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The Art of Pretence - 4

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the lams fake dating AU you’ve probably already read

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DEDICATED TO @ladynikitablack because her lovely comments never fail to make me smile <3 

The first week John spent as Alexander’s fake boyfriend was unexpectedly simple. It felt the same as spending time with a friend — though Alexander insisted they hold hands when in company and pressed sweet kisses against John’s head, never failing to make his cheeks tinge pink.

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A couple more headcanons. I promise I’m not writing fic of this instead of working on my modern AU, I just need to unwind a bit. First off, Hogwarts AUs always confuse me a bit when I think about them for too long. Like, does this mean all these Americans are now British? Do they speak with British accents? Are the professors the same ones that were there when Harry Potter was a student? When does this all take place? I guess let’s just say it takes place in 2016. Though, tbh, it would be interesting if someone did a Hamilton Hogwarts AU set in the 18th-century. Hogwarts did exist then, after all.

  • Hamilton is muggle-born.
  • Laurens comes from a prominent pure-blood family, but he’s got a serious interest in muggle studies. Everyone in his family got into Ravenclaw, and his dad is still pretty pissed off that Laurens is in Gryffindor.
  • Lafayette was at Beauxbatons from ages 8 to 11, but he was teased a lot and had a pretty miserable time, so he begged his grandmother to let him transfer to Hogwarts.
  • For some reason Burr keeps getting paired with Hamilton in all their classes. Potions is a nightmare.
  • Angelica gets thrown out of the Restricted Section at least once a week. They can’t ban her from the library entirely, as she’s happy to remind her head of house. 

Feel free to add onto this, I don’t have the time/energy to build up an actual AU. Gotta prioritize.