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undertale fic prompt #209

Undyne becomes the first monster to join the police force on the surface. After a few incidents between humans and monsters, magic-free zones are employed in certain areas. A situation occurs where a monster unknowingly breaks this law. When Undyne finds out it’s one of her friends she is faced with the difficult decision of whether to arrest them. 

I’ve had my en account for almost 10 months, and even if I’ve been lucky often, I have never scouted any multiple sr or ur&sr-scouts - and my best girl (rin) never comes home either. Covered my eyes, opened them when the first envelope opened, I was already very happy about the srs and BAM. One of my dreams URs of my BEST FREAKING GIRL appeared and I almost cried ;___;

Seventeen at a Sleepover

S.Coups: trying to get everyone to play ice breakers

Jeonghan: first one to sleep bc he needs his beauty sleep

Mingyu/Wonwoo: locked in another room and are probably kissing

DK/Seungkwan/Hoshi: PILLOW FIGHT !!!

Jun: wants to get everyone to play 7 min in heaven but ofc no one plays

Vernon: doing crazy stuff like jumping out a window

Woozi: was invited but didn’t come

The8: trying to stop Jun “(in mandarin) hyung ur embarrassing pls stop”

Joshua: trying to stop people from doing stupid stuff

Dino: not invited bc he’s a baby and this is a grownup sleepover

Disabling my imvu account

Am leaving imvu disabling my account an tired of men and woman on there everybody want to be ur friend but when u ready to step there not fuck Inc and fuvk everybody am done the last time my feelings get step on . I have my feeling to some one just handed to him and I shouldn’t but I was feeling him and shouldn’t have but I have my mind up am done with imvu I can’t anymore I got one good true person in my life she became my rl friend for 4yrs and that’s the person I first fuck love fuck feeling fuck a man and a bitchies it’s me tell u fucking die


I did my first run of Weeping City today! It was a lot easier then expected only one wipe on Ozma! I feel like I’ve finally regained my confidence in healing again. I also finally decided on my first relic Deneb since I it looks p cool and flashy. I’m pretty proud of myself.

I forgot to say thanks to @flamingbarahearts for allowing me to drag them into it and helping me with good ol’ advice. 


This week I was blessed with another lot of lucky scouts on JP…dunno why I still bother with EN as I have terrible luck there…😒

With the 2 starter pack SSR guaranteed tickets (I’m saving the 10+1s for the upcoming set), I was expecting to get just the SSRs but lo and behold…both were URs! Little Devil Nico was a welcomed addition as I spent 150 gems trying to get her but couldn’t, but she’s home now 😀

When the Printemps box showed up I had to scout because Wedding Honoka is one of my dream URs…and I got her on my first try! 😁 I scouted again but I had that SSR Hanayo idolized already, so I sacrificed her earning my 5th SSR seal to idolize Pool Honoka ❤❤❤

Mob Psycho 100 is so good tho… I love how the tone flicks from being serious to having very silly visual gags and things (very ONE… lol). Like that scene where Mob was like “that wasn’t ur brotherrrr…..’’ about his psychic episode as a kid, and then it immediately cuts to him having caught a cold + being all mopey? The tone of the show makes it so it’s hard to tell what’s actually hints at Mob having hellish psychic powers somewhere inside, and what’s just the poor kid feeling typical middle-school angst. (at least in the first bit lol). Is a silly bit coming next, or suspense? who knows?! I love it.

if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.


C O S M O S ; ‘We are all made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.’

A mix inspired by the wonder and tranquility of gazing upon stars. For intimate silences that last long into the night, tracing patterns in a glitter-filled sky. (for kristin). | listen