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Too perfect for each other

Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Draco Malfoy was your best friend since your first year. No matter if it came to studying together, cheer up each other, mocking and laughing on other people, or stand up for each other, you always be there for him and he always be there for you. Your relationship was never more than friendship, but you always had those little inside jokes, like “You’ll always be mine”, or “One day when we’ll get married…” but those weren’t serious. 

But Draco Malfoy was your crush since your first year aswell. Even if you knew each other better than yourselves, somehow he never noticed you wanted more than just being his friend. But this was your sixth year, and you understood you can’t wait for him forever; if he only wants to be your friend, then be it. 

This is how you started dating with Theodor Nott. What was Draco’s opinion of this, you didn’t know - he simply ignored to speak about him with you completely. 

Theo was nice with you at the beginning, but very soon, he wanted to your relationship became more physical. But you didn’t want to hurry, you wanted to know him better before you may do something that you’ll regret later. After two months, the little sparks started to fading as he became a complete impatient child.

You stood up in front of the Transfiguration classroom with Theo by your side. He rested his hand on your hips, but as you chatting with Blaise and Draco (who rather was silent), his hand wandered down to your bum. You gave him an annoyed look and wiped away his hand.

“What? I can’t touch my girlfriend?” - he asked almost offened.

“Not there and not in front of everyone.” - you said simply.

Theo frowned; he clearly didn’t like this attitude, and placed back his hand on your butt like nothing happened. You took a step forward.

“Will you stop act like I’m your property?!”

People around you glanced at your direction, but as McGonagall opened the door, they’re started going inside.

“You’re my girlfriend!”

“If you think the two things are the same, you’ll better leave me alone.” And you left him before he could say anything. There was one empty seat next to Draco and Blaise, and since you didn’t want to sit next to your boyfriend now, you took your place next to the blond boy. You just sat down when Pansy stood next to you.

“Excuse me, that’s my spot.”

You looked down to the desk like you were searching for something. “Excuse me, I didn’t see your name here. Find an another seat, there are plenty of there.” You heard as Blaise suppressed a giggle, and before Pansy could say anything, McGonagall spoke.

“Miss Parkinson, do you need a special assistance for finding a seat? The class is already started, you see.”

She gave you a last, angry look, but you just smiled at her.

“Finally.” - Draco whispered to you.


“Finally somebody stood againts her. I swear she’s walking around here like she’s own this fucking place.”

“Like you?” - you asked with a little smirk. First he looked offened, but then his face expressions became more playful.

“And like you. You can have that position, princess, not her.” You let out a friendly smile at him; since you were with Theo, he didn’t call you princess.

At the class you practiced nonverbal spells, and Theo accidentally blown up his cup. 

“Be careful Nott, you almost blow up Granger in front of you. Just almost, pity.” - you both laughed, and Theo clearly didn’t like that. But now, you didn’t even care. 

As you left the classroom, Theo rushed out and bumped into you so hard you dropped your bag and almost fell down, but he didn’t even bother to look back at you. 

“Hey!” - Draco shouted after him, but he already disappeared in a corner. “Are you okay?” - he asked with an angry face. 

“Yes.” - you said while Draco handed your bag to you. “Arsehole.”

You avoided him at the rest of the day, but now you were sure: you’ll break up with him today. 

But after dinner, you couldn’t find him anywhere. You sat down next to Draco in a leather couch and rested your head on his shoulder. He embraced you by your waist.

“Your boyfriend wouldn’t be happy if he see us like this.” - he said with an amused voice. He didn’t care what Theo would think.

“He would be my ex if I could find him earlier. Any idea where is he?” - you sighed.

He leaned back to so he can saw your face. “You want to break up with him?”

“And I will. I won’t let anyone to treat my like this.”

“Finally. I wondered when will you come back to your senses.”

“Draco, if you hate him, why didn’t you tell me earlier? You didn’t spoke about him with me at all.”

“I don’t hate him. But… you deserve better.”

“Like you?” - you asked him second time on that day. 

“Come on. We’re too perfect for each other.” -he smirked and you rolled your eyes on him. 

You didn’t find Theo at this evening, but soon you found out where he was hiding: next morning at the toilet you overheard a conversation between some fifth year girls, one of them clearly described your boyfriend apperance on her bed. 

