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romance sentence starters.

“ if you are not too long, i will wait here for you all my life. “
” i have always loved you. “
” you mean the world to me. “
” i will always love you. “
” you always have a special place in my heart. “
” you have my heart. “
” you’re under my skin, what can i do? “
” if i could give you the world, i would. “
” you are everything i ever wanted and more. “
” you are the reason behind my smile. “
” you’re the only light in this darkness. “
” there’s nothing more romantic than italian food. “
” you caught me, i’m a hopeless romantic. “
” i will always be here for you, when you aren’t here for me. “
” your love is like a drug, it’s addictive. “
” hurting your feelings is like hurting my own. “
” i’m only happy when you are. “
” there’s nothing more romantic than speaking french. “
” you have me in a way no one else could ever have me. “
” you are my heart, my soul, my breath. “
” living life without is pointless. “
” i suffocate when you are away from me. “
” i’ll hold yesterday in my heart. “
” i’ll try to love again, but i know it is a pointless effort. “
” you are a dream come true to life. “
” i’ve never loved like this before in all my life. “
” i could stare at you forever and never get tired of your face. “
” do you want to take a flight to paris with me? “
“ i thank god everyday for you. ”
“ you are the love of my life. ”
“ i’ll never love anyone more than i love you. ” “ all of my emotions are wrapped up in you. ”
“ i do love you, more and more every day. ”
“ you won’t have to give me a second chance, the first one is all i need. ”
“ there aren’t even words to express my love for you. ”
“ i could tell you all of this until you’re blue in the face and it still won’t serve justice. ”
Just Because

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader’s three year old daughter asks Spencer why he fell in love with her mommy. :D @coveofmemories


As you walked around the kitchen making Spencer’s birthday dinner, Spencer watched as your three-year-old daughter, Lily, ran down the hallway and into his lap. “Happy Birthday, Daddy,” she said, wrapping her little arms around his neck before plopping down into his lap.

“Thank you, my sweet girl,” he said softly as he looked across the living room to where you were dancing around. You didn’t like to cook all that often, but when you did, you tended to go all out, especially for a special occasion. “Mommy should be done with dinner in a little while. You want me to tell you a story while we wait?” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you smile softly. You always loved hearing him tell your daughter stories.

“Yes,” she hissed happily. Saying S-words was especially hard at the moment considering she had a loose tooth. Normally, she didn’t have a preference, but today was different. “Can you tell me why you fell in love with mommy?” She looked between you both and then situated herself more firmly in his lap. 

She was probably expecting a grand and lavish story that turned their love into a fairytale, but in Spencer’s mind, it was the small things you did and said that made him love you - the little things were more important than where you went on your first date or how you looked on your wedding day. “Well,” he started, leaning back into the couch, “I fall in love with mommy over and over again. All the time.” You turned around and blew a kiss in his direction. 

“How do you do that?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with questions still unanswered. 

There were so many reasons he loved you. Where was he even supposed to start? “One reason I love mommy is that even though we work together, and she knows what goes on in my day all the time, when we get home, she still asks me how my day was,” he started. “That makes me realize that no matter how close or far we are away from each other, she still wants to know how I feel at the end of the day. It means she cares about what’s going on in here.” He pointed to your daughter’s heart. “That’s one of the many reasons I love mommy.”

“Tell me more,” she said, bouncing up and down on her father’s lap. “I wanna know all the reasons you love mommy.”

“All of them?” he asked animatedly. “That might take a while.” He’d be talking forever if he truly tried to recount why he loved you so much. Lily didn’t seem to care; she just sat back further into the couch and stared wide-eyed up at her father. “Ok, well another reason I love mommy is because she laughs at all of my really bad jokes.” On your first date all those years ago, you’d told him how much you loved bad puns, and he’d insisted he could tell you one that would make you groan. But it never happened. Your personal favorite was ‘what do you call an educated tube?…a graduated cylinder.’ It was so bad, but that’s why you loved them, and the way his face lit up at your laughter was enough of a reason to continue laughing.

Lily seemed to understand. “You do tell really bad jokes,” she replied with a smile. “But I still love you, so I guess that makes sense. Tell me more.”

As you continued cooking his birthday dinner, you listened in, falling in love with how he was describing the ways you loved him. His voice had an ethereal quality to it that just made you love him more. He told your daughter that you always snuggled up to him first thing in the morning, putting your head in the crook of his neck. Despite the jobs you had, that always made him feel grounded to the good in the world. Continuing, he told Lily how much he loved the messy bun you always put your hair in, how much he enjoyed watching you dance around the kitchen when you thought no one was watching, how he was grateful that you would eat at his favorite restaurant even though you hated it. There were so many little things you did for each other, he began to lose track. 

“Mommy is the most amazing woman in the whole world,” he said, placing Lily in his lap and looking toward you in the kitchen. “She listens to my stories even when she’s tired. When she reads to you, I love hearing her voice do all the different characters voices. I love the fact that at the end of the day, it could just be the three of us and I’d be happy forever. There is so much I love about your mommy.”

Lily looked enthralled, like she could listen to her father recount every single reason he loved you until the end of time. “What’s the biggest reason of all?” she wondered. 

He’d never thought about the biggest reason. It was just so cumulative. But there was one thing. After his father left, he always had this fear that no matter what he did, no one would ever be proud of him. After all, if his own flesh and blood wasn’t proud enough of him to stay, then how would anyone else be proud of him - all of him. He glanced your eye, not breaking eye contact as he spoke. “I think one of the biggest reasons I love mommy is because she’s proud of me. Even if I ramble on about things, or I get a little mean because I’m stressed out, mommy is proud to call me her husband.”

