the first one omg pls

“Efficiently” Ambush. “Completed” Succesfully.


                                                      Isn’t Tsukiyama also like that?


hadn’t seen any of this precious pearl yet somehow so here u go



I am trapped alone at the scene of the crime that you left behind.

Where are you?
Love is gone. 

This is a crime, a crime.
An unmistakable crime.

➝  exo & khiphop series : minseok  ➝  crime scene - dynamic duo (feat. jung jaeil)


“A good death? Is that the best they can hope for?”
“A good death is the best anyone can hope for, unless you happen to be immortal.”

i feel like calum would totally be down for you playing with his hair. like if you were cuddling, he would purposefully lay his head on your chest or lap because he knows you like to put your fingers through his hair in those positions. and his hair is so thick and fluffy and nice omg. and you would scratch his scalp softly and pull little bits. he would soo let out little moans and grunts bc he really likes your nails against his head and if you stop he’d probably be like a lil baby and whine “nooo, baby that feels nice keeps doing it” omg and imagine when ur making out or something. like he would be super handsy and his hands would be on ur butt and hips and basically everywhere, buuuut ur hands would be at the nape of his neck pulling his hair and it would make him super horny and he’d moan omg. pls he would probably get you to grind your hips just to get some friction bc he really likes it when you pull on his hair omg. i really like calums hair 

alright so im finally doing the promo that ive been planning on doing for months! this is my first one so im hoping it goes well omg (aka pls enter)

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