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Luffy’s impact on Law

Luffy has already decided to beat the crap out of Doflamingo, because he is a trash jerk for what he had done to Dressrosa, and most importantly his friend, Rebecca.(and most most imptly my precious Roci)

I mean it’s Luffy, so he is willing to beat up anyone that hurts his friend. However, Law didn’t want him to do it.

He doesn’t want Luffy to finish Doflamingo, because the whole plan was only to ruin his SMILEs business, so that Kaidou will be enraged and come fight/kill Doflamingo himself, while he can stay in the background and watch the events roll out, without having to confront either one of them.

If Luffy fights Doflamingo and win, they are risking a future head-on fight with Kaidou and that is not what he wants at all. In other words, he was scared to fight him, because he know that they have little chances to win against a yonkou. 

But ofc he wasn’t able to stop Luffy (like who can)

Luffy had a point and Law knew that he can’t change his mind, so he had to keep quiet and unwillingly let Luffy get on with his plan.

(Look at his reluctant face lmao)

However, after a few chapters of being a potato sack, he’s changed. Not only did he learn to place his trust in others (Luffy in this case), and refused to leave his side while he was fighting,

he even wanted to die along with him if he failed! (THEY ARE CANON)

This is coming from the guy that just wanted to do background damage, in order to prevent actual fighting with strong characters head-on! 

(Look at his determined face! He wants to stay with bae so much I can’t take this)

However, what really showed me the impact of Luffy on him, is when Cabbage Cavendish said this.

He is obviously concerned about Law and Luffy’s safety if Doflamingo is defeated, because that will bring about an enormous impact around the world and make them more prone to attacks by higher powers, which Law of course, would have already predicted that that will happen. And yet, instead of being annoyed or complaining abt the results like what he usually does that lil shit, he answered back with this,

“Yeah, That’s what we are after.” 

What a confident answer! It really showed his resolve to confront this battle, instead of running away and letting someone else finish it for him(kaidou). He is coming out from the shadows right into the spotlight, not afraid to get noticed by enemies and the world. All of this change, is thanks to Luffy. He had such a positive influence on him, and even helped bring out that daredevil trait all members of the “D” family seems to have.

Also no matter how much he denies it, Law has already formed a very strong bond with Luffy at this point. He trusts Luffy so much so that he is willing to face whatever consequences, Kaidou or maybe even possible death, that comes their way after the defeat of Doflamingo! I know this because only with a firm trust, will you develop a sense of security so strong that it can give you courage and push you to take a risk, which, in this case, Luffy became the person that provided Law with that sense of security.

Luffy will definitely change him even more, and he is without a doubt gg to be an important nakama ally to Luffy! (Omg get married pls)  I can’t wait to see what this alliance has in stored!!

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mmmm heres my dnd chara, Eva!!! shes cute please look @ her

heres also.. multiple color palettes bc honestly??? i still cant decide??? i like them all,,,,,


“I remember one time I asked my father why. What made Gotham so special? And my father, he looked down at me, and he said… “…some places just have a hunger about them, son. And you either feed them what they want… or you stay far, far away.”

For @niqhtwing

Mino - Chemistry (Rated)

You sat in Minho’s car, not by choice, in fact you’d been ignoring him the entire car ride. His girlfriend had insisted you get a lift home and considering Minho was the only person at that dinner party that wasn’t drunk, you were stuck with him. There was one problem, you couldn’t stand him. He was arrogant, big headed and extremely sly; the two of you barely spoke but you recalled the last time you had a proper conversation and it took all of 5 minutes for it to turn into an argument. Despite this hatred, you’d be lying if you said he wasn’t slightly handsome, thats’ what made it worse; big headed and attractive, a toxic combination. 

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                                                      Isn’t Tsukiyama also like that?

“Efficiently” Ambush. “Completed” Succesfully.

Famous in Love

Hey, everybody! This is for @sdavid09 ‘s What If Writing Challenge, which I am late on because I am literal trash at deadlines and I’ve been at a college program for the last two weeks. Please forgive me, senpai


The tabloids had had a field day when you two started dating.

‘Famous Actress Y/N Falls For Talk Show Host Gabriel Novak!’

'New Power Couple Hits the Streets of LA!’

It was almost funny seeing what they came up with. One even tried to convince people you were pregnant and Gabriel was the father, but it died pretty quickly after you and Gabriel spent a solid minute laughing about it when a journalist asked in an interview.

It was true though, that you were happy for the first time in years. After you had split from your husband Dean when he admitted he and his manager Castiel were in love, you had fell into a slump in your career. It wasn’t Dean’s fault, of course. You had always sort of known, and you knew him and Cas were happy together. That was what you wanted for both of them. Regardless though, you had started to feel a bit lonely, especially when you saw the happy couple together at their wedding a few months later.

You had been standing off to the side, watching couples on the dance floor and feeling sorry for yourself. That was when you met Gabriel.

“Hey, Y/N!”

“Hm? Oh, hi. It’s Gabriel, right?”