Full of anger, you went back to the common room - it was saturday morning and a lot of people were outside, but some of them was in there, including Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Daphne and of course, Theo. 

“Oh, hello love.” - he greeted you. You cocked your eyebrows and sat in front of him at the table. 

“Hello, love.” - you said your last word like it was some disgusting taste in your mouth. “Care to tell me where did you spend your last night?” 

“In my bed?” - he said easily.

Your friends came closer to you. “Oh, please. I know you cheated on me with some fifth year slut.” You glanced at Draco and you saw his face expressions darkened. Theo remained in silent; you could tell he was thinking about what he should say. 

“At least you don’t even deny. But I thought I deserved better than this.” - you said in a low voice as you stood up. He followed.

“Just because she let me in her bed it doesn’t make her a slut. You should’ve done the same and we didn’t end up like this.” - he said, and you so taken aback you were speechless, until Draco stood between you. 

“Watch your mouth, Nott.” 

But he just snorted and looked back at you. “Oh, of course, I almost forget about this.” - he pointed at Draco and then back at you. “You can keep her mate, but don’t expect much.” And before Draco could say back anything, you already pointed your wand at him, and yelled “Tentaclifors!”, so in the next moment, there were a tentacle where Theo’s head should’ve been. Everybody laughed while he bumped into everything as tried to excit the common room. 

“Such a shame I don’t know the countercurse.” 

You stepped closer to Draco and whispered him. “Actually, I do.”

“Wanna go out from here?” He asked and you nodded, knowing where he wanted to go. There was an old, empty classroom what haven’t been used in decades, probably. You always go there if you wanted to be a little bit alone. 

“Are you feeling all right?” - he asked in a concern in his voice when you arrived to the room. 

“Sure. He is a wanker, I don’t care.”

“You know, after all this time, you can still surprise me. You have this nice, innocent face with your big eyes makes you so cute, but you’re the most badass girl I’ve ever met.” - he smirked, and you rolled your eyes with a smile but stepped closer to him, grabbed his collar and kissed him fiercely. He kissed you back and wrapped his hands around your waist, but pulled back slightly after a minute to catch his breath.

“And still surprising me.” 

“Draco, I have a crush on you since forever. If you said you didn’t notice you’re an idiot.”

“I’m not at idiot.” - he snorted. 

“Yes, you are.” - you said as there were still just a few inches between you. 

“Shut up.” - he smiled. 

“Make me.” 

And this time he kissed you with a lot of passion; his lips was soft and his tounge was gentle but full of desire. He pulled you as close as he could to himself while he held you by your waist, your bodies now completely pressed to each other’s. You run your fingers in his silk blond hair. You two were completely melted in each other before he pulled back, and placed two more little wet kiss on your lips. 

You were speechless as the kiss ended; you waited for this for so long, and it felt just perfect. You felt your head was hot and red.

“I think I made you.” - he smirked. 

“You can make me more often.” 

He smiled at you and kissed your forehead before hugged you tightly.


Christmas Prompt: Punch

Yay it’s almost Christmas!!!! May I request one for Jamie Reyes❤️ first Christmas together. They’re invited to the Christmas party at the manor. No one knew Jamie had a girlfriend, just Bart. Everyone was surprised when they saw them together. Can you make it all fluffy maybe a little bit sin but like not a lot just them getting heated in the moment. The reader was very shy so when they ended up standing under a mistletoe the YJ members noticed and cheered them to kiss. I hope I make sense 😂💙

Pairing Reader x Jaime Reyes


“Jaime stop.” You gasped with a giggle as he started kissing down your neck.”
“Yeah okay.” He sighed but a small smirk played on his lips “tonight,si?”
“Me encantaría (i’d love to) - just not with your friends around”
“But i just want to have it just you and me.”
“Just one hour you said, and it’s been 10 minutes.” You reminded him with a small kiss and he groaned
“Lo sé (i know).  Meet here again in 15 minutes?” He chuckled and put his hand onto the handle.
“If you get the potato salad, i’ll grab the cocktail sausages.”
“I’ll bring some punch too.” You giggled and waited a few minutes to leave after him.

Zipping between the members you shied away from the friendly faces, and went straight for the food table. You spotted another member talking to Jaime before he caught your eye and started going for the food table too.