It had been quite a few minutes since you’d paid attention to making dinner. You were too enraptured with Spencer’s voice. “I am always proud to call your daddy, my husband,” you said, walking across the room to sit next to him and your daughter. You leaned over, giving him a soft peck on the lips as Lily looked on.

“Why do you love Daddy?” she asked you. 

Without looking in her direction, you spoke to Spencer, gently grazing his hand with your own. “I love Daddy because he loves me for exactly who I am. I’m a little hot-tempered. I’m a little weird. I like wearing sparkles and the color black. I’m a whole mess of different things, but no matter what I feel like on any particular day, I know that Daddy loves me regardless,” you said, smoothing back your daughter’s light brown hair. “I fell in love with Daddy just because.”

I Thought I Lost You Forever

Imagine: Imagine being supernatural gifted and because of your gift, you can come back from death and confessing your feelings for Elijah, when he thinks he has lost you forever and Klaus giving you his blessing with his brother.

Notes// CREDITS TO AUTHOR. Whoever emailed this in, didn’t write their account. I do not take credit for this.


I could see him. He was standing next to the tree I fell from, when we first met. I literally fell at his feet and instead of bursting out in laughter, he remained a gentleman and asked me if I was fine. At this moment I couldn’t say anything, I just stared into his warm brown eyes.

Later, I learned he was one of the Original Vampires, whom the supernatural community was afraid of. Elijah saved my life that day I fell from the tree, and since then, I have not been afraid of him or his siblings.

Witches wanted to sacrifice me, to get more power and because of my ability to walk between two worlds, as I liked to call it, I was the perfect choice.

I was always able to sense the presence of ghosts and the people I have met in my earlier life. I do believe in reincarnation and the fact that I could sense Elijah’s Presence when he was around, was proof to me, that I indeed had known him from a previous life of mine.
The witches had taken me from one of my days off from college and from the moment everything blacked out, I couldn’t remember anything, not even how I died.

Elijah’s Brother Niklaus came closer and didn’t said anything, they just stood next to each other in Silence. I always called him Klaus, unless he was in Trouble, then his girlfriend would yell his full name. Every time when that happened and I happened to be in the room, he would turn to me and say “I’m in trouble” with his Devil Smirk as I called it, because he was never really bothered when one of his siblings or his girlfriend called him by his full name.

“We will avenge y/n.” he promised Elijah, it seemed like that Elijah didn’t care for avenging me.

“It won’t bring her back” he replied.

Revenge would not bring me back, but I could see him. So dying the witch I was, I should be able to get through the barrier that made it impossible for Ghosts to make physical contact or been seen by people who aren’t like me supernatural gifted.

But when I see him, what would I tell him? That I love him? That I was too scared he wouldn’t feel the same way? Because I knew he had Feelings for Hayley a long time ago.

Before the witches took me, I overheard a conversation he had with Rebekah, where he told her that he had feelings for someone, but it wasn’t Hayley. I was so scared of the answer that I didn’t wait, I just took off. Now maybe, I have the chsnce to tell him how I feel but I am not sure if I am strong enough to enter the real world again.

“Elijah” I spoke his name gently and it seemed like he had heard me, because he looked straight into my eyes.

My hand reached out to him, and he looked at my hand and within seconds, I felt his warm Arms around me, his lips on my ear whispering, “I thought I lost you forever Y/N”.

My heart seemed to explode, my Face in his hand, his Lips on my mine. The feelings racing through my body were undescribable.

When he released me from his firm grip, I took all my courage and whispered “I love you Elijah”. The smile what broke through on his face by my words was truly heartwarming.

“I love you too my little angel” he replied and his words brought me back completely in the world I had shared with him before my death.

“I know you two would like to be alone now but I’m happy you’re back Y/N and make my brother happy” Klaus gave us his blessing before disappearing and leaving me with my love.

“How is this even possible?” Elijah asked me while he hold me close and searched my face for answers as if he couldn’t believe that I was back.

“I don’t know, I’m just glad that I could see you and I won’t leave” I replied and kissed him quick.

Elijah smiled, “I won’t ever let you out of my sight again Y/N” he made clear and I smiled at his words. Since the day I fell at his feet, I had always thought he was special, now I know how special he was indeed. He was my soulmate no matter how awfully romantic it may sound. He was my one true love.

A Monster Stared Back

What if the mob had never reached Erik’s home?

Hi guys. I know I haven’t finished my other things, but I started another thing.. Let me know what you think. It’s just a one shot for the moment. Phanty belongs to Leroux & Lloyd Webber

She had placed the ring in my palm. Her two small hands had closed over my own for a single, precious moment; her touch was soft, tender- something I had seldom experienced. It was one of the few times she had willingly touched me, and we both seemed to pause slightly at the foreign sensation. A final barrier was broken between us as her hands touched mine.

The hands belonging to a man; just a man. Not a ghost, Phantom or specter.

I walked to the bank of the lake and watched her disappear from sight. I do not know what possessed me to do so. Perhaps I was a glutton for my own agony. My chest tightened as I saw her turn back briefly. Our eyes met for a second or two, and then she looked forward once more. Something I would never be able to do.

My fingers still closed around the ring she had given me, I sat down, allowing the tears to freely fall now that Christine was not around to see them. My home had never felt so empty- the oppressive silence was almost too much to bear. How had I lived like this for so long?

