the first otp i was ever invested in

LIST OF RP FAVORITES AND LEAST FAVORITES !  / repost, do not reblog.

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FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY:  cody christian, thomas brodie-sangster, charlie day, evanna lynch
FAVORITE SHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD:  i gotta go with my current otp treo with @venomclaws. i’ve never been THIS invested in a ship and had a ton of aus with the same ship along with their canon verse. they’re toxic as fuck and shouldn’t be endgame but GODDAMN if that’s not an interesting af dynamic and so important to theo’s character so i’m smitten with treo
FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN: uhh, it’s difficult to name a REALLY good fandom to be in, but i enjoyed the game of thrones rp community a couple of years ago when i was in it!
FAVORITE SONG TO GIVE YOU MUSE:  Flickers (Zeds Dead Remix) by Son Lux
LEAST FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY/PLAY AGAINST:  shelley hennig, jeffrey dean morgan, dylan o’brien, bella thorne, johnny depp, cody christian when he is being whitewashed
LEAST FAVORITE RP EXPERIENCE:  any time a ship/smut is forced on me is definitely a few of the least favorite
LEAST FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN:  i honestly haven’t been in enough fandoms to decide which is the worst, but i’d have to go with teen wolf. though, i’m assuming that’s due to the large size of fanbase??
LEAST FAVORITE THING PEOPLE ASSUME ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER:  that he will change for their character. he won’t. and that he has no purpose for the things that he does. false. 
OTHER CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY:  newt scamander or charlie kelly

and, for the bonus round, bold whatever rp-related things appeal to you from the list below!

MUSE PREFERENCES: females / males / canons / ocs / corrupted / good / live action / animated / human / supernatural / other species / hopeless romantic / averse to loveyounger (15-25) / older (25+) / easy for you to relate to / hard for you to relate to.

PLOT IDEAS: accidentally married / affairs / age gaps / angst / apocalypse / arranged marriage / boarding school / college roommates / criminals / enemies to lovers / enemies with benefits / exes / fake relationship / fluff / forbidden relationship / friends with benefits / online relationships / pregnancy / prison / professor/student / road trips / rich kids / royalty / smut / supernatural / toxic relationships.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS IN PLOTS YOU’RE OKAY WITH: abuse / bdsm / daddy kinkdrinking / drugs / dub-con / gore / incest / kidnapping / murder / non-con / prostitution / stepcest / stockholm syndrome / torture.

I feel like tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time will be the pinnacle of my “shipping” career.

And it’s not just because CS is my OTP of OTP’s - it’s because OUAT takes things to a whole new level that just isn’t attainable with other couples. 

True Love.

I’ve had plenty of other ships before, though NONE that I’ve gotten as invested in as Emma and Hook, but becoming canon or “endgame” was the best you could hope for. A first kiss, an “I love you”, a wedding … sometimes even a ‘happily ever after’.

But with OUAT you can have all that PLUS the coveted TLK.

It’s a MAGICAL confirmation that the love they share is real, pure, TRUE.

It just doesn’t get more more romantic, more epic, more OTP than that.

And I just can’t believe that we are finally at the point tonight where we will get to see this wonderful moment for Hook and Emma - and likely in a way that’s unique to them. I’ve loved every chapter of their story so far, but Firebird is sure to become one of my most beloved. And I know I’m not alone in that. Four seasons and three and a half years in the making - and it’s been worth every minute of it of waiting hasn’t it? 

I can’t wait to celebrate with all of my shipmates tonight!