As you both perused the food platter offered, you eventually met up at the punch bowl. His shoulder bumped yours and you suddenly heard wolf whistling behind you.

Loud coughing came from the girl you were told to call Artemis and you looked at Jaime with a confused look.
“Just kiss already.” You heard his best friend call out and you spotted the mistletoe hanging about the punch bowl.

He nodded at you seeking confirmation and you chuckled and leant in.
His lips landed softly on yours and cheers erupted around you, causing you to pull away quickly.
“You’d make such a cute couple.” M’gann giggled and you blushed.
“I’m glad we still do, it’s only been a year.” He nodded in agreement as he held you close.

“Hello M’gann!” The martian giggled “I was surprised to see you walk in with someone other than Impulse latched on your arm.

“Should i be worried?” You asked her with new found bravery
“You might find friendfiction of you is all.” She laughed



Prompt 24. Having your first kiss with Eric on New Year’s Eve.

For: @murmelche

You’re standing with your group of friends at a New Year’s party, you all raise your shots glasses and let out loud cheer before downing them.

“Five minutes!” Will calls, looking down at his watch.

Christina leans against him, clearly drunk, “We have time for one more dance before the new year begins!”

Someone turns up the music, playing the last slow song of the year, all the couples gather in the middle of the floor, while you sit down by the bar and sip another drink.

“I’m guessing you have no one to dance with,” You turn your head and see Eric sitting in the seat next to you.

“No shit,” You roll your eyes.

“I’d offer, but you attitude is making me think otherwise,” He says nonchalantly, you liked Eric, but he sure was an ass sometimes.

“I don’t need your courtesy asshole,” You say, downing the drink in your hand, just as the song ends.

A minute later, the countdown begins, and Eric laughs at you as you join in, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

Suddenly you’re overcome with a strange spontaneous urge, maybe it’s adrenaline or maybe it’s the alcohol, but you suddenly lean in and kiss Eric. For once, Eric is taken by surprise, but it doesn’t take long for him to regain his composure and he kisses back, pulling you into his lap and placing his hands on your waist.

You finally pull away, feeling breathless, “Well this is going to be an interesting year.”

“It sure is,” He winks, “Happy New Years Y/N.”  

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Okay this is my First Leo x Reader story so i hope you like it.
Important Info.
There is 8 in the Prophecy and you are one of it
You are a daughter of Poseidon
Leo has come back with Calypso but she only want Percy and Tried to break up Percabeth.
Summary: you try to cheer Leo up after Calypso breaks his heart.
okay on to the story

“Oh come on Leo you need to get out of here and out of this funk,” you say standing in front of Leo holding up your trusty camera filming every moment of the conversation, as he sulks in Bunker 9.
“How can I (Y/N), I risked everything for Calypso and as soon as we get back she drops me like a new born giraffe, and then tries to tear apart the two people who need each other the most. How could you possibly know how it feels to love someone and then have them want somebody else?” Leo asked covering his eyes with his arm.
You wanted to tell him that you know exactly what that feels like, to watch the person who holds your heart want another, to feel the heart ache as you watch them chase another. But instead you reply, “ Did you seriously just quote Tarzan?”
Leo chuckled lifting his arm away from his eyes sitting up, “And what if I did? What are you going to do about it?”
“Oh nothing just put this video up on my YouTube channel,” and with that you took off running out of the bunker and towards the camp. Leo chased after you yelling about how you can’t do that and how he was going to get you. Leo had almost caught up to you when you spotted your salvation, your big brother Percy, “Percy save me!” you yelled getting said brother’s attention. He turned around raising his sword ready for a fight until he saw that you were just running away from Leo. He turned his weapon back into a pen chuckling all the while. “Don’t laugh this is a serious matter! He’s after my camera!”
You felt two arms wrap around your waist and the next thing you know you’re hanging off Leo’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
“You’re to late Jackson, for now your precious little sister is in my possession, Leo Valdez Bad Boy Supreme!” Leo yelled doing a fake evil laugh.
You spot Annabeth close by, “Annabeth catch,” you yelled and you fling your camera in her direction. Lucky for you Annabeth has awesome reflexes and caught your camera before it hit the ground. “I don’t have the camera any more Mr. Bad Boy Supreme so put me down!” you yelled playfully hitting Leo’s back.
“Who said I wanted the camera?” Leo smirked repositioning you on his shoulder.
“Leo put me down!” you laughed.
“Never!” Leo yelled facing Percy again.
“If you want your sister back you’ll have to come and get her,” Leo smirked at the son of Poseidon.
“Don’t worry (Y/N)! I’ll save you from the Bad Boy Supreme,” Percy laughed charging you two. Leo ran away from him. This lasted for hours, with Leo keeping you away from Percy. Soon the 8, Nico, and Will got involved in this weird game of capture, only ending when you guys couldn’t move a single step.