The silence was strange tonight though, given everything that had happened above ground. I would have expected some callers by now; the mob, the authorities… or both. Standing up and stashing the ring in my pocket, I waded once more into the murky water before me and peered as far as I could through the tunnel.

Nothing… Not a sound. No yells of impending doom, no distant flashes of light to signify torches approaching… nothing at all. My home was difficult to find, I had made it so, but after all the chaos and destruction I had caused, I was sure that someone would have found me on hatred or revenge alone.

Perhaps Madame Giry had drawn them away, or perhaps she had set her daughter the task. Part of me was relieved by the idea that I would be able to stay where I was and wallow in the grief that was suffocating me with each passing minute, that at least I would have my routine and security… my safety, but the other part told me that I needed to leave… one way or the other. I had either to submit myself to the mob, or the authorities and whatever they had in store, or I had to take my future into my own hands and walk away. Walk away from it all. Whatever that meant…

Everything in this Opera house would now remind me of Christine, the way I had treated her and the person… the monster I had become in the end.

Unceremoniously wiping my nose with my sleeve, I waded back to the shore. I bent down and picked up her veil, placing it back on the mannequin. It used to sit atop the mannequin’s head comfortably, but now it seemed so out of place. It did not belong there anymore. It belonged with Christine.

I decided to leave the portcullis up. For whoever found me in the end deserved the right to justice or revenge… they seemed interchangeable now. What did I have to live for now? I still had my music, but Christine was my music. She was my muse, and for the last few years, she and music had gone hand in hand in my mind. How was I to separate the two?

Another day passed.

Another day of agony…

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Best Friend Chenle
  • im shookt that Chenle actually gets requests ??
  • like he’s not getting that much love i’m-
  • thanks to the anon for requesting this ,
  • ngl but chenle is such a best friend material i honestly want him to be my best friend
  • but he’s my son so-
  • okay let’s start

  • so you knew him ever since y'all were small kids

  • like around 5/6 years old ?
  • and you never once thought that he’d be your friend because he was always more to the popular side ,
  • while you were quiet and people didn’t notice you that much
  • until this sunshine came up to you one day when you were 8 and was like ,
  • “ Y/N !! let’s go play together hehe ”
  • then he pulls you towards the playground
  • and you couldn’t reject him because he was already jumping excitedly waiting for his turn to slide
  • so cute ahh
  • and after that he started talking to you and hanging out with you during break time
  • and almost every week he’d bring you a packet of juice ,
  • “ for my cute best friend Y/N !! ”
  • fast forward to years later ,
  • y'all are closer than before and your families are like best friends too
  • so lots of sleepovers and parties together !!
  • the first time you brought chenle over for dinner at your house , your parents were suspicious and were like
  • “ is he your boyfriend ? you’re only 12 it’s too young ”
  • “ no dad he’s my BEST friend ”
  • “ why is he holding your hand though ”
  • “ we’re always like that dad it’s normal ”
  • “ don’t get too close to him ”
  • then chenle and your dad becomes best friends too as time goes by
  • one day you caught both of them playing video games together
  • and your dad came up to you and was like ,
  • “ you know .. actually i won’t mind if he was your boyfriend ”
  • “ dad we’re only bestfriends ”
  • “ yeah sure sure ”
  • okay back to chenle
  • he’s really cheerful and positive so you hardly ever feel sad
  • because he’s always telling you jokes and making you laugh without fail
  • but if you get really sad though ,
  • his protective and caring nature would take over , and he’d stay by your side 24/7
  • he sings and dances for you
  • he has thousands of selfies of both of you in his phone
  • and in each one y'all have a unique pose and facial expression
  • he saves your contact name as “ #1 💯 ”
  • because he always tells you that you’re the bestest friend he could ever ask for ,
  • where you saved his as “ superstar bff ❗” because he’s always surrounded by other girls
  • “ don’t worry , i won’t leave you for any of them ”
  • “ no chenle i’m not your girlfriend , you have every right to date anyone ”
  • “ but i want to protect you forever until you find someone else ”
  • chenle why are you like this you’re a smol kid yourself
  • and coincidentally , you met renjun and almost immediately , you fell for him
  • and of course chenle would find out first because he caught you staring lovingly at renjun during breaktime one day
  • and he had this big smile on his face ,
  • “ aw Y/N’s in love ”
  • and the next day you received a text from an unknown number
  • “ hello , is this Y/N ? ”
  • “ yes , who are you ? ”
  • “ ahh .. i’m renjun ”
  • and you sat there staring at your phone in awe for like a few minutes
  • before chenle snatched your phone away to reply for you
  • and he had a proud and happy expression on his face ,
  • “ thank me later , hyung seems to be interested in you too ”
  • okay but chenle’s really open about skinship
  • like he gives you big and warm hugs all the time
  • and he doesn’t mind holding your hand or having his arms around your shoulders even in public
  • he treats you like a boyfriend but also like an older brother ,
  • like he’d nag at you to finish up your school work ,
  • to cooking for you and treating to meals
  • he’s a really fun best friend too ,
  • like he always have plans ready for the both of you ,
  • be it ice cream dates or trips to the carnival ,
  • to exploring different places together
  • he’s up for any kind of adventurous trips with you too
  • he always has your back , and he supports your decisions fully
  • he tries to act all mature with you when in fact he just turns into a small kid in the end
  • like you could just be watching a comedy show ,
  • then you’d see him trying to contain his laugh
  • but he bursts out laughing in the end even if the joke isn’t funny
  • and he falls on the floor laughing too
  • when he’s feeling really good he would randomly pinch your cheek ,
  • “ you’re so cute ”
  • “ wow that’s so random chenle ”
  • “ hehe i know ”
  • he teaches you chinese too when he has the time to
  • and one time he teached you a phrase to say to renjun ,
  • “ 仁俊你很帅 ” ( Renjun you’re goodlooking/handsome ) and lied to you that it meant “ renjun you’re nice ” instead
  • and you believed him and when you said the phrase to renjun the next day ,
  • you were left blushing like mad and renjun couldn’t stop giggling
  • so you almost choked chenle to death
  • but chenle just laughed and apologised so you didn’t do anything else
  • he’s too cute you know
  • tbh he’s just such a fun person to be with
  • like you’re left with no choice but to feel happy and be positive when you’re around him ??
  • i love chenle everyone
  • stop sleeping on him !!
Into You (Theo Raeken Smut)

