the first one was for ur

sol watches eyewitness

through the fourth commercial break 

that twitch of his face

i need her to stop handing him evidence tbfh 

i need him to stop existing too but i need helen to stop giving this creepy asshole evidence 

ryan. back the fuck off. get out of her life. stat. leave. go away. 

you did feel that way, but she was a child and you KILLED HER. 

this is so fucking nasty, he’s so fucking nasty i’m disgusted someone end me. 

or ryan. end ryan first so i can die knowing that he’s dead

this would be a cute convo if i didn’t know she was a BABY




honestly protect helen for admitting that 

i hate that they relate to one another. i’m fucking sick. 


also helen ur a cop be more aware


yes its me the cat that would like a tummy rub, im here to say i rlly love ur art so i made some art for u ;) i have three different pieces two of them has filters slapped on top of them,, the first one is the orginal one,,, enjoy italy trying to flirt w/ someone


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but while im thinkin about soft kisses and gentle hugs im gonna add to it.. i hope u dont mind 
- soft, closed mouth kisses when they first wake up to avoid morning breath kisses. quick kisses when no one’s looking while they’re out at dinner. kisses when yuuri’s taking a break at practice, and he has to pull back every few seconds to catch his breath because hard training + kissing victor = some major breathlessness. happy kisses at the kiss & cry when yuuri scores well on his sp or fs where they’re smiling to much for it to really count at a kiss.
- soft kisses with yuuri’s hands in victor’s hair and victor’s arms around yuuri’s waist. kisses when they’re tired so it’s more of them just pressing their lips together. lazy kisses in bed after a day of traveling when they’re jet lagged and stalling on unpacking. 
- when they get their own place, sharing kisses as they get ready in the morning. kisses when they’re making breakfast or dinner. kisses when they’re curled up on the couch watching tv. kisses to wake the other up when they doze off.
- gentle hugs the entire night after their reunion, curled up around each other and talking about whatever comes to mind. victor hugging yuuri while he’s trying to get over a hangover, pressing his face into yuuri’s shoulder or neck to block out the light (yuuri wishes it wasn’t so endearing). hugs when yuuri’s exhausted after a competition, his arm around victor’s waist to keep himself supported. warm hugs when it’s freezing out and they both have their hands under each other’s jacket. gentle hugs before a competition when yuuri’s nervous, holding each other loosely and comfortingly.

sorry this wasnt as long as i’d like to make it but its something at least!!

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10 for ur most recent ship? like, the one youve started shipping most recently

ha ha ha ha….. i started playing dragon age origins like last week and i’ve fallen completely in love with zevran my sweet assassin elf so this is some self indulgent MC/zevran kisses wow 

10. A shy kiss

Their first kiss takes place in the middle of a war; a war between men, a war against nature, a war against the darkspawn. It’s a hurried kiss, followed by countless more which leave them both breathless and dizzy. Then – without either of them remembering how they got there – they’re shielded by the privacy of their tents. Still hearing the sounds of their companions, they continue to indulge in one another until the fear of death leaves them. Kisses, there, turn into more.

Their following kisses are much the same. Hurried. Hard. Trying to show what they feel without making promises for the future. Kisses in the middle of the night, when the nightmares become too much. Kisses after a fight, when Zevran is reminded of his past.

It’s a hunger behind their lips which cannot be stopped.

It’s not until after, after it all, that they slow down. Their time alone become sparse, the time dragging out between them until Zevran needs to leave the Hero of Ferelden’s side. No kiss mark their separation, and Zevran is reminded some time later that he cannot remember the last time they shared one.

He returns, after his mission is done, back to Ferelden and a person he’s sure to have forgotten him. He walks into the Dalish camp his once lover had once come from. In the very back, near the halla, Zevran finds them.

“Ah,” he says, but doesn’t continue. The Hero turns around. Their eyes are wide with surprise – out of everyone, Zevran should know how a surprised expression look – but not unkind. Zevran revels in that, at least. Mayb—


Another ch—

But no. He shouldn’t ask the Hero of that.