Newly Weds- Nightcrawler x Reader

Request: Would you mind writing a one shot for Alan Cummings version of nightcrawler please? Could the relationship status be newly weds? And the idea I was thinking was it’s the wedding reception and the first dance and all the x-men are there cheering.

Kurt looked at you, standing in your long white dress, smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. He knew when he met you, as cheesy as it was, that you were the one, it was something he was sure of, and now he was married to you and would get to wake up to that beautiful smile he loved every morning and bring you burnt toast in bed because he was a horrible cook, but you loved it, you loved him. He would be able to hug you the moment he came through the door after a long day and spend weekend nights on the couch marathoning movies. The future had never been better, never seemed more exciting than it did in this moment. But all of those things were to come and now, now he had the chance to dance with you, on the night of your wedding, spinning your across the floor in your incredible dress to the beat of the music and the present X-Men’s cheers (of course he had invited the entire team to his wedding).

He had one hand gently guiding your waist and the other holding your hand. Your moved together across the floor excitedly, practically jumping to the music, it wasn’t a slow song that led most wedding dances but an upbeat one that added even more positive energy to the room than already present, it was perfect. He couldn’t help the wide grin on his face and only wished the moment would never end.




I pressed my lips up quietly to Cisco’s as the priests final words hung out in the chapel. His arms were tight around me as I pulled away, tears falling from my eyes.

Everyone was standing to their feet, clapping, some cheering. Cisco moved down to wrap one of his arms under my legs, and I just giggled. He was having trouble with my dress. I pushed the extra fabric away, and he was finally able to lift me into his arms.  

“Finally. I am so happy your finally mine Leia.” Cisco whispered into my ear as he carried me back down the isle.

“I know.” I whispered back, earning a grin from my new husband. He carried me into the reception hall, everyone following him. 

Cisco put me down in the middle of the dance floor, before running over to the DJ and saying something I couldn’t hear to him. As soon as the guitar riff came on, my hands were on my mouth and I was bouncing on my heels. 

Cisco ran back over, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him. 

“Come to me my sweetest friend.
Can you feel my heart again.
I’ll take you back where you belong.
And this will be our favorite song.
Come to me with secrets bare.
I’ll love you more so don’t be scared.
And when we’re old and near the end.
We’ll go home and start again.”

Tears spilled from my eyes as Cisco and I swayed on the dance floor, Cisco occasionally spinning me. As the song came to a close, I had my hands in Cisco’s hair, and he knelt his head down to whisper into my ear.

“I love you more than you could ever comprehend (Y/N) Ramon. That is a fact, and a promise.”

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Headcannons on what would make tsukishima, nishinoya, kuroo, akaashi, iwazumi & kageyama blush? >\\\\\\\\<

((Cuties alert! This was really fun to write because I had the opportunity to analyze the characters a bit~



  • The first time Tsukki finds himself blushing is when his s/o begins cheering for him during a volleyball game. From the stands his s/o will see him glaring at them as a plead for them to stop cheering. It’s not that he finds it annoying, he’s just embarrassed that you would cheer for him so loudly in front of so many people. There will also be the endless taunts he would receive from his second-year senpais whilst on the court.
  • One time while he and his s/o were hugging one another, his s/o stared up at him and said “I love your height.” Tsukki had to hug them tighter so his s/o wouldn’t catch the glimpse of his reddening face.
  • It seems his s/o has a thing for embarrassing him in public because there was a time when his s/o called him “Honey” while in public, and Tsukishima just couldn’t stop the blush from spreading, especially since people stared at the couple, surprised at the fact that Tsukishima was alright with the use of pet names.


