long after, you felt strong arms wrap around you as he snuggled closer. “I love you (Y/N), so much that it scares me,” he paused or a few seconds before continuing. “I wish you could feel my heart and how fast it pounds when you’re next to me each night. Or how happy I get when I just see you smile.”

All the self doubt you were feeling earlier had gone away and was now replaced with love. You turned around slowly to face the love of your life. Your hand caressed his face while he sighed in content.

“Damon, I love you so much and I wish that you could feel my heart beat whenever you walk into the room. Or how angry I get when you always bring Elena up in the conversation.” You stopped to see his face turn from content to confused real quick.

So you continued, “When you started courting me, we promised to tell each other everything. Even if it hurt us. I’m telling you I know about your little meet ups with the doppel bitch, without Stefan.” He shot up and looked at you with wide eyes. Shutting your eyes tightly you thought that the look was one of admittance. A look that he was with her and not for friendly reasons.

You watched the rain fall down again as tears burned your vision. Damon’s heart broke when he saw you crying so he decided to do it now and say fuck it to when he was supposed to do it.

Grabbing your shoulder, he made you face him as you both studied each others face’s.

“(Y/N), i’ts not what you think. Seriously, I would never hurt you like that. There’s a reason behind everything and I suppose I should tell you right now.” The vampire grabbed your hand and placed it over his heart.

“(Y/N) I love you to the moon and back, the reason I’ve been going to Elena’s at night without Stefan is because.. Is because I had to ask her about the preparations.” he trailed off looking down. You placed a finger under his chin to have him keep taking.

“What preparations?” He pushed the covers off and gestured you over to the edge of the bed where he knelt on the wood floors. Your eyes widened as your hands went to your mouth.

“When we first met I thought you were the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen in my life. I may have been just a boy but I knew you were meant to be my woman one day. You’re perfect in every way, I fell in love and accepted all of your flaws as you did mine. I love the way your nose crinkles when you read a sex scene in a book, the way you cook pancakes and dance to aerosmith in my shirt, the way your eyes twinkle when you see puppies or sunshine. Everything you do makes me love you even more.”

By now, you’re in full tear mode as he grabbed a blue box out from under the bed. “(Y/N) (L/N), will you do the honors of making me the happiest man on earth?” You jumped into his arms saying yes over and over again.

Kissing him all over his face he laughed in joy and set you down on the bed. Sliding the ring on your finger you leaned against him.

He pulled back to rest his forehead against yours as he mumbled a sentence that made your smile grow.

“Not even death can do us part.”

We had a cool convo with Tiamat about the fake magical girl anime in yowamushi pedal. On how I thought the lyrics “princess pancake” meant she was a breakfast themed magical girl and “with a potion she grow bigger” meant she had the possibility to become godzilla sized and fight huge monsters with the power of sugar and love!! 

But turns out “pancake” refers to her flat chest and the “potion” is to make her boobs bigger… sad. So we decided to design our own Princess Pancake! Here’s mine. She’s usually a bit plain, don’t stand out, and has this heart shaped hair pin that turns into her magical wand and the transformation makes her more colorful. Also the fork in her hair can turn into a big spear-like weapon when she turns godzilla size!

She’s Onoda hero cause even tho she’s small and at first you think she can’t do much, she turn into this awesome princess that no one can stop! He relate to her and she gives him courage in his every day life!

EDIT here’s Tiamat version!

Some people are gay and know they’re gay from a young age, and that’s just dandy, but I spent the first 18 years of my life thinking I liked pancakes only to realize one morning while eating a disappointing pancake that literally every pancake I’ve ever eaten has filled me with disappointment, and if I can’t even figure out how I feel about a simple bready breakfast food, I don’t anticipate ever truly narrowing down a definitive answer about sexual orientation, and I’m content with that.

Our First Day

Author’s Note: oh my gosh I just been having so much BTS feels lately(maybe it because of the comeback or I’m just BTS trash). This is actually base loosely on a dream I had a couple nights ago.


Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding

Pairing: Reader x JungkooK(BTS)

Word count: 768

Genre: fluff and fluff and did I say fluff?

Originally posted by shitjeon

I’m weightless, sleeping on fluffy clouds. I could stay like this forever. I snuggle deeper in my forest of clouds. but I hear a noise in the distance, threatening to wake me. I groan I’m not ready to slip back to reality. It coming closer, gradually getting louder and louder. Finally, I slip one eyelid open. The sound is coming from a phone on our bedside table. I groan out and snuggle closer to the body next to mine. I hear them grumble out a sorry and slip their arm to turn off the phone. I feel strong arms wrap around me again and I settle back into their comfort.  

“ Babe, you are going to have let go of me.”

“Don’t want to,” I grumble out as I slip my arms closer around him

“I have to get ready for practice.” Jungkook pats my head gently and runs his fingers through my tangled hair.

“Skip it.”

“You know as well as I do, I can’t just skip it.” he sighed out and gave me a tight squeeze.

“I know but we just got back last night. Nothing unpacked.” I bury my head deeper into Jungkook’s broad chest.

“I’m sorry, I promise when I get back tonight I help unpack the boxes.” he still running his fingers through my hair. He always knew that comforts me.

“We were supposed to have a week to settle into the new apartment.”

“It’s not my fault they wanted to change the choreography last minute.”

“Yeah I know, but the second you leave I going to start missing you.” jungkook brings me closer to him and snuggles his head into my neck.

“You keep saying stuff like that I’m never going to leave.”

“Then I guess I just having to keep saying stuff like that.” I giggle out and ruffle his hair.

“What am I ever going to do with you.” jungkook pushes himself into a sitting position.

“Nothing because you’re stuck with me for-ev-er.” I push myself up. I then point to the ring on my left hand as I drew out the syllables of forever.

“You’re such a dork. Ok now I really have to get ready.” jungkook swings his legs off our bed and pushes himself off. He brings his arm above his head and yawn as he stretches. I just now realized he was shirtless and only wearing a pair of baggy sweat pants. I wonder what happen to his shirt…..Oh, wait…. I’m wearing it. I look down at the big white t-shirt and giggle at my own stupidity.

“Wait, take me with you.”

“To practice?”

“No dummy, to the bathroom. I want to watch you get ready.”


“Jungkook I get limited time with you because of who you are. I going to use every second I have with you.”

“Alright come here.” I jumble to the edge of the bed. I wrap my arms around jungkook neck and my legs around his waist. He carries me with ease to our small bathroom. He sets me down gently on the bathroom counter.

“You’re always so clingy in the mornings.” he kisses the side of my head.

“Hey, I have a right to be clingy to my husband.” I swing my legs over the counter and watch jungkook wash his face.

“It still hasn’t set in for me that we married.” he smiles at me. I giggle at his bunny teeth.

“Well get used to it because you’re never getting rid of me.” he comes to stand in front of me and wraps his arms around my waist.”

“Why would I ever want to get rid of you. You’re mine and no one else. I going to try my hardest to keep it that way.” he started pepper my face with tiny kisses.

“Jungkook you’re going to be late.” I laugh out

“No, I’m not, what time is it?” I pick up my phone and show it in front of his face.

“They going to kill me!” I laugh as jungkook runs around the bathroom.

It was mornings like this where I find myself falling in love with jungkook all over again. This routine of our became a norm at our tiny apartment. It wasn’t something jungkook would do every morning. But on days where he had to leave for a tour or a trip, we would try to spend every waking moment together. I would cling to him as much of possible because he would be gone for days or weeks sometimes even months. He never complained though because deep down He never wanted to leave me either. So we kept on doing our odd routine that all started on our first day.

Jungkook so fun to write about. I’m blushing just reading this and I wrote the freaking story! hahaha as always I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3