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Request: Can you do a theo raeken smut where ur really insecure and he always compliments u, but u never believe him, and he gets fed up, so he fucks you senseless, and keeps denying your orgasm. OR smtn Like that…but can u make is rough Asf please!!!!!!!!!!

 A/n: i’m getting kind of uncomfortable writing smut, like it’s very cringy but at the same time i cant stop writing it?¿ If there’s any mistake sorry, i didn’t re-read this. REMINDER, THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, LOVE YOU GUYS!  Go follow @Imaginequeen12 ,they write great imagines!

 Theo was about to arrive any minute and i still haven’t picked out a dress. My room was filled with dresses everywhere. One would be too big, the other too tight or it’ll make me look fat. I sigh and sat on my bed, running my fingers through my hair. I look down at the floor and my eyes ended up on a black lace dress.

 I picked it up and put it on and surprisingly, it fit me well. I didn’t look like the most beautiful person out there, but it’ll work. I quickly did my hair and my makeup when i hear a knock on my door. I went downstairs, opening the door and there stood Theo, looking handsome as ever.

 “Babe, you look gorgeous.” He compliments, taking my hand and making me twirl around for him. He eyed me up and down and i could feel how he’s judging me. I’d never be the skinny and pretty girl he wants me to be. 

I was never the prettiest girl in school. There was always someone else who was much better than me. I never liked the way my stomach looked or the way my nose fits my face. I didn’t like who i am and sometimes I wonder why the hell is Theo with me? When he could get any girl he wants.

 “Thanks.” I mumble as i grab my purse and ready to leave the door when he stops me. He turned me around and made me look at him. 

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Afire Love

Request: Hii, so maybe a Newt imagine based off the song Afire Love by Ed Sheeran where the reader dies while helping all the Gladers get to paradise (Newt is immune and gets to paradise but regrets not being able to save you) but yeah. And maybe he didn’t have a limp so it’ll be easy for the whole escaping part. Idk this request might be kinda long but I don’t mind. Thank you if you do this. Btw I love your blog so much

Warnings: sad

Afire Love - Ed Sheeran

Hearing that you weren’t immune to the Flare absolutely crushed Newt. You were his lover, his best friend. He couldn’t imagine a life without you, and now it had to be a thought in his mind.

To make it worse, you tried your absolute hardest not to let the disease show. You tried so hard to act like you were perfectly fine when everyone knew you weren’t. And yet, even to your final breath, you helped everyone escape WICKED once and for all.

“Y/N, take it easy, okay?” Newt touched your shoulder. You flinched, jolting your shoulder so his hand would fall off.

“Don’t touch me, Newt! I’m helping!” You snapped at him. Though you quickly changed. “I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout. I didn’t mean to overreact.”

Newt looked at you with sadness. “It’s okay, babe. Please, take it easy.”

“I’ll take it easy when the pain in my head goes away.” You turned back to being bitter. 

Newt sighed, knowing he’d get nowhere with you. All he could do was watch, which was torture in its purest form.

You continued helping as many people as possible, wanting everyone to escape, but it kept getting harder. You had to flee WICKED and fly to Denver. You had to somehow get inside without it noticable you were diseased. You had to save everyone though. You just had to. It was your calling.

“Newt, my head won’t stop hurting,” you whined, in near tears. You were laying your head in his lap, having a “better” day. He lightly massaged your temples, hoping it would ease the pain.

“I know, darling. I know. It’ll be okay.”

But as time passed, you got worse. You lashed out at Thomas and Minho, fighting them. They never once swung back at you, however. You were their friend, and they knew it was the Flare.

“Y/N, Y/N!” Newt ran, pulling you off. “Stop!”

“They were provoking me!” You shouted, hissing at them through teeth. “They wanted to get inside my head!”

“No they weren’t!” Newt yelled back at you.

Thomas and Minho looked at you in terror. You were becoming so violent. It seemed Newt only knew how to calm you down these days. But even that was becoming a daily challenge.

Newt escorted you away from the two boys. He took you over to a place more private so it could just be the both of you. Things were going so good… Then the devil took you away. Newt thought to himself, holding back tears.

“Y/N… You need to calm down,” Newt breathed.

You sighed angrily. “I know, but… It feels like bugs are wiggling around my brain. I can feel them slithering and it drives me up the fucking wall.”

You and Newt sat down, Newt pulling you closer to him. You ended up sitting in his lap and leaning your head on him. His arms wrapped around you securely, making you feel safe.

“I just want you to hold me in your arms forever,” you croaked out.

“Me, too.”

It went silent for a moment. Your first silent moment in a long time. You turned your head to look at Newt. You both stared into one another’s eyes, still not speaking. He grinned the tiniest bit, causing you to smile.