Instead, he continues with a, “I missed you more than I thought, it seems,” as tears – tears? – well up in his eyes. The Hero walks towards him as he feels the raw emotions inside him burst. They’re crying too, Zevran remarks, tears flowing down their beautiful face.

“I thought you were dead,” they say, stopping but a feet away from him. “They told me you died.”

Zevran thinks through what could have happened since. Their life could have turned for the better without him there. They could have found someone to—

He takes the chance. “May I kiss you?” he asks, more quiet than he had intended.

The hero nods. It’s everything their first kiss wasn’t: soft, searching, shy. Zevran almost wishes this could’ve been their first kiss, away from all horrors and their threat against their happiness. It isn’t, Zevran can accept that, but he tucks away the comforting through that this, right now, this kiss could be their first kiss of their new life.

Together, for once, in both body and soul.

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god im still pissed that we didnt get to keep voljin fuck blizzard……sylv should have had more fuckin character development first or SOMETHING like she’s 100% my fuckin goddamn evil wife but being like “oh yeah lol the spirits told me in a vision that ur gonna be the next warchief and lead us to victory bye *dies*” is……..idk man not my thing……but maybe they were just really pushing for a ~big political upset~ or smth but no one likes her except like the undead and even then some of them are pissed cause theyre undead now

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As my late bias is Hoseok, I found there's a big lack of him on Tumblr. I kind of want him but not writing it myself. Sad smut, like he meets the widow of his bestfriend when he was a kid? Or such? I'm afraid to be too precise and kill ur imagination


Word Count: 1818

Genre: Smut/ Angst

It’s been two years since she passed. Two years exactly, but the wound still felt so fresh. Everything happened so suddenly; one day she was complaining about headaches and the next she was in the emergency room with the doctor telling her that she had terminal brain cancer and that it was just a matter of time.

At first Hoseok was angry. There was absolutely nothing he could do to help her. He couldn’t take the pain away. He couldn’t make the cancer go away, and that was what was eating him up. Even today, he couldn’t help but think that if he had seen the signs earlier that maybe they could’ve caught it in time, and she would still be here, fighting her battle. She would’ve stood a chance against the cancer. He was so torn up about his inability to help her that he had shut everyone out: his closest friends and his family. He thought it was better if he just wallowed in his sadness by himself because he felt utterly useless in the world without her.

Usually he could get through the days and even the nights, but that was because he kept himself busy and tried not to think about her, but today was different. There was nothing else to think about. Yes, it’s been two years, but today she deserved to be remembered. He wanted to remember all that she did, all that she was. He loved her dearly, and he still couldn’t believe that she was gone.

He sat alone in his bedroom, just staring blankly at the wall opposite him. The memories came and they went, as did his tears. He remembered when they first met; at the community baseball game and she kind of hit him in the gut with an off pitch. It was an unlikely start to a relationship, but he asked her out anyway.

Hoseok was in the middle of another wave of tears when he heard the doorbell. He tried to clean himself up as best he could, but then he remembered that he didn’t really care what anyone thought right now, so instead he just swung the door open. Eyes and nose red from crying and wiping. His hair a disheveled mess.  His sweats stained with said tears and nothing else because he couldn’t find it in himself to eat anything. The sight was pretty pathetic, but it’s not like he cared about what he looked like today.Today was about her.

“What are you doing here?” His tone was snappy and irritated that you had shown up on his doorstep after he specifically told you that he didn’t want to be bothered today.

“I wanted to check in on you.”

“Why? I told you that I wanted to be alone today. You know how it is.” Although his words were telling you to leave, to just turn around and act like you had never been concerned for him in the first place, his body stepped to the side and he let you in.

You moved silently towards the couch, not wanting to make your presence any more obvious to Hoseok than it already was. And you sat. You sat with your hands clasped between your knees and your gaze locked on the opposite wall.  “Hoseok,” you broke the silence, “I just didn’t want you to be alone today.”

“I know.” The air grew silent as he fell deeper into his own thoughts. And all you could think was, ‘is there really nothing I can do?’

