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Team same voice in fahc; so named because jack can do an almost perfect impression of ryan. At the beginning she was only doing it to mock him while he wasn't there but soon found it passed quite effectively (and could be used to scare the other crew members if they were getting on her nerves). Ryan's impression of jack is less impressive, it could still be convincing enough in an emergency though

Jack perfected it first, and while Jack seems like the most mature of the group and least likely to pull pranks, she absolutely loves using it to her advantage. When she first got her voice deep enough and mimicked the steady flow of Ryan’s voice, she realized it had a greater purpose than mocking him. One day, when Gavin was getting on her nerves being the obnoxious prick he is, Jack walked up behind him and growled, “Shut the fuck up before I break your jaw,” in a voice Ryan could have produced. Gavin, though not scared of Ryan much anymore, still knew better than to get him pissed and nearly jumped out of his skin, wailing apologies before he even turned around to see Jack. She loved it so much she started using it over comms to distract everyone, even Ryan himself, who had no idea what was happening at first.

Ryan can’t get his voice quite as high, but his is also eerily similar to Jack’s when he wants it to be. At first, it was all about payback for Jack stealing his voice, but it quickly became useful in a day to day basis. Though it may not replicate Jack’s exactly, it can definitely pass as a a woman. Its especially useful for luring baddies around corners or sweet talking them over phones. He can use it to scold the lads if he’s feeling playful, but if he tries it to much he ends up with a sore throat at a voice even deeper and scratchier than before.

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Not to mention Kit and Sophie had chemistry from the moment they first locked eyes, and a lot of people were sold on that ship within five minutes of them sharing screentime -- and romance wasn't even what they were going for there! It's quite a reach to claim K&E's lack of chemistry is because​ there wasn't enough build up for it.

Yeah, that’s the thing.  I mean, the ship definitely existed before the show did, but its hardcore following really started up in season 6.  Admittedly, I’ve heard thru the grapevine that D&D control a lot of the acting choices on the show, it’s not really one that gives actors a lot of freedom.  So it’s super possible that some misguided director or whatever was like “hmm this is how you portray normal sibling relationships” which like……… ok then.

But a lot of it is definitely owed to Kit and Sophie’s chemistry.  Which is great.  It’s not also the same kind of chemistry that Kit had with Rose (which came off less as this protective, soft sort of chemistry like what he has with Sophie and was much more playful, much more sexual, for obvious reasons I guess) and that again indicates that not only can he have chemistry with actresses, but that he can have chemistry that changes depending on who he’s playing off of.  Like, I’m not gonna say Kit is THE GREATEST ACTOR WHO EVER LIVED, but it kinda annoys me that people seem to blame the lack of chemistry on him.

And it’s really not Emilia’s fault either, tho she’s the weaker actor of the two imo.  She’s never had the like burning chemistry that Kit had with Rose and to a certain extent with Sophie, but she played well with Jason Momoa, even if their characters’ dynamic wasn’t a comfortable one.  She has chemistry with Iain, even if, again, it’s not a super comfortable chemistry.  Shit, I’m not gonna lie, I saw that Me Before You movie and she had chemistry with Sam Claflin.  (And also did a much better acting job in general.)  

Sometimes people just.. don’t have chemistry.  And if this wasn’t a relationship they were gonna sell as a huge crux of their story, it wouldn’t matter as much. But since it is…. yIKES man.

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I heard the story from a friend of mine and I need to sterek it and it's crazy stupid but hey your tipsy sooooo. So a guy got pantsed in a party by a drunk dude then the drunk dude told him that his underwear wasn't good enough to get it up because only batman can get it up. They hooked up eventually. That's my prompt to you. :P

Okay… not sure if I got this right because reading is a bit difficult right now- but here, my first semi-fluffy one-shot for the fandom:

(sorry it is very unedited and may be riddled with spelling/grammar mistakes and definitely written by someone who is quite intoxicated.

Liars, Frowns, and Batman

Derek had 58 different kinds of frowns.

Stiles knew that because he had catalogued all of them. He knew the difference between Derek’s ‘You keep trying to force the last bit of cheese cake on me’ frown and Derek’s ‘You keep putting yourself in the way of danger and I should be able to save you because I’m a werewolf’ frown.

Somehow, it had been three years now. And Derek and Stiles had been brought together by Scott and his True-Alpha-ness and so Stiles knew them all.

And there were 58. No more. No less.

That’s why all he could do was frown in confusion at Derek’s latest facial expression.

It was an uncategorized frown,

The Holy Grail as it were.

“What’s wrong?” Stiles asked, blinking in concern. He could only assume that the 59th frown was saving for horrendously dangerous emergencies. Perhaps Derek was dying.

Stiles’ frown deepened. He didn’t want Derek to die.

“Stiles,” Derek said and for a moment the frown shifted into one that was a bit more familiar. It was his ‘You are being stupid and I have to put up with you’ frown. It was the frown Stiles was most familiar with.

 He totally didn’t deserve it right now.


 “You just pulled down my pants,” Derek said and his face somehow flickered from a frown into a smile.

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Kili hummed softly, hands tangling in the thick curly hair of the man bedding her. He'd paid for quite awhile, and she could feel how tense he was, even after the first round. "There's no need to be so stiff." She cooed encouragingly. If she was good enough to calm him down, he might just come to see her again. He was one of her most handsome clients yet, and she wasn't eager to lose him. "Let me rub those heavy shoulders of yours, handsome. It'll be on the house."

“I-I…” Ori had so many reasons to be stressed. Tomorrow he could practically be marching to his death. Tomorrow he was to go off on a quest that could be a guaranteed suicide. And for once, he was just so scared and desperate for a comfort that he might never get. The woman he paid for the night was wonderful. She helped him and guided him through his first time and it was wonderful. But once it was over, his heavy thoughts had hit him again and he was frozen in bed. Her gentle hand was slowly calming him though as she touched his hair. This was lovely. He wished he had more time with her than just one night, he wished that he the courage to go to her sooner. “Thank you.” He whispered and allowed her to massage his giant shoulders. He was so stiff and stressed, but her touch was enough to make him melt and forget about tomorrow.