  • His s/o genuinely complimenting his skills as a libero brings a blush to form on his face. Noya likes it when his s/o acknowledges his hard work but he will act super shy because “wow the bae thinks i’m super cool!”
  • The first time he sees his s/o dressing formally will bring both a smile and blush on his face. He will proceed to tell them he looks great, but the blush won’t leave his face. There’s also the fact that he keeps staring at his s/o, so he will blush when they notice.
  • There was a time when Nishinoya almost fainted, and it was all because his s/o gave him a congratulatory kiss on the lips after a game. Don’t worry, he’s use to it now.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Kuroo would be a blushing mess at the start of the relationship because omg he’s dating a really cute person! How do u talk to cute people???
  • The first time Kuroo received a gift from his s/o he couldn’t stop the red tint from emerging on his face. His s/o had caught him off guard and did something so generous, he just couldn’t help it.
  • Basically just do something that catches Kuroo off guard and this boy will turn red. Be warned, there are times when he will retaliate and his s/o will be as equally red soon.


  • Okay so compliments from other people doesn’t really affect him but when his s/o compliments him, that’s a whole other story. His s/o will tell him he’s really handsome or that he has pretty eyes, and Akaashi will be momentarily embarrassed because wow, he didn’t expect his s/o to say that so suddenly.
  • Akaashi is embarrassed when he’s caught staring at his s/o. He can’t help it though. They look so peaceful reading. He loves watching them work because they have this little crease in their brow, and it’s adorable.
  • Most of the things that would make him blush are all regarding his s/o because this boy is head-over-heels for them and why are they so perfect???


  • Public PDA always makes him blush. There was a time his s/o attempted to hold his hand and Iwaizumi wouldn’t chill. “What are you doing?” he says although internally his so giddy because he finally gets to hold his s/o’s hand!
  • Actually sometimes PDA in private makes him blush, especially if his s/o is acting super cuddly one day. It’s so adorable that he can’t himself from enjoying their touch.
  • Do not refer to him by using any of the pet names you two share in public. This boy will not stop blushing. Of course if you do want to see him blush, feel free to do so!


  • What doesn’t make Kageyama blush? This boy is super awkward and meek at times so it’s super easy to make him blush.
  • Seriously, his s/o can briefly hold his hand and he will become red in .00005 seconds. He isn’t accustomed to physical touches plus he isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do with a significant other. Why are there no instructions? How does one treat a s/o? Do you have to feed it?
  • In all seriousness, Kageyama genuinely feels happy when his s/o is telling him how great he’s doing at volleyball and that he has been improving ever since his Kitagawa Daiichi days. Although he’s happy to hear that, he will be blushing.
Sebastian Stan Request

Hey!! Could you please write a Sebastian Stan x reader where their son takes his first steps (but like, it was unexpected cuz they weren’t helping him in the moment or anything) please?? I live your imagines, they always make my day!! 💞

“There you go, bud, good job,” Sebastian cheered at his son. He was holding your son’s hands and standing over him and he held him up trying to get him to walk. “Come on Nate,” you encouraged your son from your spot on the floor.

“He’s still not feeling it,” Sebastian said as he plopped him on the floor in front of his toys.

“He’ll get the hang of it soon babe,” you reassured him. “Don’t worry. Want to look in the cabinet for a movie to watch tonight?”

“Sure. Let’s see what we got.” You put a pillow on the side of Nate as he played with his toys and walked ten feet away to the movie cabinet with Sebastian. “Blades of Glory?”

“Nah,” you said. “The A-Team?”

“Not tonight.” You two were bent over looking in the cabinet when you heard a heavy step behind you. You turned and saw Nate walking towards you and his dad.

“Sebastian! Look!”

A smile overcame his face. “Way to go buddy!”

Still bent over you extended your arms towards the walking baby. “Come on baby! You can do it,” you couldn’t help but smile. When he reached your arms you swiftly picked him up and stood up.

“That’s my boy,” Sebastian said proudly as he shook your son’s hands. “I guess he didn’t want us to watch, huh,” he laughed.

