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Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 7

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Tangled Up in Blue

Pairing: Danny x Reader

Word Count: 1,619

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 6.5 | (7) | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: Okay so I may have accidentally written more than I anticipated, so I’ll have chapters coming out a bit more quickly. Only a few more to go! 

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Morning came and the sun with it, but Danny still felt cold. He and Barry drove to work in complete silence. Danny couldn’t listen to Rush without thinking about the way that you screamed the lyrics at the top of your lungs no matter what. I didn’t sound the same without that. When they reached the office, Barry gave Dan a long look and just shook his head. He had said everything he could, but he knew that Dan wasn’t going to listen to him. Not when it came to you.

Danny shook that off and found Arin setting up the Wii. From the looks of it, they would be filming a Game Grumps VS in Wheel of Fortune. He could handle that.

“Yo, you won’t believe what I found out last night!” Arin said excitedly as he powered on the Wii.

“What’s that?” Danny asked, only half listening.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Ending Analysis

So, since most of the current airing shows will be airing for a few more weeks yet, I thought I’d start doing some analyses of some opening and ending themes from this season that have intrigued me! Beginning with the lovely ending for Bungou Stray Dogs, my personal favourite :)

There won’t really be any spoilers of note here other then theories and events that have happened up to the current point in the anime (as I haven’t read the manga and have only watched up to episode 6 as of this moment)

This is going to be a long post everyone, so buckle in!

The ending can be watched here: 

First off, the lovely song by Luck Life, called Namae wo Yobu yo, sounds so calming and almost nostalgic, it really gives you good feeling at the end of each episode. It really resonates with me, personally, and I know many others do really like it as well.

The ED opens to Atsushi Nakajima, the main character, holding a book loosely, with the pages blowing in the wind. It then pans to show that he is looking at the book with a kind of melancholic expression as the pages start to blow away behind him, yet he continues to look at the book.

In the next, wider shot, both Dazai and Akutagawa fade in, looking at their own books as well. What’s interesting here is that Atsushi’s book is the only one that has it’s pages blowing away, possibly signifying the drastic change that has taken place in his life (joining the detective agency). 

The fact that they are all engrossed in their own books probably alludes to them all having specific goals they need to carry out, each different from the next. Yet, they are still connected, here by the literal bridge that is shown in the background. Also of note, the pages from Atsushi’s book are blowing over Dazai and Akutagawa, maybe showing his influence over them.

In the next shot, we have Atsushi looking at Dazai (most likely Dazai anyway do to the clothes) with a concerned expression as they both lie on what is probably the same bridge from the last shot. He moves his little finger closer to Dazai’s hand, signifying his want to understand and know more about him. (Also making the shippers like myself pretty happy :P) 

Following this shot, we see Atsushi looking out of a broken window at the moon (which is unnaturally large). 

Again, he has a slightly sad expression on his face. This is probably referencing his ability to turn into a tiger by moonlight and all of the bad memories that come with this ability (his being shunned and all). 

Next we have Akutagawa walking away from an ominous red moon (probably referencing the fact that idk he’s a killer and a member of the Port Mafia, the villain group!) 

The city is framed behind him, most likely due to the Port Mafia’s influence over the city. There is also quite ominous smoke swirling around Akutagawa.

Following this, we have a quick flurry of still images, a couple of which I’ll look at in more detail. A couple of them are just some elephant statue and a penguin statue (I couldn’t think of significance for these as of right now). The other two however, have more importance. 

This first one shows Dazai looking up with striking red blood coming out of his mouth (it stands out against the down-toned colours). Yet despite this, he appears to have an almost content look on his face, probably due to his suicidal tendencies in the show. This could also be foreshadowing (though I sincerely hope not :O) 

The other still is Atsushi with a look of determination on his face (and his shirt is open for some reason). 

This one is less significant then the last but still worth noting here. 

The next shot shows Atsushi’s human shadow morphing into that of a tiger’s, directly referencing his ability again. (This one wasn’t that significant but I’ll still mention it) Also the pages continue to fly across the screen, in the same direction that Atsushi’s shadow moves. 

Next, we see a book lying on the ground, it’s pages flipping in the wind again. 

It finally lands on a page which fades to white. This has a possible meaning of “What has been written can change or be erased.” But I’m not so sure about it (please give me suggestions!)

Next we get another couple cool quick stills of the three featured characters. 

This one shows Akutagawa framed in a red, blood like mist, facing away from the camera. Atsushi and Dazai are in the white side, obviously as the “good guys.” Atsushi faces Akutagawa front-on, signifying his opposition to him. While Dazai still looks at him but faces the opposite way, probably due to the fact that he used to be in the Port Mafia, and that these two probably have history together. 