He grinned. “Yeah, that’s me.”

You smiled back at him. “I’m a really big fan of your show.”

“Wait, really?” He turned pink. “Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. I just… I admire you. You do so much with your influence instead of just flaunting it like some others I’ve met.”

Now it was your turn to blush. “Oh please. What about you? You’re up there every night teaching people about injustice and what’s going on in the world, and you think I’m the influential one?”

“Well, that is true. My incredible looks do help, though.” He winked and you laughed.

“I can’t disagree with that.”

He grinned widely. “So would you mind getting a drink with me?”

“I’d love to.”

You had done a lot more than just go for drinks. You had spent the whole day together, and planned a date afterwards. One date led to another and another, and two weeks later, you had made it official. That had been two years ago today.

Gabriel was your best friend, your greatest ally, and the love of your life. You couldn’t imagine being without him.

Tonight, you had an interview on his show. It wasn’t the first one either. You and Gabriel had great chemistry and both of your fans loved seeing you together. You had about an hour to get ready before the show would start, and you spent most of it messing with Gabriel.

“You know I really do think gold is your color.” You leaned over his shoulder, whispering in his ear. You slid your fingers over his collar where he was wearing a gold bow tie. “Matches your eyes.”

“You know what would look better on me, though?”

You smirked. “What?”

He raised his eyebrows, a mischievous smile on his face. “You.”

You broke out into laughter. “Later, I promise.”

“Alright, alright, fine.” He drew you down for a gentle kiss. “Now go get ready. We start in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, sir.” You winked, then walked off as you saw him flush.


Twenty minutes later, you were dressed and ready. The stage lights came on and a few crew members ran around, making sure everything was in order. The last few got off camera just as the show went live.

“Helllllllo America, and welcome to Annunciation Tonight! I’m your host, Gabriel Novak!” He grinned at the audience and bowed dramatically, always the theatrical type.

Now, tonight we have a special guest, my love, the light of my life, my most beautiful critic, F/N L/N!“

You walked out onstage to loud cheers from the audience, smiling and waving before sitting down in the chair beside Gabriel. He waited for everyone to quiet down again before he spoke again.

"And of course, I would like to wish you a very happy two year anniversary.”

“And to you as well,” you laughed.

“Did you know we’re trending on Twitter?”

“We are?”

“Yep. We even have a ship name. Would you mind if I read some of them?”

Everyone cheered, and you nodded. “Sure, what the hell.”

“Okay, so the first one is from @BeckyWinchester67. Omg you guys are literally precious. Can I pls have a relationship like yours????

“I like her,” you grinned. “Being called precious is pretty nice.”

“Agreed. And Becky, wherever you are, I hope you find your perfect person soon. The next one is from @DeanW. Congrats on the anniversary Y/N! Call me if you ever need me to give him 'the talk

"Thanks, Dean, but as much as I appreciate it, I’m going to decline that offer,” you laughed.

Gabriel faked wiping sweat from his forehead. “Thank you. God have mercy.”
The audience laughed and Gabriel paused for a moment before going on. “Okay, one more. This one’s from @ISunktheTitanic. What, no gift? Don’t you have any idea how to treat a woman, Novak?

“Well, as a matter of fact my friend, I do.” He stood up from the desk and walked around to stand in front of you. “And I intend to remedy the gift situation right now.” He got down on one knee and you gasped.


“F/N L/N, I have thought you were beautiful since the first time I saw you in an awful teen movie at 12 years old. I have been infatuated with you ever since you stepped on my feet while dancing at the wedding where we met. I have been in love with you since you spilled a whiskey on me and almost cried because you were so drunk you thought I was going to melt. I adore every part of you, every atom of your being. And I would like to ask you if you would do me the great honor of becoming my wife.” He looked up at you with hopeful eyes.
Hands over your mouth, eyes brimming with tears, only two words came to mind.

“Hell yes.”


I am trapped alone at the scene of the crime that you left behind.

Where are you?
Love is gone. 

This is a crime, a crime.
An unmistakable crime.

➝  exo & khiphop series : minseok  ➝  crime scene - dynamic duo (feat. jung jaeil)


Team formations ヽ(・∀・)ノ

i feel like calum would totally be down for you playing with his hair. like if you were cuddling, he would purposefully lay his head on your chest or lap because he knows you like to put your fingers through his hair in those positions. and his hair is so thick and fluffy and nice omg. and you would scratch his scalp softly and pull little bits. he would soo let out little moans and grunts bc he really likes your nails against his head and if you stop he’d probably be like a lil baby and whine “nooo, baby that feels nice keeps doing it” omg and imagine when ur making out or something. like he would be super handsy and his hands would be on ur butt and hips and basically everywhere, buuuut ur hands would be at the nape of his neck pulling his hair and it would make him super horny and he’d moan omg. pls he would probably get you to grind your hips just to get some friction bc he really likes it when you pull on his hair omg. i really like calums hair 


hadn’t seen any of this precious pearl yet somehow so here u go