You gave him a little poke in his side with your elbow, “I guess he’s stubborn like his Daddy.”

ocktotheword  asked:

Can I get a ship? I'm 5'3" with long wavy/curly burgundy hair that goes to the small of my back, fair skin and blue/grey eyes. I'm a gemini sun, scorpio moon w/ leo venus & scorpio dominant (if those help), Slytherin and an introvert. I'm a very compassionate person, but I go into protective mode if someone is being treated unfairly (i rarely stick up for myself the same tho). I am always listening to music and took advanced classes in hs. I also did cheer (6years) and went to London for it! (:

In first place is Tsuna.  Really that compassionate side and willingness to stick up for someone who needs it is what’s going to catch Vongola Decimo’s eye here.  There are a lot of traits that he would like in a relationship, the one he demands is compassion.  He needs to know that the person who’ll stand beside him will support him as he leads the Vongola family to a new path.  He’ll encourage you to stick up for yourself, but even if you don’t, he’ll always be there, ready to absolutely ruin anyone who dares treat you with anything less than respect.  (That Slytherin side is also going to help when you deal with being the spouse to the Vongola Decimo and are having to deal with all that entails.)

Runner-Up: Kikyo - you’ll do well pretty much anywhere, honestly, but you are suited to staying somewhat higher up in the ranks.  There, you’ll have influence over those around you, and it’s obvious to all that deal with you that you bring that compassionate, that more humane, side out of the people you associate with.  

Not So Bad

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count:
Fluff, Child Jackson, POV Derek

Read on AO3

For @sterekwriters​ Summer Bingo prompt: Baseball

Derek smiles as one of his kids touches home base and receives high-fives from the rest of the team. This is one of his favourite parts of coaching Little League: the excitement when a game goes their way. Those little faces light up with a joy that only kids seem to be able to feel.

One of his favourite things about this team in particular is in the stands, watching the game right now: Stiles Stilinski, an Emergency Room doctor at Beacon Hills memorial, with golden brown eyes and pale skin he never protects with sunscreen, and Jackson’s dad. Stiles always shows up with a shirt with Jackson’s name and number on it. He always cheers the loudest, and once in a while even brings a foam finger.

At first, Derek was a little put off by the Stiles loudness, because Stiles isn’t just loud, he’s loud. Then he saw Jackson’s embarrassed, but happy, smile every time he looked at his dad in the stands, Derek couldn’t help a smile of his own. Now, he can’t imagine a game without Stiles’ overly loud cheering and attempts to start the wave anymore.

‘Alright, Jackson. You’re up to bat,’ Derek says, directing the boy to the plate.

Right on queue Stiles yells, ‘Go Jackson! That’s my son!’

Derek looks to the stands to see Stiles standing up, both arms in the air. There’s a huge grin on Stiles’ face, making his eyes sparkle bright gold in the summer sun. Stiles must’ve felt his gaze, because he turns his head to look Derek straight in the eye.

Derek’s breath catches in his throat when that wide grin is turned on him. He can’t look away, caught in the beam of Stiles’ radiant smile.

Stiles’ smile falters and his eyes go wide in shock.

‘Derek, look out!’ Stiles yells.

Derek turns to see what Stiles is pointing at, but it’s too late. The bat that must have slipped from Jackson’s hands smashes into the side of his face. He blinks away the tears and the black spots in his vision. Fuck that hurt. He moves his hand to probe the spot by his temple where the bat connected, but his hand is pulled down. He looks up, right into Stiles’ concerned face.

‘Are you feeling dizzy?’ Stiles asks, grabbing Derek’s chin, turning his head so he can check the point of impact.

Derek shakes his head. He’s too stunned by the feeling Stiles’ fingers carefully and tenderly touching his face, to formulate a response.

‘Blurred vision? Nausea? Headache?’ Stiles continues.

Derek shakes his head again.

‘Can you move your jaw?’

Derek dutifully open and closes his mouth.

‘Well, aside from a whopper of a bruise, you should be fine,’ Stiles says, his concern turned to relief. ‘I do recommend putting some ice on that.’

‘Coach Derek?’ a small voice says.

Derek turns to find Jackson, head down, baseball cap in his hands, standing behind him. Derek goes to his knees so he look Jackson in the eye.

‘I’m sorry,’ Jackson continues.

Now that he’s at eye-level, Derek can see Jackson’s eyes are shining from tears. He grabs the boy’s shoulder and squeezes lightly in reassurance.