This shot is pretty interesting as well. It shows Atsushi, Dazai, and Akutagawa again, this time closer together. Atsushi and Dazai look directly at the camera with looks of determination (possibly anger and contempt) and Akutagawa looks away yet again. The interesting thing about the colours is that usually blue refers to the hero and red to the villain, such as with Atsushi and Akutagawa here. But Dazai is shown in black and white (only his iris has colour) as a sort of neutral to the conflict. (Maybe also due to his magical ability to neutralize other abilities).

In the next shot, we have Atsushi and Dazai again. Atsushi stands against a wall, with his eyes closed and little emotion on his face. The wind also dies down for a moment. 

Dazai then pats his head, Atsushi smiles and the wind picks up again (the pages continue flying too). Probably symbolizing Atsushi’s need for support from Dazai, to keep moving forward.(Again this is so adorable omg)

After this, there is a longer shot of Akutagawa standing, back to the camera again, and we see his shadow go from black, to blue, lastly to white.  

This is very striking to me, considering all the other colour symbolism in the ending. We know that blue seems to signify good and white as a neutral, so it’s very strange how his shadow changes to both these colours. The shot is still very red saturated though despite this. It seems like he is conflicted within… Maybe he isn’t what he seems? :O

Next we see Akutagawa again, looking very melancholic (strange for his outward villainous appearance) and (most likely) Dazai reaches out for him, his hand fading away before he can be touched by it however. This definitely tells me of their past together (something happened for sure).

Next we see Atsushi falling into water (the city is also beneath the water as well) and slowly sinking down into it.

Even though he is sinking, he does not appear distressed or scared, more so accepting than anything else. 

Then, Dazai, pushes him deeper into the water, the colours changing from blue to white again. What is interesting here is that Dazai is actually able to touch Atsushi (where he couldn’t reach Akutagawa). And again, though he is getting pushed into water, Atsushi almost looks content. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Dazai will betray the Detective Agency, though it is possible… 

Next we see Akutagawa sinking as well (framed in red yet again) though he is not being pushed by anyone.

He shuts his eyes (accepting his fate) and cries a tear of blood (maybe regret for his murderous actions). The tear floats up and breaks the surface, becoming a firework. 

The second last long shot of the ED features Akutagawa again. He is sitting under the same bridge from the beginning, obscured by shadow. 

The shot is framed in red yet again, and the wind is blowing his coat. He looks directly in the camera here as well. 

Finally we see Atsushi again, standing directly in the sunlight, his face hidden by the shadow. 

He is framed by the blue-tinged shadow of a tree, which almost seems to trap him and his shadow. 

The ED then ends with a few quick shots in succession. The first of Akutagawa yet again, looking at the camera, with a red background. (The papers are flying here as well) 

He appears slightly sad here as well. 

Then we have Atsushi holding the same (now closed) book from the beginning of the ED and we can see it says “Stray Dogs” on the cover, alluding to the anime’s title: 

The pages are also all back in the book yet again, and it remains closed, signifying the end to the events of the story. (and just the end of the episode)

The last couple shots just include this cute (but sort of unfitting) fun shot of Atsushi, part tiger:

and then this one to finish it off:

A more serious rendition of Atsushi in beast form with the title. 

In conclusion, This ending theme is chocked full of symbolism for the anime and is just a pleasure to look at. This anime has been pretty solid thus far (I love that the characters are based on writers!) and I hope it continues to be, as it rides out the second half of the season.

Phew, that was longer then expected :P but it was fun! Hope you enjoy!

josushihong  asked:

hi can i have a personality ship w seventeen members? thankyou :> i prefer staying at home, and i'm very sensitive. i try to see the good in everyone. i have a bad temper when i'm on my period. on my free time, i'd read/watch anime/use my phone. i'm shy and awkward at first but when i open up i'm the exact opposite. i laugh at everything. i do silly stuffs infront of my friends. i curse q a lot too but i'm trying to cut it down. i love skinship!!1!!1!1

Yo,, I ship you with…Jeonghan!

Originally posted by visual-17

Okay so, since Jeonghan says he likes to sleep a lot, I think he’d enjoy staying at home with you. You guys would probably only leave the house to buy food or meet up with friends or something. (Also, who isn’t bad tempered on their period Lmao.) He’d definitely be patient with you on your period and he’d try not to do anything to upset you. He’d like the optimistic side of you that likes seeing good in people, and he would probably be inspired to do the same. I feel like once you warm up around him, you and him would laugh a lot together. This boy also loves skinship!1!1,, so that’s a nice thing too.

Thanks for requesting man, hope you like your ship!


Oh yeah, the Yo-Kai Watch anime will be here soon ⊟ 

The first Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game isn’t coming to the West until November 6, but Disney XD will premiere the popular Japanese animated series on October 5th at 5PM ET/PT. The channel will show new episodes every day at that time all week, before going on a weekly release schedule every Monday at 5PM. Here’s the cartoon’s English opening too.

I have a feeling that the localized version of the anime won’t be as vulgar as Japan’s show, but it’s worth checking out if you’re excited about the game.