“I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up.”

You giggled and blushed. “Our hearts will beat as one.”

You had never said that. Newt questioned what made you think that, but he liked it all at the same time. For the rest of the time, you and Newt ended up laying down, and cuddled in silence.

However, the next day was different. Unlike the calmness from yesterday, you were raging at everyone and everything in sight. Demanding to help, but also frightening everyone. It wasn’t a lovely sight.

“Go!” You screamed. “Go through the stupid portal thing!” 

the people you were shouting at nervously went through the Flat Trans that went to basically paradise. This was the end. This was the final step to freedom. You couldn’t go. You were too sick, and there was no cure. You didn’t want to disease everyone who possibly wasn’t immune.

“Y/N, come with–”

“NO!” You yelled at Newt with all your might. “I can’t go! I won’t go!”

Newt already knew you wouldn’t be able to come. Still he tried. Tears welled up in his eyes, spilling over instantly. His face crumbled knowing he’d have to survive without you by his side. 

“I love you.” With that, Newt kissed you firmly and quickly.

“Go, Newt… I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” Tears fell from your eyes as well. You looked so sick and dead already. You were a goner, and everyone knew it. 


Newt went through the Flat Trans.

little saf soundtrack things
  • mary kate wiles’ voice is perf
  • curt mega nails his character and is super fun
  • “spy again! it’s who i am! doesn’t even matter if i killed my best friend.”
  • joey richter and joe walker in somebody’s gotta do it
  • “you know you’re like a son to me? i’ve felt that way forever. a total deadbeat son who needs to get his shit together…”
  • tessa netting nailing pay attention! and barb’s lament
  • “razer and shaving cream – i know what it is. it’s a gun!” “no, daniel boone, that’s to shave that awful beard. you look homeless.”
  • “what about genocide?” “shut up.”
  • joe walker’s accent, esp in torture tango as well as that part when curt and joe are both singing at the same time and it works beautifully
  • “what’s your damage man????”
  • curt going “owen” after tati saves him :(
  • “ha ha ha ho ho ho”
  • did i mention mkw has a perf voice?? prisoner of my past gives me feels
  • “the very first time we met… three or four days ago…”
  • “when you were a nazi hostage, all i could do is stare.”
  • “how could i resist? i’m a girl.” “i’m a guy.”
  • there’s a song about doing shots with friends!!! but also it’s a pun because they only have “one more shot” to get it right. how great.
  • “this is for… uhhh, i forgot what i was going to say.” i mean same.
  • brian rosenthal just being silly and having fun in not so bad and its reprise
  • “typical curt.” “typical jerk.”
  • s’up sound of music ref
big bang fic

ok so this is my submission for the big bang!! this is only the first chapter, the rest will be up on ao3 as of tomorrow (i’m having some formating issues tonight) huge thanks to @justice-for-benny for being an amazing beta, and @alvrudart for being an amazing artist! i hope you guys have as much fun reading this as i had writing it!


Their lives changed for the better on a snowy night in January.

Many things had happened prior to that night. Promises had been made, people had been saved, tears had been shed. But that’s an old story.

All that mattered in that moment, on that cold January night, was that a little girl was standing outside the Byers’ house, cold and afraid. She tightened the old flannel shirt that hung on her shoulders, shivering in the wet snow. Her hair, which now fell to her shoulders, was dirty and knotted, and her pink dress now barely reached her knees. She almost couldn’t believe she was finally here. She was finally home.

The stars filled the Hawkins sky that night - the same way they had on November 6, 1983. The day her life had changed. That night it had been raining, tonight it was snowing. This time, there weren’t any boys with flashlights to find her in the woods.

She slowly made her way to the porch, the snow crunching beneath her feet. Her shoes were worn and filthy, much like the rest of her clothes. Once she was facing the front door, all the girl could do was stare at it, unable to move.

She knew who was inside - the boy she had saved all those months ago. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to raise her fist to the door.

What if they don’t remember me?

It was plausible. She had been gone so long. They’d probably moved on and forgotten all about her. She, however, had not forgotten. She could never. They saved her life as much as she had saved them.

As the girl debated over and over what to do, she lost her footing and slipped. Her arms reached out for the railing to catch herself, knocking over a stack of buckets in the process. She flinched at the loud crashing noise.

Within a minute of the crash, noise came from inside the house. Someone had woken up. Oh no. The lights flicked on inside, and the front door flew open; a familiar face filled it’s frame.

There was a moment of silence as the two of them stared, too stunned to say a word.

“Oh my god” was all that came from Joyce’s mouth. She remembered. “I-I… Oh my god. It’s you. Eleven.”

“Yes.” She answered, speaking for what seemed like the first time in forever.

Joyce stared at the girl like she’d seen a ghost before coming to her senses. “Come in.”

After a brief conversation, a hot shower, and a few stolen clothes, Eleven sat on the Byers’ couch, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Joyce sat next to her, rubbing the girl’s back – a gesture she hoped was comforting.

She attempted to coax a few words out of Eleven, but the girl wasn’t one for words.
“Can I get you anything to eat, sweetie?” Joyce asked.

Before she could respond, Will Byers appeared in the hallway. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Joyce, clearly half-asleep. His brown hair was disheveled, and he was sporting an old Star Wars t-shirt.

“Mom? What’s-“ His mouth went dry once he looked around the room. Suddenly, he was fully awake. “Oh my god” was all he could say.