‘I’m fine, buddy. Your dad already cleared me medically.’

Jackson looks up at his dad. Derek can feel the warmth radiating of Stiles’ skin as Stiles crouches beside him.

‘He’s gonna be fine, Jacks. Nothing permanent. Just a bruise,’ Stiles assures him. He rubs a hand through Jackson’s short blond hair.

Jackson huffs irritably, straightens his hair, then puts his cap back on.

‘I’ll make it up to you, Coach Derek,’ the boy nods solemnly, then is off before Derek can tell him he doesn’t need to.

The rest of the game continues without incident. If you don’t include the incident where they won. The parents are trying to figure out carpooling for the celebratory pizza when Jackson comes running up to him, Stiles in tow.

‘I figured out how to make it up to you,’ Jackson says. He’s smiling, in the way that eleven year-olds do when they know something you don’t.

‘Jackson, that really isn’t necessary,’ Derek quickly says. He looks to Stiles for support, but he just shrugs, silently conveying “he’s eleven, he’s stubborn, there’s nothing I can do”.

‘When I get hurt dad always insists on kissing it better. Says his kisses are magical,’ Jackson continues.

Derek flushes, having a horrible feeling of where this is going.

‘So, if my dad’s kisses are as magical as he claims they are, he surely can kiss your pain better as well.’

Jackson is grinning devilishly innocent by the end of his little speech, then looks from his dad to Derek, his eyebrows raised in a challenge.

Stiles shrugs again, this time it’s the shrug of a parent caught in their kid’s scheme. He steps forward, and when Derek doesn’t step back, presses his lips to Derek’s temple.

Derek closes his eyes at the feeling of Stiles’ chest briefly pressing against his shoulder, of Stiles’ soft lips brushing his temple, of Stiles’ hand wrapped around his wrist to steady himself.

When Stiles pulls back, his cheeks are about as red as the jersey he’s wearing.

‘Hmm,’ Jackson hums. ‘I don’t think it worked, because there’s still a bruise. Maybe if you come to dinner and have my dad’s lasagne. That, I know can fix pretty much anything. If not the bruise, then at least dad’s attempts at making poems about your beard.’

Jackson turns, and runs back to his teammates.

‘Did we just—‘ Derek starts.

‘He is grounded forever,’ Stiles mumbles.

‘Do you really make poems about my beard?’

‘Not just about your beard,’ Stiles says, then claps a hand over his mouth when he realizes what he just said.

Derek chuckles. Turns out he wasn’t the only one staring at something other than the game.

‘So, Sunday okay?’ Derek asks. ‘For dinner?’

‘Sunday works,’ Stiles grins.

Style by Chelsea M. Cameron

Kyle Blake likes plans. So far, they’re pretty simple: Finish her senior year of high school, head off to a good college, find a cute boyfriend, graduate, get a good job, get married, the whole heterosexual shebang. Nothing is going to stand in the way of that plan. Not even Stella Lewis.

Stella Lewis also has a plan: Finish her senior year as cheer captain, go to college, finally let herself flirt with (and maybe even date) a girl for the first time and go from there.

Fate has other plans for Kyle and Stella when they’re paired up in their AP English class and something between them ignites. It’s confusing and overwhelming and neither of them know what to do about it. One thing they do know is that their connection can’t be ignored. The timing just isn’t right.

But is there ever a good time for falling in love?

Genres: contemporary, romance

endless list of wlw books 13/∞

We’ll Do It Together Luke Series Part One

Originally posted by cliff0rding

Warning: no warning for this part

Tell me what you think!

You watched him try to zip up his suitcase by sitting on it and laugh,

“Just let me help!” You complain.

“No, the Doctor told you to take it easy during the first couple of months,” Luke says before cheering loudly when he zips his suitcase shut.

“I think me moving from sitting on one area to another isn’t exactly a big thing.”

“I’m not taking any chances,” He says, you sigh and watch as he stands up throwing his backpack on his shoulders.

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The Mini Vault Update

Happy Wednesday fandom!!!!!!!! Arrow is new tonight and is sounds like it will be a lighter episode. However, the break up still stands and in general… I think the fandom is extremely bummed. I’m just feeling an air of sadness and negativity. There also seems to be A LOT of concern regarding Olicity. If it’s possible even more than last year. 

