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mclennon mini bang, summary

“john and paul learn the pleasures of shotgunning, with marijuana, with each other, for purely practical reasons. 1964-65 ish.” by @ahumoroussuggestion


VB Month: Day 11- Superhero AU 

One / Two / Three 

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this prompt was basically made for me  

Alfred is a local superhero, beloved by the people and usually tolerated by the government, if it wasn’t for the fact that his strengh and speed (esp. his lack of control thereof) often causes more damage to the city than he does good. Obviously went to the Clark Kent school of hiding your secret identity. 

Allan is a more or less local supervillain and naturally more careful with showing his face. He also loves being dramatic and got a few one liners and speeches written out, just in case. Specialised on high buildings and solo break in’s, but also works well in teams. 

They’re also dating. 
Allen figured Alfred’s ‘secret’ out pretty soon, Alfred doesn’t have a clue; until he manages to send his sunglasses flying after a long chase and realization finally hits.  


Happy birthday Nathan!
Let’s celebrate with tiny party hats and cake

The Art of Gintama | Part 1

The last arc in Gintama had such a good art that I almost forgot that Sorachi used to be a rather okayyyy. Back then people were complaining about hisbart and now look what happened. It’s amazing how much he improved. In part 1 I’m going to show you guys a few characters and how they changed over the time. In the next part there will be more characters.

Gintoki the main character changed a lot. In the first chapter he looked so young now he looks like he’s supposed to do. A middle aged adult. I really like the changes and love his current design. Specially in the fight scenes Sorachi manages to make him look so badass.

Shinpachi didn’t changed thaaat much. But the minor changes are still good. The hair and his face improved.

To be honest I also liked Kagura’s first design. But I prefer the new one way more. She’s much prettier and cuter. My favorite female character can be badass while looking innocent lol.

Tae Shinpachi’s sister. Her first design was horrible. I’m really glad that he changed her. They almost look like different characters now lol.

Just like Gintoki Sorachi made Hijikata looks more older which was a great decision. He’s beside Gintoki the most important male character in Gintama and this baby face would be horrible.

The sadist didn’t changed that much either. His hair and face improved a bit. The shape of his eye are probably the biggest change.

Kondo the leader of the Shinsengumi. I think the only thing which changed is the shape of his face/head. Either way he looks better now.

Takasugi the main villain was also one of the character who looked horrible at first imo. I’m glad Sorachi changed this weird hair he had at first. I love his design now.

You could say Kamui didn’t changed at all but he doesn’t needed to. The moment he was introduced his deskgn was great. The psycho with his innocent smile.

Actually I planned to talk about Tsukuyo in the next part… But since it’s Tsukuyo I rather have her in the first part. My second fav female character after Kagura. Not many changes but she got even prettier.

As you see Sorachi improved a lot. But not only did he improved the character designs but also the backgrounds etc. Though assisstants could be responsible for the backgrounds not sure. Anyway more coming in part 2.


Disney Battles: Challenge 1 + Favourite Female Characters

Elsa and Rapunzel



Also they need to explain the hand burning thing cos otherwise I’m sticking with this. Not the easiest way to light a cigarette tho.

Uh yeah I drew this all today now quite quickly. also I downloaded watercolour-ish brushes and damn texture brushing everywhere 8))

and slightly inspired by this promo I love too much

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Fashion Nino

Oh hell yeah man. He hates having his picture taken like that, knowing the entire point is for him to look attractive or appealing or not bad or whatever, he has such low self esteem. He doesnt think he’s ugly he just ‘knows’ he’s nothing special. He’s even said “It’s easy for you, cover boy of ‘Teen Weekly’” to adrien in animan. He compares himself to adrien on some level. I desperately want pictures of him being incredibly reluctant and literally only doing it to be a bro because adrien has to go god knows where, and just resigns himself to a horrible evening of looking bad in pictures. And his insecurities are confirmed as his pictures come out weird and awkward, but is bolstered when the photographer says he has ‘so much promise, you clearly have the face you just dont have the confidence.’ and like. he’s a professional, wouldnt he know? Like… maybe. So the photographer has an idea, and he pulls nino aside for a sec and starts talking to him, learning a little about him. he asks nino what his style is, whats his ideal look if he ‘thought’ he could pull it off. and Nino is like, well i dunno, and names a few things he always thought looked cool but could probably never look good in. The photographer immeditely looks through the fashion line and pulls out an outfit, and orders nino to change. And its something refined and elegant, as all GA outfits are, but way more up Nino’s alley then the stuffy preppy kid stuff he had on before. Like a dark gray coat and a scarf and better contrasting colors for him and all that, and he thought ‘hey these clothes are cool…’ and the photographer is encouraging him like “yes perfect! you look much more comfortable!” and Nino knows he’s got to pull this off to give adrien time, so he starts trying and the photographer is literally cheering, making a huge racket. Nino is all nervous as people start noticing him but he just keeps pushing forward, not noticing that Gabriel has appeared and is watching him, assuming the photographer was just giving Adrien a break and letting this new boy step in. He notices its Nino and is about to call for it to stop, but then he starts looking at the photos. And while originally the first ones looks HORRIBLE, the ones after the change in confidence… hm.

Surprisingly promising.