He had never actually seen Eleven, but he’d heard enough about her from the boys to know who was sitting in front of him. He stared in disbelief.

“Will.” She said calmly.

“Eleven?” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. The myth - no the legend - that the guys never stopped talking about was sitting in his living room. “How-how did you get here? How are you alive?”

“Will.” Joyce gave her son a knowing look. “Let’s discuss that later. Why don’t I make us some hot cocoa? You can keep her company. Tell her about everything she’s missed.”

Obviously disappointed, Will let out a sigh. Nevertheless, he scooted closer to Eleven once Joyce had gone into the kitchen. Even if he couldn’t ask how she got back, he had so many other questions. He wanted to ask about her powers (Dustin said she was like Yoda with the force), or about how she could travel to the Upside Down (Lucas said she used some sort of “bath”), but he couldn’t find the words.

Sitting silently sat beside him, Eleven was staring at the floor. There was a look of sadness on her face, like she was missing something.

Somehow, the words came to him.

“Thank you.” He said, breaking the silence.

Eleven looked up at him. Her wide brown eyes studied him carefully, as if she was thinking of the right response.

“You’re welcome.” She said, returning her gaze to the floor. “Friends?”

Will smiled. “Yeah. Friends.”

Joyce peeked her head into the living room, holding a carton of milk in her hand. “Will, ask Eleven if she would like marshmallows with her hot cocoa. And has Jonathan come home yet?”

“No, he’s at the Wheeler’s. Or the Harrington’s. Who knows these days.” Will rolled his eyes.
Joyce sighed knowingly and returned to the stove. “Do you like marshmallows in your hot cocoa?” Will asked, turning to Eleven once they were alone again.

“What is…marshmallows?” She asked, looking lost amongst the warm, cozy atmosphere of the Byers’ house.

“They’re like these puffy white candies. Most people like them in hot cocoa.” Will answered. He remembered Mike telling him that Eleven didn’t know a lot of words, that she had probably lived in the Hawkin’s Lab her whole life.

“Hot cocoa?” She asked again, more shy this time. It had been a question she wanted to ask since when Joyce first mentioned it, but was afraid to.

“Oh, you’ll love it. It’s this warm drink that’s really sweet and tastes like chocolate.” Will replied.


“So, you want marshmallows?”


Will smiled at her again. It was crazy how all this time he’d never gotten to meet the girl who saved his life, and here she was sitting right next to him.
“Eleven wants marshmallows too, mom!” Will yelled to Joyce in the kitchen.

Once the hot cocoa had been served, and the marshmallows had been eaten (Eleven loved them) Joyce decided it was time to talk.

“I’m gonna have to call Hop in the morning. We’ll get the papers and everything sorted out.” She spoke gently, trying not to scare the girl.

God knows what she’d been through in the the past year. “Then maybe tomorrow, Will can take you to see the boys.”

Eleven’s eyes lit up at the thought of seeing the boys again. Well, mostly one boy.

“Yeah! Oh my god, they’ll going to freak out. They basically worship you.” Will said excitedly.

“Mike’s gonna be mental! He still keeps that blanket fort up. And he talks about you all the time.” He hardly got a breath in he was talking so quickly.

“Mike?” She asked softly, a small smile spreading across her face.

“Yeah, he never shuts up about you. It’s kind of annoying.” He smiled.

Eleven couldn’t hide her smile after that. It never left – not after Joyce gave up her bed to El, sleeping on the couch. Not after Will resigned to his room, sleepily going on about how much fun they were going to have tomorrow. Not even after Eleven fell asleep. Her dreams were filled with marshmallows and snow, and for the first time in a long time, she slept peacefully. She was safe.

She wasn’t the only one who slept soundly that night. A certain boy a few streets over was also dreaming of a certain girl in the snow.
Maybe they all slept a bit better that January night. Perhaps the stars had re-aligned themselves.

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@sugar daddy au RIP ME oh my god but like also could you do the reverse? (at your own time!!!!!) i like seeing your take on the more "cliche" tropes bc somehow they come out differently and i am living. saranghae~

anonymous asked: more sugar daddy au T^T (I combined these two)

Oh god, this is going to be so cliché and I feel bad, I really hope that I didn’t butcher this :(  Jikook sugar daddy au~ 

+ Jungkook has been wealthy from the get-go, and having a hefty trust fund to back him up only made his net worth skyrocket

+ Park Jimin had been Jungkook’s great friend since middle school, but the in the past years, he’s had to watch the older boy suffer being with another man that didn’t treat him right

+ It infuriates Jungkook because he believes that Jimin deserves everything good in the world. All he wants to do is pamper him with gifts, wine, and diamonds.

+ Even though they had been close friends for a while, Jimin always refused Jungkook’s generous offers and always paid for himself. He didn’t mooch off of him.

+ When Jimin and his boyfriend have a nasty break up, Jungkook is there to console him through it. Jimin crying into his shoulder’s at night, and Jungkook was always their to wipe his tears with an Armani handkerchief

+ Jimin had been kicked out of their shared house and Jungkook let him stay with him until he got back on his feet. “Jungkook, I promise it will just be until I can get back on my feet.” Jungkook caresses his cheek. “Hyung, you could stay here forever and I wouldn’t mind”

+ After a week of sadness, in a moment of anger towards Jimin’s ex, it slips out: “Hyung, let me be the one to take care of you.” Jimin stares at him in shock.