So… I am hoping this will cheer everybody up.

I have a Mini Vault update. And it’s a good one.


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Let me make you happy. Let me be the one that puts a smile on your adorable face and makes you laugh. Let me be the one to piss you off but know I’ll always make up for it. Let me care for you. Let me be there for you to vent and cry to, I’ll listen. Let me be the one who cheers you up when your down. Let me be the one to blow up your phone and leave you messages when you’re sleeping. Let me be the person you crave. Let me be your first choice. Let me stand by you. Let me catch you. Fall.

no actually fuck that

im chewing on a character analysis of amethyst that says the best she can offer in terms of gentle support is “why are you standing around all SAD like that”

when in all actuality she’s shown that capacity multiple times.
like how in steven the sword fighter she was the first one to react to pearl getting stabbed, and how she was the first one to assure steven that pearl was going to be okay. and dont even get me started on gem glow with “we wouldnt be the crystal gems without you”. keeping it together with “that means you, right?”. the way she cheers for steven in cheeseburger backpack. the way she cheers up steven at the beginning of the test. come the fuck on, dude.

she is caring she just… cant express it well enough. she feels like she needs to be tough. like her first response to so many things is to be facetious when in reality that’s not like her at all.

yes, amethyst absolutely has a ton of stuff to work on. she’s an extremely guarded person. but the capability of being supportive is not the main issue here. it’s more of a symptom.

“The scene where Merida’s mum shoves off all the ropes and attacks Mor'du always makes me stand up and cheer. It’s such a quick scene but it’s so powerful to me because that’s how my entire family is—anybody messes with our clan and they’ve got more than just one fierce beast to face. We’ve all stuck by the rule of “family comes first,” and “always protect blood,” and I feel like Brave really resonates with that innate love and loyalty to family.”

Watching Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt. 1 and my Bellarke trash brain can’t stop picturing the Harry & Hermione dancing scene (you know the one) as Bellarke.

Like Clarke is sad about whatever and Bellamy needs to cheer her up so he gets her to dance with him and she doesn’t want to at first but eventually she gives in and they both suck but they don’t care and he is just happy because he got her to smile and that’s all that matters to him and then they end up just standing there holding each other like ho boy I am the trashiest of Bellarke trash I am in too deep and I am bringing you with me.






There is a big number in the middle of act one which we knew was funny and uplifting, but we had no idea quite what a response it would get. On that first night, when it ended the audience applauded and cheered and whistled and just didn’t stop. And then people began to stand up until the whole theatre was on their feet and the cast had to stand there, posing with their arms in the air for a good couple of minutes.

Now every night we await the “button” of this number to see if we will get another mid-act standing ovation. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t; but that is another fascinating thing about creating live theatre – the impenetrable science of audience response, how a laugh can be greatly improved with one changed word or just a slightly longer pause. How a clarified motivation in act one can affect the audience’s emotional reaction in act two. By now I have seen the show 30 times, and I never get bored with trying to make it fractionally better.

—  John O’Farrell, co-writer of Something Rotten! on the standing ovation in the middle of act one at the first preview in this lovely article on the show’s road to Broadway
Hey Good Lookin’ - Chapter 2

TITLE OF STORY: Hey Good Lookin’
AUTHOR: cheers-mrhiddleston
GENRE: Romance, Fluff, Humor
FIC SUMMARY: Rodney Crowell’s niece, Annabelle Norton, has a one-night stand with someone passing through her hometown of New Orleans. The next morning, she meets up with her uncle Rodney, only to find him accompanied by the nameless British man from the night before: the actor Tom Hiddleston.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: No warnings, some mentions of sexual activity. Inspired by the prompt of this post.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thank you guys for the support on the first chapter! Totally honored that hiddlesnlondon/theothercourse was able to beta for me; thank you Kris! Let me know what y’all think!!

There was no way I could get out of this. Not without giving myself away, or making some flimsy excuse that Uncle Rodney would somehow know wasn’t true. I was stuck, trapped at the table with my uncle and my one night stand for the foreseeable future.

With a shaky hand, I drank my water after the waiter had taken our order, and Tom was watching me as he stirred sugar into his coffee, blue eyes full of curiosity.

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