“Hoseok, please just talk to me. It’s been two years and you haven’t made any improvement. I’m just so worried about you.”

“Don’t act like you know what it’s like to lose the one person you depend on the most.” He looked deep into your eyes, the tears welling. They looked heavy and you couldn’t help the way your heart clenched at the sight of his lips trembling with his sorrow.

“But I do. She was my best friend.We lived together for six years. You don’t think that she meant the world to me?” You didn’t know that talking about her like this was going to affect you so much, but it did, and soon you were crying just as hard as he was.

All of a sudden Hoseok was moving closer to you, sensing that maybe you needed some type of comfort. You looked as though you were about to cave in on yourself, and he felt mildly responsible, after all, he did imply that you didn’t care about her as much as he did. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.” He settled his hand on top of yours, easily sheltering the entire thing in his bigger one. “I know you cared deeply about her.”

“Hoseok, I miss her so much. I miss her so much it hurts.” You began to mumble, not even sure of what you were saying anymore, but you felt as though you were being listened to  as he stroked your hair, and held you close.

“I know, me too.” You looked up at him, your hand fisted in his shirt, and you had the uncontrollable urge to kiss his tears away. So you did; one by one, you made the never ending stream of tears disappear from his beautiful face. “W-what are you doing?”

“I don’t know.” Your voice fell to a soft whisper, unable to make anything else come out.

“Y/N.” He pulled your face away to look at you. He looked into your eyes, but he wasn’t sure what he was looking for. All he saw was sorrow, and loneliness, and something he couldn’t describe as anything less than beautiful. With your face firmly in place between his palms, he leaned in and kissed you. First, a soft peck, and then another, and another, until he couldn’t bring himself to pull away at all. Your mouths molded together and moved in sync, but the position was awkward.

He pulled you into his lap to straddle his hips, and guided yours as you rocked bath and forth over his clothed member. Breathing was getting heavier, heartbeats were getting faster,but you still managed to pull away and ask, “Do you want to stop?”

Hoseok took a moment to respond, but you were glad that he still had a working brain to think with, so when he said, “No,” it validated that he wanted this. And you were just about to put your lips back on his when he added something else. “But not here.” With that he cradled you closer and stood to go to the bedroom.

As he made his way down the hallway you locked your lips on his neck, leaving little love bites in your wake, but had to cease your actions when you felt yourself being lowered onto the mattress, and so you released your hold on his neck and let him step back to remove his shirt. He then reached to grab something out of the nightstand, which you recognized as a condom.

No looks were exchanged as you let him undress you, nor were any words. But when Hoseok began to roll on the condom, he broke the silence. “Y/N, please don’t take this the wrong way but, I don’t think I can look at your face while we do this. It’s just that you’re the first person I‘ve been with since she died, and-”

“I understand.” So you turned around offering him your ass, and gasping when you felt him at your entrance. You wanted this. You weren’t sure if any actual feelings were involved, all you knew was that you were willing, especially if it was going to make Hoseok feel any better.

He finally pushed into you completely, filling you, stretching you, and the angle was perfect; you knew you weren’t going to last long, but maybe that was also just because your sex life had been bone-dry for the last four months. Whatever the case, you were enjoying this.

The air was filled with the smell of sex and the sounds of your ragged breathing, making you all the more aroused, and clouding your thoughts. There was nothing that you had on your mind other than Hoseok’s hard body pounding into you from behind. You could feel the drops of his sweat, or maybe they were tears,falling from his chin and hitting the small of your back. It was something that you never knew you would enjoy, but as they fell with every thrust, you felt yourself coming undone just a little bit more. “Hoseok, I’m close.” You felt Hoseok grip your hips just a little tighter in response, before removing his right hand to make contact with your neglected bud. It was almost instantaneous; the moment his slim fingers touched the bundle of nerves, your legs began to shake, and your breathing came out in high pitched gasps. Your hands desperately needed something to grab onto, and you found yourself digging your nails into Hoseok’s left hand while your right gripped the sheets. It was all you could do to not collapse because your knees had grown so weak, but somehow you managed to keep yourself upright long enough for you to feel him begin to lose rhythm. His hips growing slower, but not losing power, and with one more vigorous thrust of his hips, Hoseok was sending your body into some sort of shock. You began to shake and convulse as your climax took over.