+ It starts as a casual thing, Jimin now lived with Jungkook. On the first day, Jungkook takes Jimin out to buy him an entire new wardrobe. Jimin nearly has a panic attack when he sees the receipt

+ Slowly, Jimin’s cheap quartz earrings were being replaced by fine diamonds without him realizing it. “J-Jungkook, did you swap out my earrings?!”  Jungkook smiles smugly, “Yes, they’re diamonds. Do you like it?” Jimin chokes on his spit. “Diamonds?”

+ Jungkook leaves kisses on Jimin’s cheeks and forehead now more than ever, leaving Jimin wondering if this was more than a friendship anymore.

+ They go out to fancy dinners at least twice a week even though Jimin insists that ramen will suffice

+ Jimin can’t sleep well in Jungkook’s house unless it’s in his arms

+ Jungkook always buys Jimin a new suit any time they go to fancy dinner parties. Jimin is astonished that Jungkook knows his suit size like the back of his hand now. He loves seeing Jimin come out of the bedroom clad in the threads that his money bought.

+ Jungkook’s favorite part of the dinner parties was to be able to wrap his arm around Jimin’s waist, marking what’s his—or what he wanted to be his. And when they are sitting down he always is quick to snatch Jimin’s soft hand into his own.

+ People often ask if Jimin is his fiancé. Smiling, he always looks over at Jimin—who’s animatedly discussing with other party guests—and responds with a simple: “Maybe one day.”

+ Jimin starts to get less and less confident, not believing that what they had was love. And he even confronts Jungkook about it one day.

+ “Jungkook—we aren’t even together, this isn’t right. Maybe it would be best if I just were to move out, and stop all this while we can. Find yourself a nice husband or wife—” 

+ Jungkook is quick to shut him up. “Don’t you dare say that Park Jimin. You’re crazy not to see that all these years, you’ve been the love of my life. And I guess this deal was some pathetic attempt to live out my fantasy…”

+ Jimin was in shock. But that didn’t stop him from pulling Jungkook down into a kiss that made the younger see stars. Finally

If Jimin thought he was pampered then, he had another thing coming. Now that they were officially together, Jungkook showers him with the best riches he could give him—his love

+ And they may or may not have made love surrounded by $100 bills on Jungkook’s king size bed

Mimikyu made me piss my pants

I need to talk about the Ghost Trial in Pokemon Sun/Moon and how brilliant it is and how freaking terrifying as well.

I went into a haunted abandoned mall armed with my Rotomdex as a camera. Seeing as I already knew about the existence of Ghost Pokemon, Ghastlies and the like didn’t come over as scary. I expected them. But because I could only see them via the camera (Fatal Frame, anyone?), it added a layer of creepiness - I was put into a zone of limited movement and the moment I got a good shot, it attacked me because the moment I saw it, it saw me.

After every battle I saw a Pikachu run off and if you’re like me and didn’t spoil yourself too much, you’re like: why the eff is there a Pikachu here? I started assuming that, just like the Marowak in Pokemon Red/Blue, it’s the ghost of a dead Pikachu.

More of the same happened and then I entered a small room and my camera fired up automatically. Again, not too scary - I assumed this is where I would meet the totem Pokemon.

As I looked through my camera, looking at the creepy children drawings of kids and a Pikachu (which was just scary and depressing as all hell, thanks gamefreak), I kept scanning around for the totem pokemon. Where the hell was it?

What truly scared me shitless was when I realized I could turn my camera FURTHER than normal and that’s when knew:

omfg. it’s behind me.

And I turned 180 degrees

I shit you not, I actually had to look away from my screen and hold my heart for a bit because there was this Mimikyu staring right into the damn screen really really close to me, music going all crazy and it yelling SEEEE MEE like JESUS GAMEFREAK I wanted to run away screaming

Now I did know what Mimikyu is and when I first saw it I thought it was adorable and I wanted to get one and hug it and love it forever. But after the battle when Acerola told me that I could go back in and catch whatever I wanted, all I could think was NOPE. I’M LEAVING

A million kudos to Gamefreak for making me absolutely terrified of Mimikyu. Perfect execution, not coming near it ever.

EDIT: Someone told me that you can see Mimikyu looking at you when Acerola walks away. NOT COOL MIMIKYU ARGHHH

Just Jealous

Carl Grimes Imagine

Based on a request. I hope you’ll like it.

You’ve survived abuse in your past. Now that you’re in Alexandria you find company in Ron Anderson, much to Carl’s displeasure.

word count: 1158

“Really!? That’s what he said?” I looked at Ron in disbelieve.
“Yeah, he told me to go to my room and not react to anything I hear. Mom told me the same thing. What else could I have done? They’re my parents, I gotta listen to them.” Ron was staring at the wall in my room.
“I guess”, I mumbled following his stare. The walls were painted white. An empty canvas, ready to turn into something else. What we made of it was completely up to us. In more than one way. For the first time in forever I was able to really reflect on everything. It was a weird coincidence that it was Ron of all people who shared similar experiences. Talking to him, listening to him helped me reflect. I felt like he, the least trustworthy of all, could be the one to help me deal with my past and become a better me in the future.
“But”, I started talking again, “have you never asked yourself what was happening? Never thought about sneaking out of the closet when you heard the rumbling outside?”

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Happy Family: Part One

Originally posted by defsouljb

Hi guys! So because I liked this requested so much I decided to make it into two parts:)! Part one is smut and part two is fluff! I also made it so you don’t have to read the first part to understand the second so if your just in the mood for cuteness then when the second part is released read away! Well I hope you guys like this! ENJOY!~B

“(Y/n), Jagiya, can you please stop pacing you are making me nervous” I sighed staring up at my anxious girlfriend, who was pacing our master bathroom counter.  

“You should be nervous Jaebum this could change our lives forever” she said, running her hands through her hair. I could tell she was almost in tears. She was frightened, and I wasn’t going to lie and say I wasn’t either.  

It all stared with what we thought was the flu, but when she skipped her period…that’s when things started getting scary,

“What if its positive Jae, are we really ready to be parents. Your an international kpop idol for Christ’s sake!” She started to freak out, a few tears fell from her eyes.

I patted the empty space on our bed beside me and she walked over slowly, sat down and stared into my eyes. 

I grabbed her and pulled her as close to me as I possibly could, our faces inches from one another. 

“I love you (y/n)! None of that shit matters to me as long as were together, okay?. Besides I think wed make great parents” I kissed her as she smiled, her hands found the back of my neck. 

She pushed me back on my bed, as the kiss deepened. I knew where this was going, but I didn’t care. Anything to keep our minds off that test, even if it was just for the moment. 

I spun us around so I was on top, a smirk crossed my face as her hands slid down my chest making their way to the lining of my sweats. 

I sucked in my bottom lip with a sigh as one of her hands pulled down my sweats as the other palmed me through my boxer-briefs. 

She knew just how to tease me, just how to make me always want more. I hated when she teased me and she knew it. It always ended with me teasing back, with me punishing her somehow, but im pretty sure that was what she wanted.

“Don’t tease me Jagi, unless you want to be teased back” I smiled my hand sliding into her shorts and panties, letting my fingers glide along her already soaked center. Her hand came off of me and her head fell back against the pillows.

I took my hand out and licked my fingers seductively before pulling off her shorts and panties. I then moved to her shirt, leaving her fully exposed to me. She bit her lip as I pulled my underwear off as well, my erection ready for her. 

“You sure you want to do this now? Isn’t this what got us here in the first place?” She asked and I laughed.

“Make love to you? Baby I always want to make love to you” I said before slowly pushing inside of her, making us both sigh out. 

I started to thrust slowly ,my head burying itself into her neck, my hands intertwining with hers. 

I loved the feeling of us becoming one, how the world melted away and it was just us and how we pleasured one another. 

“Faster” she moaned and I obeyed, my head coming from her neck to her collar bone my teeth leaving small bites that i knew would leave marks to show that she was mine. 

One if my hands left hers and reached down to rub her clit, making her hands leave mine and grasp the sheets and her breathing become faster as her high came closer and closer.

She screamed my name as she hit her high, her center pulsating around me as my own high grew closer. 

after a few more sloppy thrusts I reached my high, pulling out and laying next her her us both out of breath.

“I’m really scared Jae” She says as i pull her closer, kissing her forehead.
“whatever the outcome (y/n), I’m right here with you, I love you” I say pulling the hair out of her face, wiping the tears falling from her eyes. 

She sighed out before standing up and walking to the bathroom and up to the sink. 

The next few seconds felt like decades as i waited for her to tell me the news that would change the rest of our lives. 

She turned around holding the stick in her hands, her face void of any emotion. 

“(y/n)” my voice cracked unexpectedly as I sat up while she just stared into my eyes.  

“Jaebum” she said, taking a deep breath before turning the stick to me,

“Your going to be an Appa” She says, and all I could do was smile


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

tower; post-LR epilogue. Lightning comes to a bunch of realizations through a series of letters to a certain someone…

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Each Other

pairing: jikook

length: 4.3k, oneshot

genre: christmas au, fluff, established relationship, mentions of smut

rating: 16+

summary: Jimin and Jungkook have close to nothing, but at the same time, they have everything in this world.


It’s Jimin and Jungkook’s first Christmas together, they barely make rent, Jungkook apparently likes to name Christmas trees, but they make the most of it.

For: @confidenceatitsfinest, @jikookjikook, @krushed


Jimin glared angrily at the shower head, wondering that if he glared hard enough, water will magically rain down from the dormant spout. He reaches up in vain, pulling it from its clamp and shaking it hoping that the steady stream with start again. When that doesn’t work either, he huffs in frustration, putting the shower head back and stepping out the shower, despite still having suds stuck to his skin and shampoo in his hair.


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Perfect Boy

Reader x Kihyun
Genre: fluff, fluffy fluff
Summary: it’s your first time doing makeup for idols, and when Kihyun happens to be your first idol, you grow unexpected feelings.

A/N: oh my god the Kihyun feels!!!¡! He has always been my bias wrecker, so it didn’t help when my dash was flooded with HD pics of him with pink hair! I just… *makes inhuman noises* …. but sorry if this is random, I kinda just wrote out some stuff without thinking too much about it~

“Hey! You! Come over here right now.” You quickly turned around to see your instructor pointing at you. She was never really nice, but now she was a little overbearing. Maybe it was because we were dealing with an idol group, and not plastic models in the studio.
“Yes, ma'am.” You walked across the small waiting room toward her. Standing next to her was a cute boy with bright pink hair.
“Hello! My name is Kihyun,” he stuck out his hand, “and you must be the new makeup artist.”

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Women! what could you say? who made ‘em? God must have been genius. The hair. They say the hair is everything, you know. Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls and just wanted to go to sleep forever?.
Or lips, and when they touched yours were like that first swallow of wine after you just crossed the desert.
Tits! whoo-ah! Big ones ,little ones..nipples staring right out at ya like secret searchlights.
And legs, I don’t care if they’re greek columns or secondhand stienways. What’s between 'em…passport to heaven.
—   Al pacino