You heard soft grunts from behind you as he was chasing his. You didn’t know if he was trying to hold out or what his plan was, but you just wanted him to feel some sort of pleasure after all that he put himself through, so you began to coax the orgasm out of him. Squeezing your walls around him, and praising yourself slightly as you felt him shudder within you. You let out a sigh of relief as you felt him relax behind you, finally pulling out, but you also felt a pang in your heart as you heard him whisper her name. You weren’t sure what more you expected from him. He was still mourning her, and that wasn’t going to simply change because he had sex with someone. But you had still hoped that it would help him to move on a bit faster.

After he had said her name with so much emotion in his voice, you took it upon yourself to to leave. You didn’t say anything as he lay there with his eyes closed, and you couldn’t imagine what he was thinking, but you didn’t doubt that he was thinking about her: the only person that he could love as deeply as he did before she was taken from him, and he didn’t get to say goodbye.

okay so its 4am and i just got woken up after getting 2 hours of sleep but hear me out. you know those fics people used to write like 5 years ago where its like five times this thing happened and one time it happened differently? well what about one of those fics but with jesse trying to cuddle people. because jesse just really likes cuddles, platonic, romantic, whatever. the first time he tries to cuddle with badger when they high on weed and as soon as badger comes down from the high a bit he gets up like dude no homo. then jesse tries to cuddle with walt during 4 days out and in the morning walt treats him all brusquely about it. next he’s sitting in the back of mike’s car and he kinda leans into him and mike wants so much to be fatherly to jesse, to just let him have this, but he can’t, so he lets out a world-weary sigh and tells jesse they gotta get back to work. but then one time jesse tries to cuddle with saul and he’s all ready to face embarrassment and rejection again but saul cuddles him back and aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

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Hey I really loved step brother and island escape and since I'm a soft smut reader those are like my favourite smuts of all time and I was wondering if you'd be able to write another series like them cause ur basically my fav writer of smut - THANKS ✌🏼️💖

Thank yeww. 🙈💕 I’m not sure what my next series will be. (I have a few ideas in mind though) but I do have a soft Jaebum smut request that I have to finish soon! It’s a first time one so it’ll be all fluffy and romantic haha. 😍

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OC Codex: Ure-- 14

OC Codex Prompts

14. your OC talking about your favorite quest 

Well, she’s like two and is mostly non-verbal and this is original fiction not dragon age sooo….

The first time Ure left the castle ground of her home, she was two years old and it was for an adventure.

Although perturbed by the deviation from her normal morning in the nursery, she quickly fell asleep, lulled by the monotonous rocking of the carriage. The trip continued on in a state of irritated distress as everyone around her talked too loudly and too quickly. They held onto her, pulling her back from the window and repositioning her every so often, that was too often for her taste.

On one lucky day, she stood on bench next to her mother’s seat, hands held out to the window to stabilize herself, and she saw them.

The Cows.

They dotted the green fields, black and brown and reddish dots spread out as far as she could see.

if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.

who else gets ashamed when reading posts on tumblr where it’s like, first few ppl agree on one opinion so ur like “ok yea”. then someone points out how wrong they are and bad for thinking that and ur like, “oh shit…. that’s totally true….. what have i done……” bc u inherently agree with ppl and struggle to form ur own opinions


C O S M O S ; ‘We are all made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.’

A mix inspired by the wonder and tranquility of gazing upon stars. For intimate silences that last long into the night, tracing patterns in a glitter-filled sky. (for kristin). | listen

i still cannot believe they cut out “there’s no need to call me ‘sir’ professor” like…. everyone in the gryffindor class got that tattooed on them….. ron weasley literally had it put on his gravestone……. dean thomas literally almost made that entire phrase his first born’s middle name………. and ur just not going to put in the movie???